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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D1: Household Behavior
/ / / D18: Consumer Protection
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Paradoxes of sustainable food and consumer coping strategies
    by Moruzzi, R. & Sirieix, L.
  • 2014 Search and Ripoff Externalities
    by Armstrong, Mark
  • 2014 Search and Ripoff Externalities
    by Mark Armstrong
  • 2014 The Effectiveness of Mandatory Mortgage Counseling: Can One Dissuade Borrowers from Choosing Risky Mortgages?
    by Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Itzhak Ben-David & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Douglas Evanoff
  • 2014 Autonomy-enhancing Paternalism
    by Martin Binder & Leonhard K. Lades
  • 2014 Privacy Concern in Western Balkan Countries: Developing a Typology of Citizens
    by Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh & Ivan-Damir Anic
  • 2014 The economics of debt collection: enforcement of consumer credit contracts
    by Fedaseyeu, Viktar & Hunt, Robert M.
  • 2014 Statistical methods for evaluating satisfaction with public services
    by Giancarlo MANZI & Pier Alda FERRARI
  • 2014 Does mortgage deregulation increase foreclosures? Evidence from Cleveland
    by Xu, Yilan
  • 2014 Predatory lending and the subprime crisis
    by Agarwal, Sumit & Amromin, Gene & Ben-David, Itzhak & Chomsisengphet, Souphala & Evanoff, Douglas D.
  • 2014 Disclosure: Psychology Changes Everything
    by George Loewenstein & Cass R. Sunstein & Russell Golman
  • 2014 Lithuanian Consumer`s Willingness to Pay and Feed-in Prices for Renewable Electricity
    by Dalia Streimikiene & Asta Mikalauskiene
  • 2014 Consumers` Attitude towards Consumer Protection in the Digital Single Market, as Reflected by European Barometers
    by Plesea Doru Alexandru & Maiorescu Irina & Cîrstea Alice
  • 2014 Analysis of the Romanian Insurance Market Based on Ensuring and Exercising Consumers` Right to Claim
    by Dan Armeanu & Nicolae Istudor & Sgârdea Marian Florinel & Ana-Maria Burca
  • 2014 Education – Determinant of Consumer`s Conditions in an Era of Technological Change
    by Cristina Burghelea & Mirela Ionela Aceleanu
  • 2014 Comparative Analysis of the Consumer Protection, Considering the Globalisation and Technological Changes, within Member States of the European Union
    by Iulian Viorel Brasoveanu & Laura Obreja Brasoveanu & Simona Mascu
  • 2014 Mobile Phone and Internet Consumers Rights Compliance in Romania
    by Viorela Iacovoiu & Adrian Stancu & Crina Raluca Bucur
  • 2014 Nano Food Packages: from Food Preservation Efficiency to Consumer Legal Protection
    by Rodica Apan & Anca Mihaly Cozmuta & Anca Peter & Camelia Nicula
  • 2014 Consumer Right to Information before Purchase: Research on the Romanian Online Stores for Technical Consumer Goods
    by Carmen Balan
  • 2014 The Effects of Faulty or Potentially Harmful Products on Brand Reputation and Social Responsibility of Business
    by Claudiu-Catalin Munteanu & Dorian-Laurentiu Florea & Andreea Pagalea
  • 2014 Assessing the Impact of the National Cultural Framework on Responsible Corporate Behaviour towards Consumers: an Application of Geert Hofstede`s Cultural Model
    by Cristina Ganescu & Andreea Gangone & Mihaela Asandei
  • 2014 Ways to Reduce Consumer Complaints – the EU Perspective
    by Catalina Soriana Sitnikov & Claudiu George Bocean
  • 2014 The Responsibility of Organisations towards Customers. Case Study – Romanian Travel Agencies
    by Olimpia State & Claudia Gabriela Baicu & Delia Popescu
  • 2014 The System of the Geographical Indication – Important Component of the Politics of the Consumers` Protection in European Union
    by Šárka Velcovská & Tomáš Sadílek
  • 2014 Producer`s Responsibility Concerning the Assurance and Statement of Quality for Foods with “Organic Image” based on the Model of a Romanian Company
    by Magdalena Bobe & Roxana Procopie & Rodica Pamfilie & Maria Alexandra Toma
  • 2014 Stochastic Dynamic Model on the Consumption – Saving Decision for Adjusting Products and Services Supply According with Consumers` Attainability
    by Gabriela Prelipcean & Mircea Boscoianu
  • 2014 Survey on the Viewpoints of Credit Beneficiaries Qua Consumers in Order to increase Banking Accountability
    by Dragos Ilie & Laura Ungureanu
  • 2013 Comment faire de l’audit interne un outil de progrès ? Le cas de la gestion du risque sanitaire dans l’industrie agroalimentaire
    by Saïdi-Kabèche, Doudja & Vergote, Marie-Hélène
  • 2013 Consumers’ Behaviour and Energy Regulation in Europe - Comportamento dei consumatori e regolazione del settore energia in Europa
    by Biancardi, Alberto & Brindisi, Quirino
  • 2013 Limited Attention and the Demand for Health Insurance
    by Fels, Markus
  • 2013 Residential mobile phone users complaints' in Spain
    by Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio & Gijón, Covadonga & Garín-Muñoz, Teresa & López, Rafael
  • 2013 Search Deterrence
    by Armstrong, Mark & Zhou, Jidong
  • 2013 How consumers’ socio-economic background influences satisfaction: Insights for better utility regulation
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Fernández-Gutiérrez, Marcos
  • 2013 Vulnerability and Responses to Risks in Rural India
    by Raghbendra Jha & Woojin Kang & Hari K. Nagarajan & Kailash C. Pradhan
  • 2013 Search Deterrence
    by Mark Armstrong & Jidong Zhou
  • 2013 La protección del consumidor en el sector eléctrico peruano : una perspectiva preventiva
    by Jesús Tamayo & Arturo Vásquez & Raúl García
  • 2013 Promoting Financial Inclusion through Financial Education: OECD/INFE Evidence, Policies and Practice
    by Adele Atkinson & Flore-Anne Messy
  • 2013 Consumer Credit: Too Much or Too Little (or Just Right)?
    by Jonathan Zinman
  • 2013 Collateral Valuation and Borrower Financial Constraints: Evidence from the Residential Real Estate Market
    by Sumit Agarwal & Itzhak Ben-David & Vincent Yao
  • 2013 Predatory Lending and the Subprime Crisis
    by Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Itzhak Ben-David & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Douglas D. Evanoff
  • 2013 Advertising and Competition in Privatized Social Security: The Case of Mexico
    by Justine S. Hastings & Ali Hortaçsu & Chad Syverson
  • 2013 Die Kosten der Riester-Rente im Vergleich
    by Gasche, Martin & Bucher-Koenen, Tabea & Haupt, Marlene & Angstmann, Simon
  • 2013 Take a chance on me – Can the Swedish premium pension serve as a role model for Germany’s Riester scheme?
    by Haupt, Marlene & Kluth, Sebastian
  • 2013 Incentives and Information as Driving Forces of Default Effects
    by Altmann, Steffen & Falk, Armin & Grunewald, Andreas
  • 2013 Estimating losses to customers on account of mis-selling life insurance policies in India
    by Monika Halan & Renuka Sane & Susan Thomas
  • 2013 Attention Manipulation and Information Overload
    by Persson, Petra
  • 2013 The Credit CARD Act of 2009: what did banks do?
    by Jambulapati, Vikram & Stavins, Joanna
  • 2013 Are Consumer Decision-Making Phenomena a Fourth Market Failure?
    by Lunn, Pete
  • 2013 What Drives Financial Complexity? A Look into the Retail Market for Structured Products
    by Celerier , Claire & Vallee, Boris
  • 2013 When does the general public lose trust in banks?
    by David-Jan Jansen & Robert Mosch & Carin van der Cruijsen
  • 2013 Discount Pricing
    by Armstrong, Mark & Chen, Yongmin
  • 2013 Acceso a servicios financieros en Colombia
    by Carlos Gustavo Cano & Maria del Pilar Esguerra Umaña & Nidia García & Leonardo Rueda
  • 2013 Collaborative consumption as a new consumer trend
    by Paulina Wardak & Tomasz Zalega
  • 2013 Alternative consumption trends in Polish urban households in the period of crisis
    by Tomasz Zalega
  • 2013 Still I can repair my plane
    by MIHAIESCU, Nicolaie
  • 2013 Where to repair my plane..
    by MIHAIESCU, Nicolaie
  • 2013 Good Prospects For Green Energy In Romania
    by Mariana Papatulica & Petre Prisecaru
  • 2013 Product Warnings, Debiasing, and Free Speech: The Case of Tobacco Regulation
    by Christine Jolls
  • 2013 Consumer biases and mutual ownership
    by Bubb, Ryan & Kaufman, Alex
  • 2013 Information and consumer credit in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Rona-Tas, Akos & Guseva, Alya
  • 2013 Der Koalitionsvertrag nimmt die Gesellschaft in die Pflicht
    by S. Bach & H. Buslei & K. van Deuverden & T. Duso & F. Fichtner & M. Fratzscher & J. Geyer & M. Gornig & P. Haan & C. Kemfert & H. Lüthen & C. Michelsen & K.-U. Müller & K. Neuhoff & E. Schulz & J. Schupp & C. K. Spieß & G. G. Wagner
  • 2013 Financial education among university students in Italy: the state of the art
    by Elisa Bocchialini & Maria Adele Milioli & Lucia Poletti & Beatrice Ronchini
  • 2013 Financial Literacy, Financial Education, and Economic Outcomes
    by Justine S. Hastings & Brigitte C. Madrian & William L. Skimmyhorn
  • 2013 Historical study regarding the protection of consumers within the electric energy and natural gas markets
    by Ramona Pîrvu & Roxana Bădîrcea
  • 2013 A theory of the availability and level of consumer protection in online and mobile payments for public economic services
    by Luminiţa Ionescu & George Lăzăroiu & Silviu Şerban
  • 2013 Declarativity and efficiency in providing services of general economic interest. Empirical study regarding the relation between heating costs and budget constraints
    by Dumitru Miron & Monica Aureliana Petcu & Iulia David Sobolevschi
  • 2013 Consumer protection through prices: an analysis of the energetic sector in European Union countries
    by Codruţa Mare & Simona Laura Dragoş & Dan Tudor Lazăr & Cristian Mihai Dragoş
  • 2013 The quality of mobile phone services provided by Romanian operators, from consumers` perspective
    by Doru Alexandru Pleşea & Roxana Sârbu & Zoltan Kato
  • 2012 Studie zu Dispozinsen / Ratenkrediten - Forschungsvorhaben zur Bereitstellung wissenschaftlicher Entscheidungshilfe für das Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV)
    by Dick, Christian D. & Knobloch, Michael & Al-Umaray, Kerim S. & Jaroszek, Lena & Schröder, Michael & Tiffe, Achim
  • 2012 Strategic obfuscation and consumer protection policy in financial markets: Theory and experimental evidence
    by Gu, Yiquan & Wenzel, Tobias
  • 2012 Customer Service Quality and Incomplete Information in Mobile Telecommunications: A Game Theoretical Approach to Consumer Protection
    by Rafael López Zorzano & Teodosio Pérez-Amaral & Teresa Garín-Muñoz & Covadonga Gijón Tascón
  • 2012 Communicating Pension Risk To Dc Plan Members: The Chilean Case Of A Pension Risk Simulator
    by Pablo Antolin & Olga Fuentes
  • 2012 Una aproximación a indicadores diseñados para la medición de impacto en el bienestar del consumidor
    by Herrera Saavedra, Juan Pablo & Lis-Gutiérrez, Jenny-Paola
  • 2012 Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigation
    by Crosetto, Paolo & Gaudeul, Alexia
  • 2012 Discount pricing
    by Armstrong, Mark & Chen, Yongmin
  • 2012 Consumer protection and contingent charges
    by Armstrong, Mark & Vickers, John
  • 2012 在全球金融危机阴影下的消费者权益保护 - 欧盟,摩尔多瓦共和国和中华人民共和国的消费者权益保护的未来之路的研究 -
    by Sergiu, Gojinetchi
  • 2012 Consumer protection in the shadow of the global financial crisis - a study on the way forward of consumer protection in European Union, Republic of Moldova and P.R. of China -
    by Gojinetchi, Sergiu
  • 2012 Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigation
    by Crosetto, Paolo & Gaudeul, Alexia
  • 2012 Discount Pricing
    by Mark Armstrong & Yongmin Chen
  • 2012 Communicating Pension Risk to DC Plan Members: The Chilean Case of a Pension Risk Simulator
    by Pablo Antolin & Olga Fuentes
  • 2012 The Status of Financial Education in Africa
    by Flore-Anne Messy & Chiara Monticone
  • 2012 Financial Education, Savings and Investments: An Overview
    by Sue Lewis & Flore-Anne Messy
  • 2012 Annual DC Pension Statements and the Communications Challenge
    by Pablo Antolín & Debbie Harrison
  • 2012 Lessons from National Pensions Communication Campaigns
    by Adele Atkinson & Debbie Harrison & Flore-Anne Messy & Juan Yermo
  • 2012 Current Status of National Strategies for Financial Education: A Comparative Analysis and Relevant Practices
    by Andrea Grifoni & Flore-Anne Messy
  • 2012 Measuring Financial Literacy: Results of the OECD / International Network on Financial Education (INFE) Pilot Study
    by Adele Atkinson & Flore-Anne Messy
  • 2012 Empowering Women Through Financial Awareness and Education
    by Angela Hung & Joanne Yoong & Elizabeth Brown
  • 2012 Banning Ads from Prime-Time State TV: Lessons from France
    by Lapo Filistrucchi & Andrea Mangani & Luigi Luini
  • 2012 Fettered Consumers and Sophisticated Firms: Evidence from Mexico's Privatized Social Security Market
    by Fabian Duarte & Justine S. Hastings
  • 2012 Financial Literacy, Financial Education and Economic Outcomes
    by Justine S. Hastings & Brigitte C. Madrian & William L. Skimmyhorn
  • 2012 Why Did So Many People Make So Many Ex Post Bad Decisions? The Causes of the Foreclosure Crisis
    by Christopher L. Foote & Kristopher S. Gerardi & Paul S. Willen
  • 2012 In Whom We Trust: The Role of Certification Agencies in Online Drug Markets
    by Roger Bate & Ginger Zhe Jin & Aparna Mathur
  • 2012 Is There an Energy Efficiency Gap?
    by Hunt Allcott & Michael Greenstone
  • 2012 Fundamentos, Práctica y Recomendaciones Para una Política Efectiva de Protección al Consumidor
    by Eduardo Saavedra & Fernando Fuentes
  • 2012 Public Attitudes towards Surveillance and Privacy in Western Balkans: The Case of Serbia
    by Jelena Budak & Ivan-Damir Anic & Edo Rajh
  • 2012 Commission Bans and the Source and Quality of Financial Advice
    by Janko Gorter
  • 2012 Implications of Mandatory Registration of Mobile Phone Users in Africa
    by Nicola Jentzsch
  • 2012 Vague Lies: How to Advise Consumers When They Complain
    by Drugov, Mikhail & Troya Martinez, Marta
  • 2012 Una aproximación a indicadores diseñados para la medición de impacto en el bienestar del consumidor
    by Juan Pablo Herrera-Saavedra & Jenny Paola Lis-Gutiérrez
  • 2012 Packaging – The Silent Seller Of The Product
    by Andreea Bianca ENE
  • 2012 Consumer financial protection: future directions
    by Richard Sandlant
  • 2012 Protection Of The Environment In Durable Development
  • 2012 Obtaining Food Safety by Applying HACCP System
    by Ion Criveanu & Natalița Maria Sperdea & Radu Catalin Criveanu
  • 2012 Consumer Self-Protection
    by Gheorghiu Gabriela
  • 2012 Institutionalization of Consumer Protection by Government Involvement and Responsabilization of Business Organizations
    by Gheorghiu Gabriela
  • 2012 A Literature Review of Consumers’ Perception of Nutrition and Health Claims
    by Angela Tarabella & Barbara Burchi
  • 2012 Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA): Full speed ahead!
    by Anikó Turján & Judit Brosch
  • 2012 Factors Affecting the Public Judgement of Consumer Protection Authorities
    by Csilla Margit Csiszár
  • 2012 Current Aspects About the Place Counterfeit in Consumption of Goods
    by Emilia Pascu & Petronela-Sonia Nedea & Oana-Maria Milea
  • 2012 Occupational Licensing and Minorities: A Reply to Klein, Powell, and Vorotnikov
    by Marc T. Law & Mindy S. Marks
  • 2012 Was Occupational Licensing Good for Minorities? A Critique of Marc Law and Mindy Marks
    by Daniel B. Klein & Benjamin Powell & Evgeny S. Vorotnikov
  • 2012 Implications of behavioural economics for financial literacy and public policy
    by Altman, Morris
  • 2012 How (not) to pay for advice: A framework for consumer financial protection
    by Inderst, Roman & Ottaviani, Marco
  • 2012 Dynamic nonlinear pricing: Biased expectations, inattention, and bill shock
    by Grubb, Michael D.
  • 2012 Smarte Regulierung in der Ernährungswirtschaft durch Name-and-Shame
    by Norbert Hirschauer & Oliver Mußhoff
  • 2012 Riester-Renten müssen verbraucherfreundlicher sein
    by Eva Bell
  • 2012 Verbraucherpolitische Initiativen zur Riester-Rente
    by Christian Grugel
  • 2012 Das schwedische Beispiel der kapitalgedeckten Altersvorsorge: ein Vorbild für Deutschland?
    by Marlene Haupt & Sebastian Kluth
  • 2012 Ten Years of the Riester Pension Scheme: No Reason to Celebrate
    by Kornelia Hagen & Axel Kleinlein
  • 2012 Enriched Foodstuff on Basis of European Regulations N.1924 and N. 1925 Introduced in 2006: An Analysis of Consumer Protection
    by Angela Tarabella & Barbara Burchi
  • 2012 Attitude of Romanian Consumers Related to Products’ Ecological Labelling
    by Vasile Dinu & Ion Schileru & Anca Atanase
  • 2012 Transports and Consumers’ Ecological Behaviour
    by Maria Ioncică & Eva-Cristina Petrescu & Diana Ioncică
  • 2012 Financial Advice
    by Roman Inderst & Marco Ottaviani
  • 2012 Consumer Protection and Contingent Charges
    by Mark Armstrong & John Vickers
  • 2011 Prepayment Penalties: Efficieny and Predation
    by Morgan J. Rose
  • 2011 Relationship between decision making styles and consumer behavior
    by Hunjra, Ahmed Imran & Niazi, Ghulam Shabbir Khan & Khan, Hashim
  • 2011 Economic models of consumer protection policies
    by Armstrong, Mark
  • 2011 Bringing Citizens Back In: Renewing Public Service Regulation
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Fernández Gutiérrez, Marcos & Revuelta, Julio
  • 2011 Is Market-Oriented Reform Producing a “Two-Track” Europe? Evidence from Electricity and Telecommunications
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Fernández Gutiérrez, Marcos & Revuelta, Julio
  • 2011 The HAMP NPV model: development and early performance
    by Holden, Steve & Kelly, Austin & McManus, Doug & Scharlemann, Therese & Singer, Ryan & Worth, John
  • 2011 The consumer empowerment index. A measure of skills, awareness and engagement of European consumers
    by Nardo, Michela & Loi, Massimo & Rosati, Rossana & Manca, Anna Rita
  • 2011 Financial Consumer Protection and the Global Financial Crisis
    by Melecky, Martin & Rutledge, Sue
  • 2011 Exploding Offers and Buy-Now Discounts
    by Mark Armstrong & Jidong Zhou
  • 2011 Demand Response for Imported and Domestic Poultry Meat Products to Food Safety Regulations in Japan: An Application of the Almost Ideal Demand System Model
    by Tsunehiro Otsuki
  • 2011 Does Mandatory Loan Review Affect Mortgage Contract Choice and Performance?
    by Itzhak Ben-David & Sumit Agarwal & Gene Amromin & Souphala Chomsisengphet & Douglas D. Evanoff
  • 2011 Limited and Varying Consumer Attention: Evidence from Shocks to the Salience of Bank Overdraft Fees
    by Victor Stango & Jonathan Zinman
  • 2011 Does Price Reveal Poor-Quality Drugs? Evidence from 17 Countries
    by Roger Bate & Ginger Zhe Jin & Aparna Mathur
  • 2011 The link between mobile telephony arrears and credit arrears
    by Helga De Doncker
  • 2011 Do consumers prefer offers that are easy to compare? An experimental investigation
    by Paolo Crosetto & Alexia Gaudeul
  • 2011 A Regulatory approach to financial product advice and distribution
    by M. Sahoo & Renuka Sane
  • 2011 Public Attitudes Towards Surveillance and Privacy in Croatia
    by Jelena Budak & Ivan-Damir Anic & Edo Rajh
  • 2011 A Behavioural Analysis of Online Privacy and Security
    by Baddeley, M.
  • 2011 Development of the Romanian Legal Framework in the Field of Consumer Protection in the Context of E.U. Integration
    by Gheorghiu Gabriela & Gheorghiu Liviu & Anghel Ion
  • 2011 Standardization as a Solution to the Reading Costs of Form Contracts
    by Abraham L. Wickelgren
  • 2011 Zehn Jahre Riester-Rente: kein Grund zum Feiern
    by Kornelia Hagen & Axel Kleinlein
  • 2011 Karenzzeit, "Pflege-Riester", Bürgerversicherung: was hilft weiter?
    by Kornelia Hagen & Wolfram Lamping
  • 2011 Los ingresos de los estratos 1 y 2 de la Comuna Diez del municipio de Armenia y su impacto en la canasta básica familiar
    by Constanza Loreth Fajardo-Calderón & Rafael Alexander Jaramillo Lotero & Ernesto Gómez Echeverry
  • 2011 Financial Inclusion: Reformen in den Bereichen Verbraucherschutz und finanzielle Allgemeinbildung
    by Christa Hainz
  • 2011 La protection de la clientèle : une préoccupation grandissante au niveau international
    by de CHATILLON, P. & LESPIAU, P.
  • 2011 Retract Of Consent, Under The Regulation Of The Romanian Consumption Law
  • 2011 Consumer Protection Using The Legal Instrument Of Infringement, In Order To Sanction Member States Failure To Fulfill Obligations Of Directive 93/13 Eec On Unfair Terms In Consumer Contracts
  • 2011 The Psycho-sensorial Value of the Food Products a Provocative Component in Purchase Decision
    by Magdalena Bobe & Roxana Procopie
  • 2011 Consumer Financial Protection
    by John Y. Campbell & Howell E. Jackson & Brigitte C. Madrian & Peter Tufano
  • 2011 Calorie Posting in Chain Restaurants
    by Bryan Bollinger & Phillip Leslie & Alan Sorensen
  • 2010 Improving consumer mobility in the mobile voice services market: a comprehensive set of remedies
    by Amante, Ana & Vareda, João
  • 2010 A qui se fier quand les aliments font peur ? Labels, points de vente et décontamination symbolique au Vietnam
    by Figuié, M. & Mayer, J.
  • 2010 Origination Channel, Prepayment Penalties, and Default
    by Morgan J. Rose
  • 2010 Universalizing Complete Access to Finance: Key Conceptual Issues
    by Rai, Suyash & Ananth, Bindu & Mor, Nachiket
  • 2010 Food Safety and Risk Governance in Globalized Markets
    by Hoffmann, Sandra & Harder, William
  • 2010 Demand for Self Control: A model of Consumer Response to Programs and Products that Moderate Consumption
    by Berg, Nathan & Kim, Jeong-Yoo
  • 2010 Exploding offers and buy-now discounts
    by Armstrong, Mark & Zhou, Jidong
  • 2010 Exploding offers and buy-now discounts
    by Armstrong, Mark & Zhou, Jidong
  • 2010 Starting a New Chapter: The Role of Credit Counseling in Helping Debtors Recover from Bankruptcy
    by Angela C. Lyons & Shawn Howard & Eric Scherpf
  • 2010 Rethinking Consumer Protection Regulation in Insurance Markets
    by Sharon Tennyson
  • 2010 Diagnosing Consumer Confusion and Sub-Optimal Shopping Effort: Theory and Mortgage-Market Evidence
    by Susan E. Woodward & Robert E. Hall
  • 2010 Quality Disclosure and Certification: Theory and Practice
    by David Dranove & Ginger Zhe Jin
  • 2010 The Regulation of Consumer Financial Products: An Introductory Essay with Four Case Studies
    by Campbell, John Y. & Jackson, Howell E. & Madrian, Brigitte C. & Tufano, Peter
  • 2010 Universalizing Complete Access to Finance : Key Conceptual Issues
    by Suyash Rai & Bindu Ananth & Nachiket Mor
  • 2010 Universalizing Complete Access to Finance : Key Conceptual Issues
    by Suyash Rai & Bindu Ananth & Nachiket Mor
  • 2010 Universalizing Complete Access to Finance : Key Conceptual Issues
    by Suyash Rai & Bindu Ananth & Nachiket Mor
  • 2010 Universalizing Complete Access to Finance : Key Conceptual Issues
    by Suyash Rai & Bindu Ananth & Nachiket Mor
  • 2010 Asset Management with Price Impact and Fair Treatment of Clients
    by Jezek, M. & Satchell, S.
  • 2010 Success Factors Of Change In Knowledge Management
    by Andrea BENCSIK & Krisztina Bognár SPEISER
  • 2010 Why Fuel Poverty?
    by Bhattarai, Keshab
  • 2010 Trends Regarding The Level Of The Processing, Assortment Structure And The Quality Of The Food Products
    by Nataliţa Maria Sperdea & Mădălina Giorgiana Mangra & Marieta Stanciu
  • 2010 Protecting Consumers in Conditions of Economic Crisis
    by Pascu Emilia
  • 2010 Justifications for Intervention in the Marketplace in Favor of Consumer Protection
    by Gheorghiu Gabriela & Popovici Veronica & Bunda Ramona Nicoleta
  • 2010 Principles of European Union’s Action for Consumer Protection in the Internal Market
    by GHEORGHIU Gabriela
  • 2010 Hotel Guest’S Privacy Protection In Tourism Business Law
    by Oliver Radolovic
  • 2010 Miért és mitől védjük a fogyasztókat?. Aszimmetrikus információ és/vagy korlátozott racionalitás
    by Vincze, János
  • 2010 Alimentazione, salute e benessere del consumatore: da determinanti di scelta ad opportunità di mercato
    by Azzurra Annunziata & Rosa Misso
  • 2010 Qualità alimentare e competitività di sistema
    by Gian Paolo Cesaretti & Debora Scarpato
  • 2010 Riesterrente: Politik ohne Marktbeobachtung
    by Kornelia Hagen & Lucia A. Reisch
  • 2010 Behavioral Economics, Consumer Protection, and Antitrust
    by Michael Salinger
  • 2010 Consumer Protection in Markets with Advice
    by Roman Inderst & Marco Ottaviani
  • 2010 La loi sur le crédit à la consommation : la protection de la clientèle au coeur de la prévention et du contrôle bancaire et assurantiel
    by Sellier, C.
  • 2010 Le dispositif de traitement des situations de surendettement des particuliers : les principaux effets de la loi Lagarde
    by Béguery, M.
  • 2010 Product Differentiation and Quality in Food Markets: Industrial Organization Implications
    by Tina L. Saitone & Richard J. Sexton
  • 2010 Food Safety – Basic Conditions In Nourishment
    by Nataliţa Maria Sperdea & Marieta Stanciu & Mădălina Mangra
  • 2010 Education and Training Needs in the Field of Consumer Protection in the Lower Danube Region
    by Vasile Dinu & Ivan Marchevski & Eugen Dobrescu & Raluca Mariana Petrescu
  • 2010 Buying Better For Your Money: The Smart Buyer’s Decalogue
    by Carmen Costea & Laura Libardea-Vlăducă
  • 2010 Safety And Consumer Protection
    by Cristina Burghelea
  • 2010 Managing Eco-Design Of Industrial Goods And Consumers’ Protection Nexus
    by Rodica Pamfilie & Roxana Procopie & Magdalena Bobe
  • 2010 Study on the Information Level of Pupils and Parents Regarding the Effects of Unhealthy Food Consumption
    by Sorin-George Toma & Costel Stanciu & Eugen Irimia
  • 2010 Analyzing Students’ Perceptions From Their Interests and Rights’ Protection Perspective Within Various International Contexts
    by Alexandru Puiu & Laura-Maria Dindire & Andreea Munteanu
  • 2010 New Approaches of Consumers’ Protection in Terms of Management Systems’ International Standards Evolution
    by Cătălina Soriana Sitnikov & Claudiu George Bocean
  • 2010 Study on the Students’ Perception of Knowledge Usefulness and Necessity Concerning Tourists’ Protection
    by Valentin Niţă & Gina Ionela Butnaru
  • 2010 The Application of Main Component Analysis Method on Indicators of Romanian National Authority for Consumers Protection Activities
    by Manuela Rozalia Gabor & Daniela Ştefănescu & Lia Codrina Conţiu
  • 2010 The Romanian Consumer And His/Her Rights: Opinions And Attitudes
    by Florica Ştefănescu & Sergiu Bălţătescu
  • 2010 Human Factor’s Involvement in the Consumer Protection Management
    by Ion Petrescu & Vasile Dinu & Camelia Ştefănescu & Eugen Dobrescu
  • 2010 Quality Disclosure and Certification: Theory and Practice
    by David Dranove & Ginger Zhe Jin
  • 2009 Misselling through agents
    by Inderst, Roman & Ottaviani, Marco
  • 2009 Misselling (financial) products: The limits for internal compliance
    by Inderst, Roman
  • 2009 Infrastructure regulation: what works, why, and how do we know?
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Fernández Gutiérrez, Marcos & Revuelta, Julio
  • 2009 Price Competition under Limited Comparability
    by Piccione, Michele & Spiegler, Ran
  • 2009 Responding to the 2007- 09 financial crisis: A new Consumer Financial Protection Agency?
    by Tatom, John
  • 2009 Evaluación de Impacto del Gas Natural sobre Consumidores Residenciales
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