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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L1: Market Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance
/ / / L19: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)
  2. Studies on the automobile industry

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Caracterización industrial regional de Uruguay
    by Adrian Rodríguez & Florencia Beder

  • 2017 "The Quality Of The Ecosystem Of Start-Up Companies In Poland As A Factor Of Their Internationalization In The Global Network Economy Environment - Research Project. Goals, Assumptions And Researc Methods ?
    by Agnieszka Doma?ska & Anna Anetta Janowska & Konrad Kostrzewa & Rados?aw Malik

  • 2017 Are Consumers Forward-looking? Evidence from Used iPhones
    by Voraprapa Nakavachara & Kanis Saengchote

  • 2017 Multiple-Quality Cournot Oligopoly and the Role of Market Size
    by Miao, Zhuang & Long, Ngo Van

  • 2017 Are You the Right Partner ? R&D Agreement as a Screening Device
    by Conti, Chiara & Marini, Marco A.

  • 2017 Regional Competition in US Banking – Trends and Determinants
    by Alexander Erler & Horst Gischer & Bernhard Herz

  • 2017 Firm market valuation and intellectual property assets
    by Mafini Dosso & Antonio Vezzani

  • 2017 Can Community Driven Care be integrated in the European Welfare System? Institutional Challenges and Historical Lessons
    by Lakomaa, Erik & Sanandaji, Tino

  • 2017 Economic burden of toxicities associated with treating metastatic melanoma in eight countries
    by Elizabeth Wehler & Zhongyun Zhao & S. Pinar Bilir & Julie Munakata & Beth Barber

  • 2017 Community-based enterprise export strategy success: Thailand’s OTOP branding program
    by Vipada Sitabutr, & Samart Deebhijarn

  • 2017 Naïveté-Based Discrimination
    by Paul Heidhues & Botond Kőszegi

  • 2017 Toward a construct of liability of origin
    by Joseph Amankwah-Amoah & Yaw A. Debrah

  • 2017 Mexico's industrial sector companies: A measurement of intellectual capital and its impact on financial performance
    by Eleazar Villegas González & Martín Aubert Hernández Calzada & Blanca Cecilia Salazar Hernández

  • 2017 Contribution Of High-Level Structures For Management Integration, Aportes De La Estructura De Alto Nivel En La Gestion Integrada
    by Yuber Liliana Rodriguez Rojas & Ximena Lucia Pedraza Najar

  • 2016 Designing dynamic research contests
    by Jean-Michel Benkert & Igor Letina

  • 2016 Designing Dynamic Research Tournaments
    by Letina, Igor & Benkert, Jean-Michel

  • 2016 Management And Marketing Sciences? Reaction To The Networked World
    by Percin Batum

  • 2016 Born Globals in Interactive Branding Environment: A case of the BonAlive
    by Nikolina Koporcic

  • 2016 Financial and Corporate Structure in South Africa
    by McKenzie, Rex A

  • 2016 Temptation in Markets with no Commitment: Give-aways, Scare-aways and Reversals
    by Matteo Foschi

  • 2016 Landscape of standard essential patents : The case of East Asian countries
    by DANG, Jianwei & KANG, Byeongwoo & DING, Ke

  • 2016 Competition in Swedish passenger railway : entry in an open-access market
    by Vigren, Andreas

  • 2016 Imperative Strategic Planning as Improvement of the Decision Making of Organization
    by Nasser Fegh-hi Farahmand

  • 2016 An analysis of asymmetric consumer price responses and asymmetric cost pass-through in the French coffee market
    by Céline Bonnet & Sofia B. Villas-Boas

  • 2016 Evolution And Development Strategies Regarding Sme Sector In Romania And The Republic Of Moldova
    by Gabriela BOLDUREANU & Teodor PADURARU & Daniel BOLDUREANU

  • 2016 A demand-driven innovation insight in the banking industry
    by Fransesc Relano & Elisabeth Paulet

  • 2016 Bridging conflicting innovation spheres of tourism innovation: the role of diplomacy
    by Lars Fuglsang & Flemming Sørensen & Anne Jørgensen Nordli

  • 2015 Efficiency, Concentration and Competition in the Turkish Banking Sector
    by Tuncay ÇELİK & Muhittin KAPLAN & Fethullah ŞAHİN

  • 2015 The Role of Critical Mass in Establishing a Successful Network Market: An Experimental Investigation
    by Bradley J. Ruffle, Avi Weiss, Amir Etziony

  • 2015 Capability vs Competency: A Case of Vishpala Prosthetics
    by Rajnandan Patnaik

  • 2015 The conditions for development of e-commerce in Poland
    by Katarzyna Brendzel-Skowera & Helena Ko?cielniak & Katarzyna ?ukasik & Agnieszka Puto

  • 2015 When Online Engagement Gets in the Way of Offline Sales - A Natural Experiment
    by Sagit Bar-Gill & Shachar Reichman

  • 2015 Competition Law and Policy in Singapore
    by Burton ONG

  • 2015 Location Proximity and Productivity Spillovers: The Case of Korean Manufacturing Plants
    by Backhoon Song

  • 2015 Resilience or Flexibility– A Theoretical Approach on Romanian Development Regions
    by Roxana Voicu – Dorobanțu

  • 2015 A Model of Innovation and Sustainability: the Regional Business Ecosystem
    by Voicu-Dorobantu Roxana

  • 2015 The Structural Power of Enterprises: Beyond the Notion of Market Power
    by Magdalena Sliwinska

  • 2015 An Approach to the Analysis of Strategic Development Trend in the Electricity Production Regarding the Energy Sector Framework: The Ukrainian and Spanish Cases
    by Viktoria Sihua & Anxo Calvo-Silvosa & Ilya Starodumov

  • 2015 Revisiting profit persistence and the stock market in Japan
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris & Alexiou, Constantinos & Parthenidis, Thanasis

  • 2015 The role of critical mass in establishing a successful network market: An experimental investigationAuthor-Name: Ruffle, Bradley J
    by Weiss, Avi & Etziony, Amir

  • 2015 Drivers of cost reduction in solar photovoltaics
    by Pillai, Unni

  • 2015 Estimación del precio marginal del sistema eléctrico colombiano: una mirada desde la organización industrial
    by Ona Duarte Venslauskas & John J. García Rendón

  • 2015 Deconstructing the collective process of environmental innovation: a case study of Poitou-Charentes companies
    by Marie Ferru & Nicolas Liberat & Benjamin Guimond & Marc-Hubert Depret

  • 2015 Matrix Model for Choosing Green Marketing Sustainable Strategic Alternatives
    by Catalina Sitnikov & Laura Vasilescu & Radu Ogarca & Sorin Tudor

  • 2014 La modélisation du risque en immobilier d'entreprise
    by Vu Anh Tuan, Eric

  • 2014 Konzept einer Stakeholderkommunikation in Unternehmenskrisen am Beispiel von zivilgesellschaftlichen Bewegungen bei Industrie- und Infrastrukturprojekten
    by Kalka, Regine & Schlabbers, Martina

  • 2014 Wahrnehmung des Klimawandels in deutschen Großunternehmen: Erkenntnisse aus dem Carbon Disclosure Project
    by Chrischilles, Esther & Mahammadzadeh, Mahammad

  • 2014 Conditions For Sustainability Of The Organization’s Competitive Advantage
    by Veselina Maksimova

  • 2014 Territorial Capital and Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – A Theoretical Approach
    by Voicu-Doroban?u Roxana

  • 2014 Assessment of initial emission allowance allocation methods in the Korean electricity market
    by Ahn, Jaekyun

  • 2014 The unique equilibrium in a model of sales with costly advertising
    by Arnold, Michael A. & Zhang, Lan

  • 2014 Patent strength and optimal two-part tariff licensing with a potential rival
    by Kitagawa, Tatsuya & Masuda, Yasushi & Umezawa, Masashi

  • 2014 Uluslarýn Rekabet Üstünlüðü ve Elmas Modeli Üzerine Bir Deðerlendirme
    by Murat Koç & Onur Baþar Özbozkurt

  • 2014 L’impact des LBO sur la défaillance des entreprises Le cas des cibles françaises (2000-2010)
    by Nicolas Bedu & Jean-Etienne Palard

  • 2014 Factores que influyen en el desarrollo exportador de las pymes en Colombia
    by Diana Marcela Escandón Barbosa & Andrea Hurtado Ayala

  • 2014 Estrategia organizacional: una propuesta de estudio
    by Ángela Lucía Noguera Hidalgo & David Hernando Barbosa Ramírez & Guido Angello Castro Ríos

  • 2014 Synergy evaluation in economic clusters
    by Irina Radeva

  • 2013 Unternehmensnachfolgen in Deutschland 2014 bis 2018
    by Kay, Rosemarie & Suprinovič, Olga

  • 2013 Regulating rates of return do gravitate in US manufacturing!
    by Stefania Tescari & Andrea Vaona

  • 2013 To Fix, or Not to Fix, Structural Imbalance in Mental Services: That is the Choice
    by Ruth Williams & Darrel Doessel

  • 2013 Optimal Patent Term and Cross-Industry Measures of Patent Term Sensitivity
    by Neel U. Sukhatme & Judd N. L. Cramer

  • 2013 Information Lost (Apologies to Milton)
    by Catherine L. Mann

  • 2013 The Antitrust Analysis of Multi-Sided Platform Businesses
    by David S. Evans & Richard Schmalensee

  • 2013 Market power and double-dipping in nutrient trading markets
    by Gren, Ing-Marie & Elofsson, Katarina

  • 2013 Strategic Aspects of Outsourcing
    by Vladi Kurshumov

  • 2013 Estrategias, estilos de dirección, compromiso de los trabajadores, responsabilidad social y desempeño de las pequeñas y medianas empresas de economía social de le Región de Murcia
    by Federico Martínez-Carrasco Pleite & José Ansdrés López Yepes & J. Longinos Marín Rives

  • 2013 Inter-Industry Strategic R&D and Supplier-Demander Relationships
    by Andrew C. Chang

  • 2013 Logistics Management Methodology For The Improvement Of Small Businesses, Metodologia De Gestion Logistica Para El Mejoramiento De Pequenas Empresas
    by Carlos Alberto Gonzalez Camargo & Jose Luis Martinez Flores & Claudia Malcon Cervera & Judith Cavazos Arroyo

  • 2013 A model of competition in the solar panel industry
    by Pillai, Unni & McLaughlin, Jamison

  • 2013 LBO, structure de propriété familiale et fonds d’investissement Quel impact sur l’évaluation et la performance des cibles post-LBO? - Family ownership, private equity funds and financial performance Is there a family equity premium in LBO transactions?
    by Jean-Etienne Palard & Céline Barredy & Nicolas Bedu

  • 2013 Hospital Market Concentration and Discrimination of Patients
    by Ralf Dewenter & Thomas Jaschinski & Björn A. Kuchinke

  • 2012 Hospital market concentration and discrimination of patients
    by Dewenter, Ralf & Jaschinski, Thomas & Kuchinke, Björn A.

  • 2012 Twenty-two econometric tests on the gravitation and convergence of industrial rates of return in New Zealand and Taiwan - extended version
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2012 Determinants of firm competitiveness: case of the Turkish textile and apparel industry
    by Lau, Chi Keung Marco & Suvankulov, Farrukh & Karabag, Solmaz Filiz

  • 2012 Rabbit meat consumption in Kenya
    by Mailu, S.K & Muhammad, L & Wanyoike, M.M & Mwanza, R.N.

  • 2012 Managerial Innovation: A Premise For Company’S Strategy Adaptation To The Characteristics Of Sustainable Development
    by Ciumara, Tudor

  • 2012 A kivonulás-tiltakozás-hűség fogalomhármas közgazdaságtani relevanciája a 21. században
    by Szabó, Zsolt

  • 2012 Organizational Values In The Mipymes,Valores Organizacionales En Las Mipymes
    by Jorge Hernandez Palomino & Jose de Jesus Espinoza & Ramón Mario Lopez Lopez

  • 2012 Corporate philanthropy: Insights from the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in China
    by Gao, Fox & Faff, Robert & Navissi, Farshid

  • 2012 Agent-based analysis of the impact of the imbalance pricing mechanism on market behavior in electricity balancing markets
    by van der Veen, Reinier A.C. & Abbasy, Alireza & Hakvoort, Rudi A.

  • 2012 Power marketer pricing behavior in the California Power Exchange
    by Hodge, Tyler & Dahl, Carol A.

  • 2012 Analyse des stratégies de développement des assureurs dans la banque : une approche par la théorie des ressources
    by Madji Ben Selma & Eric Lamarque

  • 2012 La imposibilidad de preestablecer el comportamiento futuro de las organizaciones: una mirada desde la estrategia
    by Ángela Lucía Noguera Hidalgo

  • 2012(XXII) Industrial R&D Investment In Eu: Recent Trends And Lessons For Romania
    by Gheorghe ZAMAN & Zizi Goschin

  • 2011 Emotionale Markenkommunikation im Investitionsgütermarketing am Beispiel des Antriebssystemherstellers MTU
    by Harder, Frauke & Hoz-Klemme, Assaf

  • 2011 Further econometric evidence on the gravitation and convergence of industrial rates of return on regulating capital
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2011 New Product Introduction and Market Evolution
    by John Hartwick

  • 2011 From Controlled to Loose Co-Production: Benefits Distribution Between Firms and Consumers
    by Eleonora Di Maria & Marco Paiola

  • 2011 Developing Ecologic Spin-Offs: Strategic Option for Achieving Performance in Energy Industries
    by Iulia CHIVU & Oana - Catalina TAPURICA & Florin TACHE

  • 2011 Strategic Options Aimed To Remove The Main Constraints In Developing Pollution Control Strategies – A Project Management Approach
    by Oana-Catalina TAPURICA & Florin TACHE

  • 2011 The Adoption/Adaptation Of The "Supply Chain" Concept In Romanian
    by Butilca Delia - Alexandra & Crisan Emil Lucian & Salanta Irina - Iulia & Ilies Liviu

  • 2011 A Study On The Contemporary Risen Issues In The Mergers And Acquisitions: Strategy Of The Mexican Business Leaders
    by Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez & Mohammad Reza Noruzi

  • 2011 The Execution Of Mergers And Acquisitions As A Strategy For Mexican Companies Within The Growth Achievement In Major World Rankings
    by Jose G. Vargas-Hernandez & Mohammad Reza Noruzi

  • 2011 El perfil competitivo local como factor determinante para el desarrollo de la floricultura en Madrid (Cundinamarca)
    by Daniel Hernán Santiago Romero & Iván Montoya Restrepo

  • 2011 Desempeño exportador de Antioquia y marco institucional para su desarrollo: el papel de la Mipyme
    by Mesa Callejas, Ramón Javier & Pérez Robles, Sandy Paola

  • 2010 On the gravitation and convergence of industry incremental rates of return in OECD countries
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2010 On the gravitation and convergence of industry profit rates in Denmark, Finland, Italy and the US
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2010 Determinants of Banking Competitiveness at the Level of Resources, Skills and Abilities: An Empirical Study
    by Ferreira, João & Marques, Carla & Azevedo, Carlos

  • 2010 Trade liberalization in vertically related markets
    by José J. Sempere Monerris & Rafael Moner Colonques & Amparo Urbano Salvador

  • 2010 Does the Debt Tax Shield Distort Ownership Efficiency?
    by Norbäck, Pehr-Johan & Persson, Lars & Tåg, Joacim

  • 2010 Efficient public-private partnerships
    by Moszoro, Marian

  • 2010 Coordination and Critical Mass in a Network Market: An Experimental Investigation
    by Bradley J. Ruffle & Avi Weiss & Amir Etziony

  • 2010 Coordination and Critical Mass in a Network Market: An Experimental Investigation
    by Bradley J. Ruffle & Avi Weiss & Amir Etziony

  • 2010 Competition, Efficiency And Stability In Albanian Banking System

  • 2010 Necessity Or Challenge - Information Security For Small And Medium Enterprises
    by Csaba Lábodi & Pál Michelberger

  • 2010 Dynamic Model for Evaluation the Economical-Ecological Equilibrium for an Investment Project
    by Szentesi Silviu Gabriel & Crisan Simona & Frantescu Marius

  • 2010 Leadership in Opposition to Facilitating Change for the Romanian Organizations
    by LILE Ramona & HANGANU Silvia

  • 2010 Organizational Learning In The Mipymes, Aprendizaje Organizacional En Las Mipymes
    by Jorge Hernandez Palomino & Ricardo Melgoza Ramos & José de Jesus Espinoza

  • 2010 Habilidades y Capacidades Directivas para Internacionalizar las Empresas Familiares con el uso de las Tecnologías de la Información
    by Suárez Alonso, Suhail

  • 2010 China. Un enfoque estratégico cultural
    by Estrada Lavilla, Raúl

  • 2010 Analysis Of Audit Market And Audit Firms Activity In Lithuania
    by Jurate Steponaviciute & Algis Zvirblis & Liudmila Zumeriene

  • 2010 Crisis Inversion Strategies – Theory or Reality in Romania of 2009?
    by Ruxandra CIULU

  • 2009 Hastanelerde tesis ve personel yönetiminin maliyet, kalite ve finansal performans üzerindeki etkileri
    by Ayşe TANSEL ÇETİN & Gökhan ÖZER

  • 2009 Naehe zum Kerngeschaeft als Kriterium fuer Portfolioentscheidungen
    by Amadeus Petzke

  • 2009 Unravelling Downsizing – What do we know about the Phenomenon?
    by Franco GANDOLFI

  • 2009 The importance of the strategic management process in the knowledge-based economy
    by Stefan NEDELEA & Laura Adriana PAUN

  • 2009 China and India - a Note on the Influence of Hierarchy vs. Polyarchy on Economic Growth
    by Michael Keren

  • 2009 Externalidades de red y su influencia en lapercepción de mercado
    by Montalvo-Corzo, Raúl Francisco. & Torres-Hernández, Ana Marcela .

  • 2009 Il porto moderno: confronto tra Genova e Rotterdam tra possibilità di sviluppo e vincoli fisici
    by Matteo Migheli

  • 2009 Competitive advantage and the new higher education regime
    by Arouet, François Marie

  • 2009 Factores Que Inciden En La Creación De Born Global En Colombia

  • 2008 Beyond the emission market: Kyoto and the international expansion of waste management firms
    by Costa, Ionara & Doranova, Asel & Eenhoorn, Geert-Jan

  • 2008 Content Analysis of Strategic Issue Research 1980-2006
    by Egert Valmra & Tomi Laamanen & Heikki Saukola

  • 2008 Issues of standardization concerning organizational culture in change management
    by Doval, E & Doval, O

  • 2008 The Impact of Firm’s R&D Strategy on Profit and Productivity
    by Johansson, Börje & Lööf, Hans

  • 2008 Asymmetric Market Shares, Advertising, and Pricing: Equilibrium with an Information Gatekeeper
    by Michael A. Arnold & Chenguang Li & Christine Saliba & Lan Zhang

  • 2008 À la recherche du lien perdu entre caractéristiques des dirigeants et performance de la firme : gouvernance et latitude managériale
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2008 The industrial districts in the third millennium: old gives way to new in many unexpected ways
    by Enzo Rullani

  • 2008 Is Functional Separation BT-Style the Answer?
    by Jason WHALLEY & Peter CURWEN

  • 2008 Une revue, des règles, un rôle dans le champ du management stratégique
    by Gérard Koenig

  • 2008 Refaire de la stratégie?
    by Alain Desreumaux

  • 2008 50 ans de recherche en stratégie:normalisation ou pluralisme épistémologique ?
    by Alain Charles Martinet

  • 2008 Quelles perspectives pour la recherche en contrôle de gestion?
    by Henri Bouquin

  • 2008 Méthodes de recherche en contrôle de gestion:une approche critique
    by Philippe Lorino

  • 2008 À quoi ont rêvé (et n’ont pas rêvé) les chercheurs en contrôle durant les dix dernières années? Dix ans de recherche en contrôle
    by Nicolas Berland & Michel Gervais

  • 2008 The Implications Of The Business Ethics’ Aspects As Constitutive Part
    by Elena Cerasela Spatariu & Nicoleta Asalos & Cristina-Mihaela Grozea

  • 2007 Is Wal-Mart Good for Competition? Evidence from Milk Prices
    by Rebecca L. O. Cleary & Rigoberto A. Lopez

  • 2007 Bargaining and posted prices: what does the Internet change ?
    by Michael A. Arnold & Thierry Pénard

  • 2007 Floss (Free/Libre Open Source Software): A Theme For Cultural Differences Study
    by Ramanujam, Padmanabha

  • 2007 The Analysis Of Five Competitive Forces Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry And E-Commerce Industry Cases At The Global Level
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2007 Bargaining and Fixed Price Offers: How Online Intermediaries are Changing New Car Transactions
    by Michael A. Arnold & Thierry Pénard

  • 2007 Die Rolle der "Fertigungstiefe" als Variable in der Gegenstromplanung von Strategien
    by Hans-Christian Krcal

  • 2007 Airline Deregulation, Competitive Environment and Safety
    by Andreas Papatheodorou & Nikos Platis

  • 2007 Evolution of the investment versus evolution of the provincial ports selectionve
    by García Alonso , Lorena & Sánchez Soriano , Joaquín

  • 2007 La rhétorique de la stratégie : comment le dirigeant crée-t-il un ordre pour l’action ?
    by Valérie Chanal & Franck Tannery

  • 2007 Las singularidades del capital humano de las cooperativas como elementos caracterizadores de su capital intelectual
    by Elies Seguí Mas

  • 2007 Sistema de información según el modelo EFQM. Aplicación a la ayuda a la toma de decisiones en las cajas rurales de la Comunidad Valenciana
    by Manuel Rodenes Adam & Gloria Ilse Moncaleano Rodríguez


  • 2006 Towards a Practical Model of Strategy-as-Practice
    by Egert Valmra & Ergo Metsla & Rando Rannus & Marko Rillo

  • 2006 Judicial Risk and Credit Market Performance: Micro Evidence from Brazilian Payroll Loans
    by Ana Carla A. Costa & Joao M.P. De Mello

  • 2006 Investment and Performance of Firms: Correlation or Causality?
    by Heshmati, Almas & Lööf, Hans

  • 2006 Coping with Problems of Understanding in Interorganizational Relationships: Using Formalization as a Means to make Sense
    by Vlaar, P.W.L. & van den Bosch, F.A.J.

  • 2006 When Should Nintendo Launch its Wii? Insights From a Bivariate Successive Generation Model
    by Franses, Ph.H.B.F. & Hernández-Mireles, C.

  • 2006 El desarrollo industrial del MERCOSUR: ¿Qué impacto han tenido las empresas extranjeras?
    by Mariano Laplane (coordinador) & Daniel Chudnovsky & Andrés López & Gustavo Bittercourt & Rosario Domingo & Gastón Rossi & Joao Emílio Padovani Goncalves & Rogério Dias de Araújo & Red MERCOSUR

  • 2006 Capacity Constraints and Investment Decisions under Cournot Competition
    by Claudia Halabí & David R. Kamerschen

  • 2006 Riziko a nejistota ve strategickém rozhodování
    by Jiří Fotr & Lenka Švecová

  • 2006 Do Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, and Credit Unions Compete?
    by Lucio Fuentelsaz & Jaime Gomez & Victoria Lucea

  • 2006 Uma contribuição para o debate sobre a globalização na indústria automobilística internacional
    by Carvalho, Enéas Gonçalves de

  • 2006 Integración cooperativa y sistemas de información interorganizativos. Un análisis aplicado al cooperativismo oleícola
    by Sebastián Bruque Cámara & José Moyano Fuentes

  • 2006 Competição e Concentração entre os Bancos Brasileiros
    by Luiz Alberto D’Ávila de Araújo & Paulo de Melo Jorge Neto & David Agustín Salazar Ponce

  • 2005 How do firms protect their “knowledge capital”? socialization versus appropriation (Comment les firmes protègent-elles leur “capital savoir”? socialisation versus appropriation)
    by Blandine Laperche

  • 2005 Jurnalistii si factorul politic in anul 2004
    by Branea, Silvia & Marinescu, Valentina

  • 2005 Exploring Patterns of Upstream Internationalization: The Role of Home-region ‘Stickiness’
    by Muller, A.R. & van Tulder, R.J.M.

  • 2005 Competição E Concentração Entre Os Bancos Brasileiros
    by Paulo de Melo Jorge Neto & Luiz Alberto D´Ávila de Araújo & David Agustín Salazar Ponce

  • 2005 A Limit of Bilateral Contracting Institutions
    by Mark V. Van Boening & Nathaniel T. Wilcox

  • 2005 L’influence du mode de développement sur les avantages liés à la taille : une étude empirique dans le secteur de la grande distribution au niveau mondial
    by Valérie Moatti & Pierre Dussauge

  • 2005 Intensité concurrentielle entre lignes de produits rivales:un éclairage par la théorie de la concurrence multimarchés
    by Abdelmajid Amine & Faouzi Bensebaa

  • 2005 La concentración de mercado en el sector farmacéutico colombiano 2002-2003. Un análisis parcial para las enfermedades cerebrovasculares e isquemias
    by Ismarlen Jiménez & Álvaro Hurtado R

  • 2005 eStrategies for Promotion End-Use Efficiency Products and Services on the Local Market (Some Results of a Survey of Forestry and Non-Wood Products)
    by Kipra Djevizova

  • 2004 The market for cocoa powder
    by Henk. L.M. Kox

  • 2004 Strategic Disclosure of Intermediate Research Results
    by David Gill

  • 2004 Review of Workplace Skills, Technology Adoption and Firm Productivity: A Review
    by Sid Durbin

  • 2004 A theoretical measure of environmental efficiency
    by Pierre-André Jouvet & Philippe Michel & Gilles Rotillon

  • 2004 Ignorant Actors in the Resource Rich World of the Knowledge Based Economy - On Rational Management in an Experimentally Organized Economy (EOE)
    by Eliasson, Gunnar

  • 2004 Sources of Finance, R&D Investment and Productivity: Correlation or Causality?
    by Lööf, Hans & Heshmati, Almas

  • 2004 Análisis de la decisión de exportar de las empresas agroalimentarias españolas: una aproximación con datos microeconómicos/Agri-food Firms Export Behaviour: a Microeconomic Approach
    by AMEUR, M. & GRACIA ROYO, A.

  • 2004 The Indonesian Garment Industry: Past Performance and Future Challenges
    by Latif Adam

  • 2003 Screening and advising by a venture capitalist with a time constraint
    by Dietz, Martin D.

  • 2003 Real options: Institutional implications for vertical integration of supply chains in competitive environments
    by Oliver Musshoff & Alfons Balmann

  • 2003 Distribution of responsibility, ability and competition
    by Graafland, J.J.

  • 2003 Does School Competition Matter? Effects of a Large-Scale School Choice Reform on Student Performance
    by Ahlin, Åsa

  • 2003 Inter-league competition for talent vs. competitive balance
    by Frederic Palomino & Jozsef Sakovics

  • 2003 Price Dispersion in Online Markets: The Case of College Textbooks
    by Michael A. Arnold & Christine Saliba

  • 2003 Growth Response to Competitive Shocks: Market Structure Dynamics Under Liberalisation - the Case of India
    by Uma S. Kambhampati & Paul A. Kattuman

  • 2003 Performance boursière rendement/risque et mode de diversification
    by Frantz Maurer

  • 2002 Competitive Balance in the Portuguese premier league of professional soccer
    by Antonio Marques

  • 2002 To Buy or Not to Buy? An Experimental Study of Consumer Boycotts in Retail Markets
    by Jean-Robert Tyran & Dirk Engelmann

  • 2002 Start-Up Investment With Scarce Venture Capital Support
    by Christian Keuschnigg

  • 2002 Unionisation, Unemployment and Economic growth
    by Doan Hong Quang & Neil Vousden

  • 2002 School Vouchers in Practice: Competition Won't Hurt You!
    by Sandström, F. Mikael & Bergström, Fredrik

  • 2002 The Manufacturers’ Choice of Brand Policy under Successive Duopoly

  • 2002 L'incidence des LBO sur la politique d'investissement et la gestion opérationnelle des firmes acquises:le cas français
    by Philippe Desbrières & Alain Schatt

  • 2002 Investissements français aux États-Unis, stratégies de croissance externe et réactions du marché boursier
    by Pierre-Xavier Meschi & Emmanuel Metais

  • 2001 Start-up Investment With Scarce Venture Capital Support
    by Kanniainen, V. & Keuschnigg, C.

  • 2001 The Sport League's Dilemma: Competitive Balance versus Incentives to Win
    by Frederic Palomino & Luca Rigotti

  • 2001 Managed Care and the Adoption of Hospital Technology: The Case of Cardiac Catheterization
    by Farasat A.S. Bokhari

  • 2001 Equilibrium Distribution Systems Under Retailers' Strategic Behavior
    by José J. Sempere Monerris & Rafael Moner Colonques & Amparo Urbano

  • 2001 La cohérence des choix stratégiques:l'impact des décisions d'entrée et des stratégies génériques sur la performance organisationnelle des firmes
    by Régis Coeurderoy & Rodolphe Durand

  • 2001 De la spécificité à la compétitivité. L'exemple de la construction de la compétitivité sur une base territoriale
    by Jean-Pierre Bréchet & Anne-Laure Saives

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