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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B1: History of Economic Thought through 1925
/ / / B15: Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Changing Basis of Economic Responsibility: Zur Bedeutung und Rezeption von John Maurice Clarks Artikel zur ökonomischen Verantwortung
    by Haase, Michaela

  • 2017 The Origins of Private Property
    by Colombatto, Enrico & Tavormina, Valerio

  • 2017 The Methodological Debates in Engalnd in the 1870's and 1880's: The Historicist Challege to Political Economy
    by Laura Valladão de Mattos

  • 2017 Which comes first: good governance or prosperity? A historical experiment from the South African Republic and the Orange Free State
    by Stan du Plessis & Sophia du Plessis

  • 2017 Commitment to norms and the formation of institutions
    by Pietro Guarnieri

  • 2017 The middle income plateau: Trap or springboard?
    by Rauf Gönenç

  • 2017 The Role of Agents’ Propensity toward Conformity and Independence in the Process of Institutional Change
    by Angela Ambrosino

  • 2017 The spatial evolution of the Italian motorcycle industry (1893-1993): KlepperÕs heritage theory revisited
    by Andrea Morrison & Ron Boschma

  • 2017 Votes at Work in Britain: Shareholder Monopolisation and the 'Single Channel'
    by Ewan McGaughey

  • 2017 Economic Liberalism in the school of Salamanca and its influence institutional and organizational development
    by José G. Vargas-Hernández & Víctor Manuel Castillo Girón

  • 2017 The ontology of complexity and the neo-Schumpeterian evolutionary theory of economic change
    by Verónica Robert & Gabriel Yoguel & Octavio Lerena

  • 2017 Heterogeneity of habits as a foundation for Schumpeterian economic policy
    by Markus C. Becker & Thorbjørn Knudsen

  • 2017 National Schools of Economic Thought in Germany and the Theory of Social Market Economy
    by Khudokormov, Alexander G. & Nevskiy, Sergey I.

  • 2017 Max Weber within the Methodenstreit
    by Fiona Maclachlan

  • 2017 Paradoxical Positions: The Methodological Contributions of Feminist Scholarship
    by Ann E. Davis

  • 2017 Historical Overview Of Auditors In Bulgaria

  • 2017 Schumpeter a tőkepiacon. Schumpeter finanszírozási elméletének fejlődése és életrajzi vonatkozásai
    by Havran, Dániel

  • 2017 Paving the Market and Streets of Wolbrom in the Period 1822-1864 as Part of the Development of the Infrastructure of a Small Town of the Polish Kingdom
    by Lech Frączek

  • 2017 Twin-killing in some traditional societies: an economic perspective
    by Andrés Marroquín & Colleen Haight

  • 2017 Economics Doctoral Programs Still Elide Entrepreneurship
    by Dan Johansson & Arvid Malm

  • 2017 Evolution of Management Theory within 20 Century: A Systemic Overview of Paradigm Shifts in Management
    by Sasan Torabzadeh Khorasani & Maryam Almasifard

  • 2017 Les lois de l’imitation et de l’invention : Gabriel Tarde et l’économie évolutionniste de l’innovation
    by Faridah Djellal & Faïz Gallouj

  • 2017 The Intellectual Legacy of Progressive Economics: A Review Essay of Thomas C. Leonard's Illiberal Reformers
    by Marshall I. Steinbaum & Bernard A. Weisberger

  • 2016 Risking Capitalism

  • 2016 Foundations of the parametric strategic management: An institutional economics perspective
    by A. Obydenov.

  • 2016 Property, Possession and Knowledge
    by Ugo Pagano

  • 2016 Progressive Era Racism and its (Jewish) Discontents
    by Luca Fiorito & Tiziana Foresti

  • 2016 Chicago Economics in the Making, 1926-1940. A Further Look at US Interwar Pluralism
    by Luca Fiorito & Sebastiano Nerozzi

  • 2016 Why German historicists were wrong to put John Stuart through the Mill
    by Phiilippe Gillig

  • 2016 Financial and Corporate Structure in South Africa
    by McKenzie, Rex A

  • 2016 Schumpeter, Veblen and Bourdieu on Institutions and the Formation of Habits
    by Bögenhold, Dieter & Michaelides, Panayotis G. & Papageorgiou, Theofanis

  • 2016 The Gross Domestic Product. History, relevance and limitations in its interpretation
    by Georgescu, George

  • 2016 Produsul intern brut. Istorie, relevanţă şi limitări în interpretare
    by Georgescu, George

  • 2016 Migration as Subtle Catalyst: Institution Building in India
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal

  • 2016 Thorstein Veblen on the nature of the firm and income distribution
    by Guglielmo Forges Davanzati

  • 2016 Pengelolaan Keuangan Publik di Indonesia: Tinjauan Keuangan Publik Islam
    by Aan Jaelani

  • 2016 Economía pluralista para enfrentar la crisis contemporánea
    by Jairo Parada Corrales

  • 2016 Conspicuous Consumption and Darwin's Critical Sexual Selection Dynamic That Thorstein Veblen Missed
    by Jon D. Wisman

  • 2016 Subreption, Radical Institutionalism, and Economic Evolution
    by John Hall Author-Email: & Joe Mitchell-Nelson

  • 2016 Behavior and cognition of economic actors in evolutionary economics
    by Richard R. Nelson

  • 2016 O poszukiwaniu przyczyn bogactwa i nędzy narodów w teorii Darona Acemoglu i Jamesa A. Robinsona
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska & Rafał Matera

  • 2016 Complementary Health Insurance in France, the “Mutuelle” Institute and Its Terminology
    by Pierre Brouland & Janka Priesolová

  • 2016 The Fiscal Council in the Hungarian Fundamental Law
    by Árpád Kovács

  • 2016 “Fettered” And “Unfettered” Capitalism In J.A. Schumpeter’S Concept Of Tax State And Economic Development – Issues In Banking Perspective
    by Karol Sledzik

  • 2016 What Concept îf Political Economy is Adequate for Strategy of Regional Growth in Russia?
    by Vladimir Juryevich Malov

  • 2016 Society and brain: A complementary approach to Thorstein Veblen’s conspicuous consumer based on Tibor Scitovsky’s neuropsychology [Society and brain: A complementary approach to Thorstein Veblen’s conspicuous consumer based on Tibor Scitovsky’s neuropsychology]
    by Felipe Almeida

  • 2016 Mathematical Analysis of the Historical Economic Growth with a Search for Takeoffs from Stagnation to Growth
    by Ron W. NIELSEN

  • 2016 Revisiting Free Market Utopia: A Hayek-Polanyi Reminder
    by Özgür ÜÞENMEZ & Levent DUMAN

  • 2016 The Institutional Fundamentals of Turkey's Economic Performance: A New Institutional Perspective
    by Yýldýrým Beyazýt ÇÝÇEN

  • 2016 Montchrétien Founder of Political Economy
    by Cosimo Perrotta

  • 2016 The Converging and Diverging Views of Wilhelm von Humboldt and John Stuart Mill on the Subjects of Self-development and the Role of the State
    by Filip Birsen

  • 2016 Liberalism in Korea
    by Young Back Choi & Yong J. Yoon

  • 2016 [Ensayo] Liberalismo e instituciones: Douglass North y la economía neoclásica
    by Ricardo Kerguelén Méndez

  • 2016 Proudhon et la question coloniale algérienne
    by Abdallah Zouache

  • 2015 G. Knapp’s State Theory of Money: History and Current Perspectives
    by A. Dubyansky.

  • 2015 Lex mercatoria
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess

  • 2015 Transnational Business and Relational Contracting 2.0
    by Thomas Dietz

  • 2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis: Lessons for the Great Recession
    by Dodig, Nina & Herr, Hansjörg

  • 2015 Role of Political Intitutions on Social Conflicts and Economic Accumulation: A Case Study of Turkey
    by Harun Bal & Nese Algan & P?nar Ozdemir

  • 2015 Embracing European Social Sciences in Early Modern Asia
    by Dong-No Kim

  • 2015 Public financial management in Indonesia: Review of Islamic public finance
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2015 Kontribusi Sarjana Muslim bagi Peradaban Eropa: Melacak Akar Sejarah dan Perkembangan Ekonomi
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2015 PENGELOLAAN KEUANGAN PUBLIK DI INDONESIA: Tinjauan Keuangan Publik Islam
    by Jaelani, Aan

  • 2015 O Custo da Incerteza: Uma Análise do Pensamento Novo Institucional de Douglass North
    by Daniel Mendonça, Araújo

  • 2015 Economía y ciencias sociales: reporte de investigación
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2015 Behavioural rules: Veblen, Nelson-Winter, Oström and beyond
    by Blind, Georg

  • 2015 A Veblenian articulation of the monetary theory of production
    by Zdravka Todorova

  • 2015 Helping Cost, Assortative Matching and Production Cycles in the Dynamic Humean Farmer Game
    by Raul V. Fabella

  • 2015 “Fettered” and “unfettered” capitalism in J.A. Schumpeter’s concept of Tax State and economic development
    by Karol Sledzik

  • 2015 Ancestral kinship patterns substantially reduce the negative effect of increasing group size on incentives for public goods provision
    by Hannes Rusch

  • 2015 One Long Argument in Economics: Explaining Intellectual Inertia in terms of Evolutionary Ontology
    by Erkan Gurpinar & Altug Yalcintas

  • 2015 Innovation Bureaucracy: Does the organization of government matter when promoting innovation?
    by Karo , Erkki & Kattel , Rainer

  • 2015 Do spinoff dynamics or agglomeration externalities drive industry clustering? A reappraisal of Steven Klepper’s work
    by Boschma, Ron

  • 2015 Wieser as a Theorist of Institutional Change
    by Agnès Festré & Pierre Garrouste

  • 2015 Théorie des élites parétienne et moment machiavélien comme principes explicatifs de la dynamique sociale : les limites de la méthode des approximations successives
    by Claire Baldin & Ludovic Ragni

  • 2015 Theories of finance and financial crisis – Lessons for the Great Recession
    by Nina Dodig & Hansjorg Herr

  • 2015 Modelo de desarrollo y paz: confianza, instituciones y políticas de desarrollo
    by José Guillermo García Isaza

  • 2015 Free economy! On 3628800 alternatives of and to capitalism
    by Roth, Steffen

  • 2015 Approach To The Structural Institutionalism
    by DIMITRIU, Mihail

  • 2015 Economic-Financial Operating Mechanism Of Compossessorates From Transylvania
    by ACHIM, Cornel

  • 2015 İktisat Eğitimi Üzerine Bir Kaç Not
    by Fikret Görün

  • 2015 La ortodoxia económica desalienta el estudio del comportamiento colectivo
    by Hendrik Van den Berg

  • 2015 150 let od narození Maxe Webera
    by Marek Loužek

  • 2015 Impact Of Institutional Factors On Economic Growth In The United States In The Years 1979–2007
    by Dorota Kuder

  • 2015 Institutional Determinants Of Regional Diversity Of Labor Market In Poland
    by Beata Wozniak-Jechorek

  • 2015 Thorstein Veblen entre seus pares economistas: um estudo sobre a audiência e a estrutura argumentativa de sua crítica sistemática ao pensamento econômico [Thorstein Veblen among his peer economists: a study on the audience and the argumentative structure of his systematic critique of economic thought]
    by Marco Antonio Ribas Cavalieri

  • 2015 Disproportionality and Business Cycle from Tugan-Baranovskij to Spiethoff
    by Carmelo Ferlito

  • 2015 Socialist Legacies of Personnel and Human Resource Management in European Transition Economies: An Analytical Review
    by Horie, Norio & Kumo, Kazuhiro

  • 2015 Péril chinois et déclin de l’Europe. Analyses économiques en France au tournant du xx e siècle
    by Marion Gaspard

  • 2015 Economics Of Integration. A Debate Outline
    by Liviu C. ANDREI

  • 2015 The psychology of early institutional economics: The instinctive approach of Thorstein Veblen's conspicuous consumer theory
    by Felipe Almeida

  • 2015 Etyczne i ekonomiczne uwarunkowania wielkosci produkcji spolecznej w ujeciu Stanislawa Glabinskiego/Ethical and Economic Conditions of Social Production According to Stanislaw Glabinski Approach to the Issue of Social Elites
    by Zdzislaw Szymanski

  • 2015-16 Engaging Geopolitical Economy

  • 2014 Transnational Access to Court for Commercial Claims: The Shortcomings of International Commercial Arbitration and Litigation
    by Hermann Hoffmann

  • 2014 An unexpected discovery: Johann Heinrich von Thuenen and the tragedy of the commons
    by Nellinger, Ludwig

  • 2014 Finance and crisis: Marxian, institutionalist and circuitist approaches
    by Argitis, Georgios & Evans, Trevor & Michell, Jo & Toporowski, Jan

  • 2014 Hacia una nueva comprensión de un viejo problema: una propuesta metodológica para la medición del desempeño institucional de largo plazo
    by Sabrina Siniscalchi

  • 2014 Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 El capital en el siglo XXI de Thomas Piketty
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Tax Power and Economics
    by Estrada, Fernando & González, Jorge Iván

  • 2014 Schumpeter and the History of Economic Thought
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Schumpeter y la Historia del Pensamiento Económico
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Retórica en la historia y la economía política
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Economía política de la modernidad
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 The Classical-Keynesian Paradigm: Policy Debate in Contemporary Era
    by Gul, Ejaz & Chaudhry, Imran Sharif & Faridi, Muhammad Zahir

  • 2014 Evolutionary Economics and Household Behavior
    by Charles Yuji Horioka

  • 2014 Institutional determinants of regional diversity of labor market in Poland
    by Beata Wozniak-Jechorek

  • 2014 A threshold for biological altruism in public goods games played in groups including kin
    by Hannes Rusch

  • 2014 From the State Theory of Money to Modern Money Theory: An Alternative to Economic Orthodoxy
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2014 Finance and Crisis; Marxian, Institutionalist and Circuitist approaches
    by Georgios Argitis & Trevor Evans & Jo Michell & Jan Toporowski

  • 2014 Trust as a Key Variable of Sustainable Development and Public Happiness: A Historical and Theoretical Example Regarding the Creation of Money
    by Nicola Genovese & Maria Grazia La Spada

  • 2014 There are several ways to incorporate evolutionary concepts into economic thinking
    by Christian Cordes

  • 2014 Do spinoff dynamics or agglomeration externalities drive industry clustering? A reappraisal of Steven Klepper’s work
    by Ron Boschma

  • 2014 Carl Menger on the Theory of Economic History. Reflections from Bulgaria
    by Pencho D. Penchev

  • 2014 Institutionalism as a determining factor in the governance process
    by Iraima C. Meléndez Muñoz & Fabio Maldonado-Veloza

  • 2014 Исторические судьбы исторической школыHistorical stories of the historical school
    by Клисторин В.И.

  • 2014 Thorstein Veblen on Consumption and Unemployment
    by Forges Davanzati, Guglielmo

  • 2014 Veblen, Economic Policy and the Present Crisis
    by Ramazzotti, Paolo

  • 2014 Thorstein Veblen on value, market and socioeconomic progress
    by Brette, Olivier

  • 2014 Thorstein Veblen, Iconoclastic Economist
    by Gagnon, Marc-André & Della Faille, Dimitri

  • 2014 The concept and terminology of strike in French in comparison with Czech
    by Pierre Brouland & Zora Kidlesová

  • 2014 Evolutionary economics and household behavior
    by Charles Yuji Horioka

  • 2014 Fiscal Councils in the Countries of Eastern-Central Europe
    by Árpád Kovács

  • 2014 Institutions: Uncertainty In Definition Of The Term. A Brief Look At The History: 1890-1930
    by Tamila Arnania-Kepuladze

  • 2014 GIUSEPPE TONIOLO. ECONOMIA SOCIALE, DIRITTI, COOPERAZIONE A cura di Marco Bianchini e Fiorenza Manzalini. Introduzione. L'economia sostanziale di Giuseppe Toniolo (Introduction. The substantial economics of Giuseppe Toniolo)
    by Marco Bianchini

  • 2014 Modernità del pensiero di Giuseppe Toniolo: l'economia sociale fondata sul principio di sussidiarietà (The Modernity of Giuseppe Toniolo's thought: the social economy founded on the principle of subsidiarity)
    by Alice Martini & Luca Spataro

  • 2014 La bibliografia primaria di Giuseppe Toniolo: 'Un cantiere ancora aperto' (The primary bibliography of Giuseppe Toniolo: a 'work in progress')
    by Fiorenza Manzalini

  • 2014 The Birth of Economic Thought and Specialized Economic Press among the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire in the XIX Century (A Mediterranean Perspective)
    by Nikolai Nenovski & Pencho Penchev

  • 2014 A láthatatlan kéz - szemelvények egy metafora történetéből
    by Madarász, Aladár

  • 2014 Intangible Assets and Strategic Positioning of Company
    by Roxana Arabela Dumitrascu

  • 2014 The Process of Creating Economic Value Added: Causes, Factors and Implications
    by Roxana Arabela Dumitrascu

  • 2014 Luigi Bodio: promoter of the political and high scientific mission of statistics and pioneer of the international statistical cooperation
    by Antonio Cappiello

  • 2014 Some Origins of Welfare Economics-Marshall, Ruskin and Tokuzo Fukuda-
    by Nishizawa, Tamotsu

  • 2014 Money Creation: The Role of Trust for Public Happiness and Sustainable Growth
    by Nicola Genovese & Maria Grazia La Spada

  • 2014 Capital-Labour Taxation and Progressivity in Cosciani’s Thought
    by Ruggero Paladini

  • 2014 On the Theoretical Background of Cosciani’s Tax Reform
    by Alessandro Petretto

  • 2014 Development then and now: Idea and utopia
    by Cordera Campos, Rolando

  • 2014 El desarrollo ayer y hoy: idea y utopía
    by Cordera Campos, Rolando

  • 2014 Kuznets versus kondratieff An essay in historical macroeconometrics
    by Claude Diebolt

  • 2014 Cycles «versus» growth in schumpeter A graphical interpretation of some core theoretical remarks
    by Niels Geiger

  • 2014 The National Bank Of Romania From State Body To Autonomus Authority
    by Roxana RADU & Georgeta GHIONEA

  • 2014 The Gifts At Holidays In The Romanian Countries
    by Ana-Maria MOISUC

  • 2014 An Overview On The Banking System From Oltenia (1944-1948)
    by Georgeta GHIONEA

  • 2014 La question de l'interdiction de l'intérêt dans l'histoire européenne. Un essai d'analyse institutionnelle
    by Ragip Ege

  • 2014 L'institution de la famille. Un nouveau motif de séparation entre Commons et Veblen
    by Philippe Broda

  • 2014 What If Marx And Veblen Met…
    by Bahar Araz Takay & Derya Güler Aydın

  • 2013 Parallel Money in the Russian Economic Literature of the XIX—XX centuries
    by A. Dubyansky.

  • 2013 Abstraction as a Mother of Order? (Historical-Methodological Reflections on the Relation of Economic Science and Economic Policy)
    by V. Avtonomov.

  • 2013 Economic Thinking about Transnational Governance: Blind Spots and Historical Perspectives
    by Hans-Michael Trautwein

  • 2013 Philosophie et science économiques : leur contribution respective aux discours politiques
    by Yefimov, Vladimir

  • 2013 The emergence of democracy: a behavioural perspective
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Metaxas, Theodore

  • 2013 Quels sont les enseignements de l'histoire du fédéralisme américain pour la zone euro actuelle ?
    by Dominique Jacob

  • 2013 Natural and Economic Selection - Lessons from the Evo-Devo and Multilevel Selection Debate
    by Georg Schwesinger

  • 2013 The Evolution of German Historical School in Bulgaria (1878-1944)
    by Nikolay Nenovsky & Pencho Penchev

  • 2013 De l’usage social aux pratiques marchandes de l’argent. Une brève histoire des origines du microcrédit social
    by Guillaume PASTUREAU

  • 2013 Re-Reading the New Institutional Economics in Market-State Dilemma
    by Akansel, İlkben

  • 2013 The Capital Account Cannot be Freed in China
    by Chan Wang & Heng-fu Zou

  • 2013 A Generic Framework for Trust in the Innovation Process
    by Pauline Ratnasingam

  • 2013 F.A. Hayek and Ordoliberalism: A Comparative Study
    by Nazmi Tolga TUNCER

  • 2013 Elinor Ostrom et les faisceaux de droits : l’ouverture d’un nouvel espace pour penser la propriété commune
    by Orsi, Fabienne

  • 2013 La teoría del consumo y de los ciclos en Thorstein Veblen
    by Alberto José Figueras & Hernán Alejandro Morero

  • 2013 La "scuola" italiana di scienza delle finanze
    by Giuseppe Dallera

  • 2013 Historie a vývoj vědního oboru podniková ekonomika
    by Miloslav Synek & Václav Hoffmann & Iveta Mackenzie

  • 2013 Transformation in the Nature of American Economics and Establishing Neoclassical Economic Technology
    by Veselina Atanasova

  • 2013 Conceptual Limitations Concerning the National Intellectual Capital
    by Vadim Dumitrascu & Roxana Arabela Dumitrascu

  • 2013 European Experiences Relating to National Intellectual Capital Metrics
    by Roxana Arabela Dumitrascu & Vadim Dumitrascu

  • 2013 Veblenian and Minskian financial markets
    by Giorgos Argitis

  • 2013 Regulation, trust, and cronyism in Middle Eastern societies: The simple economics of “wasta”
    by Barnett, Andy & Yandle, Bruce & Naufal, George

  • 2013 Economic cosmology and the evolutionary challenge
    by Gowdy, John M. & Dollimore, Denise E. & Wilson, David Sloan & Witt, Ulrich

  • 2013 Monetary theory and policy from a Chinese historical perspective
    by Xueyi, Zheng & Yaguang, Zhang & Whalley, John

  • 2013 Credit cycle and monetary policy: John Rogers Commons as a ‘monetarist’
    by Philippe Adair

  • 2013 Evolución histórica del Banco de la República en Colombia: una aproximación
    by Johanna Inés Cárdenas Pinzón

  • 2013 Two Ways To Interpret The World - Th. R. Malthus And "L Abbe Pierre"
    by POPESCU Dan

  • 2013 Professor Ivan Kinkel – theoretician in economic theory (critical analysis)
    by Pencho Penchev

  • 2013 A Foucauldian view of Veblen's institutionalism: Non-teleology and the interdiscursivity between economics and biology
    by Marco Antonio Ribas Cavalieri & Iara Vigo de Lima

  • 2013 Economia Clássica entre o Laissez-Faire e o Socialismo
    by Rogério Arthmar & Paulo Carlos Leonardo Kulnig Cinelli

  • 2013 A Gênese do Indivíduo e o Indivíduo da Gênese: Uma Abordagem Multidisciplinar Acerca do Papel da Ideologia Cristã nas Origens do Homem (Econômico)
    by Manuel Ramon Souza Luz & Paulo Sérgio Fracalanza

  • 2013 Indonesia now. Between Pancasila and crisis of democracy in Indonesia
    by Hendro Muhaimin & S.Fil & M.A.

  • 2013 Southeast asian regionalism: theoretical systemic obligingness in disarray
    by Ioana Bianca Berna

  • 2012 From Craft to Institution: Accounting in Italy from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period
    by O. Volkova.

  • 2012 Occupy the System! Societal Constitutionalism and Transnational Corporate Accounting
    by Moritz Renner

  • 2012 The Transnationalisation of Commercial Law
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Hermann Hoffmann & Jens Mertens

  • 2012 Anti-Semitism and Progressive Era Social Science. The case of John R. Commons
    by Luca Fiorito & Cosma Orsi

  • 2012 Between Progressivism and Institutionalism Albert Benedict Wolfe on Eugenics
    by Luca Fiorito

  • 2012 Marx: From Hegel and Feuerbach to Adam Smith
    by Eric Rahim

  • 2012 Hilferding on Derivatives
    by Sotiropoulos, Dimitris P.

  • 2012 How Capitalism, University and Mathematics as Institutions Shaped Mainstream Economics
    by Yefimov, Vladimir

  • 2012 The Emergence of Efficient Institutions and Social Interactions
    by Dai, Shuanping

  • 2012 Social Contract, public choice and fiscal repercussions in Athenian Democracy
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Zachilas, Loukas

  • 2012 İktisat doga bilimlerinin Mekke’si mi oluyor?: Toplumsal ve doga bilimleri iliskisi uzerine bir atıf analizi
    by Yalcintas, Altug

  • 2012 From Marxian school of economic thought to system paradigm in economic studies: the institutional matrices theory
    by Kirdina, Svetlana

  • 2012 Why are Latin Europeans less happy? The impact of hierarchy
    by Brule, Gael & Veenhoven, Ruut

  • 2012 Ronald Coase y los costos de transacción
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2012 On the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises: toward a harmonic interpretation of the Kondratiev wave
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2012 A Meme for Money
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2012 Veblen's Institutionalist Elaboration of Rent Theory
    by Michael Hudson

  • 2012 De la question coloniale chez les anciens et néo-institutionnalistes
    by Abdallah Zouache

  • 2012 Una mirada a las instituciones de San Basilio de Palenque (Colombia) a través de los postulados de Douglass C. North y Thorstein Veblen
    by Luis Ricardo Navarro Díaz

  • 2012 Professor Georgi Danailov – a forerunner of institutionalism in Bulgaria
    by Teodor Sedlarski

  • 2012 Crossing Boundaries: Towards Cultural Political Economy
    by Jessop, Bob & Labrousse, Agnès & Lamarche, Thomas & Vercueil, Julien

  • 2012 Positive Feedbacks, Diffusion Phenomenon and Competition between Standards on the Knowledge Markets
    by Vadim DUMITRASCU

  • 2012 A lesson from Pietro Leopoldo
    by Giacomo Becattini

  • 2012 La lezione di Pietro Leopoldo
    by Giacomo Becattini

  • 2012 Actions and Ideas: Building a Global Quality Culture in Education Following New Institutional Prescriptions
    by Bundã Nicoleta Ramona

  • 2012 The Ftc, Ip, And Ssos: Government Hold-Up Replacing Private Coordination
    by Richard A. Epstein & F. Scott Kieff & Daniel F. Spulber

  • 2012 Alfred Marshall e as "evoluções" vitorianas: situando Darwin e Spencer nos fundamentos teóricos do pensamento marshalliano [Alfred Marshall and the Victorian "Evolutions":placing Darwin and Spencer in the theoretical fundamentals of Marshallian thought]
    by Manuel Ramon Souza Luz & Paulo Sérgio Fracalanza

  • 2012 Evidence On Us Savings And Loan Profitability In Times Of Crisis
    by Mine Aysen Doyran

  • 2012 Economic emergence: An evolutionary economic perspective
    by Foster, John & Metcalfe, J. Stan

  • 2012 Forms of emergence and the evolution of economic landscapes
    by Martin, Ron & Sunley, Peter

  • 2012 No law without a state
    by Charron, Nicholas & Dahlström, Carl & Lapuente, Victor

  • 2012 Los impuestos en la época de la Independencia, su impacto social, evolución e implicaciones en el sistema tributario actual
    by Constanza Loreth Fajardo Calderón & Dora Cecilia Suárez Amaya

  • 2012 Keynes Post Mercantilista
    by Adolfo Eslava Gómez & Hernán Darío Orozco

  • 2011 Instituţii şi dezvoltare economică
    by Marinescu Cosmin

  • 2011 The influence of American economists on the Clayton and Federal Trade Commission Acts
    by Luca Fiorito

  • 2011 Fundamentele Institutionale Ale Performantei Economice. Studiu De Sinteza
    by Marinescu, Cosmin

  • 2011 Pre-Emptive Versus Preventive War (Evolution, Legitimaty And Implications Of Concept)
    by Dorin - Marinel EPARU

  • 2011 De l’incertitude des marchés au risque des affaires : la fonction de l’entrepreneur THE UNCERTAINTY OF THE MARKET AND THE RISK OF BUSINESS: THE ENTREPRENEURIAL FUNCTION
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER & Dimitri UZUNIDIS

  • 2011 Relaţii Diplomatice Româno-Portugheze (1919-1933). Martinho De Brederode - Ambasador La Bucureşti
    by Stoica, Alina

  • 2011 Професор Георги Данаилов – Предвестник На Институционализма В България
    by Sedlarski, Teodor

  • 2011 The Making of a Good Society: Lowe’s Instrumental Method and the Pursuit of Full Employment
    by Murray, Michael/ M J

  • 2011 An inquiry into the explanatory virtues of transaction cost economics
    by Hardt, Lukasz

  • 2011 Competition
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo

  • 2011 Institution and decomposition of natural-disaster impact on growth
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2011 A economia clássica entre o laissez-faire e o socialismo
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