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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L0: General
/ / L1: Market Structure, Firm Strategy, and Market Performance
/ / L2: Firm Objectives, Organization, and Behavior
/ / L3: Nonprofit Organizations and Public Enterprise
/ / L4: Antitrust Issues and Policies
/ / L5: Regulation and Industrial Policy
/ / L6: Industry Studies: Manufacturing
/ / L7: Industry Studies: Primary Products and Construction
/ / L8: Industry Studies: Services
/ / L9: Industry Studies: Transportation and Utilities

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 E-Money: Efficiency, Stability and Optimal Policy
    by Jonathan Chiu & Tsz-Nga Wong
  • 2014 Association between Yield Components of Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor L. (Moench) Under Different Watering Intervals
    by Elsadig B. Ibrahim & Abdel Wahab H. Abdalla & Elshiekh A. Ibrahim & Ahmed M. El Naim
  • 2014 A Descriptive Account of an Inter-Professional Collaborative Leadership Project
    by Maura MacPhee & Li-Lu Chang & Farinaz Havaei & Wen-Shan Chou
  • 2014 Factors Influencing U.S. Charitable Giving during the Great Recession: Implications for Nonprofit Administration
    by Jerry D. Marx & Vernon B. Carter
  • 2014 Eco-Industrial Parks and Sustainable Spatial Planning: A Possible Contradiction?
    by Elisa Conticelli and Simona Tondelli
  • 2014 The Role of Policy Champions and Learning in Implementing Horizontal Environmental Policy Integration: Comparative Insights from European Structural Fund Programmes in the U.K
    by Tony Gore
  • 2014 Developing an Integrated Conceptual Framework of Pro-Environmental Behavior in the Workplace through Synthesis of the Current Literature
    by Faye V. McDonald
  • 2014 Eco-innovative Practices for Sustainable Consumption and Production: What are the Possible Benefits for Companies?
    by Maria Rosa De Giacomo & Arianna Dominici Loprieno & Mario Tarantini & Rovena Preka & Maria Litido & Anne Dominique Furphy & Víctor Vázquez Calvo & Pere Llorach-Massana & Carles M. Gasol & Joan Rieradevall & Ramon Farreny & Xavier Gabarrell
  • 2014 How do Companies Invest in Corporate Social Responsibility? An Ordonomic Contribution for Empirical CSR Research
    by Matthias Georg Will & Stefan Hielscher
  • 2014 Competition in a New Industrial Economy: Toward an Agent-Based Economic Model of Modularity
    by Bin-Tzong Chie & Shu-Heng Chen
  • 2014 Value and Wastes in Manufacturing. An Overview and a New Perspective Based on Eco-Efficiency
    by Alberto Simboli & Raffaella Taddeo & Anna Morgante
  • 2014 Toward a Collaborative, Transformative Model of Non-Profit Leadership: Some Conceptual Building Blocks
    by Bramwell Osula & Eddie C. W. Ng
  • 2014 It Does Matter How You Get to the Top: Differentiating Status from Reputation
    by Karen D. W. Patterson & David Eduardo Cavazos & Marvin Washington
  • 2014 Positioning in the Global Value Chain as a Sustainable Strategy: A Case Study in a Mature Industry
    by Jose Albors-Garrigos & Blanca de Miguel Molina & Maria de Miguel Molina
  • 2014 Stakeholder Valuing: A Process for Identifying the Interrelationships between Firm and Stakeholder Attributes
    by Donna M. Carlon & Alexis Downs
  • 2014 Leading, Following or Complementing in Economic Crisis: A Conceptual Model Illustrating Nonprofit Relationships with Public Schools
    by Laurie Paarlberg & Rebecca Nesbit & Richard Clerkin & Robert Christensen
  • 2014 Have You Switched to a Low-Carbon Diet? The Ultimate Value of Low-Carbon Consumerism
    by Yu-Ling Lin & Hong-Wen Lin
  • 2014 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Administrative Sciences in 2013
    by Administrative Sciences Editorial Office
  • 2014 Teleconference Use among Office Workers: An Interorganizational Comparison of an Extended Theory of Planned Behavior Model
    by Siu Hing Lo & Gerard J.P. van Breukelen & Gjalt-Jorn Y. Peters & Gerjo Kok
  • 2014 Role of Strong versus Weak Networks in Small Business Growth in an Emerging Economy
    by M. Kamil Kozan & Levent Akdeniz
  • 2014 Managing Relational Legacies: Lessons from British Columbia, Canada
    by Sofiane Baba & Emmanuel Raufflet
  • 2014 Relationships of the Trade Unions with the Media: The Lithuanian Case
    by Asta Krašenkienė & Lina Kazokienė & Dalia Susnienė
  • 2014 Consumer poaching, brand switching, and price transparency
    by Schultz, Christian
  • 2013 (De)Regulation and Market Thickness
    by Jean Guillaume Forand & Vikram Maheshri
  • 2013 Emerging scientific directions in plasma technology for food decontamination
    by Mario Coccia & Ugo Finardi
  • 2013 Implementing Cloud Computing Based Information Systems
    by Robu Maximilian Iosif
  • 2013 The Perspectives of Leisure Tourism in Romania Based on Mountain Tourism Infrastructure and Services
    by Dridea Catrinel Raluca
  • 2013 Recent Evolutions on the Bancassurance Products and Services Market
    by Barna Flavia & Nachescu Miruna Lucia & ªeulean Victoria
  • 2013 A Bourdieusian Perspective on Acculturation: Mexican Immigrants in the United States
    by Leonel Prieto & Tagi Sagafi-nejad & Balaji Janamanchi
  • 2013 An Institutional Perspective on Business Planning Activities for Nascent Entrepreneurs in Sweden and the US
    by Benson Honig & Tomas Karlsson
  • 2013 International New Venture Legitimation: An Exploratory Study
    by Romeo V. Turcan
  • 2013 University-State Child Welfare Training Partnerships: The Challenge of Matching Dollar Contributions
    by Jerry D. Marx & Melissa Wells
  • 2013 Applying Emotional Intelligence Skills to Leadership and Decision Making in Non-Profit Organizations
    by James D. Hess & Arnold C. Bacigalupo
  • 2013 The Bretton Woods Institutions and the Environment: Organizational Learning within the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    by Alexandra Lindenthal & Martin Koch
  • 2013 Extending the 4I Organizational Learning Model: Information Sources, Foraging Processes and Tools
    by Tracy A. Jenkin
  • 2013 Reflective Practice as a Fuel for Organizational Learning
    by Sanna Hilden & Kati Tikkamäki
  • 2013 Individual Learning and Social Learning: Endogenous Division of Cognitive Labor in a Population of Co-evolving Problem-Solvers
    by Myong-Hun Chang & Joseph E. Harrington
  • 2013 Autonomy, Conformity and Organizational Learning
    by Nobuyuki Hanaki & Hideo Owan
  • 2013 Relationship between Leadership and Characteristics of Learning Organizations in Deployed Military Units: An Exploratory Study
    by Raffaella Di Schiena & Geert Letens & Eileen Van Aken & Jennifer Farris
  • 2013 The Role of the Management Fashion Arena in the Cross-National Diffusion of Management Concepts: The Case of the Balanced Scorecard in the Scandinavian Countries
    by Dag Madsen & Kåre Slåtten
  • 2013 Learning to Learn: towards a Relational and Transformational Model of Learning for Improved Integrated Care Delivery
    by Peter Tsasis & Jenna M. Evans & Linda Rush & John Diamond
  • 2013 Resisting Corporate Corruption: Cases in Practical Ethics From Enron Through The Financial Crisis, 2nd Edition. By Stephen V. Arbogast, Wiley-Scrivener, 2013; 552 Pages. Price US $75.00, ISBN 978-1-118-20855-7
    by Shu-Kun Lin
  • 2013 Human Resource Management , 11th Edition International Student Version. By David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins and Susan L. Verhulst, Wiley, 2013; 448 Pages. Price £54.99 / €66.00, ISBN 978-1-1183-7971-4
    by Shu-Kun Lin
  • 2013 Usability in Government Systems : User Experience Design for Citizens and Public Servants. Edited by Elizabeth Buie and Dianne Murray, Morgan Kaufmann, 2012; 407 Pages. Price $59.95, ISBN 978-0-12-391063-9
    by Shu-Kun Lin
  • 2013 Production networks in local labour market areas
    by Giovanni A. Barbieri & Cinzia Conti
  • 2013 Generalizing the core design principles for the efficacy of groups
    by Wilson, David Sloan & Ostrom, Elinor & Cox, Michael E.
  • 2013 Investment behavior and ownership structures in Ukraine: Soft budget constraints, government ownership and private benefits of control
    by Mykhayliv, Dariya & Zauner, Klaus G.
  • 2013 Cultural Marketing Implications On Alba County Development
    by Andreea Muntean & Carmen Pastiu & Silvia Maican
  • 2013 Analyzing Romanian Sports Organizations Management Using Econometric Frontier
    by Alin Molcut
  • 2012 La competitività del sistema logistico portuale nella provincia di Livorno.Una analisi SWOT
    by Alga D.Foschi
  • 2012 Modeling Artisanal Fisheries and Hydroelectricity in Relation to the Itezhi-tezhi Dam on the Kafue River, Zambia
    by Richard Jensen
  • 2012 Economic Policy for Invasive Species
    by Richard Jensen
  • 2012 Military spending: A perspective on the restructuring dynamics of the defense sector
    by Eleonora Gentilucci
  • 2012 Consideration on the Financing of Tourism Development and Promotion Strategies in Romania
    by Jaliu Dumitru Dragoº & Anamaria Sidonia Ravar
  • 2012 Maritime Market Crisis is the Lack of Charterers
    by Iordanoaia Florin
  • 2012 Strategic Directions in Business Services
    by Alexandru Vlad Cãtãlina & Ungureanu Gabriela
  • 2012 Recent Evolution and Forecast of International Tourism in Europe
    by Jugãnaru Ion Dãnuþ
  • 2012 Research on Result Indicators in the Implementation of European Funds in Romania in the Period 2007-2013
    by Radu Steluta & Constandache Mihaela
  • 2012 Rural Development, Tourism Businesses In Vadu And Corbu'S Municipalities
    by Safta Dan
  • 2012 The Failure Of Industrialism In Communist Romania
    by Parean Mihai - Olimpiu
  • 2012 Building a Policy-Oriented Research Partnership for Knowledge Mobilization and Knowledge Transfer: The Case of the Canadian Metropolis Project
    by John Shields & Bryan Evans
  • 2012 Goldratt’s Theory Applied to the Problems Associated with an Emergency Department at a Hospital
    by Lloyd J. Taylor & Soumya Nayak
  • 2012 Effectively Measuring Student Leadership
    by Barry Z. Posner
  • 2012 Catching Leaders’ Mood: Contagion Effects in Teams
    by Judith Volmer
  • 2012 Global Health Governance: Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), the Doha Declaration, and Democratisation
    by Belinda Townsend & Erik Martin & Hans Löfgren & Evelyne de Leeuw
  • 2012 Past Fame, Present Frames and Future Flagship? An Exploration of How Health is Positioned in Canadian Foreign Policy
    by Ronald Labonté & Vivien Runnels & Michelle Gagnon
  • 2012 A Review of Social Media Use in E-Government
    by Michael J. Magro
  • 2012 Urban Governance of Disease
    by Rebecca Katz & Sangeeta Mookherji & Morgan Kaminski & Vibhuti Haté & Julie E. Fischer
  • 2012 Performing Leadership: Observations from the World of Music
    by Ralph Bathurst & Donna Ladkin
  • 2012 A Review of Entrepreneurship Education for College Students in China
    by Mansheng Zhou & Haixia Xu
  • 2012 Leadership and Knowledge Management in an E-Government Environment
    by Sherry D. Ryan & Xiaoni Zhang & Victor R. Prybutok & Jason H. Sharp
  • 2012 Regionalizing Immigration, Health and Inequality: Iraqi Refugees in Australia
    by Katie Vasey & Lenore Manderson
  • 2012 Effects of Interdependence and Social Interaction-Based Person-Team Fit
    by David J. Glew
  • 2012 Global Responses to Chronic Diseases: What Lessons Can Political Science Offer?
    by Chantal Blouin
  • 2012 Race to the Future: Innovations in Gifted and Enrichment Education in Asia, and Implications for the United States
    by Kathryn C. Ibata-Arens
  • 2012 On the inappropriateness of collective rent seeking analysis when agents exert within-group and between-group efforts
    by Hausken, Kjell
  • 2012 Rückläufige Investitionen – geringes Leasingwachstum
    by Arno Städtler
  • 2011 A Stochastic Life Cycle Model of Academic Research and Patent Licensing
    by Richard Jensen
  • 2011 The Effect of Divestitures in the German Electricity Market
    by Weigt, H. & Willems, Bert
  • 2011 The Normative Bias In Entrepreneurial Theory
  • 2011 How Should A Public Good Be Provided? A Transaction Cost Approach
  • 2011 Can Destructive Network Activities Push An Economy To A Lower Level Of Specialization? A Theoretical Illustration
  • 2011 Informatic Systems Expansion In The Supply Work Of Building And Assembly Enterprises
  • 2011 Study Regarding Development of Electronic Commerce in Romania
    by Moraru Camelia & Popovici Norina
  • 2011 Management of Quay Crane Exploitation in Constanta Harbour Area
    by Surugiu Gheorghe & Dragomir Cristina
  • 2011 Transport Time in Tourism... a Value or a Cost ?
    by Gheorghe Camelia Monica & Ciuchete Stela Georgiana
  • 2011 Tendencies in Tour-operator’s Distribution Channels Portfolio
    by Ciuchete Stela Georgiana & Gheorghe Camelia Monica
  • 2011 Profile of the ECO-HOTEL Market in Romania
    by Sztruten (Lefter) Gina Gilet
  • 2011 Strategic Directions within the Product Policy of the Travel Agencies in Cluj County
    by Nenciu Daniela Simona & Constandache Mihaela & Secarã Mirela
  • 2011 Indirect Tax Burden and Consumption in the EU Member States
    by Mara Eugenia Ramona & Roiban Iosif & Sabãu-Popa Claudia Diana
  • 2011 Clusters and Regional Development Strategies
    by Jugãnaru Mariana & Jugãnaru Ion-Dãnuþ & Moraru Andreea
  • 2011 Clusters in Romanian Tourism
    by Jugãnaru Ion-Dãnuþ & Jugãnaru Mariana
  • 2011 Socio-Statistical Research on the Internalization of European Administrative Space Principles in the Romanian Public Administration
    by Ani Matei & Lucica Matei & Diana-Camelia Iancu
  • 2011 Leprosy: International Public Health Policies and Public Health Eras
    by Niyi Awofeso
  • 2011 Intra-Group Conflict and Teamwork Quality: The Moderating Role of Leadership Styles
    by Petru L. Curşeu
  • 2011 Creating High Reliability Teams in Healthcare through In situ Simulation Training
    by William Riley & Elizabeth Lownik & Carmen Parrotta & Kristi Miller RN & Stan Davis
  • 2011 Price Theory and Merger Guidelines
    by Sonia Jaffe & Glen Weyl
  • 2011 Implementing "Green" Elements Into The Supply Chain - The Literature Review And Examples
    by Paula Bajdor & Janusz K. Grabara
  • 2010 Monitoring to Reduce Agency Costs: Examining the Behavior of Independent and Non-Independent Boards
    by Frank Milne & Lynnette Purda & Anita Anand
  • 2010 Structural and Cyclical Factors behind Current-Account Balances
    by Calista Cheung & Davide Furceri & Elena Rusticelli
  • 2010 Linkages between Technology Choice and Exporting: Evidence from Argentina
    by Gabriela Schmidt & Natalia Trofimenko
  • 2010 Incentive and crowding out effects of foodassistance: Evidence from randomizedevaluation of food-for-training project inSouthern Sudan
    by Munshi Sulaiman
  • 2010 Does Affirmative Action Affect Productivity In The Indian Railways?
    by Ashwini Deshpande & Thomas E. Weisskopf
  • 2010 Marketing Strategies which Can Be Adopted by the Tourism Entrepreneurs in the County of Tulcea
    by Nenciu Daniela Simona & Secara Mirela
  • 2010 The Implication of Risks on Tourism Human Resources
    by Murgoci Cristiana Stefania & Dridea Catrinel Raluca & Ionescu Stefan Alexandru
  • 2010 Necessity of Risk Management Systems Implementation in Air Transport
    by Gheorghe Camelia Monica & Sebea Mihai
  • 2010 Competitiveness Through Sustainability And Financial Efficiency Of Spa Tourist Destinations
    by Babaita Carmen & Ispas Andreia & Anis Cecilia
  • 2010 The Tourist Perception Of The Hospitality Industry: Romania Versus European Union
    by Babaita Carmen & Ispas Andreia & Pârjol Florentina
  • 2010 Administrative Sciences: An International Journal on the Science of Administration
    by Robert G. DelCampo
  • 2010 Desarrollo Turístico Y Empresarial En El Centro Historico De La Ciudad De Cartagena
  • 2010 The Economic Role of Tourism and the Dimension of the Touristic Phenomenon on a National and Global Scale
    by Florin Lucian Isac & Radu Cureteanu & Sergiu Rusu
  • 2010 Human Resource Management. People As Critical Resources In Tourism
    by Assoc.Prof. Ramona Gruescu Ph. D & Prof. Danut Tiberiu Epure Ph. D & Bogdan Budica Ph. D Student
  • 2009 Impact of social and human capital on business performance of migrant entrepreneurs - a comparative dutch-us study
    by Nijkamp, P. & Stough, R. & Sahin, M.
  • 2009 Overseas Links as Export Conduits
    by Aoife Hanley
  • 2009 The demand for football tickets depending on the number of clubs in a city – Empirical evidence from Germany –
    by Markus Breuer
  • 2009 An International Comparison of Small Business Employment
    by John Schmitt & Nathan Lane
  • 2009 Impact of social and human capital on business performance of migrant entrepreneurs - a comparative dutch-us study
    by Nijkamp, P. & Stough, R. & Sahin, M.
  • 2009 Antidumping Protection hurts Exporters: Firm-level evidence from France
  • 2009 Electricity Liberalisation in the European Union: A Progress Report
    by Pollitt, M.G.
  • 2009 Users’ Evaluation Of Tourism Sites
    by Lacurezeanu Ramona & Coros Robert
  • 2009 Az intertemporális diszkontálási folyamatok jelentősége a fogyasztói döntésekben
    by Lippai, László
  • 2009 Maritime Transport and Trade: The Impact of European Transport Policy: An Overview of Maritime Freight Transport Patterns
    by Novo-Corti I. & Gonzalez-Laxe F.
  • 2009 Guerra Fiscal: Uma Análise Quantitativa para Estados Participantes e Não Participantes
    by Sidnei Pereira do Nascimento
  • 2008 Microempresas Em Juazeiro Do Norte-Ce: Considerações Sobre A Competitividade No Setor Calçadista
  • 2008 Economic Performance Through Time: A General Equilibrium Model
  • 2008 China: Regional Disparities In Poverty Distribution
  • 2008 Stochastic Demand, Specialization, And Increasing Returns
    by YONG J. YOON
  • 2008 La industria manufacturera en Colombia 1995-2005
  • 2008 Concentración de mercado en el sector de telecomunicaciones en Venezuela
  • 2007 Export Competitiveness In The Indian Auto-Component Industry:Does Low Wage Cost Matter?
    by Madhuri Saripalle
  • 2007 The Growth performance of India's telecommunication serivices industry, 1991-2006: Can it lead to the emergence of a domestic manufacturing hub?
    by Sunil Mani
  • 2007 The Sustainability Impact of the EU Emissions Trading System on the European Industry
    by Raimund Bleischwitz & Katrin Fuhrmann & Elias Huchler
  • 2007 Forest owners’ collective action against the risk of forest fire: a game theoretical approach
    by Américo M. S. Carvalho Mendes
  • 2007 Stability, Specialization And Social Recognition
  • 2007 Editorial
  • 2007 Transaction And Transfer Efficiencies And The Size Of Fdi
  • 2007 Measuring Transaction Costs: Diverging Approaches, Contending Practices
    by NING WANG
  • 2006 Buy, Lobby or Sue: Interest Groups' Participation in Policy Making - A Selective Survey
    by Pablo T. Spiller & Sanny Liao
  • 2006 Open Source Software: The New Intellectual Property Paradigm
    by Stephen M. Maurer & Suzanne Scotchmer
  • 2006 Competition Policy with Optimally Differentiated Rules Instead of "Per se Rules vs. Rule of Reason"
    by Arndt Christiansen and Wolfgang Kerber & Wolfgang Kerber
  • 2006 Fear of China : is there a future for manufacturing in Latin America ?
    by Mauricio Mesquita Moreira
  • 2006 Der „more economic approach“ in der Missbrauchsaufsicht: Einige kritische Anmerkungen zu den Vorschlägen der Generaldirektion Wettbewerb
    by André Schmidt & Stefan Voigt
  • 2006 Diversity Of Specialization Patterns, Schur Convexity And Transference: A Note On The Measurement Of The Division Of Labor
  • 2006 The Role Of Expectations In A Specialization-Driven Growth Model With Endogenous Technology Choice
  • 2006 Domestic And Global Sourcing
  • 2006 Output Set, Convexity, Specialization And Trade In The Absence Of Comparative Advantages
  • 2006 Theoretical Difficulties With Transaction Cost Measurement
  • 2006 Introduction
  • 2006 Recollections Of Xiaokai
  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang At Monash
    by IAN WILLS
  • 2006 Reflections Of Xiaokai Yang
    by MEI WEN
  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang: Some Recollections
  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang: An Economist Defined By One Big Idea
  • 2006 Xiaokai Yang'S Contribution
  • 2006 My Friend Xiaokai Yang, The Mozart Of Economic Theory
  • 2006 My Acquaintance With Xiaokai
  • 2006 Reminiscence Of Xiaokai Yang
    by KE LI
  • 2006 Reflection On Xiaokai Yang
  • 2006 In Memory Of Xiaokai
  • 2006 Love Of Variety And Scale Implications: An Empirical Evaluation
  • 2006 Division Of Labour, Specialization, And Theft Behavior — A General Equilibrium Analysis Of "Hobbes' Jungle"
    by KE LI
  • 2006 A Three-Good Overlapping-Generations General Equilibrium Efficient Business Cycle Model
    by JULAN DU
  • 2006 Endogenous Specialization, Endogenous Transaction Costs, And The Theory Of The Firm
  • 2006 The Simulated Process of a Production System using the Extend Program
    by Olga Ioana Amariei & Guillaume Cavory & Constantin Marta & Daniel Vela
  • 2005 Are Voluntary Salary Cap Agreements Self-Enforcing?
    by Helmut Dietl & Egon Franck & Stephan Nüesch
  • 2005 Wage v/s Efficiencies II. Impact of the emergency period
  • 2005 Wage v/s Efficiency I. Under normal circumstances
  • 2005 'Divergent Equilibrium in a Labor-Managed Economy: A Rejoinder,' (1991). Economic Analysis and Workers' Management, Vol. XXV, No. 2, pp.303-5
    by Zeljko Bogetic
  • 2005 'Divergent Equilibrium in a Labor-Managed Economy,' (1991). Economic Analysis and Workers' Management, Vol. XXV, No. 2, pp. 289-294
    by Zeljko Bogetic
  • 2005 L'evoluzione del ruolo di Poste Italiane nel sistema finanziario italiano
    by Chiara Oldani
  • 2005 The Growth of Labour Hire Employment in Australia
    by Patrick Laplange & Maurice Glover & Tim Fry
  • 2005 Technology Timing and Pricing In the Presence of an Installed Base
    by Qiu_Hong Wang & Kai-Lung Hui
  • 2005 Lost in Translation - Empirical Evidence for Liability of Foreignness as Barriers to Knowledge Spillovers
    by Tobias Schmidt & Wolfgang Sofka
  • 2005 The Effects of Average Revenue Regulation on Electricity Transmission Investment and Pricing
    by Isamu Matsukawa
  • 2005 Teoria Dos Custos De Transação: Hibridismo Teórico? Uma Apresentação Aos Principais Conceitos E À Literatura Crítica
    by Huascar Pessali
  • 2005 Social and Environmental Attributes of Food Products in an Emerging Mass Market : Challenges of Signaling and Consumer Perception, With European Illustrations
    by Jean-Marie Codron & Lucie Sirieix & Thomas Reardon
  • 2005 About the theory and empirical analysis of “the persistence of profit” and its applicability to Colombia
    by Isabel Ruiz
  • 2005 New firm performance and territorial driving forces
    by Silvia Gorenstein & Raul Dichiara & Gustavo Burachik & Andrea Castellano & Valentina Viego
  • 2005 Economic Opening and Industrial agglomeration in China
    by Zhao Chen & Yu Jin & Ming Lu
  • 2005 Measuring Conduct And Cost Parameters In The Spanish Airline Market
    by Xavier Fageda
  • 2005 Does Airline Competition Work In Short-Haul Markets?
    by Xavier Fageda
  • 2005 New firm performance and territorial driving forces
    by Silvia Gorenstein & Raul Dichiara & Gustavo Burachik & Andrea Castellano & Federico Castellano
  • 2005 Cooperacion y competencia: algunas lecciones del caso argentino
    by Viego Valentina
  • 2005 Institutional Economics at the Micro Level? What Transaction Costs Theory Could Listen From Original Institutionalism (In the Spirit of Building Bridges)
    by Huascar Pessali & Ramon Fernandez
  • 2005 Teoria dos custos de transacao e abordagens evolucionistas: analise e perspectivas de um programa de pesquisa pluralista
    by Pessali Huascar & Fernandez Ramon
  • 2005 Recent Developments in the Economics of Price Discrimination
    by Mark Armstrong
  • 2005 Analysis Of The Benefits Of Intra-Port Competition
    by Peter W. De Langen & Athanasios A. Pallis
  • 2005 Selection Or Self-Rejection? Applications Into A Treatment
    by Tuomas Takalo & Tanja Tanayama & Otto Toivanen
  • 2005 Competition and Innovation - Microeconometric Evidence Using Finnish Data
    by Juha Kilponen & Torsten Santavirta
  • 2005 Quantifying Creative Destruction Entrepreneurship and Productivity in New Zealand
    by John McMillan
  • 2005 Characteristics of the International Joint Ventures in Bulgaria (1989-2003)
    by Iavor Marangozov
  • 2005 An evolutionary model for the dynamics of vertical integration and network-based production
    by Leonardo Bargigli
  • 2005 A R&D Race with Dual Uncertainties: Technical (In)Feasibility and Timing of Innovation
    by Sayed Ajaz Hussain
  • 2005 An updated look at the computer services industry
    by Jamie Carson
  • 2005 Los Precios Locales en el Mercado Electrico Mayorista
    by Manuel A. Abdala & Angel Enrique Neder & Jose Luis Arrufat
  • 2005 Damage Valuation of Indirect Expropriation in Public Services
    by Manuel A. Abdala & Pablo T. Spiller
  • 2005 Book review--The Sourcing Solution : A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Successful Purchasing Program
    by Deepak Kumar
  • 2005 Public Service Broadcasting in the Digital World
    by Mark Armstrong & Helen Weeds
  • 2005 The economics of Information Technologies Standards &
    by Eric Thivant & Laid Bouzidi
  • 2005 Congestion pricing of inputs in vertically related markets
    by isamu matsukawa
  • 2005 Regulation, Competition and Liberalization
    by Mark Armstrong & David Sappington
  • 2005 Competition in Two-Sided Markets
    by Mark Armstrong
  • 2005 Spaced Out Monopolies: Theory and Empirics of Alternating Product Releases
    by Arthur Zillante
  • 2005 The Economics of Privacy
    by Kai-Lung Hui & I.P.L. Png
  • 2005 Survival in a Declining Industry: The Case of Baseball Cards
    by Arthur Zillante
  • 2005 Economists Examine File-Sharing and Music Sales
    by Stan J. Liebowitz
  • 2005 Availability of Financing, Regulatory Business Costs and National Entrepreneurial Propensity
    by Yuen Ping Ho & Poh Kam Wong
  • 2005 Measuring Willingness-To-Pay In Discrete Choice Models With Semi- Parametric Techniques
    by Pablo M Garcia
  • 2005 Railroad Restructuring in Russia and Central and Eastern Europe: One Solution for All Problems?
    by Russell Pittman & Sergei Guriev & Guido Friebel & Anna Tomova & Elizaveta Cheviakhova
  • 2005 Declining Share of Wages in Organised Indian Industry (1973-97): A Kaleckian Perspective
    by Rahul Shastri & Ramana Murthy
  • 2005 Manufacturing Growth and Liberalisation in India (1960-1999): A Demand Side Analysis
    by Rahul Shastri
  • 2005 Deconstructing Chicago on Exclusive Dealing
    by Joseph Farrell
  • 2005 El Cambio Estructural y la Regulacion del Sector Electrico Mexicano
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista
  • 2005 Long–term Business Relationships between Consignor and Trucking Carrier in Japan
    by Norihiro KASUGA & Akio Torii
  • 2005 El diagnóstico de poder de mercado en Economía Industrial: Una revisión de la literatura empírica española del siglo XX
    by Elena Huergo
  • 2005 Patents Hinder Collusion
    by Klaus Kultti & Tuomas Takalo & Juuso Toikka
  • 2005 Delayed Product Introduction
    by Kai-Lung Hui & Qiu-Hong Wang
  • 2005 ͶÈú×Êìåöæ¸Ä¸Ï¶Ô½¨Öþòµðèçóµäó°Ïì
    by jun de kong
  • 2005 Consumer Privacy and Marketing Avoidance
    by Il-Horn Hann & Kai-Lung Hui & Sang-Yong Tom Lee & Ivan Png
  • 2005 How Much Does R&D Decision Depend on Firm, Industry, Group and its Interactions?
    by K.S. Sujit & Badshah Mukherjee
  • 2005 Forest owners’ collective action against the risk of forest fire: a game theoretical approach
    by Américo Mendes
  • 2005 The Economic Incentives for Sharing Security Information
    by Esther Gal-Or & Anindya Ghose
  • 2005 R&D Activities of Flemish Companies in the Private Sector: An Analysis for the period 1998-2002
    by Michele CINCERA
  • 2005 Internet Auctions: Description, Bidders' Profiles and Implications
    by Chokri Dridi
  • 2005 The Beginnings and Prospective Ending of “End-to-End”: An Evolutionary Perspective On the Internet’s Architecture
    by Paul A. David
  • 2005 The Allocation of Software Development Resources In ‘Open Source’ Production Mode
    by Jean-Michel Dalle & Paul David
  • 2005 Can ‘Open Science’ be Protected from the Evolving Regime of IPR Protections?
    by Paul A. David
  • 2005 Price Deflators for High Technology Goods and the New Buyer Problem
    by Ana Aizcorbe
  • 2005 SimCode: Agent-based Simulation Modelling of Open-Source Software Development
    by Jean-Michel Dalle & Paul A. David
  • 2005 Advancing Economic Research on the Free and Open Source Software Mode of Production
    by Jean-Michel Dalle & P. A. David & Rishab A. Ghosh & W. E. Steinmueller
  • 2005 Product Introductions and Price Measures for Microprocessor Chips in the 1990s
    by Ana Aizcorbe
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