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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P1: Capitalist Systems
/ / / P13: Cooperative Enterprises
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 The Industrial Organisation of the Dance Industry in the Netherlands: a Transaction Cost Perspective on Hybrid Forms of Organisation
    by Frank A.G. den Butter & Jelle Joustra
  • 2014 Freie Gewerkschaften
    by Dilger, Alexander
  • 2014 Community supported agriculture: Is it driven by economy or solidarity?
    by Bîrhală, Brînduşa & Möllers, Judith
  • 2014 Soft Information and Default Prediction in Cooperative and Social Banks
    by Simon Cornée
  • 2014 Soft Information and Default Prediction in Cooperative and Social Banks
    by Simon Cornée
  • 2014 The Industrial Organisation of the Dance Industry in the Netherlands: a Transaction Cost Perspective on Hybrid Forms of Organisation
    by Frank A.G. den Butter & and Jelle Joustra
  • 2014 Une analyse néo-institutionnelle de l'évolution de la gouvernance et des activités métiers du Groupe Bancaire Coopératif en France
    by Pourchet, Alexandre & de Serres, Andrée & de Montmorillon, Bernard
  • 2014 Optimal firm' mix in oligopoly with twofold environmental externality
    by F. Delbono & L. Lambertini
  • 2014 The Joint-Stock Company As A Springboard For Socialism
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2014 The Key Contradiction in Capitalist System
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2014 Alienation and the Self-Managed Firm System
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2014 Banking System Stability: Commercial And Co-Operative Banks
    by Dumitru-Cristian OANEA & Ioana-Raluca DIACONU
  • 2014 Agricultural Cooperatives For Rural Development In Romania
    by Adina Roxana MUNTEANU
  • 2013 L’accumulazione di capitale sociale nelle cooperative sociali
    by Marina Albanese
  • 2013 Les trois dimensions de la gouvernance coopérative : à la recherche d'un équilibre instable. Le cas des caves coopératives en Languedoc-Roussillon [France]
    by Saïsset, L.A. & Couderc, J.P.
  • 2013 Business Cooperatives as a social response to unemployment
    by Arvind Ashta
  • 2013 Disentangling the relationship between nonprofit and social capital: the role of social cooperatives and social welfare associations in the development of networks of strong and weak ties
    by Giacomo, Degli Antoni & Fabio, Sabatini
  • 2013 How do worker cooperatives stabilize employment? The role of profit reinvestment into locked assets
    by Cecilia Navarra
  • 2013 Cooperatives in a Global Economy: Key Economic Issues, Recent Trends, and Potential for Development
    by Smith, Stephen C. & Rothbaum, Jonathan
  • 2013 Are Worker-Managed Firms Really More Likely to Fail?
    by Burdín, Gabriel
  • 2013 R&D Co-operation in European Post-transition Economies
    by Andrea Gauselmann
  • 2013 Two contrasting experiences. The rural land market in sixteenth century Flanders and Brabant
    by Nicolas De Vijlder
  • 2013 Workers' propensity to cooperate with colleagues and the general population: a comparison based on a field experiment
    by Giacomo Degli Antoni
  • 2013 Disentangling the relationship between nonprofit and social capital: the role of social cooperatives and social welfare associations in the development of networks of strong and weak ties
    by Giacomo Degli Antoni & Fabio Sabatini
  • 2013 Cooperative firms and the crisis: evidence from some Italian mixed oligopolies
    by F. Delbono & C. Reggiani
  • 2013 The potential of co-operatives during the current recession; theorizing comparative advantage
    by Johnston Birchall
  • 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility, A Recovery Scheme In Peripheries: The Petronas And Cnpc Enterprises In Sudan
  • 2013 The Relationship between Ecotourism, Responsible Tourism and Cooperative Domain
    by Dan CRUCERU & Alina GHEORGHE
  • 2013 Democratic Participation in the Model for Emphasis and Protection of Cooperative Identity and Social-Economic Activity of the Society
    by Sevastita GRIGORESCU & Dan CRUCERU
  • 2013 A View Upon The History Of The Peasant Association
    by Pop Stanca Alexandra & & &
  • 2013 A vidék bankjai?. A magyar takarékszövetkezeti szektor hitelezési aktivitása
    by Gál, Zoltán & Burger, Csaba
  • 2013 Selected determinants of coopetition of industrial enterprises in western Poland in 2009-2011
    by Marek Tomaszewski
  • 2013 Social entrepreneurship condition for the development of the local economy
    by Alina Borowska
  • 2013 La innovación en entornos económicos poco favorables: el sector auto partes mexicano
    by Tania Elena González Alvarado & María Antonieta Martin Granados
  • 2013 The Development Of The Cooperative Sector Within The European And Romanian Area
    by Marinela – Daniela MANEA
  • 2013 The Marketing Of Cooperative Societies
    by Razvan-Nicolae, DECUSEARA & Sorin-Daniel, MANOLE
  • 2013 The European Cooperative Society - Juridical Adequate Instrument In The Development Of The Cooperatives? Transnational Activities. Possibilities Of Implementing The Concept Within Romania
    by Marinela-Daniela, MANEA
  • 2013 The Organizational Benefits Generated By The Membership To A Conglomerate Of Regional Clustering Type. The Implications Of ‘Rosia Montana Project‘ On Creating A Mining Cluster In The ‘Apuseni Mountains‘ Area From Romania
    by Lucian Sirb
  • 2013 Membership structure and dividend payout policies at Hungarian co-operative banks
    by Csaba Burger
  • 2012 Rolul sinergic al reţelelor colaborative
    by Roja Alexandru Ionuţ, Năstase Marian
  • 2012 Werte der Genossenschaftsunternehmen: 'Kultureller Kern' und neue Werte-Vorstellungen
    by Ringle, Günther
  • 2012 Performancevergleiche zwischen Genossenschaften und anderen Rechtsformen anhand von Erfolgs-, Liquiditäts- und Wachstumskennzahlen
    by Zieseniß, Roland & Müller, Dominik
  • 2012 Does workers’ control affect firm survival? Evidence from Uruguay
    by Gabriel Burdin
  • 2012 Does workers’ control affect firm survival? Evidence from Uruguay
    by Gabriel Burdin
  • 2012 Assessing the co-operative's impact on people's well-being and community development: the case study of Coppalj, a co-operative located in Maranhão State, Brazil
    by Sara Vicari & Pasquale De Muro
  • 2012 The co-operative as institution for human development
    by Sara Vicari & Pasquale De Muro
  • 2012 Does workers' control affect firm survival? Evidence from Uruguay
    by Burdín, Gabriel
  • 2012 Humanization: Explaining the Law of Cooperatives in India
    by Sapovadia, Vrajlal & Patel, Sweta
  • 2012 Transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises in Pomerania due to organization of Euro 2012 with particular emphasis on the hotel industry
    by Zawadzki, Krystian
  • 2012 Do cooperative enterprises create social trust?
    by Sabatini, Fabio & Modena, Francesca & Tortia, Ermanno
  • 2012 Going forward financially: credit unions as an alternative to commercial banks
    by Klinedinst, Mark
  • 2012 Does Linking Worker Pay to Firm Performance Help the Best Firms Do Even Better?
    by Douglas L. Kruse & Joseph R. Blasi & Richard B. Freeman
  • 2012 Do cooperative enterprises create social trust?
    by Fabio Sabatini & Francesca Modena & Ermanno Tortia
  • 2012 Comparative efficiency of producer cooperatives and conventional firms in a sample of quasi-twin companies
    by MG. Brandano & C. Detotto & M. Vannini
  • 2012 Improving the organisation and commercialisation of small coffee and cocoa producers in the Northern Amazon Region of Ecuador
    by Oswaldo Viteri Salazar & Jesus Ramos-Martin
  • 2012 New Paradigms in Banking, Financial Markets and Regulation?
    by Morten Balling & Frank Lierman & Freddy Van den Spiegel & Rym Ayadi & David T. Llewellyn & Martin Merlin & Donato Masciandaro & Marc Quintyn & Rosaria Vega-Pansini & Adam Szyszka & Rym Ayadi & Frank de Jonghe & Hans Groeneveld & Malgorzata Pawlowska & Emil Ślązak & Susanna Walter & Matthias Schaller & Peter Reedtz & Lars Machenil & Lieve Mostrey
  • 2012 Strategies to capitalize on the organizational potential through collaborative networks
    by Alexandu ROJA
  • 2012 Comparative productivity analysis between labour-managed firms and conventional capitalist companies in Spain
    by Alí Colina Rojas & Pilar Zarzosa Espina
  • 2012 New Frontiers of Cooperation in the Economy
    by Partha Dasgupta
  • 2012 The Motivations of Economic Behavior: the Case of Cooperative Credit
    by Silvio Goglio & Andrea Leonardi
  • 2012 Economies of Scale Versus Participation: a Co-operative Dilemma?
    by Derek C. Jones & Panu Kalmi
  • 2012 Interpreting the Roles and Economic Importance of Cooperative Enterprises in a Historical Perspective
    by Vera Negri Zamagni
  • 2012 Perspectives and Distinctive Particularities of Collaborative Networks
    by Alexandru Ionut ROJA & Alexandru Marian NASTASE
  • 2012 Visions Concerning the Modernization of Consumer Co-Operation and the Increase of its Impact upon the Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Moldova
    by Larisa SAVGA & Ghenadie SAVGA & Tatiana SURUGIU
  • 2012 Collaborative Networks Development Based on the Convergence of Strategic Axes for Increasing Competitiveness
    by Marian N?STASE & Alexandru ROJA
  • 2012 The Role of Cooperative Enterprises in the European Economy
    by Georgeta Ilie
    by Alexandru Ionut ROJA & Nadia Elena S?NDULESCU
  • 2012 Las cooperativas de servicios financieros en el continente americano
    by Inmaculada Buendía & Yenni Redjah & Benoît Tremblay
  • 2012 Innovación social y cooperativas: convergencias y sinergias
    by Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez
  • 2012 La globalización y los modelos de crecimiento de los grupos cooperativos. Las cooperativas agroalimentarias en España y la Unión Europea
    by Juan F. Juliá & Gabriel García & Elena Meliá
  • 2012 La gestión de la crisis en la Corporación Mondragon
    by Naroa Elortza & Izaskun Alzola & Urko López
  • 2012 Las cooperativas ante la globalización: magnitudes, actividades y tendencias
    by José Luis Monzón
  • 2012 Do labour-managed firms benefit from agglomeration?
    by Arando, Saioa & Gago, Monica & Podivinsky, Jan M. & Stewart, Geoff
  • 2012 Crédito de instituciones públicas municipales y regionales a las microempresas y empresas de la economía solidaria del estado Zulia, Venezuela, 00-09
    by María Isabel Serrano Montiel & Emmanuel Borgucci & Jhon Jairo Sánchez Oquendo
  • 2011 High-growth cooperatives: Financial profile and key factors for competitiveness
    by Oriol Amat & Jordi Perramon
  • 2011 Cooperative credit network: advantages and challenges in italian cooperative credit banks
    by Mitja Stefancic
  • 2011 Capital formation in new cooperatives in China: policy and practice
    by Li Zhao
  • 2011 Il sistema di imprese della cooperazione sociale. Origini e sviluppo dei consorzi di cooperative sociali
    by Carlo Borzaga & Alberto Ianes
  • 2011 Going forward financially: credit unions as an alternative to commercial banks
    by Klinedinst, Mark
  • 2011 Economic Determinants of Fertility in Belarus: a Micro-Data Analysis
    by Aliaksandr Amialchuk & Maksim Yemelyanau & Katerina Lisenkova & Mykhaylo Salnykov
  • 2011 Financial inclusion - G20 initiatives and the role of the Bank of Italy
    by Giorgio Gomel & Fabio Bernasconi & Margherita Laura Cartechini & Veronica Fucile & Riccardo Settimo & Roberto Staiano
  • 2011 Social Enterprises and Local Production Systems
    by Attilio Pasetto
  • 2011 Internalisation of Markets and Internal Entrepreneurship: Competition or Co-operation?
    by Ulrich Brinkmann
  • 2011 Economía social y desarrollo local/rural. Un análisis de sus sinergias/Social Economy and Local/Rural Development. An analysis of synergies
  • 2011 Nota sull'alternativa al capitalismo proposta da Bruno Jossa
    by Zagari Eugenio
  • 2011 Evaluación de impacto aplicada a un proyecto de mercadeo social
    by Luisa J. Garcia
  • 2011 La Economía Solidaria Desde La Perspectiva Administrativa
    by Irís María Vélez Osorio
  • 2011 Modelo De Gestión Para Las Organizaciones De La Economía Solidaria En Colombia
    by Iris María Vélez Osorio
  • 2011 Factores de éxito de las alianzas estratégicas: El caso de las empresas integradoras mexicanas
    by Francisco Camargo Mireles
  • 2011 Financial information and restructuring of spanish savings banks in a context of crisis. Changes in the regulation; content and evolution of FROB
    by Salvador Marín Hernández & Ester Gras Gil & Marcos Antón Renart
  • 2011 High-growth cooperatives: financial profile and key factors for competitiveness
    by Oriol Amat & Jordi Perramon
  • 2011 Social economy and the fourth sector, base and protagonist of social innovation
    by Julio Jiménez Escobar & Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez
  • 2011 The interrelationship between the demands of Corporate Social Responsibility and co-operative principles and values
    by Ricardo J. Server Izquierdo & Jordi Capó Vicedo
  • 2011 Social economy and stakeholder theory, an integrative framework for socialization of the capitalism
    by José Luis Retolaza & Leire San-Jose
  • 2011 Good governance in the entities of the social economy
    by Mª del Carmen Muñoz Medraño & Juan Briones Peñalver
  • 2011 Corporate Social Responsibility in the Financial Sector: Are Financial Cooperatives Ready to the Challenge?
    by Élias Rizkallah & Inmaculada Buendía Martínez
  • 2011 Effets d'éviction ou de renforcement des politiques publiques à destination de l'économie sociale. Une analyse de Montréal
    by Damien Rousselière & Marie J. Bouchard
  • 2011 L'Équité économique, un projet actuel
    by Maurice Décaillot
  • 2011 The Positioning of Universities in Collaborative Models as Clusters in a Knowledge Based Economy
    by Adrian D. Tanţău & Nicolae Al. Pop & Daniela Hîncu & Laurenţiu Frăţilă
  • 2011 Lessons from the Kibbutz on the Equality-Incentives Trade-Off
    by Ran Abramitzky
  • 2010 La tutela dell'occupazione nelle cooperative di lavoro: strumenti e motivazioni. Analisi di un gruppo di cooperative ravennati
    by Cecilia Navarra
  • 2010 'Just one of us': Consumers playing oligopoly in mixed markets
    by Marco, Marini & Alberto, Zevi
  • 2010 Bad loans in the meltdown: micro analysis of credit union performance versus banks, an initial investigation
    by Klinedinst, Mark
  • 2010 Are women economically more empowered in Left-run municipalities? A study of Self Help Groups in West Bengal, India
    by Husain, Zakir & Mukherjee, Diganta & Dutta, Mousumi
  • 2010 New Co-operatives in China: An Indigenous Model of Social Enterprises
    by Li Zhao & Patrick Develtere
  • 2010 When Open Architecture Beats Closed: The Entrepreneurial Use of Architectural Knowledge
    by Carliss Y. Baldwin
  • 2010 The Democratic Road to Socialism
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2010 From Cooperation To Globalization
    by UNGUREANU, Gabriela
  • 2010 Franchise fees in practice
    by Jana Vaškovičová
  • 2010 A New Paradigma Of The Economical Agent. From Adam Smith’S Homo Economicus To Homo Generosus Based On Social Responsibility
    by PUP ANCA
  • 2010 A Supplier Selection Model For Software Development Outsourcing
    by Fekete Zoltan Alpar & Hancu Lucian-Viorel
  • 2010 Competitive Advantages and Challenges in the Italian Cooperative Credit System
    by Mitja Stefancic
  • 2010 A Few Advantages of Economic Democracy
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2010 Investment funding: the main problem facing labour-managed firms?
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2009 Deregulation finanziaria e problemi economici: quale futuro per le cooperative finanziarie?
    by Silvio Goglio & Yiorgos Alexopoulos
  • 2009 Financial Deregulation and Economic Distress: Is There a Future for Financial Co-operatives?
    by Silvio Goglio & Yiorgos Alexopoulos
  • 2009 Claves para la cooperación: una visión desde la economía política
    by German Darío Valencia Agudelo
  • 2009 Co-operative Stakeholders. Who Counts in Co-operatives, and How?
    by Caroline Gijselinckx
  • 2009 A Start for Mild Liberalization? Building Civil Society through Co-operative Dynamics in China
    by Li Zhao
  • 2009 Gli economisti e la cooperazione
    by Antonio Magliulo
  • 2009 Rural tourism in Hungary: the key of competitiveness
    by Noémi KULCSÁR
  • 2009 The ‘Re-Emergence’ of Social Enterprises in CEE and the CIS
    by Giulia Galera
  • 2009 Property Rights and Incentives in Social Cooperatives
    by Marco Musella & Roberta Troisi
  • 2009 La critica dei marxisti alle cooperative
    by Bruno JOSSA
  • 2008 Produktivgenossenschaften: Utopische Idee oder realistische Perspektive?
    by Kramer, Jost W.
  • 2008 Community-Based Production of Open Source Software: What Do We Know About the Developers Who Participate?
    by Paul David & Joseph Shapiro
  • 2008 Wash Corporate Heads! Business Practice can be Changed via the Dispositions of Executives: Re-socialization towards Implicit Eco-sustainability
    by Hrotko, Timur
  • 2008 A strength of credit unions: employee productivity of credit unions versus banks in the U.S.?
    by Klinedinst, Mark
  • 2008 The Cooperative Movement in Bolivia: Fair Trade in Amazzonia Nuts
    by Matilde Casuccio & Enrico Giovannetti
  • 2008 Optimal Sharing Rules in Repeated Partnerships
    by Hajime Kobayashi & Katsunori Ohta & Tadashi Sekiguchi
  • 2008 Can an Islamic Model of Housing Finance Cooperative Elevate the Economic Status of the Underprivileged?
    by M. Shahid Ebrahim
  • 2008 El E-Business en el cooperativismo agrario: el caso del sector oleícola
  • 2008 Un análisis del Crédito Cooperativo en España: situación actual, expansión territorial y proyección estratégica/An analysis of the Credit Unions in Spain: present situation, territorial expansion and strategic projection
  • 2008 Panorama de la investigación en economía social
    by CHAVES AVILA, RAFAEL & MONZON CAMPOS, JOSE LUIS Author-Workplace-Name :Instituto Universitario de Economía Social y Cooperativa (IUDESCOOP). Campus de Los Naranjos. Facultad de Economía. Avenida de Los Naranjos, s/n. 46022 Valencia
  • 2008 Co-operative Banking Groups in Europe: Comparative Analysis of the Structure and Activity
    by Ricardo J. Palomo Zurdo
  • 2008 The Prospects for the Social Economy in a Changing World
    by Juan Antonio Tomás Carpi
  • 2008 Labour Managed Firms in Spain
    by Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez & Sonia Martín López & Gustavo Lejarriaga Pérez de las Vacas
  • 2008 Public Policies and Social Economy in Spain and Europe
    by Rafael Chaves
  • 2008 The Neo-Schumpeterian Model of Economic Development in the Basque Country: The role of Social Economy
    by Baleren Bakaikoa Azurmendi & Amaia Agirre Aramburu & Anjel Errasti Amozarrain
  • 2008 Factores inductores de un comportamiento medioambientalmente sostenible: el caso de las cooperativas oleícolas giennenses
    by Olga Senise Barrio † & Francisco José Torres Ruiz & Manuel Parras Rosa & Eva María Murgado Armenteros
  • 2008 Innovación emprendedora en el Grupo Mondragón: el caso de sus centros tecnológicos
    by Iñazio Irizar & Greg MacLeod
  • 2008 Los procesos concursales en sociedades cooperativas. Especificidades en la información económico-financiera
    by Alicia Mateos Ronco
  • 2008 El poder compensador de las cooperativas frente a las prácticas restrictivas de la competencia. Las relaciones entre la mitilicultura y la industria conservera en Galicia
    by Gonzalo Rodríguez Rodríguez
  • 2008 La innovación en el gobierno de las cajas rurales españolas: evaluación de su e-gobierno corporativo
    by Elies Seguí Mas & Gabriel García Martínez & Agustín Romero Civera & Inmaculada Villalonga Grañana
  • 2007 German universities as state-sponsored co-operatives
    by Dilger, Alexander
  • 2007 Existenzgründung in Kleingruppen nach der Novellierung des Genossenschaftsgesetzes
    by Kramer, Jost W.
  • 2007 Determinants of alliance portfolio complexity and its effect on innovative performance of companies
    by Duysters, Geert & Lokshin, Boris
  • 2007 Cooperative comebacks: resilience in the face of the Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe (New Orleans and Southern Mississippi, May 2005–May 2006)
    by Klinedinst, Mark
  • 2007 Enterprise forms, ownership markets, and capital procurement of the firm
    by Kazuhiko Mikami
  • 2007 Existence and Uniqueness of Equilibrium in Labor-Managed Cournot Oligopoly
    by Koji Okuguchi & Ferenc Szidarovszky
  • 2007 Asymmetric Information and the Form of Enterprise: Capitalist Firms and Consumer Cooperatives
    by Kazuhiko Mikami
  • 2007 Factores estratégicos de éxito de las empresas de inserción
    by José Luis Retolaza Ávalos & Maite Ruiz Roqueñi & Andrés Araujo de la Mata
  • 2007 La Dirección Estratégica en la Economía Social: utilización de herramientas de análisis estratégico en las Cooperativas
    by Joan Ramon Sanchis Palacio & Vanessa Campos Climent
  • 2007 La gestión de las cooperativas agrarias: tipificación de las cooperativas del sector oleícola de Catalunya
    by Eduard Cristóbal Fransi & Yolanda Montegut Salla & Frederic Marimon i Viadiu
  • 2007 Cláusulas sociales y mercados tutelados: herramientas para la competitividad de las empresas de inserción
    by Maite Ruiz Roqueñi & José Luis Retolaza Ávalos & Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga
  • 2007 Impactos de las normas internacionales de información financiera en el régimen económico de las sociedades cooperativas
    by Fernando Polo Garrido
  • 2007 Clasificación del capital social de la sociedad cooperativa: una visión crítica
    by Belén Fernández-Feijóo Souto & Mª José Cabaleiro Casal
  • 2007 La naturaleza del capital social como aspecto diferenciador entre las sociedades cooperativas y las sociedades laborales
    by Sonia Martín López & Gustavo Lejarriaga Pérez de las Vacas & Javier Iturrioz del Campo
  • 2007 La consolidación contable en el ámbito cooperativo
    by Alicia Mateos Ronco
  • 2007 El régimen económico de las sociedades cooperativas: situación actual y apuntes para una reforma
    by Manuel Cubedo Tortonda
  • 2007 Los métodos de liquidación en las cooperativas hortofrutícolas
    by Manuel López Godoy & Francisco López Cruces
  • 2007 La reforma de la legislación mercantil en materia contable. Una breve referencia a su incidencia en las cooperativas y sociedades laborales
    by Rafael Molina Llopis
  • 2007 Las singularidades del capital humano de las cooperativas como elementos caracterizadores de su capital intelectual
    by Elies Seguí Mas
  • 2007 Sistema de información según el modelo EFQM. Aplicación a la ayuda a la toma de decisiones en las cajas rurales de la Comunidad Valenciana
    by Manuel Rodenes Adam & Gloria Ilse Moncaleano Rodríguez
  • 2007 El movimiento cooperativo en el Ecuador. Visión histórica, situación actual y perspectivas
    by Giuseppina Da Ros
  • 2007 Colaboración de los compradores de las cooperativas agroalimentarias: factores explicativos y efectos sobre el desempeño de la relación
    by Narciso Arcas Lario & Miguel Hernández Espallardo
  • 2006 Rural Cooperative Marketing Management Efficiency in the Era of Globalization: A Synthesis of Case Studies of F&V Marketing
    by Shah, Deepak
  • 2006 La contabilidad de cooperativas en un proceso de armonización contable internacional.El caso de España
    by Polo Garrido, Fernando
  • 2006 La reafirmación de las aportaciones de (propiedad de) los socios de las sociedades cooperativas. Propuesta de regulación de las sociedades de responsabilidad limitada cooperativa
    by García-Gutiérrez Fernández, Carlos
  • 2006 Adaptación de la Ley de Cooperativas del País Vasco a las Normas Internacionales de Contabilidad(Apuntes para una nueva configuración del régimen del capital en las Sociedades Cooperativas)
    by Divar Garteiz-Aurrecoa, Javier & Gadea Soler, Enrique
  • 2006 Análisis de los factores que influyen en el proceso de creación de una cooperativa de trabajo asociado
    by Coll Serrano, Vicente & Cuñat Giménez, Rubén
  • 2006 Las empresas de participación ante el reto de la gestión del cambio demográfico
    by Martín López, Sonia
  • 2006 Sobre el régimen económico y financiero particular de las sociedades cooperativas
    by Gómez Aparicio, Pilar & Miranda García, Marta
  • 2006 La caractierización financiera y contable del capital social a la luz de los principios cooperativos
    by Gómez Aparicio, Pilar & Miranda García, Marta
  • 2006 Diferentes consideraciones en torno al capital social de las sociedades cooperativas
    by Fernández Guadaño, Josefina
  • 2006 La reforma del derecho contable y su repercusión en el régimen de los recursos propios de las sociedades cooperativas
    by Pastor Sempere, Mª del Carmen
  • 2006 El capital social cooperativo en derecho español y su armonización con las normas internacionales de contabilidad
    by Paniagua Zurera, Manuel
  • 2006 Comparing Competitive Equilibria with Equilibria of Labor-Managed and Capital-Managed Economies in OLG Models
    by Bertrand Crettez & Pierre-Andre Jouvet
  • 2006 Economía Social y conceptos afines: fronteras borrosas y ambigüedades conceptuales del Tercer Sector
    by José Luis Monzón Campos
  • 2006 Estado actual de la investigación sobre sociedades cooperativas agrarias en España
    by Mª Carmen Ruiz Jiménez & Mª Jesús Hernández Ortiz & Elia García Martí
  • 2006 La investigación en materia de cooperativas de crédito y de grupos cooperativos
    by Amparo Melián Navarro & Ricardo J. Palomo Zurdo & Joan Ramon Sanchis Palacio & Francisco Soler Tormo
  • 2006 Aspectos relevantes de la investigación jurídica en economía social
    by Mª José Senent Vidal & Gemma Fajardo García
  • 2006 Modas de gestión en el siglo XX y modelo cooperativo: convergencias implícitas hacia una empresa de alto rendimiento
    by Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez
  • 2006 La investigación en contabilidad de cooperativas: una aproximación empírica
    by Fernando Polo Garrido
  • 2006 La eficiencia técnica como medida de rendimiento de las cooperativas agrarias
    by Isidoro Guzmán Raja & Narciso Arcas Lario & Domingo García Pérez de Lema
  • 2006 La función directiva en las cooperativas agrarias. Estudio empírico en las sociedades cooperativas cafetaleras de Costa Rica
    by Antonio Manuel Ciruela Lorenzo
  • 2006 Internet, cooperativismo agrario y desarrollo rural. El caso de las cooperativas de la Comunidad Valenciana
    by Juan Fco. Juliá Igual & Gabriel García Martínez & Elena Meliá Martí
  • 2006 La gestión del minifundio a través de las cooperativas en la Comunidad Valenciana
    by Mª Ángeles Fernández-Zamudio & Pedro Caballero & Mª Dolores De Miguel
  • 2006 Desarrollo territorial y economía social
    by Adoración Mozas Moral & Enrique Bernal Jurado
  • 2006 Democracia y cultura organizacional en las cooperativas. El caso del cooperativismo de trabajo asociado andaluz
    by Antonio José Romero Ramírez
  • 2006 Equipamiento y gestión de las tecnologías de la información en las cooperativas agroalimentarias
    by Ángel L. Meroño Cerdán & Narciso Arcas Lario
  • 2006 La Experiencia Cooperativa de Mondragón: estudio de su viabilidad organizacional en el contexto de Euskadi
    by Pedro Antonio Narvarte Arregui
  • 2006 Implicaciones fiscales en el cálculo del impuesto de sociedades tras la nueva Ley Valenciana de Cooperativas (8/2003)
    by Agustí Romero Civera & Elíes Seguí Mas
  • 2006 La fiscalidad de las sociedades cooperativas en España
    by Carmina Ordoñez de Haro
  • 2006 Triple justificación de las secciones de crédito de las cooperativas agrarias de la Comunidad Valenciana: jurídica, económica y social
    by Vanessa Campos Climent & Gemma Fajardo García & Joan Ramón Sánchis Palacios
  • 2005 Adaptive build-up and breakdown of trust: An agent based computational approach
    by Gorobets, A. & Nooteboom, B.
  • 2005 Memoria de sostenibilidad: una propuesta adaptada para las cooperativas de enseñanza en el País Vasco
    by Aitziber Mugarra
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