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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P1: Capitalist Systems
/ / / P10: General
/ / / P11: Planning, Coordination, and Reform
/ / / P12: Capitalist Enterprises
/ / / P13: Cooperative Enterprises
/ / / P14: Property Rights
/ / / P16: Political Economy of Capitalism
/ / / P17: Performance and Prospects
/ / / P19: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Socialism is dead, long live socialism!
    by Popov, Vladimir
  • 2014 You Are How You Eat? Femininity, Normalization, and Veganism as an Ethical Practice of Freedom
    by Megan A. Dean
  • 2014 On Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Networks in a Multilayered Reality: Clashing Interests in the Ethnic Enclave of Lloret de Mar
    by Hugo Valenzuela-García & José Luis Molina & Miranda J. Lubbers & Alejandro García-Macías & Judith Pampalona & Juergen Lerner
  • 2014 Visualized and Interacted Life: Personal Analytics and Engagements with Data Doubles
    by Minna Ruckenstein
  • 2014 Neighborhood Danger, Parental Monitoring, Harsh Parenting, and Child Aggression in Nine Countries
    by Ann T. Skinner & Dario Bacchini & Jennifer E. Lansford & Jennifer W. Godwin & Emma Sorbring & Sombat Tapanya & Liliana Maria Uribe Tirado & Arnaldo Zelli & Liane Peña Alampay & Suha M. Al-Hassan & Anna Silvia Bombi & Marc H. Bornstein & Lei Chang & Kirby Deater-Deckard & Laura Di Giunta & Kenneth A. Dodge & Patrick S. Malone & Maria Concetta Miranda & Paul Oburu & Concetta Pastorelli
  • 2014 Patterns of Intergroup Contact in Public Spaces: Micro-Ecology of Segregation in Australian Communities
    by Naomi Priest & Yin Paradies & Angeline Ferdinand & Lobna Rouhani & Margaret Kelaher
  • 2014 Eurydice at Euston?: Walter Benjamin and Marc Augé Go Underground
    by Graeme Gilloch
  • 2014 Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Societies in 2013
    by Societies Editorial Office
  • 2014 Longitudinal Effects of Violent Media Usage on Aggressive Behavior—The Significance of Empathy
    by Thomas Mößle & Sören Kliem & Florian Rehbein
  • 2013 What Kind of Economy Does Russia Need and for What Purpose? (An Attempt of System Analysis)
    by G. Kleiner.
  • 2013 System Economics as a Platform for Development of Modern Economic Theory
    by G. Kleiner.
  • 2013 Synergy, Conflict and Institutional Complementarities
    by Fabio Landini & Ugo Pagano
  • 2013 The Impact of Financialization on Management and Employment Outcomes
    by Rosemary Batt & Eileen Appelbaum
  • 2013 Social Status, Inflation and Endogenous Growth in a Cash-in-Advance Economy: A Reconsideration
    by Rangan Gupta & Lardo Stander
  • 2013 Does high income inequality signify inequality of opportunities?
    by Navon, David & Cohen, Yoav
  • 2013 Industrialization and Development Strategies in the 21st Century: Towards Sustainable Innovation Systems
    by Khan, Haider
  • 2013 Bangladesh: Towards a Non-partisan Search for a Pro-people National Political Economic Strategy during Crisis
    by Khan, Haider
  • 2013 Basel III, BIS and Global Financial Governance
    by Khan, Haider
  • 2013 The Money of the Mind and the God of Commodities – The real abstraction according to Sohn-Rethel
    by Cardoso Machado, Nuno Miguel
  • 2013 Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Left, right, left: income, learning and political dynamics
    by Morrow, John & Carter, Michael
  • 2013 Does “Okun’s Law” state a Pi:1 ratio? Toward a harmonic interpretation of why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.
  • 2013 Long-term unemployment in the varieties of capitalism
    by Chilosi, Alberto
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Studies in Financial Systems No 4 Financialization and the Greek Financial System
    by Giorgos Argitis & Stella Michopoulou
  • 2013 The Political Economy of Oil and the Crisis of the Arab State System
    by Daniel Atzori
  • 2013 Social Fragmentation, Public Goods and Elections: Evidence from China
    by Padro, Gerard & Qian, Nancy & Yao, Yang
  • 2013 Hayek – „The Road To Serfdom” Romania, Return From The „The Road To Serfdom”
    by IORDACHE, Floarea
  • 2013 The Ghost-Image on Metropolitan Borders—In Terms of Phantom of the Opera and 19th-Century Metropolis Paris
    by Changnam Lee
  • 2013 Catharsis and Media Violence: A Conceptual Analysis
    by Douglas A. Gentile
  • 2013 Becoming Monument, Activating Windsor
    by Karen Engle
  • 2013 At the Stage of Their Fate: Salvaging the Urban Obsolete in Sydney
    by Emma Fraser
  • 2013 The Death and Life of Walter Benjamin
    by David Kishik
  • 2013 Charging Neutral Cues with Aggressive Meaning through Violent Video Game Play
    by Robert Busching & Barbara Krahé
  • 2013 The French Participation in the Korean War and the Establishment of a “Path of Memory” in South Korea
    by Laurent Quisefit
  • 2013 Homes for Ghosts: Walter Benjamin and Kurt Schwitters in the Cities
    by Esther Leslie
  • 2013 If Only the French Republicans Had Known This: The Week as a Social Fact
    by Theun Pieter van Tienoven & Ignace Glorieux & Joeri Minnen & Sarah Daniels & Djiwo Weenas
  • 2013 Biased Estimation of Violent Video Game Effects on Aggression: Contributing Factors and Boundary Conditions
    by Jens Bender & Tobias Rothmund & Mario Gollwitzer
  • 2013 From Labour to National Ideals: Ending the War in Asia Minor—Controlling Communism in Greece
    by Georgios Kritikos
  • 2013 The Haunting of L.S. Lowry: Class, Mass Spectatorship and the Image at The Lowry, Salford, UK
    by Zoë Thompson
  • 2013 Camera Arriving at the Station: Cinematic Memory as Cultural Memory
    by Russell J. A. Kilbourn
  • 2013 Adolescent Callous-Unemotional Traits Mediates the Longitudinal Association between Conduct Problems and Media Violence Exposure
    by Kostas. A. Fanti & Maria-Zoe Hadjicharalambous & Evita Katsimicha
  • 2013 Embodied Action, Embodied Theory: Understanding the Body in Society
    by Jacqueline Low & Claudia Malacrida
  • 2013 Double Dose: High Family Conflict Enhances the Effect of Media Violence Exposure on Adolescents’ Aggression
    by Karin M. Fikkers & Jessica Taylor Piotrowski & Wouter D. Weeda & Helen G. M. Vossen & Patti M. Valkenburg
  • 2013 Science Evaluation in the Czech Republic: The Case of Universities
    by Dalibor Fiala
  • 2013 Afterword: Embodiment, Social Order, and the Classification of Humans as Waste
    by Chris Shilling
  • 2013 The Meaning of Health, Well-Being, and Quality of Life Perceived by Roma People in West Sweden
    by Leena Eklund Karlsson & Kristine Crondahl & Fredrik Sunnemark & Åsa Andersson
  • 2013 “Not Really a Musical Instrument?” Locating the Gumleaf as Acoustic Actant and Environmental Icon
    by Robin Ryan
  • 2013 Knowing Apples
    by Lorraine Shannon
  • 2013 Improving Early Detection of Refugee-Related Stress Symptoms: Evaluation of an Inter-Professional and Inter-Cultural Skills Training Course in Sweden
    by Solvig Ekblad & Maria Carlén & Christina Hägglöf
  • 2013 Between Critical and Uncritical Understandings: A Case Study Analyzing the Claims of Islamophobia Made in the Context of the Proposed ‘Super-Mosque’ in Dudley, England
    by Chris Allen
  • 2013 Negotiating Deaf Bodies and Corporeal Experiences: The Cybernetic Deaf Subject
    by Thomas P. Horejes & Christopher J. Heuer
  • 2013 A War of Words: Do Conflict Metaphors Affect Beliefs about Managing “Unwanted” Plants?
    by Cameron G. Nay & Mark W. Brunson
  • 2013 The Mexican Drug War and the Consequent Population Exodus: Transnational Movement at the U.S.-Mexican Border
    by Maria Cristina Morales & Oscar Morales & Angelica C. Menchaca & Adam Sebastian
  • 2013 Fear, Sovereignty, and the Right to Die
    by Jennifer J. Hardes
  • 2013 From Zoomers to Geezerade: Representations of the Aging Body in Ageist and Consumerist Society
    by Jacqueline Low & Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard
  • 2013 ‘As Nobody I was Sovereign’: Reading Derrida Reading Blanchot
    by Patrick Hanafin
  • 2013 Following Hegel’s Sovereign Beast: An Excursus on the Right of Heroes
    by Joshua Ben David Nichols
  • 2013 Seeing Green: The Re -discovery of Plants and Nature’s Wisdom
    by Monica Gagliano
  • 2013 Culture Matters: Individualism vs. Collectivism in Conflict Decision-Making
    by Rebecca LeFebvre & Volker Franke
  • 2013 The Secret, the Sovereign, and the Lie: Reading Derrida’s Last Seminar
    by Charles Barbour
  • 2013 Double Marginalized Livelihoods: Invisible Gender Inequality in Pastoral Societies
    by Adugna Eneyew & Sileshi Mengistu
  • 2013 The Relationships between Oil and Autocracy: Beyond the First Law of Petropolitics
    by Daniele Atzori
  • 2013 Corporatism and job satisfaction
    by Phelps, Edmund & Zoega, Gylfi
  • 2013 Entrepreneurial Capitalism. Past, Present And Perspectives
    by PAGUBA Cristina Elena
  • 2012 Freaks of Fortune: The Emerging World of Capitalism and Risk in America
    by Levy, Jonathan
  • 2012 Some Findings of the Empirical Analysis of the 2008—2009 Global Crisis Determinants
    by M. STOLBOV.
  • 2012 Frihed mellem fornuft og skepsis
    by Kurrild-Klitgaard, Peter
  • 2012 From Riches to Rags or What Went Wrong in Greece
    by Bitros, George C.
  • 2012 Fundamentos hipotéticos para investigar la crisis económica contemporánea
    by Sergio, Reuben
  • 2012 Research and Science Today No.3
    by Gheorghe, Anamaria Elena & Manole, Andrada Ligia & Andronache, Alin & Cristescu, Cătălin & Luca, Cătălin Viorel & Constantin, Pompiliu Nicolae & Rogojanu, Dumitru Cătălin & Luca, Constantin & Duţă, Andeea Emilia & Mărcău, Flavius Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela Andreea & Marin, Ştefan Claudiu & Mihalache, Gabriela & Liţoiu (MurăriIţa), Cristina & Cigăreanu, Elena & Purcaru, Mihai & Bușe, Dan & Papuc, Valentin
  • 2012 The economics and philosophy of globalization
    by Yazdani, Naveed & Mamoon, Dawood
  • 2012 Do Chemical Reactors Hold the Solution for Global Economic Crises?
    by Yochanan Shachmurove & Reuel Shinnar (Deceased)
  • 2012 Introduction to an Alternative History of Money
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2012 Towards a Legal Theory of Finance
    by Pistor, Katharina
  • 2012 Estudio de la insolvencia empresarial en las cooperativas mediante técnicas multivariantes/Corporate Insolvency Studies in the Cooperative by Multivariate Techniques
  • 2012 Of Plants, and Other Secrets
    by Michael Marder
  • 2012 Sovereignty without Mastery
    by Patrick McLane
  • 2012 “Nothing Exists Except an Earthenware Pot”: Resisting Sovereignty on Robinson’s Island
    by James R. Martel
  • 2012 Deconstructing the Leviathan: Derrida’s The Beast and the Sovereign
    by Jacques de Ville
  • 2012 Derrida Contra Agamben: Sovereignty, Biopower, History
    by Amy Swiffen
  • 2012 The Politics of Responsible Sovereigns
    by George Pavlich
  • 2012 To Die a Living Death: Phantasms of Burial and Cremation in Derrida’s Final Seminar
    by Michael Naas
  • 2012 Disability as Microcosm: the Boundaries of the Human Body
    by Elizabeth DePoy & Stephen Gilson
  • 2012 Bodily Practices as Vehicles for Dehumanization in an Institution for Mental Defectives
    by Claudia Malacrida
  • 2012 The ‘Dys-Appearing’ Body in Doris Lessing’s The Diary of a Good Neighbour and Margaret Forster’s Have the Men Had Enough?
    by Maricel Oró-Piqueras
  • 2012 Cultural Models of Bodily Images of Women Teachers
    by Christine A. Mallozzi
  • 2012 Working Stiff(s) on Reality Television during the Great Recession
    by Sean Brayton
  • 2012 The Embodied Life Course: Post-ageism or the Renaturalization of Gender?
    by Barbara L. Marshall & Stephen Katz
  • 2012 Circuits of Memory: The War Memory Boom in Western Australia
    by John R. Stephens
  • 2012 Expanding Ableism: Taking down the Ghettoization of Impact of Disability Studies Scholars
    by Gregor Wolbring
  • 2012 Family Migration: Fulfilling the Gap between Law and Social Processes
    by Laura Zanfrini
  • 2012 Conflict or Concert? Extending the Simmelian Triad to Account for Positive Third Party Presence in Face-to-Face Interviews with People Living with Parkinson’s Disease
    by Jacqueline Low
  • 2012 Youth for Sale: Using Critical Disability Perspectives to Examine the Embodiment of ‘Youth’
    by Jenny Slater
  • 2012 Child Murder in Nazi Germany: The Memory of Nazi Medical Crimes and Commemoration of “Children’s Euthanasia” Victims at Two Facilities (Eichberg, Kalmenhof)
    by Lutz Kaelber
  • 2012 The Place of Disgust: Disability, Class and Gender in Spaces of Workfare
    by Karen Soldatic & Helen Meekosha
  • 2012 Does Migration Lead to Development? Or is it Contributing to a Global Divide?
    by Annelies Zoomers & Gery Nijenhuis
  • 2012 Passive Flora? Reconsidering Nature’s Agency through Human-Plant Studies (HPS)
    by John Charles Ryan
  • 2012 Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to Understanding Human Migration Patterns and their Utility in Forensic Human Identification Cases
    by Anastasia Holobinko
  • 2012 Turbulent Trajectories: African Migrants on Their Way to the European Union
    by Joris Schapendonk
  • 2012 Debating "the Social": Towards a Critique of Sociological Nostalgia
    by Anthony Elliott & Bryan S. Turner
  • 2012 Privileged Mobility in an Age of Globality
    by Sheila Croucher
  • 2012 Upper and Lower Bounds for Capital and Wages
    by Alberto Benítez Sánchez. & Alejandro Benítez Sánchez.
  • 2012 Implications of behavioural economics for financial literacy and public policy
    by Altman, Morris
  • 2012 Comparing the spread of capitalism and democracy
    by Leeson, Peter T. & Sobel, Russell S. & Dean, Andrea M.
  • 2011 The Violence of Financial Capitalism
    by Christian Marazzi
  • 2011 The Illusion of Free Markets: Punishment and the Myth of Natural Order
    by Harcourt, Bernard E.
  • 2011 Criza, statul şi piaţa
    by Cerna Silviu
  • 2011 John Maynard Keynes: Is That you Knocking on the Door?
    by Tadeusz Kowalski & Yochanan Shachmurove
  • 2011 Patent regimes, firms and the commodification of knowledge
    by Benjamin Coriat & Olivier Weinstein
  • 2011 السيادة والسياسة ، والهيمنة والبقاء
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2011 An Historical Walk Through Recent Financial Crises
    by Tadeusz Kowalski & Yochanan Shachmurove
  • 2011 Politics Matter: Changes in Unionization Rates in Rich Countries, 1960-2010
    by John Schmitt & Alexandra Mitukiewicz
  • 2011 Collective risk sharing: The social safety net and employment
    by Torben M. Andersen
  • 2011 Welfare State - The Scandinavian Model
    by Torben M. Andersen
  • 2011 Neoliberale Leitideen zum Staat. Die Rolle des Staates in der Wirtschaftspolitik im Werk von Walter Eucken, Friedrich August von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises und Wilhelm Röpke
    by Kolev, Stefan
  • 2011 Market Socialism Is Not Market Capitalism: Remarks on Robin Hahnel's "Economic Justice"
    by Arthur DiQuattro
  • 2011 Casino Capitalism with Derivatives: Fragility and Instability in Contemporary Finance
    by Rex A. McKenzie
  • 2011 Conceptualizing Organizational Domains of Community Empowerment through Empowerment Evaluation in Estonian Communities
    by Anu Kasmel & Pernille Tanggaard
  • 2011 Societies: An Open Access Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities
    by Madine VanderPlaat
  • 2011 Regulação social e acumulação por espoliação – reflexão sobre a essencialidade das teses da financeirização e da natureza do Estado na caracterização do capitalismo contemporâneo
    by Almeida Filho , Niemeyer & Paulani, Leda Maria
  • 2011 The Global Financial Crises of 2007–2010 and the future of capitalism
    by Shahrokhi, Manuchehr
  • 2011 Estimating the size of the trade sector in the Economic Freedom of the World index
    by Joshua C Hall & Robert Lawson & Chuck Skipton
  • 2011 Angemessene und nachhaltige Renten für alle?: Die geschlechtsspezifische Wirkung des deutschen Rentensystems
    by Patricia Frericks
  • 2010 Crisis in the Global Economy: Financial Markets, Social Struggles, and New Political Scenarios
  • 2010 The Violence of Financial Capitalism
    by Christian Marazzi
  • 2010 The Crisis of Capitalist Democracy
    by Posner, Richard A.
  • 2010 The medieval Origins of Capitalism in the Netherlands
    by van Bavel, Bas (B.J.P.)
  • 2010 Property Rights, Land Disputes and Social Discontent in Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2010 La propiedad de los medios de trabajo y producción; una clave para proponer salidas a la crisis económica contemporánea
    by Reuben Soto, Sergio
  • 2010 Agency Problems and the Fate of Capitalism
    by Randall Morck & Bernard Yeung
  • 2010 Joblessness and Perceptions about the Effectiveness of Democracy
    by Duha Tore Altindag & Naci H. Mocan
  • 2010 Property Rights and Parliament in Industrializing Britain
    by Daniel Bogart & Gary Richardson
  • 2010 The Global Financial Crisis and a New Capitalism?
    by Luiz Carlos Bresser-Pereira
  • 2010 Joblessness and Perceptions about the Effectiveness of Democracy
    by Duha Altindag & Naci Mocan
  • 2010 Joblessness and Perceptions about the Effectiveness of Democracy
    by Altindag, Duha T. & Mocan, Naci
  • 2010 Joblessness and Perceptions about the Effectiveness of Democracy
    by Altindag, Duha & Mocan, Naci
  • 2010 Climate Change: The Political Economy of Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms
    by Andriana Vlachou & Charalampos Konstantinidis
  • 2010 Some Aspects Concerning Global Performance Reporting in Romania
    by Deju Mihai & Solomon Daniela Cristina
  • 2010 Too close for comfort? Politician - interest group relations under voters' supervision
    by Etienne Farvaque & Gaël Lagadec
  • 2009 Is “economic freedom” strictly free market capitalism? A decompositional analysis of the Economic Freedom of the World index
    by Cohen, Joseph N
  • 2009 Reconstruction of Religion and Ecology Discourses
    by Hardiansyah, Suteja
  • 2009 La crisis económica actual, una visión desde la economía política
    by Sergio, Reuben
  • 2009 Entrepreneurship in Oman
    by Yochanan Shachmurove
  • 2009 Entrepreneurship in Qatar
    by Yochanan Shachmurove
  • 2009 Never Waste a Good Crisis: An Historical Perspective on Comparative Corporate Governance
    by Randall Morck & Bernard Yeung
  • 2009 The Riddle of the Great Pyramids
    by Randall Morck
  • 2009 Electoral Rules, Political Competition and Fiscal Expenditures: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities
    by Chamon, Marcos & de Mello, João M. P. & Firpo, Sergio
  • 2009 Electoral Rules, Political Competition and Fiscal Expenditures: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Brazilian Municipalities
    by Chamon, Marcos & de Mello, João M. P. & Firpo, Sergio
  • 2009 Climate Mitigation or Technological Revolution? A Critical Choice of Futures
    by Graeme Donald Snooks
  • 2009 Sustainable Prosperity in the New Economy? Business Organization and High-Tech Employment in the United States
    by William Lazonick
  • 2009 Why Europe? On comparative long-term growth
    by Hans-Jürgen Wagener
  • 2009(XIX) Unlearned Lessons
  • 2008 De la Liability à l’Accountability : une interprétation de l’érosion de pouvoir salarial à partir de Commons
    by Montagne, Sabine
  • 2008 By What Measure? A Comparison of French and U.S. Labor Market Performance with New Indicators of Employment Adequacy
    by David R. Howell & Anna Okatenko
  • 2008 Cognitive Capitalism as a Financial Economy of Production
    by Fumagalli, Andrea & Lucarelli, Stefano
  • 2008 The Assessment of Banking Performances- Indicators of Performance in Bank Area
    by Caruntu, Genu Alexandru & Romanescu, Marcel Laurentiu
  • 2008 Capitalismo agrario y sojización en la pampa agentina. Las razones del desalojo laboral
    by Acosta Reveles, Irma Lorena
  • 2008 Institutional Adaptability and Economic Development: The Property Rights Revolution in Britain, 1700 to 1830
    by Gary Richardson & Dan Bogart
  • 2008 L'insaisissable relation entre « bonne gouvernance » et développement
    by Nicolas Meisel & Jacques Ould Aoudia
  • 2007 Cooperative comebacks: resilience in the face of the Hurricane Katrina Catastrophe (New Orleans and Southern Mississippi, May 2005–May 2006)
    by Klinedinst, Mark
  • 2007 La finestra di fronte. La théorie de la régulation vista dall’Italia
    by Fumagalli, Andrea & Lucarelli, Stefano
  • 2007 Stakeholders vs. shareholders in corporate governance
    by Chilosi, Alberto & Damiani, Mirella
  • 2007 Business Groups and the Big Push: Meiji Japan's Mass Privatization and Subsequent Growth
    by Randall Morck & Masao Nakamura
  • 2007 The Role of Immigration in Sustaining the Social Security System: A Political Economy Approach
    by Razin, Assaf & Sand, Edith
  • 2006 New imperialism or new capitalism?
    by Nitzan, Jonathan & Bichler, Shimshon
  • 2006 Neoliberalism and patterns of economic performance: 1980 to 2000
    by Cohen, Joseph N. & Centeno, Miguel A.
  • 2006 A Conceptual Framework for Interpreting Recorded Human History
    by Douglass C North & John Joseph Wallis & Barry R. Weingast
  • 2006 The Capitalism of financial market and the control of cognitive (In French)
    by François MORIN (LEREPS-GRES)
  • 2006 Institutional aspects of new comparative economy: Czech republic and European union
    by Milan Žák & Petr Vymětal
  • 2005 Toward a non-capitalist market system. Suggestions for curing the ills of our economic system
    by Fusari, Angelo
  • 2005 Capitalism, Unemployment and the Transition to the Contemporary Pattern of Growth
    by Howard Petith
  • 2005 Capitalism, Unemployment and the Transition to the Contemporary Pattern of Growth
    by Howard Petith
  • 2004 Die Überwindung des wirtschaftlichen Ordnungsproblems: Reichweite und Grenzen von unterschiedlichen Ordnungstheorien
    by Stephan Märkt
  • 2004 Perestroika And Ruble Convertibility
    by Edgar L. Feige
  • 2004 Economic Development in China and Its Implications for East Asia
    by Chung H. Lee
  • 2004 Output and Unemployment Dynamics in Transition
    by Vivek H. Dehejia & Douglas W. Dwyer
  • 2003 The New Comparative Economics
    by Andrei Shleifer & Simeon Djankov & Edward L. Glaeser & Rafael La Porta & Florencio Lopez de Silanes
  • 2003 Perestroika And Socialist Privatization: What Is To Be Done? And How?
    by Edgar L. Feige
  • 2003 The Transition to a Market Economy in Russia: Property Rights, Mass Privatization and Stabilization
    by Edgar L. Feige
  • 2003 The Economic System As An End Or As A Means And The Future Of Socialism And Capitalism: An Evolutionary Viewpoint
    by Alberto Chilosi
  • 2003 Initial Conditions, Institutional Dynamics and Economic Performance: Evidence from the American States
    by Daniel Berkowitz & Karen Clay &
  • 2003 Bureaucratic Rent-Seeking in the European Union
    by Urs Steiner Brandt & Gert Tinggaard Svendsen
  • 2003 Broadening monitoring and evaluation within reforming national agricultural research systems
    by Yawson, Robert M. & Sutherland, Alistair J. & Amoa-Awua, Wisdom A
  • 2003 Institutions in the Economic Fitness Landscape: What Impact Do Welfare State Institutions Have on Economic Performance?
    by Schettkat, Ronald
  • 2003 Institutions in the Economic Fitness Landscape: What Impact Do Welfare State Institutions Have on Economic Performance?
    by Schettkat, Ronald
  • 2003 Institutions according to the Economics of Conventions
    by Christian BESSy & Olivier FAVEREAU
  • 2002 Ethical Finance: An Agenda for Consolidation or for Radical Change?
    by Michael J. Dempsey
  • 2002 Fractional Reserve Banking as Economic Parasitism: A Scientific, Mathematical & Historical Expose, Critique, and Manifesto
    by Vladimir Z. Nuri
  • 2002 Information Technology, Organizational Form, and Transition to the Market
    by John S. Earle & Ugo Pagano & Maria Lesi
  • 2002 Technology commercialisation and intellectual property rights in Ghana
    by Yawson, Robert M.
  • 2001 Impact Of The Economic Policies On Household Consumption
    by Iordan, Mioara
  • 2001 A concepção marxista de Estado: considerações sobre antigos debates com novas perspectivas
    by Maria de Lourdes Rollemberg Mollo
  • 2001 Notes on the Economics of Labor Unions
    by Henry S. Farber
  • 2001 Valeur, prix de (re)production et développement économique
    by Jean-Marie Harribey
  • 2000 Libéralisme
    by Salin, Pascal
  • 2000 Micro and Macro Determinants of Public Support for Market Reforms in Eastern Europe
    by Bernd Hayo
  • 2000 Globalizing strategies: Historic trend of capitalism Historical tendency of the capitalism
    by Carmen Añez Hernández & Roberto Boscán & María Cristina Useche
  • 2000 Convergences with Schumpeter: An essay Hirschman has yet to write
    by Peter Wynarczyk
  • 1999 Micro and macro determinants of public support for market reforms in Eastern Europe
    by Hayo, Bernd
  • 1998 Wealth Inequality, Wealth Constraints and Economic Performance
    by Pranab Bardhan & Samuel Bowles & Herbert Gintis
  • 1998 Le postmodernisme nous propose t-il un projet de connaissance ?
    by Perret, Véronique & Allard-Poesi, Florence
  • 1997 Imitating Capitalism and Democracy at a Distance. Identifying with Images in the Polish Transition
    by Wydra, H.
  • 1997 Economic Policy From an Evolutionary Perspective: A New Approach
    by Gerhard Wegner
  • 1996 Government in Transition
    by Shleifer, A
  • 1995 The Transition in Russia: Successes (Privatization, Low Unemployment...) and Failures (Mafias, Liquidity Constraints...). A Theoretical Analysis
    by Cohen, Daniel
  • 1995 Russian Enterprises in Transition
    by Cohen, Daniel & de Boissieu, Christian & de Pontbriand, Gaël
  • 1993 Privatization in Europe: A comparison of approaches
    by unknown
  • 1993 The Anglo-Saxon market for corporate control, the financial system and international competitiveness: notes for the Notre Dame conference on "strengthening U.S. competitiveness"
    by Singh, Ajit
  • 1988 Privatization: An Economic Analysis
    by John Vickers & George Yarrow
  • Capitalism and evolution
    by Stan Metcalfe