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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N9: Regional and Urban History
/ / / N93: Europe: Pre-1913
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Historical Economic Geography

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Savings banks and the industrial revolution in Prussia: Supporting regional development with public financial institutions
    by Lehmann-Hasemeyer, Sibylle H. & Wahl, Fabian

  • 2017 Notes on the Demography of the Famine in Ulster
    by Cormac Ó Gráda

  • 2017 Common Factors, spatial dependence, and regional growth in the Italian manufacturing industry
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Stefano Fachin

  • 2017 L’Evoluzione Dei Tributi Locali In Italia Dall’Unificazione Al 1970: Politiche, Assetti Istituzionali E Gettito
    by Antonio Di Majo & Elina De Simone

  • 2017 Russian Real Wages Before and After 1917: in Global Perspective
    by Robert Allen & Ekaterina Khaustova

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Bjorn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 Regional GDP estimates for Sweden, 1571-1850
    by Enflo, Kerstin & Missiaia, Anna

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Björn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 The origins of economic growth and regional income inequality in South-West Europe 1870-1950
    by Tirado, Daniel A. & Sanchís Llopis, M. Teresa & Martínez-Galarraga, Julio & Díez Minguela, Alfonso

  • 2017 The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2017 Multinomial choice with social interactions: occupations in Victorian London
    by José-Alberto Guerra & Myra Mohnen

  • 2017 The rich in historical perspective: evidence for preindustrial Europe (ca. 1300–1800)
    by Guido Alfani

  • 2017 Towns (and villages): definitions and implications in a historical setting
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2017 Constitutional choice in ancient Athens: the evolution of the frequency of decision making
    by George Tridimas

  • 2017 Agglomeration: A long-run panel data approach
    by Hanlon, W. Walker & Miscio, Antonio

  • 2017 Sewers’ diffusion and the decline of mortality: The case of Paris, 1880–1914
    by Kesztenbaum, Lionel & Rosenthal, Jean-Laurent

  • 2017 City seeds: Geography and the origins of the European city system
    by Bosker, Maarten & Buringh, Eltjo

  • 2017 Locomotives of local growth: The short- and long-term impact of railroads in Sweden
    by Berger, Thor & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2016 Las relaciones comerciales contemporáneas de Aragón con Cataluña: de la complementariedad al modelo intraindustrial
    by Luis Germán Zubero & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2016 Introducing Railway Time in the Balkans: Economic effects of railway construction in Southeast Europe and beyond since the early 19th century until present days
    by Eduard Alvarez & Mario Holzner & Stefan Jestl & Jordi Marti-Henneberg

  • 2016 Regional human capital inequality in Europe in the long run, 1850 – 2010
    by Claude Diebolt & Ralph Hippe

  • 2016 Remoteness equals backwardness? Human capital and market access in the European regions: insights from the long run
    by Claude Diebolt & Ralph Hippe

  • 2016 Endogenous Infrastructure Development and Spatial Takeoff
    by Alex Trew

  • 2016 Endogenous Infrastructure Development and Spatial Takeoff
    by Alex Trew

  • 2016 A Spatial Diffusion Model with Common Factors and an Application to Cigarette Consumption
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Jean Paul Elhorst

  • 2016 National Borders and Urban Growth: Evidence from the Annexation of Alsace and Lorraine
    by Iakov T. Kuga

  • 2016 The Fall of Capital Punishment and the Rise of Prisons: How Punishment Severity Affects Jury Verdicts
    by Bindler, Anna & Hjalmarsson, Randi

  • 2016 Plague and long-term development: the lasting effects of the 1629-30 epidemic on the Italian cities
    by Guido Alfani & Marco Percoco

  • 2016 You Reap What You Know: Observability of Soil Quality, and Political Fragmentation
    by Thilo R. Huning & Fabian Wahl

  • 2016 Multiple core regions: regional inequality in switzerland, 1860 to 2008
    by Stohr, Christian

  • 2016 Le ferriere genovesi in età preindustriale: aspetti tecnici, innovazioni e declino [Genoese ironworks in preindustrial age: techniques, innovations and decline]
    by Giovanni Ghiglione

  • 2016 The pay of labourers and unskilled men on London building sites, 1660 – 1770
    by Judy Z. Stephenson

  • 2016 Tracing the Evolution of Agglomeration Economies: Spain, 1860-1991
    by Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia & Alfonso Díez-Minguela & Julio Martinez-Galarraga

  • 2016 Tale of two cities. A comparative study of relationship between education and economic prosperity
    by Sharaf N. Rehman & Joanna Dzionek-Kozlowska

  • 2016 What does it take for a roving bandit settle down? Theory and an illustrative history of the Visigoths
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2016 On the use of palynological data in economic history: New methods and an application to agricultural output in Central Europe, 0–2000AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner, Marta

  • 2016 Urban Economy of the City of Ohrid (19th C - 20th C)
    by Dimitar Hristov

  • 2016 Aspects of the Urban Economy in the Bulgarian Lands under an Ottoman Rule According to British Diplomatic Documents (1800-1878)
    by Radoslav Spasov

  • 2015 Visigothic Retinues: Roving Bandits that Succeeded Rome
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2015 Notarial Credit in Eighteenth-Century Trentino: Dynamics and Trends
    by Marcella Lorenzini

  • 2015 Notarial Credit in Eighteenth-Century Trentino: Dynamics and Trends
    by Marcella Lorenzini

  • 2015 From near-default to debt-restructuring: the inventive methods of the duke of Brabant and its council around 1290-1320 for the salvation of the public finances
    by Pierre-David Kusman & Jean Luc De Meulemeester

  • 2015 Catholic and Protestant Martyrdom in England: Representations of England as Israel c.1530-1600
    by Nick Crown

  • 2015 La promozione turistica durante la Belle Époque: il caso della Riviera ligure
    by Zanini, Andrea

  • 2015 Externally-Imposed Institutions and Regional Growth Differences: Evidence from France and Germany
    by Guleryuz, Ece H.

  • 2015 Il divario Nord-Sud in Italia (1861-2011): lo stato dell'arte
    by Felice, Emanuele

  • 2015 Monks, Gents and Industrialists: The Long-Run Impact of the Dissolution of the English Monasteries
    by Leander Heldring & James A. Robinson & Sebastian Vollmer

  • 2015 Speculative bubbles in the Stockholm housing market 1875-1935?
    by Blöndal, Sölvi

  • 2015 Time for growth
    by Lars Boerner & Battista Severgnini

  • 2015 New media, competition and growth: European citiesafter Gutenberg
    by Jeremiah Dittmar

  • 2015 Railways and the Productivity Gap in Italy: Persistence and Divergence after Unification
    by Nicola Pontarollo & Roberto Ricciuti

  • 2015 New Media, Competition and Growth: European Cities After Gutenberg
    by Jeremiah Dittmar

  • 2015 È la fine dell’Europa?
    by Paolo Becchi

  • 2015 El bacalao en España (1850-1914): importación y política comercial
    by María del Carmen Espido Bello & Jesús Giráldez Rivero

  • 2015 Alimentación, carestías y crisis de mortalidad en la España cantábrica (1680-1860)
    by Elena Catalán Martínez & Ramón Lanza García

  • 2015 Einaudi e l’ambiente socio-economico di Napoli
    by Domenicantonio Fausto

  • 2015 Industry, Sectors, Regions: The State of Play on Italy’s Historical Statistics
    by Carlo Ciccarelli

  • 2015 Rural crisis and rural exodus? Local migration dynamics during the crisis of the 1840s in Flanders (Belgium)
    by Deschacht, Nick & Winter, Anne

  • 2014 From Caesar to Tacitus: Changes in Early Germanic Governance circa 50 BC-50 AD
    by Andrew T. Young

  • 2014 Spatial Takeoff in the First Industrial Revolution
    by Alex Trew

  • 2014 Spatial Takeoff in the First Industrial Revolution
    by Alex Trew

  • 2014 Der Steinkohlenbergbau In Der Aachener Region / 1780-1860
    by Reckendrees, Alfred

  • 2014 Aetolians, Europeans and Canadians: A Comparative analysis of federations
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Kyriazis, Nicholas

  • 2014 On the Use of Palynological Data in Economic History: New Methods and an Application to Agricultural Output in Central Europe, 0–2000 AD
    by Izdebski, Adam & Koloch, Grzegorz & Słoczyński, Tymon & Tycner-Wolicka, Marta

  • 2014 Temporary Shocks and Persistent Effects in the Urban System: Evidence from British Cities after the U.S. Civil War
    by W. Walker Hanlon

  • 2014 Finland’s regional GDPs 1880-2010: estimates, sources and interpretations
    by Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2014 Locomotives of Local Growth: The Short- and Long-Term Impact of Railroads in Sweden
    by Berger, Thor & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2014 The Heavy Plough and the Agricultural Revolution in Medieval Europe
    by Thomas Barnebeck Andersen & Peter Sandholt Jensen & Christian Volmer Skovsgaard

  • 2014 Housing affordability during the urban transition in Spain
    by Rosés, Joan R. & Lampe, Markus & Carmona, Juan

  • 2014 Urbanization and Growth: Why Did the Splendor of the Italian Cities in the Sixteenth Century not Lead to Transition?
    by Bruno Chiarini & Elisabetta Marzano

  • 2014 Can cities be trapped in bad locations?
    by Guy Michaels & Ferdinand Rauch

  • 2014 The Early Growth of the Engineering Industry in Italy’s Regions
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Stefano Fenoaltea

  • 2014 Un espacio de cultivo urbano en al-Andalus: Madîna Turtûsa (Tortosa) antes de 1148
    by Helena Kirchner & Antoni Virgili & Ferran Antolín

  • 2014 Spatial Takeoff in the First Industrial Revolution
    by Alex Trew

  • 2014 Economic Implications Of Churches In The Development Of Human Settlemets. Study Case: Iasi City
    by Alexandra Georgiana PARASCA

  • 2014 Microfinance And The Decline Of Poverty: Evidence From The Nineteenth-Century Netherlands

  • 2014 Bad Government as a Reason of Recent Financial Crisis in Europe
    by Maryam Jafary Galooyek & Zaleha Mohd Noor & Ehsan Rajabi

  • 2014 The role of migration in regional wage convergence: Evidence from Sweden 1860–1940
    by Enflo, Kerstin & Lundh, Christer & Prado, Svante

  • 2014 : Performance, pay and promotion: implementing a Weberian bureaucracy in nineteenth century Baden
    by Felix Selgert

  • 2014 : Received wisdom versus reality: height, nutrition, and urbanization in mid-nineteenth-century France
    by Laurent Heyberger

  • 2013 The evolution and sustainability of seasonal migration from Poland to Germany: From the dusk of the 19th century to the dawn of the 21st century
    by Kepinska, Ewa & Stark, Oded

  • 2013 Does medieval trade still matter? Historical trade centers, agglomeration and contemporary economic development
    by Wahl, Fabian

  • 2013 The institutional and economic foundations of regional proto-federations
    by Emmanouil Marios Lazaros Economou & Nicholas Kyriazis & Theodore Metaxas

  • 2013 Gibrat's law and the British Industrial Revolution
    by Alexander Klein & Tim Leunig

  • 2013 The Dual Crises of the Late-Medieval Florentine Cloth Industry, c. 1320 - c. 1420
    by John H. Munro

  • 2013 Perché il Sud è rimasto indietro? Il Mezzogiorno fra storia e pubblicistica
    by Daniele, Vittorio & Malanima, Paolo

  • 2013 Resetting the Urban Network: 117-2012
    by Ferdinand Rauch & Guy Michaels

  • 2013 The Life of a Mariner in Eighteenth-Century Bristol: A Case Study of Higher-Value Probate Inventories
    by Yoshihiko Okabe

  • 2013 Convention touristiQue alpine et mises en scène des héritages alpins Dynamiques socio-économiques territoriales dans l’histoire de la station de MontreuX
    by Delphine Guex

  • 2013 The post crisis Transition: Towards new investment circuits ?
    by Victoriya Salomon & Thierry Theurillat & Olivier Crevoisier

  • 2013 Why Did the Netherlands Develop So Early? The Legacy of the Brethren of the Common Life
    by Akçomak, I. Semih & Webbink, Dinand & ter Weel, Bas

  • 2013 Why did Spanish regions not converge before the Civil War? Agglomeration and (regional) growth revisited: Spain, 1870-1930
    by Alfonso Díez-Minguela & Julio Martínez-Galarraga & Daniel A. Tirado Fabregat

  • 2013 The legacy of classical natural law in Russian dogmatic jurisprudence in the late 19th century
    by Dmitry Poldnikov

  • 2013 The heavy plough and the agricultural revolution in medieval Europe
    by Andersen, Thomas Barnebeck & Jensen, Peter Sandholt & Skovsgaard, Christian Stejner

  • 2013 The Location of the UK Cotton Textiles Industry in 1838: a Quantitative Analysis
    by Nicholas Crafts & Nikolaus Wolf

  • 2013 Locomotives of Local Growth: The Short- and Long-Term Impact of Railroads in Sweden
    by Thor Berger & Kerstin Enflo

  • 2013 Agricultural development during early industrialization in a low-wage economy: Saxony, c. 1790-1830
    by Michael Kopsidis & Ulrich Pfister

  • 2013 De l’usage social aux pratiques marchandes de l’argent. Une brève histoire des origines du microcrédit social
    by Guillaume PASTUREAU

  • 2013 Two contrasting experiences. The rural land market in sixteenth century Flanders and Brabant
    by Nicolas De Vijlder

  • 2013 New media, firms, ideas, and growth: European cities after Gutenberg
    by Jeremiah Dittmar

  • 2013 Resetting the Urban Network: 117-2012
    by Michaels, Guy & Rauch, Ferdinand

  • 2013 The Location of the UK Cotton Textiles Industry in 1838: a Quantitative Analysis
    by Crafts, Nicholas & Wolf, Nikolaus

  • 2013 Why Did the Netherlands Develop so Early? The Legacy of the Brethren of the Common Life
    by Bas ter Weel & Semih Akcomak & Dinand Webbink

  • 2013 Gibrat's Law and the British Industrial Revolution
    by Alexander Klein & Tim Leunig

  • 2013 Resetting the Urban Network: 117-2012
    by Guy Michaels & Ferdinand Rauch

  • 2013 F.A. Hayek and Ordoliberalism: A Comparative Study
    by Nazmi Tolga TUNCER

  • 2013 Endeudarse para consumir e invertir. La función económica de las obligaciones en una villa rural valenciana (Castellón de la Plana en 1499)
    by Pau Viciano

  • 2013 The evolution and sustainability of seasonal migration from Poland to Germany: From the dusk of the 19th century to the dawn of the 21st century
    by Kępińska, Ewa & Stark, Oded

  • 2013 The internal impact of a customs union; Baden and the Zollverein
    by Ploeckl, Florian

  • 2013 Retail development in the consumer revolution: The Netherlands, c. 1670–c. 1815
    by van den Heuvel, Danielle & Ogilvie, Sheilagh

  • 2013 The determinants of local population growth: A study of Oxfordshire in the nineteenth century
    by Casson, Mark

  • 2013 The biological standard of living and mortality in Central Italy at the beginning of the 19th century
    by Coppola, Michela

  • 2013 Not the Opium of the People: Income and Secularization in a Panel of Prussian Counties
    by Sascha O. Becker & Ludger Woessmann

  • 2012 The Legitimacy of the Bolshevik Order, 1917-1918: Language Usage in Revolutionary Russian Law
    by Tatiana Borisova

  • 2012 Mortalidad y crecimiento vegetativo en la provincia de Guadalajara, 1700-1865
    by Enrique Llopis & Ángel Luis Velasco

  • 2012 A macroeconomic analysis of the land market in the count of Flanders and the duchy of Brabant. (fifteenth and sixteenth century)
    by De Vijlder, Nicolas

  • 2012 Lumi, Assistenza, Istruzione. Il Conservatorio Delle Maestre Luigine Di Parma
    by C. Bargelli

  • 2012 Market Access and Information Technology Adoption: Historical Evidence from the Telephone in Bavaria
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2012 The financing history of urban water infrastructure in Paris (1807-1925): lessons from the past to enlighten present and future challenges?
    by Olivier CRESPI REGHIZZI

  • 2012 Space, settlements, towns: the influence of geography and market access on settlement distribution and urbanization
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2012 Legislation as a Source of Law in Late Imperial Russia
    by Tatiana Borisova

  • 2012 Coping with Regional Inequality in Sweden: Structural Change, Migrations and Policy, 1860-2000
    by Enflo, Kerstin & Rosés, Joan

  • 2012 Housing Markets during the Rural-Urban Transition: Evidence from early 20th Century Spain
    by Juan Carmona Pidal & Markus Lampe & Joan Ramón Rosés

  • 2012 Coping with Regional Inequality in Sweden: Structural Change, Migrations and Policy, 1860-2000
    by Kerstin Enflo & Joan Ramón Rosés

  • 2012 Geography is not Destiny. Geography, Institutions and Literacy in England, 1837-1863
    by Gregory Clark & Rowena Gray

  • 2012 The training of gold- and silversmiths in eighteenth- century Ghent: the role of the academy
    by Tim De Doncker

  • 2012 The establishment of new market-places in East- Flanders, 1750-1900
    by Wouter Ronsijn

  • 2012 Housing markets during the rural-urban transition : evidence from early 20th century Spain
    by Carmona, Juan & Rosés, Joan R. & Lampe, Markus

  • 2012 Coping with regional inequality in Sweden : structural change, migrations and policy, 1860-2000
    by Rosés, Joan R. & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2012 Economic integration and regional inequality in Iberia (1900-2000) : a geographical approach
    by Badia-Miró, Marc & Tirado, Daniel A.

  • 2012 War, Conquest and Local Merchants: The Role of Credit in the Peripheral Military Administration of the Hispanic Monarchy during the First Half of the Sixteenth Century
    by Jose Miguel Escribano Paez

  • 2012 Choices and Constraints in the Pre-Industrial Countryside
    by Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2012 Retail Ratios in the Netherlands, c. 1670 - c. 1815
    by Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2012 Family reconstitution in an urban context: some observations and methods
    by Gill Newton

  • 2012 Reconstruction of the Regional GDP of Portugal, 1890 1980
    by Marc Badia- Miro & Jordi Guilera & Pedro Lains

  • 2012 Las raíces agrarias del crecimiento económico andaluz y el grupo Larios (1800-1936)
    by Jose Ignacio Jiménez Blanco

  • 2012 Transformación de los ecosistemas áridos para su uso agrícola en Baja California Sur, México. Un análisis desde la historia ambiental
    by Enrique Llopis Agelán & José Antonio Sebastián Amarilla & Ángel Luis Velasco Sánchez

  • 2012 Endowments and market access; the size of towns in historical perspective: Saxony, 1550–1834
    by Ploeckl, Florian

  • 2012 Regional convergence in Italy, 1891–2001: testing human and social capital
    by Emanuele Felice

  • 2011 Casualties of Credit: The English Financial Revolution, 1620-1720
    by Wennerlind, Carl

  • 2011 Population Dynamics, Malthusian Crises and Boserupian Innovation in Pre-Industrial Societies: The Case Study of Northern Italy (ca. 1450-1800) in the Light of Lee’s "Dynamic Synthesis"
    by Guido Alfani

  • 2011 Instability, economic stagnation and the role of islam in the North Caucasus
    by Dobler, Constanze

  • 2011 Micro-Perspectives on Living Standards in Nineteenth-Century Russia
    by Tracy Dennison & Steven Nafziger

  • 2011 City and Countryside Revisited. Comparative rent movements in London and the South-East, 1580-1914
    by David Ormrod & James M. Gibson & Owen Lyne

  • 2011 A moneylender in Venice: Costantino Bogdano ‘da Patrasso’, c. 1800-44
    by Pepelasis, Ioanna Sapfo & Tzavara, Angeliki

  • 2011 Les industries animales dans l'ouest de la France : les territoires industrielles de Chateau-Renault et Surgères
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2011 On the historical and geographic origins of the Sicilian mafia
    by Buonanno, Paolo & Durante, Ruben & Prarolo, Giovanni & Vanin, Paolo

  • 2011 The institutional context of art production in the Southern Low Countries during the early modern period: the Ghent craft guild of gold and silversmiths in relation to the Ghent academy in the second half of the eighteenth century
    by De Doncker, Tim

  • 2011 Patterns of industrial specialisation in post-Unification Italy
    by Ciccarelli, Carlo & Proietti, Tommaso

  • 2011 Occupational structures, migration, religion and poor relief in nineteenth century urban Ireland
    by Cousins, Mel

  • 2011 Da Vicarius Christi Ad Ozioso Pitocco. Pauperismo E Pensiero Assistenziale In Due Ducati Padani Tra Sette E Ottocento
    by C. Bargelli

  • 2011 The determinants of Italy's regional imbalances over the long run: exploring the contributions of human and social capital
    by Emanuele Felice

  • 2011 Towns (and Villages); Definitions and Implications in a Historical Setting
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2011 The determinants of Italy’s regional imbalances over the long run: exploring the contributions of human and social capital
    by Emanuele Felice

  • 2011 Measuring institutional quality in ancient Athens
    by Bergh, Andreas & Lyttkens, Carl Hampus

  • 2011 Spanish housing markets during the first phase of the rural-urban transition process
    by Carmona, Juan & Rosés, Joan R. & Lampe, Markus

  • 2011 Hunger in hell’s kitchen : family living conditions during Spanish industrialization : the Bilbao estuary, 1914-1935
    by Houpt, Stefan & Rojo Cagigal, Juan Carlos

  • 2011 Internal Geography and External Trade: regional disparities in Italy, 1861-2011
    by A'Hearn, Brian & Venables, Anthony J

  • 2011 Convergence among Italian Regions, 1861-2011
    by Giovanni Iuzzolino & Guido Pellegrini & Gianfranco Viesti

  • 2011 Internal Geography and External Trade: regional disparities in Italy, 1861-2011
    by Brian A'Hearn & Anthony J. Venables

  • 2011 Regional value added in Italy over the long run (1891-2001): linking indirect estimates with official figures, and implications
    by Emanuele Felice

  • 2011 La población y el producto cerealista en Guadalajara en la edad moderna
    by Grupo Complutense de Historia Económica Moderna

  • 2011 Foreigns In “Terra Di Lavoro” During The Middle Ages
    by Giancarlo BOVA

  • 2011 The Rule and the Exception: Italy’s Regional Imbalances (1891-2001) through a Shift-Share Analysis
    by Emanuele Felice

  • 2010 Regional inequalities in Italy in the long run (1891-2001): the pattern and some ideas to explain it
    by Emanuele Felice

  • 2010 The economic consequences of population and urbanization growth in Italy: from the 13th century to 1900. A discussion on the Malthusian dynamics
    by Bruno Chiarini

  • 2010 The medieval Origins of Capitalism in the Netherlands
    by van Bavel, Bas (B.J.P.)

  • 2010 The evolution of the toponyms in the Şureanu mountains viewed on cartographic sources
    by Putan, Roxana & Cretan, Remus

  • 2010 Alla Periferia Dell’Impero. Le Manifatture Parmensi Durante L’Amministrazione Del Moreau De Saint-Méry
    by C. Bargelli

  • 2010 Poverty and crime in 19th century Germany: A reassessment
    by Christian Traxler & Carsten Burhop

  • 2010 Borders, market access and urban growth; the case of Saxon towns and the Zollverein
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2010 Prices in Östergötland in the harvest year 1634
    by Hansson, Göran

  • 2010 Tithe series and grain production in modern Spain : Guadalajara 1700-1800
    by Santiago-Caballero, Carlos

  • 2010 The long-term patterns of regional income inequality in Spain (1860-2000)
    by Martínez-Galarraga, Julio & Rosés, Joan R. & Tirado, Daniel A.

  • 2010 Swedish regional GDP 1855-2000 : estimations and general trends in the Swedish regional system
    by Schön, Lennart & Henning, Martin & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2010 City seeds. Geography and the origins of the European city system
    by Bosker, Maarten & Buringh, Eltjo

  • 2010 Through the magnifying glass: provincial aspects of industrial growth in post-unification Italy
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Stefano Fenoaltea

  • 2010 The tourism revolution in the Mediterranean, 1950-2005
    by Carles Manera Erbina & Jaume Garau Taberner & Ramon Molina de Dios

  • 2010 La economía de Valladolid, 1830-2000. Una perspectiva histórica
    by Javier Moreno Llázaro

  • 2010 Diversity of economic landscapes and common land persistence in 19th century Spain: an interpretative proposal
    by Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia

  • 2010 Integración regional y especialización agraria en la España del Antiguo Régimen. La Rioja, 1545-1800
    by Elena catalán

  • 2010 Un crecimiento tempranamente quebrado: el producto agrario en Andalucía occidental en la Edad Moderna
    by Enrique Llopis & Manuel González-Mariscal

  • 2010 Actori decizionali in politica externa romaneasca - noi interpretari ale evolutiei scenei diplomatice din perioada 1877-1888 - Decision-Makers in Romania`s Foreign Policy – Further Interpretations of the Diplomatic Arena between 1877-1888
    by Aura Carmen SLATE

  • 2010 The effects of unification: markets, policy, and cyclical convergence in Italy, 1861–1913
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Stefano Fenoaltea & Tommaso Proietti

  • 2009 Grain prices and mortality in Vienna, 1648-1754
    by Julia Casutt & Ulrich Woitek

  • 2009 Malthusian dynamism and the rise of Europe: Make war, not love
    by Joachim Voth & Nico Voigtländer

  • 2009 The English cotton spinning industry, 1780–1840, as revealed in the columns of the London Gazette
    by Solar, Peter M & Lyons, John S

  • 2009 Imprenditoria e palcoscenico. L’industria dello spettacolo a Parma nel primo ventennio post-unitario
    by C. Bargelli

  • 2009 The economy of a parish church in the diocese of Linköping 1592-1735
    by Hansson, Göran

  • 2009 Regional value added in Italy (1891-2001) : estimates, elaborations
    by Felice, Emanuele

  • 2009 Estimating regional GDP in Italy (1871-2001): sources, methodology and results
    by Felice, Emanuele

  • 2009 Consumption, Social Capital, and the ‘Industrious Revolution’ in Early Modern Germany
    by Ogilvie, S.

  • 2009 Community Characteristics and Demographic Development: Three Württemberg Communities, 1558 - 1914
    by Ogilvie, S. & Küpker, M. & Maegraith, J.

  • 2009 An anthropometric study of inequality and social segregation in a castilian city. Zamora, 1840-1936
    by Ricardo Hernández García & Javier Vicente Ventoso & Javier Moreno Lázaro

  • 2009 Coste de la vida y salarios en Madrid, 1680-1800
    by Enrique Llopis Agelán & Hector Garcia Montero

  • 2009 Una explotación trashumante en la Castilla moderna: la cabaña del Río de Soria
    by Máximo Diago-Hernando

  • 2009 «Urban Premium» or «Urban Penalty»? The Case of Lisbon, 1840-1912
    by Jaime Reis

  • 2009 A.D.Xenopol, A Less Known Economist

  • 2009 Aspects Concerning the Strategy for the Prevention and Countering of Financing Terrorism
    by Liliana Trofin

  • 2009 Spatial Convergence in Height in Central Europe, 1890-1910
    by Marek Brabec & John Komlos

  • 2009 Actividades y estrategias económicas de la burguesía alicantina en los años cuarenta del siglo XIX
    by Pedro Díaz Marín

  • 2009 Malthusian Dynamism and the Rise of Europe: Make War, Not Love
    by Nico Voigtlander & Hans-Joachim Voth

  • 2009 Urbanization, Mortality, and Fertility in Malthusian England
    by Gregory Clark & Neil Cummins

  • 2008 Three Centuries of Luxury Textile Consumption in the Low Countries and England, 1330 - 1570: New Methodologies for Estimating Changes in Real Values
    by John H. A. Munro

  • 2008 Necessities and Luxuries in Early-Modern Textile Consumption: Real Values of Worsted Says and Fine Woollens in the Sixteenth-Century Low Countries
    by John H. Munro

  • 2008 Construction in Italy's regions, 1861-1913
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