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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F3: International Finance
/ / / F39: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Examining Granger Causality in the Behavioral Reactions of Institutional Investors
    by Rajesh Mohnot

  • 2017 Emigrant’s remittances, Dutch Disease and capital accumulation: the case of Bangladesh
    by Taguchi, Hiroyuki & Shammi, Rifah Tamannah

  • 2017 Trade credit insurance and asymmentric information problem
    by Sokolovska, Olena

  • 2017 Myths and Observations on Unconventional Monetary Policy -- Takeaways from Post-Bubble Japan --
    by Yuto Iwasaki & Nao Sudo

  • 2017 Trade Credit Insurance and Asymmetric Information Problem
    by Sokolovska Olena

  • 2017 Financial Reporting – Challenges and Trends: What is the Impact of Alignment to International Standards from Financial Perspective?
    by Carmen Lacatusu

  • 2017 Tax Base Erosion Symptoms? Overview on Offshore Capital Outflow
    by Bálint Vargha

  • 2017 Relevance of the EU Banking Sector to Economic Growth
    by Cândida Ferreira

  • 2017 The effects of fair value reporting on corporate foreign exchange exposures
    by Krapl, Alain & Salyer, Robert

  • 2017 The value implications of target debt issuance in withdrawn takeovers: What role do country-specific M&A regulations play?
    by Jandik, Tomas & Lallemand, Justin & McCumber, William

  • 2017 Helping hands or grabbing hands? An analysis of political connections and firm value
    by Chen, Carl R. & Li, Yingqi & Luo, Danglun & Zhang, Ting

  • 2017 Do extreme returns matter in emerging markets? Evidence from the Chinese stock market
    by Nartea, Gilbert V. & Kong, Dongmin & Wu, Ji

  • 2017 Foreign portfolio equity holdings and capital gains taxation
    by Mishra, Anil V. & Anwar, Sajid

  • 2017 Asymmetric foreign exchange cash flow exposure: A firm-level analysis
    by Krapl, Alain A.

  • 2017 How People Apply Mental Accounting Philosophy to Investment Risk?
    by Juan Mascareñas & Fangyuan Yan

  • 2016 Trade credit insurance: theoretical background and some international practices
    by Sokolovska, Olena

  • 2016 Credit and Oil Consumption
    by Arora, Vipin

  • 2016 What Makes a Good "Bad Bank"? The Irish, Spanish and German Experience
    by Stephanie Medina Cas & Irena Peresa

  • 2016 Regulatory Reforms and the Dollar Funding of Global Banks: Evidence from the Impact of Monetary Policy Divergence
    by Tomoyuki Iida & Takeshi Kimura & Nao Sudo

  • 2016 Trade, Trade Finance, and Global Liquidity in Asia; Markov-Switching FAVAR Approach
    by Brooks, Douglas H. & Kurmanalieva, Elvira & Yang, Doo Yong

  • 2016 Loans Provided By Chinese Government: Opportunities And Risks For The Republic Of Moldova
    by Marina SOLOVIOVA

  • 2016 Zero Lower Bound Monetary Policy’s Effect on Financial Asset’s Correlations
    by Michael P. Hughes & Karl Rogers

  • 2016 Análisis Econométrico Autoregresivo del Tipo de Cambio Real Flexible en México 1999-2012
    by Trejo-García, José C. & Martínez-García, Miguel Ángel & Hernández-Saldaña, Efrain Abraham

  • 2016 The “four I's” of the international monetary system and the international role of the euro
    by Ponsot, Jean-François

  • 2016 Modelling the joint dynamics of oil prices and investor fear gauge
    by Ji, Qiang & Fan, Ying

  • 2015 The Future Stakes Of Islamic Sukuk (Islamic Bonds)

  • 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of International Financial Institutions
    by Gajdosova, Katarina

  • 2015 Foreign Bias in Australian Domiciled Mutual Fund Holdings
    by Mishra, Anil V

  • 2015 The road towards the establishment of the European Banking Union
    by Papanikolaou, Nikolaos

  • 2015 Identifying and addressing gaps in the UNFCCC reporting framework
    by Jane Ellis & Sara Moarif

  • 2015 Illicit Financial Flows: concepts and first macro estimates for Belgium and its 18 preferred partner countries
    by Jozef Pacolet & Joris Vanormelingen

  • 2015 2015 Global Conjuncture And Expectations
    by POP, Napoleon & ALBU, Cornel

  • 2015 Climate finance in the Asia-Pacific region: trends and innovative approaches
    by Ilaria Carrozza

  • 2015 Tek Fiyat Kanunu ve Satın Alma Gücü Paritesi Hipotezine İlişkin Ampirik Bulgular: Bir Literatür Taraması
    by Giray GÖZGÖR

  • 2015 Challenges Facing Bank in Financing International Trade: From an Islamic Perspective
    by Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad & Hanudin Amin & Alex Anderson & Rosita Chong

  • 2015 Culture, agency costs, and governance: International evidence on capital structure
    by Fauver, Larry & McDonald, Michael B.

  • 2015 When firms talk, do investors listen? The role of trust in stock market reactions to corporate earnings announcements
    by Pevzner, Mikhail & Xie, Fei & Xin, Xiangang

  • 2015 The U.S. housing price bubble: Bernanke versus Taylor
    by Fitwi, Abrar M. & Hein, Scott E. & Mercer, Jeffrey M.

  • 2015 Corporate international diversification and risk
    by Krapl, Alain A.

  • 2015 What Does Bitcoin Look Like?
    by Jamal Bouoiyour & Refk Selmi

  • 2015 The Sustainability Of Serbia`S External Position: The Impact Of Fiscal Adjustment And External Shocks
    by Emir Zildžović

  • 2014 An Assessment of Access to Financial Management Services by Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises in Thohoyandou Business Centre
    by Muhali Ndou

  • 2014 Disentangling Size and Efficiency Effects of Finance: New Evidence from Transition Countries
    by ayse demir

  • 2014 Invoice Currency in Brazil
    by Reiss, Daniel Gersten

  • 2014 Emergence of Sovereign Wealth Funds
    by Jean-Francois Carpantier & Wessel Vermeulen

  • 2014 The Bitcoin Question: Currency versus Trust-less Transfer Technology
    by Adrian Blundell-Wignall

  • 2014 Emergence of Sovereign Wealth Funds
    by Jean-François Carpantier & Wessel N. Vermeulen

  • 2014 Estimating Illicit Flows of Capital via Trade Mispricing: A Forensic Analysis of Data on Switzerland - Working Paper 350
    by Alex Cobham & Petr Janský & Alex Prats

  • 2014 Third-country relations in the directive establishing a framework for the recovery and resolution of credit institutions
    by María J. Nieto

  • 2014 A unified framework for analysing price interdependence, innovative activity and exchange rate pass-through
    by Brissimis, Sophocles N. & Kosma, Theodora S.

  • 2013 Virtual Currency, Tangible Return: Portfolio Diversification with Bitcoin
    by Marie Briere & Kim Oosterlinck & Ariane Szafarz

  • 2013 Measures of Equity Home Bias Puzzle
    by Mishra, Anil

  • 2013 The Ethical Dimensions Of Financial Crisis In The World Of Globalized Finance
    by Saha, Malayendu

  • 2013 Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Consumer Prices in South Africa: Evidence from Micro-Data
    by Aron, Janine & Creamer, Kenneth & Muellbauer, John & Rankin, Neil

  • 2013 Can Immigrant Remittances Support Development Finance?
    by Alex Julca

  • 2013 European Banking Integration in the Aftermath of the Global Crisis: the Case of the New EU Member Countries
    by Ilu? Bogdan

  • 2013 Global Financial Crisis And Foreign Development Assistance Shocks In Least Developing Countries

  • 2013 Export and FDI in Asian countries: panel causality analysis
    by Abbas Rezazadeh Karsalari & Mohsen Mehrara & Maysam Musai

  • 2012 Mitigating Turkey's Trilemma Tradeoffs
    by Yasin Akcelik & Orcan Cortuk & Ibrahim M. Turhan

  • 2012 Global financial crisis and foreign development assistance shocks in least developing countries
    by Das, Debasish Kumar & Dutta, Champa Bati

  • 2012 Un soutien appuyé malgré des effets limités : comment expliquer le paradoxe de la privatisation des infrastructures de la BM en Afrique sub-saharienne ?
    by Arthur Foch

  • 2012 The Rise Of The Swiss Tax Haven In The Interwar Period: An International Comparison
    by Christoph Farquet

  • 2012 ¿Son más corruptos los países menos abiertos a los mercados internacionales? Aplicación de un modelo predictivo de clasificación basado en Redes Neuro
    by Cristian Picón

  • 2012 Perspectives Of The Financial Governance Of The European Union - Sustainability Of The Expenditure From The European Budget
    by Padurean, Elena & Dinga, Emil & Pop, Napoleon & Ionescu, Cornel & Leonida, Ionel & Campeanu, Emilia & Gyorgy, Attila & Vorniceanu, Marius & Gherghina, Rodica & Postole, Anca & Bercu, Ana Maria & Preda, Florin & Padurean, Alexandru & Buga, Elena

  • 2012 The role of the timeline in Granger causality test in the presence of daily data non-synchronism
    by Grigoryev, Ruslan & Jaffry, Shabbar & Marchenko, German

  • 2012 Investigation of the consequences of ignoring daily data non-synchronism in cross-market linkages: BRIC and developed countries
    by Grigoryev, Ruslan & Jaffry, Shabbar & Marchenko, German

  • 2012 La cooperación al desarrollo como parte de la estructura económica del capitalismo global/Development Cooperation as a Part of the Economic Structure of Global Capitalism: Alternative or Reinforcement?

  • 2012 Financial Globalization and Financial Development in Transition Countries
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar García.

  • 2012 The case for capital account management in emerging market economies: The experiences of the BRICs
    by Joerg Bibow

  • 2012 Does financial liberalization decrease capital flight? A panel causality analysis
    by Yalta, A. Yasemin & Yalta, A. Talha

  • 2012 Lifecycle effects on consumer financial product portfolios in South Africa: An exploratory analysis of four ethnic groups
    by Ngwenya, Mthunzi A. & Paas, Leonard J.

  • 2012 “Black Swans” before the “Black Swan” evidence from international LIBOR–OIS spreads
    by Olson, Eric & Miller, Scott & Wohar, Mark E.

  • 2012 Overreaction in capital flows to emerging markets: Booms and sudden stops
    by Agosin, Manuel R. & Huaita, Franklin

  • 2012 The relationship between liquidity, corporate governance, and firm valuation: Evidence from Russia
    by Li, Wei-Xuan & Chen, Clara Chia-Sheng & French, Joseph J.

  • 2012 Financial globalization and financial development in Latin America
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar García

  • 2011 Financial openness, disclosure and bank risk-taking in MENA countries
    by Arnaud Bourgain & Patrice Pieretti & Skerdilajda Zanaj

  • 2011 Permanent and Selective Capital Account Management Regimes as an Alternative to Self-Insurance Strategies in Emerging-market Economies
    by Jorg Bibow

  • 2011 The trend of the real exchange rate overvaluation in open emerging economies: the case of Brazil
    by André Nassif & Carmem Feijó & Eliane Araújo

  • 2011 Croissance et inflation en Argentine sous les mandatures Kirchner
    by Pierre Salama

  • 2011 Sovereign Wealth:The Role of State Capital in the New Financial Order

  • 2011 Universities and Authors: A Ranking Based on Published Papers
    by Paulo S A Sousa & Pedro Cosme C Vieira

  • 2011 Arbitraje con ADRs: un estudio de caso sectorial para empresas de Colombia, México, Brasil y Chile
    by Nicolás Acevedo & Daniela Fleisman & Angélica Montoya & Andrés Mauricio Mora

  • 2011 Globalización financiera y sus efectos sobre el desarrollo financiero
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar

  • 2011 Globalización financiera y sus efectos sobre el desarrollo financiero
    by Edgar Demetrio Tovar

  • 2010 Sectoral productivity and spillover effects of FDI in Latin America
    by Gabriele Tondl & Jorge A. Fornero

  • 2010 The Effect of Government Purchases on Economic Growth in Japan
    by Federico Guerrero & Elliott Parker

  • 2010 Volatility Spillover in India, USA and Japan Investigation of Recession Effects
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Sinha, Gyanesh

  • 2010 Volatility Spillover in India, USA and Japan Investigation of Recession Effects
    by Sinha, Pankaj & Sinha, Gyanesh

  • 2010 From Beijing to Bentonville: Do Multinational Retailers Link Markets?
    by Keith Head & Ran Jing & Deborah L. Swenson

  • 2010 Global Crisis, National Responses: The Political Economy of Turkish Exceptionalism
    by Ziya Onis & Ali Burak Güven

  • 2010 Do Foreign Asset Holdings Affect Household Consumption?
    by Cameron McLoughlin

  • 2010 Islamic finance and conventional financial systems. Market trends, supervisory perspectives and implications for central banking activity
    by Giorgio Gomel & Angelo Cicogna & Domenico De Falco & Marco Valerio Della Penna & Lorenzo Di Bona De Sarzana & Angela Di Maria & Patrizia Di Natale & Alessandra Freni & Sergio Masciantonio & Giacomo Oddo & Emilio Vadal�

  • 2010 The Current Account and the External Trade Balance Sheet of Romania. Evolution and Features after 1990
    by GIURGIU Adriana, & NEGREA Adrian & HATEGAN D.B. Anca

  • 2010 Doviz Kuru Oynakliginin Ithalata Etkileri: Turkiye Ornegi
    by Aydin SARI

  • 2010 Generalidades de los ADRS: Un estudio de caso sectorial para empresas de Colombia, México, Brasil y Chile
    by Andrés Mauricio Mora & Daniela Fleisman & Angélica Montoya & Nicolás Acevedo

  • 2009 Overreaction in capital flows to emerging markets: Booms and sudden stops
    by Manuel Agosin & Franklin Huaita

  • 2009 Long-Run Determinants of Japanese Import Flows from USA and China : A Sectoral Approach
    by Serge REY & Jacques JAUSSAUD

  • 2009 Long-Run Determinants of Japanese Exports to China and the United States: A Sectoral Analysis
    by Serge REY & Jacques JAUSSAUD

  • 2009 Liquidity, volume and dividend yields in stock return data: Evidence from London Stock Exchange
    by Vasilakis, Chrysovalantis & Samitas, Aristeidis

  • 2009 International Financial competition and bank risk-taking in emerging economies
    by Arnaud Bourgain & Patrice Pieretti & Skerdilajda Zanaj

  • 2009 The Multilateral Response to the Global Crisis: Rationale, Modalities, and Feasibility
    by Eduardo Fernández-Arias & Andrew Powell & Alessandro Rebucci

  • 2009 Exchange Rate Management in Emerging Markets: Intervention via an Electronic Limit Order Book
    by Michael Melvin & Lukas Menkhoff & Maik Schmeling

  • 2009 Marco Institucional de la Contabilidad y las Finanzas
    by Galindo Lucas, Alfonso

  • 2009 Tipo de cambio y determinantes monetarios en el periodo de flotacion en Mexico
    by Leonardo Egidio Torre Cepeda

  • 2009 The Effects Of Foreign Investments On Romanian Economy
    by Popa Lucia Ramona

  • 2009 The Impact of Economic Crisis on Direct Foreign Investments
    by Lucia Ramona POPA

  • 2009 CLIMATE CHANGES – ESSENTIAL CHALLENGE FOR THE ECONOMY OF KNOWLEDGE Emilian M. Dobrescu, Romanian Academy Diana-Mihaela Pociovalisteanu , “Constantin Brancusi†University of Targu Jiu Gabriel Popescu , The Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies
    by Emilian M. Dobrescu & Diana-Mihaela Pociovălişteanu & Gabriel Popescu

  • 2009 STRUCTURAL FUNDS AND OVERCOMING THE ECONOMIC CRISIS Emilian M. Dobrescu, Romanian Academy and Spiru Haret University Cristina Barna, Spiru Haret University Bucharest
    by Emilian M. Dobrescu & Cristina Barna

  • 2009 The Fight Against Fraud And Tax Evasion In The European Union. The Protection Of Community Financial Interests In Romania
    by Stela Aurelia Toader & Mihai Aristotel Ungureanu & Iuliana Predescu & Antoniu Predescu

  • 2008 Empirical evidence on the relationships between concentration and profitability in Latin American banking
    by Arize, Augustine C. & Kallianotis, Ioannis N. & Kasibhatla, Krishna M. & Malindretos, John & Rivera-Solis, Luis Eduardo

  • 2008 Demutualization, Outsider Ownership and Stock Exchange Performance - Empirical Evidence
    by Baris Serifsoy

  • 2008 International Reserves, Current Account Imbalance And External Debt: Evidence From Malaysia
    by Eliza Nor & M. Azali & Siong-Hook Law

  • 2008 Case Studies on Globalization and Money Laundering
    by Eckhard Freyer

  • 2008 Hypotekárna kríza v USA
    by Eva Majerníková

  • 2008 Capital Flows and Destabilizing Policy in Latin America
    by Jose Ricardo da Costa e Silva & Ryan A. Compton

  • 2007 Perakendeci markaların önlenemez yükselişi ve tekstil sektörü için alternatif çıkış önerileri
    by Ahmet BARDAKÇI & Hakan SARITAŞ & Hakan AYGÖREN

  • 2007 The Effect of Federal Government Size on Long-Term Economic Growth in the United States, 1792-2004
    by Federico Guerrero & Elliott Parker

  • 2007 Why Should Emerging-Market Countries (Still) Concern Themselves With Capital Inflows?
    by Franklin Huaita & Manuel Agosín Trumper

  • 2007 An Empirical Investigation of Capital Flight from Zimbabwe
    by Albert Makochekanwa

  • 2007 Stock Exchange Business Models and Their Operative Performance - Empirical Evidence
    by Baris Serifsoy

  • 2007 International Financial Instability:Global Banking and National Regulation

  • 2007 ¿Es estable la relación entre tipo de cambio y posiciones netas de los especuladores en monedas de economías desarrolladas? Evidencia del Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    by Leonardo Egidio Torre Cepeda & María Elena Lavín Morales

  • 2007 Tipo de cambio, posiciones netas de los especuladores y el tamaño del mercado de futuros del peso mexicano
    by Leonardo Egidio Torre Cepeda & Olga Provorova Panteleyeva

  • 2007 Foreign Direct Investment – Growht Nexus: A Review of The Recent Literature
    by Ozturk, I.

  • 2006 Fixed Investments and Capital Flows: A Real Options Approach
    by Chan-Lau, Jorge A. & Clark, P.B.

  • 2006 Early-Stage Globalization and Corporate Debt Maturity: The Case of South Korea, 1980-94
    by Federico Guerrero

  • 2006 Financial Liberalization and Corporate Debt Maturity in Thailand, 1993-97
    by Federico Guerrero & Elliott Parker

  • 2006 Bounds testing approach: an examination of foreign direct investment, trade, and growth relationships
    by Frimpong, Joseph Magnus & Oteng-Abayie, Eric Fosu

  • 2006 Bivariate causality analysis between FDI inflows and economic growth in Ghana
    by Frimpong, Joseph Magnus & Oteng-Abayie, Eric Fosu

  • 2006 Insurance Underwriter or Financial Development Fund: What Role for Reserve Pooling in Latin America?
    by Barry Eichengreen

  • 2006 Market Conduct, Price Interdependence and Exchange Rate Pass-Through
    by Sophocles N. Brissimis & Theodora S. Kosma

  • 2006 An Overview of Cross-Border Bank Policy Issues
    by Eric Rosengren

  • 2006 Designing the Home–Host Relationship to Support in Good Times and Bad: Trans-Tasman Developments
    by Adrian Orr

  • 2006 Where to from Here?: Comments
    by Christine Cumming

  • 2006 Comments on Cross-Border Banking: Regulatory Challenges
    by Cesare Calari

  • 2006 Bank Insolvency Procedures as Foundation for Market Discipline
    by Apanard Angkinand & Clas Wihlborg

  • 2006 Banking in a Changing World: Issues and Questions in the Resolution of Cross-Border Banks
    by Michael Krimminger

  • 2006 Designing a Bank Safety Net: Regulatory Challenges for Cross-Border Banking
    by Asli Demirgüç-Kunt

  • 2006 Payment Systems and the Safety Net: The Role of Central Bank Money and Oversight
    by Jeff Stehm

  • 2006 The Lender of Last Resort in the European Single Financial Market
    by Garry J. Schinasi & Pedro Gustavo Teixeira

  • 2006 Challenges for Deposit Insurance and Financial Stability in Cross-Border Banking Environments with Emphasis on the European Union
    by Robert A. Eisenbeis & George G. Kaufman

  • 2006 Market Discipline Issues Associated with Cross-Border Banking
    by Douglas D. Evanoff

  • 2006 Cross-Border Banking, Market Discipline and the Ability to Stand Alone
    by Juan Pablo Graf & Pascual O'Dogherty

  • 2006 Market Discipline Issues and Cross-Border Banking: A Nordic Perspective
    by Thorvald Grung Moe

  • 2006 Confronting Divergent Interests in Cross-Country Regulatory Arrangements
    by Edward J. Kane

  • 2006 Comments on Jackson, Bielicki and Bednarski, and Majnoni and Powell
    by João A. C. Santos

  • 2006 Basel II and Home versus Host Regulation
    by Giovanni Majnoni & Andrew Powell

  • 2006 Basel II Home Host Issues
    by Patricia Jackson

  • 2006 Home and Host Supervisors' Relations from a Host Supervisor's Perspective
    by Piotr Bednarski & Grzegorz Bielicki

  • 2006 Cross-Border Banking — Regulatory Challenges: Comments
    by John H. Boyd

  • 2006 Bank Concentration and Credit Volatility
    by Alejandro Micco & Ugo Panizza

  • 2006 Competitive Implications of Cross-Border Banking
    by Stijn Claessens

  • 2006 Why is Foreign Bank Penetration So Low in Developed Nations?
    by Allen N. Berger

  • 2006 Discussion of the Session “Survey of the Current Landscape”
    by Philipp Hartmann

  • 2006 Cross-Border Banking in Asia: Basel II and Other Prudential Issues
    by Stefan Hohl & Patrick McGuire & Eli Remolona

  • 2006 Risks in U.S. Bank International Exposures
    by Nicola Cetorelli & Linda S. Goldberg

  • 2006 European Banking Integration and the Societas Europaea: From Host-Country to Home-Country Control
    by Jean Dermine

  • 2006 Comments on Cross-Border Banking: Regulatory Challenges
    by Howard Davies

  • 2006 Regulatory Challenges: The Road Ahead
    by Nicholas Le Pan

  • 2006 Remarks on Cross Border Banking: Regulatory Challenges
    by Eugene A. Ludwig

  • 2006 Cross-Border Banking and the Challenges Faced by Host Country Authorities
    by Guillermo Ortiz

  • 2006 Cross-Border Banking: Forces Driving Change and Resulting Regulatory Challenges
    by Michael H. Moskow

  • 2006 Cross-Border Banking:Regulatory Challenges

  • 2006(XVI) Tripolarisation Of The Currencies In The World Economy: Us Dollar – Euro – Yen
    by Ramona TOMA

  • 2005 Market Power, Innovative Activity and Exchange Rate Pass-Through
    by Sophocles N. Brissimis & Theodora S. Kosma

  • 2005 Financial Integration and the New EU Member Countries: Challenges and Dilemmas
    by Antonín Rusek

  • 2005 Did Output Recover from the Asian Crisis?
    by Valerie Cerra & Sweta Chaman Saxena

  • 2005 Migración laboral internacional, remesas y crecimiento económico
    by Mónica María Sinisterra Rodríguez

  • 2004 Real Exchange Rate Misalignments
    by Frederico Valladares & Cristina Terra

  • 2004 Optimal Asian Multi-Currency Strategy Portfolios with Exact Risk Attribution

  • 2004 Capital Regulation and Credit Risk Taking : Empirical Evidence from Banks in Emerging Market Economies
    by Christophe Godlewski

  • 2004 Bank Risk-Taking in a Prospect Theory Framework Empirical Investigation in the Emerging Markets’ Case
    by Christophe Godlewski

  • 2004 Are Bank Ratings Coherent with Bank Default Probabilities in Emerging Market Economies ?
    by Christophe Godlewski

  • 2004 Acerca del proceso de formación de precios internos en Uruguay en 1986.1-2003.4: un enfoque de cointegración multivariado
    by Elizabeth Bucacos

  • 2003 Banks, Maturity Mismatches and Liquidity Crises: A Simple Model
    by Rajan ( , Ramkishen S. & Bird, Graham

  • 2003 A primer on new techniques used by the sophisticated financial fraudster, with special reference to commodity market instruments
    by Lamon Rutten

  • 2003 The Gold Standard and Center-Periphery Interactions
    by Matias Vernengo

  • 2003 The 1997-98 financial crisis in Malaysia: causes, response, and results – A Rejoinder
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2003 International portfolio choice, liquidity constraints and the home equity bias puzzle
    by Michaelides, Alexander

  • 2001 International Portfolio Choice and Liquidity Constraints: Can Small Information Costs Explain the Home Equity Bias Puzzle?
    by Alexander Michaelides

  • 2001 Hedging Exchange Rate Economic Exposure: Real Options Or Currency Options?
    by Kanas, Angelos

  • 2001 Conditional dependency of financial series : an application of copulas
    by ROCKINGER, Michael & JONDEAU, Eric

  • 2001 The Role of American Depositary Receipts in the Development of Emerging Markets
    by Alberto Moel

  • 2000 Exchange Rate Economic Exposure under Collusive Pricing and Hedging Using Asian Currency Options
    by Kanas , Angelos

  • 2000 Lithuania—The Persistent Dependency on the State
    by John Dawson & Stephen Everhart

  • 2000 Poland—Toward a Sustainable Financing Structure
    by Witold M. Orlowski

  • 2000 Latvia—Finely Balanced for Growth
    by Stephen J. Peachey

  • 2000 Estonia—When the Problem is the Private Sector
    by Stephen J. Peachy

  • 2000 Russia—A National Unwillingness to Pay for Government
    by John A. Holsen

  • 2000 Hungary—Tapping Resilient Household Savers
    by Anna Kerekes

  • 2000 Romania—Dealing with the Twin Deficit
    by Stephen J. Peachey

  • 2000 Kazakhstan—Financing Imbalances in a Resource Rich Economy
    by John Dawson & Stephen Everhart

  • 2000 The Evolution of Financial Systems in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: An Overview Through the Lens of the Flow of Funds
    by Marcelo M. Giugale & Alexander E. Fleming

  • 2000 The Flow of Funds in a Transition Context
    by Alexander E. Fleming & Marcelo M. Giugale

  • 2000 Life at the Top: International Currencies in the 21st Century
    by Benjamín J Cohen

  • 1999 Effects and Implications for Adoption of Brokerage System in Korea's Foreign Exchange Market
    by Wang, Yunjong & Chung , Chae-Shick

  • 1998 exit Option, Boundary Building, Political Structuring
    by Bartolini, S.

  • 1998 Statistical Properties of the Sample Semi-variance, with Applications to Emerging Markets' Data
    by Bond, Shaun A & Satchell, Stephen E

  • 1998 Network Effects and Welfare Cultures
    by Marianne Bertrand & Erzo F.P. Luttmer & Sendhil Mullainathan

  • 1996 Decodage des changements sur les marches internationaux des capitaux a la lumiere de l'evolution des conventions
    by Leroux, F.

  • 1996 Corporate Planning and Latin American Economic Integration with NAFTA
    by Joly, A.

  • 1996 Optimal Exchange Rate Targets and Macroeconomic Stabilization
    by Enrique Alberola Ila

  • 1996 The Current Account Issue Revisited
    by Corden, W.M.

  • 1995 Aid, Poverty Allevistion - Some Elementary Lessons from Pricipal-Agent Theory
    by Pedersen, K.R.

  • 1995 Aid, Poverty Allevistion and Incentives
    by Pedersen, K.R.

  • 1995 On the Marginal Cost of Public Funds and the Value of Development Aid
    by Pedersen, K.R.

  • 1995 The Forecasting Ability of Correlations Implied in Foreign Exchange Options
    by Campa, J.M. & Chang, P.H.K.

  • 1995 Arbitrage-Based Tests of Target Zone Credibility: Evidence from ERM Cross-Rate Options
    by Campa, J.M. & Chang, P.H.K.

  • 1994 The determinants of commodity prices
    by Reinhart, Carmen & Borensztein, Eduardo

  • 1994 The Macroeconomic Determinants of Commodity Prices
    by Eduardo Borensztein & Carmen M. Reinhart

  • 1982 Bilateral and multilateral exchange rate and purchasing power parity indexes: the aggregation problem
    by Galy, Michel

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