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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P2: Socialist Systems and Transition Economies
/ / / P25: Urban, Rural, and Regional Economics
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Job accessibility, employment and job-education mismatch in the metropolitan area of Barcelona
    by Antonio Di Paolo & Anna Matas & Josep Lluís Raymond
  • 2014 Special Economic Zones - 20 years later
    by Camilla Jensen & Marcin winiarczyk
  • 2014 Business, Brokers and Borders: The Structure of West African Trade Networks
    by Olivier Walther
  • 2014 The Urban-Rural Divide: Perceptions of Inequality in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Chiara Binelli & Matthew Loveless
  • 2014 Foregign Direct Investment and Regional Economic Growth in Russia: An Econometric Assessment
    by Iwasaki, Ichiro & Suganuma, Keiko
  • 2014 ロシアへの外国直接投資と地域経済成長−−パネルデータによる実証分析−−
    by 岩﨑, 一郎 & 菅沼, 桂子
  • 2014 University Knowledge Spillovers & Regional Start-up Rates: Supply and Demand Side Factors
    by Hellerstedt, Karin & Wennberg, Karl & Frederiksen, Lars
  • 2014 Similar Challenges - Different Responses: Housing Policy in Germany and Russia between the Two World Wars
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Mark G. Meerovich
  • 2014 Skill development in the transition to a ‘green economy’: A ‘varieties of capitalism’ analysis
    by Dean Stroud & Peter Fairbrother & Claire Evans & Joanne Blake
  • 2014 Construcción de paz y un nuevo modelo de construcción de Estado: una lectura de los dos primeros acuerdos de La Habana
    by Julián Arévalo Bencardino
  • 2014 The Future of EU Regional Policy
  • 2014 Influence of Social Capital of Community Associations on the Urban Development
    by Shagalov, I.
  • 2014 Im Fokus: Veränderungen im Städtesystem Russlands: Fortdauernde Tendenz zur Konzentration
    by Albrecht Kauffmann
  • 2014 The Operation Of New Transportation Infrastructure And Regional Economic Efficiency: A Case Study Of High Speed Rail In Western Taiwan
    by Chih Cheng CHEN
  • 2014 Prospects for Consumption-Based Growth in China
    by Christian Dreger & Yanqun Zhang
  • 2014 Matrix For Cooperation In The Cross-Border Areas
    by Marcela ȘLUSARCIUC
  • 2013 Crowding Externalities from Tourist Use of Urban Space
    by Bart Neuts & Peter Nijkamp & Eveline van Leeuwen
  • 2013 Russian Regions: Foreign Trade and Economic Development
    by Vladimir Sherov-Ignatyev
  • 2013 The Russian Urban System in Transition: The View of New Economic Geography
    by Albrecht Kauffmann
  • 2013 The emerging structure of Russian urban systems: a classification based on Self-Organizing Maps
    by Lidia Diappi & Paola Bolchi & Irina Slepukhina
  • 2013 Polish high unemployment and spatial labor turnover. Insights from panel data analysis using unemployment registry data
    by Francesco Pastore & Joanna Tyrowicz
  • 2013 Predicting risk of credit default using discriminant aproach:A study of tribal dairy darmers from Jharkhand
    by MK, Sinha & JP, Dhaka
  • 2013 Determinants of profitability of Polish rural micro-enterprises
    by Janda, Karel & Strielkowski, Wadim & Rausser, Gordon
  • 2013 Strategic Responses on Population Ageing in Regional Policy
    by Andrzej, Klimczuk
  • 2013 The Geography of Patenting In India: Patterns and Determinants
    by Pradhan, Jaya Prakash
  • 2013 Growth Trends and Characteristics of OECD Rural Regions
    by Enrique Garcilazo
  • 2013 Policies for Inclusive Urbanisation in China
    by Vincent Koen & Richard Herd & Xiao Wang & Thomas Chalaux
  • 2013 Is There Convergence of Russia's Regions?: Exploring the Empirical Evidence: 1995–2010
    by Hartmut Lehmann & Maria Giulia Silvagni
  • 2013 Ready, set, go! Why are some regions entrepreneurial jump-starters?
    by Michael Wyrwich
  • 2013 Is There Convergence of Russia's Regions? Exploring the Empirical Evidence: 1995–2010
    by Lehmann, Hartmut & Silvagni, Maria Giulia
  • 2013 Does Owner-Occupied Housing Affect Neighbourhood Crime?
    by Lauridsen, Jørgen & Nannerup, Niels & Skak, Morten
  • 2013 RETURNS TO LOCATION IN RETAIL: Investigating the relevance of market size and regional hierarchy
    by Öner, Özge
  • 2013 RETAIL CITY: Does accessibility to shops explain place attractiveness?
    by Öner, Özge
  • 2013 Growth dynamics and conditional convergence among Chinese provinces: a panel data investigation using system GMM estimator
    by Céline BONNEFOND
  • 2013 In search of the elusive Chinese urban middle class: An exploratory analysis
    by Céline BONNEFOND & Matthieu CLEMENT & François COMBARNOUS
  • 2013 Two contrasting experiences. The rural land market in sixteenth century Flanders and Brabant
    by Nicolas De Vijlder
  • 2013 Crowding Externalities from Tourist Use of Urban Space
    by Bart Neuts & Peter Nijkamp & Eveline van Leeuwen
  • 2013 Is There Convergence of Russia’s Regions? Exploring the Empirical Evidence: 1995 – 2010
    by H. Lehmann & M. G. Silvagni
  • 2013 Local Authority versus Local Public Utilities: A Governance Issue
    by Silvia FISSI & Elena GORI & Alberto ROMOLINI
  • 2013 Foreign Investments and Local Development: The ICT System in the Province of L’Aquila
    by Lelio Iapadre
  • 2013 Regional Development And Innovation In Romania. Challenges And Perspectives
    by Chirila Lavinia Florentina & & &
  • 2013 Agroecological Directed Of Vertically Integrated Companies In Sustainability Rural Development
    by Vitalii NITENKO
  • 2013 Specialization and Agglomeration Patterns in Eastern Europe
    by Sheila A. Chapman
  • 2013 Wage Implications at EU Level
    by Miron Dumitrescu & Magda Alina Manole & Luminita Leocadia Sarbu & Mihaela Daniela Niculescu
  • 2013 The Relation Between Industrial And Socio-Economic Fundametals In German Districts
    by Anne MARGARIAN
  • 2013 A Theoretical And Methodological Approach Of "Fragile" Areas: The Cases Of Greek Regions Crossed By The Egnatia Road
    by Lamara HADJOU & Marie Noëlle DUQUENNE
  • 2013 Energy policy and regional inequalities in the Brazilian economy
    by Santos, Gervasio F. & Haddad, Eduardo A. & Hewings, Geoffrey J.D.
  • 2013 Understanding and Measuring the Role of Investors’ Social Capital Level in the Development Process: A Case Study from Turkey
    by Bahar Burtan Dogan
  • 2013 Concentration of goods traffic in Spanish ports during the period 2000-2009
  • 2013 Perspektiven eines konsumgesteuerten Wachstums in China
    by Christian Dreger & Yanqun Zhang
  • 2013 Availability and Organization of Social Services in the Areas of Intense Urbanization (Example of Poznan Agglomeration)
    by Marzena Walaszek
  • 2013 Statistical View of Bygosscz-Toruń Metropolitan Area Compared to other Metropolitan Areas in Poland by OECD Typology
    by Wieslawa Gieranczyk & Marta Kobyłecka & Agata Kordowska
  • 2013 The Role of Interregional Transportation Network in Development of Polish Regions: An Application of the Economic Potential Model
    by Andrzej Cieslik & Bartłomiej Rokicki
  • 2013 Understanding China's Urban Pollution Dynamics
    by Siqi Zheng & Matthew E. Kahn
  • 2013 Urban Accounting and Welfare
    by Klaus Desmet & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
  • 2012 Determinants of the rural nonfarm economy in Tajikistan
    by Atamanov, Aziz & Van den Berg, Marrit
  • 2012 Primary Distribution, Top Incomes and Inequality in China, 1978-2007
    by Ricardo Molero Simarro
  • 2012 An Analysis of Administrative "Best Practices" in the Administration of Business Incubators
    by Mark Middleton & Peter Schaeffer & Randall Jackson
  • 2012 Linkage between Microfinance participation and securing Employment through MGNREGP
    by Kundu, AMIT
  • 2012 Dynamic processes of an airport's system. A value network analysis
    by Vaz, Margarida & Silva, Jorge & Baltazar, Emília & Marques, Tiago & Reis, Tiago
  • 2012 Subvenciones para un entendimiento interdisciplinario de la ciudad y de lo urbano: diálogos entre la geografía, la arquitectura, la economía y la sociología - la experiencia del máster en metropolización, planificación estratégica y sustentabilidad
    by Marques, Bruno Pereira & Cardoso, Sónia Paulo & Salvador, Regina & Reis, Judite Lourenço
  • 2012 Gulag, WWII and the Long-run Patterns of Soviet City Growth
    by Mikhailova, Tatiana
  • 2012 Large Agglomerations and Economic Growth in Urban India: An Application of Panel Data Model
    by Tripathi, Sabyasachi
  • 2012 Kapitał społeczny ludzi starych na przykładzie mieszkańców miasta Białystok
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej
  • 2012 Cluster Policy as a Development Strategy. Case Studies from the Middle East and North Africa
    by Maximilian Benner
  • 2012 Labour Turnover and the Spatial Distribution of Unemployment: A Panel Data Analysis Using Employment Registry Data
    by Pastore, Francesco & Tyrowicz, Joanna
  • 2012 Is There a Southern-Sclerosis? Worker Reallocation and Regional Unemployment in Italy
    by Mussida, Chiara & Pastore, Francesco
  • 2012 Ethnic Discrimination in China's Internet Job Board Labor Market
    by Maurer-Fazio, Margaret
  • 2012 A Control Function Approach to Estimating Dynamic Probit Models with Endogenous Regressors, with an Application to the Study of Poverty Persistence in China
    by Giles, John T. & Murtazashvili, Irina
  • 2012 Does It Pay to Be a Cadre? Estimating the Returns to Being a Local Official in Rural China
    by Zhang, Jian & Giles, John T. & Rozelle, Scott
  • 2012 Networks, Trust, and Trade: The Microeconomics of China–North Korea Integration
    by Marcus Noland & Stephan Haggard
  • 2012 The Statistical Analysis of Crime Data at Street Level: Models Comparison
    by Enrico di Bella & Lucia Leporatti & Luca Persico
  • 2012 Analiza potencja³u konkurencyjnego polskich regionów
    by Anna Golejewska & Damian Gajda
  • 2012 Human capital and regional growth perspective
    by Anna Golejewska
  • 2012 Competitiveness, innovation and regional development. The case of the Visegrad Group countries
    by Anna Golejewska
  • 2012 Digital Urban Network Connectivity: Global and Chinese Internet Patterns
    by Emmanouil Tranos & Karima Kourtit & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2012 Planificación regional: recuperación y desafíos para la agenda pública de Argentina
    by Ariel García & Alejandro Rofman
  • 2012 Territorios funcionales: un análisis del gradiente rural-urbano para Colombia
    by Fernando Carriazo & Mónica Juliana Reyes
  • 2012 House price cycles in emerging economies
    by Alessio Ciarlone
  • 2012 Una mirada de largo plazo a la economía campesina en los Andes
    by Javier Escobal & Carmen ponce
  • 2012 Kapitał społeczny ludzi starych na przykładzie mieszkańców miasta Białystok
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej
  • 2012 Organisation et performance des filières alimentaires dans les pays du Sud : le rôle de la proximité. Synthèse des travaux pour l’habilitation à diriger des recherches
    by Moustier, P.
  • 2012 Desarrollo rural y recursos naturales
    by Javier Escobal & Carmen Ponce & Gerardo Damonte & Manuel Glave
  • 2012 Relationship between Personality Traits of the Urban Poor Concerning Solid Waste Management and Household Income and Education
    by Wahid Md. Murad & Mahadi Md. Hasan & Muhammad Shoeb-Ur-Rahman
  • 2012 Modelling Of Interregional Migration In Slovakia
    by Martin JANOTKA & Vladimir GAZDA
  • 2012 Talent, technology and economic development in the Spanish Provinces
    by Casares, Pedro & Coto-Millán, Pablo & Inglada López de Sabando, Vicente
  • 2012 Analysis Of Rural Tourism Potential Of Region Crisana
  • 2012 Im Fokus: Technologie- und Gründerzentren in Mittel- und Osteuropa
    by Michael Schwartz & S. Blesse
  • 2012 La Revista Completa
    by Instituto para la Integración de América Latina y el Caribe, INTAL
  • 2012 The Complete Issue
    by Institute for the Integration of Latin America and the Caribbean, INTAL
  • 2012 Challenge Of Common Agricultural Policy For Rural Development In Romania
    by Rusu, Marioara
  • 2012 Transition And Social Change In The Romanian Rural Area
    by Tudor, Monica Mihaela
  • 2012 Evaluating conditions in major Chinese housing markets
    by Wu, Jing & Gyourko, Joseph & Deng, Yongheng
  • 2012 Does it pay to be a cadre? Estimating the returns to being a local official in rural China
    by Zhang, Jian & Giles, John & Rozelle, Scott
  • 2012 Urban and rural energy use and carbon dioxide emissions in Asia
    by Krey, Volker & O'Neill, Brian C. & van Ruijven, Bas & Chaturvedi, Vaibhav & Daioglou, Vassilis & Eom, Jiyong & Jiang, Leiwen & Nagai, Yu & Pachauri, Shonali & Ren, Xiaolin
  • 2012 Individual well-being in urban China: The role of income expectations
    by Liu, Zhiqiang & Shang, Qingyan
  • 2012 Specialized markets and Chinese industrial clusters: The experience of Zhejiang Province
    by Bellandi, Marco & Lombardi, Silvia
  • 2012 A Multiregional Analysis Of The Entrepreneurship In Romania'S Rural Areas In The Context Of European Funding Opportunities
    by BURCEA Marin
  • 2012 Food availability, food entitlements, and radicalism during the Chinese great leap forward famine: an econometric panel data analysis
    by Matthieu Clément
  • 2012 Labor Market Outcomes and Reforms in China
    by Xin Meng
  • 2012 How Did China Take Off?
    by Yasheng Huang
  • 2011 Equitable access to land as a means of poverty reduction in rural china
    by Hao, Yan
  • 2011 Finanzielle Staatshilfen für den Agrarsektor und deren regionale Verteilung
    by Plankl, Reiner
  • 2011 Energy Policy and Regional Inequalities in the Brazilian Economy
    by Gervásio F. Santos & Eduardo A. Haddad, Geoffrey J. D. Hewings
  • 2011 Transition Economique Et Systeme De Production Local : Une Approche Theorique Economic Transition And Local System Of Production: A Theoretical Approach
    by Maria LOREK
  • 2011 Social-ecological-economic efficiency assessment of the existing scheme of communal solid waste handling in St. Petersburg
    by Shcherbakova, Nadezda
  • 2011 Социально-Эколого-Экономическая Оценка Эффективности Существующей Схемы Обращения С Твердыми Бытовыми Отходами Санкт-Петербурга
    by Shcherbakova, Nadezda
  • 2011 Development of industrial estates, ports and metropolitan and alternative roads in the Greater Hanoi Area
    by Nguyen, Binh Giang
  • 2011 Relações Intersetoriais E Inter-Regionais Nas Regiões-Pólo Paranaense Em 1995
    by MORETTO, A. C. & GUILHOTO, J. J. M.
  • 2011 A dynamic model of house price
    by Wang, Zigan & Zhu, Youwei
  • 2011 Regional specialization: a measure method and the trends in China
    by Lu, Zheng & Flegg, A.Tony & Deng, Xiang
  • 2011 Neighborhood preferences of house buyers: the case of klang valley, malaysia
    by Tan, teck hong
  • 2011 Population density and regional welfare efficiency
    by Halkos, George & Tzeremes, Nickolaos
  • 2011 Asymmetrien in der Neuen Ökonomischen Geographie : Modelle, Simulationsmethoden und wirtschaftspolitische Diskussion = Asymmetries in new economic geography : models, simulation methods and economic discussion
    by Sascha Frohwerk
  • 2011 Converging Wages, Diverging GRP: Directed Technical Change and Endogenous Growth. Empirical Analysis of Growth Patterns across Kazakh regions
    by Alisher Aldashev
  • 2011 Cities in Transition
    by Oleksandr Shepotylo
  • 2011 A ‘de Soto Effect’ in Industry? Evidence from the Russian Federation
    by Pyle, William & Schoors, Koen
  • 2011 Related Variety, Global Connectivity and Institutional Embeddedness: Internet Development in Beijing and Shanghai Compared
    by Jun Zhang
  • 2011 Driving Urban Economic Growth – Evidence from Transition Economies
    by Belitski Maksim
  • 2011 Pricing of real estate specific market risks for worldwide 66 countries
    by Lieser, Karsten
  • 2011 The determinants of international commercial real estate investments
    by Lieser, Karsten & Groh, Alexander P.
  • 2011 BEIJING RECORD:A Physical and Political History of Planning Modern Beijing
    by Jun Wang
  • 2011 Strategic Responses on Population Ageing in Regional Policy
    by Klimczuk, Andrzej
  • 2011 Agglomeration Economies in Semi-industrialized Countries: Evidence from Argentina
    by José A. Borello & Hernán Morhorlang & Diego Silva Failde
  • 2011 The Romanians’ Preferences For Life Insurance And Optional Private Pension Products. A Regional Analysis
    by Ingrid Mihaela Dragota & Bogdan-Vasile Ileanu
  • 2011 Local development in the rural regions of Eastern Europe: Post-socialist paradoxes of economic and social entrepreneurship
    by Bruno Grancelli
  • 2011 Agglomerációs előnyök és regionális növekedés felzárkózó régiókban - a magyar átmenet esete
    by Szanyi, Miklós & Lengyel, Balázs
  • 2011 Is Income Inequality Endogenous In Regional Growth?
    by Yohannes G. Hailu & Mulugeta S. Kahsai & Tesfa G. Gebremedhin & Randall W. Jackson
  • 2011 Effects of Rural Non-Farm Employment on Poverty and Income Distribution: Evidence for Macedonia and Slovenia
    by Judith Moellers
  • 2011 Caratterizzazione socio-economica della regione Marche per sezioni di censimento
    by Adriana Conti Puorger & Pierpaolo Napolitano
  • 2011 The Requirements Of Developing The Regional Airline Tranportation In Turkey
    by Ali Emre Sarilgan
  • 2011 The Fundamental Institutions of China's Reforms and Development
    by Chenggang Xu
  • 2010 Methodologies of Analyzing Inter-Regional Income Inequality and Their Applications to Russia
    by Konstantin Gluschenko
  • 2010 Economic Inequality and Environmental Quality: Evidence of Pollution Shifting in Russia
    by Marina Vornovytskyy & James Boyce
  • 2010 A Model of the Housing Privatization Decision: The Case of Russia
    by Maria Plotnikova
  • 2010 Impacto de los Sistemas de Producción Agropecuarios en el Desarrollo Local Sostenible de Nicaragua, 1998-2005: Índice de Malmquist DEA con un producto Orientado
    by Zúniga González, Carlos Alberto
  • 2010 Tyrannical Greed and National Disintegration of the Sudanese Nation
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2010 Performance assessment of Russian homeowners associations : The importance of being social
    by Polishchuk, Leonid & Borisova, Ekaterina
  • 2010 Private renting in Romania
    by Gray, Patrick Francis & Epure, Manuela
  • 2010 Das Städtesystem der Russischen Föderation aus Sicht der Neuen Ökonomischen Geographie = The Russian system of cities from the perspective of New Economic Geography
    by Albrecht Kauffmann
  • 2010 Providing Greater Old-Age Security in China
    by Richard Herd & Hu-Wei Hu & Vincent Koen
  • 2010 A Pause in the Growth of Inequality in China?
    by Richard Herd
  • 2010 Evaluating Conditions in Major Chinese Housing Markets
    by Jing Wu & Joseph Gyourko & Yongheng Deng
  • 2010 Impact of The Global Crisis on Spatial Relationships in Russia
    by Konstantin Gluschenko
  • 2010 Why Are Household Incomes More Unequally Distributed in China than in Russia?
    by Gustafsson, Björn Anders & Li, Shi & Nivorozhkina, Ludmila
  • 2010 Why Are Household Incomes More Unequally Distributed in China than in Russia?
    by Gustafsson, Björn & Li, Shi & Nivorozhkina, Ludmila
  • 2010 Food Availability and Food Entitlements during the Chinese Great Leap Forward Famine: A dynamic panel data analysis (In French)
    by Matthieu CLEMENT (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)
  • 2010 Looking for Multiple Equilibria in Russian Urban System
    by Mikhailova Tatiana
  • 2010 The attractiveness of 66 countries for institutional real estate investments: A composite index approach
    by Lieser, Karsten & Groh, Alexander P.
  • 2010 Regional Entrepreneurial Heritage in a Socialist and a Post-Socialist Economy
    by Michael Wyrwich
  • 2010 Spatial Econometrics
    by James LeSage & R. Kelley Pace
  • 2010 Transition, Regional Features, Growth and Labour Market Dynamics
    by Enrico Marelli & Marcello Signorelli
  • 2010 Introduction
    by Floro Ernesto Caroleo & Francesco Pastore
  • 2010 The Labour Market Impact of the EU Enlargement. A New Regional Geography of Europe?
  • 2010 The Law of One Price in the Russian Economic Space
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin
  • 2010 Stochastic frontier in non-profit associations’ performance assessment (the case of homeowners’ associations)
    by Borisova, Ekaterina I. & Peresetsky, Anatoly & Polishchuk, Leonid
  • 2010 Economic Disparities Between Eu States And Regions
    by Ion CIUREA & Cornelia MIU
  • 2010 Macroeconomic Evolution in Romania’s Development Regions within the Current Economic- Financial Crisis
    by Mariana BALAN & Alina SOLOMON
  • 2010 Globalisation and Data Security in Electronic Commerce
    by Lazar Cristina Mihaela & Spatariu Elena Cerasela & Lazar Claudiu
  • 2010 Tourism Impact of European Cultural Capital Programs – Sibiu 2007 Preliminary Findings of a Follow up Aproach
    by GREG Richards & ILIE Rotariu
  • 2010 The Swot Analysis Of The Rural Tourism In The South- Eastern Romania
    by Spatariu Elena Cerasela & Trandafir Raluca Andreea & Lazar Cristina Mihaela
  • 2010 Regional Economic Disparities And Civil Society: Evidence From Croatia
    by Dula Borozan & Anita Frajman-Jaksic
  • 2010 Projects For Pre-Accession Eu Funds As A Contribution To The Development Of Croatian
    by Sanela Ravlic & Ivana Zelenko
  • 2010 De Minimis Aid For Local Economy Development
  • 2010 Competitiveness And Innovation Of The Romanian Companies
    by Csaba Nagy
  • 2010 Industry Cluster and Regional Economic Growth : Evidence from Hungary
    by Lengyel, Balázs & Iwasaki, Ichiro & Szanyi, Miklós
  • 2010 Why Are Saving Rates of Urban Households in China Rising?
    by Marcos D. Chamon & Eswar S. Prasad
  • 2009 Строительство И Обеспеченность Жильем: Региональные Различия
    by Potashev, Roman
  • 2009 How cities develop: Affinity Factor Model for forecasting city development and dispersion
    by Deodhar, Rahul Prakash
  • 2009 Competitiveness of Romania’s South-East Region in the European Context
    by Muntean, Mihaela-Carmen & Nistor, Costel & Nistor, Rozalia
  • 2009 Urbanisation and Migration: An Analysis of Trends, Patterns and Policies in Asia
    by Kundu, Amitabh
  • 2009 Методы Анализа Межрегионального Неравенства По Доходам И Их Приложение К России
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin
  • 2009 Socioeconomic heritage and rapid firm growth
    by Michael Wyrwich
  • 2009 Industry Concentration and Regional Innovative Performance – Empirical Evidence for Eastern Germany
    by Christoph Hornych & Michael Schwartz
  • 2009 Urbanisation and Migration: An Analysis of Trend, Pattern and Policies in Asia
    by Amitabh Kundu
  • 2009 Functional Polycentrism and Urban Network Development in the Greater South East UK: Evidence from Commuting Patterns, 1981-2001
    by de Goei, B. & Burger, M.J. & van Oort, F.G. & Kitson, M.
  • 2009 Tackling Climate Change At Home: Trends and Challenges in Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Buildings
    by Paola Deda & George Georgiadis
  • 2009 Approaches To The Efficiency Measurement Of Small Business Development
    by Natalya Filimonova & Svyatlana Bashrina
  • 2009 Tourism And Economic Development In Mountain Regions An Economic Assessment
    by Todt Horst
  • 2009 Assets of the Market, Assets of the Rural World: Pastoral Market Income Distribution in the Senegalese Sahel (Ferlo)
    by Abdrahmane Wane & Ibra Touré & Véronique Ancey
  • 2009 Competitiveness of Romania’s South-East Region in the European Context
    by Mihaela-Carmen MUNTEAN & Costel NISTOR & Rozalia NISTOR
  • 2008 Innovators and the Diversity of Innovation Systems
    by Uwe Cantner & Andreas Meder
  • 2008 Fallstudie zur Wirkung der Ausgleichszulage im Landkreis Vogelsberg (Hessen)
    by Daub, Regina
  • 2008 Fallstudie zur Wirkung der Ausgleichszulage im Landkreis Oberallgäu (Bayern)
    by Rudow, Katja & Pitsch, Marion
  • 2008 The extended metropolitan area in a new member state: implication for a rural development approach
    by M. Bruna Zolin
  • 2008 Street Vendors : Urban Problem and Economic Potential
    by Harlan Dimas
  • 2008 A Study of Residential Housing Demand in India
    by Bandyopadhyay, Arindam & Kuvalekar, S V & Basu, Sanjay & Baid, Shilpa & Saha, Asish
  • 2008 New and fringe residential development and emergency medical services response times in the United States
    by Lambert, Thomas & Meyer, Peter
  • 2008 Large reservoirs: are they the last Oasis for the survival of cities in India?
    by Mukherjee, Sacchidananda & Shah, Zankhana & Kumar, M. Dinesh
  • 2008 A cidade e o turismo: o urbano como produto turístico
    by Cruz, Ana Rita & Pinto, Hugo
  • 2008 Možnosti měření regionálních disparit – Nový pohled
    by Tuleja, Pavel
  • 2008 Hedonic demand for rented house in Kohima, Nagaland
    by Mishra, SK & Ngullie, ML
  • 2008 The Slow Decline of East Germany
    by Harald Uhlig
  • 2008 Intermediation, reciprocity and compatibility in regional innovation systems - an interregional comparison
    by Uwe Cantner & Andreas Meder & Tina Wolf
  • 2008 Innovators and the Diversity of Innovation Systems
    by Uwe Cantner & Andreas Meder
  • 2008 Innovator networks and regional knowledge base
    by Uwe Cantner & Andreas Meder & Anne ter Wal
  • 2008 Regional and technological effects of cooperation behavior
    by Uwe Cantner & Andreas Meder
  • 2008 Remittance Flows in the Transition Economies: Levels, Trends, and Determinants
    by Robert Shelburne & Jose Palacin
  • 2008 Determinants of House Prices in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Balazs Egert & Dubravko Mihaljek
  • 2008 The Concepts Of Specialisation And Spatial Concentration And The Process Of Economic Integration: Theoretical Relevance And Statistical Measures. The Case Of Romania’S Regions
    by Ion Lucian Ceapraz
  • 2008 Cohesion Policy:Methodology And Indicators Towards Common Approach
    by Maria Prezioso
  • 2008 Location Decision Variations of Japanese Investors in China
    by Cheng, Shaoming
  • 2008 The Productive Efficiency of the Health Care Sector of China
    by Ng, Ying Chu
  • 2008 Study of Agricultural Productivity and Its Convergence across China's Regions
    by Li, Guoping & Zeng, Xianfeng & Zhang, Lizhen
  • 2008 Forecasting Input Demand Shocks on China's Gross Value of Agricultural Output
    by Lambert, Dayton M. & Cho, Seong-Hoon
  • 2008 Labor Productivity Differences in China 1987-1997: An Interregional Decomposition Analysis
    by Yang, Ling & Lahr, Michael L.
  • 2008 China's Regional Disparity in Demographic Transition: A Spatial Analysis
    by Wang, Jiamin
  • 2008 Regional Knowledge Management For The Sustainable Development
    by Mihaela Muresan
  • 2008 Econometric model for analyzing HRD Funds absorption at regional level – North-East region
    by Paul RINDERU
  • 2008 From Riches To Rags: The Econo-Geographical Transformation Of North-Eastern Estonia
    by Robert Mikecz
  • 2007 Entwicklungstendenzen landwirtschaftlicher Familienbetriebe in Russland seit 1990
    by Bruisch, Katja
  • 2007 Determinants of House Prices in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Balazs Egert & Dubravko Mihaljek
  • 2007 The Great Divide: “Ruralisation” of Poverty in Russia
    by Christopher J Gerry & Eugene Nivorozhkin & John Rigg
  • 2007 Regional Human Development in transition economics: the role of institutions
    by Pasquale Tridico
  • 2007 L’enclave russe de Kaliningrad : spécificité territoriale et intégration à l’économie mondiale
    by Vinokurov, Evgeny
  • 2007 Regional disparities among countries and analysis of reasons of their creation
    by Stanislav, Kološta & et., al.
  • 2007 Transport Costs and the Size of Cities : the Case of Russia
    by Albrecht Kauffmann
  • 2007 Institutional change, regional features and aggregate performance in eight EU’s transition countries
    by Marcello Signorelli & Enrico Marelli
  • 2007 Regional Dispersion of Economic Activities And Models of Capitalism in Europe
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