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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ O: Economic Development, Technological Change, and Growth
/ / O0: General
/ / / O00: General

This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Economic History > Very Long-run Growth Economics

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Economic Growth
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Information Technology and Competitiveness: Evidence from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Survey in Cimahi District, Indonesia
    by Maman Setiawan & Rina Indiastuti & Peggie Destevanie
  • 2014 Evolving Comparative Advantage and the Impact of Climate Change in Agricultural Markets: Evidence from 1.7 Million Fields around the World
    by Arnaud Costinot & Dave Donaldson & Cory B. Smith
  • 2014 Optimal Development Policies with Financial Frictions
    by Oleg Itskhoki & Benjamin Moll
  • 2014 Beyond the R&D effects on innovation: the contribution of non-R&D activities to TFP growth in the EU
    by Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez & Diego Martinez
  • 2013 Industry and Revolution: Social and Economic Change in the Orizaba Valley, Mexico
    by Gómez-Galvarriato, Aurora
  • 2013 Work norms, social insurance and the allocation of talent
    by Corneo, Giacomo
  • 2013 Work Norms, Social Insurance and the Allocation of Talent
    by Corneo, Giacomo
  • 2013 El Perú hacia 2062: pensando juntos el futuro
    by José Luis Bonifaz & Carlos Casas & Cynthia A. Sanborn & Bruno Seminario & Roberto Urrunaga & Enrique Vásquez & Gustavo Yamada & María Alejandra Zegarra
  • 2013 Shelter from the Storm: Upgrading Housing Infrastructure in Latin American Slums
    by Sebastian Galiani & Paul Gertler & Ryan Cooper & Sebastian Martinez & Adam Ross & Raimundo Undurraga
  • 2013 Technology Diffusion: Measurement, Causes and Consequences
    by Diego A. Comin & Martí Mestieri
  • 2013 Finance and growth: New evidence from Meta-analysis
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2013 Finance and growth: Schumpeter might be wrong in our era. New evidence from Meta-analysis
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2013 Handbook of Economic Growth
  • 2013 From Imitation to Innovation: Public Policy for Industrial Transformation
    by Agenor, Pierre-Richard & Dinh, Hinh
  • 2013 Export, Economic Growth And Causality – A Case For India
    by Shamurailatpam Sofia Devi
  • 2013 Information & Consulting Support for Management of Agrarian Economic Sector Stable Development
    by Olena Mazurenko
  • 2013 Impact of Agricultural Land Concentration on Their Effective Use
    by Mykola Zos-Kior
  • 2013 Economic Security Within the State Complex Security System
    by Vasyl Efymov
  • 2013 Work norms, social insurance and the allocation of talent
    by Corneo, Giacomo
  • 2013 Energieeffizienz muss auf die politische Agenda: Energiewende erfordert Effizienzmaßnahmen
    by Heinz Dürr & Thomas Bauernhansl
  • 2013 The impact of the economic crisis on port development
    by Nechita Daniela
  • 2013 The strategic issues - structural elements of strategic management
    by Balta Corneliu
  • 2013(XXIII) A Comparison In Terms Of Carbon Emissions, Cost And Productivity Of The Most Used Technologies In The Young Thinned Stands – The Case Of Romania
    by Stelian Alexandru BORZ & Gheorghe IGNEA & Ilie OPREA & Valentina CIOBANU & Florin DINULICA
  • 2012 Financial Development and Economic Growth. A Theoretical and Empirical Overview
    by Filomena Pietrovito
  • 2012 Scale Effects and Productivity Across Countries: Does Country Size Matter?
    by Natalia Ramondo & Andrés Rodríguez-Clare & Milagro Saborío-Rodríguez
  • 2012 Trade and Geography in the Origins and Spread of Islam
    by Stelios Michalopoulos & Alireza Naghavi & Giovanni Prarolo
  • 2012 The Impact of Armed Conflict on Economic Performance: Evidence from Rwanda
    by Serneels, Pieter & Verpoorten, Marijke
  • 2012 Social insurance, work norms, and the allocation of talent
    by Corneo, Giacomo
  • 2012 Public Sector Management Reform: Toward a Problem-Solving Approach
    by Blum, Jurgen
  • 2012 Economic growth, size of the agricultural sector, and urbanization in Africa
    by Brückner, Markus
  • 2012 Business cycles and economic distortions
    by Raicu Gabriel & Stanca Costel & Raicu Alexandra
    by Valeriu IOAN-FRANC
  • 2011 Before and Beyond Divergence: The Politics of Economic Change in China and Europe
    by Rosenthal, Jean-Laurent & Wong, R. Bin
  • 2011 Taking Firms to the Stock Market: IPOs and the Importance of Universal Banks in Imperial Germany 1896-1913
    by Sibylle Lehmann
  • 2011 The Contribution of Schooling in Development Accounting: Results from a Nonparametric Upper Bound
    by Francesco Caselli & Antonio Ciccone
  • 2011 Knowledge Growth and the Allocation of Time
    by Robert E. Lucas, Jr. & Benjamin Moll
  • 2011 The Effect of Pollution on Labor Supply: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Mexico City
    by Rema Hanna & Paulina Oliva
  • 2011 Dynamics and Stagnation in the Malthusian Epoch
    by Quamrul Ashraf & Oded Galor
  • 2011 The Unofficial Economy in Africa
    by Rafael La Porta & Andrei Shleifer
  • 2011 The Returns to the Brain Drain and Brain Circulation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Some Computations Using Data from Ghana
    by Yaw Nyarko
  • 2011 The Service Sector as India's Road to Economic Growth
    by Barry Eichengreen & Poonam Gupta
  • 2011 Income Polarization, Convergence Tools and Mixture Analysis
    by Michele Battisti & Christopher F. Parmeter
  • 2011 Productivity Gains and Spillovers from Offshoring
    by Michel, Bernhard & Rycx, Francois
  • 2011 Productivity Gains and Spillovers from Offshoring
    by Michel, Bernhard & Rycx, Francois
  • 2011 Fiscal Federalism, Public Capital Formation, and Endogenous Growth
    by Liutang Gong & Heng-fu Zou
  • 2011 Convergence Clubs in Latin America: A Hisotical Appoach
    by Paola Andrea Barrientos Quiroga
  • 2011 Economic Growth, Size of the Agricultural Sector, and Urbanization
    by Markus Bruckner
  • 2011 Annual Report on BRICS’ Social-Economic Development (2011)
    by Коллектив авторов
  • 2011 Проблемы Развития Рыночной Экономики
    by Петраков Н.Я. & Цветков В.А. & Соловьева С.В. & Сайфиева С.Н. & Большаков А.В. & Быкадоров М.А. & Елисеев Д.О. & Наумова Ю.В. & Коробова Н.Л. & Моргунов Е.В. & Прокопьев М.Г. & Янкаускас К.С. & Живица В.И. & Зоидов К.Х. & Медков А.А. & Когаловский М.Р. & Гусев А.А. & Рюмина Е.В. & Моткин Г.А. & Тулупов А.С.
  • 2011 Contemporary Tendencies And Asymmetries In The E.U. Uneven Economic Growth And Global Growth Differences
    by Iovitu Mariana
  • 2011 Europe And Its Green Future. Electrification And Decarbonization
    by Benea Ciprian Beniamin & Baciu Adrian
  • 2011 The financial crisis: What is there to learn?
    by Kowalski, Tadeusz & Shachmurove, Yochanan
  • 2011 Endogenous fluctuations induced by nonlinear pollution accumulation in an OLG economy and the bifurcation control
    by Cao, Dong & Wang, Lin & Wang, Yaozhong
  • 2010 Stakeholding as a new development strategy for Saudi Arabia
    by Corneo, Giacomo
  • 2010 Межрегиональное Социально-Экономическое Пространство Российской Федерации: Оценка Интеграционного Потенциала
    by Петраков Н.Я. & Цветков В.А. & Зоидов К.Х. & Медков А.А. & Быкадоров М.А. & Губин В.А. & Ильин М.В. & Кондраков А.В. & Биджамова К.В. & Зоидов З.К. & Медников В.В.
  • 2010 Направления Неоиндустриальной Модернизации России
    by Цветков В.А.
  • 2010 Модернизация И Инновационное Развитие Экономики России
    by Цветков В.А. & Моргунов Е.В. & Елисеев Д.О. & Жаворонков И.В.
  • 2010 Projeto JELARE: Cooperação internacional para o fomento das pesquisas e estudos das energias renováveis
    by Youssef Ahmad Youssef & José Baltazar Guerra & Rodrigo Martins
  • 2010 Gestão do Conhecimento Estratégico em Instituições de Ensino Superior
    by Youssef Ahmad Youssef & Neri Dos Santos & José Baltazar Guerra
  • 2010 AGOA Rules: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Special Fabric Provisions
    by Lawrence Edwards & Robert Z. Lawrence
  • 2010 The Contribution of Human Capital to China’s Economic Growth
    by John Whalley & Xiliang Zhao
  • 2010 African Poverty is Falling...Much Faster than You Think!
    by Xavier Sala-i-Martin & Maxim Pinkovskiy
  • 2010 Rain and the Democratic Window of Opportunity
    by Markus Bruckner & Antonio Ciccone
  • 2010 International Commodities Prices, Growth and the Outbreak of Civil War in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Markus Bruckner & Antonio Ciccone
  • 2010 Convergence Patterns in Latin America
    by Paola Andrea Barrientos Quiroga
  • 2010 Исследование Экономических Циклов В Странах Постсоветского Пространства
    by Цветков В.А. & Зоидов К.Х. & Губин В.А. & Ильин М.В. & Кондраков А.В.
  • 2010 Fejlődés vagy növekedés?
    by Bródy, András
  • 2009 Внешние И Внутренние Угрозы Обеспечения Энергетической Безопасности Топливно-Энергетического Комплекса России
    by Петраков Н.Я. & Моргунов Е.В.
  • 2009 Теоретические Основы Формирования Рыночного Пространства Регионов В Контексте Глобальных Процессов
    by Петраков Н.Я. & Цветков В.А. & Моргунов Е.В. & Зоидов К.Х. & Медков А.А. & Наумова Ю.В. & Чернявский С.В. & Большаков А.В. & Елисеев Д.О. & Чернявский В.С. & Быкадоров М.А. & Янкаускас К.С.
  • 2009 Анализ И Совершенствование Институционализации Инновационной Деятельности Российских Предприятий (На Примере Малого Бизнеса)
    by Петраков Н.Я. & Цветков В.А. & Моргунов Е.В. & Чернявский С.В. & Елисеев Д.О. & Чернявский В.С. & Янкаускас К.С. & Калинин Р.Д.
  • 2009 Curso De Empreendedorismo: Para Promover O Desenvolvimento Sustentãvel E A Reduã‡Ãƒo Da Pobreza
    by Ronald Jean Degen
  • 2009 The CHAT Dataset
    by Diego A. Comin & Bart Hobijn
  • 2009 Trade, Foreign Investment, and Industrial Policy for Developing Countries
    by Ann Harrison & Andrés Rodríguez-Clare
  • 2009 The Two Waves of Service Sector Growth
    by Barry Eichengreen & Poonam Gupta
  • 2009 The Price of Political Opposition: Evidence from Venezuela's Maisanta
    by Chang-Tai Hsieh & Edward Miguel & Daniel Ortega & Francisco Rodriguez
  • 2009 The Importance of History for Economic Development
    by Nathan Nunn
  • 2009 International Evidence on the Social Context of Well-Being
    by John F. Helliwell & Christopher P. Barrington-Leigh & Anthony Harris & Haifang Huang
  • 2009 Innovation, Income Distribution, and Product Variety
    by Rainer Vosskamp
  • 2009 Social Status, the Spirit of Capitalism, and the Term Structure of Interest Rates in Stochastic Production Economies
    by Liutang Gong & Yulei Luo & Heng-fu Zou
  • 2009 Wages and Human Capital in the U.S. Financial Industry: 1909-2006
    by Philippon, Thomas & Reshef, Ariell
  • 2009 Who Wants To Revise Privatization? The Complementarity of Market Skills and Institutions
    by Denisova, Irina & Eller, Markus & Frye, Timothy & Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina
  • 2009 Inter-Ethnic Redistribution and Human Capital Investments
    by Leonid V. Azarnert
  • 2009 Постсоветское Экономическое Пространство: Современное Состояние И Перспективы Развития
    by Цветков В.А. & Зоидов К.Х. & Наумова Ю.В. & Медков А.А. & Большаков А.В. & Янкаускас К.С. & Чернявский В.С.
  • 2009 Особенности Эволюции Малого И Среднего Инновационного Предпринимательства Кризисной Экономики В Постсоветском Пространстве
    by Зоидов К.Х. & Моргунов Е.В. & Биджамова К.В.
  • 2009 Le Digipass Une Technologie Brevetée Par Vasco
    by El Baaboua Florentina & Titrade Cristina
  • 2009 E-Learing
    by Titrade Cristina & El Baaboua Florentina
  • 2009 Creative Economy. Determinants And Stakes Of Creativity And Innovation Management. Regional Ingressions
  • 2009 A Perspective On The Role Of The European Neighborhood Policy In The Pan-European Integration
    by Pascariu Gabriela Carmen & Frunza Ramona
  • 2009 The Mystery of Human Capital as Engine of Growth, or Why the US Became the Economic Superpower in the 20th Century
    by Isaac Ehrlich
  • 2008 Economic shocks and civil conflict: A comment
    by Antonio Ciccone
  • 2008 Rain and the democratic window of opportunity
    by Markus Brückner & Antonio Ciccone
  • 2008 Inovação e redes de relacionamento na geração de conhecimento em incubadoras
    by Fernando A. Ribeiro Serra & Manuel Portugal Ferreira & Gabriela Gonçalves Fiates & Maria Terezinha Angeloni
  • 2008 Institutions vs. Policies: A Tale of Two Islands
    by Peter Blair Henry & Conrad Miller
  • 2008 Dynamic Globalization and Its Potentially Alarming Prospects for Low-Wage Workers
    by Hans Fehr & Sabine Jokisch & Laurence J. Kotlikoff
  • 2008 Life Satisfaction and Quality of Development
    by John F. Helliwell
  • 2008 Models of Idea Flows
    by Fernando E. Alvarez & Francisco J. Buera & Robert E. Lucas, Jr.
  • 2008 Ideas and Growth
    by Robert E. Lucas, Jr.
  • 2008 Specific Capital and Technological Variety
    by Boyan Jovanovic & Peter L. Rousseau
  • 2008 Transitory Economic Shocks and Civil Conflict
    by Ciccone, Antonio
  • 2008 Rain and the Democratic Window of Opportunity
    by Brückner, Markus & Ciccone, Antonio
  • 2008 Переход От Плана К Рынку: Опыт Государств Снг И Балтии (1992-2006)
    by Шагалов Г.Л.
  • 2008 Proceedings of the International Conference on Emerging Economic Issues in a Globalizing World
  • 2008 Sectoral Output, Growth And Economic Linkages In The Barbados Economy Over The Past Five Decades
    by Roland CRAIGWELL & Darrin DOWNES & Kevin GREENIDGE & Keva STEADMAN
  • 2007 Perspectives on the World Income Distribution: Beyond Twin Peaks Towards Welfare Conclusions
    by Weisbrod, Julian & Vollmer, Sebastian & Holzmann, Hajo
  • 2007 International commodity prices, growth and the outbreak of Civil War in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Markus Brückner & Antonio Ciccone
  • 2007 Investment and Technology Policies
    by Mushtaq H. Khan
  • 2007 Stagnation and Change in Islamic History
    by Metin M. Cosgel
  • 2007 Circulation of Competencies and Dynamics of Regional Production Systems
    by Alain Berset & Olivier Crevoisier
  • 2007 Resources development and actors coordination: what role for innovative milieus?
    by Leila Kebir & Olivier Crevoisier
  • 2007 Economic theories and spatial transformations clarifying the space-time premises and outcomes of economic theories
    by José Corpataux & Olivier Crevoisier
  • 2007 Trade and the Diffusion of the Industrial Revolution
    by Robert E. Lucas, Jr.
  • 2007 Implementing Technology
    by Diego Comin & Bart Hobijn
  • 2007 Optimal Migration: A World Perspective
    by Jess Benhabib & Boyan Jovanovic
  • 2007 The Mystery of Human Capital as Engine of Growth, or Why the US Became the Economic Superpower in the 20th Century
    by Isaac Ehrlich
  • 2007 Perspectives on the World Income Distribution - Beyond Twin Peaks Towards Welfare Conclusions
    by Hajo Holzmann & Sebastian Vollmer & Julian Weisbrod
  • 2007 Growth, Democracy, and Civil War
    by Brückner, Markus & Ciccone, Antonio
  • 2007 An empirical note on factor shares
    by Hernando Zuleta
  • 2007 Why labor income shares seem to be constant?
    by Hernando Zuleta
  • 2007 Technological Diversification
    by Miklos Koren & Silvana Tenreyro
  • 2007 An Endogenous Taylor Condition in an Endogenous Growth Monetary Policy Model
    by Le, Vo Phuong Mai & Gillman, Max & Minford, Patrick
  • 2007 Россия В Глобализирующемся Мире: Модернизация Российской Экономики
    by Коллектив авторов
  • 2007 Proceedings of the International Conference on Globalization and Its Discontents
  • 2007 Flächendeckende Bereitstellung von Breitbandanschlüssen
    by Georg Erber
  • 2006 Institutions, Development, and Economic Growth
  • 2006 Why China is Likely to Achieve its Growth Objectives
    by Robert W. Fogel
  • 2006 Using Randomization in Development Economics Research: A Toolkit
    by Esther Duflo & Rachel Glennerster & Michael Kremer
  • 2006 Telecommunications Dynamics, Output and Employment
    by Jungmittag, Andre & Welfens, Paul J. J.
  • 2006 Telecommunications Dynamics, Output and Employment
    by Andre Jungmittag & Paul J.J. Welfens
  • 2006 A Policymakers' Guide to Dutch Disease
    by Owen Barder
  • 2006 Are the planned increases in aid too much of a good thing?
    by Owen Barder
  • 2006 Back to the Future for African Infrastructure? Why State-Ownership Is No More Promising the Second Time Around
    by John Nellis
  • 2006 The Role of the IMF in Well-Performing Low-Income Countries
    by Steve Radelet
  • 2006 The Costs and Benefits of Front-loading and Predictability of Immunization
    by Owen Barder & Ethan Yeh
  • 2006 How Multinational Investors Evade Developed Country Laws
    by Theodore H. Moran
  • 2006 Governance and Corruption in Public Health Care Systems
    by Maureen Lewis
  • 2006 A Stability and Social Investment Facility for High Debt Countries
    by Nancy Birdsall
  • 2006 The curse of technological race: the red queen effect
    by Leonardo Costa Ribeiro & Ricardo Machado Ruiz & Américo Tristão Bernardes & Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque
  • 2006 Spots of interaction: an investigation on the relationship between firms and universities in Minas Gerais, Brazil
    by Márcia Siqueira Rapini & Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque & Leandro Alves Silva & Sara Gonçalves Antunes de Souza & Hérica Morais Righi & Wellington Marcelo Silva da Cruz
  • 2006 Инновационная Экономика: Опыт, Проблемы, Пути Формирования
    by Зоидов К.Х.
  • 2006 Денежная Теория И Финансовая Политика
    by Хансен Э.
  • 2006 Proceedings of the International Conference on Human and Economic Resources
  • 2005 The Logic of Political Survival
    by Bruce Bueno de Mesquita & Alastair Smith & Randolph M. Siverson & James D. Morrow
  • 2005 Le Rôle de la Consommation Publique dans la Croissance: le cas de l'Union Européenne
    by João Sousa Andrade & Maria Adelaide Duarte & Claude Berthomieu
  • 2005 Barriers to Accumulation and Productivity Differences in a Two Sector Growth Model
    by John Landon-Lane & Peter Robertson
  • 2005 A Note on Barriers to Capital Accumulation and Income
    by John Landon-Lane & Peter Robertson
  • 2005 Development Accounting with Endogenous TFP
    by Juan Carlos Cordoba & Marla Ripoll
  • 2005 La demanda por calorías en los hogares peruanos y su impacto en la productividad de los individuos en el mercado laboral
    by José Gallegos & Pablo Lavado
  • 2005 My Policies or Yours: Does OECD Support for Agriculture Increase Poverty in Developing Countries?
    by Margaret McMillan & Alix Peterson Zwane & Nava Ashraf
  • 2005 Le Rôle de la Consommation Publique dans la Croissance: le cas de l'Union Européenne
    by João Sousa Andrade & Adelaide Duarte & Claude Berthomieu
  • 2005 Land reform with human capital: A new analysis using the theory of economic growth and the theory of the firm
    by Miguel Rocha de Sousa
  • 2005 Institutions, Telecommunications Dynamics and Policy Challenges: Theory and Empirical Analysis for Germany
    by Andre Jungmittag & Paul J.J. Welfens
  • 2005 Economic Growth and the Environment: A Review of Theory and Empirics
    by Brock, William A. & Taylor, M. Scott
  • 2005 The Effect of Economic Growth on Social Structures
    by Bourguignon, Francois
  • 2005 Social Capital
    by Durlauf, Steven N. & Fafchamps, Marcel
  • 2005 Inequality, Technology and the Social Contract
    by Benabou, Roland
  • 2005 Urbanization and Growth
    by Henderson, J. Vernon
  • 2005 Trade, Growth and the Size of Countries
    by Alesina, Alberto & Spolaore, Enrico & Wacziarg, Romain
  • 2005 A Global View of Economic Growth
    by Ventura, Jaume
  • 2005 A Unified Theory of the Evolution of International Income Levels
    by Parente, Stephen L. & Prescott, Edward C.
  • 2005 The Effects of Technical Change on Labor Market Inequalities
    by Hornstein, Andreas & Krusell, Per & Violante, Giovanni L.
  • 2005 Technological Progress and Economic Transformation
    by Greenwood, Jeremy & Seshadri, Ananth
  • 2005 General Purpose Technologies
    by Jovanovic, Boyan & Rousseau, Peter L.
  • 2005 Long-Term Economic Growth and the History of Technology
    by Mokyr, Joel
  • 2005 Growth and Ideas
    by Jones, Charles I.
  • 2005 National Policies and Economic Growth: A Reappraisal
    by Easterly, William
  • 2005 Growth Strategies
    by Rodrik, Dani
  • 2005 Human Capital and Technology Diffusion
    by Benhabib, Jess & Spiegel, Mark M.
  • 2005 Finance and Growth: Theory and Evidence
    by Levine, Ross
  • 2005 Externalities and Growth
    by Klenow, Peter J. & Rodriguez-Clare, Andres
  • 2005 Accounting for Growth in the Information Age
    by Jorgenson, Dale W.
  • 2005 Accounting for Cross-Country Income Differences
    by Caselli, Francesco
  • 2005 Growth Theory through the Lens of Development Economics
    by Banerjee, Abhijit V. & Duflo, Esther
  • 2005 Institutions as a Fundamental Cause of Long-Run Growth
    by Acemoglu, Daron & Johnson, Simon & Robinson, James A.
  • 2005 Poverty Traps
    by Azariadis, Costas & Stachurski, John
  • 2005 From Stagnation to Growth: Unified Growth Theory
    by Galor, Oded
  • 2005 Horizontal Innovation in the Theory of Growth and Development
    by Gancia, Gino & Zilibotti, Fabrizio
  • 2005 Growth with Quality-Improving Innovations: An Integrated Framework
    by Aghion, Philippe & Howitt, Peter
  • 2005 Neoclassical Models of Endogenous Growth: The Effects of Fiscal Policy, Innovation and Fluctuations
    by Jones, Larry E. & Manuelli, Rodolfo E.
  • 2005 Reflections on Growth Theory
    by Solow, Robert M.
  • 2005 Handbook of Economic Growth
  • 2005 Is Long-Run Output Convergence Associated With International Cooperation? Some New Evidence For Selected African Countries
    by Mark J. Holmes
  • 2004 Privacy Protection against Ubiquitous RFID Spying: Challenges and Countermeasures
    by Marcel Heese & Günter Wohlers & Michael H. Breitner
  • 2004 India's Emerging Economy: Performance and Prospects in the 1990s and Beyond
  • 2004 Capital Humano y Crecimiento Económico en México (1970-2000). Human Capital and Economic Growth in Mexico
    by Alejandro Diaz Bautista & Mauro Diaz Dominguez
  • 2004 Business Method Patents, Innovation, and Policy
    by Bronwyn H. Hall
  • 2004 Finance and Growth: Theory and Evidence
    by Ross Levine
  • 2004 Education for Innovation: Entrepreneurial Breakthroughs vs. Corporate Incremental Improvements
    by William J. Baumol
  • 2004 Growth Accelerations
    by Ricardo Hausmann & Lant Pritchett & Dani Rodrik
  • 2004 The Green Solow Model
    by William A. Brock & M. Scott Taylor
  • 2004 "Success Taxes," Entrepreneurial Entry, and Innovation
    by William M. Gentry & R. Glenn Hubbard
  • 2004 WWII and Long Run Convergence in the OECD
    by Peter E. Robertson & John Landon-Lane
  • 2004 Locating Economic Concentration
    by Jeroen Hinloopen & Charles van Marrewijk
  • 2004 The Political Economy and the Interaction between Endogenous Fertility and Inequality
    by Andreas Schäfer
  • 2004 Growth Accelerations
    by Hausmann, Ricardo & Pritchett, Lant & Rodrik, Dani
  • 2004 Do Rural Banks Matter? Evidence from the Indian Social Banking Experiment
    by Robin Burgess & Rohini Pande
  • 2004 Россия В Глобализирующемся Мире: Политико-Экономические Очерки
    by Коллектив авторов
  • 2004 Экономические Кризисы: Причины, Последствия, Пути Преодоления
    by Зоидов К.Х.
  • 2004 Current Account Deficits in the Transition Economies
    by Mark J. Holmes
  • 2004 Do Large Employers Pay More? The Case Of Five Developing African Countries
    by Eric Strobl & Robert Thornton
  • 2004 International technology spillovers from trade: the importance of the technological gap
    by Jorge Crespo & Carmela Martín & Francisco J. Velázquez
  • 2003 Evaluating Economic Feasibility of Environmentally Sustainable Scenarios by a Backcasting Approach with ESCOT (Economic assessment of Sustainability poliCies Of Transport)
    by Burkhard Schade & Wolfgang Schade
  • 2003 Endogenous Fertility in a Stochastic Endogenous Growth Model with Human Capital
    by Andreas Schaefer
  • 2003 Development of knowledge economy and providing succession in the Russian economic science / in A.I.Anchishkin. Forecasting rate and factors of the economic growth
    by Varshavsky Alexander
  • 2003 Innovation Policy and the Economy, Volume 3
  • 2003 Apertura Comercial y Convergencia Regional en Mexico
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista
  • 2003 The Curse of Natural Resources in the Transition Econonmies of the Former East
    by Tobias Kronenberg
  • 2003 Multigame models of innovation in evolutionary economics
    by M. J. Gagen
  • 2003 What Effect does the Size of the State-Owned Sector Have on Regional Growth in China?
    by Kerk L. Phillips & Shen Kunrong
  • 2003 The economic tragedy of the XXth Century: Growth in Africa
    by Elsa V. Artadi & Xavier Sala-i-Martín
  • 2003 Economic growth and investment in the Arab world
    by Xavier Sala-i-Martín & Elsa V. Artadi
  • 2003 Connecting principles, new combinations and routines
    by Brian J. Loasby
  • 2003 Accumulation and Productivity Growth in Industrializing Economies
    by John Landon-Lane & Peter Robertson
  • 2003 Complementarities, Costly Investment and Multiple Equilibria in a One-Sector Endogenous Growth Model
    by Maria João Ribeiro Thompson
  • 2003 A Nonscale Growth Model with R&D and Human Capital Accumulation
    by Maria João Ribeiro Thompson
  • 2003 Endogenous Growth: Analytical Review of its Generating Mechanisms
    by Maria João Ribeiro
  • 2003 The Economic Tragedy of the XXth Century: Growth in Africa
    by Elsa V. Artadi & Xavier Sala-i-Martin
  • 2003 Ideas and Education: Level or Growth Effects?
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