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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N4: Government, War, Law, International Relations, and Regulation
/ / / N45: Asia including Middle East
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Ottoman stock returns during the Turco-Italian and Balkan Wars of 1910-1914
    by Hanedar, Avni Önder & Hanedar, Elmas Yaldız

  • 2017 Internal Rebellions and External Threats: A Model of Government Organizational Forms in Ancient China
    by Zhou, Haiwen

  • 2017 Confucianism and the Legalism: A Model of the National Strategy of Governance in Ancient China
    by Zhou, Haiwen

  • 2017 Regulatory policy in India: Moving towards regulatory governance
    by Lalita Som & Faisal Naru

  • 2017 The presidents of the Bank of Taiwan and their times : background, management and business development : 1899-1925
    by Hisasue, Ryoichi

  • 2017 Child Discipline in Times of Conflict
    by Malcolm, Michael & Diwakar, Vidya & Naufal, George S

  • 2017 Security, Trade, and Political Violence
    by Amodio, Francesco & Baccini, Leonardo & Di Maio, Michele

  • 2017 Effects of reforms and supervisory organizations: Evidence from the Ottoman Empire and the Istanbul bourse
    by Elmas Yaldiz Hanedar & Avni Önder Hanedar & Ferdi Çelikay

  • 2017 Between war and peace: The Ottoman economy and foreign exchange trading at the Istanbul bourse
    by Avni Önder Hanedar & Hatice Gaye Gencer & Sercan Demiralay & Ismail Altay

  • 2017 The paradox of power: understanding fiscal capacity in Imperial China and absolutist regimes
    by Ma, Debin & Rubin, Jared

  • 2017 The Paradox of Power: Understanding Fiscal Capacity in Imperial China and Absolutist Regimes
    by Jared Rubin & Debin Ma

  • 2017 Holy Wars? Temple desecrations in Medieval India
    by Iyer, S. & Shrivastava, A. & Ticku, R.

  • 2017 Two state disputes and outside intervention: the case of Nagorno–Karabakh conflict
    by Ani Harutyunyan

  • 2017 Institutional Logics and ERP Implementation in Public Sector Agency
    by Nizar M. Alsharari Author-Email:;

  • 2017 Friends from afar: The Taiping Rebellion, cultural proximity and primary schooling in the Lower Yangzi, 1850–1949
    by Hao, Yu & Xue, Melanie Meng

  • 2017 There Will Be Killing: Collectivization and Death of Draft Animals
    by Shuo Chen & Xiaohuan Lan

  • 2016 The role of financial elites in banking supervision in Japan from 1927 to 1998
    by Hotori, Eiji

  • 2016 Households in Times of War : Adaptation Strategies during the Nepal Civil War
    by François Libois

  • 2016 Asymmetric Information under the Kafala Sponsorship System: Impacts on Foreign Domestic Workers' Income and Employment Status in the GCC Countries
    by Malit, Jr., Froilan T. & Naufal, George S

  • 2016 The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Labor Market in Neighboring Countries: Empirical Evidence from Jordan
    by Fakih, Ali & Ibrahim, May

  • 2016 О некоторых свойствах наблюдаемого экономического роста в Китае (On Some Features of the Observed Economic Growth in China)
    by Konstantin Yanovskiy & Dmitry Maslov

  • 2016 Price shocks in disaster: the Great Kantō Earthquake in Japan,1923
    by Hunter, Janet & Ogasawara, Kota

  • 2016 The rise of a financial revolution in Republican China in 1900-1937: an institutional narrative
    by Ma, Debin

  • 2016 To get the prices right for food: a “Gerschenkron state” versus the market in reforming China, 1979–2006
    by Du, Jane & Deng, Kent

  • 2016 "Get rid of the four olds": the long-lasting impact of the Chinese Cultural Revolution on Chinese society
    by Kerstin Schopohl

  • 2016 The Impact of Syrian Refugees on the Labor Market in Neighboring Countries: Empirical Evidence from Jordan
    by Ali Fakih & May Ibrahim

  • 2016 Do we have proportionate gender in policy making? a study based on key government institutions of saarc region
    by Ghulam Nabi & Song Wei & Ghulam Ghous

  • 2016 Liberalism in Korea
    by Young Back Choi & Yong J. Yoon

  • 2016 Colonial adventures in tropical agriculture: new estimates of returns to investment in the Netherlands Indies, 1919–1938
    by Frans Buelens & Ewout Frankema

  • 2015 Pharaohs of the deep state: Social capital in an obstinate regime
    by Clevers, Marijn & Nimeh, Zinah

  • 2015 Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance Challenges
    by Hendrix, Cullen & Noland, Marcus

  • 2015 Malaysia NAP: More Shadows than Lights
    by Ferlito, Carmelo

  • 2015 Islamic Consumer Model, Fairness Behavior and Asymptotic Utility
    by Ghassan, Hassan B.

  • 2015 Political economy of the Indonesian mass killing of 1965-1966
    by Mushed, Syed Mansoob & Tadjoeddin, Mohammad Zulfan

  • 2015 The Literary Inquisition: The Persecution of Intellectuals and Human Capital Accumulation in China
    by Koyama, Mark & Xue, Melanie Meng

  • 2015 Myanmar: Cross-Cutting Governance Challenges
    by Cullen S. Hendrix & Marcus Noland

  • 2015 Leniency, Asymmetric Punishment and Corruption: Evidence from China
    by Perrotta Berlin, Maria & Spagnolo, Giancarlo & Qin, Bei

  • 2015 Jordan and the Middle-Income Growth Trap: Arab Springs and Institutional Changes
    by Bénédicte Coestier

  • 2015 Moving to Shanghai: The massive internal migration to the first Chinese megacity (1927-1937)
    by Lei Shi

  • 2015 Un régime monétaire traditionnel contesté par la monnaie d’État : l’histoire du kip au Nord-Laos de 1975 à 2000
    by Alary, Pierre

  • 2015 War-related risks and the Ýstanbul bourse on the eve of the First World War
    by Avni Onder Hanedar & Erdost Torun & Elmas Yaldiz Hanedar

  • 2015 Identity-Based Policies and Identity Manipulation: Evidence from Colonial Punjab
    by Guilhem Cassan

  • 2014 Assessment of German-Pakistani relations in trade, investment and strategic cooperation
    by Mahmood, Talat

  • 2014 Taxation under Autocracy: Theory and Evidence from Late Imperial China
    by Qiang Chen & Yijiang Wang & Chun-lei Yang

  • 2014 Natural Disasters, Ethnic Diversity, and the Size of Nations: Two Thousand Years of Unification and Division in Historical China
    by Qiang Chen & &

  • 2014 Economic and Political Transitions from Premodern to Modern States in the Meiji Restoration and Xinhai Revolution: A Strategic Approach
    by Aoki, Masahiko

  • 2014 Unified China; Divided Europe
    by Ko, Chiu Yu & Koyama, Mark & Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 Impact of terrorism on FDI flows to Pakistan
    by Haider, Murtaza & Anwar, Amar

  • 2014 Taiwan strait crises and Chiang Kai-shek's strategic thinking : a perspective from the Taiwan's archive
    by Matsumoto, Haruka

  • 2014 Colonial Legacy, Linguistic Disenfranchisement and the Civil Conflict in Sri Lanka
    by Paul Castaneda Dower & Victor Ginsburgh & Shlomo Weber

  • 2014 Unified China and Divided Europe
    by Ko, Chiu Yu & Koyama, Mark & Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 Making Do with What You Have: Conflict, Firm Performance and Input Misallocation in Palestine
    by Francesco Amodio & Michele Di Maio

  • 2014 The political economy of Byzantium: transaction costs and the decentralisation of the Byzantine Empire in the twelfth century
    by Knight, Richard

  • 2014 Lições do processo de desenvolvimento japonês: catch up completo e forging ahead bloqueado
    by Eduardo da Motta e Albuquerque

  • 2014 Superpower, China?:Historicizing Beijing's New Narratives of Leadership and East Asia's Response Thereto
    by Niv Horesh & Hyun Jin Kim & Peter Mauch

  • 2014 Australia and the system of arbitration in Singapore
    by Chris Leggett & Gordon Stewart

  • 2014 The Birth of a Jihadist Caliphate
    by Daniel Atzori

  • 2014 Size and dynastic decline: The principal-agent problem in late imperial China, 1700–1850
    by Sng, Tuan-Hwee

  • 2014 China’s Great Convergence and Beyond
    by Kjetil Storesletten & Fabrizio Zilibotti

  • 2014 The economic costs of sleaze or how replacing samurai with bureaucrats boosted regional growth in Meiji Japan
    by Katharina Muehlhoff

  • 2014 From Divergence to Convergence: Reevaluating the History behind China's Economic Boom
    by Loren Brandt & Debin Ma & Thomas G. Rawski

  • 2013 Climate Shocks, State Capacity, and Peasant Uprisings in North China during 25-1911 CE
    by Qiang Chen

  • 2013 A Model of Institutional Complementarities in Ancient China
    by Zhou, Haiwen

  • 2013 Understanding the South China Sea: An explorative cultural analysis
    by Evers, Hans-Dieter

  • 2013 Developing Economies with Industrial Policy: Towards a Toolbox for Economic Growth. With Case Studies of Jordan and Egypt
    by Benner, Maximilian

  • 2013 "Unfinished Business": Ethnic Complementarities and the Political Contagion of Peace and Conflict in Gujarat
    by Saumitra Jha

  • 2013 Modest, Secure and Informed: Successful Development in Conflict Zones
    by Eli Berman & Joseph Felter & Jacob N. Shapiro & Erin Troland

  • 2013 Research review : searching for a new framework for Thailand's foreign policy in the post-cold war era
    by Aoki-Okabe, Maki

  • 2013 Regulation, Trust, and Cronyism in Middle Eastern Societies: The Simple Economics of 'Wasta'
    by Barnett, Andy & Yandle, Bruce & Naufal, George S

  • 2013 Authoritarianism and Chinese "success story"
    by Konstantin Yanovsky & Dmitry Maslov

  • 2013 Towards a Truly Seamless Single Windows and Trade Facilitation Regime in ASEAN Beyond 2015
    by Jonathan KOH & Andrea Feldman MOWERMAN

  • 2013 Identity Based Policies and Identity Manipulation: Evidence from Colonial Punjab
    by Cassan, Guilhem

  • 2013 Religious Identity and the Provision of Public Goods: Evidence from the Indian Princely States
    by Latika Chaudhary & Jared Rubin

  • 2013 Financing Japan’s World War II occupation of Southeast Asia
    by Gregg Huff & Shinobu Majima

  • 2013 Losing wealth or restricting the poison? Changing opium policies in early republican Turkey, 1923-1945
    by Özgür Burçak Gürsoy

  • 2013 Challenges for Japan fs Fiscal Consolidation
    by Kazuyuki Sugimoto & Junji Ueda

  • 2013 The South Manchuria Railway Company and its Interactions with the Military: An Accounting and Financial History
    by Masayoshi Noguchi & Trevor Boyns

  • 2013 China’s Economic Diplomacy and Sino-EU Relations
    by Jing Men

  • 2013 Atomic bombs and the long-run effect on trust: Experiences in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2013 Regulation, trust, and cronyism in Middle Eastern societies: The simple economics of “wasta”
    by Barnett, Andy & Yandle, Bruce & Naufal, George

  • 2013 The role of ideological change in India's economic liberalization
    by Adhia, Nimish

  • 2013 Vznik Zajordánska Ako Vedľajší Produkt Britskej Politiky Na Blízkom Východe Po Prvej Svetovej Vojne
    by Karol R. Sorby

  • 2013 Sýrie A Její Měnící Se Pozice Na Blízkém Východě
    by Yvona Šabacká

  • 2013 Politický systém Iránskej islamskej republiky
    by Martin Šálek

  • 2013 Zwiazki ekonomii i etyki w pogladach Mohandasa Gandhiego/Relations of Economics and Ethics in the Thought of Mohandas Gandhi
    by Rafal Matera

  • 2012 Multilateral Engagement in North Korea's Economic Rehabilitation and Possible Establishment of Trust Funds
    by Lee , Jong-Woon & Zang , Hyoungsoo

  • 2012 Dual Landownership as Tax Shelter: How Did the Chinese Solve Ricardo's Problem?
    by Yang, Helen

  • 2012 Mercati informali del credito agrario nella Palestina di fine Impero Ottomano: un'analisi dell'evoluzione dei contratti bay-wafa, salam e muzaraah nel distretto di Haifa (1890-1915)
    by Ecchia, Stefania

  • 2012 Atomic bombs and the long-run effect on trust: Experiences in Hiroshima and Nagasaki
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2012 Financing Japan’s World War II Occupation of Southeast Asia
    by Gregg Huff & Shinobu Majima

  • 2012 Identity based policies and identity manipulation: evidence from Colonial Punjab
    by Guilhem Cassan

  • 2012 Sovereignty And The Senkaku/Diaoyu Territorial Dispute
    by O’Shea, Paul

  • 2012 Unobserved State Fragility and the Political Transfer Problem
    by Faizal Z. Ahmed & Eric Werker

  • 2012 Australia-China: Not just 40 years
    by Wilson Au-Yeung & Alison Keys & Paul Fischer

  • 2012 Internal Rebellions and External Threats: A Model of Government Organizational Forms in Ancient China
    by Haiwen Zhou

  • 2012 The Single-Entity Theory: An Antitrust Time Bomb For Chinese State-Owned Enterprises?
    by Angela Huyue Zhang

  • 2012 Cartels in the Kautiliya Arthasastra
    by Vikas Kumar

  • 2012 The political economy of mass printing: Legitimacy and technological change in the Ottoman Empire
    by Coşgel, Metin M. & Miceli, Thomas J. & Rubin, Jared

  • 2012 Myopia or strategic behavior? Indian regimes and the East India Company in late eighteenth century India
    by Oak, Mandar & Swamy, Anand V.

  • 2012 Ekonomické reformy v Kórejskej ľudovodemokratickej republike
    by Ľudmila Lipková

  • 2012 Izraelské Parlamentné Voľby 2013
    by Martin Šálek

  • 2012 Regulation, Ownership, and Costs: A Historical Perspective from Indian Railways
    by Dan Bogart & Latika Chaudhary

  • 2011 Controlling Corruption in Law Enforcement: Incentives, Safeguards, and Institutional Change in the Ottoman Empire
    by Metin Cosgel & Bogac A. Ergene & Haggay Etkes & Thomas J. Miceli

  • 2011 The Effect of Rules Shifting Supreme Court Jurisdiction from Mandatory to Discretionary - An Empirical Lesson from Taiwan
    by Eisenberg, Theodore & Huang, Kuo-Chang

  • 2011 Statistical Analysis of Landmine Fatalities in Kurdistan
    by Heshmati, Almas & Khayyat, Nabaz T.

  • 2011 Statistical Analysis of Landmine Fatalities in Kurdistan
    by Heshmati, Almas & Khayyat, Nabaz T.

  • 2011 貿易自由化の政治経済学:戦後日本のケース
    by 岡崎, 哲二

  • 2011 The Role of the Courts in Economic Development: The Case of Prewar Japan
    by Nakabayashi, Masaki & Okazaki, Tetsuji

  • 2011 The Evolution of Grain Policy Beyond Europe: Ottoman Grain Administration in the Late Eighteenth Century
    by Seven Agir

  • 2011 Two Key Stumbling Blocks for Hong Kong's Democratization: Personal Vote and Beijing's Policies
    by Hak Yin Li

  • 2011 Taiwan's Democratization and the Freezing of the Party System
    by Huo-yan Shyu

  • 2011 Priorities for Philippine Political Parties: Mass Membership, Political Education, and Party Development Law
    by Dennis T. Gonzalez

  • 2011 Political Parties and Party System in Korea After Democratization: Cartelized Party System and Oscillations Between Two Models
    by Sunghack Lim

  • 2011 Last Chapter of an Uneasy Partnership: The Loss of Jusuf Kalla in the 2009 Presidential Election
    by Syamsul Hadi

  • 2011 Thai Political Parties in the Age of the Great Divide
    by Pavin Chachavalpongpun

  • 2011 The End of One-Party Dominance and Japan's Emergence as a “Common Democracy”
    by Peng Er Lam

  • 2011 The People's Action Party and Political Liberalization in Singapore
    by Kenneth Paul Tan

  • 2011 Cambodia: A Hegemonic Party System in the Making
    by Sorpong Peou

  • 2011 The Vietnamese Communist Party and Renovation (Doi Moi) in Vietnam
    by Duong Luan Thuy

  • 2011 Is Democratization Compatible with China's One-Party System?
    by Yongnian Zheng & Liang Fook Lye

  • 2011 Terrorist Threat in Iraq: Origins, Development and Impact
    by Rohan Gunaratna

  • 2011 The Crisis in Global Governance After the Iraq War
    by David Armstrong

  • 2011 Just Another Liberal War? Western Interventionism and the Iraq War
    by Nicholas Kitchen & Michael Cox

  • 2011 Regional Order in the Middle East
    by Louise Fawcett

  • 2011 The Future of Iraq
    by Eric Herring

  • 2011 Introduction
    by Hiro Katsumata

  • 2011 Political Parties, Party Systems And Democratization In East Asia

  • 2011 BEYOND IRAQ:The Future of World Order

  • 2011 Reason and responsibility:?reading Rizal’s letter to his Maloleña compatriots using the capabilities approach
    by Marina B. Durano

  • 2011 Indolence, incentives, and institutions
    by Emmanuel S. de Dios

  • 2011 Corruption and the moral imperative, through the lens of Rizal
    by Maria Serena I. Diokno

  • 2011 La Liga Filipina: Rizal and institutional change
    by Karl Robert L. Jandoc

  • 2011 Rizal’s Morga and insights into pre-Hispanic institutions and trade
    by Tina S. Clemente

  • 2011 The economic background of Rizal’s time
    by Benito J. Legarda Jr.

  • 2011 Institutional constraints on Philippine growth
    by Emmanuel S. de Dios

  • 2011 Confucianism and the Legalism: A Model of the National Strategy of Governance in Ancient China
    by Haiwen Zhou

  • 2010 Commitment and Conquest: The Case of British Rule in India
    by Mandar Oak & Anand Swamy

  • 2010 Commitment and Conquest: The Case of British Rule in India
    by Mandar Oak & Anand Swamy

  • 2010 Happiness and Financial Satisfaction in Israel. Effects of Religiosity , Ethnicity, and War
    by Bernard M.S. van Praag & Dmitri Romanov & Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell

  • 2010 Neoliberalism as Liberation: The Statehood Program and the Remaking of the Palestinian National Movement
    by Khalidi, Raja J. & Samour, Sobhi

  • 2010 Post-conflict planning and reconstruction: lessons from the American experience in Korea
    by Noland, Marcus

  • 2010 Lógicas de argumentación e instituciones internacionales
    by Fernando, Estrada

  • 2010 Technology transfer with requisitioned material from Germany: The impact of gPB reports h on Japanese postwar technological development
    by Yuki Nakajima

  • 2010 China's Foreign Trade: Perspectives From the Past 150 Years
    by Wolfgang Keller & Ben Li & Carol H. Shiue

  • 2010 The Institutional Causes of China's Great Famine, 1959-61
    by Xin Meng & Nancy Qian & Pierre Yared

  • 2010 Happiness and Financial Satisfaction in Israel: Effects of Religiosity, Ethnicity, and War
    by van Praag, Bernard M. S. & Romanov, Dmitri & Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada

  • 2010 Happiness and Financial Satisfaction in Israel: Effects of Religiosity, Ethnicity, and War
    by van Praag, Bernard M. S. & Romanov, Dmitri & Ferrer-i-Carbonell, Ada

  • 2010 New Co-operatives in China: An Indigenous Model of Social Enterprises
    by Li Zhao & Patrick Develtere

  • 2010 The political-economy of tax reforms in Pakistan: the ongoing saga of the GST
    by Admad, Ehtisham

  • 2010 Liberalization, globalization and the dynamics of democracy in India
    by Nachane, Dilip M.

  • 2010 China’s Foreign Trade: Perspectives From the Past 150 Years
    by Keller, Wolfgang & Li, Ben & Shiue, Carol Hua

  • 2010 The Institutional Causes of China's Great Famine, 1959-61
    by Meng, Xin & Qian, Nancy & Yared, Pierre

  • 2010 Happiness and Financial Satisfaction in Israel. Effects of Religiosity, Ethnicity, and War
    by Bernard M.S. Van Praag & Dmitri Romanov & Ada Ferrer-i-Carbonell

  • 2010 The Effects of the 16th Century Price Revolution and the Ottoman-Iran Wars on the Ottoman Silk Industry
    by Sahin , Afsin & Cengiz, Sibel

  • 2010 Superveľmoci a kríza na Blízkom východe v máji 1967
    by Karol Sorby

  • 2010 Service Delivery and Corruption in Public Services: How Does History Matter?
    by Priyanka Pandey

  • 2009 Guns and Books: Legitimacy, Revolt and Technological Change in the Ottoman Empire
    by Metin M. Cosgel & Thomas J. Miceli & Jared Rubin

  • 2009 Of Traders, Usurers and British Capital: Managing Agencies and the Dalmia Jain Case
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 2009 Public Opinion behind the Deterrence: An Evolutionary Game Theoretic Study of the Israeli Policy towards Lebanon
    by Hamanaka, Shingo

  • 2009 Macroeconomic of populism in Iran
    by Farzanegan, Mohammad Reza

  • 2009 A Start for Mild Liberalization? Building Civil Society through Co-operative Dynamics in China
    by Li Zhao

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: ASEAN capital market integration: issues and challenges
    by Singh, Datuk Ranjit Ajit

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: ASEAN in Asia economic integration
    by Kang, Shaobang

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: the EU experience of the process of economic integration: successes, failures and challenges
    by Budd, Colin

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: achieving the ASEAN Economic Community agenda: an Indonesian perspective
    by Narjoko, Dionisius A. & Wicaksono, Teguh Y.

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: keynote address: enhancing competitiveness through regional integration
    by Pitsuwan, Surin

  • 2009 ASEAN: perspectives on economic integration: cover note: ASEAN In Perspective
    by Majid, Munir

  • 2009 South Asia:Rising to the Challenge of Globalization
    by Pradumna B Rana & John Malcolm Dowling

  • 2009 Intre mit si realitate. Lupta pentru Tara Sfanta/ Between Myth and Reality. The Battle for the Holy Land (Romanian Version)

  • 2009 Political Instrumentalization of Religion: The Case of Islam
    by Jean-Philippe Platteau

  • 2009 Izraelský faktor v arabskej politike (1948-1958)
    by Karol Sorby

  • 2009 Institutional changes, wars and stock market risk in an emerging economy: evidence from the Israeli stock exchange, 1945–1960
    by Raphaël Franck & Miriam Krausz

  • 2008 THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11, 2nd edition, paperback

  • 2008 Centralization, Decentralization, and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa
    by Tosun, Mehmet Serkan & Yilmaz, Serdar

  • 2008 Economie, ordre et contrôle social : le cas maoïste
    by EL KAROUNI, Ilyess

  • 2008 The Devil's Calculus: Mathematical Models of Civil War
    by Shenoy, Ajay

  • 2008 Inequality and Authoritarianism in the Developing Countries
    by Hamanaka, Shingo

  • 2008 Rise of the Japanese fiscal state
    by Masaki Nakabayashi

  • 2008 Merchants, institutions and the market: changes in the salt trade in early colonial Bengal
    by Sayako Kanda

  • 2008 The Cost of Property Rights: Establishing Institutions on the Philippine Frontier Under American Rule, 1898-1918
    by Noel Maurer & Lakshmi Iyer

  • 2008 The International Environment of Modern Korea
    by Hun-Chang Lee

  • 2008 Decentralization and Intergovernmental Finance in Japan
    by Ichiro Aoki

  • 2008 Experimentation under Hierarchy: Policy Experiments in the Reorganization of China’s State Sector, 1978-2008
    by Sebastian Hellman

  • 2008 Uniunea Europeana, Imperiile Antice si Imperiile Medievale - European Union, Ancient and Medieval Empires (Romanian Version)

  • 2008 El tomate mexicano y el mercado de Estados Unidos, 1920-1956
    by Eduardo Frías-Sarmiento

  • 2008 Political Authoritarianism, Credibility of Reforms and Private Sector Development in the Middle East and North Africa
    by Mustapha K. Nabli & Carlos Silva-Jáuregui & Ahmet Faruk Aysan

  • 2008 Autoritarisme politique, crédibilité des réformes et développement du secteur privé au Moyen-Orient et en Afrique du Nord
    by Mustapha K. Nabli & Carlos Silva-Jáuregui & Ahmet Faruk Aysan

  • 2007 Nepal's constitutional transition
    by Luther, Joerg & Francavilla, Domenico

  • 2007 Myanmar and Japan: How Close Friends Become Estranged
    by Kudo, Toshihiro

  • 2007 Postscript
    by Steven M. Goldstein

  • 2007 The Impact of Accession to the WTO: The Case of the Automobile Industry
    by Chwo-Ming Joseph Yu

  • 2007 The Impact of the WTO on Taiwan's and China's Electronics Industries
    by Charles Trappey

  • 2007 WTO Accession and its Implications for Agriculture in Taiwan and China
    by Robert Ash

  • 2007 The Challenges and Opportunities for Taiwan and China in the Financial Sector after Entry into the WTO
    by Jih-chu Lee

  • 2007 The Political Economy of Cross-Strait Relations: Economic Interdependence, the WTO, and Security
    by Joseph Fewsmith

  • 2007 Taiwan's Role in the Economic Architecture of East Asia and the Pacific
    by Peter Drysdale & Xinpeng Xu

  • 2007 Economic Prospects from Cross-Strait WTO Membership
    by Chi Schive

  • 2007 The Legal and Political Implications of Taiwan's WTO Accession
    by Connie Guang-Hwa Yang

  • 2007 WTO Commitments by Taiwan and China and the Domestic Consequences
    by Tain-Jy Chen

  • 2007 Introduction: The WTO and Cross-Strait Economic Relations
    by Julian Chang & Steven M. Goldstein

  • 2007 Economic Reform and Cross-Strait Relations:Taiwan and China in the WTO

  • 2007 The Economic Dimension of Russian Foreign Policy in Central Asia After 9/11. Pursuing and Promoting Energy Diplomacy (English Version)

  • 2006 The Hidden History Of 9-11-2001

  • 2006 The Role of Law in China's Economic Development
    by Donald Clarke & Peter Murrell & Susan Whiting

  • 2006 British Colonial Institutions and Economic Development in India
    by Shilpi Kapur & Sukkoo Kim

  • 2006 Integration under 'One Country, Two Systems' - The Case of Mainland China and Hong Kong-
    by Takeuchi, Takayuki

  • 2006 Conflictul din Orientul Apropiat in perioada 1948-2000/ Middle East Conflict in the 1948-2000 Period (Romanian Version)

  • 2006 Spoločensko-politický systém krajín Strednej Ázie, súčasný stav a perspektívy vývoja
    by Alisher Sayfiddinov

  • 2005 Implikationen des Internets für das Transaktions- und Transaktionskostenniveau in der chinesischen Volkswirtschaft unter besonderer Berücksichtigung eines Digital Divides
    by Christian Schmidkonz

  • 2005 Magison-ison: A parallel reality construction of war among Joloano Muslim Survivors in Sulu, Philippines
    by Usman-Laput, Lea

  • 2005 Mahatma Gandhi and the Prisoner’s Dilemma: Strategic Civil Disobedience and Great Britain’s Great Loss of Empire in India
    by Siddiky, Chowdhury Irad Ahmed

  • 2005 Direct versus Indirect Colonial Rule in India: Long-term Consequences
    by Lakshmi Iyer

  • 2005 The Global War on Terror and U.S. Development Assistance: USAID allocation by country, 1998-2005
    by Todd Moss & David Roodman & Scott Standley

  • 2005 I fondamenti di principio di un’economia islamica
    by Hossein Askari & Roshanak Taghavi

  • 2004 1680-1747 Ottoman Budgets and Deficits Sustainability in a Period of Fiscal Transition: Wars and Administrative Changes
    by Hakan Berument & Nuray Oguz

  • 2004 Good governance in microcredit strategy for poverty reduction: focus on western Mindanao, Philippines
    by Moreno, Frede

  • 2004 Islam and the Institutions of a Free Society: Many Problems, Little Hope
    by Voigt, Stefan

  • 2003 A Panel Data Analysis of General Elections Under Multi Party Electoral College
    by Jayesh Kumar

  • 2003 Democratizing Indonesia: Reformasi Period in Historical Perspective
    by 佐藤, 百合

  • 2003 Post-Crisis Economic Reform in Indonesia:Policy for Intervening in Ownership in Historical Perspective
    by 佐藤, 百合

  • 2002 Wrestling with Japanese Tribalism Emerging Collaborative Opportunities For India and Japan
    by Lambert, Bruce Henry

  • 2002 Nationalism and the Strong State in the 1935 Philippine Constitution
    by Emmanuel S. de Dios

  • 2001 An Interview with Miyohei Sinohara: Non-Conformism in Japanese Economic Thought
    by Alice H. Amsden & Kotaro Suzumura

  • 2000 Hungary: Modernizing the Subnational Government System
    by Kopanyi, M. & El Daher, S. & Wetzel, D. & Noel, M. & Papp, A.

  • 2000 Economic Cooperation in 19th Century Taiwan: Religion and Informal Enforcement
    by Kelly B. Olds & Ruey-Hua Liu

  • 1999 Why Is the Japanese Conviction Rate So High?
    by J. Mark Ramseyer & Eric Rasmusen

  • 1999 Le passe d’une region : les relations monetaires entre Hong Kong et la Chine dans les annees quarante
    by Catherine R. Schenk

  • 1998 The Accumulation Process in Japan and East Asia as Compared with the Role of Germany in European Post-War Growth
    by Halevi, J.

  • 1996 Consumers, the Legal System and Product Liability Reform : A Comparative Perspective Between Japan and the United States
    by Hamada, K

  • 1996 A Prescription for Healthy TVE Growth in China
    by Jones, M-E & Mood, M-S

  • 1996 Islamic Economics in Principle and Practice
    by Bjorvatn, K.

  • 1994 Political Economy of Secularism: Rediscovery of India
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