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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R4: Transportation Economics
/ / / R49: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2015 Bike Usage in Public Bike-Sharing: An Analysis of the “BikeMi” System in Milan
    by Giorgio SAIBENE & Giancarlo MANZI

  • 2015 The future of the transport industry
    by Aggelos AGGELAKAKIS & Joao Bernardino & Maria Boile & Panayotis Christidis & Ana Condeco & Michael Krail & Anestis Papanikolaou & Max Reichenbach & Jens Schippl

  • 2015 Do entrants increase incumbents' innovation activity? Escaping the lock-in, stimulating technological change and the transition towards environmentally friendly vehicles
    by Josefine Diekhof

  • 2014 Sensitivity of economists during market allocation
    by Suttner, Johannes R.

  • 2014 The Impact of Transport Infrastructure on Regional Labor Market Performance: A Study For Germany Using Historical Instrument Variables
    by Joachim Moeller & Marcus Zierer

  • 2014 The social and environmental sustainability of the maritime industry
    by Moreira, Paulo Pires

  • 2014 The Impact Of The German Autobahn Net On Regional Labor Market Performance: A Study Using Historical Instrument Variables
    by Joachim Möller & Marcus Zierer

  • 2014 The Impact of the German Autobahn Net on Regional Labor Market Performance: A Study Using Historical Instrument Variables
    by Möller, Joachim & Zierer, Marcus

  • 2014 Future employment in transport: Analysis of labour supply and demand
    by Panayotis Christidis & Elena Navajas Cawood & Martijn Brons & Burkhard Schade & Antonio Soria

  • 2014 Improving speed and frequency in the European rail system: Impact on accessibility and welfare
    by Francesco Rotoli & Panayotis Christidis & Elena Navajas Cawood & Héctor Guillermo LÓPEZ RUIZ & Lorenzo VANNACCI

  • 2014 Reconsidering the Nature and Effects of Habits in Urban Transportation Behaviour
    by Olivier Brette & Thomas Buhler & Nathalie Lazaric & Kevin Marechal

  • 2014 TransNIEMO: Economic Impact Analysis Using a Model of Consistent Interregional Economic and Network Equilibria
    by JoongKoo Cho & Peter Gordon & James E. Moore II & Qisheng Pan & JiYoung Park & Harry W. Richardson

  • 2014 The Impact Of The Inormation Society On Human Capital Management (Study Case: Air Transport Enterprises)
    by Tetiana SHKODA & Anastasia STEFANITA

  • 2014 Financiación Del Servicio Público De Transporte Urbano: Un Estudio Empírico En Las Empresas Españolas / Financing Public Urban Transport: An Empirical Study In Spanish Companies
    by Delgado Jalón, M. Luisa & Sánchez de Lara, Miguel A. & Gómez Ortega, Alba

  • 2014 A Strategic Analysis Of Collective Urban Transport In Spain Using The Five Forces Model / Un Análisis Estratégico De Transporte Urbano Colectivo En España Usando Elmodelo De Las Cinco Fuerzas
    by Gómez Ortega, Alba & Delgado Jalón, M. Luisa & Rivero Menéndez, José Ángel

  • 2014 Observatorio De Costes Y Financiación Del Transporte Urbano Colectivo: Un Programa De Investigación / Cost And Funding Of Urban Transport Watchdog: A Research Program
    by Sánchez Toledano, Daniel & Carrasco Díaz, Daniel & Sánchez Toledano, Joaquín

  • 2014 Análisis De Las Empresas Concesionarias Del Servicio Público De Transporte Urbano Colectivo En España (2008-2010) / An Analysis Of Concessionaries Of The Public Service Of Urban Collective Transport Industry In Spain (2008-2010)
    by Balboa la Chica, Pedro Manuel & Mesa Mendoza, Margarita & Suárez Falcón, Heriberto

  • 2014 Safety as a key performance indicator: Creating a safety culture for enhanced passenger safety, comfort, and accessibility
    by Wretstrand, Anders & Holmberg, Bengt & Berntman, Monica

  • 2014 Infrastructure policy in the USA–Mexico border: Evaluation and policy perspectives
    by Duran-Fernandez, Roberto

  • 2014 A regional model of road accessibility in Mexico: Accessibility surfaces and robustness analysis
    by Duran-Fernandez, Roberto & Santos, Georgina

  • 2014 A GIS model of the National Road Network in Mexico
    by Duran-Fernandez, Roberto & Santos, Georgina

  • 2014 Competitive vs. monopolistic routes: Are fares so different?
    by Malighetti, Paolo & Redondi, Renato & Salanti, Andrea

  • 2013 The criminality sprawl: The 'Boomerang effect' of public transport improvements
    by Carlos Augusto Olarte Bacares

  • 2013 How big is the impact of infrastructure on trade? Evidence from meta-analysis
    by Celbis, Mehmet Güney & Nijkamp, Peter & Poot, Jacques

  • 2013 Roads and Trade: Evidence from the U.S
    by Gilles Duranton & Peter Morrow & Matthew Turner

  • 2013 Impact of urban public transport enhancements on crime rate: a diff-diff analysis for the case of Transmilenio
    by Olarte Bacares, Carlos Augusto

  • 2013 The Importance Of International Registries For Naval Transport
    by Nistor, Filip

  • 2013 E' solo la punta dell'iceberg! Costi e ricavi del crocierismo a Venezia
    by Tattara, Giuseppe

  • 2013 Road Connectivity and the Border Effect: Evidence from Europe
    by Henrik Braconier & Mauro Pisu

  • 2013 The location of manufacturing firms and imperfect information in transport market
    by Gokan, Toshitaka

  • 2013 A constructive technology assessment of stationary energy storage systems: prospective life cycle orientated analysis
    by Manuel Johann Baumann

  • 2013 Roads and Trade: Evidence from the US
    by Duranton, Gilles & Morrow, Peter & Turner, Matthew A

  • 2013 The Causality Relationship between the Dry Bulk Market and Worldwide Economic Growth
    by Batrinca Ghiorghe & Cojanu Gianina

  • 2013 Cooperation And Competition In The Airline Market
    by Cătălina Mihaela N. BĂDOIU

  • 2012 The impact of low emission zones on PM10 levels in urban areas in Germany
    by Malina, Christiane & Fischer, Frauke

  • 2012 Political determinants of sustainable transport in Latin American cities
    by Cadena Gaitan, Carlos

  • 2012 Spatial Allocation of Economy as a Fiber Bundle
    by Van-Ilya, Andrei

  • 2012 Impacts of urbanization on national transport and road energy use: Evidence from low, middle and high income countries
    by Phetkeo Poumanyvong & Shinji Kaneko & Shobhakar Dhakal

  • 2012 Valuations of travel time variability in scheduling versus mean-variance models
    by Börjesson, Maria & Eliasson, Jonas & Franklin, Joel

  • 2012 Economic and Social Harmonization of Sustainable Public Transport
    by Anna Černá

  • 2012 CGE Analysis of Transportation Cost and Regional Economy: East Asia and Northern Kyushu
    by Hiroshi SAKAMOTO

  • 2012 Parking management, financial subsidies to alternatives to drive alone and commute mode choices in Seattle
    by Su, Qing & Zhou, Liren

  • 2012 Benefits of low carbon development in a developing country: Case of Nepal
    by Shrestha, Ram M. & Shakya, Shree Raj

  • 2012 An Indicator to Measure Inequality in the Provision of Local Public Transport in Italy
    by Claudia Burlando & Enrico Ivaldi

  • 2011 Referencing, Gains-Losses Asymmetry And Non-Linear Sensitivities In Commuter Decisions: One Size Does Not Fit All!
    by Amanda Stathopoulos & Stephane Hess

  • 2011 Increasing Returns in Transportation and the Formation of Hubs
    by Tomoya Mori

  • 2011 Direct and Indirect Effects of Accessibility: Infrastructure and Regional Access
    by Ildikó Győrffy

  • 2011 One for the road: Public transportation, alcohol consumption, and intoxicated driving
    by Jackson, C. Kirabo & Owens, Emily Greene

  • 2010 Das Städtesystem der Russischen Föderation aus Sicht der Neuen Ökonomischen Geographie = The Russian system of cities from the perspective of New Economic Geography
    by Albrecht Kauffmann

  • 2010 One for the Road: Public Transportation, Alcohol Consumption, and Intoxicated Driving
    by C. Kirabo Jackson & Emily Greene Owens

  • 2010 The Economic Effects of Bus Transit in Small Cities
    by Dagney Faulk & Michael Hicks

  • 2010 Future Exigencies Regarding the Necessity of Reorganization of the “CN CFR” National Society
    by D?neci-P?tr?u Daniel

  • 2010 The Automobile Buyer Behaviour: Emotional or Rational?
    by Economist Phd. Candidate CRUCERU Gheorghe & Assistant Professor Phd. Candidate MICUDA Dan

  • 2010 La exclusión hidrológica
    by García Lirios, Cruz

  • 2010 Análisis e incidencia del gasto en transporte público de los hogares en las localidades de Usme y Ciudad Bolívar
    by José Armando Hernández Bernal & José Gilberto Beltrán Garzón

  • 2010 Evaluación Socioeconómica De La Medida Del Pico Y Placa Sobre El Mototaxismo En Cartagena

  • 2010 O niektorých aspektoch teoretického vymedzenia liberalizácie leteckej dopravy
    by Martin Grančay

  • 2008 The relevance of the concepts of specific and generic goods for the understanding of freight transport demand
    by Jèrome Massiani & Romeo Danielis & Edoardo Marcucci

  • 2008 Individual Contacts, Collective Patterns. Prato 1975-97, a story of interactions
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2008 The IDE geographical simulation model : predicting long-term effects of infrastructure development projects
    by Kumagai, Satoru & Gokan, Toshitaka & Isono, Ikumo & Keola, Souknilanh

  • 2008 Infrastructure Development of Railway in Cambodia: A Long Term Strategy
    by Chap Moly

  • 2008 Knowledge Flow in East Asia and Beyond
    by Albert Guangzhou Hu

  • 2008 Urban Growth and Transportation
    by Duranton, Gilles & Turner, Matthew A

  • 2007 Urban growth and transportation
    by Gilles Duranton & Matthew A. Turner

  • 2007 Is the Regulation of the Transport Sector Always Detrimental to Consumers?
    by Behrens, Kristian & Gaigné, Carl & Thisse, Jacques-François

  • 2007 The Downside of Domestic Substitution of Oil with Biofuels: Will Brazil Catch the Dutch Disease?
    by James A. Giesecke & J. Mark Horridge & Jose A. Scaramucci

  • 2007 Transporte público en Cartagena: ¿Qué factores determinan las preferencias de los usuarios?
    by Daniel Toro González & Jorge Luis Alvis Arrieta & William Arellano Cartagena

  • 2007 Crossing The Alps: Three Transport Policy Options
    by G. Marletto

  • 2007 The climate challenge and Europe’s ambitions
    by Domenico Gaudioso

  • 2006 “Evaluación económica sectorial de la inversión en la red viaria de gran capacidad: la evidencia de los efectos desbordamiento”
    by Alvarez, Inmaculada & Delgado, Maria Jesus

  • 2006 Il turismo crocieristico: sfide ed opportunità di sviluppo dei territori costieri. Il caso caraibico delle Piccole Antille
    by Grandi, Silvia & Sala, Anna Maria

  • 2006 Performance Evaluation of Real-time Scheduling Approaches in Vehicle-based Internal Transport Systems
    by Le-Anh, T. & de Koster, M.B.M. & Yu, Y.

  • 2005 Seriously Ceres ?
    by Kroon, Rutger & Vis, Iris F.A.

  • 2005 Propuestas hacia el Progreso Económico en el Siglo XIX en Colombia: Impuesto directo, Aduanas, Vías de Comunicación y Federalismo
    by Juanita Villaveces Niño

  • 2005 Aproximación Metodológica para el Cálculo de la Balanza de Servicios Externos del Valle del Cauca (Colombia) Subsector Transporte Aéreo
    by Henry Duque Sandoval & Elizabeth Aponte Jaramillo & Harold Herney Londoño Martínez & Paula Andrea Garizado

  • 2004 The high-speed train and its spatial effects
    by Gutiérrez Puebla, Javier

  • 2003 Geopolitics vs. Globalization in the Balkans: The New Rivalries in the Energy and Transport Sectors
    by Klimov, Blagoy

  • 2003 Transport Economics
    by Richard Arnott & Marvin Kraus

  • 2003 Hierarchal Object-Oriented Models for Management of Narrow Passageways
    by Evangelos I. Kaisar & Mark Austin & Vasilios Lagakos & Stratos Papadimitriou & Ali Haghani

  • 2003 Lojistik Sektorunun Ulkemizdeki Gelisimi ve Rekabet Vizyonu
    by Muazzez Babacan

  • 2001 Design Principles for Closed Loop Supply Chains
    by Krikke, H.R. & Pappis, C.P. & Tsoulfas, G.T. & Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J.M.

  • 2001 One and Two Way Packaging in the Dairy Sector
    by Bloemhof-Ruwaard, J.M. & van Nunen, J.A.E.E. & Vroom, J. & van der Linden, A.

  • 2001 How to Organise Return Handling
    by de Koster, M.B.M. & van de Vendel, M. & de Brito, M.P.

  • 2001 Reverse Logistics Network Structures and Design
    by Fleischmann, M.

  • 2000 Integer Constraints for Train Series Connections
    by Zuidwijk, R.A. & Kroon, L.G.

  • 2000 A Greedy Heuristic for a Three-Level Multi-Period Single-Sourcing Problem
    by Romeijn, H.E. & Romero Morales, D.

  • 1999 De structurerende werking van ondergrondse logistieke systemen : een verkenning
    by Bruinsma, Frank & Rietveld, Piet & Smit, S.

  • 1999 A belvízi áruszállítás bizonytalan trendjei
    by Fleischer, Tamás

  • 1999 Marginal External Costs of Peak and Non Peak Urban Transport in Belgium
    by Leo De Nocker & Stef Vergote & Luc Vinckx & Guido Wouters

  • 1998 Commercial Management and Financing of Roads
    by Heggie, I.G. & Vickers, P.

  • 1997 Development of an Expert System for Automatic Detection of Automobile Insurance Fraud
    by Belhadji, B. & Dionne, G.

  • 1997 Developpement d'un systeme expert de detection automatique de la fraude a l'assurance automobile
    by Belhadji, B. & Dionne, G.

  • 1996 Urban Transportation
    by Small, K.A. & Gomez-Ibanez, J.A.

  • 1996 Autovias y ferrocarriles: un modelo para evaluar efectos intermodales de la politica de infaestructuras
    by Germa Manel Bel Queralt

  • 1995 Etude Empirique du Choix de l'Heure de Depart au Travail
    by de Palma,A. & Rochat,D.

  • 1995 Bayesian Analysis of Road Accidents: Accounting for Deterministic Heterogeneity
    by Bolduc, D. & Bonin, S.

  • 1995 Transport and Communications Output and Productivity in Brazil and the USA, 1950-90
    by Mulder, N.

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