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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R3: Real Estate Markets, Spatial Production Analysis, and Firm Location
/ / / R32: Other Spatial Production and Pricing Analysis
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Consumer flexibility, data quality and location choice
    by Baye, Irina & Hasnas, Irina
  • 2014 Repeat Sales Methods for Growing Cities and Short Horizons
    by Karl L. Guntermann & Crocker Liu & Adam Nowak
  • 2014 Accessibility analysis as an urban planning tool: Gas station location
    by Escobar D. & Cadena-Gaitán C. & Garcia F.
  • 2014 Modelling the Impact of Fundamentals on County Housing Markets in Ireland
    by Morgenroth, Edgar
  • 2014 Opening Hours and Quality Choices
    by Yamada, Mai
  • 2014 Applying the Hedonic Pricing Model to the Prices of Single-Family Homes in the Oldest U.S. City, St. Augustine, Florida, Testing Whether Property Taxes Are Capitalized into Housing Prices
    by Angjellari-Dajci, Fiorentina & Cebula, Richard
  • 2014 The Agglomeration of Bankruptcy
    by Efraim Benmelech & Nittai Bergman & Anna Milanez & Vladimir Mukharlyamov
  • 2014 Firm Knowledge, Neighborhood Diversity and Innovation
    by Wixe, Sofia
  • 2014 Meeting Technologies and Optimal Trading. Mechanisms in Competitive Search Markets
    by Benjamin Lester (Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia), Ludo Visschers (The University of Edinburgh & Universidad Carlos III, Madrid), Ronald Wolthoff (University of Toronto)
  • 2014 Competing with Asking Prices
    by Benjamin Lester & Ludo Visschers & Ronald Wolthoff
  • 2014 Theoretical Perspectives on Localised Knowledge Spillovers and Agglomeration
    by Leppälä, Samuli
  • 2014 Does living close to a vineyard increase the willingness-to-pay for organic and local wine?
    by Jean-Sauveur Ay & Raja Chakir & Stephan Marette
  • 2014 Analysis of Production - Inventory Decisions in a Decentralized Supply Chain
    by Saeed Alaei & Masoud Behravesh & Nayere Karegar
  • 2014 A public firm in a model of spatial duopoly with price discrimination
    by Beladi, Hamid & Chakrabarti, Avik & Marjit, Sugata
  • 2014 Patent Laws, Product Life-Cycle Lengths, and Multinational Activity
    by L. Kamran Bilir
  • 2014 Spatial Development
    by Klaus Desmet & Esteban Rossi-Hansberg
  • 2013 Possibilities for Romanian Valuers to Cope With The Realities of Future Real Estate Market in the Context of Sustainable Development
    by Irina Ana-Maria BENE
  • 2013 An Alternative Sales Analysis Approach for Vacant Land Valuation
    by D. Richard WINCOTT
  • 2013 Corruption and Housing Price Volatility: Empirical Evidence - Corruzione e volatilità del mercato immobiliare: evidenze empiriche
    by Goel, Rajeev K. & Punzi, Maria Teresa
  • 2013 Real estate companies' size and the production of energy-efficient housing services: Evidence from Germany's apartment housing market
    by Michelsen, Claus & Rosenschon, Sebastian & Schulz, Christian
  • 2013 An econometric analysis of the demand surge effect
    by Döhrmann, David & Gürtler, Marc & Hibbeln, Martin
  • 2013 Ranking German regions using interregional migration - What does internal migration tells us about regional well-being?
    by Benjamin Wirth
  • 2013 Creation and Exploitation of Knowledge in Multinationals The Importance of Local and Global Spillovers for Domestic and Foreign Exporters
    by Hans Lööf
  • 2013 Ethnic segregation and heterogeneous preferences of homeowners for housing and neighbourhood characteristics. Evidence from the Netherlands
    by Ong, Cheng Boon & De Witte, Kristof
  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross
  • 2013 Count Models and Wildfire in British Columbia
    by Zhen Xu & G. Cornelis van Kooten
  • 2013 International Trade and Local Labor Markets: Are Foreign and Domestic Shocks Created Differently?
    by Partridge, Mark D. & Rickman, Dan & Olfert, M. Rose & Tan, Ying
  • 2013 Una Aplicación de Métodos de Detección de Burbuja Inmobiliaria: Caso Chile
    by Idrovo Aguirre, Byron & Lennon S., Joaquín
  • 2013 Caracterizando a los emprendedores impulsados por necesidad en Lima: Una aproximación usando experimentos de campo
    by José Carlos Raunelli & Mauricio Power & Francisco Galarza
  • 2013 Housing Affordability in New Zealand: Evidence from Household Surveys
    by David Law & Lisa Meehan
  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance and the Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross
  • 2013 Institutions and Firm Formation: an Empirical Analysis of Portuguese Municipalities
    by Simão Arouca
  • 2013 Regional Integration and Firm Location Choices: A Long Run Approach to the Cork Industry in the Iberian Peninsula
    by Francisco Parejo & Amélia Branco & João Carlos Lopes & José Rangel Preciado
  • 2013 Automated Valuation Modelling: A Specification Exercise
    by Rainer Schulz & Martin Wersing & Axel Werwatz &
  • 2013 A method to determine capitalization in small data samples
    by Kopsch, Fredrik
  • 2013 A more transparent two-step categorization of valuation methods
    by Lind, Hans & Nordlund, Bo
  • 2013 Challenging the idyll: Does crime affect property prices in small towns?
    by Ceccato, Vania & Wilhelmsson, Mats
  • 2013 The Impact of Spatial Externalities: Skills, Education and Firm Productivity
    by Wixe, Sofia
  • 2013 Internal and External Knowledge – Innovation of Export Varieties
    by Johansson, Börje & Johansson, Sara & Wallin, Tina
  • 2013 Learning and Productivity of Swedish Exporting Firms: The importance of Innovation Efforts and the Geography of Innovation
    by Lööf, Hans & Nabavi, Pardis
  • 2013 Heterogeneity in house price dynamics
    by Gabriele Galati & Federica Teppa & Rob Alessie
  • 2013 Stratégie optimale de stockage de déchets radioactifs à vie longue sous contrainte de capacité
    by Villeneuve, Bertrand
  • 2013 Evaluating the law of one price using micro panel data
    by Gobillon, Laurent & Guillotreau, Patrice & Wolff, François-Charles
  • 2013 Land Use Regulation and Productivity - Land Matters: Evidence from a UK Supermarket Chain
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis
  • 2013 Race-Specific Agglomeration Economies: Social Distance And The Black-White Wage Gap
    by Elizabeth Ananat & Shihe Fu & Stephen L. Ross
  • 2013 Credit conditions in a boom and bust property market
    by McCarthy, Yvonne & McQuinn, Kieran
  • 2013 Évaluation de l’Impact du Dispositif Scellier sur les Prix Fonciers
    by Pierre-Henri Bono & Alain Trannoy
  • 2013 Un Análisis Empírico De La Diferenciación Horizontal De Los Polígonos Industriales Gallegos / An Empirical Analysis Of Horizontal Differentiation Of Galician Industrial Estates
    by de Carlos, Pablo & Domínguez, Trinidad & Alén, Elisa
  • 2013 Polycentric Patterns and Housing Affordability: Does a Relationship Exist?
    by Sabrina Iommi
  • 2013 Un’analisi territoriale del lavoro sommerso nel settore delle costruzioni in Italia
    by Maria Felice Arezzo & Giorgio Alleva
  • 2013 Automatic selection of a spatial weight matrix in spatial econometrics: Application to a spatial hedonic approach
    by Seya, Hajime & Yamagata, Yoshiki & Tsutsumi, Morito
  • 2013 Price and transaction volume in the Dutch housing market
    by de Wit, Erik R. & Englund, Peter & Francke, Marc K.
  • 2013 The lasting effects of crime: The relationship of discovered methamphetamine laboratories and home values
    by Congdon-Hohman, Joshua M.
  • 2013 Agglomeration in a city with choosy consumers under imperfect information
    by Takahashi, Takaaki
  • 2013 A model of China's export strengthening outward FDI
    by Dong, Baomin & Guo, Guixia
  • 2013 Diferenciais Regionais de Competitividade Industrial do Brasil no Século 21
    by Daniela Schettini & Carlos R. Azzoni
  • 2013 A Review of Enrico Moretti's The New Geography of Jobs
    by Edward Glaeser
  • 2013 Too Far Away? The Effect of Distance to Headquarters on Business Establishment Performance
    by Arturs Kalnins & Francine Lafontaine
  • 2012 Studying Composite Demand Using Scanner Data: The Case of Ground Beef in the US
    by Schulz, Lee L. & Schroeder, Ted C. & Xia, Tian
  • 2012 Banks in Disadvantaged Areas
    by Johann Burgstaller
  • 2012 The effect of Stackelberg cost reductions on spatial competition with heterogeneous firms
    by Matthew Beacham
  • 2012 The Capital Asset Pricing Model: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
    by Yasmeen, & Masood, Sarwar & Saghir, Ghauri & Muhammad, Waqas
  • 2012 Housing Market Spillovers: Evidence from the End of Rent Control in Cambridge Massachusetts
    by David H. Autor & Christopher J. Palmer & Parag A. Pathak
  • 2012 Evidence from a UK supermarket chain
    by Paul C. Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis
  • 2012 Production Externalities in the Wood Furniture Industry in Central Java
    by Roos K. Andadari & Henri L.F. de Groot & Piet Rietveld
  • 2012 The Value of Good Neighbors: A Spatial Analysis of the California and Washington State Wine Industries
    by Nan Yang & Jill J. McCluskey & Michael P. Brady
  • 2012 Love thy neighbor: Income distribution and housing preferences
    by Leung, Tin Cheuk & Tsang, Kwok Ping
  • 2012 Pricing the US residential asset through the rent flow: A cross-sectional study
    by Goswami, Gautam & Tan, Sinan
  • 2012 Understanding interstate trade patterns
    by Yilmazkuday, Hakan
  • 2012 Product differentiation decisions under ambiguous consumer demand and pessimistic expectations
    by Król, Michał
  • 2012 Population density and efficiency in energy consumption: An empirical analysis of service establishments
    by Morikawa, Masayuki
  • 2012 Welfare properties of strategic R&D investments in Hotelling models
    by Matsumura, Toshihiro & Matsushima, Noriaki
  • 2012 Determinants of golden locations in Chiang Mai city: A photographic approach with Binary Logit analysis
    by Banthita Kuna & Komsan Suriya
  • 2011 Les limites des politiques de relocalisation
    by Mouhoud, El Mouhoub
  • 2011 Assessing Technical Efficiency of Sugar Industry in Uttar Pradesh: An Application of Data Envelopment Analysis
  • 2011 Causality of Residential Properties Price Movements in Malaysia
    by Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Faizal
  • 2011 Love Thy Neighbor: Income Distribution and Housing Preferences
    by Leung, Tin Cheuk & Tsang, Kwok Ping
  • 2011 Luxembourg : les marchés fonciers et immobiliers transfrontaliers à l'épreuve de la métropolisation
    by DIOP Lanciné
  • 2011 Love Thy Neighbor: Income Distribution and Housing Preferences
    by Tin Cheuk Leung & Kwok Ping Tsang
  • 2011 The Lasting Effects of Crime: The Relationship of Discovered Methamphetamine Laboratories and Home Values
    by Joshua Congdon-Hohman
  • 2011 Intranational Trade and Regional Tax Rates: A Welfare Analysis on the U.S. Economy
    by Hakan Yilmazkuday
  • 2011 Understanding Interstate Trade Patterns
    by Hakan Yilmazkuday
  • 2011 Evaluating the effects of planning policies on the retail sector: or do town centre first policies deliver the goods?
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis
  • 2011 Directional Imbalance in Transport Prices: An Application to Inland Shipping in North-West Europe
    by Olaf Jonkeren & Jos N. van Ommeren & Piet Rietveld
  • 2011 Real estate brokers: do they inflate housing prices? The case of France
    by Violand, Wendy & Simon, Arnaud
  • 2011 The influence of urban form on spatial costs
    by Hugh B. WENBAN - SMITH
  • 2011 Intermediaries, transport costs and interlinked transactions
    by Lefèvre, Mélanie & Tharakan, Joe
  • 2011 Evaluating the Effects of Planning Policies on the Retail Sector: Or do Town Centre First Policies Deliver the Goods?
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian A. L. Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis
  • 2011 Land use planning: the impact on retail productivity
    by Paul Cheshire & Christian Hilber & Ioannis Kaplanis
  • 2011 How do consumer prices change in an island economy? Empirical evidence from the prices of four food and beverage products in the Canary Islands
    by Rodríguez Feijoo , Santiago & González Correa , Carlos & Rodríguez Caro, Alejandro
  • 2011 Searching for the Concentration-Price Effect in the German Movie Theater Industry
    by Enrico Böhme & Christopher Müller
  • 2011 Infraestructura pública y precios de vivienda: una aplicación de regresión geográficamente ponderada en el contexto de precios hedónicos
    by Juan Carlos Duque & Hermilson Velásquez & Jorge Agudelo
  • 2011 The influence of urban form on spatial costs
    by Hugh B. Wenban-Smith
  • 2011 An Expert System for Online Residential Properties Valuation
    by Beatriz Larraz
  • 2010 Pay as you go: a new proposal for museum pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner
  • 2010 Tender prices in local bus transport in Germany - an application of alternative regression techniques
    by Beck, Arne & Walter, Matthias
  • 2010 Agglomeration and Trade: State-Level Evidence from U.S. Industries
    by Hakan Yilmazkuday
  • 2010 Dwindling U.S. Internal Migration: Evidence of Spatial Equilibrium?
    by Mark D., Partridge & Dan S., Rickman & M. Rose, Olfert & Kamar, Ali
  • 2010 A Simple Repeat Sales House Price Index: Comparative Properties Under Alternative Data Generation Processes
    by Arthur Grimes & Chris Young
  • 2010 Effects of Regional Human Capital Structure on Business Entry: A Comparison of Independent Startups and New Subsidiaries in Different Industries
    by Kenta Ikeuchi & Hiroyuki Okamuro
  • 2010 Pay as You Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner
  • 2010 Endogenous Spatial Differentiation with Vertical Contracting
    by Kourandi, Frago & Vettas, Nikolaos
  • 2010 Pay as you Go: A New Proposal for Museum Pricing
    by Bruno S. Frey & Lasse Steiner
  • 2010 Does housing really lead the business cycle?
    by Luis J. Álvarez & Alberto Cabrero
  • 2010 Housing Cycles In The Major Euro Area Countries
    by Luis J. Álvarez & Guido Bulligan & Alberto Cabrero & Laurent Ferrara & Harald Stahl
  • 2010 Beach Re-nourishment and Property Value Growth: The Case of Folly Beach, South Carolina
    by Blackwell, Calvin & Sheldon, Susannah & Lansbury, David & Vaught, Dyanne
  • 2010 Urban Sprawl and Transportation Externalities
    by Holcombe, Randall G. & Williams, DeEdgra W.
  • 2010 Economic and Regional Determinants of the Location of Payday Lenders and Banking Institutions in Mississippi: Reconsidering the Role of Race and Other Factors in Firm Location
    by Wheatley, W. Parker
  • 2010 Regionale Unterschiede in China: Konvergenz noch zu schwach
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Eric Girardin
  • 2010 What Causes Industry Agglomeration? Evidence from Coagglomeration Patterns
    by Glenn Ellison & Edward L. Glaeser & William R. Kerr
  • 2010 Place Based Policies, Heterogeneity, and Agglomeration
    by Patrick Kline
  • 2009 The Evolution of Opinion Maker's Perceptions on Local Real Estate Markets from Peak to Mid-crisis - Was There a Shift on Real Estate Rationales?
    by Joao Manuel CARVALHO
  • 2009 Dynamic linkages between housing and lot prices: Empirical evidence from Helsinki
    by Elias Oikarinen
  • 2009 Sequential Spatial Competition in Vertically Related industries with Different Product Varieties
    by Beladi, Hamid & Chakrabarti, Avik & Marjit, Sugata
  • 2009 External scale economies in manufacturing sector of Pakistan: a comparison of large scale manufacturing sector of Sindh and Punjab
    by Zafar, Sohail & Ahmed, Vaqar
  • 2009 How Important is Technology? A Counterfactual Analysis
    by Yilmazkuday, Hakan
  • 2009 Distribution of Consumption, Production and Trade within the U.S
    by Yilmazkuday, Hakan
  • 2009 Understanding Interstate Trade Patterns
    by Yilmazkuday, Hakan
  • 2009 Searching for the Concentration-Price Effect in the German Movie Theater Industry
    by Böhme, Enrico & Müller, Christopher
  • 2009 Costly horizontal differentiation
    by João Correia-da-Silva & Joana Pinho
  • 2009 Scale and Scope - human capital and the structure of regional export flows
    by Andersson, Martin & Johansson, Sara
  • 2009 To Sell or Not to Sell: List Price, Transaction Price and Marketing Time in the Housing Market
    by Paul E. Carrillo
  • 2009 The Cost of Climate Change to the German Fruit Vegetation Sector
    by Claudia Kemfert & Hans Kremers
  • 2009 Spatial Costs in a Monocentric City(And Implications for Agglomeration)
    by Hugh B. Wenban-Smith
  • 2009 A Model of West African Millet Prices in Rural Markets
    by Molly E. Brown & Nathaniel Higgins & Beat Hintermann
  • 2009 Housing cycles in the major euro area countries
    by Álvarez, L-J. & Bulligan, G. & Cabrero, A. & Ferrara, L. & Stahl, H.
  • 2009 Iceberg transport technologies in spatial competition. Hotelling reborn
    by Xavier Martinez-Giralt & José María Usategui
  • 2009 Determinants of Investment Flows in U.S. Manufacturing?
    by Brown, Jason P. & Florax, Raymond J. G. M. & McNamara, Kevin T.
  • 2009 Spatial Heterogeneity in Environmental Regulation Enforcement and the Firm Location Decision among U.S. Counties
    by Morgan, O. Ashton & Condliffe, Simon
  • 2009 Core-Periphery Market Failure in the Location of Economic Activity
    by Malul, Miki & Bar-El, Raphael
  • 2009 Wal-Mart and Small Business: Boon or Bane?
    by Hicks, Michael J.
  • 2009 Internal Competitiveness Erosion Of The Romanian Agri-Food Sector Erosion “Catalyzed” By The Economic-Financial Crisis
    by Toderoiu, Filon
  • 2009 Price Changes in Finland: Some Evidence from the Micro CPI data
    by Samu Kurri
  • 2009 Theories and Methods of Assessment that have Influenced International Practices
    by Cristina Mihaela ONICA & Lucian DOMNITEANU
  • 2009 The Wealth of Cities: Agglomeration Economies and Spatial Equilibrium in the United States
    by Edward L. Glaeser & Joshua D. Gottlieb
  • 2009 Intra-industry Foreign Direct Investment
    by Laura Alfaro & Andrew Charlton
  • 2008 Sectoral Innovation Systems, Corporate Strategies, and Competitiveness of the German Economy in a Globalised World
    by Michael Rothgang
  • 2008 Productivity and Proximity
    by Don Webber & Paul White
  • 2008 Sectoral Innovation Systems, Corporate Strategies, and Competitiveness of the German Economy in a Globalised World
    by Michael Rothgang
  • 2008 Regional Log Market Integration in New Zealand
    by Kurt Niquidet & Bruce Manley
  • 2008 Information and communication technologies and geographic concentration of manufacturing industries: Evidence from China
    by Hong, Junjie & Fu, Shihe
  • 2008 Information and communication technologies and geographic concentration of manufacturing industries: evidence from China
    by Fu, Shihe & Hong, Junjie
  • 2008 The Natuzzi Group and the Bari-Matera (Italy) upholstered furniture district. A case study of internationalisation in a traditional industry
    by Giovanni Barbiano di Belgiojoso & Sara Colautti & Massimo Florio & Cristina Castelli
  • 2008 The Natuzzi group and the Bari -Matera (Italy) upholstered furniture district: a case study of internationalisation in a traditional industry
    by Giovanni BELGIOJOSO & Cristina CASTELLI & Sara COLAUTTI & Massimo FLORIO
  • 2008 Horizontal market concentration: Theoretical insights from the spatial models
    by Andreea Cosnita-Langlais
  • 2008 Location Decision Variations of Japanese Investors in China
    by Cheng, Shaoming
  • 2008 City-Industry Agglomeration and Changes in the Geographic Concentration of Industry
    by Gabe, Todd M.
  • 2008 Implications of Big Box Retail Location on Regional Profits, Consumer Utility, and Land Rents
    by Stater, Mark & Visser, Michael S.
  • 2008 Understanding Firms' Relocation and Expansion Decisions Using Self-Reported Factor Importance Rating
    by Hu, Wuyang & Cox, Linda J. & Wright, Joan & Harris, Thomas R.
  • 2008 El poder compensador de las cooperativas frente a las prácticas restrictivas de la competencia. Las relaciones entre la mitilicultura y la industria conservera en Galicia
    by Gonzalo Rodríguez Rodríguez
  • 2007 Market Scale and Agglomeration in a Spatial Cournot Model of Product Differentiation
    by 鮑世亨 & 黃登興
  • 2007 House Prices and Employment Reallocation: International Evidence
    by Olympia Bover & Juan F. Jimeno
  • 2007 House Prices and Employment Reallocation: International Evidence
    by Bover, Olympia & Jimeno, Juan F.
  • 2007 R&D Accessibility and Comparative Advantages in Quality Differentiated Goods
    by Johansson, Sara
  • 2007 Spatial Agglomeration, Technology and Outsourcing of Knowledge Intensive Business Services Empirical Insights from Italy
    by Roberto Antonietti & Giulio Cainelli
  • 2007 House Prices and Employment Reallocation: International Evidence
    by Bover, Olympia & Jimeno, Juan Francisco
  • 2007 Informalidad del mercado de crédito para la vivienda de interés social
    by Ricardo Rocha & Fabio Sánchez Torres & Jorge Tovar
  • 2007 Quality of Life in the Regions - Results for German Counties
    by Thiess Büttner & Alexander Ebertz
  • 2007 House prices and employment reallocation: international evidence
    by Olympia Bover & Juan F. Jimeno
  • 2006 When Does Co-location of Manufacturing and R&D Matter?
    by Ketokivi, Mikko
  • 2006 Semiparametric hedonic price models : assessing the effects of agricultural nonpoint source pollution
    by Bontemps, C. & Simioni, M. & Surry, Y.
  • 2006 Technical Efficiency of Rural Nepalese Farmers as Affected by Farm Family Education and Extension Services
    by Bhatta, Kiran Prasad & Ishida, Akira & Taniguchi, Kenji & Sharma, Raksha
  • 2006 Lignite price and split of profit negotiation in bilateral monopoly of lignite opencast mine and power plant
    by Jurdziak, Leszek
  • 2006 Cena węgla brunatnego jako wyznacznik podziału zysku w układach kopalń i elektrowni. Część III – Obliczenia cen i zysków dla hipotetycznych danych
    by Jurdziak, Leszek
  • 2006 Cena węgla brunatnego jako wyznacznik podziału zysku w układach kopalń i elektrowni. Część II – Formuły cen węgla brunatnego
    by Jurdziak, Leszek
  • 2006 Cena węgla brunatnego jako wyznacznik podziału zysku w układach kopalń i elektrowni. Część I – Propozycje podziału
    by Jurdziak, Leszek
  • 2006 Industry R&D Location – the role of accessibility to university R&D and institutions of higher education
    by Andersson, Martin & Gråsjö, Urban & Karlsson, Charlie
  • 2006 The empirics of spatial competition: Evidence from European regions
    by Nestor Duch Brown
  • 2006 A Spatial Econometric Analysis of Regional Specialization Patterns across EU Regions
    by Stirboeck, Claudia
  • 2006 Wages and Industrial Clusters in Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
    by Monteiro Monasterio, Leonardo
  • 2006 Trade Liberalization and Location: Empirical Evidence for Mexican Manufacturing Industries
    by Jordaan, Jacob A. & Sanchez-Reaza, Javier
  • 2006 Intra-NAFTA Trade in Mid-South Industries: A Gravity Model
    by Funk, Mark & Elder, Erick & Yao, Vincent & Vibhakar, Ashvin
  • 2006 Food Industry Investment Flows: Implications for Rural Development
    by Lambert, Dayton M. & McNamara, Kevin T. & Garrett, Megan I.
  • 2006 The Growth of Texas Counties in the 1990s: The Roles of County Size and Industry Clusters
    by Mollick, Andre Varella
  • 2006 Speaking Falsehoods to Power: States' Misguided Use of 'Cost-of-Doing-Business' Studies in Economic Development Policy
    by Luger, Michael I. & Bae, Suho
  • 2005 Energy Commodity Prices : Is Mean-reversion Dead ?
    by Geman, Hélyette
  • 2005 Partial Agglomeration or Dispersion in Spatial Cournot Competition
    by Toshihiro Matsumura & Takao Ohkawa & Daisuke Shimizu
  • 2005 The economic theory of quasi-exclusive territory
    by Daisuke Nikae & Takeshi Ikeda
  • 2005 Hotelling's Beach with Linear and Quadratic Transportation Costs: Existence of Pure Strategy Equilibria
    by Alain Egli
  • 2005 Bertrand Wettbewerb im Raum kann zu höheren Preisen führen als ein Monopol
    by Helge Sanner
  • 2005 Cournot competition in spatial markets : some complementary results on complementarity
    by Andrea Cosnita
  • 2005 Monte Carlo Simulations for Real Estate Valuation
    by Martin Hoesli & Elion Jani & André Bender
  • 2005 Ranking economics departments worldwide on the basis of PhD placement
    by Rabah, AMIR & Malgorzata, KNAUFF
  • 2005 Ranking economics departments worldwide on the basis of PhD placement
    by AMIR, Rabah & KNAUFF, Malgorzata
  • 2005 The Impact of Wal-Mart on Income and Unemployment Differentials in Alabama
    by Keil, Stanley R. & Spector, Lee C.
  • 2005 R&D Investments and the Spatial Dimension: Evidence from Firm Level Data
    by Bertinelli, Luisito & Nicolini, Rosella
  • 2005 The Effects of Industry Instability on Sector Entry: The Case of Maine
    by Gabe, Todd M.
  • 2005 Choix de localisation et structure du commerce intra-branche
    by Kristian Behrens
  • 2004 Measuring Spillovers from Industrial R&D: On the Importance of Geographic and Technological Proximity
    by Michael J. Orlando
  • 2004 Spatial externalities and empirical analysis: the case of Italy
    by Giordano Mion
  • 2004 Politique d’infrastructure et choix de localisation dans un modèle de signal
    by Jean-Philippe TROPEANO
  • 2004 The dynamics of agglomeration : evidence from Ireland and Portugal
    by BARRIOS, Salvador & BERTINELLI, Luisito & STROBL, Eric & TEIXEIRA, Antonio Carlos
  • 2004 Factors Affecting the Location of Payday Lending and Traditional Banking Services in North Carolina
    by Burkey, Mark L. & Simkins, Scott P.
  • 2004 Knowledge Spillovers, Agglomeration Economies, and the Geography of Innovation Activity: A Spatial Econometric Analysis
    by Lim, Up
  • 2003 Regional Labour Markets and Migration
    by Bosco, Luigi
  • 2003 Spatial Externalities and Empirical Analysis: The Case of Italy
    by Mion, Giordano
  • 2003 Price Discovery in Time and Space: The Course of Condominium Prices in Singapore
    by Min Hwang & John M. Quigley
  • 2003 The Dynamics and Volatility of Commercial and Residential Property Prices: Theory and Evidence
    by Kamhon Kan & Sunny Kai-Sun Kwong & Charles Ka-Yui Leung
  • 2003 Localisation et endogénéité des structures d'échanges
    by BEHRENS, Kristian
  • 2003 Product Differentiation with Consumer Arbitrage
    by Espinosa Alejos, María Paz & Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki
  • 2003 Product Differentiation with Consumer Arbitrage
    by Espinosa Alejos, María Paz & Aguirre Pérez, Iñaki
  • 2003 Microfoundations of Urban Agglomeration Economies
    by Duranton, Gilles & Puga, Diego
  • 2003 Spatial externalities and empirical analysis: the case of Italy
    by MION, Giordano
  • 2003 Trends and Spectral Response: An Examination of the US Realty Market
    by Patrick Wilson & Ralf Zurbruegg
  • 2003 Local Labor Markets and Child Poverty
    by Strand, Alexander & Fisher, Robin C.
  • 2003 Determining Regional Structure through Cointegration
    by Cutler, Harvey & England, Scott & Weiler, Stephan
  • 2003 Foreign Direct Investment: Agglomeration Economies and Returns to Promotion Expenditures
    by Kim, Seong-Hee & Pickton, Todd S. & Gerking, Shelby
  • 2003 State and Local Policy, Factor Markets, and Regional Growth
    by Brown, Stephen P. A. & Hayes, Kathy J. & Taylor, Lori L.
  • 2003 The Perplexing Literature on Growth and Change
    by Bartik, Timothy J. & Boehm, Thomas P. & Schlottmann, Alan M.
  • 2003 Determinants of turism demand in the Canary Islands
    by Rodríguez Feijoó, Santiago & Dávila Quintana, Delia & Rodríguez Caro, Alejandro & Tejera Gil, Margarita
  • 2003 Measuring the district effect. Reflections on the literature
    by Giacomo Becattini & Francesco Musotti
  • 2003 Measuring the district effect. Reflections on the literature
    by Giacomo Becattini & Francesco Musotti
  • 2003 The Impact of Corporate Taxation on the Location of Capital: A Review
    by Devereux, Michael P. & Griffith, Rachel
  • 2003 Consumer-benefiting exclusive territories
    by Toshihiro Matsumura
  • 2002 Firm Location, Trade and Economic Integration
    by Andaluz, Joaquín & Gil, Agustín
  • 2002 SME Information Sourcing for Innovation and Export Market Development: From Local or External Networks?
    by Hodgkinson, Ann & McPhee, Paul
  • 2002 Experimentally Observed Imitation and Cooperation in Price Competition on the Circle
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