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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R5: Regional Government Analysis
/ / / R50: General
/ / / R51: Finance in Urban and Rural Economies
/ / / R52: Land Use and Other Regulations
/ / / R53: Public Facility Location Analysis; Public Investment and Capital Stock
/ / / R58: Regional Development Planning and Policy
/ / / R59: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Integration as a spatial institution: Implications for agglomeration and growth
    by Deeken, Tim & Ott, Ingrid
  • 2014 Low Priority Laws and the Allocation of Police Resources
    by Amanda Ross & Anne Walker
  • 2014 Territorial Pact in context of Europe 2020
    by Antonescu, Daniela
  • 2014 Penetration of MFIs among Indian States: An Understanding Through Macro Variables
    by Sougata Ray & Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra
  • 2014 Regulation, Innovation and Technology Diffusion: Evidence from Building Energy Efficiency Standards in Germany
    by Makram El-Shagi & Claus Michelsen & Sebastian Rosenschon
  • 2014 Foreclosures and local government revenues from the property tax: The case of Georgia school districts
    by Alm, James & Buschman, Robert D. & Sjoquist, David L.
  • 2014 Municipality amalgamation in Japan: an examination using event history analysis
    by Katsuyoshi Nakazawa & Tomohisa Miyashita
  • 2014 Fiscal Decentralization in China: A Literature Review
    by Zhiguo Wang & Liang Ma
  • 2013 Economic Dominance of the Russian Capital: Causes and Consequences
    by A. Mishura.
  • 2013 Economies of scale in local communal services: a Hungarian case study
    by Katalin Czako & Tamas Dusek & Krisztian Koppany & Veronika Poreisz & Eva Szalka
  • 2013 Theory and empirics of horizontal and spatial integration of local communal services
    by Katalin Czako & Veronika Poreisz
  • 2013 Public Participation in Selection of The Road Construction by AHP for Supporting of CO2 Emissions Reduction: Maros-Watampone Road Case
    by Wahyuni Any & Miyata Yuzuru
  • 2013 Homeowners, Renters and the Political Economy of Property Taxation
    by Eric J. Brunner & Stephen L. Ross & Rebecca K. Simonsen
  • 2013 Property-led Urban, Town and Rural Regeneration in Ireland: positive and perverse outcomes in different implementation contexts
    by Michelle Norris & Menelaos Gkartzios & Dermot Coates
  • 2013 How did foreclosures affect property values in Georgia School Districts?
    by James Alm & Robert D. Buschman & David L. Sjoquist
  • 2013 A Convenient Truth: Property Taxes and Revenue Stability
    by James Alm
  • 2013 Le territoire entrepreneurial: analyse et réalités ENTREPRENEUR-CENTERED TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT ANALYSIS AND REALITIES
    by Antonin MICHELET
  • 2013 A ligação ferroviária do Porto de Sines como elemento estruturante de desenvolvimento regional
    by Moreira, Paulo
  • 2013 TERMINAL DE CONTENTORES NA TRAFARIA: Not in my backyard?
    by Moreira, Paulo Pires
  • 2013 Research and Science Today No. 1(5)/2013
    by ADAM, Elena & TRIȘCAȘ, Floarea Elena & NICOARĂ, Raluca-Maria & IVAN, Ruben Ioan & DUȚĂ, Paul & PANAIT, Ion & MANOLACHE, Viorella & ANDRONACHE, Alin & TRANDAFIR, Andreea & TAROPA-IACOB, Anda & DUȚĂ, Andreea Emilia & IORDAN, Costel & ALEXA, Oana Alexandra & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & MARCAU, Flavius-Cristian & SIMA, Isabella Cristiana & MATEIU, Mihaela & NISIPEANU, Elena & CĂLIN, Alexandra & HARANGUS, Katalin & EDU, Filip Vladimir & MARIN, Aurelia Camelia & AŞER, Nica & BOGDAN, Laura & MOGA, Monika & VULPAȘU, Dana & COSTESCU, Elena-Alis & CIUNTUC, Cristina-Elena & NECHIFOR, Caleb Otniel Traian & CRISTESCU, Cosmina & PIPOŞ, Cristina
  • 2013 La atribución de responsabilidades políticas en Estados descentralizados
    by Lago-Peñas, Santiago & Lago-Peñas, Ignacio
  • 2013 Unacknowledged Urbanisation: The New Census Towns of India
    by Pradhan, Kanhu Charan
  • 2013 Creating Conditions for Effective Public Investment: Sub-national Capacities in a Multi-level Governance Context
    by Lee Mizell & Dorothée Allain-Dupré
  • 2013 Incentivizing China’s Urban Mayors to Mitigate Pollution Externalities: The Role of the Central Government and Public Environmentalism
    by Siqi Zheng & Matthew E. Kahn & Weizeng Sun & Danglun Luo
  • 2013 The Income Effect of Unconditional Grants: A Reduction in the Collection Effort of Municipalities
    by Javiera Bravo
  • 2013 Estimating the holdout problem in land assembly
    by Cunningham, Chris
  • 2013 Decentralization, Social Capital and Regional Convergence
    by Luciano Mauro & Francesco Pigliaru
  • 2013 The impact of Urban Enterprise Zones on establishment location decisions: Evidence from French ZFUs
    by Mayer,T. & Mayneris, F. & Py, L.
  • 2013 Collecting High-Frequency Data Using Mobile Phones: Do Timely Data Lead to Accountability?
    by Croke,Kevin & Dabalen, Andrew & Demombynes, Gabriel & Giugale, Marcelo & Hoogeveen, Johannes
  • 2013 Demand Of Regional Tourists Visiting Lao People'S Democratic Republic: A Dynamic Panel Data Approach
    by Sakkarin NONTHAPOT & Thanet WATTANAKUL
  • 2013 Quality of Ski Resorts and Competition Between the Emilian Apennines and Altipiani Trentini. an Estimate of the Hedonic Price
  • 2013 The Impact Of E-Government Implementation On The Organizational Structure: The Case Of Jordan
  • 2013 Development Of State-Private Partnership As The Possible Way Of Overcoming Of Mistrust Of The Population To The Power
    by Chupryakova, A. & Kosinskiy, P.
  • 2013 Gli anziani e la città. Brevi note
    by Francesco Indovina
  • 2013 Supply constraints and housing market dynamics
    by Paciorek, Andrew
  • 2013 The bargaining power of teachers’ unions and the allocation of school resources
    by Brunner, Eric J. & Squires, Tim
  • 2013 La empresarialidad informal como un reto de política económica: el caso de La Paz y El Alto, Bolivia
    by León Darío Parra Bernal
  • 2013 Future development of European maritime regions
    by Panait Cornel & Stanca Costel & Buzu Georgiana
  • 2013 Assessment of structural instruments impact upon sustainable development
    by Ciobanu Carmen-Liliana
  • 2013 Sustainable transport's indicators. Comparative study: EU-27 and Romania
    by Branza Gratiela & Cristea Viorela-Georgiana
  • 2012 Rethinking Local Government Reliance on the Property Tax
    by James Alm & Robert D. Buschman & David L. Sjoquist
  • 2012 Identifying regional disparities in Romania: a convergence process perspective in relation to European Union's territorial structures
    by Antonescu, Daniela
  • 2012 The status of Framework Programmes Funding of the sustainable development of the Romanian energy sector
    by Irimie, Sabin Ioan & Timisan, Ionel Vasile
  • 2012 Child Labour & Inclusive Education in Backward Districts of India
    by Roy, Chandan & Barman, Jiten
  • 2012 Research and Science Today No. 4
    by Mărcău, Flavius-Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela
  • 2012 Research and Science Today Supplement No.1(3)/2012
    by Bădilă, Andreea Iuliana & Sucilă căs. Pahoni, Cipriana & Mihuţ, Cosmin & Filip, Dan Andrei & Ciubotaru, Iulian Marcel & Luca, Cătălin-Viorel & Mănescu, Alexandra Florina & Pipoș, Cristina & Popa (Lupu), Diana Gabriela & Dinu (Dragomir), Maria Magdalena & Petric, Paulian Timotei & Bran, Răzvan & Constantin, Veronica & Postăvaru, Gianina Ioana & Ciolan, Ioana Monica & Papuc, Valentin & Moșoi, Ștefan Cristian & Gheorghe, Anamaria Elena & Clucerescu (Tănase), Emilia Elena & Marin, Ştefan Claudiu & Ciorei, Mihaela Andreea & Mărcău, Flavius Cristian & Mihaela, Ruxanda & Marin, Camelia & Enescu, Camelia & Ealangi, Ionuț & Purcaru, Mihai & Pop, Alexandra Raluca & Bojincă, Moise
  • 2012 Research and Science Today No.3
    by Gheorghe, Anamaria Elena & Manole, Andrada Ligia & Andronache, Alin & Cristescu, Cătălin & Luca, Cătălin Viorel & Constantin, Pompiliu Nicolae & Rogojanu, Dumitru Cătălin & Luca, Constantin & Duţă, Andeea Emilia & Mărcău, Flavius Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela Andreea & Marin, Ştefan Claudiu & Mihalache, Gabriela & Liţoiu (MurăriIţa), Cristina & Cigăreanu, Elena & Purcaru, Mihai & Bușe, Dan & Papuc, Valentin
  • 2012 The symbolic universe of Cyberjaya, Malaysia
    by Evers, Hans-Dieter & Nordin, Ramli
  • 2012 Major impacts of microfinance on the poor: snapshots from Bangladesh
    by Mallick, Iftekhar
  • 2012 International Migration and the European Union Relations in the Context of a Comparison of Western Balkans and North African Countries: Controlling Migration and Hybrid Model
    by Aliu, Armando
  • 2012 Quality of ski resorts and competition between the Emilian Apennines and Altipiani Trentini. An estimate of the hedonic price
    by Alessandrini, Sergio
  • 2012 Cities and Green Growth: Case Study of the Paris/Ile-de-France Region
    by Lamia Kamal-Chaoui & Marissa Plouin
  • 2012 Urban Trends and Policies in OECD Countries
    by Lamia Kamal-Chaoui & Javier Sanchez-Reaza
  • 2012 On Fiscal Illusion and Ricardian Equivalence in Local Public Finance
    by H. Spencer Banzhaf & Wallace E. Oates
  • 2012 You Get What You Pay For: How Nordic Cities Are Financed
    by Jorgen Lotz
  • 2012 Fiscal Zoning, Sales Taxes, and Employment: Do Higher Sales Taxes Lead to More Jobs in Retailing and Fewer Jobs in Manufacturing?
    by Burnes, Daria & Neumark, David & White, Michelle J.
  • 2012 Fiscal Zoning, Sales Taxes, and Employment: Do Higher Sales Taxes Lead to More Jobs in Retailing and Fewer Jobs in Manufacturing?
    by Burnes, Daria & Neumark, David & White, Michelle J.
  • 2012 Local Public Goods Provision in the Post-Agricultural Tax Era in Rural China
    by Hiroshi Sato & Sai Ding
  • 2012 The Impact of MERCOSUR on Trade of Brazilian States
    by Siroën, Jean-Marc & Yücer, Aycil
  • 2012 A Long-Term Evaluation of the First Generation of the French Urban Enterprise Zones
  • 2012 Evolución de la concentración y especialización industrial en Colombia, 1975-2005
    by Juliana Jaramillo Echeverri & Julieth Parra Hincapié
  • 2012 Goals Met or Just Empty Promises? First Version of the Democratic Security Policy in Colombia
    by Gerson Javier Pérez V.
  • 2012 Strategic Interactions in Environmental Regulation Enforcement: Evidence fromChinese Provinces
    by Mary-Françoise RENARD & Hang XIONG
  • 2012 Large Mining Enterprises and Regional Development: Between the Enclave and Cluster
    by Martin Ignacio Arias & Miguel Atienza & Jan Cademartori
  • 2012 Rural Entrepreneurship, a perspective with special reference to Arunachal Pradesh: an Empirical Study
    by Sukamal Deb
  • 2012 Policies on illegal immigration in a federation
    by Mayr, Karin & Minter, Steffen & Krieger, Tim
  • 2012 Medicaid and the housing and asset decisions of the elderly: Evidence from estate recovery programs
    by Greenhalgh-Stanley, Nadia
  • 2012 School district quality and property values: Examining differences along school district boundaries
    by Dhar, Paramita & Ross, Stephen L
  • 2012 Pattern and determinants of public budget allocation to border regions in iran
    by Hossein Mirshojaeian Hosseini & Shinji Kaneko
  • 2012 Fiscal Decentralization in China: History, Impact, Challenges and Next Steps
    by Chunli Shen & Jing Jin & Heng-fu Zou
  • 2012 Primera versión de la política de seguridad democrática: se cumplieron los objetivos?
    by Gerson Javier Perez
  • 2011 Population Population Movements in the Presence of Agglomeration and Congestion Effects: Local Policy and the Social Optimum
    by Peter R. Mueser & David Mandy & Eric Parsons
  • 2011 Economic Impact of Bioscience Connecticut
    by Peter Gunther & Fred Carstensen
  • 2011 Do State Fiscal Policies Affect State Economic Growth?
    by James Alm & Janet Rogers
  • 2011 Developing a multi-dimensional environmental vulnerability (MEV) indicator for Mongolia
    by Anand, P B
  • 2011 CoR’s White Paper on Multilevel Guvernance – Advantages and Desadvantages
    by Brie, Mircea & Gal, Diana
  • 2011 Research and Science Today No.2
    by MUREŞAN, Adriana Rodica & CRISTESCU, Cătălin & RUSU, Anca-Elena & MĂRCĂU, Flavius-Cristian & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & CIUBOTARU, Iulian Marcel & DAMIAN, Irina & ŞERBAN, Ileana Daniela & POPA (LUPU), Diana-Gabriela & GHEORGHE, Anamaria Elena & GHERVASE, Denis – Gabriela & IOSIF, Daniel & MARIN, Ştefan - Claudiu & MARIN, Camelia & RUXANDA, Mihaela
  • 2011 (Re-)exploring the link between devolution and regional disparities in Italy
    by Torrisi, Gianpiero & Pike, Andy & Tomaney, John & Tselios, Vassilis
  • 2011 Cities and Green Growth: A Conceptual Framework
    by Stephen Hammer & Lamia Kamal-Chaoui & Alexis Robert & Marissa Plouin
  • 2011 Multi-level Governance of Public Investment: Lessons from the Crisis
    by Dorothée Allain-Dupré
  • 2011 Categorisation of OECD Regions Using Innovation-Related Variables
    by Giulia Ajmone Marsan & Karen Maguire
  • 2011 The Implementation of the Korean Green Growth Strategy in Urban Areas
    by Lamia Kamal-Chaoui & Fabio Grazi & Jongwan Joo & Marissa Plouin
  • 2011 Strengthening Global-Local Connectivity in Regional Innovation Strategies: Implications for Regional Innovation Policy
    by Paul Benneworth & Adrie Dassen
  • 2011 Environmental Regulations, Air and Water Pollution, and Infant Mortality in India
    by Michael Greenstone & Rema Hanna
  • 2011 Coping with Change: The Need to Restructure Urban Governance and Finance in India
    by M. Govinda Rao & Richard M. Bird
  • 2011 On the Optimal Design of Disaster Insurance in a Federation
    by Timothy J. Goodspeed & Andrew Haughwout
  • 2011 Public Expenditures, Taxes, Federal Transfers, and Endogenous Growth
    by Liutang Gong & Heng-fu Zou
  • 2011 Fiscal Decentralization and Peasants' Financial Burden in China
    by Jing Jin & Chunli Shen & Heng-fu Zou
  • 2011 Housing tenure and housing demand in Colombia
    by María Angélica Arbeláez & Roberto Steiner & Alejandro Becerra & Daniel Wills
  • 2011 Social Capital, Institutions and Growth: Further Lessons from the Italian Regional Divide
    by L. Mauro & F. Pigliaru
  • 2011 Economic integration between the Mezzogiorno and the Centre North
    by Luigi Cannari (editor) & Raffaello Bronzini (editor) & Marco Magnani (editor)
  • 2011 The economy of the North East of Italy
    by Luigi Cannari (editor) & Massimo Gallo (editor) & Alesssandra Staderini (editor)
  • 2011 Infrastructure in Italy: endowment, planning, construction
    by Fabrizio Balassone (editor) & Piero Casadio (editor)
  • 2011 A Spatially-related Note on Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth
    by Torben Klarl
  • 2011 BEIJING RECORD:A Physical and Political History of Planning Modern Beijing
    by Jun Wang
  • 2011 Urbanizaçâo, impactos ambientais e governança no complexo regional Centro-Sul
    by Sonia Maria M. C. de Oliveira & Frederico Cavadas Barcellos & Aristides Pereira Lima Green
  • 2011 Estimation of intellectual capital in the European Union using a knowledge model
    by Jose Luis Alfaro Navarro & Victor Raul Lopez Ruiz & Domingo Nevado Pena
  • 2011 The Regions of Economic Development and Categories of Activities
    by Grigorescu Adriana
  • 2011 Experiences And Tendencies To Decentralize The Capabilities Of The Economic Policy At The European Union Level
    by Dodescu Anca
  • 2011 Human Resources from Front Office Secrvices
    by Ph.D. Candidate Alina MINEA (cas.TROCIN)
  • 2011 Infrastructure and Human development in India: An Inter-state comparison
    by Gopalakrishna B.V & D.S. Leelavathi
  • 2011 Role of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) in Rural Asset Creation in India –An Analysis
    by Dhananjaya K & Prathibha M.S
  • 2011 The Impact of Contamination on the Industrial Land Market
    by Marie Howland
  • 2011 Dropping the Geographic-Constraints Variable Makes Only a Minor Difference: Reply to Cox
    by Haifang Huang & Yao Tang
  • 2011 Constraints on Housing Supply: Natural and Regulatory
    by Wendell Cox
  • 2011 Regional Policy In The Eu Less Favoured Regions For The Period 2000-2006: An Assessment Of The Expenditure Allocation And Governance
    by ARGUELLES, Margarita & BENAVIDES, Carmen & MAYOR, Matias
  • 2011 Territorial Assets And Firms’ Competitiveness In Southern Europe: Industrial Vs Commercial Firms Using Exploratory Factor Analysis
    by METAXAS, Theodore
  • 2011 Chinesisches Monopol bei Seltenen Erden: Risiko für die Hochtechnologie
    by Hanns Günther Hilpert & Antje Kröger
  • 2011 Politica tributaria e incentivos fiscales: Consideraciones para el desarrollo economico de Cartagena de Indias
    by Aaron Espinosa Espinosa
  • 2011 Les comportements d'emprunt des régions françaises. Quel degré d'hétérogénéité ?
    by Gilles Dufrénot & Philippe Frouté & Christophe Shalck
  • 2011 Learning from Leipzig? Regional Development and Socio-cultural Transition
    by Dirk Bunzel & Mihaela Kelemen
  • 2010 The Impact of State Government Subsidies and Tax Credits in an Emerging Industry: Ethanol Production 1980–2007
    by Chad Cotti & Mark Skidmore
  • 2010 Methodological Challenges and Institutional Barriers in the Use of Experimental Method for the Evaluation of Business Incubators: Lessons from the US, EU, and China
    by Junbo Yu & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2010 Are Intellectual Property Rights Evolving Towards the Enclosure of the ‘Intangible Commons’?
    by Escalona Reynoso, Rafael
  • 2010 Infrastructures and Development: impacts of future public projects on Palmela municipality
    by Marques, Bruno Pereira & Coelho, Ana Filipa & Piteira, Carla
  • 2010 Local development initiatives in metropolitan areas' suburban municipalities: a comparative case-study between Amadora (Lisbon-PT) and Diadema (São Paulo-BR)
    by Marques, Bruno Pereira & Carvalho, Rui
  • 2010 The Impacts of Water Pollution on Economic Development in Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2010 Challenging path dependence? Ideational mapping of nationalism and the EU’s transformative power: The case of infrastructural politics in SEE
    by Klimov, Blagoy
  • 2010 EU rural policy: proposal and application of an agricultural sustainability index
    by Vecchione, Gaetano
  • 2010 ¿Es posible un Acuerdo Fiscal Federal Sustentable sin una Reforma del Sistema Tributario Federal?
    by Horacio L. P. Piffano
  • 2010 Does Immigration Induce 'Native Flight' from Public Schools? Evidence from a Large Scale Voucher Program
    by Gerdes, Christer
  • 2010 Does Immigration Induce 'Native Flight' from Public Schools? Evidence from a Large Scale Voucher Program
    by Gerdes, Christer
  • 2010 A Review of Human Development Trends in South Asia: 1990-2009
    by Avinash Kumar
  • 2010 London: planning the ungovernable city
    by Ian Gordon & Tony Travers
  • 2010 The French Regions’ Borrowing Behaviours. How heterogeneous are they?
    by Dufrénot, G. & Frouté, P. & Schalck, C.
  • 2010 The Mezzogiorno and Italian economic policy
    by Luigi Cannari (editor) & Daniele Franco (editor)
  • 2010 Current Trends Of The Regional Development Policy In The European Union. The Development Of Competitive Economic Agglomerations Of Cluster Type
    by Laura Cismaş & Andra Miculescu & Maria Oţil
  • 2010 The Governance of Regional Knowledge Networks
    by Riccardo Cappellin
  • 2010 Distretti industriali, nuove politiche territoriali e programmazione
    by Davide Gualerzi
  • 2010 La industria vasca en la era post-carbono: la transición hacia la competitividad sostenible
    by Ricardo Aguado Muñoz & Alberto Bonilla Etxebarria & Igone Ugalde Sánchez
  • 2009 School Quality and Property Values: Re-examining the Boundary Approach
    by Paramita Dhar & Stephen L. Ross
  • 2009 Projecting Economic Benefits: Expansion Pathways for The University of Connecticut Health Center, 2009
    by Fred Carstensen & Peter Gunther
  • 2009 La riduzione del numero dei Comuni: un tema che meriterebbe maggiore attenzione
    by Antonio Cortese
  • 2009 Evaluating the H-1B Visa Program: Theoretical Issues
    by Peter Schaeffer & Mulugeta Kahsai
  • 2009 Destination Unknown. Is There any Economics Beyond Tourism Areas?
    by Guido Candela & Paolo Figini
  • 2009 Cross-Cultural Analysiis of European e-Government Adoption
    by Aykut, Arslan
  • 2009 Agricultural Crisis in India: The Root Cause and Consequences
    by Dhas, Albert Christopher
  • 2009 Distribution of Demand for School Quality: Evidence from Quantile Regression
    by Wada, Roy & Herbert, Zahirovic-Herbert
  • 2009 Environment Based Innovation: Policy Questions
    by Argentino Pessoa & Mário Rui Silva
  • 2009 Finance Commission and the Southern States: Overview of Issues
    by D K Srivastava
  • 2009 Networks and innovation: the role of social assets in explaining firms' innovative capacity
    by Uwe Cantner & Elisa Conti & Andreas Meder
  • 2009 Reciprocity and Competition: Is There a Connection?
    by Jonathan C. Rork & Gary A. Wagner
  • 2009 On the optimal design of disaster insurance in a federation
    by Timothy J. Goodspeed & Andrew F. Haughwout
  • 2009 Voters Hold the Key: Lock-in, Mobility and the Portability of Property Tax Exemptions
    by Ron Cheung & Chris Cunningham
  • 2009 Cultural Diversity and Economic Performance: Evidence from European Regions
    by Giovanni Prarolo & Elena Bellini & Gianmarco I.P. Ottaviano & Dino Pinelli
  • 2009 Household Water Collection in Canberra
    by Anthony Ryan & Clive L Spash & Thomas G Measham
  • 2009 The effects of competition on the quality of primary schools in the Netherlands
    by Joëlle Noailly & Suncica Vujic & Ali Aouragh
  • 2009 Persistent regional gaps and the role of social capital: hints from the Italian Mezzogiorno’s case
    by F. Pigliaru
  • 2009 The Mezzogiorno and regional policies
    by Luigi Cannari (editor)
  • 2009 Destination Management and Tourists’ Choice with a Two-Part Tariff Price of the Holiday
    by Guido Candela & Paolo Figini & Antonello E. Scorcu
  • 2009 Dynamics of city formation
    by Vernon Henderson & Anthony Venables
  • 2009 Equalization Transfers, Fiscal Decentralization, and Economic Growth
    by Hikaru Ogawa & Sayaka Yakita
  • 2009 Le dimensioni della sostenibilità delle province italiane e la pubblica amministrazione locale
    by Antonio Dallara
  • 2009 El sistema de innovación en Navarra: un análisis comparativo
    by Cristina Bayona Sáez & Salomé Goñi Legaz & Javier Merino Díaz de Cerio
  • 2009 Regional Policy and Convergence in Europe: The Case of Backward Regions
    by Jesus Lopez-Rodriguez & Andres Faiña
  • 2009 Design Mechanism as Territorial Strategic Capability
    by Gianita BLEOJU & Lacramioara FOTACHE
  • 2008 Participatory modelling and decision support for natural resources management in climate change research
    by Carlo Giupponi & Jaroslav Mysiak & Alessandra Sgobbi
  • 2008 Are Intergovernmental Grants Tactical? The Evidence from Russia
    by Elena Jarocinska
  • 2008 Trends in Health Status and Infrastructural Support in Tamil Nadu
    by Dhas, Albert Christopher & Helen, Mary Jacqueline
  • 2008 State of Governance in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects
    by Ahmad, Sayed Javed
  • 2008 Assessment of the Turkish Local e-Governments: An Empirical Study
    by Aykut, Arslan
  • 2008 Employment Adjustments in High-Trade-Exposed Manufacturing in Canada
    by Serge Coulombe
  • 2008 Exclusionary Policies in Urban Development, How under-servicing of migrant households affects the growth and composition of Brazilian cities
    by Leo Feler & J. Vernon Henderson
  • 2008 Das Konzept des "Regionalen Gewerbeflächenpools" aus ökonomischer Sicht
    by Raimund Krumm
  • 2008 Science-Policy Communication for Improved Water Resources Management: Contributions of the Nostrum-DSS Project
    by Carlo Giupponi & Yaella Depietri
  • 2008 The Governments Review of Sub-National Economic Development and Regeneration: Key Issues
    by Andy Pike & John Tomaney
  • 2008 Choice, Competition, and Pupil Achievement
    by Stephen Gibbons & Stephen Machin & Olmo Silva
  • 2008 Romanian Hotel Groups Listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange a Survey
    by Cornelia Pop & Cristina Curutiu & Partenie Dumbrava
  • 2008 Fiskalische Effekte der Kommunalverfassungsreformen der 1990er Jahre in Deutschland
    by Lorenz Blume & Thomas Doering & Stefan Voigt
  • 2007 Governmental activity, integration, and agglomeration
    by Ott, Ingrid & Soretz, Susanne
  • 2007 The FY2006 Economic Impact of Continuing Operations of the University of Connecticut Health Center (Fourth Report)
    by Stanley McMillen & Philip Shaw
  • 2007 Emerging in between: the multi-level governance of renewable energy in the English regions
    by Adrian Smith
  • 2007 Impact of Sports Arenas on Land Values: Evidence from Berlin
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Wolfgang Maennig
  • 2007 Spatial Development and Energy Consumption
    by Safirova, Elena A. & Houde, Sébastien & Harrington, Winston
  • 2007 The territorial dimension of the Common Agricultural and Rural Development policy (CAP) and its relation to cohesion objectives
    by Dax, Thomas & Hovorka, Gerhard
  • 2007 Turkish Local e-Governments: a Longitudinal Study
    by Aykut, Arslan
  • 2007 Decentralization of territorial policy in Italy - the coherence with the model of multi-level governance and the effects on responsibilities of public spending
    by Bagarani, Massimo & Bonetti, Antonio & Zampino, Simona
  • 2007 Inside The Gift Horse'S Mouth: City Spending, Political Instituions And The Community Development Block Grant Program
    by Leah Brooks & Justin Phillips
  • 2007 Municipal Infrastructure Delivery in Ethiopia: A bottomless pit or an option to reach the Millennium Development Goals?
    by Jan Werner & David Nguyen-Thanh
  • 2007 The Impact of Sports Arenas on Land Values: Evidence from Berlin
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Wolfgang Maennig
  • 2007 The impact of French Zones Franches Urbaines on employment and business creation
  • 2007 Strategic Taxation on Mobile Capital with Spillover Externality
    by Hikaru Ogawa
  • 2006 The Dynamics of City Formation: Finance and Governance
    by J.V. Henderson & A.J. Venables
  • 2006 Entstehung und Funktionsweise von Regional Governance bei dem Gemeinschaftsgut Natur und Landschaft. Analysen von Governance- und Place-making-Prozessen in Biosphärenreservaten in Deutschland und Großbritannien
    by Fürst, Dietrich & Lahner, Marion & Pollermann, Kim
  • 2006 Entrepreneurship Education and Finnish Society
    by Paula Kyrö
  • 2006 Baltic Entrepreneurship Partners (BEPART)From Interregional and International Cooperation to Regional Impact of Entrepreneurship Promotion
    by Christoph Diensberg
  • 2006 Local Public Good Provision, Municipal Consolidation, and National Transfers
    by Dur, Robert & Staal, Klaas
  • 2006 Governance Reform of German food safety regulation: Cosmetic or real?
    by Steiner, Bodo
  • 2006 Sick of Local Government Corruption? Vote Islamic
    by J. Vernon Henderson & Ari Kuncoro
  • 2006 Volunteering To Be Taxed: Business Improvement Districts And The Extra-Governmental Provision Of Public Safety
    by Leah Brooks
  • 2006 Unveiling Hidden Districts: Assessing The Adoption Patterns Of Business Improvement Districts In California
    by Leah Brooks
  • 2006 Governmental activity, integration, and agglomeration
    by Ingrid Ott & Susanne Soretz
  • 2006 Choice, Competition and Pupil Achievement
    by Stephen Gibbons & Stephen Machin & Olmo Silva
  • 2006 Choice, Competition and Pupil Achievement
    by Gibbons, Steve & Machin, Stephen & Silva, Olmo
  • 2006 Housing Tenure, Expenditure, and Satisfaction Across Hispanic, African-American, and White Households: Evidence from the American Housing Survey
    by HUD – PD&R
  • 2006 Mortgage Pricing Differentials Across Hispanic, Black, and White Households: Evidence from the American Housing Survey
    by HUD – PD&R
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