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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ M: Business Administration and Business Economics; Marketing; Accounting
/ / M4: Accounting
/ / / M42: Auditing
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Analyse financière : information financière, évaluation, diagnostic‎
    by de La Bruslerie, Hubert
  • 2014 L'état du reporting social et environnemental des entreprises. Première application de la loi Grenelle 2
    by Fabre, Karine & Oxibar, Bruno
  • 2014 Automatisierte Kontrollen in der Beschaffung: Exemplarische Konzeption und Umsetzung
    by Preß, Sebastian
  • 2014 IT-Compliance nach COBIT: Gegenüberstellung zwischen COBIT 4.0 und COBIT 5
    by Klotz, Michael
  • 2014 Do investors request advance tax rulings to alleviate tax risk (and do tax authorities provide them)? A joint taxpayers' and tax authorities' view on investment behavior
    by Diller, Markus & Kortebusch, Pia & Schneider, Georg & Sureth, Caren
  • 2014 Presentation of Other Comprehensive Income: Is there a relationship with the total amount, the sign and the volatility of such accounting items?
    by Marisa Agostini
  • 2014 Features of Internal Audit in Pharmaceutical Industry
    by Tsvetanova, Yulia
  • 2014 Internal Audit in the Pharmaceutical Sector: International and National Good Practices
    by Tsvetanova, Yulia
  • 2014 A statistical analysis of reliability of audit opinions as bankruptcy predictors
    by Caserio Carlo & Panaro Delio & Trucco Sara
  • 2014 Analyse des comportements adaptifs des auditeurs financiers en France
    by Gaddour, Inès
  • 2014 Auditing Of Corporate Social Responsibility (Case Study – Albanian Banking Sector)
  • 2014 Statistical detection of fraud in the reporting of Croatian public companies
    by Sinisa Slijepcevic & Branimir Blaskovic
  • 2014 Improvement of Internal Audit Planning Method through Application of Risk Card by the Indices of Value-Based Management System of Joint-Stock Company
    by Oleksandr Smetanko
  • 2014 Estimating Efficiency of Baking Business In-House Control System
    by Svitlana Zubchyk
  • 2014 Improving Information Base for Audit of Financial Results from Agricultural Activity
    by Victor Mazur
  • 2014 Fraud Risk in Audit Activities According to IAS 8
    by Raluca – Ionela Radu & Ciprian Tudurachi
  • 2014 The Role of the Audit Committee in Corporate Governance and the Influence of the Exchange Rates
    by Melinda Timea Fulop
  • 2014 Disa Aciklik ve Demokratik Yapinin Kamu Kesimi Buyuklugu Uzerindeki Etkisi: Rodrik Hipotezine Gecis Ekonomilerinden Kanit
    by Mahmut ZORTUK & Berna BESER
  • 2014 Professionalizing the role of Shari'ah auditors: How Malaysia can generate economic benefits
    by Najeeb, Syed Faiq & Ibrahim, Shahul Hameed Mohamed
  • 2014 Can strategic uncertainty help deter tax evasion? An experiment on auditing rules
    by Tan, Fangfang & Yim, Andrew
  • 2014 Do customers respond to the disclosure of internal control weakness?
    by Su, Lixin (Nancy) & Zhao, Xuezhou (Rachel) & Zhou, Gaoguang (Stephen)
  • 2014 Does auditor choice matter to foreign investors? Evidence from foreign mutual funds worldwide
    by Chou, Julia & Zaiats, Nataliya & Zhang, Bohui
  • 2014 Information Content of Internal Control Weaknesses: The Evidence from Japan
    by Nishizaki, Riku & Takano, Yudai & Takeda, Fumiko
  • 2014 The Effect of the Internal Audit and Firm Performance: A Proposed Research Framework
    by Ebrahim Mohammed Al-Matari & Abdullah Kaid Al-Swidi
  • 2014 Reflexión sobre la revisoría fiscal desde la sociología fenomenológica de Alfred Schütz
    by Jairo Emiro Cuenú Cabezas
  • 2014 Propuesta de salvaguardas para la independencia de la función de auditoría interna
    by Aurora V. Pérez López & José A. Pérez López
  • 2014 The Role Of The Pressure Exercised By Accounting Information Users In The Development Of Financial-Accounting Engineering
    by Laura – Maria POPESCU & Ileana NISULESCU
  • 2014 Internal Audit And Risk Management
    by Elena RUSE & Georgiana SUSMANSCHI (BADEA) & Daniel DĂNECI-PĂTRĂU
  • 2014 Investigation Of Corruption Within Multinationals
    by Monica A. PUIU & Carmen N. NISTOR
  • 2014 Growth Of Managerial Performance By Improving Auditing Activity
  • 2014 Audit Reporting And Corporate Governance: Links And Implications
    by George Silviu CORDOȘ & Melinda Times FÜLÖP
  • 2014 The Impact Of Auditor`S Opinion On Earnings Management: Evidence From Romania
    by Andra GAJEVSZKY
  • 2014 Audit Pricing in China and Pakistan: A Comparative Review of Audit Practices
    by Zahid Irshad Younas & Patrick Velte & Khadija Ashfaq
  • 2014 New Trends In Corporate Governance Of Public Sector
    by Cosmin Sandu Badele & Daniela Fundeanu
  • 2014 Accounting Information And Its Role For Stakeholders
    by Liliana Puican & Mihaela-Andreea Nastasie
  • 2014 International Statistical Reporting– The Duty Of Economic Agents
    by Magdalena Mihai & Adriana Iota
  • 2014 Control Performance Through The Design And Implementtion Of A Budgetary System In Smes In The Region South –West Oltenia
    by Anca Antoaneta Varzaru
  • 2013 Aggressive Reporting and Probabilistic Auditing in a Principles-Based Environment
    by Suzanne H. Bijkerk & Vladimir A. Karamychev & Otto H. Swank
  • 2013 Contribution à l’étude des comportements dysfonctionnels des auditeurs seniors : une approche managériale (le cas français)
    by Gaddour, Inès
  • 2013 Effect of joint auditor pair on Conservatism: Evidence from impairment tests
    by Lobo, Gerald & Paugam, Luc & Zhang, Dana & Casta, Jean-François
  • 2013 Understanding Decision Making in Risk Auditing under Uncertainty: Process Tracing Software
    by Casta, Jean-François & Dkhaili, Rachid
  • 2013 Comment faire de l’audit interne un outil de progrès ? Le cas de la gestion du risque sanitaire dans l’industrie agroalimentaire
    by Saïdi-Kabèche, Doudja & Vergote, Marie-Hélène
  • 2013 L'influence de l'évaluation sur le pilotage des marques
    by Farjaudon, Anne-Laure
  • 2013 The Effect of Joint Auditor Pair On Timely Loss Recognition: Evidence From Impairment Tests
    by Zhang, Dana & Lobo, Gerald & Casta, Jean-François & Paugam, Luc
  • 2013 Les experts de la comptabilité et de la finance et le service de la justice
    by Charrier, Emmanuel
  • 2013 Contribution à la compréhension de l' "Expectation gap" en audit
    by Jedidi, Imen
  • 2013 Contribution à la compréhension du conflit auditeur - audité et des modalités de sa gestion
    by Sakka, Abir
  • 2013 Regelwerke der IT-Compliance - Klassifikation und Übersicht, Teil 2: Normen
    by Klotz, Michael
  • 2013 Compliance cost estimates: Survey non-response and temporal framing effects
    by Eichfelder, Sebastian
  • 2013 Teaching the Economics of Income Tax Evasion
    by Cebula, Richard & Foley, Maggie
  • 2013 The Design and Implementation of Ethics-Related Administrative Law in Eastern Europe
    by Michael, Bryane & Bowser, Donald
  • 2013 Personal vs. Corporate Goals: Why do Insurance Companies Manage Loss Reserves?
    by Fiordelisi, Franco & Meles, Antonio & Monferrà, Stefano & Starita, Maria Grazia
  • 2013 Objectivity and independence: the dual roles of external auditors and forensic accountants
    by Di Gabriele, James & Ojo, Marianne
  • 2013 Mixture and Continuous 'Discontinuity' Hypotheses: An Earnings Management Model with Auditor-Required Adjustment
    by Yim, Andrew
  • 2013 Mechanizm wczesnego ostrzegania firm inwestycyjnych
    by Staszkiewicz, Piotr W.
  • 2013 Truth-telling by Third-party Auditors and the Response of Polluting Firms: Experimental Evidence from India
    by Esther Duflo & Michael Greenstone & Rohini Pande & Nicholas Ryan
  • 2013 Competition in the Audit Market: Policy Implications
    by Joseph J. Gerakos & Chad Syverson
  • 2013 Does Monitoring Work? A Field Experiment with Multiple Forms of Counterproductive Behaviour
    by Michèle Belot & Marina Schröder
  • 2013 The Effects of Mandatory Auditor Rotation on Low Balling Behavior and Auditor Independence
    by Christopher Bleibtreu & Stephan Ulrike Stefani
  • 2013 Are Extensive Audits 'Good News'? Market Perceptions of Abnormal Audit Fees and Fair Value Disclosures
    by Ulf Mohrmann & Jan Riepe & Ulrike Stefani
  • 2013 The performance of authority in organizations: an example from management consulting
    by Alaric Bourgoin & Nicolas Bencherki
  • 2013 The Spillover Effects of Monitoring: A Field Experiment
    by Michèle Belot (University of Edinburgh) Marina Schröder (University of Magdeburg)
  • 2013 'Serving Two Masters' and the Chief Audit Executive's Communication: Experimental Evidence About Internal Auditors’ Judgments
    by Hoos , Florian & Kochetova-Kozloski, Natalia & D'Arcy , Anne
  • 2013 The Construction of a Trustworthy Investment Opportunity: Insights from the Madoff Fraud
    by Stolowy, Hervé & Messner, Martin & Jeanjean, Thomas & Baker, C. Richard
  • 2013 Aggressive Reporting and Probabilistic Auditing in a Principles-Based Environment
    by Suzanne H. Bijkerk & Vladimir A. Karamychev & Otto H. Swank
  • 2013 The Manipulation and Truncation of Accounting Information and the Impact On the Decisional Process of the Stakeholders
    by BUNGET Ovidiu-Constantin & DUMITRESCU Alin-Constantin & DELIU Delia Carmen
  • 2013 Planning the Internal Audit Activity
    by DUMITRU Franca & ȘERBAN Corina & MORARU Maria
  • 2013 Collecting and Processing Information in Internal Audit
    by DUMITRU Franca & SACUI Violeta
  • 2013 Finding and Reporting Irregularities in Internal Audit
    by DUMITRU Franca
  • 2013 The Connection Between Economic Information and the Informational System in Credit Institutions
    by CORNEAN Andra Nicoleta
  • 2013 Plan for Internal Audit- Short Considerations
    by Dan TOGOE
  • 2013 Methods For Assessing The Performance Of Internal Audit
    by BADEA, Georgiana & SPINEANU-GEORGESCU, Luciana
  • 2013 The Relevance of Using Accounting Fundamentals in the Mexican Stock Market
    by Dorantes, Carlos
  • 2013 Perceptions of professionals interested in accounting and auditing about acceptance and adaptation of global financial reporting standards
    by Bozkurt, Orhan & İslamoğlu, Mehmet & Öz, Yaşar
  • 2013 Benford’s Law and Digital Analysis: Application on Turkish Banking Sector
    by Ozer , Gokhan & Babacan, Burak
  • 2013 Accounting Regulation in Ukraine
    by Michal HORA & Ludmila CHYZEVSKA
  • 2013 Comparison of Supervision of the Quality of Auditors' Activities in Czech and Slovak Republic
    by Jana Gebauerová
  • 2013 Once Again on the Issue of Auditor’s and Tax Advisor’s Duty of Confidentiality, this Time in the Context of Changes to its Extent
    by Jan Molín
  • 2013 Professional Challenges Concerning The Calculation And Use Of Materiality
    by Daniel Botez
  • 2013 On the Independence of Auditors, with Special Regard to the Financial Sector
    by Tünde Barabás
  • 2013 Correlation Analysis of the Audit Committee and Profitability Indicators
    by Melinda Timea Fülöp
  • 2013 Development of an Intelligent System Prototype Intended for Accounting in Forestry Entities
    by Postolache (Males) Daniela
  • 2013 An Answer to the Need for Businesses’ Compliance with Green Demands – ECO-AUDIT
    by Ungureanu Mihaela
  • 2013 The Economical and Ecological Importance of the Environmental Impact Assessment
    by Ungureanu Mihaela
  • 2013 Auditor's Role in the Use of European Structural Funds
    by Þogoe Greti Daniela
  • 2013 The Paradigm of Information Technology and CAATTs in the Modern Internal Audit
    by Spãtariu Elena Cerasela & Carata? Maria Alina
  • 2013 The Effectiveness of the Financial Control and Factors Affecting It
    by Sobol Anna & Sukhachova Natalia & Krachenko Iryna
  • 2013 Internal Audit and Fraud Prevention
    by Ruse Elena & Susmanschi Georgiana & Spineanu Georgescu Luciana
  • 2013 Audit Conservatism Versus Unique Regulation of Financial Markets in Romania
    by Pepi Miticã & Nicolae Traian Cristin
  • 2013 Considerations Concerning the Quality of the Services Provided by Accounting Professionals in Romania
    by Paºcu Ana-Maria
  • 2013 Risk Management and Compliance as Main Topics within Nowadays’ Romanian Internal Auditing
    by Carata. Maria Alina & Spãtariu Elena Cerasela
  • 2013 The Budgets’ Role in the Audit of Economic Entities
    by Tanase Gabriela Lidia
  • 2013 The Predictive Analysis of Going Concern Business at the level of Economic EntitiesAbstract:Accounting estimations, predictions and evaluations need consistancy when applying accounting principles. The accounting principles represent a main element in the structure of accounting theory. They make a unitary whole being complementary, and the development of accounting works under normal conditions depends on their correct and integral application. In business environment the principle of going concern is not only as an accounting principle, but also as an absolutely necessary element in the quarantee of financial accounting information. For the users of accounting information there must be clear the reason for which a company is considered to continue its business, which are the assumptions leading to this conclusion and which are the risks for which real developments are different from estimations. The risks about going concern are evident with some economic entities and subtle with others. Therefore, going concern of an economic entity is assured if the risks are prevented and correctly managed
    by Morariu Ana & Petroianu Grazia-Oana & Dãucianu (Avram) Mihaela
  • 2013 Die Neuregelung Des Ifrs 10 Zur Abgrenzung Des Konsolidierungskreises – Die Anwendung Des Einheitlichen Beherrschungsmodels Auf Die Erfassung Von Strukturierten Unternehmen Im Konzernabschluss
    by Markus Häfele
  • 2013 Challenges Of Internal Audit In The Current Crisis
    by Popa Adriana Florina & Breban Ludovica & Bochis Leonica &
  • 2013 Using Dependency Structure Matrix In Optimazing Financial Audit Process
    by Popa Adriana Florina & Vilsanoiu Daniel & Dobre Florin & Stanila Oana Georgiana
  • 2013 Challenges Of Financial Audit - The Impact Of Introducing Unique Regulation Of Financial Markets In Romania
    by Mitica Pepi & Traian Cristin Nicolae & &
  • 2013 Role Of Internal Auditing In Risk Management In The Public Sector And Local Entities - Case Study Bihor County
    by Dana Simona Gherai & Diana Elisabeta Balaciu & &
  • 2013 Study On The Perception Of The Corporate Performance In Accounting And Audit Firms
    by Liliana Feleaga & Niculae Feleaga & Mihaela Dumitrascu &
  • 2013 Convergence Of International Audit Standards And American Audit Standards Regarding Sampling
    by Chis Anca Oana & Danescu Tatiana & &
  • 2013 The Impact Of Corporate Governance On The Restructuring Operations Of Audited Entities
    by Berinde Sorin & Rachisan Paula Ramona & &
  • 2013 The Efficiency Of Foreign Investments In The Financing Of Audited Entities
    by Berinde Sorin & Grosanu Adrian & &
  • 2013 The Analysis Of The Real Estate Investments In The Current Economic Environment
    by Hristea Anca Maria & & &
  • 2013 Some Observations on Research on the Benefits to Nations of Adopting IFRS
    by Philip Brown
  • 2013 Evaluation of Internal Control
    by Gheorghe Suciu & Pipu-Nicolae Barsan
  • 2013 Interference between Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance Policy
    by Victor Munteanu & Marlena Neagu & Cristina Maria Gheorghian
  • 2013 Management and Internal Audit in the Current Context
    by Luminita Georgeta Jalba
  • 2013 Creative Cash Flow Reporting – the Motivation and Opportunities
    by Slavica Stevanovic & Grozdana Belopavlovic & Marija Lazarevic-Moravcevic
  • 2013 Accounting Support Fee: Scheme of Independent Funding for U.S. Accounting and Audit Regulators
    by Oleh Pasko
  • 2013 Preparation of financial statements under international standards and its audit specifics
    by Andriy Melnyk
  • 2013 Systems Approach to Development of State Audit in Ukraine
    by Valentyna Maksimova & Yuliya Slobodyanyk
  • 2013 Improving Auditor Relationship with Highly Autohrized Customer Representatives
    by Svitlana Drach
  • 2013 Business and Auditing Risk Assessment During Shipping Company Costs Audit
    by Yuliya Ostapenko
  • 2013 Specifics of Formation and Integration of Internal Audit System into Joint Stock Company Corporate Management System
    by Oleksandr Smetanko
  • 2013 Problems of Production Costs Analyses for Bakeries
    by Antonina Chyrva
  • 2013 SWOT Analysis of Automation for Cash and Accounts Control in Construction
    by Mariya Deriy
  • 2013 Transformation of Auditor's Report Structure, Content and Scope in International Standards on Auditing
    by Oleh Pasko
  • 2013 Simulation Modeling of Internal Costs Control in Hop Industry
    by Yuliya Zolotnytska
  • 2013 Is Corporate Governance A Determinant of Auditor Choice?-Evidence From Turkey
  • 2013 Nobody likes a rat: On the willingness to report lies and the consequences thereof
    by Reuben, Ernesto & Stephenson, Matt
  • 2013 Bank audit practices and loan loss provisioning
    by Dahl, Drew
  • 2013 Impact of FDICIA internal controls on bank risk taking
    by Jin, Justin Yiqiang & Kanagaretnam, Kiridaran & Lobo, Gerald J. & Mathieu, Robert
  • 2013 Unintended consequences of the increased asset threshold for FDICIA internal controls: Evidence from U.S. private banks
    by Jin, Justin Yiqiang & Kanagaretnam, Kiridaran & Lobo, Gerald J.
  • 2013 Estimation sample selection for discretionary accruals models
    by Ecker, Frank & Francis, Jennifer & Olsson, Per & Schipper, Katherine
  • 2013 A measurement approach to conservatism and earnings management
    by Gao, Pingyang
  • 2013 Corporate governance under asymmetric information: Theory and evidence
    by Chen, Chen-Wen & Liu, Victor W.
  • 2013 Audit Reporting of Big 4 Versus Non-Big 4 Auditors: The Case of Ex-Andersen Clients
    by Lai, Kam-Wah
  • 2013 The Disciplining Effect of the Internal Control Provisions of the Sarbanes–Oxley Act on the Governance Structures of Firms
    by Goh, Beng Wee & Li, Dan
  • 2013 Determinants of Board of Statutory Auditor and Internal Control Committee Diligence: A Comparison Between Audit Committee and the Corresponding Italian Committees
    by Rizzotti, Davide & Greco, Angela M.
  • 2013 Le contrôle de gestion des clubs de football professionnel
    by François Meyssonnier & Myriam Mincheneau
  • 2013 Auditoría a la etapa de planificación y diseño del proceso de compensación
    by Viviana Calderón Calderón & Jorge Sánchez Henríquez
  • 2013 Mapping Fraud Risk in Financial Audit – Sales Operations
    by Ioan RADU & Elena Monica SABĂU & Cleopatra ȘENDROIU
  • 2013 Accounting - A Normative Representation Of The Economic Reality?
    by Maria Mădălina VOINEA
  • 2013 Connection Between Internal Audit And Management
    by Georgiana SUSMANSCHI
  • 2013 Combating Fraud With Information Technologies. E-Accounting Document … A Solution?
    by Monica PUIU & Carmen NISTOR
  • 2013 Corporate antifraud strategies – Ethics culture and occupational integrity
    by Elena Monica SABĂU & Cleopatra ȘENDROIU & Florinel Marian SGARDEA
  • 2013 The Corporate Governance Impact On Banking Performance Increase
    by Mariana G. BUNEA
  • 2013 Mitigation In The Banking System In The Context Of Integration In The European Union
    by Laura – Maria POPESCU & Ileana NISULEȘCU
  • 2013 The Corporate Governance Impact On Banking Performance Increase
    by Mariana G. BUNEA
  • 2013 Natura Și Impactul Riscului De Fraudă Asupra Companiilor
    by Florentin-Emil TANASĂ
  • 2013 Combaterea Fraudelor Prin Folosirea Tehnologiilor Informationale. E-Documentul Justificativ…..O Solutie???
    by Monica PUIU & Carmen NISTOR
  • 2013 Importance Of Internal Audit Within An Entity
    by Corina-Maria, DUCU
  • 2013 Risk Management From The Perspective Of Internal Audit
    by Florin-Constantin, DIMA
  • 2013 How Big Are ’Big Four’ Companies – Evidence From Romania
  • 2013 Forecasting The Structure Of The Romanian Audit Market
  • 2013 A Study Of The Gap Between The Expected Specialized Skills Of Accounting Graduates And Actual Level In Iran
  • 2013 The Audit Of Financial Statements Prepared By The Beneficiaries Of Eu Grant
    by Danut Rada & Doina Rada
  • 2013 Study Regarding Different Types Of Auditor’S Missions
    by Daniel Botez
  • 2013 Corporate Governance In The Current Crisis
    by Emilia VASILE & Ion CROITORU
  • 2013 Does Audit Quality Improve After the Implementation of Mandatory Audit Partner Rotation?
    by Gary MONROE & Sarowar HOSSAIN
  • 2013 Voluntary Demand for Auditing by Farm Businesses: An Australian Perspective
    by Peter CAREY & George TANEWSKI
  • 2013 Most Recent Findings In Earnings Management Area: Interesting Insights From Traditionally Top 5 Leading Accounting Journals
    by Dan Dacian Cuzdriorean
  • 2013 The Audit Mission In The Base Of The Isrs - Steps To Strengthen Individual Financial Statements Of The Contracting Company
    by Attila Tamas Szora & Iulian Dobra & Ana Maria Udrea
  • 2013 The Informational Risk - Operational Research Over The Net Accounting Result
    by Tatiana Danescu & Mihaela Prozan & Andreea Danescu & Roxana Diana Prozan
  • 2013 Analysing The Similarities Between Oecd Principles Versus European Corporate Governance Codes - An Internal Audit Perspective
    by Cristina Bota-Avram & Paula Ramona Rachisan
  • 2013 Particularities Concerning The Beneficiaries Of Audit Services Provided By The Big 4 Companies: Evidence From Romania
    by Sorin Romulus Berinde & Adrian Grosanu
  • 2013 The Quality Control System For The Financial Audit In Romania And Spain
    by Sorin Briciu & Ioana Iuliana Pop (Grigorescu) & cotutoring Lleida University Spain
  • 2013 Methods And Instruments Used To Increase Competitiveness Of Production Organizations
    by Valentin Rau
  • 2013 Product Management Audit
    by Valentin Rau
  • 2013 Audit Quality And Managerial Decision
    by Stelian Selisteanu
  • 2013 Analysis of auditor`s reports and bankruptcy risk in banking sector in the Republic of Serbia
    by Milovan Stanisic & Danka Stefanovic & Nada Arezina & Vule Mizdrakovic
  • 2013 Decentralized Deterrence, with an Application to Labor Tax Auditing
    by Edoardo Di Porto & Nicola Persico & Nicolas Sahuguet
  • 2013 What Does Reputation Buy? Differentiation in a Market for Third-Party Auditors
    by Esther Duflo & Michael Greenstone & Rohini Pande & Nicholas Ryan
  • 2012 Joint Audit, Game Theory, and Impairment-Testing Disclosures
    by Paugam, Luc & Casta, Jean-François
  • 2012 Mesurer la performance des chercheurs, au risque de la bureaucratie
    by Berland, Nicolas & Dreveton, Benjamin
  • 2012 L'audit entre profession réglementée et marché concurrentiel : actualité économique et réglementaire
    by Charrier, Emmanuel
  • 2012 Conventions at work : on Forensic accountants’ intermediation”
    by Pélisse, Jérôme & Charrier, Emmanuel
  • 2012 Ethique des auditeurs
    by Charpateau, Olivier
  • 2012 Déontologie et genre du commissaire aux comptes : étude exploratoire des décisions disciplinaires dans le contexte français
    by Loison, Marie-Claire & Hottegindre, Géraldine & Farjaudon, Anne-Laure
  • 2012 Evaluation financière et normes IFRS
    by Batsch, Laurent & Casta, Jean-François & Paugam, Luc & Ramond, Olivier
  • 2012 GDPdU-Konformität von Projektmanagementsoftware: Exemplarische Konzeption und Umsetzung
    by Klotz, Michael & Sulk, Ingolf & Wieck, Enrico
  • 2012 Accounting fraud, business failure and creative auditing: A micro-analysis of the strange case of Sunbeam Corp
    by Marisa Agostini & Giovanni Favero
  • 2012 Poslovni Odnosi Revizora Sa Menadzerima I Liderima Prilikom Izrade I Usvajanja Finansijskog Izvestaja U Funkciji Ekonomskog Razvoja Poslovanja Privrednog Drustva
    by Petar Bojovic & Aleksandar Zivkovic
  • 2012 Internal And External Auditors Independence And Objectivity In Function Against Financial Crime And Coruption
    by Dragutin Dragojevic & Milena Milojevic
  • 2012 Does One Size Fits All? - Applying Conventional Credit Risk Mitigation to Islamic Financial Institutions
    by Abdul Aziz, Ahmad Faizal & Mohamad, Shaifulfazlee
  • 2012 Compliance Audit of Anti-Corruption Regulations: A Case Study from Carpatistan Customs
    by Michael, Bryane & Gubin, Alexey
  • 2012 Guvernanţa Corporativă Şi Profesia Contabilă: Responsabilitate Şi Competenţă Profesională
    by Paşcu, Ana-Maria
  • 2012 Profits:The Economic or Auditors' Assessment?
    by De KONING, Kees
  • 2012 Audits and logistic regression, deciding what really matters in service processes: a case study of a government funding agency for research grants
    by Samohyl, Robert
  • 2012 Risk management – a new priority system customs and its consequences
    by Iacob, Constanta & Zaharia, Stefan
  • 2012 Model for reputational risk for subsidiaries of non-public group with reciprocal shareholding
    by Piotr, Staszkiewicz
  • 2012 Audit Market Regulation and Supplier Concentration Around the World: Empirical Evidence
    by Benjamin Heß & Ulrike Stefani
  • 2012 The Interdependence Between Audit Market Structure and the Quality of Financial Reporting: The Case of Non-Audit Services
    by Christopher Bleibtreu & Ulrike Stefani
  • 2012 Nobody Likes a Rat: On the Willingness and Consequences of Reporting Lies
    by Reuben, Ernesto & Stephenson, Matt
  • 2012 A Corporate governance index for large listed companies in India
    by Jayati Sarkar & Subrata Sarkar & Kaustav Sen
  • 2012 The relationship between Material Weaknesses in Internal Controls over Financial Reporting and Executive Turnover: Evidence from Japan
    by Uemura, Hiroshi
  • 2012 A Theory of Income Smoothing When Insiders Know More Than Outsiders
    by Acharya, Viral V & Lambrecht, Bart
  • 2012 Les interactions entre contrôle et stratégie : redéfinition du rôle des cadres intermédiaires et du levier interactif de contrôle
    by Fasshauer, Ingrid
  • 2012 Predicting Auditor Switches By Applying Data Mining
    by Efstathios KIRKOS
  • 2012 The Risk And Fraud Factors In The Contemporary Financial Banking System
    by Georgiana SUSMANSCHI
  • 2012 The Role And Tasks Of The Internal Audit And Audit Committee As Bodies Supporting Effective Corporate Governance In Insurance Sector Institutions In Poland
    by Elzbieta Izabela Szczepankiewicz
  • 2012 The Role And Tasks Of The Internal Audit And Audit Committee As Bodies Supporting Effective Corporate Governance In Insurance Sector Institutions In Poland
    by Elzbieta Izabela Szczepankiewicz
  • 2012 Joint Audit and Accuracy of the Auditor's Report: An Empirical Study
    by Julia Baldauf & Rudolf Steckel
  • 2012 Role of environmental audit in the modern enterprise
    by Mihaela UNGUREANU
  • 2012 Civil responsibility in audit. an objective necessity of economic reality
    by Ana-Maria PASCU & Alina-Mariana ISTRATE
  • 2012 The role of internal audit within public entities
    by Maria MORARU & Franca DUMITRU
  • 2012 The importance of materiality in audit
    by Maria MORARU & Franca DUMITRU
  • 2012 Methods Of Evaluating The Effectiveness Of Operational Audit In Public Entities
  • 2012 Modality Of Determining The Total Score Of Risks In Internal Audit
  • 2012 Challenges Of External Financial Audit Against The Managerial Fraud
  • 2012 Case Study Regarding The Assistance Of An Auditor To A Stock Count
  • 2012 Audit and Non-Audit Fees in Germany – The Impact of Audit Market Characteristics
    by Annette G. Köhler & Nicole V. S. Ratzinger-Sakel
  • 2012 Corporate governance mechanisms and their impact on company performance: A structural equation model analysis
    by Mohammad I Azim
  • 2012 Fundamental Principles and Conduct Rules in Audit
    by Dan TOGOE
  • 2012 Legal and Methodological Backgrounds of the Corporate Social Responsibility
    by Iacob BACIU
  • 2012 Pragmatism of the Account Information, under Application of International Financial Reporting Standards
    by Gheorghe LEPADATU
  • 2012 Il Regime Fiscale Dei Calciatori: Un’Analisi Economica Comparata
    by Stefano Vecchione & Francesco Addesa
  • 2012 Comments on the New Dimension of Professional Liability of Auditing Companies
    by Jan Molín
  • 2012 Testing Compliance With Corporate Governance Principles On The Romanian Capital Market
    by Ioan-Ovidiu SPATACEAN & Loredana GHIORGHITA
  • 2012 Auditor'S Intervention Regarding Structural Funds
    by Daniel Botez
  • 2012 The Role of Systematic Internal Control and Audit in Reducing Management Risk at Hungarian Local Governments
    by Mrs Lajosné Gyüre
  • 2012 Relationships Among Components of Engagement Risk
    by Evren Dilek Sengur
  • 2012 Best Practices Regarding the Organization and Functioning of Audit Committees
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