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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N7: Economic History: Transport, International and Domestic Trade, Energy, and Other Services
/ / / N73: Europe: Pre-1913
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Gun-Slave Hypothesis And The 18th Century British Slave Trade
    by Whatley , Warren C.

  • 2017 Patent Networks, Collaboration Patterns, and National Innovation Systems. Sweden and Spain during the Second Industrial Revolution
    by Andersson, David E. & Galaso, Pablo & Saiz, Patricio

  • 2017 The evolution of Ottoman-European market linkages, 1469-1914: evidence from dynamic factor models
    by Li, Zhuo & Panza, Laura & Song, Yong

  • 2017 The gun-slave hypothesis and the 18th century British slave trade
    by Whatley, Warren

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Bjorn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 Political Power, Resistance to Technological Change and Economic Development: Evidence from the 19th century Sweden
    by Tyrefors Hinnerich, Björn & Lindgren, Erik & Pettersson-Lidbom, Per

  • 2017 A new empirical test of the infant-industry argument : the case of Switzerland protectionism during the 19th century
    by Léo CHARLES

  • 2017 An Analysis of Revenues at the Comédie française, 1680-1793
    by Velde, Francois R.

  • 2017 Directed technical change and the British Industrial Revolution
    by John C. V. Pezzey & David I. Stern & Yingying Lu

  • 2017 The Rise of New Corruption: British MPs during the Railway Mania of 1845
    by Esteves, Rui & Geisler Mesevage, Gabriel

  • 2017 A Structural Topic Model of the Features and the Cultural Origins of Bacon's Ideas
    by Peter Grajzl & Peter Murrell

  • 2017 Does European development have Roman roots? Evidence from the German Limes
    by Fabian Wahl

  • 2017 Locomotives of local growth: The short- and long-term impact of railroads in Sweden
    by Berger, Thor & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2017 Historical energy price shocks and their changing effects on the economy
    by van de Ven, Dirk Jan & Fouquet, Roger

  • 2016 How England Unified Germany: Geography and the Rise of Prussia After 1815
    by Huning, Thilo R. & Wolf, Nikolaus

  • 2016 Las relaciones comerciales contemporáneas de Aragón con Cataluña: de la complementariedad al modelo intraindustrial
    by Luis Germán Zubero & Vicente Pinilla

  • 2016 Introducing Railway Time in the Balkans: Economic effects of railway construction in Southeast Europe and beyond since the early 19th century until present days
    by Eduard Alvarez & Mario Holzner & Stefan Jestl & Jordi Marti-Henneberg

  • 2016 What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur? Historical Evidence from Italy (XIX-XX Centuries)
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Pier Angelo Toninelli & MIchelangelo Vasta

  • 2016 Los determinantes internacionales de la evolución del sistema español de patentes durante el siglo XIX
    by Pretel, David

  • 2016 Cross checking the sound database with the french balance du commerce data
    by Loïc Charles & Guillaume Daudin

  • 2016 The Rise of the Cotton Trade in Brazil during the Industrial Revolution
    by Thales Augusto Zamberlan Pereira

  • 2016 Развитие Внешнеторговых Связей России В Период Царствования Михаила Федоровича Романова
    by Shkunov, Vladimir

  • 2016 The revealed comparative advantages of late-Victorian Britain
    by Brian D. Varian

  • 2016 French Textile Specialisation in Long Run Perspective (1836-1938) : Trade Policy as Industrial Policy
    by Stéphane BECUWE & Bertrand BLANCHETON

  • 2016 Cross Checking the sound database with the french balance of commerce data
    by Loïc Charles & Guillaume Daudin

  • 2016 The role of demesnes in the trade of agricultural horses in late medieval England
    by Claridge, Jordan

  • 2016 Medieval market making brokerage regulations in Central Western Europe, ca. 1250-1700
    by Boerner, Lars

  • 2016 The revealed comparative advantages of late-Victorian Britain
    by Varian, Brian

  • 2016 Cross-checking the Sound database with the French Balance du Commerce data
    by Loïc Charles & Guillaume Daudin

  • 2016 Ease vs. Noise: On the Conflicting Effects of Transportation Infrastructure
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Volker Nitsch & Nicolai Wendland

  • 2016 Technical Change, Non-Tariff Barriers, and the Development of the Italian Locomotive Industry,1850-1913
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Alessandro Nuvolari

  • 2016 El comercio de vinos entre España e Inglaterra en la segunda mitad del siglo XVII: Problemas que plantea la construcción de una serie anual y primeros resultados
    by José Ignacio Martínez Ruiz

  • 2016 Az Adria Magyar Királyi Tengerhajózási Rt. szerepe Fiume hajó- és áruforgalmában (1874-1914)
    by Pelles, Márton

  • 2016 Deskilling and decline in skill premium during the age of sail: Swedish and Finnish seamen, 1751–1913
    by Ojala, Jari & Pehkonen, Jaakko & Eloranta, Jari

  • 2016 How did trade norms evolve in Scandinavia? Long-distance trade and social trust in the Viking age
    by Svendsen, Gunnar Lind Haase & Svendsen, Gert Tinggaard

  • 2016 To the Issue of Change in the Role of the Danube River and the Danube Cities in the Foreign Trade of Bulgaria (1878-1912)
    by Margarita Marinova

  • 2016 The Commercial Activities of Tsvyatko Radoslavov during the Second Half of the 1850s
    by Mariana Drumeva

  • 2016 Traders and Politics (1886-1889)
    by Milko Palangurski

  • 2016 Greeks - Ottoman Tradesmen of Long Distances: Status and Cultural Identity
    by Setlana Ivanova

  • 2016 Did Science Cause the Industrial Revolution?
    by Cormac Ó Gráda

  • 2015 The long shadow of history: Roman legacy and economic development - evidence from the German limes
    by Wahl, Fabian

  • 2015 The innovation-trade nexus: Italy in historical perspective (1861-1939)
    by Domini, Giacomo

  • 2015 El comercio de cabotaje del vino de Jerez en el siglo XIX: un análisis cuantitativo
    by Luis Cárdenas del Rey & Andrea Carrera & Laura Vitriago Valdivielso

  • 2015 La promozione turistica durante la Belle Époque: il caso della Riviera ligure
    by Zanini, Andrea

  • 2015 Magna Carta, the Rule of Law and the Limits on Government
    by Fernandez-Villaverde, Jesus

  • 2015 Being Bad by Being Good: Owner and Captain Value-Added in the Slave Trade
    by Dalton, John & Leung, Tin Cheuk

  • 2015 Stages of Diversification: France, 1836-1938
    by Stéphane Becuwe & Bertrand Blancheton & Christopher M. Meissner

  • 2015 The East Indian Monopoly and the Transition from Limited Access in England, 1600-1813
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2015 Technology and Geography in the Second Industrial Revolution: New Evidence from the Margins of Trade
    by Michael Huberman & Christopher M. Meissner & Kim Oosterlinck

  • 2015 Sharing Mare Nostrum: An analysis of Mediterranean maritime history articles in English-language journals
    by Ojala, Jari & Tenold, Stig

  • 2015 France’s international insertion strategy in globalization in long run perspective 1836-1938
    by MEISSNER Christopher & BECUWE Stéphane & BLANCHETON Bertrand

  • 2015 What Do We Really Know About Protection Before The Great Depression: Evidence From Italy
    by Federico, Giovanni & Vasta, Michelangelo

  • 2015 Railways and the Productivity Gap in Italy: Persistence and Divergence after Unification
    by Nicola Pontarollo & Roberto Ricciuti

  • 2015 Huth & Co.’s credit strategies: a global merchant-banker’s risk management, c. 1810-1850
    by Manuel Llorca-Jaña

  • 2015 El transporte ferroviario de ganado y el mercado entre 1848 y 1913
    by Miguel Muñoz Rubio

  • 2015 La circulación del ganado y los poderes locales en el Pirineo entre Navarra, Labourd y Bearne (siglos XIII y XIV)
    by Susana Aparicio

  • 2015 The public passenger transport. Role and evolution
    by Dumitru Valentina

  • 2015 Markets before economic growth: the grain market of medieval England
    by Gregory Clark

  • 2014 Railroads and Growth in Prussia
    by Hornung, Erik

  • 2014 Technological Transfers and Foreign Multinationals in Emerging Markets: Derosne & Cail in the 19th Century
    by Fernández-de-Pinedo, Nadia & Castro, Rafael & Pretel, David

  • 2014 Technical Change, Non-Tariff Trade Barriers and the Development of the Italian Locomotives Industry, 1850-1913
    by Carlo Ciccarelli & Alessandro Nuvolari

  • 2014 The Impact Of The German Autobahn Net On Regional Labor Market Performance: A Study Using Historical Instrument Variables
    by Joachim Möller & Marcus Zierer

  • 2014 The Impact of the German Autobahn Net on Regional Labor Market Performance: A Study Using Historical Instrument Variables
    by Möller, Joachim & Zierer, Marcus

  • 2014 Locomotives of Local Growth: The Short- and Long-Term Impact of Railroads in Sweden
    by Berger, Thor & Enflo, Kerstin

  • 2014 Paving the way to modernity: Prussian roads and grain market integration in Westphalia, 1821-1855
    by Martin Uebele & Daniel Gallardo-Albarrán

  • 2014 Market potential estimates in history: a survey of methods and an application to Spain, 1867-1930
    by Julio Martínez-Galarraga

  • 2014 Quakers, coercion and pre-modern growth: why friends’ formal institutions for contract enforcement did not matter for early Atlantic trade expansion
    by Sahle, Esther

  • 2014 American tariff policy and the British alkali industry, 1880-1905
    by Varian, Brian

  • 2014 Soft power: the media industries in Britain since 1870
    by Bakker, Gerben

  • 2014 The political economy of Byzantium: transaction costs and the decentralisation of the Byzantine Empire in the twelfth century
    by Knight, Richard

  • 2014 Chicken or egg? the PVAR econometrics of transportation
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Moeller, Kristoffer & Wendland, Nicolai

  • 2014 Long run demand for energy services: income and price elasticities over two hundred years
    by Fouquet, Roger

  • 2014 Chicken or egg? the PVAR econometrics of transportation
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Moeller, Kristoffer & Wendland, Nicolai

  • 2014 Crown Rule, Home Charges, and U.K.-India Terms of Trade
    by Dennis Appleyard & Shyam Gouri Suresh

  • 2014 Chicken or Egg? The PVAR Econometrics of Transportation
    by Gabriel M. Ahlfeldt & Kristoffer Moeller & Nicolai Wendland

  • 2014 The value-added of service industry 1861-1951: the new series at current prices and first interpretations
    by Patrizia Battilani & Emanuele Felice & Vera Zamagni

  • 2014 Printing and Protestants: An Empirical Test of the Role of Printing in the Reformation
    by Jared Rubin

  • 2014 Economic theory and economic history: Graziani’s vision
    by Vincenzo Giura

  • 2014 Measuring integration in the English wheat market, 1770–1820: New methods, new answers
    by Brunt, Liam & Cannon, Edmund

  • 2014 The spinning jenny and the guillotine: technology diffusion at the time of revolutions
    by Ugo M. Gragnolat & Daniele Moschella & Emanuele Pugliese

  • 2014 Did patents of introduction encourage technology transfer? Long-term evidence from the Spanish innovation system
    by Patricio Sáiz

  • 2014 A Review of Peter Temin's The Roman Market Economy
    by François Velde

  • 2013 Does medieval trade still matter? Historical trade centers, agglomeration and contemporary economic development
    by Wahl, Fabian

  • 2013 Chicken or egg? Transport and urban development in Berlin
    by Kristoffer Moeller & Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Nicolai Wendland

  • 2013 Foreign Direct Investments and Intellectual Property Rights. International Intangible Assets in Spain circa 1820–1939
    by Saiz, Patricio & Castro, Rafael

  • 2013 The Dual Crises of the Late-Medieval Florentine Cloth Industry, c. 1320 - c. 1420
    by John H. Munro

  • 2013 Kırım’ın Merkantilist Dönemde Karadeniz Ticaretindeki Yeri
    by Altay, Bora & Korkut, Cem

  • 2013 The Origins of the Spanish Railroad Accounting Model: A Qualitative Study of the MZA's Operating Account (1856-1874)
    by Santos-Cabalgante, Beatriz & Fidalgo-Cerviño, Esther & Santos-Cebrian, Mónica

  • 2013 A taxonomy of infrastructure financing in Europe on the long run (12th-18th cc.)
    by Giuseppe DE LUCA & Marcella LORENZINI

  • 2013 The Transportation Revolution in Industrializing Britain: A Survey
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2013 Integration in the English wheat market 1770-1820
    by Brunt, Liam & Cannon, Edmund

  • 2013 Locomotives of Local Growth: The Short- and Long-Term Impact of Railroads in Sweden
    by Thor Berger & Kerstin Enflo

  • 2013 The ripples of the Industrial revolution: exports, economic growth and regional integration in Italy in the early 19th century
    by Tena Junguito, Antonio & Federico, Giovanni

  • 2013 Integration in the English wheat market 1770-1820
    by Brunt, Liam & Cannon, Edmund

  • 2013 The Trade Impact of the Zollverein
    by Keller, Wolfgang & Shiue, Carol Hua

  • 2013 Retail development in the consumer revolution: The Netherlands, c. 1670–c. 1815
    by van den Heuvel, Danielle & Ogilvie, Sheilagh

  • 2013 Europe's many integrations: Geography and grain markets, 1620–1913
    by Chilosi, David & Murphy, Tommy E. & Studer, Roman & Tunçer, A. Coşkun

  • 2013 Les cartels, une voie vers l'intégration européenne ?. Le rôle de Louis Loucheur (1872-1931)
    by Dominique Barjot

  • 2013 Variability in overseas travel by Americans, 1820–2000
    by Brandon Dupont & Thomas Weiss

  • 2012 The Ghost in the Attic? The Italian National Innovation System in Historical Perspective, 1861-2011
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2012 Social Networks of Innovation in the European Periphery. Exploring Independent versus Corporate Patents in Spain circa 1820-1939
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2012 Italy and the First Age of Globalization, 1861-1940
    by Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke & Harold James

  • 2012 Market Access and Information Technology Adoption: Historical Evidence from the Telephone in Bavaria
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2012 What caused the failure of nationalisation of the railway system in Germany? : Malfunction of the German Imperial Railway Office (Reichseisenbahnamt) in the 1870s and 1880s
    by Ayumu Banzawa

  • 2012 Matthew Boulton fs Sales in Christie fs -A Review of Research Trends -
    by Yoshihiko Okabe

  • 2012 Italy and the first age of Globalization, 1861-1940
    by Harold James & Kevin H. O’Rourke

  • 2012 The financing history of urban water infrastructure in Paris (1807-1925): lessons from the past to enlighten present and future challenges?
    by Olivier CRESPI REGHIZZI

  • 2012 Financing telegraph infrastructures (1850-1900)
    by Simone FARI

  • 2012 The public-private financing of the first Italian highways: a historical analysis
    by Enrico BERBENNI

  • 2012 Role of the state in infrastructure provisioning from 1880s to World War I: telecommunications infrastructure in Europe
    by Damir AGIC & Nico GROVE

  • 2012 Profiting from Public Works: Financial Returns to Infrastructure and Investment Strategies during Britain's Industrial Revolution
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2012 Amateur or professional? A new look at 19th century. patentees in Norway
    by Basberg, Bjørn L.

  • 2012 Market reform and food prices: Did the 1912 Slaughterhouse Reform affect meat prices in Stockholm?
    by Rämme, Ulf & Daunfeldt, Sven-Olov & Rudholm, Niklas

  • 2012 The establishment of new market-places in East- Flanders, 1750-1900
    by Wouter Ronsijn

  • 2012 Going beyond social savings: how would the British economy have developed in the absence of the railways?: a case study of Brunner Mond 1882-1914
    by Longinotti, Edward

  • 2012 Italy’s Comparative Advantage: A Long-Run Perspective
    by Federico, Giovanni & Wolf, Nikolaus

  • 2012 War, Conquest and Local Merchants: The Role of Credit in the Peripheral Military Administration of the Hispanic Monarchy during the First Half of the Sixteenth Century
    by Jose Miguel Escribano Paez

  • 2012 Retail Ratios in the Netherlands, c. 1670 - c. 1815
    by Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2012 Railroads and Micro-regional Growth in Prussia
    by Erik Hornung

  • 2012 The Modern Commercial And Accounting Culture In The Educational Model Of Bulgarian National Revival – Initial Manifestations And Dissemination
    by Ivan Rusev

  • 2012 The role of the media in a bubble
    by Campbell, Gareth & Turner, John D. & Walker, Clive B.

  • 2011 Energy and Economic Growth in Europe. The Last Two Centuries
    by Silvana Bartoletto

  • 2011 Turning Points in Leadership: Shipping Technology in the Portuguese and Dutch Merchant Empires
    by Claudia Rei

  • 2011 Institutions and Agents of Technological Diffusion in 19th Century Spain
    by Pretel, David & Saiz, Patricio

  • 2011 Energy Production, Ecological Footprint and Socio-Economic Transformation of the Territory in an Organic Economy. The Case Study of Early Modern Madrid
    by Madrazo Madrazo, Santos & Hernando Ortego, Javier & Madrazo García de Lomana, Gonzalo

  • 2011 Propiedad industrial y competitividad global en perspectiva histórica.Una década de colaboración entre la OEPM y la UAM
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2011 The Rise, Expansion, and Decline of the Italian Wool-Based Textile Industries, 1100-1730: a study in international competition, transaction costs, and comparative advantage
    by John H. Munro

  • 2011 The Early Diffusion of the Steam Engine in Britain, 1700-1800. A Reappraisal
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Bart Verspagen & Nick Von Tunzelmann

  • 2011 Coordination, compensation and the expansion of trade: The merchant guilds revisited
    by Harbord, David & Fehr, Nils Henrik von der

  • 2011 Printing and Protestants: reforming the economics of the Reformation
    by Rubin, Jared

  • 2011 The Rate and Direction of Invention in the British Industrial Revolution: Incentives and Institutions
    by Ralf Meisenzahl & Joel Mokyr

  • 2011 Economic Growth and Clean Water in the Göta River - A Pilot Study of Collective Action and the Environmental Kuznets Curve 1895-2000
    by Granér, Staffan & Rönnbäck, Klas

  • 2011 What Lessons for Economic Development Can We Draw from the Champagne Fairs?
    by Jeremy Edwards & Sheilagh Ogilvie

  • 2011 Comparative Advantages in Italy: A Long-Run Perspective
    by Giovanni Federico & Nikolaus Wolf

  • 2011 Italy and the first age of globalization, 1861-1940
    by Harold James & Kevin H. O'Rourke

  • 2011 Wheat varieties and technological change in Europe, 19th and 20th centuries: New issues in economic history
    by Josep Pujol-Andreu

  • 2011 The early diffusion of the steam engine in Britain, 1700–1800: a reappraisal
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Bart Verspagen & Nick von Tunzelmann

  • 2011 What can price volatility tell us about market efficiency? Conditional heteroscedasticity in historical commodity price series
    by Péter Földvári & Bas van Leeuwen

  • 2011 Do technological booms matter? New evidence on the relationship between firm size and innovativeness
    by Harald Degner

  • 2010 Why Did Corporations Patent in Spain? Some Historical Inquiries
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2010 Patents and Industrialization: An Historical Overview of the British Case, 1624-1907 w
    by Christine MacLeod & Alessandro Nuvolari

  • 2010 The Zollverein and the Formation of a Customs Union
    by Florian Ploeckl

  • 2010 Foreign Wars, Domestic Markets: England, 1793-1815
    by David S. Jacks

  • 2010 The Political Economy of Agricultural Protection: Sweden 1887
    by Sibylle Lehmann & Oliver Volckart

  • 2010 Atlantic trade and the European Economy: a bibliography
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2010 Explaining nineteenth-century bilateralism: economic and political determinants of the Cobden-Chevalier network
    by Lampe, Markus

  • 2010 Identifying International Business Cycles in Disaggregate Data: Germany, France and Great Britain
    by Martin Uebele

  • 2010 Demand Matters: German Wheat Market Integration 1806-1855 in a European Context
    by Martin Uebele

  • 2010 Labour market response to globalisation: spain, 1880-1913
    by Concha Beltrán & María A. Pons

  • 2009 Patents of Introduction and the Spanish Innovation System
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2009 La regulación del sector eléctrico en España antes de la Guerra Civil
    by Cayón, Francisco

  • 2009 Máquinas, propiedad y progreso: el discurso tecnológico de las clases industriales en la España decimonónica
    by David Pretel

  • 2009 Bennet Woodcroft and the Value of English Patents, 1617-1841
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Valentina Tartari

  • 2009 Slavery and Imperialism Did Not Enrich Europe
    by McCloskey, Deirdre Nansen

  • 2009 Spotřební družstevnictví a jeho pozice ve vnitřním obchodě ČR po roce 1989
    by Starzyczná, Halina

  • 2009 The influence of spatial change on operational strategies in early-modern Dutch maritime shipping: a case-study on Dutch maritime shipping in the Gulf of Finland and on Archangel, 1703-1740
    by Scheltjens, Werner

  • 2009 Did the Glorious Revolution Contribute to the Transport Revolution? Evidence from Investment in Roads and Rivers
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2009 Spain´s International Position, 1850-1913
    by Prados de la Escosura, Leandro

  • 2009 International and National Wheat Market Integration in the 19th Century: A Comovement Analysis
    by Martin Uebele

  • 2009 Effects of Bilateralism and the MFN Clause on International Trade – Evidence for the Cobden-Chevalier Network, (1860-1875)
    by Markus Lampe

  • 2009 Spain's International Position, 1850-1913
    by Prados de la Escosura, Leandro

  • 2009 Consumption, Social Capital, and the ‘Industrious Revolution’ in Early Modern Germany
    by Ogilvie, S.

  • 2009 Community Characteristics and Demographic Development: Three Württemberg Communities, 1558 - 1914
    by Ogilvie, S. & Küpker, M. & Maegraith, J.

  • 2009 ‘Glorious Times’: The Emergence of Mechanical Engineering in Early Industrial Britain, c. 1700-1850
    by Christine MacLeod & Alessandro Nuvolari

  • 2009 Actividades y estrategias económicas de la burguesía alicantina en los años cuarenta del siglo XIX
    by Pedro Díaz Marín

  • 2008 Trade and Empire, 1700-1870
    by Kevin H. O'Rourke & Leandro Prados de la Escosura & Guillaume Daudin

  • 2008 Trade and Empire, 1700-1870
    by Guillaume Daudin & Kevin H. O'rourke & Leandro Prados De La Escosura

  • 2008 Domestic Trade and Market Size in Late Eighteenth-Century France
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2008 Globalization, 1870-1914
    by Matthias Morys & Guillaume Daudin

  • 2008 Domestic Trade and Market Size in Late Eighteenth-Century France
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2008 How Streetcars Shaped Suburbanization: A Granger-Causality Analysis of Land Use and Transit in The Twin Cities
    by Feng Xie & David Levinson

  • 2008 Inter-modal Network Externalities and Transport Development: Evidence from Roads, Canals, and Ports during the English Industrial Revolution
    by Dan Bogart

  • 2008 Trade and Empire, 1700-1870
    by Daudin, Guillaume & Prados de la Escosura, Leandro & O'Rourke, Kevin H.

  • 2008 Les Modeles De Localisation-Allocation
    by Belu Mihaela

  • 2008 State Aids And Economic Competitiveness From The European Union Perspective
    by Berinde Mihai

  • 2008 Cartels – Between Theory, Leniency Policy And Fines
    by Berinde Mihai

  • 2008 Innovations dans les transports industriels en France : le désenclavement du bassin stéphano-ripagérien (1750-1850)
    by Luc Rojas

  • 2008 Made in America? The New World, the Old, and the Industrial Revolution
    by Gregory Clark & Kevin H. O'Rourke & Alan M. Taylor

  • 2007 Domestic trade and market size in late eighteenth century France
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2007 Logistics in early-modern Europe: A discussion of specialization, flexibility and efficiency in the activities of the Dutch shipping community in the eighteenth century
    by Scheltjens, Werner

  • 2007 Hanseatic commerce in textiles from the Low Countries and England during the Later Middle Ages: changing trends in textiles, markets, prices, and values, 1290 - 1570
    by Munro, John H.

  • 2007 The Industrial Revolution in Miniature: The Spinning Jenny in Britain, France, and India
    by Robert Allen & Robert C. Allen

  • 2007 The Orderliness Hypothesis: Does Population Density Explain the Sequence of Rail Station Opening in London?
    by David Levinson

  • 2007 Density and Dispersion: The Co-Development of Land use and Rail in London
    by David Levinson

  • 2007 New series of the Spanish foreign sector, 1850-2000
    by Tena Junguito, Antonio

  • 2007 Vinos y cuestión algodonera. Los exportadores ante la reforma arancelaria, 1839-1843
    by Enrique Montañés Primicia

  • 2006 South German Silver, European Textiles, and Venetian Trade with the Levant and Ottoman Empire, c. 1370 to c. 1720: A non-mercantilist approach
    by John H. Munro

  • 2006 Paying transaction costs
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2006 Profits du commerce intercontinental et croissance dans la France du XVIIIe siècle
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2006 When Nyen became St. Petersburg: Patterns of specialization in Dutch shipping in the eastern Gulf of Finland in the first half of the eighteenth cntury
    by Scheltjens, Werner

  • 2006 Pioneering multilateralism: the sugar agreements 1864 – 1914
    by Moura Filho, Heitor

  • 2006 South German silver, European textiles, and Venetian trade with the Levant and Ottoman Empire, c. 1370 to c. 1720: a non-Mercantilist approach to the balance of payments problem, in Relazione economiche tra Europa e mondo islamico, seccoli XIII - XVIII, ed. Simonetta Cavaciocchi
    by Munro, John H.

  • 2006 Prehistoric Origins Of European Economic Integration
    by George Grantham

  • 2006 1846 and All That: The Rise and Fall of British Wheat Protection in the Nineteenth Century
    by Paul Sharp

  • 2006 Flexibility and protectionism. Swedish trade in sugar during the early modern era
    by Rönnbäck, Klas

  • 2006 Designing Democracy: The UTOPIA-project and the Role of Labour Movement in Technological Change, 1981—1986
    by Lundin, Per

  • 2006 Coal and the Industrial Revolution, 1700-1869
    by Gregory Clark & David Jacks

  • 2006 Sobre las posibilidades del crecimiento agrario en los siglos XVIII, XIX y XX. Un estudio de caso desde la perspectiva energética
    by Gloria I. Guzmán Casado & Manuel González de Molina

  • 2006 Profits du commerce intercontinental et croissance dans la France du xviiie siècle
    by Guillaume Daudin

  • 2005 On the accuracy of Latin American trade statistics: A nonparametric test for 1925
    by M. del Mar Rubio Varas & Mauricio Folchi

  • 2005 Geographical effects on the accuracy of textile trade data:an international approach for 1913
    by Anna Carreras

  • 2005 ¡Que fabriquen ellos! La fabricación de locomotoras de vapor en España, ¿Una ocasión perdida para la industria?
    by Cayón, Francisco & Muñoz, Miguel

  • 2005 Il setificio meridionale tra età rivoluzionaria, decennio francese e restaurazione: dinamiche di mercato e nuovi assetti produttivi
    by Ciccolella, Daniela

  • 2005 I panni di lana: Nascita, espansione e declino dell’industria tessile di lana italiana, 1100-1730
    by Munro, John H.

  • 2005 Cáñamo gentil. Una indagación sobre los condicionantes del cambio técnico en la agricultura
    by Samuel Garrido

  • 2005 La formación de los precios del trigo en España (1820-1869): el mercado interior
    by Domingo Gallego Martínez

  • 2004 Spanish Merino wools and the Nouvelles Draperies: an industrial transformation in the late-medieval Low Countries
    by Munro, John H.

  • 2004 Longevity in services: the case of the Dutch warehousing companies 1600-2000
    by van Driel, H. & Volberda, H.W. & Eikelboom, S.

  • 2004 Social Capital and Collusion: The Case of Merchant Guilds
    by Dessi, R. & Ogilvie, S.

  • 2004 A Study Of The European Overland Exports To The Ottoman Empire: 1795-1804
    by A. Mesud Kucukkalay & Numan Elibol

  • 2003 O Rio de Janeiro e as primeiras linhas transatlânticas de paquetes a vapor: 1850-1860
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