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/ / K1: Basic Areas of Law
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  • 2017 BREXIT im bildungsrechtlichen Fokus: Bestandsschutz für britische Hochschulabsolventen oder Erneuerung bestehender Regelungen?
    by Eidenmüller, Thorsten & Keppler, Timo & Lembach, Kai Tobias

  • 2017 Legalisierung des Glückspiels im Sinne von § 284 StGB durch ausländische Genehmigungen
    by Lembach, Kai Tobias & Albrecht, Achim & Mußmann, Andreas & Götz, Andreas Eberhard

  • 2017 The Voting Rights of Ex-Felons and Election Outcomes in the United States
    by Klumpp, Tilman & Mialon, Hugo M. & Williams, Michael A.

  • 2017 Smart Contracts – How will Blockchain Technology Affect Contractual Practices?
    by Lauslahti, Kristian & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2017 Scope of Re-hypothecation Regulation (Report of Workshops (3))
    by Kazutoshi Sugimura & Masaru Itatani & Masaki Bessho

  • 2017 Public works procurement in the new code: a legal and economic assessment of the main measures
    by Anna Peta

  • 2017 Certain Issues Of The Withdrawal Of A Member State – A Public Law Aspect
    by Lilla Nora KISS

  • 2017 Substituted property in expropriation of real estate: the case of Poland
    by Anna Klimach & Ryszard Źróbek

  • 2016 Der BREXIT und seine bildungsrechtlichen Auswirkungen
    by Eidenmüller, Thorsten & Lembach, Kai Tobias & Niggemann, Lars

  • 2016 Der Elternunterhalt: Zwischen Solidarbeitrag und Sondersteuer
    by Karl-Heinz Tödter

  • 2016 De jure and de facto institutions – disentangling the interrelationships
    by Jacek Lewkowicz & Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

  • 2016 Post-Socialist Constitutions: The De Jure - De Facto Gap, Its Effects and Determinants
    by Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

  • 2016 Reassessing the Economic Effects of Post-Socialist Constitutions Using the Synthetic Control Method
    by Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

  • 2016 Smart Contracts – How will Blockchain Technology Affect Contractual Practices?
    by Lauslahti, Kristian & Mattila, Juri & Seppälä, Timo

  • 2016 The Human Rights Act should not be repealed
    by Gearty, Conor

  • 2016 What Role for Civil Society Coalitions in Supranational Governance?
    by Alemanno, Alberto

  • 2016 Inheritance Systems and the Dynamics of State Capacity in Medieval Europe
    by Eric Roca Fernández

  • 2016 The Apparent Diversification Discount
    by Michela Altieri & Giovanna Nicodano

  • 2016 Acht Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2016 Der Unionszollkodex – Übersicht der Neuerungen und Zeitpunkte der Geltungen
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2016 Sieben Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2016 Critical Review of the Tools of Ijtihād Used in Islamic Finance

  • 2016 Lex Situs Or The Law Of The Land In Early Feudalism
    by Roxana MATEFI & Oana SARAMET

  • 2016 The Role Of The Cooperation And Verification Mechanism In Consolidating The European Values In The Romanian Territorial Collectivities
    by Ionut-Bogdan BERCEANU

  • 2016 La Liberté Individuelle Sous La Menace Du Terrorisme
    by Mircea CRISTE

  • 2016 Culmination of the Powers of the State Audit Office of Hungary within the Scope of New Legislation on Public Funds
    by László Domokos

  • 2016 Political Accountability Of The Government And Its Members - Theoretical Aspects
    by Gabriel Ciprian UNGUREANU

  • 2016 The Criminal Liability Of The Members Of The Government
    by Gabriela NEMTOI

  • 2016 The Bosman ruling and the presence of native football players in their home league: the Spanish case
    by Miriam Marcén

  • 2016 The two sides of Magna Carta: How good government sometimes wins out over public choice
    by Epstein, Richard A.

  • 2016 The European Public Prosecutor’s Office — the fiasco of the European Union financial security vision?
    by Szymon Kisiel

  • 2016 Brief Considerations On Meal Vouchers, Holidays, Giftvouchers And Nurseries, During The Current Crisis
    by Alexandru BULEARCA

  • 2016 Brief Considerations On Meal Vouchers, Holidays, Giftvouchers And Nurseries, During The Current Crisis
    by Alexandru BULEARCA

  • 2015 Behördliche Erlaubnis im Sinne des § 284 I Strafgesetzbuch - Konzessionen nach dem Recht der DDR als "deutsche Genehmigung"?
    by Lembach, Kai Tobias & Götz, Andreas Eberhard

  • 2015 Privacy and Big Data: The need for a multi-stakeholder approach for developing an appropriate privacy regulation in the age of Big Data
    by Will, Matthias Georg

  • 2015 Economic Effects of Post-Socialist Constitutions Revisited (nearly) 25 Years from the Outset of Transition
    by Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

  • 2015 The Contitutional Guarantee Of Amparo In Latin America
    by ana DHAMO & iris DHAMO

  • 2015 In terms of Gender Equality Principles, the woman's last name in the Turkish Civil Law
    by Süheyla Zorlu & Süleyman Emre Zorlu

  • 2015 The implementation of e-health programs and protection of data privacy: a comparative study between Indonesia
    by Sinta Dewi Rosadi

  • 2015 Türkiye’de Tüketici Haklarının Gelişimi Ve Hak Arama Yolu Olarak İnternet
    by Tunç, Süleyman

  • 2015 Does altruism justify privileges?
    by Enrico Colombatto & Valerio Tavormina

  • 2015 Legislation on Intellectual Property in the Russian Federation: Novels Introduced in the Civil Code of R.F. By the Federal Law of March 12, 2014 ¹ 35 Fz
    by Eduard P.Gavrilov

  • 2015 Načini promjene Ustava Republike Hrvatske i Ustava Republike Slovenije – komparativni prikaz
    by Vedran Ceranić

  • 2015 Language Rights - A Welfare-Economics Approach
    by Bengt-Arne Wickström

  • 2015 Explaining the Patenting Propensity: A Regional Analysis Using EPO-OECD Data
    by Claudio Cozza & Francesco Schettino

  • 2015 Umschlüsselungshilfe vom Zollkodex (ZK) zum Unionszollkodex (UZK) - Teil 2
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Umschlüsselungshilfe vom Zollkodex (ZK) zum Unionszollkodex (UZK) - Teil 1
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Das Arbeitsprogramm UZK - Vorstellung der IT-Zollentwicklung nach Artikel 280 UZK
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2015 Arbitral Tribunal Power to Disqualify Unethical Counsel
    by Cristina FLORESCU

  • 2015 Przyczyny ustanawiania i stabilność konstytucji państwa - perspektywa ekonomiczna
    by Jan Fałkowski & Katarzyna Metelska-Szaniawska

  • 2015 Elements of Performance Management and Audit in Public Organizations
    by Gheorghe MINCULETE & Polixenia OLAR

  • 2015 Considerations Regarding The Government Emergency Ordinance No. 55/2014 For Regulating Certain Measures Concerning The Local Public Administration
    by Elena Mihaela FODOR

  • 2015 Law versus Norms: The Impact of Human-Rights Treaties on National Bills of Rights
    by Mila Versteeg

  • 2015 Democratic Freedoms Exercised By Ngos
    by Gabriela NEMÞOI & Ciprian UNGUREANU

  • 2015 Fundamentals And Features Embedded In The Concept Of Sovereignty
    by Gabriela NEMÞOI

  • 2015 Combining Of Local Communities In Measures Of Decentralization In Ukraine
    by Olga Dmytrivna CHEPEL

  • 2015 Fiscal deficits in Egypt: is it a macroeconomic or politico-institutional problem?
    by Neveen M. Torayeh

  • 2015 Arbitral Tribunal Power to Disqualify Unethical Counsel
    by Cristina FLORESCU

  • 2015 Nacini promjene Ustava Republike Hrvatske i Ustava Republike Slovenije - komparativni prikaz
    by vedran Ceranic

  • 2014 Citizenship as a Bill of Attainder: the supreme Human Rights Violation
    by John Jones

  • 2014 The impact of the Bosman ruling on the market for native soccer players
    by Marcén, Miriam

  • 2014 The “regulatory authority dixit” defence in European competition law enforcement
    by Congedo, Pierluigi

  • 2014 Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs
    by Iain M. Cockburn & Jean O. Lanjouw & Mark Schankerman

  • 2014 Economic And Political Causes January,S Introduction Of Sixth Regime
    by Dusan Jerotijeviæ

  • 2014 On the question of defining "Legal liability"
    by Ivanskyy Andrey Yosipovich

  • 2014 Patents and the global diffusion of new drugs
    by Cockburn, Iain & Lanjouw, Jean O. & Schankerman, Mark

  • 2014 Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs
    by Cockburn, Iain M & Lanjouw, Jean O & Schankerman, Mark

  • 2014 Patents and the Global Diffusion of New Drugs
    by Iain Cockburn & Jean O. Lanjouw & Mark Schankerman

  • 2014 Sechs Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2014 Fünf Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2014 Few aspects regarding the building of the rule of law
    by Magureanu Alexandru Florin

  • 2014 Considérations Sur Les Initiatives Récentes De Révision De La Constitution Roumaine
    by Mircea CRISTE

    by Adrian BOANTA

  • 2014 Toniolo e l'Istituto di diritto internazionale per la pace (Toniolo and the Institute of International Law for Peace)
    by Pierluigi Consorti

  • 2014 Rethinking the Economic Characteristics of the Major Contractual Damage Measures
    by Iljoong Kim & Jaehong Kim

  • 2014 Centralized institutions and cascades
    by Rubin, Jared

  • 2014 The diffusion of constitutional rights
    by Goderis, Benedikt & Versteeg, Mila

  • 2014 Criminal protection of trademarks related to the Olympic Games
    by Natalia Dasko

  • 2014 The National Bank Of Romania From State Body To Autonomus Authority
    by Roxana RADU & Georgeta GHIONEA

  • 2014 Sale Of Goods And Associated Guarantees In The Romanian And European Legislation
    by Nicolae, GRADINARU

  • 2013 Open Access, Social Norms & Publication Choice
    by Migheli Matteo & Ramello, Giovanni B.

  • 2013 The Transnational Origins of Constituions : Evidence From a New Global Data Set On Constitional Rights
    by Goderis, B.V.G. & Versteeg, M.

  • 2013 Determinants of Spain's decision to leave the European Monetary Union
    by Antonio Estella

  • 2013 Optimal Primaries
    by Patrick Hummel & Richard Holden

  • 2013 Open Access, Social Norms & Publication Choice
    by Matteo Migheli & Giovanni B. Ramello

  • 2013 Open sourse: the Russian experience (legislation and practice)
    by Alexander Savelyev

  • 2013 Unpacking the Principle of Openness in EU Law: Transparency, Participation and Democracy
    by Alemanno , Alberto

  • 2013 Do Social Rights Affect Social Outcomes?
    by Christian Bjørnskov & Jacob Mchangama

  • 2013 AEO-Programme weltweit – Stand 2013
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2013 Welcher Zollkodex gilt ab Juli 2013? – Eine Sachstandsanalyse zum Modernisierten Zollkodex und Unions-Zollkodex
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2013 Gegenseitige Anerkennung des AEO-Status – Stand der Dinge 2013
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2013 La costumbre no escrita en las comunidades guipuzcoanas durante la Edad Moderna
    by Estibaliz González Dios

  • 2013 The Restrictive Constitutional Regime Of Government Emergency Ordinances As Reflected In The Recent Case-Law Of The Constitutional Court Of Romania
    by Mircea Stefan MINEA & Anca Mihaela GEOROCEANU

  • 2013 Academic Ethics and Law Education
    by Valchin Daskalov

  • 2013 Theoretical Approaches On The Economic Content Of The Category "Intellectual Property"
    by Alexandra NOVAC

  • 2013 Aristóteles y la justicia natural
    by Peter L.P. , Simpson

  • 2013 La interminable lucha por la protección de los derechos humanos en Myanmar
    by Valentina Pereira García

  • 2013 Protección de datos en Colombia, avances y retos
    by Lucero Galvis Cano

  • 2013 »Euro-Rettung« und Grundgesetz
    by Dietrich Murswiek

  • 2013 The associative forms in Romania following the new Civil Code, republished in 2011
    by Angela Miff

  • 2013 Freedom of expression
    by Oljana Hoxhaj

  • 2012 Studie zu Dispozinsen / Ratenkrediten - Forschungsvorhaben zur Bereitstellung wissenschaftlicher Entscheidungshilfe für das Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV)
    by Dick, Christian D. & Knobloch, Michael & Al-Umaray, Kerim S. & Jaroszek, Lena & Schröder, Michael & Tiffe, Achim

  • 2012 Matching Funds in Public Campaign Finance
    by Klumpp, Tilman & Mialon, Hugo & Williams, Michael

  • 2012 Money Talks: The Impact of Citizens United on State Elections
    by Klumpp, Tilman & Mialon, Hugo & Williams, Michael

  • 2012 The inefficiency of decoupling
    by baffi, enrico

  • 2012 On the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises: toward a harmonic interpretation of the Kondratiev wave
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2012 Rearranging the roles of the performer and the composer in the music industry – the potential significance of Fisher v Brooker
    by Mcdonagh, Luke T.

  • 2012 Digital Distribution and the Prohibition of Resale Markets for Information Goods
    by Benjamin Reed Shiller

  • 2012 Vier Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2012 Übersicht der Zollbefreiungen
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2012 Some Considerations Regarding The Legal Nature Of The Constitutional Court Of Romania
    by Lucian CHIRIAC

  • 2012 Rules Of Conduct Regarding The Constitution, Activity And Dismissal Of Activity For Limited Liability Companies
    by Gheorghe GUTU

  • 2012 The First Attempts Of Establishing A Judicial Review Of Constitutionality – The Case Of Great Britain
    by Daniela Cristina VALEA

  • 2012 Consent And Obvious Vulnerability
    by Tudor AVRIGEANU

  • 2012 Appeal At The Constitutional Court Of Romania On The President Of Romania’S Modaliy To Exercise The Powers Established By Law
    by Ioan VIDA & Ioana Cristina VIDA

  • 2012 About The Legal Nature And The Legal Effect Of The Censure Motion Within The Constitutional Law System In Romania
    by Lucian CHIRIAC

  • 2012 Considerations On International Commercial Arbitration In Competition Matters In The European Union
    by Ioan LAZÃR & Laura LAZÃR

  • 2012 General Considerations On The Dissolution And Liquidation Of Romanian Companies
    by Elena Cristina Baciu

  • 2012 On price discrimination, parallel trade and the availability of patented drugs in developing countries
    by Mazumdar, Mainak & Banerjee, Dyuti S.

  • 2011 Incentivierung des Managements bei Unternehmenskäufen/Buy-Outs mit Private Equity Investoren - eine empirische Untersuchung
    by Schalast, Christoph & Buxkaemper, Marius & Büchler, Christian & Wedel, Gregor

  • 2011 Examining the Efficiency of the U.S. Courts of Appeals: Pathologies and Prescriptions
    by Christensen, Robert K. & Szmer, John

  • 2011 Why do Plaintiffs Lose Appeals? Biased Trial Courts, Litigious Losers, or Low Trial Win Rates?
    by Theodore Eisenberg & Henry S. Farber

  • 2011 I rimedi nelle operazioni di concentrazione. Disciplina e prassi comunitaria. Cenni sulla disciplina e prassi italiana
    by CONGEDO, Pierluigi & GHEZZI, Federico

  • 2011 The Golden Mean, the Arab Spring and a 10-step analysis of American economic history
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2011 Centralized institutions and cascades
    by Rubin, Jared

  • 2011 Integrity, respect for others, and ethics – three essential leadership qualities
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2011 Problems of Database Protection in the Russian Federation
    by Vitaly Kalyatin

  • 2011 WCO Framework of Standards: Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in the World
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2011 The Hungarian minority question in Slovakia and Romania
    by Nicole V.T. Lugosi

    by Roxana Alina PETRARU

    by Gabriel- Liviu ISPAS

    by Gabriel- Liviu ISPAS

  • 2011 Corporate Codes Of Conduct And Business Principles In Light Of The Goldman Sachs Lawsuit Settlement
    by Marion S. Mogielnicki

  • 2011 Reflexiones en torno a la autonomía tributaria de las entidades territoriales, en el contexto del Estado Social de Derecho
    by Ómar Alfonso Ochoa Maldonado

  • 2010 M&A im Bereich Erneuerbarer Energien
    by Fritz-Morgenthal, Sebastian G. & Hach, Sebastian T. & Schalast, Christoph

  • 2010 Children and Accountability for International Crimes: The contribution of international criminal courts
    by Cecile Aptel

  • 2010 Transitional Justice and Youth Formerly Associated with Armed Forces and Armed Groups: Acceptance, marginalization and psychosocial adjustment
    by T.S. Betancourt & A. Ettien

  • 2010 Transitional Justice and the Situation of Children in Colombia and Peru
    by Salvador Herencia Carrasco

  • 2010 Restorative Justice after Mass Violence: Opportunities and risks for children and youth
    by Laura Stovel & Marta Valiñas

  • 2010 Psychosocial Support for Children: Protecting the rights of child victims and witnesses in transitional justice processes
    by An Michels

  • 2010 Prosecuting International Crimes against Children: The legal framework
    by Christine Bakker

  • 2010 Genetic Tracing, Disappeared Children and Justice
    by Michele Harvey-Blankenship & Phuong N. Pham & Rachel Shigekane

  • 2010 Child Victims of Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment
    by Daniel O'Donnell & Norberto Liwski

  • 2010 Children, Education and Reconciliation
    by Alan Smith

  • 2010 Children and Security Sector Reform in Post-conflict Peace-building
    by David Nosworthy

  • 2010 Children and Reparation: Past lessons and new directions
    by Dyan Mazurana & Khristopher Carlson

  • 2010 Children and the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in Timor-Leste
    by Megan Hirst & Ann Linnarson

  • 2010 Copyright and Open Access for Academic Works
    by Müller-Langer, Frank & Watt, Richard

  • 2010 AEO-C: Einfacher Antrag = AE O light?!
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2010 Gegenseitige Anerkennung des AEO-Status
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2010 Zwei Jahre Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2010 The Recruitment and Selection of Police Officers-Comparative Analysis of Similar Policy in European States
    by Ion Stegaroiu & Octavian – Adrian Popescu

  • 2010 Türkiye’de Mala Karşı Suçların Sosyoekonomik Belirleyicileri Üzerine Bir Deneme: Sınır Testi Yaklaşımı (1970–2007)
    by Hayati AKSU & Yakup AKKUŞ

  • 2010 Le Traite De Lisbonne (2007) Modifiant Le Traite Sur L’Union Europeenne Et Le Traite Instituant La Communaute Europeenne: Son Integration Dans Les Orders Juridiques Nationaux
    by Emil MOROIANU

  • 2010 Contentious Constitutional And Contentious Administrative
    by Ionita COCHINTU

  • 2010 Dilemmas in the Banking Laws
    by Botina Madalina & Marin Marilena

  • 2010 Justifiable Economic Risk
    by Pavel Gaydarov

  • 2010 Restrictive Antonymicity in the French Legal Language
    by Nina CUCIUC





  • 2010 Los Derechos Humanos y el siglo XXI
    by Angulo Sánchez, Nicolás

  • 2010 Some Considerations on the Classification of Civil Liability Depending on the Certainty of Completion
    by Bodoasca, Teodor & Draghici, Teodora - Aurelia & Saharov, Natalia

  • 2010 Applications of Civil Responsibility in Case of “Nemo Auditur Propriam Turpitudinem Alegans“ Rule
    by Draghici, Pompil

  • 2010 Formy vyvlastnenia investícií v doterajšej medzinárodnej aplikačnej praxi s osobitným zameraním na nepriame vyvlastnenie a štátne zásahy regulačného charakteru
    by Milan Budjač

  • 2009 Staatsfonds - neue Akteure an den Finanzmärkten?
    by Schalast, Christoph & Tiemann, Marcel & Tuppi, Pascal

  • 2009 Konstruktion einer Anleihe mit hypothekarischer Besicherung
    by Alram, Johannes

  • 2009 Transaktionen und Servicing in der Finanzkrise: Berichte und Referate des Frankfurt School NPL Forums 2008
    by Schalast, Christoph & Bolder, Markus & Radünz, Claus & Siepmann, Stephanie & Weber, Thorsten

  • 2009 Children's and Adolescents' Participation and Protection from Sexual Abuse and Exploitation
    by Clare Feinstein & Clare O'Kane

  • 2009 The Right of Children to be Heard: Children's rights to have their views taken into account and to participate in legal and administrative proceedings
    by Daniel O'Donnell

  • 2009 The Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and the Jurisprudence of the Committee on the Rights of the Child
    by Ugo Cedrangolo

  • 2009 Development of Direct Democracy in Swiss Cantons between 1997 and 2003
    by Fischer, Justina AV

  • 2009 Human Rights Violations after 9/11 and the Role of Constitutional Constraints
    by Benedikt Goderis & Mila Versteeg

  • 2009 Human Rights Violations After 9/11 and the Role of Constitutional Constraints
    by Benedikt Goderis & Mila Versteeg

  • 2009 Replacing Neo-Classical Maximization in the Realm of Human Action
    by Pierre Bentata

  • 2009 Ein Jahr Zugelassener Wirtschaftsbeteiligter (AEO)
    by Weerth, Carsten

  • 2009 Analyse économique du Droit versus Institutionnalisme. Une comparaison « en situation »1
    by Montagne, Sabine

  • 2009 The Future of the European Constitutional Evolution
    by Ovidiu-Horia Maican

  • 2009 Order Security – National Security Administration. National Security Defense As Special Administration
    by Zoltán BALLA

  • 2009 Latvian State And Religious Organizations –From Soviet Reality To A Nowadays
    by Ringolds BALODIS

  • 2009 Internal Organization And Administrative Activity Of The Constitutional Court Of Romania

  • 2009 El Proceso de Bolonia en el Derecho Público Español. Autonomía universitaria, distribución de competencias y empleo público
    by Fernández Alles, José Joaquín

  • 2009 Main Problems of Human Resources Management in Romanian’s Public Administration
    by Moinescu, Gabriel

  • 2009 The New Civil Code and its Legislative Solutions
    by Ionascu, Titu

  • 2009 The Role of Non-Juridical Regulations in Society
    by Brânzan, Nicolae

  • 2008 Der deutsche NPL-Markt 2007: aktuelle Entwicklungen, Verkauf und Bewertung ; Berichte und Referate des NPL-Forums 2007
    by Schalast, Christoph

  • 2008 10 Jahre deutsche Buyouts
    by Schalast, Christoph & Stralkowski, Ingo

  • 2008 Private Equity und Familienunternehmen: eine Untersuchung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauunternehmen
    by Schalast, Christoph & Barten, Benita

  • 2008 Aktionärsschutz in der AG falsch verstanden? Die Leica-Entscheidung des LG Frankfurt am Main
    by Scholl, Wolfgang & Schanz, Kay-Michael

  • 2008 Schaeffler KG/ Continental AG im Lichte der CSX Corp.-Entscheidung des US District Court for the Southern District of New York: Meldepflichten bei öffentlichen Übernahmen und deren Umgehung durch Einsatz von derivativen Finanzinstrumenten
    by Schanz, Kay-Michael

  • 2008 The European Union’s Charter of Fundamental Rights: a Contribution to the European Integration, a Step towards the European Constitution or Just a Non-Binding Declaration of Human Rights?

  • 2008 Legal Character of the Permissions Which are Granted by BRSA According to Banking Law No:5411: A New Permission Type in Turkish Administrative Law System
    by Emrah Uran

  • 2007 Floss (Free/Libre Open Source Software): A Theme For Cultural Differences Study
    by Ramanujam, Padmanabha

  • 2007 Measuring the Compactness of Political Districting Plans
    by Roland G. Fryer, Jr & Richard T. Holden

  • 2007 Different Rules for Different Owners: Does a Non-Competing Patentee have a Right to Exclude? A Study of Post-eBay Cases
    by Sujitha Subramanian

  • 2007 Concreción de las políticas de empleo en España para los nuevos inmigrantes
    by Sacristán Romero, Francisco

  • 2007 Instrumentos jurídicos para la gestión y control de los flujos migratorios Marruecos-España
    by Rodríguez Mesa, María José

  • 2007 La política de inmigración en Andalucía tras la reforma del Estatuto de Autonomía: Derechos de los extranjeros y coordinación entre Administraciones Públicas
    by Fernández Alles, José Joaquín

  • 2007 La ponderación de los derechos en el estado de escasez. Entre la dimensión de peso jurídica y la eficiencia económica
    by Edgar A. Quiroga Natale

  • 2006 Work-out und Servicing von notleidenden Krediten: Berichte und Referate des HfB-NPL Servicing Forums 2006
    by Schalast, Christoph & Ockens, Klaas & Jobe, Clemens J. & Safran, Robert

  • 2006 Fusionskontrolle in dynamischen Netzsektoren am Beispiel des Breitbandkabelsektors: zugleich ein kritischer Beitrag zur Kartellrechtsdogmatik des Bundeskartellamts nach Iesy/Ish und TC/Ish und sektorspezifischen Regulierungskonsistenz seitens der Bundesnetzagentur
    by Abrar, Kamyar

  • 2006 Wertpapierprospekte: Markteinführungspublizität nach EU-Prospektverordnung und Wertpapierprospektgesetz 2005
    by Schanz, Kay-Michael & Schalast, Christoph

  • 2006 Hidden Talents: Partnerships with Pareto-Improving Private Information
    by Andrew F. Daughety & Jennifer F. Reinganum

  • 2006 Letture provinciali della costituzione europea
    by Luther, Joerg & Malandrino, Corrado

  • 2006 Patent Laws and Innovation in China
    by Linda Yueh

  • 2006 Privacy Management Service Contracts as a New Business Opportunity for Operators
    by Pau, L-F.

  • 2006 La Costituzione italiana e la moneta: un incontro mancato
    by Mario Sarcinelli

  • 2006 El concepto de libertad en la teoría política de Norberto Bobbio
    by Carlos Bernal Pulido

  • 2006 Less Approached Legal Sources

  • 2005 The Puzzling Underuse of Arbitration in Post-Communism: A Law and Economics Analysis
    by Schönfelder, Bruno

  • 2005 Distressed debt-investing in Deutschland: Geschäftsmodelle und Perspektiven
    by Schalast, Christoph & Daynes, Christian

  • 2005 Modernisierung der Wasserwirtschaft im Spannungsfeld von Umweltschutz und Wettbewerb: braucht Deutschland eine Rechtsgrundlage für die Vergabe von Wasserversorgungskonzessionen?
    by Schalast, Christoph

  • 2005 Проблемы Управления Муниципальной Службой В Законодательстве Субъектов Российской Федерации
    by Muravchenko, Viktor

  • 2005 Minorities and Storable Votes
    by Alessandra Casella & Thomas Palfrey & Raymond Riezman

  • 2005 A Damage-Revelation Rationale for Coupon Remedies
    by A. Mitchell Polinsky & Daniel L. Rubinfeld

  • 2005 Privacy Management Contracts And Economics, Using Service Level Agreements (Sla)
    by Pau, L-F.

  • 2005 Privacy Metrics and Boundaries
    by Pau, L-F.

  • 2005 Non-residential fatherhood and child involvement: evidence from the millennium cohort study
    by Kiernan, Kathleen

  • 2005 Minorities and Storable Votes
    by Casella, Alessandra & Palfrey, Thomas R & Riezman, Raymond

  • 2005 A Simple Scheme to Improve the Efficiency of Referenda
    by Casella, Alessandra & Gelman, Andrew

  • 2005 On the use of population data systems to target vulnerable population subgroups for human rights abuses
    by William Seltzer

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