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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H5: National Government Expenditures and Related Policies
/ / / H59: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The impact of state development institutions on the innovative behavior of firms: Qualitative effects
    by Yu. Simachev & M. Kuzyk.

  • 2017 Veterans in Workforce Development: Participation and Labor Market Outcomes
    by Coleen K. Chrisinger

  • 2017 Turning resource curse into development dividends in Guinea-Bissau
    by Arvanitis, Yannis & Weigert, Maxime

  • 2016 Larger is Better: the Scale Effects of the Italian Local Healthcare Authorities Amalgamation Program
    by Cinzia Di Novi & Dino Rizzi & Michele Zanette

  • 2016 Co-movements between Public and Private Wages in the EU: Which Factors Play a Role?
    by Marzinotto, Benedicta & Turrini, Alessandro

  • 2016 The missing link: Are individuals with more social capital in better health? Evidence from low- income countries
    by Baris Alpaslan

  • 2016 Transforming Singapore's Real Estate: Building on Firm Foundation
    by Tien Foo Sing & Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Real Estate Education
    by Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Bridging the Gap between Capital and Real Estate Markets
    by Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 The Rise of Singapore's Real Estate Investment Trust (SREIT) Market
    by Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Exporting Singapore's Experiences in Real Estate Development and Urban Planning
    by Tien Foo Sing & Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Singapore Commercial Real Estate Industry in a Global Context
    by Ngee Huat Seek

  • 2016 Role of Real Estate Service Providers in Growing the Real Estate Industry
    by Shi Ming Yu

  • 2016 Changing Skyline: Real Estate Development Industry in Singapore
    by Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Transforming a Nation: Role of Government Agencies
    by Shi Ming Yu & Tien Foo Sing

  • 2016 Evolution of the Real Estate Industry in Singapore
    by Ngee Huat Seek

  • 2016 Singapore's Real Estate:50 Years of Transformation

  • 2016 Evaluation of the results of scientific workers: the experience of New Zealand
    by Fokina, Tatiana

  • 2016 Development of the Corporate Social Responsibility Concept in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
    by Renata Skýpalová & Renata Kučerová & Veronika Blašková

  • 2016 Cap Direct Payments As The Main Tool To Support The Eu Farmers: An Analysis Of Their Implementation Based On Spain Experience
    by Liliana CIMPOIES

  • 2016 Public Service Media and the European Internal Market: Friends or Allies?
    by Karen DONDERS

  • 2016 Dual-use products export multipliers with the indirect effects
    by Bojnec, Å tefan

  • 2016 La viabilidad del coste del ciclo de vida para la evaluación económica de inversiones militares
    by Navarro Galera, Andrés & Ortúzar Maturana, Rodrigo Iván & Alcaraz Quiles, Francisco José

  • 2016 Fiscal Revenues and Commitment in Immigration Amnesties
    by Magris, Francesco & Russo, Giuseppe

  • 2016 Price of Political Uncertainty: Evidence from Ghanaian Treasury Bills
    by Kwame Osei-Assibey

  • 2016 Bienes culturales complejos
    by Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel

  • 2016 Racionalidad económica de la política cultural
    by Juan José Price Elton

  • 2016 Burocracia y riesgos
    by Rosana Costa C.

  • 2016 Ministerio de las culturas: análisis de diseño institucional
    by José Miguel Benavente & Jorge Larraín

  • 2015 A Causality Test of the Revenue-Expenditure Nexus in Ghana
    by Obeng, Samuel

  • 2015 Eficiencia de las Finanzas Públicas de los Estados Costeros del Pacífico Mexicano
    by América Zamora Torres & Fernando García López

  • 2015 Trade debts of Italian general government: an unsolved problem
    by Leandro D’Aurizio & Domenico Depalo & Sandro Momigliano & Emilio Vadalà

  • 2015 Organizing for Emergencies - Issues in Wildfire Fighting in Croatia
    by Robert Fabac & Davor Djalog & Vinko Zebic

  • 2015 Benefits and costs of electric vehicles for the public finances: An integrated valuation model based on input–output analysis, with application to France
    by Leurent, Fabien & Windisch, Elisabeth

  • 2015 Public R&D support for newly founded firms – effects on patent activity and employment growth
    by Uwe Cantner & Sarah Kösters

  • 2015 Trade Liberalization, Economic Size and Macroeconomic Volatility: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan
    by Nighat Bilgrami & Hira Mujahid & Shahista Alam

  • 2014 Thailand?s Flood Management Policy: Issues, Developments and Implications for the Thai Tourism Industry
    by Nipawan Thirawat & Pathomdanai Ponjan

  • 2014 The Early History of Program Evaluation and the Department of Labor
    by Orley Ashenfelter

  • 2014 Public Preferences for Redistributive Policies in Israel
    by Yuval Elmelech

  • 2014 Does government employment crowd out private sector employment in sids? the case of Barbados
    by Roland Craigwell & Mahalia Jackman

  • 2014 Inversión pública y privada en México y su incidencia en el crecimiento
    by Ramírez-Cedillo, Eduardo. & López-Herrera, Francisco.

  • 2014 Does The Government Size Cause Economic Growth? Empirical Evidence from Selected ASEAN Countries
    by Ehsan Rajabi & Junaina Muhammad

  • 2014 Strategic Planning of the Government Policy towards Persons with Disabilities in Bulgaria
    by Georgi Shopov

  • 2014 Prolonged Exposure: An Effective Treatment for PTSD in Military Personnel
    by Erin LOGAN & Michael STEVENS & Michael STEVENS

  • 2013 Does Modernization Improve Performance: Evidence from Indian Police
    by Kumar, Surender & Kumar, Sudesh

  • 2013 Environmental protection expenditure: Ex-post evaluation
    by Jana Soukopova & Eduard Bakoš

  • 2013 Analysing Job Creation Effects of Scaling Up Infrastructure Spending in South Africa
    by Hélène Maisonnave & Ramos Mabugu & Margaret Chitiga & Véronique Robichaud

  • 2013 Does Public-Sector Employment Fully Crowd Out Private-Sector Employment?
    by Alberto Behar & Junghwan Mok

  • 2013 Government science and technology budgets in times of crisis
    by Makkonen, Teemu

  • 2013 Crime and the effectiveness of public order spending in Greece: Policy implications of some persistent findings
    by Kollias, Christos & Mylonidis, Nikolaos & Paleologou, Suzanna-Maria

  • 2013 Impact of fiscal policy in an intertemporal CGE model for South Africa
    by Mabugu, Ramos & Robichaud, Veronique & Maisonnave, Helene & Chitiga, Margaret

  • 2012 Occupational Mobility and the Returns to Training
    by Gueorgui Kambourov & Iourii Manovskii & Miana Plesca

  • 2012 Fiscal Revenues and Commitment in Immigration Amnesties
    by Francesco Magris & Giuseppe Russo

  • 2012 Institutional Factors, Sport Policy, and Individual Sport Participation: An International Comparison
    by Humphreys, Brad & Maresova, Katerina & Ruseski, Jane

  • 2012 Municipal expenditures efficiency with emphasis on the competitiveness and type of company: Case study on waste management expenditures in the South Moravian Region
    by Jana Soukopová & Ivan Malý

  • 2012 A Review on the Assessment of Public Debt Sustainability
    by Nicolescu Cristina

  • 2012 Agency Problems In Public Sector
    by Gyorgy Attila

  • 2012 Küresel Kriz ve Kültürün Finansmanı: AB Örneği ve Türkiye Hakkında Genel Bir Değerlendirme
    by Berna UYMAZ

  • 2012 Do voters demand responsive governments? Evidence from Indian disaster relief
    by Cole, Shawn & Healy, Andrew & Werker, Eric

  • 2011 Estimating the Value of Medal Success at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    by Humphreys, Brad & Johnson, Bruce & Mason, Daniel & Whitehead, John

  • 2011 Региональная Система Информационного Обеспечения Коммерциализации Энергосберегающих И Инновационных Технологий В Строительстве
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2011 Estimating the Value of Medal Success at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games
    by Brad R. Humphreys & Bruce K. Johnson & Daniel S. Mason & John C. Whitehead

  • 2011 Sustainability of Economic Growth through Public Investment
    by Liliana DONATH & Marius Cristian MILOS

  • 2011 Funding acknowledgement analysis: an enhanced tool to investigate research sponsorship impacts: the case of nanotechnology
    by Jue Wang & Philip Shapira

  • 2011 Public Debt Sustainability Analysis: Eu Case
    by Nicolescu Cristina & Pirtea Marilen & Botoc Claudiu

  • 2011 Public sector wages
    by B. Eugène

  • 2011 Der Fall Opel: eine Gratwanderung zwischen industriepolitischem Interventionismus und ordnungspolitischer Gradlinigkeit
    by Jochen Homann

  • 2011 Aproximación cultural a las políticas públicas: burocracia, descentralización y ciudadanía
    by Adriana Otálora Buitrago & Ómar Augusto Vivas Cortés

  • 2011 Rewarding Innovation: Improving Federal Tax Support for Business R&D in Canada
    by Mark Parsons

  • 2011 Rewarding Innovation: Improving Federal Tax Support for Business R&D in Canada
    by Mark Parsons

  • 2010 Inertia and Herding in Humanitarian Aid Decisions
    by David Fielding

  • 2010 Sustaining the Momentum of Fiscal Reform in Hungary
    by Colin Forthun & Robert P. Hagemann

  • 2010 Building Winners? An Empirical Evaluation of Public Business Assistance in the Founding Process
    by Sarah Kösters & Martin Obschonka

  • 2010 Did Vietnam Veterans Get Sicker in the 1990s? The Complicated Effects of Military Service on Self-Reported Health
    by Joshua D. Angrist & Stacey H. Chen & Brigham R. Frandsen

  • 2010 The efficiency frontier as a method for gauging the performance of education at the national level
    by Bruno Eugène

  • 2010 The Analysis of the Main Factors of the Macro-medium Influencing the Dynamics of Public Services in Romania
    by Bicajanu Vasile & Ioncica Maria

  • 2010 Defence Spending and Political Business Cycles in Turkey
    by Sennur Sezgin

  • 2010 The impact of EU Cohesion policy on environmental sector sustainability in the Baltic states
    by Sirje Pädam & Üllas Ehrlich & Koidu Tenno

  • 2009 Benefiting from Publicly Funded Pre-competitive Research – Differences between Insiders and Outsiders
    by Eckl, Verena & Engel, Dirk

  • 2009 The Impact of Reducing the Administrative Costs on the Efficiency in the Public Sector
    by Matei, Ani & Savulescu, Carmen

  • 2009 Did Vietnam Veterans Get Sicker in the 1990s? The Complicated Effects of Military Service on Self-Reported Health
    by Joshua D. Angrist & Stacey H. Chen & Brigham R. Frandsen

  • 2009 Subsidizing Start-Ups: Policy Targeting and Policy Effectiveness
    by Sarah Kösters

    by Joshua D. Angrist & Stacey H. Chen & Brigham R. Frandsen

  • 2009 La corrupción administrativa en colombia: reflexiones sobre su evidene complejidad
    by Oscar Pardo Ramos

  • 2009 The Why, When and How of Immigration Amnesties
    by Gil S. Epstein & Avi Weiss

  • 2009 Strukturreformen der deutschen und britischen Aussenwirtschaftsförderung in Zeiten der Globalisierung: Die Rolle staatlicher und gesellschaftlicher Einflussfaktoren
    by Wolfgang Ramsteck

  • 2009 Measures And Factors Which Led To The Increase Of The Number Of Resources For Financing The Public Pension System

  • 2009 Aplicación de un modelo de multiplicadores contables y de análisis estructural a políticas sociales seleccionadas en el estado de Nuevo León
    by Marcos Esaú Domínguez Viera

  • 2009 La evaluación de impacto y la evaluación de proceso en un sistema general de evaluación. Introducción al tema mediante un estudio de caso: el Programa
    by J. Mario Herrera Ramos,

  • 2008 The efficiency frontier as a method for gauging the performance of public expenditure : a Belgian case study
    by Bruno Eugène

  • 2008 Law and Order Efficiency Measurement – A Literature Review
    by Miguel St. Aubyn

  • 2008 The Employment Effect of Stricter Rules for Eligibility for DI: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Sweden
    by Karlström, Anders & Palme, Mårten & Svensson, Ingemar

  • 2008 Aid Effort and Its Determinants: A Comparison of the Italian Performance with other OECD Donors
    by Simone Bertoli & Giovanni Andrea Cornia & Francesco Manaresi

  • 2008 Vale a pena desarmar? Uma avaliação do impacto da campanha de entrega voluntária de armas sobre as mortes com armas de fogo
    by Milena Karla Soares & Luiz Guilherme Scorzafave

  • 2008 Performanta si eficienta: Cheltuieli publice în învatamântul superior. Studiu comparativ: Învatamânt Public vs. Învatamânt Privat în România
    by Anca Gabriela Ilie & Dan Dumitriu & Roxana Sarbu

  • 2008 Causality Between Tax Revenue And Government Spending In Malaysia
    by Roshaiza Taha & Nanthakumar Loganathan

  • 2008 Turkiye’de Kamu Harcamalarýinin Ekonomik Buyume ve Yatirimlar Uzerine Etkilerinin Analizi (1980–2005)
    by N. Oguzhan Altay & Onur Altin

  • 2008 Gobernanza e innovación social. El caso de las políticas públicas en materia de ciencia y tecnología en Euskadi
    by Mikel Zurbano Irizar

  • 2007 Hidden Value: Wohlfahrtsökonomische Effekte internationaler Sportgroßveranstaltungen. Eine Betrachtung vom anderen Ende des Contingent-Valuation-Spektrums: Maradona- vs. Beckenbauer-Effekt
    by Malte Heyne & Bernd Süssmuth

  • 2007 Do Small States Get More Federal Monies? Myth and Reality about the US Senate Malapportionment
    by Larcinese, Valentino & Rizzo, Leonzio & Testa, Cecilia

  • 2007 Media and Humanitarian Aid: Empirical Evidence from Belgium
    by Thijs Vandemoortele & Nathalie Francken & Johan F.M. Swinnen

  • 2007 Why Do European Governments Favor Religion?
    by Pablo Brañas-Garza & Angel Solano

  • 2006 Trends in child care use and cost between 1999 and 2002
    by Justine McNamara & Rebecca Cassells

  • 2006 Immigration Amnesty and Immigrant's Earnings
    by Ira N. Gang & Myeong-Su Yun

  • 2006 The Danish Housing Market: Less Subsidy and more Flexibility
    by Espen Erlandsen & Jens Lundsgaard & Felix Hüfner

  • 2006 Bankacılık Sektörü ve Devlet Müdahaleleri: Politik Devresel Dalgalanmalar Çerçevesinde Türk Bankacılık Sektörü Etkinlik Analizi
    by Selma Aktaş Şen

  • 2006 The Effects of Discretionary Federal Spending on Parliamentary Election Results
    by Thomas A. Evans

  • 2006 Income Redistribution Structure of the Korean Economy: A Social Accounting Matrix Perspective (in Korean)
    by Yong-Hwan Noh

  • 2005 Earmarking in Theory and Korean Practice
    by Richard M Bird & Joosung Jun

  • 2005 Environmental Decentralization: Seeking the Proper Balance between National and State Authority
    by Blackman, Allen & Morgenstern, Richard & Laskowski, Stanley

  • 2005 The Political Economy of Potuguese Intergovernmental Grants
    by Linda Gonçalves Veiga & Maria Manuel Pinho

  • 2005 The Political Economy of Portuguese Intergovernmental Grants
    by Linda Gonçalves Veiga & Maria Manuel Pinho

  • 2005 Predicting the Path to Recovery from Hurricane Katrina through the Lens of Hurricane Andrew and the Rodney King Riots
    by Robert Baade & Robert Baumann & Victor Matheson

  • 2004 Financial Compensation in Case of Catastrophes: A European Law and Economics Perspective
    by Michael Faure

  • 2004 Financial Compensation in Case of Catastrophes: A European Law and Economics Perspective
    by Michael Faure

  • 2004 Il potere di voto nel sistema parlamentare italiano in regime proporzionale e la dinamica della spesa pubblica dal 1960 al 1990
    by Silvia Fedeli & Alessandro Trotto

  • 2004 Modelos SAM lineales y distribución de renta: una aplicación para la economía extremeña

  • 2003 Income Distribution in a Regional Economy: A SAM Model
    by Maria Llop & Antonio Manresa

  • 2003 Structure of the Environmental Public Expenditure in the CR
    by Miroslav Hájek

  • 2001 A Theory of Immigration Amnesties
    by Epstein, Gil S. & Weiss, Avi

  • 2001 A Theory of Immigration Amnesties
    by Epstein, Gil S. & Weiss, Avi

  • 2001 A Theory of Immigration Amnesties
    by Gil S. Epstien & Avi Weiss

  • 2001 The Economy Through Public Lens: Shifting Canadian Views of the Economy
    by Frank Graves

  • 2000 The Built Heritage : Some British Experience

  • 1998 How Germany shouldered the fiscal burden of the unification
    by Boss, Alfred

  • 1995 Does Public Spending Crowd Out Private Investment? Evidence from a Panel of 14 OECD Countries
    by Isabel Argimón & José M. González-Páramo & José M. Roldán Alegre

  • 1991 Negotiated Settlements and Learning From the Arbitration Experience
    by Craig A. Olson & Barbara Rau

  • 1990 Federal provincial fiscal arrangements and shared-cost programs in agriculture
    by Grady, Patrick

  • Rent-seeking, Occupational Choice and Oil Boom
    by Farhad Nili & Gabriel Talmain

  • Utility Rate Equations of Group Population Dynamics in Biological and Social Systems
    by Vyacheslav I. Yukalov & E.P. Yukalova & Didier Sornette

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