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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D2: Production and Organizations
/ / / D29: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Criptomonedas, As A Business Opportunity For Microenterprise Of The Tourism Sector In The South East Zone Of The State Of Mexico, Criptomonedas, Como Oportunidad De Negocio De Microempresas Del Sector Turistico En La Zona Sur Oriente Del Estado De Mexico
    by Abraham Sanchez Gil & Omar Ernesto Teran Varela

  • 2017 Reproduction Structure and Technological Progress in Economy: The Role of Talents as Capital
    by Tochimoto, Michio

  • 2017 Why do manufacturing firms produce services? Evidence for the servitization paradox in Belgium
    by Catherine Fuss & Pierre Blanchard & Claude Mathieu

  • 2017 Productivity and the Allocation of Skills
    by David C Maré & Trinh Le & Richard Fabling & Nathan Chappell

  • 2017 An integrated dataset of Italian firms: 2005-2014
    by Andrea Linarello & Corrado C. Abbate & Maria G. Ladu

  • 2017 Public Policy As A Tool For Floriculture Development In The Municipality Of Tepetlixpa Mexico State, Politica Publica Como Herramienta De Desarrollo Para La Floricultura Del Municipio De Tepetlixpa Estado De Mexico
    by Omar Ernesto Teran Varela & Sandra Saldivar Esteba & Enrique Espinosa Ayala & Yadira Rocha Gonzalez

  • 2017 Willingness to pay for local food?: Consumer preferences and shopping behavior at Otago Farmers Market
    by Berg, Nathan & Preston, Kate L.

  • 2017 Exploring the Impact of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Certification on Financial Performance: The Case of Companies listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange
    by Mihaela Iona?cu & Ion Iona?cu & Marian Sacarin & Mihaela Minu

  • 2016 Economic downturn and volunteering: Do economic crises affect content generation on Wikipedia?
    by Kummer, Michael & Slivko, Olga & Zhang, Michael

  • 2016 Economic Downturn and Volunteering: Do Economic Crises Affect Content Generation on Wikipedia?
    by Slivko, Olga & Kummer, Michael & Zhang, Michael

  • 2016 The Efficiency of (strict) Liability Rules revised in Risk and Ambiguity
    by Nicolas Lampach & Sandrine Spaeter

  • 2016 Trust and Signals in Workplace Organization: Evidence from Job Autonomy Differentials between Immigrant Groups
    by van Hoorn, Andre

  • 2016 The Formalization of a Generic Trading Company Model Using Software Agents as Active Elements
    by Dominik Vymetal & Sohei Ito

  • 2016 Institutional Thickness Revisited
    by Zukauskaite , Elena & Plechero , Monica & Trippl , Michaela

  • 2016 Explaining estimated economies of scale and scope in higher education: A meta-regression analysis
    by Liang-Cheng Zhang & Andrew C Worthington

  • 2016 In brief... Rapid response policing: the impact on crime detection
    by Jordi Blanes i Vidal & Tom Kirchmaier

  • 2016 Sharing Economy: Nutznießer oder Opfer institutioneller Inkonsistenzen?
    by Theresia Theurl

  • 2016 Economic Multiplier Effect of Shared Service Centres
    by Anna Kislovska & Rima Tamošiūnienė

  • 2016 Industrial Enterprises' Innovation Efficiency And The Influence Of Capital Source: Based On Statistical Data Of Industrial Enterprises In Jiangsu Province

  • 2016 The effect of charitable giving on workers’ performance: Experimental evidence
    by Charness, Gary & Cobo-Reyes, Ramón & Sánchez, Ángela

  • 2016 Economics of leadership and hierarchy
    by Zhou, Junjie

  • 2016 The Efficiency Of Differentiated Learning - Independent Learning Situations Versus Collaborative Learning
    by Aida D. STOIAN

  • 2016 An Interpretive Analysis of Direct and Indirect Input Requirements in the Input-Output Model (in Korean)
    by Sang Yul Shim & Yoon Kyung Kim

  • 2015 Modelling the relationships between the use of STEM* skills, collaboration, R&D and Innovation among Australian Businesses
    by Franklin Soriano & Ruel Abello

  • 2015 Does Wikipedia matter? The effect of Wikipedia on tourist choices
    by Hinnosaar, Marit & Hinnosaar, Toomas & Kummer, Michael & Slivko, Olga

  • 2015 Economic downturn and volunteering: Do economic crises affect content generation on Wikipedia?
    by Kummer, Michael & Slivko, Olga & Zhang, Michael

  • 2015 Relationship between Telecommunications Investment and Total Factor Productivity
    by Chuhwan Park

  • 2015 Obstacles to Export Strategy implementation in Zimbabwe?s clothing value chain
    by Arthur Mapanga

  • 2015 Too much EMU? An investigation of technology gaps
    by Kounetas, Kostas & Napolitano, Oreste

  • 2015 Quantum microeconomics theory
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2015 The effect of police response time on crime detection
    by Vidal, Jordi Blanes I & Kirchmaier, Tom

  • 2015 The Effect of Police Response Time on Crime Detection
    by Jordi Blanes i Vidal & Tom Kirchmaier

  • 2015 Relationship Between Job Satisfaction, Psychological Contract, Type Of The Job Contract, And The Years Of Service: Evidences In Higher Education, Relacion Entre La Satisfaccion Laboral, El Contrato Psicologico, El Tipo De Vinculacion Y La Antiguedad: Evidencias En Educacion Superior
    by Jaime Ferro Vasquez & Gloria Amparo Gomez Lopez

  • 2015 Key leaders in social networks
    by Zhou, Junjie & Chen, Ying-Ju

  • 2015 The current context of social economy in Romania
    by Maria MÃCRIS

  • 2015 Particularly financial and political risk insurace
    by Vergil CIUREA

  • 2014 Spillovers in networks of user generated content: Pseudo-experimental evidence on Wikipedia
    by Kummer, Michael

  • 2014 A quantitative model of the human capital contribution to the value of a project
    by Bautista, Rafael

  • 2014 Does Tenure Make Researchers Less Productive? The Case of the “Specialist”
    by Joao Ricardo Faria & Peter McAdam

  • 2014 Changing Political Economy, Policies, and Journalism: The conflicts between journalists, media organizations and the government in Taiwan (2003-2013)
    by YU-CHIH LIN

  • 2014 Design of Financial Derivatives: Statistical Power does not Ensure Risk Management Power
    by Bell, Peter Newton

  • 2014 The Return to R&D and Seller-buyer Interactions: A Quantile Regression Approach
    by Westerberg, Hans Seerar

  • 2014 Significance Of The Eu Funds In Investments Of Small And Medium-Sized Enterprises
    by Anna Spoz

  • 2014 Corporate Elearning Impact On Employees
    by Prince F. Ellis & Kevin D. Kuznia

  • 2014 Which firms benefit from foreign direct investment? Empirical evidence from Indonesian manufacturing
    by Suyanto, & Salim, Ruhul & Bloch, Harry

  • 2014 ¿Innovar para exportar o exportar para innovar?: Un análisis a nivel de firma de la industria manufacturera chilena,1995-2010
    by Eduardo, Bitran & Cristián, González U. & Fernando, Greve & Marcelo, Villena

  • 2013 Spillovers in networks of user generated content: Evidence from 23 natural experiments on Wikipedia
    by Kummer, Michael E.

  • 2013 The emergence of the empresas recuperadas por sus trabajadores: A political economic and sociological appraisal of two decades of self-management in Argentina
    by Marcelo Vieta

  • 2013 Eficacia y asimetrías de los programas de delación en un contexto multi-mercado: un análisis del caso colombiano en el marco del TLC con Estados Unidos
    by Sánchez Navarro, Dennis

  • 2013 Nain's Hierarchy of Needs: An Alternative to Maslow's & ERG's Hierarchy of Needs
    by nain, bhavya

  • 2013 Targeted information release in social networks
    by Junjie Zhou & Ying-Ju Chen &

  • 2013 Eficacia y asimetrías de los programas de delación en un contexto multimercado: un análisis del caso colombiano en el marco del TLC con Estados Unidos
    by Dennis Sánchez Navarro

  • 2013 Zmiany rol zarzadczych lekarzy w szpitalach: czego mozemy sie nauczyc od Brytyjczykow? (Change of managerial roles of doctors in hospitals: what can we learn from the British?)
    by Marcin Kautsch & Kathy Hartley

  • 2013 Productivity As Registered Transfers Between Economic Entities. A Theoretical Intuitive Approach
    by Jivan Alexandru

  • 2013 Empresas de familia rurales, relaciones de género, relaciones de poder. Caso Lenguazaque, Cundinamarca
    by Yolanda Álvarez Sánchez & Rubén Darío Díaz Mateus & Jorge Enrique Saiz

  • 2013 Factors Affecting The Productive Potential Of The Enterprise

  • 2013 Factorii Cu Impact Asupra Potenţialului Productiv Al Întreprinderii

  • 2012 In the Need of Speed - The Impact of Organizational Learning on the Competitiveness of Born Transnationals
    by Jörg Freiling & Mareike K. Schmidt

  • 2012 Regional Headquarters Capabilities as Key Facilitator of the Coordination of Transnational Business Activities
    by Jörg Freiling & Sven M. Laudien

  • 2012 Intra-Firm Trade Law - Contract-Enforcement & Dispute Resolution in Transnational Corporations
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Stephan Freiherr von Harder

  • 2012 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: A theoretical model
    by Cellini, Roberto & Rizzo, Giuseppe

  • 2012 No institution is a free lunch: a reconstruction of Ronald Coase
    by Ugo Pagano

  • 2012 Job design and innovative work behavior enabling innovation through active or low-strain jobs?
    by De Spiegelaere, Stan & Van Gyes, Guy & Vandekerckhove, Sem & Van Hootegem, Geert

  • 2012 Presence of Check-off Programs and Industry Concentration in the Food Manufacturing Sector
    by Schulz, Lee L. & Crespi, John M.

  • 2012 La construcción de factor comunidad en las organizaciones de población desplazada (opd) de Medellín
    by Jenny Marcela Acevedo Valencia & Luz Dolly Lopera García & Olga Lucia Arboleda Álvarez

  • 2012 Almost Anonymous Implicit Contracting
    by Paul Castãneda Dower & Andrei Bremzen

  • 2012 The Business Environment in the Transition
    by Wendy Carlin & Mark Schaffer

  • 2012 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: A theoretical model
    by Cellini, Roberto & Rizzo, Giuseppe

  • 2012 Global Economic Crisis: Experience Of Turkey As The Model Of Recovery

  • 2012 Measuring of Efficiency in the Public and Private Sector - Current Research Approaches
    by Zuzana Kučerová

  • 2012 The Ftc, Ip, And Ssos: Government Hold-Up Replacing Private Coordination
    by Richard A. Epstein & F. Scott Kieff & Daniel F. Spulber

  • 2011 Análisis de la Sustitución de Fuentes Energéticas en Bolivia
    by Aliaga Lordemann, Javier & Capriles, Alejandro

  • 2011 Análisis de la sustitución de fuentes energéticas en Bolivia
    by Aliaga, Javier & Capríles, Alejandro

  • 2011 Desempeño de las empresas y factores institucionales en Colombia, 2002-2007
    by Andrés Ramírez Hassan & Ramiro Cadavid Montoya & Santiago García Peláez

  • 2011 Türk Otomotiv Sektöründe Yoğunlaşma: Binek Ve Hafif Ticari Araçlar Üzerine Bir Uygulama
    by Selahattin KAYNAK & Yılmaz Onur ARİ

  • 2011 Transport Fleet Sizing By Using Make And Buy Decision-Making
    by Djurdjica Stojanović & Svetlana Nikoličić & Milica Miličić

  • 2010 Organizational capital and firm performance. Empirical evidence for European firms
    by Claudia Tronconi & Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti

  • 2010 Analysis of the Determinants of Total Factor Productivity among Small-Holder Cassava Farmers in Ohafia L.G.A of Abia State
    by Ukoha, O.O & Okoye, B.C & Emetu, J

  • 2010 Trajectories in Physical Space out of Communications in Acquaintance Space: An Agent-Based Model of a Textile Industrial District
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2010 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: a simple theoretical model
    by Cellini, Roberto & Rizzo, Giuseppe

  • 2010 Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining
    by Karagozoglu, Emin & Riedl, Arno

  • 2010 Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining
    by Karagozoglu, Emin & Riedl, Arno

  • 2010 Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining
    by Emin Karagözoglu & Arno Riedl

  • 2010 Can Profit-shifting be Resolved by Penalization?
    by Tomáš Buus & Jaroslav BRADA

  • 2010 VAT and Tax Credits: A Way to Eliminate Tax-Evasive Use of Transfer Prices?
    by Tomáš Buus & Jaroslav BRADA

  • 2010 Intellectual Capital Evaluation Models
    by Agoston Simona & Puia Ramona Stefania & Orzea Ivona

  • 2010 Yonetim Fonksiyonlarinin Uygulandýgý Alanlarda Ortaya Cýkan Hata Degerlerinin Olusturduðu Yeni Iliskilerin Panel Veri Modelleri ile Irdelenmesi
    by Mustafa TURHAN & Ozlem TASSEVEN


  • 2009 Quelles politiques de développement durable au Mali et à Madagascar ?
    by Bosc, P.M. & Dabat, M.H. & Maitre d'Hotel, E.

  • 2009 Public Policies Still Alive Within a Liberalized Environment: Insights From Costa Rica
    by Maitre d'Hotel, E. & Bosc, P.M.

  • 2009 From men and machines to the organizational learning curve
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2009 Budget deficits as devices for appropriating extra funds: An investigation of sharing rules
    by Grepperud, Sverre

  • 2009 State Ownership and Control in the Czech Republic
    by Evžen Kocenda & Jan Hanousek

  • 2009 Considerations regarding the Formulation of the Organisational Strategy through Simulation Techniques
    by Philippe DUEZ & Ioan RADU & Cleopatra SENDROIU & Mihai CIOC

  • 2009 Detection of Possible Tax-Evasive Transfer Pricing in Multinational Enterprises
    by Jaroslav BRADA & Tomáš Buus

  • 2008 Two Lyapunov Functions for Flexible Organizations
    by Fioretti, Guido

  • 2008 Entrepreneurial Morality: Some Indications from Greece
    by Bitros, George C. & Karayiannis, Anastassios D.

  • 2008 Forest Management : Are Double or Mixed Rotations Desirable?
    by KHAZRI, Olfa & LASSERRE, Pierre

  • 2008 How can we Study Innovation Systems? - introducing an actor-centralised perspective
    by Broström, Anders

  • 2008 Reflexiones de economía política: la justicia social en la obra de Léon Walras
    by Luis Felipe Camacho

  • 2008 Valor y precio de las exportaciones colombianas a Venezuela entre 1999-2007 frente a tres países de referencia
    by Jacinto Londoño Ortíz

  • 2008 El mercado venezolano en las exportaciones colombianas:Dependencia de los exportadores en 2006
    by Enrique Montes & Aaron Garavito & Carolina Pulido & Monica Hernández

  • 2008 Forest Management: are Double or Mixed Rotations Desirable?
    by Olfa Khazri & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2008 Corporate abilities
    by Gergely Németh

  • 2008 On the Necessity of Using Average Cost as a Base for Transfer Price
    by Tomáš Buus & Jaroslav BRADA

  • 2008 Global Paradigm of a Managerial System on the Principle of Living Organisms
    by Jan Truneček

  • 2008 El mercado venezolano en las exportaciones colombianas: dependencia de los exportadores en 2006
    by Enrique Montes U. & Aaron Garavito A & Carolina Pulido G. & Mónica Hernández F. & Gustavo Caballero

  • 2008 Would-Be Problem Improvers In Action: Tackling Ambiguity In Organizational Issues

  • 2007 Impact des infrastructures publiques sur la productivité des entreprises au Sénégal
    by Diagne, Youssoupha S & Fall, Alsim

  • 2007 Recent trend of village and small enterprise sector: exploring and exploiting its opportunities in the North Eastern Region of India touching upon its profile and barriers
    by Mishra, SK

  • 2007 The Analysis Of Five Competitive Forces Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry And E-Commerce Industry Cases At The Global Level
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2007 Cooperative Production and Efficiency
    by Carmen Beviá & Luis C. Corchón

  • 2007 Favoriser l’innovation radicale dans une entreprise multidivisionnelle. Extension du modèle ambidextre à partir de l’analyse d’un cas
    by Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini & Florence Charue-Dubosc & François Fourcade

  • 2007 Aprender significa perfeccionarse siguiendo un camino": el proceso de toma de decisiones estratégicas y el aprendizaje organizacional"
    by María Isabel Vélez Evans

  • 2007 Factores estratégicos de éxito de las empresas de inserción
    by José Luis Retolaza Ávalos & Maite Ruiz Roqueñi & Andrés Araujo de la Mata

  • 2006 Output and Productivity Performance of Hong Kong and Singapore’s Transport and Communications Sector, 1990 to 2005
    by Boon Lee & William Shepherd

  • 2006 Entrepreneurship and Economic Theory
    by Khalil, Elias

  • 2006 Microeconomics of Knowledge: African Case
    by Manuel, Eduardo

  • 2006 Productivity development and privatisation of the potable water and sewage sector in Chile
    by Månsson, Jonas & Salas, Osvaldo

  • 2006 Globální, americké, panevropské a národní rankingy ekonomických pracovišť / A Survey of Rankings of Economic Departments: Global, American, European and National [available in Czech only]
    by Martin Gregor

  • 2006 Efficiency Measurement and Regulation in U.S. Telecommunications: A Robustness Analysis
    by Marcelo Resende

  • 2006 Hodnocení ekonomických pracovišť a ekonomů: Koho, proč, čím a jak
    by Martin Gregor

  • 2006 Cluster de serviços: contribuições conceituais com base em evidências do pólo médico do Recife [Service clusters: conceptsbased on the Recife Medical hub]
    by Ana Cristina Fernandes & João Policarpo R. Lima

  • 2005 A Measure of Media Bias
    by Jeffrey Milyo & Tim Groseclose

  • 2005 Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing Industry: Trends and Consequences, 1972-96
    by Johannes Fedderke & Gabor Szalontai

  • 2005 Measurement and Explanation of the Intensity of Co-publication in Scientific Research: An Analysis at the Laboratory Level
    by Jacques Mairesse & Laure Turner

  • 2005 Evaluación y gestión eficiente en el sector público: aspectos organizativos e institucionales
    by Jorge Onrubia Fernández

  • 2005 Deslocalizaciones y empleo cooperativo. El caso de Fagor Electrodomésticos, S. Coop
    by Antton Mendizabal Etxabe & Agurtzane Beguiristain Zubillaga & Anjel Errasti Amozarrain

  • 2004 Does Work Time Flexibility Work? An Empirical Assessment of the Efficiency Effects for German Firms
    by Wolf, Elke & Beblo, Miriam

  • 2004 "Managing for Outcomes" in the New Zealand Public Management System
    by Anna-Luis Cook

  • 2004 On and off the beaten path: How individuals broker knowledge through formal and informal networks
    by Aalbers, R. & Dolfsma, W.A. & Koppius, O.R.

  • 2004 Satisfaction Attainment Theory as a Model for Value Creation
    by Briggs, R.O. & Qureshi, S. & Reinig, B.

  • 2004 IT and Beyond: The Contribution of Heterogenous Capital to Productivity
    by Daniel Wilson

  • 2004 Investment Behavior of U.S. Firms Over Heterogenous Capital Goods: A Snapshot
    by Daniel Wilson

  • 2004 Certification IS0 9000 et création de connaissances opérationnelles ou conceptuelles:une étude de cas
    by Gilles Lambert & Jocelyne Loos-Baroin

  • 2004 Directivos y gobierno de las cooperativas obreras de producción. Un estudio exploratorio sobre diez cooperativas francesas
    by Frédérique Bataille-Chedotel & France Huntzinger

  • 2004 Gobierno y democracia en los grupos empresariales cooperativos ante la globalización: el caso de Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa
    by Baleren Bakaikoa & Anjel Mari Errasti & Agurtzane Begiristain

  • 2004 Inflation, Shadow Prices and the EMU: Evidence From Greece
    by Efthymios G. Tsionas & Dimitris K. Christopoulos

  • 2003 Community Perceptions of Unmeasured Quality Improvement in Goods and Services
    by Ian Black

  • 2003 "De Mens is de Maat van Alle Dingen"; Over Mensgericht Ontwerpen van Producten en Processen
    by Dul, J.

  • 2003 An assessment system for rating scientific journals in the field of ergonomics and human factors
    by Dul, J. & Karwowski, W.

  • 2003 Increasing quasiconcave production and utility functions with diminishing returns to scale
    by Juan Enrique Mart?ez-Legaz & Alexander M. Rubinov & Siegfried Schaible

  • 2003 Vote Buying Through Resource Allocation in a Government Controlled Sector
    by Morten Bennedsen

  • 2003 Transformaciones en la agricultura colombiana entre 1990 y 2002
    by Álvaro Balcázar

  • 2003 Dos caras de la capacidad empresarial: una alternativa a la noción popular
    by Dieter Bögenhold

  • 2003 Impactos del comercio justo del vino. Tres casos de empresas colectivas de productores en Chile
    by Tonia Mori & Marie-Claire Malo

  • 2002 Information Structure and Behaviour of a Textile Industrial District
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2002 Recognizing Investment Opportunities at the Onset of Recoveries
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2002 The Investment Acceleration Principle Revisited by Means of a Neural Net
    by Guido Fioretti

  • 2002 On the Production of Victory: Empirical Determinants of Battlefield Success in Modern War
    by Rotte, Ralph & Schmidt, Christoph M.

  • 2002 On the Production of Victory: Empirical Determinants of Battlefield Success in Modern War
    by Rotte, Ralph & Schmidt, Christoph M.

  • 2002 Punctuality - A Cultural Trait as Equilibrium
    by Basu, Kaushik & Weibull, Jörgen W.

  • 2002 Optimal hedging strategies and interactions between firms
    by Loss, Frederic

  • 2002 Racionalidad y cooperación entre firmas. Examen del comportamiento habitual de las industrias griegas
    by Michel S. Zouboulakis & John Kamarianos

  • 2002 Theoretical consistency property applied to the micro-economic modelling with flexible functional forms
    by Dalibor Moravanský

  • 2002 Leasing: Mit kleinen Schritten aus der Talsohle
    by Joachim Gürtler & Arno Städtler

  • 2002 Talfahrt der Ausrüstungsinvestitionen gebremst - erste Lichtblicke im Geschäftsklima der Leasingbranche
    by Joachim Gürtler & Arno Städtler

  • 2001 Nuove tecnologie e cambiamenti organizzativi: alcune implicazioni per le imprese italiane
    by Sandro Trento & Massimo Warglien

  • 2001 Determining Depreciations As A Two-Stage Problem
    by Rüdiger Eichin & Christoph Schneeweiss

  • 2000 Leasing in Deutschland: Breitengeschäft wächst weiter - Großmobilien durch Steuerrechtsänderungen gebremst
    by Arno Städtler

  • 2000 Betriebliche Altersversorgung: Neue ifo Erhebung zeigt Stabilisierungstendenzen
    by Wolfgang Ruppert

  • 2000 The Research Output of Academic Economists in Brazil
    by Joao Ricardo Faria

  • 2000 Creative Work Systems in Destructive Markets
    by Sue Konzelmann & Robert Forrant

  • 1999 Risk Taking in Selection Contests
    by Hvide, H.K. & Kristiansen, E.G.

  • 1998 Understanding Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The Role of Positioning, Resources and Organisational Capabilities
    by David J. Collis

  • 1998 The Organisation of Multibusiness Corporations: Four Roles of the Corporate Office
    by David J. Collis

  • 1997 Lower and Upper Bounds in Fair Allocation Problems : A Reconsideration
    by Gaspart, F

  • 1997 Toward an Economic Theory of Leadership: Leading by Example
    by Benjamin E. Hermalin

  • 1997 Why Is the Productivity Analysis Misleading for Gauging State Enterprise Performance?
    by Chongen Bai & David D. Li & Yijiang Wang

  • 1996 Markets Can Solve the Hold-Up Problem
    by Gersbach, H. & Glazer, A.

  • 1996 The Elasticity of Substitution and the Limiting Behavior of Marginal Products
    by Petith, H.

  • 1996 Managerial Career Concerns, Privatization and Restructuring in Transition Economies
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, Khalid

  • 1993 Airline Strategies: An Empirical Analysis of Profitability and Market Share
    by Lawrence, Craig

  • 1992 Market Socialism and the Managerial Labour Market
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, Khalid

  • 1986 Long-Term Relationships Governed by Short-Term Contracts
    by Vincent P. Crawford

  • 1967 Optimierung des Reisendeneinsatzes mit Hilfe von ursprünglichen und abgeleiteten Merkmalen der Kunden mit besonderer Bedeutung für den Einsatz im Einzelhandel
    by Scholtz, Hellmut D.

  • Recognizing Investment Opportunities at the Onset of Recoveries
    by Guido Fioretti

  • Investigation Of Work Senses Effect Related To On-Thejob Training Workers On Productivity: An Application In Textile Sector In Kirikkale Province
    by Ali Sevinç & Tamer Eren

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