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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D0: General
/ / / D04: Microeconomic Policy: Formulation; Implementation; Evaluation
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 A policy response to a downside of the integration of economies: An impossibility theorem
    by Stark, Oded
  • 2014 Rates of return and early retirement disincentives: Evidence from a German pension reform
    by Lüthen, Holger
  • 2014 Financial work incentives for disability benefit recipients: Lessons from a randomized field experiment
    by Buetler, Monika & Lechner, Michael & Thiemann, Petra & Deuchert, Eva & Staubli, Stefan
  • 2014 Social service delivery and access to financial innovation. The impact of Oportunidades’ electronic payment system in Mexico
    by Masino, Serena & Niño-Zarazúa, Miguel
  • 2014 Don't Take ‘No’ For An Answer: An Experiment With Actual Organ Donor Registrations
    by Judd B. Kessler & Alvin E. Roth
  • 2014 Applying Insights from Behavioral Economics to Policy Design
    by Brigitte C. Madrian
  • 2014 Public Goods Provision in the Presence of Heterogeneous Green Preferences
    by Mark Jacobsen & Jacob LaRiviere & Michael Price
  • 2014 Weak Versus Strong Net Neutrality
    by Joshua S. Gans
  • 2014 When Consumers Do Not Make an Active Decision: Dynamic Default Rules and their Equilibrium Effects
    by Keith M. Marzilli Ericson
  • 2014 Information Disclosure through Agents: Evidence from a Field Experiment
    by Hunt Allcott & Richard Sweeney
  • 2014 Specialty drug prices and utilization after loss of U.S. patent exclusivity, 2001-2007
    by Rena M. Conti & Ernst R. Berndt
  • 2014 How Do Electricity Shortages Affect Productivity? Evidence from India
    by Hunt Allcott & Allan Collard-Wexler & Stephen D. O'Connell
  • 2014 Price and Income Elasticities in LAC Countries: The Importance of Domestic Production
    by Carla Canelas & François Gardes & Silvia Salazar
  • 2014 Ökonometrische Methoden zur Evaluierung kausaler Effekte der Wirtschaftspolitik
    by Kugler, Franziska & Schwerdt, Guido & Woessmann, Ludger
  • 2014 Unobservable, but Unimportant? The Influence of Personality Traits (and Other Usually Unobserved Variables) for the Evaluation of Labor Market Policies
    by Caliendo, Marco & Mahlstedt, Robert & Mitnik, Oscar A.
  • 2014 The Effect of Islamic Secondary School Attendance on Academic Achievement
    by Asadullah, Niaz
  • 2014 The Curse of Low Aspirations: Remedial Education and Perceived Returns to Education of Roma People
    by Marianna Battaglia & Lara Lebedinski
  • 2014 Property taxation, bounded rationality and housing prices
    by Elinder, Mikael & Persson, Lovisa
  • 2014 Property taxation, bounded rationality and housing prices
    by Elinder, Mikael & Persson, Lovisa
  • 2014 Distribution-Free Structural Estimation with Nonlinear Budget Sets
    by Liang, Che-Yuan
  • 2014 Property Taxation, Bounded Rationality and House Prices
    by Elinder, Mikael & Persson, Lovisa
  • 2014 Sign Me Up! A Model and Field Experiment on Volunteering
    by Erte Xiao & Daniel Houser
  • 2014 Rates of Return and Early Retirement Disincentives: Evidence from a German Pension Reform
    by Holger Lüthen
  • 2014 Conflictos asociados al uso del suelo: una aproximación al área de conservación óptima en el Páramo de Santurbán
    by Laura Calderón Etter
  • 2014 Ökonometrische Methoden zur Evaluierung kausaler Effekte der Wirtschaftspolitik
    by Franziska Kugler & Guido Schwerdt & Ludger Wößmann
  • 2014 The Effects of a Non-Contributory Pension Program on Labor Force Participation: The Case of 70 y Más in Mexico
    by Laura Juárez González & Tobias Pfutze
  • 2014 Tariff Policy Assessment: An application to the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and U.S
    by Gustavo Hernández
  • 2014 Die ökonomische Bewertung kleiner Reisezeiteinsparungen
    by Andy Obermeyer & Bernhard Wieland & Christos Evangelinos
  • 2014 Isletme Kuluckalarinda Firmalar Arasi Agbaglasma Faaliyetlerinin Yeni Kurulan Firmalarin Hayatta Kalabilirligi Uzerine Etkisi
    by Onur SUNGUR
  • 2014 Cash, food, or vouchers? Evidence from a randomized experiment in northern Ecuador
    by Hidrobo, Melissa & Hoddinott, John & Peterman, Amber & Margolies, Amy & Moreira, Vanessa
  • 2014 Keeping It Simple: Financial Literacy and Rules of Thumb
    by Alejandro Drexler & Greg Fischer & Antoinette Schoar
  • 2013 Institutional Determinants of Student Achievement - Microeconometric Evidence
    by Susanne Link
  • 2013 Economic Incentives and Social Preferences: Substitutes or Complements?
    by S. Bowles & S. Polania-Reyes.
  • 2013 Economic Incentives and Social Preferences: Substitutes or Complements?
    by S. Bowles & S. Polania-Reyes.
  • 2013 Efectos de la reducción de tarifas de terminación móvil en el bienestar en el mercado de las telecomunicaciones de México
    by Harbord, David & Hoernig, Steffen
  • 2013 Evaluación de las políticas de telecomunicaciones en México
    by Noll, Roger G.
  • 2013 La propuesta de la OCDE de cartelizar las telecomunicaciones en México
    by Sidak, J. Gregory
  • 2013 Comentarios al estudio de la OCDE y al artículo de Hausman y Ros de la falta de competitividad en el sector de telecomunicaciones en México
    by Samano, Mario
  • 2013 Corrección de la evaluación errónea de la OCDE acerca de la competencia en el sector de las telecomunicaciones en México
    by Hausman, Jerry A. & J. Ros, Agustín
  • 2013 Reducing binge drinking? The effect of a ban on late-night off-premise alcohol sales on alcohol-related hospital stays in Germany
    by Marcus, Jan & Siedler, Thomas
  • 2013 Wirtschaftsförderung, Produktivität und betriebliche Arbeitsnachfrage - Eine Kausalanalyse mit Betriebspaneldaten -
    by Kölling, Arnd
  • 2013 Stressful integration
    by Stark, Oded
  • 2013 Urban Public Transportation and Firm Location Choice Evidence from the Regional Express Rail of Paris Metropolitan area
    by Corentin Trevien & Thierry Mayer
  • 2013 simSALUD ? a Web-based Spatial Microsimulation Application to Support Regional Health Planning in Austria
    by Melanie Tomintz & Bernhard Kosar & Victor Garcia-Barrios
  • 2013 Sustainable Decision-Making: Non-Monetary Incentives for Pro-Social Behavior in the Energy Sector
    by Stephanie Rosenkranz & Katrin Muehlfeld & Gerwin van der Laan & Utz Weitzel & Jeroen van der Donk & Helia Ivanova & Erik-Jan van Kesteren & Milou Ottink & Heleen van der Spek
  • 2013 An ABM for Economics: Micro Explains Macro
    by Luca Barone
  • 2013 Does it Pay Off to Incentivize Universities? – Performance Funding in the German Higher Education System Abstract: This paper analyzes the effect of the introduction of performance-related funding in the German university sector. Starting in the 1990‘s, the federal states of Germany introduced incentive-based funding systems in order to increase universities‘ performance and efficiency. We estimate the eff ects of this reform on four common outcome indicators of the funding models: The number of students and graduates, which are supposed to measure teaching performance, and the number of PhD graduates and the amount of third-party funds, which quantify research output. Using a difference-in-differences estimator, our results suggest that for increasing the outcomes in teaching, a weak incentive is sucient while the research outputs are only aected if the incentive is strong enough. We further identify different responses by university types, which shows that the results are mainly driven by technical colleges. According to our findings, it is crucial to design the funding models carefully to provide the “right” incentives and hence to achieve the underlying goal of the reform
    by Claudia Burgard & Barbara S. Grave
  • 2013 The Effect of Tuition Fees on Student Enrollment and Location Choice – Interregional Migration, Border Effects and Gender Differences
    by Björn Alecke & Claudia Burgard & Timo Mitze
  • 2013 İşletme Kuluçkaları ve Bölgesel Kalkınma: Kavramsal Çerçeve ve Literatür Bulguları
    by Sungur, Onur & Dulupçu, Murat Ali
  • 2013 Estimating the Distortionary Effects of Ethnic Quotas in Singapore Using Housing Transactions
    by Wong, Maisy
  • 2013 Access to finance of independent SMEs in Luxembourg. The consequences of the crisis
    by Allegrezza, Serge & Ben Aoun-Peltier, Leila & Dubrocard, Anne & Larue, Solène
  • 2013 Natural implementation with partially honest agents in economic environments
    by Lombardi, Michele & Yoshihara, Naoki
  • 2013 Pensionamento flessibile e (ri)equilibrio tra generazioni
    by Salerno, Nicola Carmine
  • 2013 Una propuesta metodológica de discriminación de segundo grado: el caso de tarifas multiclase para el registro marcario en Colombia durante el año 2012
    by Cantor Vargas, Natalia & Herrera Saavedra, Juan Pablo & Campo Robledo, Jacobo & Lis-Gutiérrez, Jenny-Paola
  • 2013 The Impact of College Admissions Policies on The Performance of High School Students
    by Nicolas Grau
  • 2013 Envirodevonomics: A Research Agenda for a Young Field
    by Michael Greenstone & B. Kelsey Jack
  • 2013 The Articulation Effect of Government Policy: Health Insurance Mandates Versus Taxes
    by Keith Marzilli Ericson & Judd B. Kessler
  • 2013 Mismatch, Sorting and Wage Dynamics
    by Jeremy Lise & Costas Meghir & Jean-Marc Robin
  • 2013 A Microsimulation on Tax Reforms in LAC Countries: A New Approach Based on Full Expenditures
    by Carla Canelas & François Gardes & Silvia Salazar
  • 2013 The Promise of Transferable Fishing Concessions on EU Fisheries
    by Zafer Kanik & Serkan Kucuksenel
  • 2013 Search, matching, and self-organization of a marketplace
    by Ding, Ke & Gokan, Toshitaka & Zhu, Xiwei
  • 2013 Do SBA Loans Create Jobs?
    by Brown, J. David & Earle, John S.
  • 2013 Impact Evaluation of Innovation and Linkage Development Programs in Costa Rica: The Cases of PROPYME and CR Provee
    by Ricardo Monge-Gonzalez & Juan Antonio Rodriguez-Alvarez
  • 2013 The Pharmacological Channel Revisited: Alcohol Sales Restrictions and Crime in Bogota
    by Joao De Mello & Daniel Mejia Londono & Lucia Suarez
  • 2013 Does Coordination of Welfare Services' Delivery Make a Difference for Extremely Disadvantaged Jobseekers? Evidence from the 'YP4' Trial
    by Jeff Borland & Yi-Ping Tseng & Roger Wilkins
  • 2013 Reference Dependent Preferences and the EPK Puzzle
    by Maria Grith & Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Volker Krätschmer &
  • 2013 Job practice: an evaluation and a comparison with vocational labour market training programmes
    by Forslund, Anders & Liljeberg, Linus & von Trott zu Solz, Leah
  • 2013 Clusters and the New Growth Path for Europe
    by Christian Ketels & Sergiy Protsiv
  • 2013 Robust Multidimensional Welfare Comparisons: One Vector of Weights, One Vote
    by Stergios Athanassoglou
  • 2013 The (lack of) impact of impact: Why impact evaluations seldom lead to evidence-based policymaking
    by Jean-Louis ARCAND
  • 2013 L’(absence d’) impact de l’impact : pourquoi les évaluations d’impact conduisent rarement à une prise de décision politique fondée sur les faits
    by Jean-Louis ARCAND
  • 2013 An Experimental Approach to Industrial Policy Evaluation: The case of Creative Credits
    by Hasan Bakhshi & John Edwards & Stephen Roper & Judy Scully & Duncan Shaw & Lorraine Morley & Nicola Rathbone
  • 2013 Competing for Consumer Inattention
    by Geoffroy de Clippel & Kfir Elias & Kareen Rozen
  • 2013 Una propuesta metodológica de discriminación de segundo grado: el caso de tarifas multiclase para el registro marcario en Colombia durante el año 2012
    by Juan Pablo Herrera Saavedra & Jacobo Campo Robledo & Natalia Cantor Vargas & Jenny-Paola Lis-Gutiérrez
  • 2013 Una reseña de los efectos del Tratado de Libre Comercio entre Colombia y Estados Unidos
    by Gustavo HERNÁNDEZ
  • 2013 The Pharmacological Channel Revisited: Alcohol Sales Restrictions and Crime in Bogotá
    by Joao De Mello & Daniel Mejía & Lucía Suárez
  • 2013 Context Matters for Size: Why External Validity Claims and Development Practice Don't Mix-Working Paper 336
    by Lant Pritchett, Justin Sandefur
  • 2013 Public Child Care and Mothers' Labor Supply - Evidence from Two Quasi-Experiments
    by Stefan Bauernschuster & Martin Schlotter
  • 2013 Downtown Curbside Parking Capacity
    by Richard J. Arnott & Eren Inci & John Rowse
  • 2013 The effects of smoking bans on self-assessed health: evidence from Germany
    by Daniel Kuehnle & Christoph Wunder
  • 2013 On the Problem of Measuring Happiness
    by Sabine Hossenfelder
  • 2013 Equilibrium-Oriented Housing Supply: A Case Study of Chengdu City, China
    by Ge He
  • 2013 Estimating the Benefits of Targeted R&D Subsidies
    by Tuomas Takalo & Tanja Tanayama & Otto Toivanen
  • 2013 Economy and Transparency: The Model Invention
    by Mahmud Hassan TALUKDAR
  • 2013 'A brave new (digital) world'? Effects of In-house Social Media on HRM
    by Hauptmann, Stefan & Steger, Thomas
  • 2013 The Balance between Flexibility and Security in the Labor Market in Romania
    by Avram Costin Daniel
  • 2013 On Control of the Ownership Structure
    by Polterovich, V.
  • 2013 Privatize or Not? Escaping Budget Temptation and Nirvana Fallacy
    by Afontsev, S.
  • 2013 An Old Measure of Decision-Making Quality Sheds New Light on Paternalism
    by Shachar Kariv & Dan Silverman
  • 2013 La cassa depositi e prestiti: il ritorno dello stato-guida (e oltre) in politica industriale
    by Augusto Ninni
  • 2013 Evolutionary implementation of optimal city size distributions
    by Fujishima, Shota
  • 2013 Market failures and the additionality effects of public support to private R&D: Theory and empirical implications
    by Takalo, Tuomas & Tanayama, Tanja & Toivanen, Otto
  • 2013 Paying for the smart grid
    by De Castro, Luciano & Dutra, Joisa
  • 2013 Stressful Integration
    by Stark, Oded
  • 2013 Public smoking bans and self-assessed health: Evidence from Great Britain
    by Wildman, John & Hollingsworth, Bruce
  • 2013 State regulation of the markets. The conditions and effects of cigarette market regulation in Poland
    by Bozena Borkowska
  • 2013 Efectos de la reforma estructural arancelaria en la protección efectiva arancelaria de la economía colombiana
    by Mauricio Torres & Germán Romero
  • 2013 The Analysis Of Global Competitiveness During 2011 - 2013
    by Cristina BÂLDAN & Radu VASILICĂ
  • 2013 The Credit Relationship Between Banks And Companies And Its Effects On The Real Economy
    by Constantin-Bogdan, VORONEANU
  • 2013 The New Economics of Equilibrium Sorting and Policy Evaluation Using Housing Markets
    by Nicolai V. Kuminoff & V. Kerry Smith & Christopher Timmins
  • 2013 Private Information and the Allocation of Land Use Subsidies in Malawi
    by B. Kelsey Jack
  • 2012 Minimum wages and competition: The case of the German roofing sector
    by Kraft, Kornelius & Rammer,Christian & Gottschalk, Sandra
  • 2012 Policy responses to a dark side of the integration of regions
    by Stark, Oded
  • 2012 Integration, social distress, and policy formation
    by Stark, Oded
  • 2012 (De)Regulation and Market Thickness
    by Jean Guillaume Forand & Vikram Maheshri
  • 2012 Borrower Targeting under Micro-finance Competition with Motivated MFIs
    by Brishti Guha & Prabal Roy Chowdhury
  • 2012 Twenty Five Methodological Issues in Memory of Mark Blaug
    by Richard G. Lipsey
  • 2012 Bertrand Delegation Games With Implementability In Weakly Undominated SPNE
    by Junnosuke Shino
  • 2012 2x2 Delegation Games With Implementability In Weakly Undominated SPNE
    by Junnosuke Shino
  • 2012 Unabhängigkeit von Institutionen – Gründe bzw. Ursachen und Kriterien zur Beurteilung der Unabhängigkeit von öffentlichen Institutionen im demokratischen Rechtsstaat
    by Andrae, Jannis
  • 2012 Zum zeitlichen Umfang ehrenamtlichen Engagements in Sportvereinen – sozioökonomische Modellbildung und empirische Prüfung
    by Flatau, Jens & Emrich, Eike & Pierdzioch, Christian
  • 2012 Carbon Markets: Past, Present, and Future
    by Newell, Richard G. & Pizer, William A. & Raimi, Daniel
  • 2012 Türkiye’de İş Geliştirme Merkezlerinde (İŞGEM) Yer Alan Kiracı Firmaların Hayatta Kalma Performansı
    by Sungur, Onur & Dulupçu, Murat Ali
  • 2012 Repere ale raţionalităţii limitate în ştiinţa economică
    by Constantinescu, Radu
  • 2012 The Economics of Child Well-Being
    by Gabriella Conti & James J. Heckman
  • 2012 Estimating Person-Centered Treatment (PeT) Effects Using Instrumental Variables
    by Anirban Basu
  • 2012 Defaults and Attention: The Drop Out Effect
    by Andrew Caplin & Daniel J. Martin
  • 2012 Energy Policy with Externalities and Internalities
    by Hunt Allcott & Sendhil Mullainathan & Dmitry Taubinsky
  • 2012 Behind the GATE Experiment: Evidence on Effects of and Rationales for Subsidized Entrepreneurship Training
    by Robert W. Fairlie & Dean Karlan & Jonathan Zinman
  • 2012 Spouses' Retirement and Hours of Work Outcomes: Evidence from Twofold Regression Discontinuity
    by Elena Stancanelli
  • 2012 The One who Gives Too Early, Gives Twice: Cooperation, Blood Feuds and Third-Party Institutions
    by Elias L. Khalil
  • 2012 The role of the interchange fee in card payment systems
    by Éva Keszy-Harmath & Gergely Kóczán & Surd Kováts & Boris Martinovic & Kristóf Takács
  • 2012 Impact of Private Incidence of Corruption and Firm Ownership on Performance of Firms in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Sandra Blagojevic & Jože P.Damijan
  • 2012 Going to School in Purdah: Female Schooling, Mobility Norms and Madrasas in Bangladesh
    by Asadullah, Niaz & Wahhaj, Zaki
  • 2012 The Economics of Child Well-Being
    by Conti, Gabriella & Heckman, James J.
  • 2012 What Determines Religious School Choice? Theory and Evidence from Rural Bangladesh
    by Asadullah, Niaz & Chakrabarti, Rupa & Chaudhury, Nazmul
  • 2012 Spouses' Retirement and Hours Outcomes: Evidence from Twofold Regression Discontinuity with Differences-in-Differences
    by Stancanelli, Elena G. F.
  • 2012 Markets for non Genetically Modified Identity Preserved crops and derived products
    by Pascal Tillie & Mauro Vigani & Koen Dillen & Emilio Rodríguez Cerezo
  • 2012 Mechanism design with two alternatives in Quasi-linear environment
    by Thierry Marchant & Debasis Mishra
  • 2012 The Effect of the Abolition of User Charges on the Demand for Ambulatory Doctor Visits
    by Pavlina Zilova & Jana Votapkova
  • 2012 The economic impact of the Services Directive: A first assessment following implementation
    by Josefa Monteagudo & Aleksander Rutkowski & Dimitri Lorenzani
  • 2012 Capital social y políticas públicas: análisis del efecto del programa de coinversión social sobre las organizaciones de la sociedad civil
    by Patricia López Rodríguez & Isidro Soloaga & Rodolfo de la Torre García
  • 2012 Behind the GATE Experiment: Evidence on Effects of and Rationales for Subsidized Entrepreneurship Training
    by Karlan, Dean
  • 2012 A continuous treatment model for estimating a Dose Response Function under endogeneity and heterogeneous response to observable confounders: Description and implementation via the Stata module “ctreatreg”
    by Giovanni Cerulli
  • 2012 Ivtreatreg: a new STATA routine for estimating binary treatment models with heterogeneous response to treatment under observable and unobservable selection
    by Giovanni Cerulli
  • 2012 Adolescent Fertility in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Effects and Solutions - Working Paper 295
    by Amanda Glassman, Kate McQueston, and Rachel Silverman
  • 2012 Self-Disconnection Among Pre-Payment Customers - A Behavioural Analysis
    by Brutscher, P.
  • 2012 Making Sense of Oil Stamp Saving Schemes
    by Brutscher, P-B.
  • 2012 The Impact of VAT Changes on the Households´ Real Incomes
    by Libor Dušek & Petr Janský
  • 2012 Influence of Labor Flexicurity on Organizational Performance in Mehedinþi County
    by Avram Costin Daniel*
  • 2012 Small Business Management Strategies
    by Ion-Bocãnete Oana
  • 2012 Lifelong Learning Programme as a Mechanism of Change at the National Level: The Case of Slovenia
    by Klemen Sirok & Katarina Kosmrlj
  • 2012 Artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Burkina Faso: Suggestion of multi-agent methodology as a complementary support in elaborating a policy
    by Andriamasinoro, Fenintsoa & Angel, Jean-Michel
  • 2012 Incentives and timing in relative performance judgments: A field experiment
    by Krawczyk, Michał
  • 2012 Does health insurance coverage lead to better health and educational outcomes? Evidence from rural China
    by Chen, Yuyu & Jin, Ginger Zhe
  • 2012 Prizes and patents: Using market signals to provide incentives for innovations
    by Chari, V.V. & Golosov, Mikhail & Tsyvinski, Aleh
  • 2012 Introduction to general equilibrium
    by Balasko, Yves & Geanakoplos, John
  • 2012 How to fit demand side management (DSM) into current Chinese electricity system reform?
    by Yu, Yongzhen
  • 2012 Integration, social distress, and policy formation
    by Stark, Oded
  • 2012 Evaluar para mejorar: el caso del programa Hogares Comunitarios de Bienestar del ICBF
    by José Luis González & Iván Mauricio Durán
  • 2012 Corporate strategies and Competitiveness of Bulgarian Companies
    by Nadejda Ivanova
  • 2012 A Reduced-Form Approach to Behavioral Public Finance
    by Sendhil Mullainathan & Joshua Schwartzstein & William J. Congdon
  • 2012 Economic Incentives and Social Preferences: Substitutes or Complements?
    by Samuel Bowles & Sandra Polania-Reyes
  • 2011 Allocating Cash Savings and the Role of Information: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Uganda
    by Buehren, Niklas
  • 2011 Promoting Domestic Reforms through Regionalism
    by Dee, Philippa & McNaughton, Anne
  • 2011 Conditional Cash Transfers and Payments for Environmental Services: A Conceptual Framework for Explaining and Judging Differences in Outcomes
    by Persson, U. Martin & Alpizar, Francisco
  • 2011 Why, for a Class of Bribes, the Act of Giving a Bribe should be Treated as Legal
    by Basu, Kaushik
  • 2011 Networking Activities and Growth of Newly Founded Firms under Incubation
    by Demirgil, Hakan & Karaoz, Murat & Baptista, Rui & Sungur, Onur
  • 2011 How to Move Product Market Regulation in New Zealand Back Towards the Frontier
    by Paul Conway
  • 2011 When Should Sellers Use Auctions?
    by James W. Roberts & Andrew Sweeting
  • 2011 Cash Incentives and Unhealthy Food Consumption
    by Javier Rivas & Miguel Flores
  • 2011 The Evils of Forced Migration: Do Integration Policies Alleviate Migrants' Economic Situations?
    by Falck, Oliver & Heblich, Stephan & Link, Susanne
  • 2011 The Evils of Forced Migration: Do Integration Policies Alleviate Migrants' Economic Situations?
    by Falck, Oliver & Heblich, Stephan & Link, Susanne
  • 2011 Aid in times of terror
    by Prabal Roy Chowdhury & Jaideep Roy
  • 2011 Impact of the Chilean Supplier Development Program on the performance of SME and their large firm customers
    by Irani Arráiz & Francisca Henríquez & Rodolfo Stucchi
  • 2011 Newspaper Differentiation and Investments in Journalism: The Role of Tax Policy
    by Kind, Hans Jarle & Schjelderup, Guttorm & Stähler, Frank
  • 2011 Pricing and Efficiency in the Market for IP Addresses
    by Benjamin Edelman & Michael Schwarz
  • 2011 Promoting Domestic Reforms Through Regionalism
    by Philippa Dee
  • 2011 Promoting Domestic Reforms through Regionalism
    by Philippa Dee & Anne McNaughton
  • 2011 How to select Instruments supporting R&D and Innovation by Industry
    by Marcel J.L. de Heide & Amit Kothiyal
  • 2011 Efectos de la reforma estructural arancelaria en la protección efectiva arancelaria de la economía colombiana
    by Mauricio Torres & Germán Romero
  • 2011 Payment Matters? - An Exploratory Study into the Pre-Payment Electricity Metering
    by Brutscher, P.
  • 2011 Liquidity Constraints and High Electricity Use
    by Brutscher, P.
  • 2011 Otra ciudad detrás de la ladera: Estudio sobre un programa socioeconómico de la fundación Carvajal en Cali
    by Luis Fernando Barón Porras & Lady Maritza Otálora Sevilla & Luis Alfredo Loaiza Quintero
  • 2011 La indexación de los saldos hipotecarios y la crisis colombiana de final de siglo XX
    by Juan Esteban Carranza
  • 2011 Mechanism Experiments and Policy Evaluations
    by Jens Ludwig & Jeffrey R. Kling & Sendhil Mullainathan
  • 2011 Transfer Program Complexity and the Take-Up of Social Benefits
    by Henrik Jacobsen Kleven & Wojciech Kopczuk
  • 2011-2012 Micro-prudentiality and financial stability
    by Cristian Ionescu
  • 2010 Combining Minimum Wage and Earned Income Tax Credit Policies to Guarantee a Decent Living Standard to All U.S. Workers
    by Jeannette Wicks-Lim & Jeffrey Thompson
  • 2010 Splitting Tournaments
    by Leuven, Edwin & Oosterbeek, Hessel & van der Klaauw, Bas
  • 2010 Splitting Tournaments
    by Leuven, Edwin & Oosterbeek, Hessel & van der Klaauw, Bas
  • 2010 Russian Industry in 2008-2009: History of the Crisis According to Industrial Surveys
    by Sergey Tsukhlo
  • 2009 Competitividad y especialización de la economía de Guanajuato: Un acercamiento municipal, 1993-2003
    by Kurt Unger
  • 2008 Quasi-Rents and Pricing Gas in Mexico
    by Juan Rosellon & Dagobert L. Brito
  • 2006 The Institutional Foundations of Public Policy
    by Mariano Tommasi
  • 2005 Coordination Failure, Clusters, and Microeconomic Interventions
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Clare
  • 2005 Self-Discovery in a Development Strategy for El Salvador
    by Ricardo Hausmann & Dani Rodrik
  • 2003 The Distributive Impact of Privatization in Latin America: Evidence from Four Countries
    by David McKenzie & Dilip Mookherjee
  • 2003 Meeting the Millennium Development Goals in Brazil: Can Microeconomic Simulations Help?
    by Francisco H. G. Ferreira & Phillippe G. Leite
  • 1984 Effects of Tax Reform on the Demand for Owner-Occupied Housing: A Micro Simulation Approach
    by Brownstone, David & Englund, Peter & Persson, Mats
  • Downtown Curbside Parking Capacity
    by Richard Arnott & Eren Inci & John Rowse