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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K4: Legal Procedure, the Legal System, and Illegal Behavior
/ / / K49: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Socio-economics of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Spillovers, Persistence and Learning: Institutions and the Dynamics of Cooperation
    by Galbiati, Roberto & Henry, Emeric & Jacquemet, Nicolas

  • 2017 An empirical analysis of organized crime, corruption and economic growth
    by Kyriakos C. Neanidis & Maria Paola Rana & Keith Blackburn

  • 2017 „Floarea De Foc” („Fire Flower”) - Sandu Tudor'S Newspaper”
    by Carmen CIORNEA

  • 2017 From Ymca To The Ascr. A History Of Christian Student Association In The First Decade Interwar
    by Carmen CIORNEA

  • 2017 The EU Blue Card – Time to Reform?
    by Yvonne Giesing & Nadzeya Laurentsyeva

  • 2017 US Interstate Underground Trade Flow: A Gravity Model Approach
    by Wiseman Travis & Walker Paul

  • 2016 Global Commercial Law between Unity, Pluralism, and Competition: The Case of the CISG
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Insa Buchmann

  • 2016 Does Longer Incarceration Deter or Incapacitate Crimes? New Evidence from Truth-in-Sentencing Reform
    by Wei Long

  • 2016 An Axiomatic Analysis of Joint Liability Problems with Rooted -Tree Structure
    by Takayuki Oishi & Gerard van der Laan & René van den Brink

  • 2016 Electronic monitoring and recidivism. Quasi-experimental evidence from Norway
    by Synøve N. Andersen & Kjetil Telle

  • 2016 Introdução à “Deep Web” [Introduction to "Deep Web"]
    by David Duarte & Tiago Mealha

  • 2016 The Role of Lawyers in Social Changes in Developing Countries: Evidence from Russia
    by Andrei Yakovlev & Anton Kazun & Daniil Sitkevich

  • 2016 Personal Insolvency Dynamics in Germany and the UK -- A SUR-TAR Approach
    by Nadja König

  • 2016 Expert opinion in a tort litigation game
    by Yves Oytana & Nathalie Chappe

  • 2016 Expert opinion in a tort litigation game
    by Yves Oytana & Nathalie Chappe

  • 2016 The Duration of Judicial Deliberation: Evidence from Belgium
    by Samantha Bielen & Wim Marneffe & Peter Grajzl & Valentina Dimitrova-Grajzl

  • 2016 The Effect of Private Sector Work Opportunities in Prison on Labor Market Outcomes of the Formerly Incarcerated
    by Robynn Cox

  • 2016 Short Overview Of International Arbitration Ruling In Romania From The Perspective Of The Rules Of Newly Established Arbitration Forums
    by Beatrice Onica-Jarka & Tudor Contas

  • 2016 The two sides of Magna Carta: How good government sometimes wins out over public choice
    by Epstein, Richard A.

  • 2016 Sandu Tudor, The Mentor And The Catalyst Of Spiritual Movement From Antim. The Evolution Of Association „Burning Altar”
    by Carmen CIORNEA

  • 2015 Zur Vereinbarkeit des OMT-Programms mit dem Unionsrecht – Vorlagebeschluss des BVerfG und Vorabentscheidung des EuGH in der Rechtssache C-62/14 (Gauweiler u.a.)
    by Hesel, Gerd

  • 2015 Lex Maritima: Vanishing Commercial Trial – Fading Domestic Law?
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Annika Klopp

  • 2015 Lex mercatoria
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess

  • 2015 Eine explorative Analyse der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Veterinärämtern und Staatsanwaltschaften bei Verstößen gegen das Tierschutzgesetz
    by Bergschmidt, Angela

  • 2015 Commuting Time and Urban Violence in Brazil
    by Raul Silveira Neto & Klebson Moura

  • 2015 Judicial Independence, Judges’ Incentives and Efficiency
    by Melcarne, Alessandro & Ramello, Giovanni B.

  • 2015 Crime and the transition to teenage parenthood
    by Carine Øien-Ødegaard & Torbjørn Skardhamar

  • 2015 Corruption and the Shadow Economy at the Regional Level
    by Gillanders, Robert & Parviainen, Sinikka

  • 2015 Obvezno pravni odnos stjecanja bez osnove
    by Jelena Uzelac

  • 2015 The Politics of Selecting the Bench from the Bar: The Legal Profession and Partisan Incentives to Politicize the Judiciary
    by Bonica, Adam & Sen, Maya

  • 2015 How Uncertainty about Judicial Nominees Can Distort the Confirmation Process
    by Sen, Maya & Spaniel, William

  • 2015 Litigation and the Timing of Settlement: Evidence from Commercial Disputes
    by Peter Grajzl & Katarina Zajc

  • 2015 Exposure to media and corruption perceptions
    by Lucia Rizzica & Marco Tonello

  • 2015 Arbitral Tribunal Power to Disqualify Unethical Counsel
    by Cristina FLORESCU

  • 2015 Responasbility Of Arbitrators
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2015 The Statement Of Defence And The Counterclaim In The Arbitration Process
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2015 Considerations On The Legal Framework Of Arbitration. National And International Regulations
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2015 Infringement Proceedings – Romanian Setting And European Trends
    by Daniel-Mihail SANDRU

  • 2015 Annulment Of The Arbitration Award
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2015 Collective Claims: Ex Ante Analysis of Their Filing in Bulgaria
    by Tatiana Markova

  • 2015 Arbitral Tribunal Power to Disqualify Unethical Counsel
    by Cristina FLORESCU

  • 2015 Obveznopravni odnos stjecanja bez osnove
    by Jelena Uzelac

  • 2015 Los derechos económicos en una sociedad decente y en teorías de la justicia
    by María del Rosario Guerra González

  • 2014 The good, the bad and the ugly: The socio-economic impact of drug cartels and their violence in Mexico
    by Roxana Gutierrez-Romero & Monica Oviedo Leon

  • 2014 Estimating the impact of Mexican drug cartels on crime
    by Roxana Gutierrez-Romero & Alessandra Conte

  • 2014 Are the conditions of statehood sufficient? An argument in favour of popular sovereignty as an additional requirement for statehood, on the grounds of justice as a moral foundation of international law
    by Christoforos Ioannidis

  • 2014 Albanian Customary Law In Relation With Blood Feud, Impact Of Canon And Law In Its Prevention

  • 2014 Are the conditions of statehood sufficient? An argument in favour of popular sovereignty as an additional requirement for statehood, on the grounds of justice as a moral foundation of international law
    by Christoforos Ioannidis

  • 2014 The right of foreigners to purchase agricultural lands in Romania. Cross-border conflict mediation
    by Niculae, Alecu Ioan & Ciocan, Felix Dimitrie & Badea, Adriana & Gyongy, Gabriela

  • 2014 Characteristics of Bitcoin Users: An Analysis of Google Search Data
    by Wilson, Matthew & Yelowitz, Aaron

  • 2014 Constitutional Rights and Education: An International Comparative Study
    by Sebastian Edwards & Alvaro Garcia Marin

  • 2014 Lead Exposure and Behavior: Effects on Antisocial and Risky Behavior among Children and Adolescents
    by Jessica Wolpaw Reyes

  • 2014 Privacy Concern in Western Balkan Countries: Developing a Typology of Citizens
    by Jelena Budak & Edo Rajh & Ivan-Damir Anic

  • 2014 Who Demands Collective Action In An Imperfect Institutional Environment? A Case-Study Of The Professional Community Of Attorneys In Russia
    by Anton P. Kazun & Andrei A. Yakovlev

  • 2014 Paramilitarismo en la ciudad de Barranquilla. Crimen organizado y mercados de violencia
    by Luis Fernando Trejos Rosero & Aura Violeta Posada Ramírez

  • 2014 Migrants Coping with Legality: The Views and Experiences of Older Peruvians and Moroccans
    by Escrivá, Angeles

  • 2014 Considerations On Probation In International Commercial Arbitration
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2014 Considerations On The Cost Of Arbitration
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2014 The Evolution of Legislative Framework with Impact on Raising the “Fiscal Union”
    by Alina Georgiana Solomon

  • 2014 Institutions, Policy and Banking Sector Development: A Reassessment
    by Ioannis FILIPPIDIS & Constantinos KATRAKILIDIS

  • 2014 The externalities of crime: The effect of criminal involvement of parents on the educational attainment of their children
    by Rud, Iryna & Van Klaveren, Chris & Groot, Wim & Maassen van den Brink, Henriëtte

  • 2014 The meaning of a trainers profession deregulation in nowadays sport
    by Krzysztof Augustyn & Mateusz Zubik & Pawel Bieniek

  • 2013 Litigation as a Measure of Well-Being
    by Eisenberg, Theodore & Kalantry, Sital & Robinson, Nick

  • 2013 Determinants of Spain's decision to leave the European Monetary Union
    by Antonio Estella

  • 2013 Le comportement du musulman en matière de crédit à intérêt face à la contrainte religieuse
    by Kchirid, Mustapha & Tarbalouti, Essaid & Elgraa, Mohamed

  • 2013 Cost implications of treatment non-completion in a forensic personality disorder service
    by Sampson, Christopher & James, Marilyn & Huband, Nick & Geelan, Steve & McMurran, Mary

  • 2013 Understanding Terrorism from an Economic perspective
    by Haldar, Tanushree

  • 2013 The Internet and Hate Crime: Offline Spillovers from Online Access
    by Jason Chan & Anindya Ghose & Robert Seamans

  • 2013 International Human Trafficking: Measuring clandestinity by the structural equation approach
    by Friedrich Schneider & Alexandra Rudolph

  • 2013 International Human Trafficking: Measuring Clandestinity by the Structural Equation Approach
    by Rudolph, Alexandra & Schneider, Friedrich

  • 2013 The Effect of International Trade on Rule of Law
    by Yang, Junsok

  • 2013 El juez constitucional: un actor de las políticas públicas
    by Juan Carlos Henao Pérez

  • 2013 Discussions On The Legal Nature Of Civil Enforcement And Bailiff'S Institution
    by Eugen HURUBÃ

  • 2013 Categories Of Arbitration Awards
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2013 The Arbitral Convention. Some Frameworks Of Analysis
    by Florea MÃGUREANU & Beatrice BERNA

  • 2013 Financial Development, Institutions And Economic Policy - Panel Data Evidence
    by Filippidis Ioannis & & &

  • 2013 Management of Company Innovations as Intellectual Property According to the Bulgarian Legislation system
    by Maria Markova

  • 2013 Specificity of control: The case of Mexico's ejido reform
    by Castañeda Dower, Paul & Pfutze, Tobias

  • 2013 A Research On Employees’ Perception Of Organizational Justice And Their Propensity To Leave: Case Study Of 4 And 5 Star Hotels In The Province Of Antalya
    by Assoc.Prof. Sule AYDIN TÜKELTÜRK Ph.D & Assist. Prof. Fehmi Volkan AKYÖN

  • 2012 The Creation of Transnational Law - Participatory Legitimacy of Privately Created Norms
    by Andreas Maurer

  • 2012 Crime and the transition to marriage. The roles of gender and partner's criminal involvement
    by Christian Weisæth Monsbakken & Torkild Hovde Lyngstad & Torbjørn Skardhamar

  • 2012 Crime and the transition to parenthood. The role of sex and relationship context
    by Christian Weisæth Monsbakken & Torbjørn Skardhamar & Torkild Hovde Lyngstad

  • 2012 How rules and procedures for reviewing patent applications and those for enforcing patents can hamper patent quality and innovation in China
    by Prud'homme, Dan

  • 2012 Notional contracts: The Moral economy of contract farming arrangements in India
    by Sudha Narayanan

  • 2012 Public Attitudes towards Surveillance and Privacy in Western Balkans: The Case of Serbia
    by Jelena Budak & Ivan-Damir Anic & Edo Rajh

  • 2012 ¿Son más corruptos los países menos abiertos a los mercados internacionales? Aplicación de un modelo predictivo de clasificación basado en Redes Neuro
    by Cristian Picón

  • 2012 Specificity of Control: The Case of Mexico's Ejido Reform
    by Paul Castãneda Dower & Tobias Pfutze

  • 2012 The Persons That Can Be Arbitrators In National And International Arbitration
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2012 The Prevention Of Human Trafficking By Geographic Information Systems Technology
    by Ramona NEAG & Veronica DEAC

  • 2012 Le Systeme De L’Organisation De La Mediation Penale En Hongrie
    by Andrea Noémi TÓTH

  • 2012 A Cultural Perspective: Suggestion For A Documentary Film.Bucharest Streets Named After Lawyers

  • 2012 Ethics Issues In The Management Of The Projects
    by Oriana Negulescu & Elena Doval

  • 2012 Institutions, governance and technology catch-up in North Africa
    by Drine, Imed

  • 2012 Italian regulation implementing the European Directive on mediation
    by Paolo Porreca

  • 2011 Institutions, Governance and Technology catch-up in North Africa
    by Imed Drine

  • 2011 Public Attitudes Towards Surveillance and Privacy in Croatia
    by Jelena Budak & Ivan-Damir Anic & Edo Rajh

  • 2011 Macroeconomic Analysis Of Corruption Among Developing Countries
    by James P. Gander

  • 2011 Lex Mercatoria In International Commercial Arbitration
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2011 Withdrawal Of Political Support And Validation Of Local Councils’ Members
    by Adrian BOANTÃ & Nicolae PLOESTEANU

  • 2011 Consideration Upon Arbitrators’ Competence To Order Provisional Measures During The International Commercial Arbitration Procedure
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2011 Le Droit Au Juge Dans L’Ordre Constitutionnel Des Etats Membres De L’Union Europeenne
    by Gabriela-Adriana RUSU

  • 2011 Some Considerations on Internal Alignment in the Field of Energetic Efficiency of Buildings in European Legislation
    by Gheorghe Lucian

  • 2011 Nulitatea si Granitele sale - Nullity and its’ Boundaries (Romanian version)
    by Ph.D. Gabriela RADUCAN

  • 2010 National legislative systems and foreign standards and regulations: The case of International Financial Reporting Standards adoption
    by Dima, Bogdan & Dima(Cristea), Stefana Maria & Moldovan, Nicoleta & Pirtea, Marilen Gabriel

  • 2010 The Effect of Learning Varies According to Locality: Micro Data Analysis of the Lawyer Market in Japan
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2010 Public Security vs. Private Self-Protection: Optimal Taxation and the Social Dynamics of Fear
    by Angelo Antoci & Pier Luigi Sacco & Mauro Sodini

  • 2010 The Principles Governing Arbitration Of International Trade Litigations
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2010 The Sanctions Of The Islamic Criminal Law. Aspects Regarding Penalties Of The Criminal Law Of The Islamic Republic Of Iran. Religion And Tradition Vs. Observing Human Rights
    by Ciprian-Vasile MAFTEI

    by Zinaida LUPASCU

  • 2010 Perspective Politico-Juridice asupra Bunurilor Colective - Political-Legal Perspectives on Collective Goods (Romanian version)
    by Ana-Maria AMBROSA & Grigore RUSU

  • 2010 New Rules in the Matter of Proceedings Notary
    by Ionascu, Titu

  • 2009 Life after prison The relationship between employment and re-incarceration
    by Torbjørn Skardhamar & Kjetil Telle

  • 2009 Organized crime and regional development. A review of the Italian case
    by Vittorio, Daniele

  • 2009 The Effect of Learning Varies According to Locality: Micro Data Analysis of the Lawyer Market in Japan
    by Yamamura, Eiji

  • 2009 Mediation- the Alternative Processes Lengthy and Expensive
    by Bobaru, Daniela

  • 2009 An Evaluation on the Determinants of FinancialDevelopment: Literature Survey
    by Hüseyin Agir & Osman Peker & Muhsin Kar

  • 2009 Legal Transplants In Romanian Corporate Law Seeking For Success

  • 2008 Human trafficking and the effectiveness of asylum policies
    by Monheim, Jenny

  • 2008 Leakage of Public Resources in the Health Sector: An Empirical Investigation of Chad
    by Bernard Gauthier & Waly Wane

  • 2008 Who Benefits from Tax-Advantaged Employee Benefits?: Evidence from University Parking
    by Michael D. Grubb & Paul Oyer

  • 2008 Human trafficking and the effectiveness of asylum policies
    by Jenny Monheim

  • 2008 European Commission Opinions to National Courts in Antitrust Cases: Consistent Application and the Judicial-Administrative Relationship
    by Kathryn Wright

  • 2008 Small Businesses and the Shadow Economy
    by Bojan Nastav & Štefan Bojnec

  • 2007 The New Market for Federal Judicial Law Clerks
    by Christopher Avery & Christine Jolls & Richard Posner & Alvin E. Roth

  • 2007 Environmental Policy as Social Policy? The Impact of Childhood Lead Exposure on Crime
    by Jessica Wolpaw Reyes

  • 2007 Food Markets in Russia. Dynamics of Their Integration
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin & Khimich, Alexandra

  • 2007 Corruption Around the World: Evidence from a Structural Model
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2007 The Unbundling Regime for Electricity Utilities in the EU: A Case of Legislative and Regulatory Capture?
    by Silvester van Koten & Andreas Ortmann

  • 2007 Pobreza, migrações e pandemias
    by Eduardo L. G. Rios-Neto

  • 2007 Business Groups in Emerging Markets: Financial Control and Sequential Investments
    by Christa Hainz

  • 2007 State Liability for Wrongful Conviction: Incentive Effects on Crime Levels
    by Vincy Fon & Hans-Bernd Schäfer

  • 2007 Does staffing affect the time to dispose cases in Greek courts?
    by Mitsopoulos, Michael & Pelagidis, Theodore

  • 2007 Propuesta para una clasificación y terminología internacional de los sistemas / esquemas de garantía: conceptos, características y definiciones

  • 2007 Ex-Convicts Face Multiple Labor Market Punishments: Estimates of Peer-Group and Stigma Effects Using Equations of Returns to Schooling
    by Adolfo Sachsida & Mario Jorge C. de Mendonça & Fabio Stallivieri

  • 2006 Sovereign debt restructuring : the Judge, the vultures and creditor rights
    by Miller, Marcus & Thomas, Dania

  • 2006 Business Groups in Emerging Markets-Financial Control & Sequential Investment
    by Christa Hainz

  • 2006 Business Groups in Emerging Markets - Financial Control and Sequential Investment
    by Hainz, Christa

  • 2006 The Transition from Relational to Legal Contract Enforcement
    by Fali Huang

  • 2006 The Transition from Relational to Legal Contract Enforcement
    by Fali Huang

  • 2006 Sovereign Debt Restructuring: the Judge, the Vultures and Creditor Rights
    by Miller, Marcus & Thomas, Dania

  • 2006 Computerized Record of Public Notary Office

  • 2006 Caractéristiques du juge et décisions en matière de pensions alimentaires. Une étude à partir de données expérimentales
    by Cécile Bourreau-Dubois & Myriam Doriat-Duban & Jean-Claude Ray

  • 2005 The Economic Costs of Corruption: A Survey and New Evidence
    by Axel Dreher & Thomas Herzfeld

  • 2005 How do Institutions Affect Corruption and the Shadow Economy?
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2005 Rational Legal Decision-Making, Value Judgment and Efficient Precaution in Tort law

  • 2005 Optimal Dynamic Risk Sharing when Enforcement is a Decision Variable
    by Thorsten Koeppl

  • 2005 Crime and Prices
    by Gluschenko, Konstantin

  • 2005 How Do Institutions Affect Corruption and the Shadow Economy
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2005 Managing migration: the Brazilian case
    by Eduardo L. G. Rios-Neto

  • 2005 Rational Legal Decision-Making, Value Judgment, and Efficient Precaution in Tort Law
    by Mingli Zheng & Sajid Anwar

  • 2005 The Development and Performance of the Bankruptcy System in Contemporary Russia
    by Katsumi FUJIWARA

  • 2004 Corruption Around The World: Evidence From A Structural Model
    by Axel Dreher & Christos Kotsogiannis & Steve McCorriston

  • 2004 Business Groups in Emerging Markets - Substitutes for Missing Institutions
    by Hainz, Christa

  • 2004 No sólo de mercado vive la democracia. El fenómeno del (in)cumplimiento al derecho y su relación con el desarrollo, la justicia y la democracia
    by Mauricio García Villegas

  • 2003 Death or survival. Post-communist bankruptcy law in action. A survey
    by Schönfelder, Bruno

  • 2003 Does it take Three to Make Two Happy? An Experimental Study on Bargaining with Mediation
    by Schroeter, K. & Vyrastekova, J.

  • 2003 Does Public Spending on Youths Affect Crime Rates?
    by Lindvall, Lars

  • 2002 Der Kreditwucher in Italien: Eine ökonomische Analyse der rechtlichen Handhabung
    by Rossaro, Fabiana

  • 2002 Performance Management by Culture in the NLRB’s Division of Judges and the German Labor Courts of Appeal
    by Martin Schneider

  • 2001 Lethal Elections: Gubernatorial Politics and the Timing of Executions
    by Jeffrey D. Kubik & John R. Moran

  • 2001 Multicausalidad, impunidad y violencia: una visión alternativa
    by Fernando Gaitán Daza

  • 2001 An Economic Theory of Deviance
    by Jeong-Yoo Kim & Gang Lee

  • 2000 Exploring the Social and Economic Costs of Abuse in Later lIfe
    by Charmaine Spencer

  • 1996 "Gentrification", incendies criminels dans trois quartiers de Montreal
    by Therrien, F. & Vallee, L. & Dupuis, S.

  • 1976 Wage Data and Estimation of the Labor Supply Function
    by Mark R. Killingsworth

  • Human Trafficking and the Effectiveness of Asylum Policies
    by Jenny Monheim

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