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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ E: Macroeconomics and Monetary Economics
/ / E3: Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
/ / / E39: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycles (QM&RBC)
  2. Mondialisation
  3. Advanced Monetary Theory and Policy (ECON 447)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The Power of Sunspots: an Experimental Analysis
    by Fehr, Dietmar & Heinemann, Frank & Llorente-Saguer, Aniol

  • 2017 Identifying Speculative Demand Shocks in Commodity Futures Markets through Changes in Volatility
    by Michael Hachula & Malte Rieth

  • 2017 ¿Es el mercado de metales eficiente?
    by Diana Carolina Osorio & Luis Eduardo Giron & Lya Paola Sierra

  • 2017 ¿Realmente bajan los precios durante el Buen Fin?
    by Campos Vázquez, Raymundo Campos M. & Medina Cortina, Eduardo M.

  • 2016 Spurious periodicities in cliometric series: Simultaneous testing
    by Kufenko, Vadim

  • 2016 How secular is the current economic stagnation?
    by Maria Roubtsova

  • 2016 Oil shocks on unemployment in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Juan Carlos Cuestas & Luis A. Gil-Alana

  • 2016 Gauging financial conditions in South Africa
    by Nicolaas van der Wath

  • 2016 Digital DNA of economy of scale and scope
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2016 A fractal analysis of US industrial sector stocks
    by Taro Ikeda

  • 2016 The Rebound Effect in Residential Electricity Use: Evidence from a Propensity Score Matching Estimator
    by Kenichi Mizobuchi & Kenji Takeuchi

  • 2016 Relume: A fractal analysis for the US stock market
    by Taro Ikeda

  • 2016 The Housing Bubble: Is It Back?
    by Dean Baker & Lara Merling

  • 2016 Dynamic directed search
    by Gabriele Camera & Jaehong Kim

  • 2016 Effets non linéaires de la persistance des déficits courants sur le cycle économique
    by Marius Achi

  • 2016 The Global Corn Market: Current Situation And Trends
    by Emilia Bălan

  • 2015 Russian Devaluation in 2014—2015: Falling into the Abyss or Window of Opportunities?
    by V. Mironov.

  • 2015 Business cycles in the economy and in economics: An econometric analysis
    by Geiger, Niels & Kufenko, Vadim

  • 2015 Stylized facts of the business cycle: Universal phenomenon, or institutionally determined?
    by Kufenko, Vadim & Geiger, Niels

  • 2015 Are more severe recessions followed by stronger recoveries? Evidence from the Mexican states employment
    by Pablo Mejía-Reyes & Reyna Vergara-González

  • 2015 Long Run Dynamic Volatilities between OPEC and non-OPEC Crude Oil Prices
    by Ghassan, Hassan B. & Alhajhoj, Hassan R.

  • 2015 Dynamic Directed Search
    by Gabriele Camera & Jaehong Kim

  • 2015 The U.S. housing price bubble: Bernanke versus Taylor
    by Fitwi, Abrar M. & Hein, Scott E. & Mercer, Jeffrey M.

  • 2015 Forecasting the real prices of crude oil under economic and statistical constraints
    by Wang, Yudong & Liu, Li & Diao, Xundi & Wu, Chongfeng

  • 2014 Grains
    by Emilia Balan

  • 2014 Water, Food, Energy: Searching for the Economic Nexus
    by Massimo PERI & Daniela VANDONE & Lucia BALDI

  • 2014 Relative Sectoral Prices and Population Ageing: A Common Trend
    by Max Groneck & Christoph Kaufmann

  • 2014 Real exchange rate and productivity in a specific-factor model with skilled and unskilled labour
    by Doan, Thi Hong Thinh & Gente, Karine

  • 2014 Uniqueness of equilibrium in directed search models
    by Kim, Jaehong & Camera, Gabriele

  • 2014 Do the global stochastic trends drive the real house prices in OECD countries?
    by Karaman Örsal, Deniz Dilan

  • 2014 Triangular Relationship between Energy Consumption, Price Index and National Income in Asian Countries: A Pooled Mean Group Approach in Presence of Structural Breaks
    by Bilal Mehmood & Syed Hassan Raza & Mahwish Rana & Huma Sohaib & Muhammad Azhar Khan

  • 2013 Comovement in Euro Area Housing Prices: A Fractional Cointegration Approach
    by Christophe Andre & Luis A. Gil-Alana & Rangan Gupta

  • 2013 Grains
    by Emilia Balan

  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Apologia
    by Albers, Scott

  • 2013 Influencia de la marca y precio en la decisión de apertura de un establecimiento franquiciado
    by Esther Calderón Monje & Pilar Huerta Zavala

  • 2013 Clean Energy Industries and Rare Earth Materials: Economic and Financial Issues
    by Lucia BALDI & Massimo PERI & Daniela VANDONE

  • 2013 The Cyclical Characteristics of Universal Social Insurance
    by Richard Hemming

  • 2013 Market Situation for Wheat during the Period 2005 to 2013
    by Emilia Balan

  • 2013 Market Situation for Wheat during the Period 2005 to 2013
    by Emilia Balan

  • 2013 Trends and prospects of international major commodity prices
    by Maria Cartas

  • 2013 Oil Price Shocks and Macroeconomic Performance in Nigeria
    by Simeon Oludiran Akinleye & Stephen Ekpo

  • 2013 Investment expenditure and capital accumulation in an inflationary environment: The case of Turkey
    by Günçavdi, Öner & Küçük, Ali Erhan

  • 2013 Buyer’s equilibrium with capacity constraints and restricted mobility: A recursive approach
    by Camera, Gabriele & Kim, Jaehong

  • 2013 The Influence of Housing Price Development on the Household Consumption: Empirical Analysis for the Czech Republic
    by Sylvie Dvořáková & Jakub Seidler

  • 2012 Grains
    by Emilia Balan

  • 2012 Studie zu Dispozinsen / Ratenkrediten - Forschungsvorhaben zur Bereitstellung wissenschaftlicher Entscheidungshilfe für das Bundesministerium für Ernährung, Landwirtschaft und Verbraucherschutz (BMELV)
    by Dick, Christian D. & Knobloch, Michael & Al-Umaray, Kerim S. & Jaroszek, Lena & Schröder, Michael & Tiffe, Achim

  • 2012 Modelarea PIB-ului potential. Probleme intampinate in estimare
    by Pauna, Bianca

  • 2012 Problema stabilitatii estimarilor econometrice si metode robuste de regresie ortogonala
    by Saman, Corina

  • 2012 Analyse de la Relation Guerres Civiles et Croissance Économique
    by Kimbambu Tsasa Vangu, Jean - Paul

  • 2012 Vacancy Matching and Labor Market Conditions
    by Stadin, Karolina

  • 2012 The Influence of Housing Price Developments on Household Consumption: Empirical Analysis for the Czech Republic
    by Sylvie Dvoráková & Jakub Seidler

  • 2012 Sincronización en américa latina
    by Álvaro Hurtado Rendón & Ana María Patiño Restrepo & Germán Héctor González

  • 2012 Buyer's Equilibrium with Capacity Constraints and Restricted Mobility: a Recursive Approach
    by Gabriele Camera & Jaehong Kim

  • 2012 Students’ understanding of socio-economic phenomena: Conceptions about the free provision of goods and services
    by Davies, Peter & Lundholm, Cecilia

  • 2012 Net foreign assets, productivity and real exchange rates in constrained economies
    by Christopoulos, Dimitris K. & Gente, Karine & León-Ledesma, Miguel A.

  • 2011 The Golden Mean, the Arab Spring and a 10-step analysis of American economic history
    by Albers, Scott & Albers, Andrew L.

  • 2011 A Simple Model of Endogenous Agricultural Commodity Price Fluctuations with Storage
    by Sophie Mitra & Jean-Marc Boussard

  • 2011 Los modelos DSGE: una respuesta de la discusión macroeconómica
    by Álvaro Hurtado Rendón & Humberto Franco González & Jesús Alonso Botero García

  • 2011 Los modelos dsge: una respuesta de la discusión macroeconómica
    by Alvaro Hurtado Rendón & Humberto Franco González & Jesús Alonso Botero Garcia

  • 2011 Estimating Potential Output in Romania using a Structural VAR
    by Stoica Tiberiu

  • 2010 Net Foreign Assets, Productivity and Real Exchange Rates in Constrained Economies
    by Dimitris K. Christopoulos & Karine Gente & Miguel A. Leon-Ledesma

  • 2010 Financial Markets Interactions between Economic Theory and Practice
    by Nicolau, Mihaela

  • 2010 Inflación y expectativas de inflación en Colombia
    by Eliana González & Munir Jalil & Jose Vicente Romero Chamorro

  • 2010 Integrating in the EU or in the World?
    by Urziceanu Ramona-Mihaela

  • 2010 Winners And Losers In The Context Of Global Economic Crisis
    by Huma Elena

  • 2010 Oferta y demanda y el ciclo económico: una interpretación de la situación económica actual/Supply and Demand Sides and the Economic Cycle: An Interpretation of the Current Situation

  • 2010 A Panel Data Analysis of Electricity Demand in Pakistan
    by Azam Chaudhry

  • 2010 Estimating Residential Electricity Demand Responses in Pakistan’s Punjab
    by Theresa Chaudhry

  • 2010 Círculos y Cuadraturas: Presiones inflacionarias y Enfermedad Holandesa en la Venezuela Bolivariana
    by Calderon Vázquez, Francisco J.

  • 2010 The Linguistic Representation of financial crisis. 'The New York Times Online,' 2008-2009
    by Haase, Fee-Alexandra

  • 2010 Financial Markets Interactions between Economic Theory and Practice
    by Mihaela NICOLAU

  • 2009 The Impact of the Increase in Food Prices on Child Poverty and the Policy Response in Mali
    by Sami Bibi & John Cockburn & Massa Coulibaly & Luca Tiberti

  • 2009 L'impact de la hausse des prix des produits alimentaires sur la pauvreté des enfants et les reponses politiques au Mali
    by Sami Bibi & Massa Coulibaly & John Cockburn & Luca Tiberti

  • 2009 Stock Market Returns and Partisan Political Business Cycles
    by James Cooley

  • 2009 Explaining Output Volatility: The Case of Taxation
    by Olaf Posch

  • 2009 Price Dispersion with Directed Search
    by Gabriele Camera & Cemil Selcuk

  • 2009 Input-Output Structure and New Keynesian Phillips Curve
    by Alessio Moro

  • 2009 Desarrollo teórico y aplicación del modelo de ciclo de evolución de destino turístico: Análisis de España y Argentina, con el modelo de turismo clásico, en el segundo tercio del siglo XX
    by Fernández-Carrión, Miguel-Héctor

  • 2008 Flambée des prix alimentaires internationaux : opportunité ou désastre pour les populations les plus pauvres ?
    by Gérard, F. & Dorin, B. & Belières, J.F. & Diarra, A. & Keita, S.M. & Dury, S.

  • 2008 Net Foreign Assets, Productivity and Real Exchange Rates in Constrained Economies
    by Dimitris K. Christopoulos & Karine Gente & Miguel A. Leon-Ledesma

  • 2008 Nonlinearities and the order of integration of oil prices
    by Juan Carlos Cuestas & Paulo Jose Regis

  • 2008 The Impact of Monetary Policy on Unemployment Hysteresis
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Simon Sturn

  • 2008 Storage and the Volatility of Agricultural Prices: A Model of Endogenous Fluctuations
    by Sophie Mitra & Jean-Marc Boussard

  • 2008 Are houses overvalued in the Netherlands?
    by Henk Kranendonk & Johan Verbruggen

  • 2008 Determinants of House Prices in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Balazs Egert & Dubravko Mihaljek

  • 2008 On the User Cost and Homeownership
    by Antonia Diaz & Maria Jose Luengo Prado

  • 2008 Price Setting Behaviour of Pakistani Firms: Evidence from Four Industrial Cities of Punjab
    by Wasim Shahid Malik & Ahsan ul Haq Satti & Ghulam Saghir

  • 2008 Does the study of Kondratieff Cycles help us to know more about the social nature of money?
    by Jourdon, Philippe

  • 2007 Determinants of House Prices in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Balazs Egert & Dubravko Mihaljek

  • 2007 The Information Content of Inflationary Expectations Derived from Bond Prices in Israel
    by Ilek, David & Ilek, Alex

  • 2007 Inside Money, Credit, and Investment
    by Dressler, Scott & Li, Victor

  • 2007 Cyclical features of the ISAE business services series
    by Bianca Maria Martelli & Gaia Rocchetti

  • 2007 A fresh look at business cycle synchronisation in the euro area
    by Christian Gayer

  • 2007 Land Prices and Fundamentals
    by Koji Nakamura & Yumi Saita

  • 2006 Convergence of Business Cycles in the Euro Area: Evidence from Survey Data
    by Christian Gayer & Peter Weiss

  • 2006 Was There A British House Price Bubble? Evidence from a Regional Panel
    by John Muellbauer & Gavin Cameron & John Muellbauer

  • 2006 The Danish Housing Market: Less Subsidy and more Flexibility
    by Espen Erlandsen & Jens Lundsgaard & Felix Hüfner

  • 2006 Testing for Rate-Dependence and Asymmetry in Inflation Uncertainty:Evidence from the G7 Economies
    by Olan T. Henry & Nilss Olekalns & Sandy Suardi

  • 2006 Was There a British House Price Bubble? Evidence from a Regional Panel
    by Cameron, Gavin & Muellbauer, John & Murphy, Anthony

  • 2006 How hard is the euro area core? : an evaluation of growth cycles using wavelet analysis
    by Vrowley, Patrick M. & Maraun, Douglas & Mayes, David

  • 2006 Structura pieţelor şi concurenţa în economia digitală
    by Militaru Gheorghe

  • 2006 Bubble, Bubble, Where's the Housing Bubble?
    by Margaret Hwang Smith & Gary Smith

  • 2006 The Century of Inflation
    by Bryan Taylor

  • 2005 Inflación y crecimiento. Un modelo de covarianza condicional para la Argentina
    by Lanteri, Luis N.

  • 2005 Booms, Busts and Ripples in British Regional Housing Markets
    by Gavin Cameron & John Muellbauer & Anthony Murphy

  • 2004 Characterising the Business Cycle for Accession Countries
    by Michael Artis & Massimiliano Marcellino & Tommaso Proietti

  • 2004 Price Dispersion with Directed Search
    by Camera, Gabriele & Selcuk, Cemil

  • 2004 The Relation Between Macroeconomic Uncertainty And The Expected Performance Of the Economy
    by Jean Sepulveda-Umanzor

  • 2004 Acerca del proceso de formación de precios internos en Uruguay en 1986.1-2003.4: un enfoque de cointegración multivariado
    by Elizabeth Bucacos

  • 2003 Measuring the Response of Macroeconomic Uncertainty to Shocks
    by Kalvinder Shields & Nilss Olekalns & Ólan T. Henry & Chris Brooks

  • 2003 Economic Integration in West Africa: Does the CFA Make a Difference?
    by David Fielding & Kalvinder Shields

  • 2003 The Asymmetric Effects of Uncertainty on Inflation and Output Growth
    by Shields, KalvInder & Kevin B Grier & Olan T Henry & Nilss Olekalns

  • 2003 Towards a renovated theory of classical growth
    by Homero Cuevas

  • 2002 A Pearson's test for symmetry with an application to the Spanish business cycle
    by Jorge Belaire-Franch & Dulce Contreras

  • 2001 Assessing the adequacy of measures of Australia’s price competitiveness and structural change
    by Harding, Don

  • 2001 The Effects of Uncertainty on Macroeconomic Performance: The Importance of the Conditional Covariance Model
    by Grier, K.B. & Henry, O.T. & Olekalns, N.

  • 2001 Un modelo clásico de crecimiento económico
    by Homero Cuevas

  • 2000 A Bivariate Distribution for Inflation and Output Forecasts
    by Blix, Mårten & Sellin, Peter

  • 2000 An Application of TRAMO-SEATS: Model Selection and Out-of-Sample Performance: the Swiss CPI Series
    by Agustín Maravall & Fernando J. Sánchez

  • 2000 Structural Deficits in Czech Public Finances
    by Aleš Kreidl & Onøej Schneider

  • 2000 Public Budgets in the Czech Republic - Searching the Root of Imbalance
    by Ondøej Schneider

  • 1998 Seasonal Fluctuations and International Trade
    by Mitsuhiro Kaneda & Gil Mehrez

  • 1997 Interaction Between Price Setting and Capital Investment in a Customer Market
    by Bucht, C.

  • 1997 Interactions Between Price Setting and Capital Investment in a Customer Market
    by Bucht, Charlotte

  • 1996 Optimality of Exchange Credit Restrictions
    by Gillman, M.

  • 1996 Changes in Relative Wages in the 1980s: Returns to Observed and Unobserved Skills and Black-White Wage Differentials
    by Kenneth Chay & David S. Lee

  • 1995 Exact Hedonic Price Indexes
    by Feenstra, R.C.

  • 1995 Exact Hedonic Price Indexes
    by Feenstra, R.C.

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