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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B2: History of Economic Thought since 1925
/ / / B25: Historical; Institutional; Evolutionary; Austrian
This JEL code is mentioned in the follow RePEc Biblio entries:
  1. > Schools of Economic Thought, Epistemology of Economics > Heterodox Approaches > Institutional Economics

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 General Equilibrium Theory in Soviet Economic Science: Bibliometric Analysis
    by E. Malkov.
  • 2014 Walter Eucken's role in the early history of the Mont Pèlerin Society
    by Kolev, Stefan & Goldschmidt, Nils & Hesse, Jan-Otmar
  • 2014 Trust in banks: a tentative conceptual framework
    by Butzbach, Olivier
  • 2014 From the State Theory of Money to Modern Money Theory: An Alternative to Economic Orthodoxy
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2014 Co-evolution of Technology and Institutions: Government Regulation and Technological Creativity in the Swedish Moped History 1952–70
    by Blomkvist, Pär & Emanuel, Martin
  • 2013 A Short Insight into the Schools of Economic Thinking Evolution on the Notions of Market and Competition (II) [Scurtă incursiune în evoluţia teoriilor economice privind noţiunile de piaţă şi concurenţă (II)]
    by Crăciun Lucia, Pătrulescu Victor, Marcu Nicu
  • 2013 A Short Insight into the Schools of Economic Thinking Evolution on the Notions of Market and Competition [Scurtă incursiune în evoluţia teoriilor economice privind noţiunile de piaţă şi concurenţă]
    by Crăciun Lucia, Pătrulescu Victor, Marcu Nicu
  • 2013 Liberal Political Economy and Philosophy of James Buchanan
    by A. Zaostrovtsev.
  • 2013 Parallel Money in the Russian Economic Literature of the XIX—XX centuries
    by A. Dubyansky.
  • 2013 Economic Thinking about Transnational Governance: Blind Spots and Historical Perspectives
    by Hans-Michael Trautwein
  • 2013 On the bottom-up foundations of the banking-macro nexus
    by Wäckerle, Manuel
  • 2013 Academic Anti-Semitism and the Austrian School: Vienna, 1918–1945
    by Hansjoerg Klausinger
  • 2013 John von Neumann between Physics and Economics: A Methodological Note
    by Luca Lambertini
  • 2013 Institutional Cognitive Economics: some recent developments
    by Gigante, Anna Azzurra
  • 2013 The Oomph in economic philosophy: a bibliometric analysis of the main trends, from the 1960s to the present
    by Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2013 Mises, Hayek and Corruption
    by Tomas Otahal
  • 2013 Spontaneous Orders and the Emergence of Economically Powerful Cities
    by Palmberg, Johanna
  • 2013 L'articulation économie, droit et politique dans la pensée ordolibérale
    by Marc Deschamps
  • 2013 The Informal Economy in Monsoon Asia and Melanesia: West New Guinea and the Malay World
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2013 Public Choice: A Survey
    by Charles B. Blankart
  • 2013 Valor, Capital e Instituições Sociais em Carl Menger: as contribuições de uma obra inacabada
    by Eduardo Albuquerque
  • 2013 On the bottom-up foundations of the banking-macro nexus
    by Wäckerle, Manuel
  • 2013 Las decisiones de los economistas: Coase y los sesgos cognitivos en el trabajo teórico
    by Mario García Molina & Liliana Chicaíza Becerra
  • 2013 Mercado y virtud o cómo complicar la economía. A propósito de Las pasiones y los intereses, de Albert Hirschman
    by Alberto Castrillón
  • 2013 Keynes, Hobson, Marx
    by Robert Slidelsky
  • 2013 Keynes, Hobson, Marx
    by Robert Skidelsky
  • 2013 The History and Development of Business Economics Science
    by Miloslav Synek & Václav Hoffmann & Iveta Mackenzie
  • 2013 Austrians´ Tactical Mistakes that Prevent Them to "Conquer the Orthodoxy"
    by Lukáš Kovanda
  • 2013 Stimulation of Economy According to the Austrian School
    by Eva Kindlová
  • 2013 Weber and Mises: Views on Bureaucracy
    by Cosma Sorinel
  • 2013 A Cultural Explanation for Japan’s Economic Performance, from the view Point of The General Power Theory
    by Epure Marcel
  • 2013 "New" And "Old" In Economic Neoliberalism
    by Zirra Daniela & & &
  • 2013 Approach Of Rdi System In European Union In The Last Decade
    by Nicolov Mirela & & &
  • 2013 Economics in the International Encyclopaedia of Unified Science
    by Giandomenica Becchio
  • 2013 Do Institutionalists and post-Keynesians share a common approach to Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)?
    by Reynold F. Nesiba
  • 2013 Veblenian and Minskian financial markets
    by Giorgos Argitis
  • 2013 Post-Keynesian Institutionalism after the Great Recession
    by Charles J. Whalen
  • 2013 Endogenizing technical change: Uncertainty, profits, entrepreneurship. A long-term view of sectoral dynamics
    by Fusari, Angelo & Reati, Angelo
  • 2013 Phylogenetic footprints in organizational behavior
    by Witt, Ulrich & Schwesinger, Georg
  • 2013 Darwin's invisible hand: Market competition, evolution and the firm
    by Johnson, Dominic D.P. & Price, Michael E. & Van Vugt, Mark
  • 2013 Credit cycle and monetary policy: John Rogers Commons as a ‘monetarist’
    by Philippe Adair
  • 2013 Knowledge Based Economy in a Neo–Schumpeterian Point of View
    by Karol Sledzik
  • 2013 Merging institutionalism and the Evolution theory
    by Marcho Markov
  • 2012 L'entreprise et son environnement stratégique : analyse des formes de pouvoir
    by Blanc, Antoine
  • 2012 Hayek versus Samuelson: İktisadi Özgürlükler ve Bireysel Özgürlükler
    by Can MADENCİ
  • 2012 Occupy the System! Societal Constitutionalism and Transnational Corporate Accounting
    by Moritz Renner
  • 2012 Moral sentiments, institutions, and civil society: Exploiting family resemblances between Smith and Hegel to resolve some conceptual issues in Sen's recent contributions to the theory of justice
    by Boldyrev, Ivan A. & Herrmann-Pillath, Carsten
  • 2012 Revisiting the socialist calculation debate: the role of markets and finance in Hayek’s response to Lange’s challenge
    by Auerbach, Paul & Sotiropoulos, Dimitris P.
  • 2012 Schumpeter and Georgescu-Roegen on the Foundations of an Evolutionary Analysis
    by Christoph Heinzel
  • 2012 Институционална Еволюция На Обществата Към Отворен Достъп И Пазарна Размяна?
    by Sedlarski, Teodor
  • 2012 How Capitalism, University and Mathematics as Institutions Shaped Mainstream Economics
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2012 İktisat doga bilimlerinin Mekke’si mi oluyor?: Toplumsal ve doga bilimleri iliskisi uzerine bir atıf analizi
    by Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2012 Outlook of China’s State-Owned Enterprises Transformation
    by hu, yi
  • 2012 A Three-Decade “Kuhnian†History of the Antebellum Puzzle: Explaining the shrinking of the US population at the onset of modern economic growth
    by Komlos, John
  • 2012 Post-Keynesian Institutionalism after the Great Recession
    by Charles J. Whalen
  • 2012 Introduction to an Alternative History of Money
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2012 Rola instytucji w gospodarce opartej na wiedzy: aspekt regionalny
    by Anna Golejewska
  • 2012 La politique de coopération avec les pays en développement selon Jean-Marcel Jeanneney : un rapport d’actualité vieux d’un demi-siècle
  • 2012 La politique de coopération avec les pays en développement selon Jean-Marcel Jeanneney : un rapport d’actualité vieux d’un demi-siècle
  • 2012 Phylogenetic Footprints in Organizational Behavior
    by Ulrich Witt & Georg Schwesinger
  • 2012 A Guide to Subsistence Affluence
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2012 Intimations of Keith Hart's 'Informal Economy' - In the Work of Henry Mayhew, P T Bauer and Richard Salisbury
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2012 Institutions, pouvoir et acteurs: un modèle intégrateur
    by Blanc, Antoine
  • 2012 The Evolution of Science Policy and Innovation Studies
    by Martin, B.R.
  • 2012 From Stages to Varieties of Capitalism: Lessons, Limits and Prospects
    by Eyüp Özveren & Utku Havuç & Emrah Karaoğuz
  • 2012 La significación de una Economía Ecológica radical
    by David Barkin & Mario E. Fuente Carrasco & Daniel Tagle Zamora
  • 2012 Steindl on Stochastic Processes
    by Marcella Corsi
  • 2012 Reinterpretation of Changes in the Social System in the Context of Early Modern Thought
    by František Svoboda & Vladimír Hyánek
  • 2012 Financial Crises and Monetary Policy Interventions in the View of the Austrian School
    by Ciortescu Elena & Apostoaie Marius Constantin
  • 2012 Marxian-Radical Economics. A Heterodox Approach
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2012 Heterodox Economics – A Dynamic Phenomenon
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2012 Emergence and complexity in Austrian economics
    by Rosser, J. Barkley
  • 2012 The Role Of Competition In The Techno-Economic Paradigm On The Market
    by Derya Güler Aydin & Bahar Araz Takay
  • 2012 The Relationship Between The Development Of The Higher Education In Romania And The Accounting Profession
    by Teodora Viorica Farcas & Adriana Tiron Tudor
  • 2011 Karl Polanyi and the New Economic Sociology: Notes on the Concept of (Dis)embeddedness
    by Cardoso Machado, Nuno Miguel
  • 2011 Несвободното Възникване На Свободния Пазар - "Великата Трансформация" На Карл Полани
    by Sedlarski, Teodor
  • 2011 Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2011 Facilities of Original Institutional Economics in Research of Institutional Changes
    by Volchik, Vyacheslav
  • 2011 How can we anticipate crises?
    by Vieru, Elena Bianca
  • 2011 Money creation and control from Islamic perspective
    by Hasan, Zubair
  • 2011 Competition
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo
  • 2011 On error: undisciplined thoughts on one of the causes of intellectual path dependency
    by Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2011 Beyond Institutionalism: There Lies a Good Set of Trade Policies
    by Mamoon, Dawood & Murshed, S. Mansoob
  • 2011 An Overview on Institutionalism and Decentralized Decision-Making
    by Cioclea, Alexandra Ema
  • 2011 Money creation and control from Islamic perspective
    by Hasan, Zubair
  • 2011 Is There Room for Bulls, Bears, and States in the Circuit?
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 Minsky's Money Manager Capitalism and the Global Financial Crisis
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 Minsky Crisis
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 A Minskyan Road to Financial Reform
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 Financial Keynesianism and Market Instability
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2011 Competition as an Ambiguous Discovery Procedure: A Reappraisal of Hayek's Epistemic Market Liberalism
    by Ulrich Witt
  • 2011 Related Variety, Global Connectivity and Institutional Embeddedness: Internet Development in Beijing and Shanghai Compared
    by Jun Zhang
  • 2011 The emerging empirics of evolutionary economic geography
    by Ron Boschma & Koen Frenken
  • 2011 Neoliberale Leitideen zum Staat. Die Rolle des Staates in der Wirtschaftspolitik im Werk von Walter Eucken, Friedrich August von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises und Wilhelm Röpke
    by Kolev, Stefan
  • 2011 The New Trends in Economic Policy in the USA
    by Francesco Vito
  • 2011 Introduction
    by Sebastiano Nerozzi & Daniela Parisi
  • 2011 The Italian Pension System from the Firs Oil Shock to the Treaty of Maastricht: Facts and Debate at the Origin of the 1990s Reforms
    by Luca Spataro
  • 2011 The Role of Institutions and Linkages in Learning and Innovation
    by Rajah Rasiah
  • 2011 From Schumpeter To Neo-Schumpeterianism
  • 2011 Complexity Theory And Hayekian Natural Order
  • 2011 El vacío institucional en el modelo de elección racional aplicado a la fecundidad
    by Rafael Barrera Gutiérrez
  • 2011 Soziale Marktwirtschaft und Soziale Gerechtigkeit – Mythos, Anspruch und Wirklichkeit. Die Konzeptionen des Ordoliberalismus und die praktische Wirtschaftspolitik in der bundesdeutschen Nachkriegsgeschichte unter besonderer Beruecksichtigung der wirtschaftsethischen Leitmotive (Social market economy and social justice - myth, ideas, and reality. The con-cepts of ordo-liberalism and economic policy in the Federal Republic of Ger-many after 1945 with regard to its ethical foundations)
    by Christian Hecker
  • 2011 The Economy as a Whole Living
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2011 Epistemological Considerations on Complexity Economics
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2011 Markets vs. Government. Foreign Direct Investment and Industrialization in Malaysia
    by Bethuel Kinyanjui Kinuthia
  • 2011 An attempt to categorize the economic behaviours: the case of the Austrian theoretical tradition
    by Abdelaziz Berkane
  • 2011 Not Free Emerging of the Free Market – “The Great Transformation ” by Karl Polanyi
    by Teodor Sedlarski
  • 2011 Economic freedom and bureaucracy: Romania versus Bulgaria
    by Radu Ioan Simandan
  • 2011 The European Business Market Past Present And Future
    by Stefan Aurel RAILEANU & Alexandru BOTICA
  • 2011, 2nd quarter update Minsky crisis
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2010 Can Darwinism Be "Generalized" and of What Use Would This Be?
    by Georgy S. Levit & Uwe Hossfeld & Ulrich Witt
  • 2010 Criteriul Pareto şi cazul principial al “statului creator de bunuri publice”
    by Iacob Mihaela, Moşteanu Tatiana
  • 2010 Neoliberalism Under Debate
    by cavalieri, duccio
  • 2010 The ‘Coase Theorem’ vs. Coase theorem proper: How an error emerged and why it remained uncorrected so long
    by Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2010 Money, credit and finance in The Arcades Project
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2010 From neuro-Hayekians to subjectivist Hayekians: a reply to Horwitz and Koppl
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 What happened to "efficient markets?"
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 Concorrenza senza equilibrio. La "scoperta imprenditoriale" nella Teoria Economica Austriaca
    by Marco, Passarella & Hervé, Baron
  • 2010 Domestic borrowing without the rate of interest: gharar and the origins of sukuk
    by Cizakca, Murat
  • 2010 Reflexive self-organization and path dependency in institutionalization processes
    by Bobrova, Maria & Kümpel, Arndt
  • 2010 Economic Behavior - Evolutionary vs. Behavioral Perspectives
    by Ulrich Witt
  • 2010 The emerging empirics of evolutionary economic geography
    by Ron Boschma & KOen Frenken
  • 2010 John Maynard Keynes of Bloomsbury: Four Short Talks
    by Craufurd Goodwin & Kevin D. Hoover & E. Roy Weintraub & Bruce Caldwell
  • 2010 The emerging empirics of evolutionary economic geography
    by Ron Boschma & KOen Frenken
  • 2010 Theory and the Market after the Crisis: the Endogeneity of Financial Governance
    by Underhill, Geoffrey R D
  • 2010 The Washington Consensus: Assessing a Damaged Brand - Working Paper 213
    by Nancy Birdsall
  • 2010 Reasoning On Evolution Of Culture And Structure
    by Maria BOBROVA & Arndt KÃœMPEL
  • 2010 Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: What is the Difference Between Austrian and New Institutional Approaches?
    by Ladislava Grochová & Tomáš Otáhal
  • 2010 La Réglementation Des Marchés Financiers Est-Elle Remise En Cause Par La Crise Actuelle ?
    by Jula Octavian & Mihut Marius
  • 2010 The Institutionalists’ Reaction to Chamberlin’s Theory of Monopolistic Competition
    by Luca Fiorito
  • 2010 A crítica novo-institucionalista ao pensamento da Cepal: a dimensão institucional e o papel da ideologia no desenvolvimento econômico
    by Aguilar Filho, Hélio Afonso de & Silva Filho, Edison Benedito da
  • 2010 Paul Boccara's analysis of global capitalism. the return of the Bourbons, and the breakdown of the Brussels / Paris neo-liberal consensus
    by Tausch, Arno
  • 2010 Crisis económicas y cambios de paradigma
    by Gonzalo Castañeda
  • 2010 Reflection on reflections: review essay on reflections on the cliometric revolution: conversations with economic historians
    by Ann M. Carlos
  • 2009 Elemente de epistemologie economică din perspectiva Şcolii Austriece
    by Topan Mihai-Vladimir
  • 2009 Vertrauen der Mitglieder in ihre Genossenschaft: Das Beispiel der Wohnungsgenossenschaften
    by Ringle, Günther
  • 2009 Is there a need for a coded language in central banking?
    by Muchlinski, Elke
  • 2009 Beyond Legal Relations Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld’s Influence on American Institutionalism
    by Luca Fiorito & Massimiliano Vatiero
  • 2009 The Institutionalists’ Reaction to Chamberlin’s 'Theory of Monopolistic Competition'
    by Luca Fiorito
  • 2009 Fatores Institucionais, Desenvolvimento e Competitividade Econômica: o Caso dos Países da América Latina
    by Dnilson Carlos Dias & Jean dos Santos Nascimento & Rosângela Aparecida Soares Fernandes
  • 2009 An Archival Case Study: Revisiting The Life and Political Economy of Lauchlin Currie
    by Roger Sandilands
  • 2009 Can Great Depression Theories Explain the Great Recession?
    by Schlenkhoff, Georg
  • 2009 Mises on the Nation and the State
    by Cachanosky, Nicolas
  • 2009 The National Bank of Romania during the years of the Great Depression – 1929-1933
    by Elisabeta Blejan & Brîndusa Costache & Adriana Aloman
  • 2009 The Random Part in Network Evolution
    by Thomas Grebel
  • 2009 Development Blocks, Faulty Investment and Structural Tensions – The Åkerman- Dahmén Theory of the Business Cycle
    by Erixon, Lennart
  • 2009 Finance and Industrial Dynamics (In French)
    by Claude DUPUY (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113) & Matthieu MONTALBAN (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113) & Sylvain MOURA (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)
  • 2009 Welfare Creation and Destruction in a Schumpeterian World
    by Christian Schubert
  • 2009 Electronic Resources and Heterodox Economists
    by Fabio D'Orlando
  • 2009 New Venture Creation in the Realm of Practicable Choice
    by Robert A. DESMAN
  • 2009 Thinking about Bureaucracy: Mises versus Niskanen
    by Radu Simandan
  • 2009 Expansiunea creditului si "economia în trei timpi". Despre boom-crisis-bust în cazul subprime
    by Octavian-Dragomir Jora
  • 2009 The Agency Problem in New Institutional Economics
    by Tomáš Otáhal
  • 2009 Substantive versus Procedural Liberalism: Exploring a Dilemma of Contemporary Liberal Thought
    by Gerhard Wegner
  • 2009 Is social justice for or against liberty? The philosophical foundations of Mill and Hayek’s theory of liberty
    by Huei Su
  • 2009 A symposium on Theodore Burczak’s, Socialism after Hayek
    by Andrew Farrant
  • 2009 The economic analysis of social norms: A reappraisal of Hayek’s legacy
    by Agnès Festré & Pierre Garrouste
  • 2009 A Política e seu Lugar no Estruturalismo: Celso Furtado e o Impacto da Grande Depressão no Brasil
    by Pedro Cezar Dutra Fonseca
  • 2009 Furtado, North and the New Economic History
    by Mauro Boianovsky
  • 2009 Incentives And Constraints In The Public Sector: The Behavior Of The Rentseeking Bureaucrat
    by Assist. PhD Student Radu Simandan
  • 2008 Zur Neubestimmung von Geschichte und Theoriegeschichte in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Ko-evolution von Wirtschaftsbeobachtung und Wirtschaftswirklichkeit
    by Dopfer, Kurt
  • 2008 John R. Commons, Wesley N. Hohfeld and the Origins of Transactional Economics
    by Luca Fiorito
  • 2008 Création de la firme et genèse de l’organisation, une approche évolutionniste du processus entrepreneurial
    by Thierry BURGER-HELMCHEN
  • 2008 Cooperation and Self-Governance in Heterogeneous Communities
    by Juan Escobar
  • 2008 On an Evolutionary Foundation of Neuroeconomics
    by Schipper, Burkhard C
  • 2008 La necesidad de teorías heterodoxas para el acercamiento entre historia y economía
    by Marongiu, Federico
  • 2008 An Explanation to Individual Knowledge and Behavior Based on Empirical Substrates
    by Zhao, Liang & Zhu, Xian Chen
  • 2008 Adaptive interactive profit expectations using small world networks and runtime weighted model averaging
    by Bell, William Paul
  • 2008 中国改革的“新政治经济学”:速度与均衡
    by Pang, Xiaobo & Huang, Weiting
  • 2008 Structural changes in economics during the last fifty years
    by Mishra, SK
  • 2008 The Democratic Transition. A study of the causality between income and the Gastil democracy index
    by Martin Paldam & Erich Gundlach
  • 2008 The Transition of Corruption: From Poverty to Honesty
    by Erich Gundlach & Martin Paldam
  • 2008 A Farewell to Critical Junctures: Sorting Out Long-run Causality of Income and Democracy
    by Erich Gundlach & Martin Paldam
  • 2008 A hidden duel: Gunnar Myrdal and Dag Hammarskjöld in Economics and International Politics 1935-1955
    by Appelqvist, Örjan
  • 2008 Choosing One’s Own Informal Institutions: On Hayek’s Critique of Keynes’s Immoralism
    by Berggren, Niclas
  • 2008 History of finance research and education in Finland: The first thirty years
    by Vaihekoski, Mika
  • 2008 One Analogy Can Hide Another: Physics and Biology in Alchian’s “Economic Natural Selection”
    by Levallois, C.
  • 2008 Institutions Matter : The Case of Vietnam
    by Thi Bich Tran & R. Quentin Grafton & Tom Kompas
  • 2008 On the stability of equilibria in replicator dynamics modelling: an application in industrial dynamics considering resource constraints
    by Torben Klarl
  • 2008 On the stability of equilibria in replicator dynamics modelling: an application in industrial dynamics considering resource constraints
    by Torben Klarl
  • 2008 The Democratic Transition. A study of the causality between income and the Gastil democracy index
    by Erich Gundlach & Martin Paldam
  • 2008 A farewell to critical junctures: Sorting out long-run causality of income and democracy
    by Erich Gundlach & Martin Paldam
  • 2008 Economia costurilor de tranzacţie şi dezvoltarea economică – de la metodo-logie la preliminarii empirice
    by Marinescu Cosmin
  • 2008 International Market Access Rights and the Evolution of the International Trade System
    by Carsten Herrmann-Pillath
  • 2008 Profit and Innovation Strategies in Low-Tech Firms
  • 2008 Formal and Informal Institutional Change : the Experience of Postsocialist Transformation
    by Bernard Chavance
  • 2008 A dimensão institucional do processo de crescimento econômico: inovações e mudanças institucionais, rotinas e tecnologia social
    by Conceição, Octavio A. C.
  • 2008 Hayek and Rawls about social justice: are the differences "more verbal than substantial"?
    by Claude GAMEL
  • 2008 Economics and Rationality: Contributions and Limits of Polanyian Approach
    by Nicolas POSTEL & Richard SOBEL
  • 2008 Innovation, connaissance et organisation de l'industrie : le paradoxe de l'entrepreneur
    by Edouard Barreiro & Joël Thomas Ravix
  • 2008 L'organisation contre le capitalisme. Le déclin de l'entreprise chez Schumpeter
    by Fabrice Dannequin
  • 2008 The Institutional Dimension Of Hayek’s Work
    by Ion POHOATA
  • 2007 Minimum Wage, Public Employment Offices and Unemployment Compensation: John R. Commons's View
    by Massimiliano Vatiero
  • 2007 Mises, Kantorovich and Economic Computation
    by Cockshott, W. Paul
  • 2007 Against Hayek
    by Cottrell, Allin & Cockshott, W. Paul
  • 2007 Keynesianismo, Poskeynesianismo y Nuevokeynesianismo: ¿Tres doctrinas diferentes y una sóla teoría verdadera?
    by León Díaz, John Jairo
  • 2007 The Non-neutrality of Corporate Tax: An Entrepreneurial Perspective
    by Filoso, Valerio
  • 2007 Población Municipal en los Censos del Siglo XX
    by Goerlich, Francisco José & Mas, Matilde & Azagra, Joaquín & Chorén, Pilar
  • 2007 Two Views on Institutions and Development: The Grand Transition vs. the Primacy of Institutions
    by Martin Paldam & Erich Gundlach
  • 2007 L'Analyse Economique des Normes Sociales: una Réévaluation de l'Héritage Hayékien
    by Agnès Festré & Pierre Garrouste
  • 2007 Rationality, Behavior, Institutional and Economic Change in Schumpeter
    by Agnès Festré & Pierre Garrouste
  • 2007 Market or Markets?
    by Richard Arena & Pierre Garrouste
  • 2007 A theoretical framework for Evolutionary Economic Geography: Industrial dynamics and urban growth as a branching process
    by Koen Frenken & Ron A. Boschma
  • 2007 Methodological Interactionism: Theory and Application to the Firm and to the Building of Trust
    by Nooteboom, B.
  • 2007 Education et croissance : quel lien, pour quelle politique ?
    by Jean Luc de Meulemeester & Claude Diebolt
  • 2007 An essay on the Muslim Gap. Religiosity and the political system
    by Martin Paldam
  • 2007 Two Views on Institutions and Development: The Grand Transition vs the Primacy of Institutions
    by Martin Paldam & Erich Gundlach
  • 2007 Structure of production, intraindustry trade and their relevance for the optimum currency areas theory
    by Miroslav Kollár
  • 2007 Governance structure and transaction cost: relationship between strategy and asset specificity
    by Christian Luiz da Silva & Maria Sylvia M. Saes
  • 2007 Análisis Mesoeconómico: Perspectiva Histórica y Aportaciones Recientes/Mesoeconomics: Historical Overview and Recent Trends
    by ROJO GARCÍA, J.L.
  • 2007 Thriving at Amazon: How Schumpeter Lives in Books Today
    by Arthur M. Diamond, Jr.
  • 2007 Une théorie de la marque monétaire. L'impossibilité de La dénationalisation de la monnaie
    by Laurent Le Maux
  • 2007 The Institutional Distancing from the Classicism
    by Tsvetan Kotsev
  • 2007 Institutional Disaffiliation with the Classicism
    by Tsvetan Kotsev
  • 2007 Além da Transação: Uma Comparação do Pensamento dos Institucionalistas com os Evolucionários e Pós-Keynesianos
    by Octavio A. C. Conceição
  • 2006 Perception and pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities: an evolutionary economics perspective
    by Guido Buenstorf
  • 2006 Schmoller's Impact on the Anglophone Literature in Economics
    by Geoffrey M. Hodgson
  • 2006 Schumpeter and Georgescu-Roegen on the foundations of an evolutionary analysis: The problem of qualitative change, its methodical implications and analytical treatment
    by Heinzel, Christoph
  • 2006 Conflicting Patterns of Thought in the Russian Debate on Transition: 1992-2002
    by Zweynert, Joachim
  • 2006 Überwindung betriebswirtschaftlicher Defizite im Innoregio-Netzwerk Kunststoffzentrum Westmecklenburg
    by Neunteufel, Herbert & Rössel, Gottfried & Sassenberg, Uwe & Laske, Michael & Kipura, Janine & Brüning, Andreas
  • 2006 Oskar Morgenstern als wirtschaftspolitischer Berater in den 1930er-Jahren
    by Hansjörg Klausinger
  • 2006 An institutionalist’s Journey into the Years of High Theory. John M. Clark on the Accelerator, the Multiplier, and their Interaction
    by Luca Fiorito
  • 2006 Letture provinciali della costituzione europea
    by Luther, Joerg & Malandrino, Corrado
  • 2006 Eléments theoriques pour une nouvelle analyse economique de l'entreprise autogérée (About on an economic analysis for the selfmanaged entreprise)
    by Nathalie Ferreira
  • 2006 Stories of Error and Vice Matter: Path Dependence, Paul David, and Efficiency and Optimality in Economics
    by Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2006 The Economics of Rhetoric: On Metaphors as Institutions
    by Lanteri, Alessandro & Yalcintas, Altug
  • 2006 Institutions: Theory, History and Context-Specific Analysis
    by Aydinonat, N. Emrah
  • 2006 Nano-fundamentos da macroeconomia: Keynes e o institucionalismo na Teoria Geral
    by Pessali, Huascar
  • 2006 The genius of Mises and the brilliance of Kirzner
    by Boettke, Peter & Sautet, Frederic
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