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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P41: Planning, Coordination, and Reform
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Adaptation assessment and analysis of economic growth since the market reform in China
    by Ren, Chongqiang & Zhai, Guofang & Zhou, Shutian & Li, Shasha & Chen, Wei

  • 2017 Влияние Несельскохозяйственного Бизнеса На Уровень Занятости В Сельской Местности Южно-Казахстанской Области
    by Esengazieva, Saule

  • 2017 Текущая Роль Производственных И Обслуживающих Кооперативов В Сельском Хозяйстве Южного Казахстана
    by Kerimova, Ukiljaj

  • 2017 The outcomes of 25 years of agricultural reforms in Kyrgyzstan
    by Mogilevskii, Roman & Abdrazakova, Nazgul & Bolotbekova, Aida & Chalbasova, Saule & Dzhumaeva, Shoola & Tilekeyev, Kanat

  • 2017 Business model strategies: Flexibility trade in emerging low voltage distribution networks
    by Patrick Lynch & Jamie Power & Richard Hickey & Thomas Messervey

  • 2017 Organisational change and success in a government enterprise: Malaysia’s Federal Land Development Agency
    by Michael O’Donnell & Norma Binit Mansor & Kunaraguru Yogeesvaran & Azlan Rashid

  • 2017 Romania on the road to European integration
    by Alexandru MANOLE & Radu Titus MARINESCU & Aurelian DIACONU

  • 2016 Сельскохозяйственная Политика В Производстве Хлопка И Диверсификация Агропромышленного Комплекса В Таджикистане
    by Umarov, Khojamahmad

  • 2016 Опыт Сельскохозяйственной Реструктуризации В Туркменистане
    by Aganov, Stanislav & Kepbanov, Yolbars & Ovezmuradov, Gurbanmyrat

  • 2016 Сельскохозяйственная Политика В Производстве Пшеницы И Диверсификации Производства Сельскохозяйственных Культур В Узбекистане
    by Pugach, Igor & Yusupov, Yuliy & Berdinazarov, Zafar

  • 2016 The Direct and Indirect Costs of Power Outages to Small Scale Manufacturing Industries of Punjab
    by Abbas, Malaika

  • 2016 Commons-creating Society
    by Johannes Euler

  • 2016 Optimization of administrative processes in public administration: the preliminary results of an empirical analysis
    by Dmitriev, Mikhail & Fondukova, Lada & Yankov, Kirill

  • 2016 Plan-coordination: Who needs it?
    by Peter Lewin

  • 2016 International Public Sector Accounting Standards Implementation in the Russian Federation
    by Margarita Legenkova

  • 2015 Measuring tourist satisfacction in Los Cabos
    by Plácido Roberto Cruz Chávez & Gustavo Rodolfo Cruz Chávez & Judith Juarez Mancilla & Francisco Isaias Ruiz Ceseña

  • 2015 Policy Implications of Economic Complexity and Complexity Economics
    by Elsner, Wolfram

  • 2015 Innovative finance for development - Instruments of social integration and responsibility in lower-middle-income countries (LMICs)
    by Tamas Novak

  • 2015 The Romanian Internal Public Audit System – An X-Ray Analysis of Audit Compartment Activities

  • 2015 Let the markets begin: The interplay between free prices and privatisation in early transition
    by da Rocha, Bruno T.

  • 2014 The Korean Energy and GHG Target Management System: An Alternative to Kyoto-Protocol Emissions Trading Systems?
    by Stefan Niederhafner

  • 2014 Mechanisms for the Formulation and Implementation of Employment Policy in Argentina
    by Bertranou, Fabio

  • 2014 Growth in public finances as tool for control: Norwegian development 1850-1950
    by Grytten, Ola

  • 2014 Continental Visions: Ann Seidman, Reginald H. Green, and the Economics of African Unity in 1960s Ghana
    by Gerardo Serra

  • 2014 China’s Roadmap to Harmonious Society : Third Plenum Decisions on “major issues concerning comprehensively deepening reforms”
    by Michel Aglietta & Guo Bai

  • 2014 The Debt Consolidation of Hungarian Local Governments
    by Csaba Lentner

  • 2014 Ukrainian Population Opinion on Role of State: Surveys Results
    by Heyets, V.

  • 2014 Are complementary reforms a “luxury” for developing countries?
    by Braga de Macedo, Jorge & Oliveira Martins, Joaquim & Rocha, Bruno

  • 2013 Mecanismos de formulación e implementación de la política de empleo en Argentina
    by Bertranou, Fabio

  • 2013 Ship to Ship (STS) Transfer ïf Cargo: Latest Developments and Operational Risk Assessment
    by Nikolaos P. Ventikos & Dimitrios I. Stavrou

  • 2013 Empirical Study Regarding Private And Voluntary Pensions Funds From Romania
    by Oprean Delia & Podoaba Lucia

  • 2013 Empirical Study Regarding Sustainability Of Romanian Pension System
    by Oprean Delia & Podoaba Lucia & &

  • 2013 Reengineering – Revolution in the Management of Cooperative Banks
    by Liliana-Aurora Constantinescu & Adrian Constantinescu

  • 2013 Economic Theory and Policy in Dictatorship and Democracy: Spain 1939-1996
    by Juan Zabalza

  • 2012 The Problem of Financial Resource in Turkish Local Administration from a Historical Point of View
    by Huseyin Gundogdu

  • 2012 Property rights and democratic values in Bronze Age and Archaic Greece
    by Kyriazis, Nicholas & Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros

  • 2012 Growth and public finance in Bihar
    by Das, Gupta Chirashree

  • 2012 Analiza razvojnih dokumenata Republike Hrvatske
    by Hrvoje Mirosevic

  • 2012 The Determinants of Anti-trafficking Policies: Evidence from a New Index
    by Seo-Young Cho & Axel Dreher & Eric Neumayer

  • 2012 The Making of Captains of Lives:Prison Reform in Singapore: 1999 to 2007
    by Chin Kiat Chua

  • 2012 La ricerca del lavoro: problema di costi e di rigidità del mercato? Uno studio di caso sui tirocini di formazione e orientamento
    by Giovanna Campanella

  • 2012 Illusion therapy: How to impose an economic shock without social pain
    by Atashbar, Tohid

  • 2011 The Spread of Anti-Trafficking Policies - Evidence from a New Index
    by Cho, Seo-Young & Dreher, Axel & Neumayer, Eric

  • 2011 Selection and institutional shareholder activism in Chinese acquisitions
    by Peng, Fei & Kang, Lili & Jiang, Jun

  • 2011 Ресурсная Теория Системной Организации Экономики
    by Kleiner, George

  • 2011 Supramacroeconomics: the newest management technology
    by Kozhurin, Fedir

  • 2011 The Spread of Anti-Trafficking Policies: Evidence from a New Index
    by Cho, Seo-Young & Dreher, Axel & Neumayer, Eric

  • 2011 The Spread of Anti-Trafficking Policies: Evidence from a New Index
    by Cho, Seo-Young & Dreher, Axel & Neumayer, Eric

  • 2011 The Spread of Anti-trafficking Policies – Evidence from a New Index
    by Seo-Young Cho & Axel Dreher & Eric Neumayer

  • 2011 Russia’s Economic Policy in 2010: Quest for Innovations
    by Vladimir Mau

  • 2011 The Spread of Anti-Trafficking Policies - Evidence from a New Index
    by Seo-Young Cho & Axel Dreher & Eric Neumayer

  • 2011 Protection And Security Of Data Base Information Summary
    by SERBAN, MariuŃa SERBAN

  • 2011 Model of CR Systems in the EU Countries
    by Gabriela Dubcová & Vilém Kunz

  • 2011 Implementation of International Standards on Auditing in the EU- Objective Necessity
    by Þugui Valentina

  • 2011 Sistemi di regolazione locale in una prospettiva di governance: proposte per l’analisi
    by Paolo Calza Bini & Caterina Cortese

  • 2011 Reformas institucionales en la Unión Europea. Hacia una política marítima integral
    by Manuel Varela Lafuente & María Dolores Garza Gil

  • 2011 Instituciones, mercados y políticas a la luz de la Gran Recesión
    by Xosé Carlos Arias

  • 2010 The spread of anti-trafficking policies: Evidence from a new index
    by Cho, Seo-Young & Dreher, Axel & Neumayer, Eric

  • 2010 Εφαρμογή Μετρήσεων Απόδοσης – Αποτελεσματικότητας - Αποδοτικότητας Στη Δημόσια Διοίκηση: Διεθνής Και Ελληνική Εμπειρία
    by Zervopoulos, Panagiotis & Palaskas, Theodosios

  • 2010 Financing Social Protection in the Light of International Spending Targets: A Public Sector Spending Review
    by Hagen-Zanker, Jessica & McCord, Anna

  • 2010 An Unbiased Pareto Improvement strategy for poverty alleviation
    by Zaman, Md Monowaruz

  • 2010 Urban governance and planning for Economic growth
    by Baafi Antwi, Joseph & Oppong Kwakye, Francis

  • 2010 Modeling Technological Progress and Investment in China: Some Caveats
    by Jesus Felipe & John McCombie

  • 2010 L’esperienza francese nel processo europeo di liberalizzazione del mercato dell’energia
    by Jean-Marie Chevalier

  • 2010 Education and Training Needs in the Field of Local Development in the Lower Danube Macro Region
    by Laurenţiu Tăchiciu & Nicola Yankov & Alina Elena Balalia

  • 2010 Commercial Facilities and Urban Regeneration
    by Ana-Lucia Ristea & Ioan-Franc Valeriu & Ion Stegăroiu & Gabriel Croitoru

  • 2009 A Different Look at Inward FDI into Mainland China
    by Zhang, Ying

  • 2009 Branding Ghana
    by Ofori, Eunice

  • 2009 Program Management for Social Development
    by Kannan, Srinivasan

  • 2009 Cross-border metropolitan integration in Europe (Luxembourg, Basel and Geneva)
    by Sohn, Christophe & Reitel, Bernard & Walther, Olivier

  • 2009 Global crisis and its implications on the political transformation in China
    by Maria Csanadi & Hairong Lai & Ferenc Gyuris

  • 2009 The metamorphosis of the communist party: from entity to system and from system towards an entity
    by Maria Csanadi

  • 2009 The „Chinese style reforms” and the Hungarian „Goulash Communism”
    by Maria Csanadi

  • 2009 Economic Planning: Time to Reconsider?
    by Wassily Kafouros

  • 2009 Reforma Bugetului Uniunii Europene La Etapa Consultărilor Publice
    by Pop, Napoleon

    by Sheng YING

  • 2009 Clusters – A New Form Of Regions Development In Slovakia
    by Darina CHLEBIKOVA & Janka MRAZIKOVA

  • 2009 Comparison of health care financing schemes before and after market reforms in China¡¯s urban areas
    by WANG Nuo & SUN Huixin & Christian GERICKE

  • 2008 Endogenous Institution Formation under a Catching-up Strategy in Developing Countries1
    by Yifu Lin, Justin & Li, Zhiyun

  • 2008 Preference Structure and Random Paths to Stability in Matching Markets
    by James W. Boudreau

  • 2008 Анализ Использования Методов Индексного Прогнозирования Для Подготовки Управленческих Решений
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2008 Political Economy of Structural Reforms in Pakistan
    by S. M. Naseem

  • 2008 Assessing the Importance of National Economic Reform – Australian Productivity Commission Experience
    by Paul Gretton

  • 2008 ¿Porque El Desempleo En Ibagué Ha Sido Tan Alto?
    by Hugo López

  • 2008 Cohesion Policy:Methodology And Indicators Towards Common Approach
    by Maria Prezioso

  • 2007 The Unequal Effects of Liberalization: Evidence from Dismantling the License Raj in India
    by Philippe Aghion & Robin Burgess & Stephen Redding & Fabrizio Zilibotti

  • 2007 The Leader as Catalyst: On Leadership and the Mechanics of Institutional Change
    by Sumon Majumdar & Sharun Mukand

  • 2007 A Cointegration Analysis of Investment Output Ratio in Bangladesh
    by Anoruo, Emmanuel & Kumar, Saten & DiPietro, Bill

  • 2007 The Rise and Fall of the Oslo School
    by Ib E. Eriksen & Tore Jørgen Hanisch & Arild Sæther

  • 2007 Perspective and Prospects of Commencing New Education Policy (NEP) of Pakistan: A Review of Conference
    by M. A Qureshi & Riaz Ahmad Shirazi & Mohammad Pervez Wasim

  • 2007 The Old Age Pensions in Bulgaria
    by Dotchka Velkova

  • 2006 Генезис Цивитальной Организации: Идеология Нового Мира
    by Kaluzhsky, M.L.

  • 2006 Tourism companies performances and managerial skills
    by Bob, Constantin & Grigorescu, Adriana

  • 2006 Economic Policy and State Owned Enterprises: Evolution Towards Privatisation in India
    by Bala, Madhu

  • 2006 Review of Lead Phase Out for Air Quality Improvement in the Third World Cities Lessons from Thailand and Indonesia
    by Hirota, Keiko

  • 2006 Cooperation after War: International Development in Bosnia, 1995 to 1999
    by Eric C. Martin & Sue R. Faerman & David P. McCaffrey

  • 2005 How Much Does Investment Drive Economic Growth in China?
    by Duo Qin & Marie Anne Cagas & Pilipinas Quising & Xin-Hua He

  • 2005 Markets, models and planning: the Norwegian experience
    by Bjerkholt, Olav

  • 2004 Prioritization of Policies: A Prototype Model of a Flowchart Method
    by Kuchiki, Akifumi

  • 2004 Economic reforms: Policy and institutions some lessons from Indian reforms
    by Arvind Virmani

  • 2004 Economic reforms: Policy and institutions some lessons from Indian reforms
    by Arvind Virmani

  • 2004 Política de ciencia y tecnología en el contexto regional. Implicaciones para el País Vasco
    by Bob Hodgson

  • 2003 Estimating the Probability of Leaving Unemployment Using Uncompleted Spells from Repeated Cross-section Data
    by Maia Guell & Luojia Hu

  • 2003 Shocks económicos y cambios en los patrones de escolaridad educativa
    by Javier Escobal & Jaime Saavedra & Pablo Suárez

  • 2002 The rhetoric of disagreement in reform debates
    by Achin Chakraborty

  • 2001 Targeting Youth Employment Policy in Bulgaria
    by Beleva, Iskra

  • 2001 Общая Теория Систем И Научная Интерпретация Социальной Реальности
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2001 Gift Equilibria and Pareto Improvements
    by WDA (Tony) Bryant

  • 2001 Direct and Indirect Effects of Corporatism on Economic Growth
    by Emma Galli & Fabio Padovano

  • 2001 Ten Years After . . . Transition and Economics
    by GÈrard Roland

  • 2000 Horizontal Information Flows in A Simple Model of Multilevel Planning
    by T. R. Kundu

  • 2000 Horizontal Information Flows in A Simple Model of Multilevel Planning
    by T. R. Kundu

  • 1999 L'economie sociale au Quebec: elements theoriques et empiriques pour le debat et la recherche
    by Levesque, B. & Mendell, M.

  • 1999 Методология Системного Анализа В Экономике
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 1999 Методологические Основы Системного Анализа Социально-Экономических Процессов
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 1998 Cohesion et Diversite au Sein de l'Union Europeenne: des Trafectoires irreconciliables?
    by Graham, B. & Hart, M.

  • 1998 Delegation and Delay in Bank Privatization
    by Lorand Ambrus-Lakatos & Ulrich Hege

  • 1998 The Consequences of EU Enlargement for Central and Eastern European Labour Markets
    by Burda, Michael C

  • 1998 Reform Without Losers: An Interpretation of China's Dual-Track Approach to Transition
    by Lau, Lawrence J & Qian, Yingyi & Roland, Gérard

  • 1998 Islamic and Neo-Confucian Perspectives on the New Traditional Economy
    by J. Barkley Rosser, Jr. & Marina Rosser

  • 1997 Policy on Modern Small Scale Industries: A Case of Government Failure
    by Suresh D. Tendulkar & T. A. Bhavani

  • 1997 Policy on Modern Small Scale Industries: A Case of Government Failure
    by Suresh D. Tendulkar & T. A. Bhavani

  • 1997 Nationalist Planning for Autarky and State Hegemony: Development Strategy Under Nehru
    by Baldev Raj Nayar

  • 1997 Nationalist Planning for Autarky and State Hegemony: Development Strategy Under Nehru
    by Baldev Raj Nayar

  • 1997 Transition and the Output Fall
    by Roland, Gérard & Verdier, Thierry

  • 1997 Pareto-Improving Economic Reforms through Dual-Track Liberalization
    by Lau, Lawrence J & Qian, Yingyi & Roland, Gérard

  • 1996 Realizing Hungary's Potential - The Country's Industrial R&D System in Transition
    by Biegelbauer, Peter

  • 1996 The Optimal Speed of Transition: A General Equilibrium Analysis
    by Castanheira, Micael & Roland, Gérard

  • 1996 Restructuring and Capital Accumulation in Transition Economies: A General Equilibrium Perspective
    by Castanheira, Micael & Roland, Gérard

  • 1995 Equilibrium Real Exchange Rates in Transition
    by Halpern, László & Wyplosz, Charles

  • 1984 The management of Pakistan's economy 1947-82
    by Amjad, Rashid

  • Balanced or Unbalanced Development: Special Economic Zones as Catalysts for Transition
    by John Litwack & Yingyi Qian

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