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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ L: Industrial Organization
/ / L7: Industry Studies: Primary Products and Construction
/ / / L70: General
/ / / L71: Mining, Extraction, and Refining: Hydrocarbon Fuels
/ / / L72: Mining, Extraction, and Refining: Other Nonrenewable Resources
/ / / L73: Forest Products
/ / / L74: Construction
/ / / L78: Government Policy
/ / / L79: Other

This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Can Emerging Markets Tilt Global Product Design? Impacts of Chinese Colorism on Hollywood Castings
    by Hermosilla, Manuel & Gutierrez-Navratil, Fernanda & Prieto-Rodriguez, Juan

  • 2017 Export controls and competitiveness in African mining and minerals processing industries
    by Barbara Fliess & Ernst Idsardi & Riaan Rossouw

  • 2017 A Modern Approach to the Elaboration and Selection of Strategic Alternatives for Resource Regions
    by Valeriy Kryukov & Anastasiya Sevastyanova & Anatoliy Tokarev & Vladimir Shmat

  • 2017 A review of qualitative case methods trends and themes used in technology transfer research
    by James A. Cunningham & Matthias Menter & Chris Young

  • 2017 Disasters, economic growth and fiscal response in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, 1972-2010
    by Bello, Omar

  • 2017 Desastres, crecimiento económico y respuesta fiscal en los países de América Latina y el Caribe, 1972-2010
    by Bello, Omar

  • 2017 Employment By Sector, Productivity And Wages In 5 European Countries, 1965-2015: Fifty Years Of Evolution In Germany, Spain, France, Italy And Uk
    by GUISAN, Maria-Carmen & EXPOSITO, Pilar

  • 2016 Handbook of Game Theory and Industrial Organization: An Introduction
    by Marini, Marco A. & Corchon, Luis

  • 2016 Halal Industry : Key Challenges and Opportunities
    by Elasrag, Hussein

  • 2016 Intra-industry trade in a rapidly globalizing industry: the case of wine
    by Kym Anderson & Joseph Francois & Douglas Nelson & Glyn Wittwer

  • 2016 The prisoner’s dilemma in Cournot models: when endogenizing the level of competition leads to competitive behaviors
    by Ibrahim Abada & Andreas Ehrenmann

  • 2016 Two to Tango: Public-Private Collaboration for Productive Development Policies
    by Eduardo Fernández-Arias & Charles Sabel & Ernesto H. Stein & Alberto Trejos

  • 2016 Déterminants De L’Adoption Des Tic Dans Un Pays En Développement : Une Analyse Économétrique Sur Les Entreprises Industrielles Au Cameroun
    by Ariel Herbert FAMBEU

  • 2016 Оцінка Ефективності Процесів Проектної Будівельної Організації
    by Pakulin Serhij & Tsypkin Yuriy & Pakulina Alevtyna

  • 2016 The Cost of Road Infrastructure in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
    by Paul Collier & Martina Kirchberger & Måns Söderbom

  • 2016 The paper presents the concept of the decision-making model facilitating the selection of location for an office building fulfilling the requirements of sustainable construction. The concept of responsible property investing was discussed on the basis of literature studies. Sustainable office buildings are one of the ways of its practical implementation and the location of a building is among the evaluation criteria in sustainable building multicriteria certification systems, so it can improve the rating of a building. The proposed decision model for the selection of location was elaborated on the basis of multicriteria decision analysis applied in the GIS environment. Analytical criteria applied in the model were compiled on the basis of the BREEAM certification system. When the required data and spatial information are applied to this model, it allows to prepare the map of optimal spatial decisions
    by Eryk Głodziński

    by Juan Jesus Nahuat Arreguin & Monica Blanco Jimenez & Jesus Cruz & Diego Buenrostro

  • 2016 Unemployment As A Determinant Of Gold Prices: Empirical Evidence
    by Ranjini L. Thaver & Jimmie Lopez

  • 2016 New challenges for public research organisations in agricultural innovation in developing economies: Evidence from Embrapa in Brazil's soybean industry
    by Figueiredo, Paulo N.

  • 2016 The Market Structure of Shale Gas Drilling in the United States
    by Zhongmin Wang & Qing Xue

  • 2016 Economic Aspects Of Fossil Fuel Social Costs. Why Do We Subsidize And Mediate The Cliamte Change Process?
    by Irina, NASALCIUC

  • 2015 Firm's response and unintended health consequences of industrial regulations
    by Christopher Hansman & Jonas Hjort & Gianmarco León

  • 2015 HOW WE CAN RESTORE THE BALANCE IN THE ROMANIAN ENERGY MARKET (International Conference "Recent Advances in Economic and Social Research", 13-14 mai 2015, București)
    by Alina Cristea

  • 2015 Norwegian gross domestic product by industry 1830 - 1930
    by Ola Honningdal Grytten

  • 2015 Firms' Response and Unintended Health Consequences of Industrial Regulations
    by Christopher Hansman & Jonas Hjort & Gianmarco León

  • 2015 Small Firm Specialisation in Global Value Chains: Evidence from the Cut Flower Industry
    by Maureen Benson-Rea & Christina Stringer

  • 2015 Corporate Social Responsibility In Small Businesses Construction Companies From Puebla, Mexico Responsabilidad Social Empresarial En Las Pequenas Empresas Constructoras De Puebla, Mexico
    by Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Jose Gerardo Serafín Vera Munoz

  • 2015 Skill, complexity, and strategic interaction
    by Lambson, Val & van den Berghe, John

  • 2015 The “second dividend” and the demographic structure
    by Gonand, Frédéric & Jouvet, Pierre-André

  • 2015 Willingness to supply biomass for bioenergy production: A random parameter truncated analysis
    by Altman, Ira & Bergtold, Jason & Sanders, Dwight & Johnson, Tom

  • 2015 A pair-wise analysis of the law of one price: Evidence from the crude oil market
    by Giulietti, Monica & Iregui, Ana María & Otero, Jesús

  • 2015 More ads more revs: A note on media bias in review likelihood
    by Dewenter, Ralf & Heimeshoff, Ulrich

  • 2015 Government spending and job creation at highway construction firms: evidence from Texas
    by Viplav Saini & Dakshina G De silva

  • 2015 Investigation Of The Nature Of Strategic Interactions In The Polish Wholesale Fuel Market: Statistical Analysis Of A Market Structure And A Price Mechanism
    by Sylwester Bejger

  • 2014 The Social Aversion to Intergenerational Inequality and the Recycling of a Carbon Tax
    by Frederic Gonand

  • 2014 Fostering Renewables and Recycling a Carbon Tax: Joint Aggregate and Intergenerational Redistributive Effects
    by Frédéric Gonand

  • 2014 The "Second Dividend" and the Demographic Structure
    by Frédéric Gonand & Pierre-André Jouvet

  • 2014 Dynamic Impacts on Growth and Intergenerational Effects of Energy Transition in a Time of Fiscal Consolidation
    by Frederic Gonand

  • 2014 Especializaciones reveladas y ventajas competitivas en el Bajio mexicano
    by Kurt Unger & Rafael Garduño & Jose Eduardo Ibarra

  • 2014 The Effect of Organization Culture and Uncertainty in Supply Chain Management - The Albanian Beer Industry
    by Denisa Mamillo

  • 2014 Un estudio exploratorio sobre el crecimiento de la industria mexicana y el comercio exterior, periodo 2004–2012
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2014 Organizational Culture And Effectiveness In Small Construction Businesses In Puebla, Mexico,Cultura Organizacional Y Efectividad En Las Pequenas Empresas Constructoras De Puebla, Mexico
    by Rafaela Martinez Mendez & Maria Antonieta Monserrat Vera Munoz & Jose Gerardo Serafin Vera Munoz

  • 2014 ‘Dark as a dungeon’: technological change and government policy in the deunionization of the American coal industry
    by Kimberly ChristenseN

  • 2014 The relationship between spot and futures prices: An empirical analysis
    by Gulley, Andrew & Tilton, John E.

  • 2014 Crude oil price differentials, product heterogeneity and institutional arrangements
    by Giulietti, Monica & Iregui, Ana María & Otero, Jesús

  • 2013 Another Look at Non-Renewable Resource Exhaustion
    by John Dobra & Matt Dobra

  • 2013 Correlations between the Petroleum Industry and the Per Capita Income in Nigeria: Cointegration and Error Correction Model Approach by Olaniyi Evans
    by Evans, Olaniyi

  • 2013 The Papua Niugini Paradox. Land property archaism and modernity of peasant resistance?
    by Rémy Herrera & Poeura Tetoe

  • 2013 Composición de la economía de la región nororiente de Colombia
    by Amilcar Mojica Pimiento & Gélver García Santamaría & Mery E. Aponte Mariño & Javier E. Ardila García

  • 2013 Agricultural cooperatives
    by Ermanno C. Tortia & Vladislav Valentinov & Constantine Iliopoulos

  • 2013 Models To Manage Pricing In Mining Industry
    by Marius BULEARCA & Cristian SIMA

  • 2013 Models To Manage Pricing In Mining Industry
    by Marius BULEARCA & Cristian SIMA

  • 2013 Firm size and competitive indicators: the Italian case
    by Riccardo Achilli

  • 2013 Supply constraints and housing market dynamics
    by Paciorek, Andrew

  • 2013 The terms of trade debate and the policy implications for primary product producers
    by Tilton, John E.

  • 2013 State mineral production taxes and mining law reform
    by Dobra, John & Dobra, Matt

  • 2013 La competitividad en los sectores manufacturero y de servicios. Estudio de caso
    by Sandra Milena Zambrano Vargas

  • 2012 Innovationspotentiale in Baden-Württemberg: Produktionscluster im Bereich "Metall, Elektro, IKT" und regionale Verfügbarkeit akademischer Fachkräfte in den MINT -Fächern
    by Rukwid, Ralf & Christ, Julian P.

  • 2012 Um panorama da matriz produtiva de celulose no Cone Sul: caracterização, configuração e produção
    by Sperotto, Fernanda Queiroz

  • 2012 China’s wood furniture manufacturing industry: industrial cluster and export competitiveness
    by Yang, hongqiang & Ji, Chunyi & Nie, Ning & Hong, Yinxing

  • 2012 Sericulture as an Employment Generating Household Industry in West Bengal
    by Roy, Chandan & Roy Mukherjee, Sanchari & Ghosh, Shantanu

  • 2012 Research and Science Today No. 4
    by Mărcău, Flavius-Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela

  • 2012 Regulatory Transparency in Multilateral Agreements Controlling Exports of Tropical Timber, E-Waste and Conflict Diamonds
    by OECD

  • 2012 The Terms Of Trade Debate and the Policy Implications for Primary Product Producers
    by John E. Tilton

  • 2012 Crescimento, emprego e produção setorial: efeitos da desoneração de tributos sobre a folha de salários no Brasil
    by Edson Paulo Domingues & Débora Freire Cardoso & Kênia de Souza & Gláucia Possas da Motta & Terciane Sabadini Carvalho & Flaviane Souza Santiago & Aline Souza Magalhães & Admir Antonio Betarelli Junior

  • 2012 Pricing and Taxation in Oil and Gas Sector: A study with special reference to ONGC
    by Sumeet Gupta & Rakesh Kumar Sharma

  • 2012 Desarrollo de las ramas económicas en México periodo 2004-primer semestre 2011
    by Gutiérrez-Lagunes, Mario

  • 2012 Investor demand and spot commodity prices: Reply 2
    by Tilton, John E. & Humphreys, David & Radetzki, Marian

  • 2011 Quantitative Clusteridentifikation auf Ebene der deutschen Stadt- und Landkreise (1999-2008)
    by Rukwid, Ralf & Christ, Julian P.

  • 2011 Research and Science Today No.2
    by MUREŞAN, Adriana Rodica & CRISTESCU, Cătălin & RUSU, Anca-Elena & MĂRCĂU, Flavius-Cristian & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & CIUBOTARU, Iulian Marcel & DAMIAN, Irina & ŞERBAN, Ileana Daniela & POPA (LUPU), Diana-Gabriela & GHEORGHE, Anamaria Elena & GHERVASE, Denis – Gabriela & IOSIF, Daniel & MARIN, Ştefan - Claudiu & MARIN, Camelia & RUXANDA, Mihaela

  • 2011 Competitive Selection In Non-Competitive Structure– Some Methodological Issues
    by Sen, Subir Kumar & Roy, Chinmoy

  • 2011 Contractors’ Strategic Approaches to Risk Assessment Techniques at Project Planning Stage
    by Ahmad Zaini, Afzan & Endut, Intan Rohani & Takim, Roshana

  • 2011 Adopting Contractors’ Risk Management (CIRIM) Framework using Multi Dimensional Theories
    by Ahmad Zaini, Afzan & Endut, Intan Rohani & Takim, Roshana & Mohammad, Mohammad Fadhil

  • 2011 Corporate competition: A self-organized network
    by Braha, Dan & Stacey, Blake & Bar-Yam, Yaneer

  • 2011 Some Inconvenient Truths About Climate Change Policy: The Distributional Impacts of Transportation Policies
    by Stephen P. Holland & Jonathan E. Hughes & Christopher R. Knittel & Nathan C. Parker

  • 2011 La Formazione multidimensionale come risorsa ecologica negli eco-sistemi di micro-imprese e PMI: prospettive territoriali, logiche network-filiera, investimenti formativi, apertura culturale e societaria
    by Luciano PILOTTI

  • 2011 Formula for Manufacturing Profit increase based on Thermodynamic Model
    by Michael Louis George

  • 2011 Global Financial Crisis : Implications for Trade and Industrial Restructuring in India
    by Prabir De & Chiranjib Neogi

  • 2011 Global Financial Crisis : Implications for Trade and Industrial Restructuring in India
    by Prabir De & Chiranjib Neogi

  • 2011 The Analysis of Unemployment in Hunedoara County in the Context of the Economic Crisis
    by Alina Fleșer & Oana Dobre-Baron

  • 2011 Cross country mean and volatility spillover effects of food prices: multivariate GARCH analysis
    by Fardous Alom & Bert D Ward & Baiding Hu

  • 2010 Multinational investment projects in the petrochemical industry in China
    by Todeva, Emanuela & Fu, Yan

  • 2010 Effective virtual teams for new product development
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Ahmed, Shamsuddin & Abdul Rashid, Salwa Hanim & Taha, Zahari

  • 2010 Contractors’ Approaches to Risk Management at the Construction Phase in Malaysia
    by Ahmad Zaini, Afzan & Adnan, Hamimah & Che Haron, Roziha

  • 2010 The Effectiveness of Virtual R&D Teams in SMEs: Experiences of Malaysian SMEs
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Ahmed, Shamsuddin & Abdul Rashid, Salwa Hanim & Taha, Zahari

  • 2010 Learning At The Boundaries In An “Open Regional Innovation System”: A Focus On Firms’ Innovation Strategies In The Emilia Romagna Life Science Industry
    by fiorenza belussi & silvia rita sedita & alessia sammarra

  • 2010 Unemployment – The Unbalance Of The Labour Market In Jiu Valley
    by Oana Dobre-Baron & Alina Fleşer

  • 2010 La sectorización económica y su vinculación con la probabilidad de incumplimiento
    by Mario Gutiérrez Lagunes

  • 2009 Wage Structure and Unionization in the U.S. Construction Sector
    by Cihan Bilginsoy

  • 2009 Desregulamentação e Migração da Cana-de-açúcar em Alagoas
    by Pereira dos Anjos, Kellyane & Maia Gomes Lages, André

  • 2009 Envisages of New Product Developments in Small and Medium Enterprises through Virtual Team
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Ahmed, Shamsuddin & Taha, Zahari

  • 2009 Three Epochs of Oil
    by Eyal Dvir & Kenneth S. Rogoff

  • 2009 The emergence of the 'coastal steelworks' in the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), 1952-1967
    by Eline POELMANS

  • 2009 Metrics for driving political economy of energy and growth
    by Mario Coccia

  • 2009 The Three Epochs of Oil
    by Eyal Dvir & Ken Rogoff

  • 2008 Virtual teams: A literature review
    by Ale Ebrahim, Nader & Ahmed, Shamsuddin & Taha, Zahari

  • 2008 Little’s Law and Business Entropy
    by Michael Louis George

  • 2008 What is Business Entropy
    by Michael Louis George

  • 2008 Competitive Dynamics, Global Industry Cycles, Integration-Responsiveness, and Financial Performance in Emerging and Industrialized Country Markets
    by Julius H. Johnson, Jr. & Dinesh A. Mirchandani & Seng-Su Tsang

  • 2007 Implications of the WTO on Indian Marine Industry, Issues and Policy Perspectives
    by Kamat, Manasvi & Kamat, Manoj

  • 2007 The Resource Curse: A Corporate Transparency Channel
    by Durnev, Artyom & Guriev, Sergei

  • 2007 The Resource Curse: A Corporate Transparency Channel
    by Art Durnev & Sergei Guriev

  • 2007 Owner Motivations in the UK Speciality Food Sector
    by Andrew Bugg

  • 2007 Production By Sector In The European Union: Analysis Of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland And The United Kingdom, 2000-2005
    by Guisan, M.C. & Aguayo, E.

  • 2006 Rynek taśm przenośnikowych w Polsce – analiza i ocena
    by Jurdziak, Leszek & Szlichciński, Łukasz

  • 2006 An Overview of the Decimation process and its VLSI implementation
    by Teymourzadeh, Rozita & Othman, Masuri

  • 2006 VLSI Implementation of Cascaded Integrator Comb Filters for DSP Applications
    by Teymourzadeh, Rozita & Othman, Masuri

  • 2006 An Enhancement of Decimation Process using Fast Cascaded Integrator Comb (CIC) Filter
    by Teymourzadeh, Rozita & Othman, Masuri

  • 2006 Gas thin markets:insights from bargaining and networks models
    by Matteo Maria GALIZZI

  • 2006 Construction Contracts (or: "How to Get the Right Building at the Right Price?")
    by Surajeet Chakravarty & W. Bentley MacLeod

  • 2006 Construction Contracts (or: "How to Get the Right Building at the Right Price?")
    by Chakravarty, Surajeet & MacLeod, W. Bentley

  • 2005 Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reductions in New Zealand : A Minimum Disruption Approach
    by John Creedy & Catherine Sleeman

  • 2004 El dilema de la escala productiva frente a ciclos de abundancia. La pesca industrial en Chile
    by Peña-Torres, Julio & Vergara, Sebastián & Basch, Michael

  • 2004 Anticipated and unanticipated effects of crude oil prices and oil inventory changes on gasoline prices
    by Stanislav Radchenko

  • 2004 Auctions with Resale When Private Values Are Uncertain: Theory and Empirical Evidence
    by Andreas Lange & John A. List & Michael K. Price

  • 2004 Pesca Demersal en Chile: Eficiencia Técnica y Escalas de Operación
    by Julio Peña-Torres & Julio Aguirre Montoya & René Cerdá D'amico

  • 2004 Downward Adjustments in a Cyclical Environment: The Case of Chilean Pelagic Fisheries
    by Julio Peña-Torres(Georgetown University/Ilades), Sebastián Vergara(ECLAC), Michael Basch(University of Chile)

  • 2004 Pesca demersal en Chile: eficiencia técnica y escalas de operación
    by Julio Peña & Julio Aguirre & René Cerca D'amico

  • 2004 An Analysis of Financial Performance Using the EVA Method
    by Dana Dluhošová

  • 2003 The Russian Oil and Gas Sector: Facing the New Challenges
    by Vasily Astrov

  • 2003 Method For Determining And Eliminating The Drivers Of Non-Value Added Cost Due To Product Complexity And Process Parameters
    by Michael Louis George

  • 2003 Eficiencia Técnica y Escalas de Operación en Pesca Pelágica: Un Análisis de Fronteras Estocásticas
    by Julio Peña & Michael Basch & Sebastián Vergara

  • 2002 Analiza polskiego rynku taśm przenośnikowych
    by Jurdziak, Leszek & Szlichcinski, Łukasz

  • 2002 Productividad Global en la Mineria Espanola: Una Panoramica y Modelos Econometricos
    by Rodriguez, X.A.

  • 2001 El cambio estructural a través de los sectores. La economía uruguaya 1900-1955 (II)
    by Magdalena Bertino & Reto Bertoni & Héctor Tajam & Jaime Yaffé

  • 2001 U.S. Energy Policy During the 1990s
    by Paul L. Joskow

  • 1999 Economies of Scale and Stock-Dependence in Pelagic Harvesting: The Case of Northern Chile
    by Hugo Dufey & Michael Basch & Julio Peña

  • 1998 Agglomeration Economies, Technology Spillovers and Company Productivity Growth
    by Geroski, Paul A & Samiei, Hossein

  • 1997 Deutschmark appreciation and structural change: An overview of economic structural reports
    by Schmidt, Klaus-Dieter

  • 1997 Technical Change, Markup, Divestiture & Productivity Growth in the U.S. Telecommunications Industry
    by Nadiri, Ishaq M. & Nandi, Banani

  • 1996 The Production Engeneering Approach to Business Process Re-engineering
    by Palmer, S.

  • 1996 The Changing Structure of Cost and Demand for the U.S. Telecommunications Industry
    by M. Ishaq Nadiri & Banani Nandi

  • 1996 Análisis comparativo de las industrias del cemento en Colombia y Perú: un enfoque no paramétrico
    by Salas Osvaldo & Veiderpass Ann

  • 1990 El mercado de la madera y la industria transformadora del pino insignisis del País Vasco
    by Jesús Mª Eizmendi Cialcea

  • 1987 La crisis económica de los años treinta en el País Vasco
    by Ricardo Miralles

  • 1986 Birmoldaketa Espainian: 1983tik gaur arte
    by Mikel Navarro Arancegui

  • 1979 Unemployment and the Structure of Labour Costs
    by Stephen Nickell

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