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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H7: State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
/ / / H76: Other Expenditure Categories
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Klimaschutz trotz knapper Kassen? Eine empirische Untersuchung zu Finanzierungsmodellen für Klimaschutzaktivitäten in Städten und Gemeinden
    by Diekmann, Laura-Christin & Jung, Anna & Rauch, Anna
  • 2014 La coordinación intra e intergubernamental para enfrentar al crimen organizado en México
    by Moreno Bagatella, Juan Carlos
  • 2014 Electoral politics and regional development. Assessing the geographical allocation of public investment in Turkey
    by Davide Luca & Andrés Rodríguez-Pose
  • 2014 Russia’s Market for Municipal and Subfederal Borrowings in 2013
    by Artem Shadrin
  • 2014 Electoral politics and regional development: assessing the geographical allocation of public investment in Turkey
    by Luca, Davide & Rodriguez-Pose, Andres
  • 2014 Implementación de las Políticas de Desarrollo Productivo en Colombia: Una Visión desde las Regiones
    by Oskar Nupia
  • 2014 Un modelo para el sistema de pensiones en el Perú: Diagnóstico y recomendaciones
    by Alonso, Javier & Sánchez, Rosario & Tuesta, David
  • 2014 Public provision vs. outsourcing of cultural services: Evidence from Italian cities
    by Bertacchini, Enrico & Dalle Nogare, Chiara
  • 2014 Mutual influence across routes using a common airport: The case of the domestic market in Japan
    by Doi, Naoshi
  • 2014 Life and Death in the Fast Lane: Police Enforcement and Traffic Fatalities
    by Gregory DeAngelo & Benjamin Hansen
  • 2014 Beaches, Sunshine, and Public Sector Pay: Theory and Evidence on Amenities and Rent Extraction by Government Workers
    by Jan K. Brueckner & David Neumark
  • 2014 Subways, Strikes, and Slowdowns: The Impacts of Public Transit on Traffic Congestion
    by Michael L. Anderson
  • 2013 Combining approaches to outline the determinants of local public policies for agricultural and natural land conservation
    by Olivier Chanel & Laurence Delattre & Claude Napoleone
  • 2013 Regional development goals and distributive politics in the allocation of Turkey?s central investments: socioeconomic criteria, parties and legislators? personal networks
    by Davide Luca
  • 2013 Does Modernization Improve Performance: Evidence from Indian Police
    by Kumar, Surender & Kumar, Sudesh
  • 2013 Estado y política pública en Colombia: Un balance desde la teoría política
    by Fernando, Estrada
  • 2013 Does local council size affect land development expenditure? Quasi-experimental evidence from Japanese municipal data
    by Hirota, Haruaki & Yunoue, Hideo
  • 2013 Juvenile Incarceration, Human Capital and Future Crime: Evidence from Randomly-Assigned Judges
    by Anna Aizer & Joseph J. Doyle, Jr.
  • 2013 The Impact of City Contracting Set-Asides on Black Self-Employment and Employment
    by Aaron K. Chatterji & Kenneth Y. Chay & Robert W. Fairlie
  • 2013 The Effect of Police on Crime: New Evidence from U.S. Cities, 1960-2010
    by Aaron Chalfin & Justin McCrary
  • 2013 The vouchers scheme as a mechanism of public support allocation in theory and practice
    by Marek Pavlík
  • 2013 European social model – parting of the ways?
    by Mirka Wildmannová
  • 2013 Economic characteristic of non-profit sport clubs and their relations with municipalities and sport federations
    by Marek Pavlik
  • 2013 Environmental protection expenditure: Ex-post evaluation
    by Jana Soukopova & Eduard Bakoš
  • 2013 Municipal Consolidation and Local Government Behavior: Evidence from Japanese Voting Data on Merger Referenda
    by Miyazaki, Takeshi
  • 2013 Administrative overspending in Indonesian districts: The role of local politics
    by Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir & Krisztina Kis-Katos & Guenther G. Schulze
  • 2013 Political Business Cycles in Local Indonesia
    by Bambang Suharnoko Sjahrir & Krisztina Kis-Katos & Guenther G. Schulze
  • 2013 On Revenue Recycling and the Welfare Effects of Second-Best Congestion Pricing in a Monocentric City
    by Ioannis Tikoudis & Erik T. Verhoef & Jos N. van Ommeren
  • 2013 La integración de los sistemas de transporte urbano en Colombia: una reforma en transición
    by Tito Yepes & Juan Carlos Junca & Juliana Aguilar
  • 2013 Indicadores del sector transporte en Colombia. Informe consolidado
    by Tito Yepes & Germán Ospina & Juliana Aguilar & Laura Calderón
  • 2013 Evolución de las Cifras Fiscales entre 2007 y 2011. Gobiernos Centrales de las Principales Seis Ciudades Colombianas
    by César A. Muñoz
  • 2013 Descentralización, Esfuerzo Fiscal y Progreso Social en Colombia en el Nivel Local, 1994-2009: ¿Por qué Importa la Política Nacional?
    by Fabio Sánchez Torres & Mónica Pachón
  • 2013 Labour’s Record on Neighbourhood Renewal in England: Policy, Spending and Outcomes 1997-2010
    by Alex Fenton & Amanda Fitzgerald & Ruth Lupton
  • 2013 Local Energy Policy and Managing the Low Carbon Transition: The Case of Leicester
    by Mark Lemon & Michael C Pollitt
  • 2013 Valuation of public investment to support bicycling (FV-09)
    by Thomas Götschi & Beat Hintermann
  • 2013 Increasing Transparency Through E-Communication Systems
    by Catalin VRABIE
  • 2013 Evolution of the Public Safety and Security Mobile Networks
    by Matti PELTOLA
  • 2013 The lasting effects of crime: The relationship of discovered methamphetamine laboratories and home values
    by Congdon-Hohman, Joshua M.
  • 2013 Aspects Of Decentralization In The Context Of Public Administration Reform
    by Florina POPA
  • 2013 On the Performance of the U.S. Transportation System: Caution Ahead
    by Clifford Winston
  • 2013 State Gun Policy and Cross-State Externalities: Evidence from Crime Gun Tracing
    by Brian Knight
  • 2013 Incentive Schemes for Local Government: Theory and Evidence from Comprehensive Performance Assessment in England
    by Ben Lockwood & Francesco Porcelli
  • 2013 Deterrence and Geographical Externalities in Auto Theft
    by Marco Gonzalez-Navarro
  • 2012 A comprehensive anlysis of expenditure decentralization and of the composition of local public spending
    by Agnese Sacchi & Simone Salotti
  • 2012 Matching Funds in Public Campaign Finance
    by Klumpp, Tilman & Mialon, Hugo & Williams, Michael
  • 2012 Commercial Revitalization in Low-Income Urban Communities: General Tax Incentives vs. Direct Incentives to Developers
    by Zhou, Li
  • 2012 Public procurement: a case study of the Indian Railways
    by Nag, Bodhibrata
  • 2012 Can Institutions be Reformed from Within? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment with the Rajasthan Police
    by Abhijit Banerjee & Raghabendra Chattopadhyay & Esther Duflo & Daniel Keniston & Nina Singh
  • 2012 Can Public Sector Wage Bills Be Reduced?
    by Pïerre Cahuc & Stephane Carcillo
  • 2012 Leaders’ Impact on Public Spending Priorities: The Case of the German Laender
    by Bernd Hayo & Florian Neumeier
  • 2012 Bureaucratic Delay, Local-Level Monitoring, and Delivery of Small Infrastructure Projects: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Bolivia
    by Yanez-Pagans, Monica & Machicado, Carlos Gustavo
  • 2012 Police and Crime: Evidence from Dictated Delays in Centralized Police Hiring
    by Buonanno, Paolo & Mastrobuoni, Giovanni
  • 2012 Police and Crime: Evidence from Dictated Delays in Centralized Police Hiring
    by Buonanno, Paolo & Mastrobuoni, Giovanni
  • 2012 Does fiscal decentralization foster regional investment in productive infrastructure?
    by Andreas Kappeler & Albert Solé-Ollé & Andreas Stephan & Timo Välilä
  • 2012 Achieving political acceptability for new transport infrastructure in congested urban regions
    by Westin , Jonas & Basck, Pierre & Franklin, Joel P. & Proost , Stef & Raux , Charles
  • 2012 Does fiscal decentralization foster regional investment in productive infrastructure?
    by Kappeler , Andreas & Solé-Ollé, Albert & Stephan, Andreas & Välilä, Timo
  • 2012 Does local economic development really work? Assessing LED across Mexican municipalities
    by Andrés Rodríguez-Pose & Eduardo I. Palavicini-Corona
  • 2012 Does Fiscal Decentralisation Foster Regional Investment in Productive Infrastructure?
    by Andreas Kappeler & Albert Solé-Ollé & Andreas Stephan & Timo Välilä
  • 2012 Can Institutions Be Reformed from Within? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment with the Rajasthan Police
    by Banerjee, Abhijit & Chattopadhyay, Raghabendra & Duflo, Esther & Keniston, Daniel & Singh, Nina
  • 2012 Political competition and the (in)effectiveness of redistribution in a federation
    by Ikuho Kochi & Raúl Ponce Rodríguez
  • 2012 Police and Crime: Evidence from Dictated Delays in Centralized Police Hiring
    by Paolo Buonanno & Giovanni Mastrobuoni
  • 2012 Bureaucratic delay, local-level monitoring, and delivery of small infrastructure projects: Evidence from a eld experiment in Bolivia
    by Carlos Gustavo Machicado & Monica Yanez
  • 2012 Romanian E-Government Overview
    by Catalin VRABIE
  • 2012 Governança ambiental e cooperação intergovernamental no Brasil: lições de Visconde de Mauá
    by Estela Maria Souza Costa Neves & Sergio Wright Maia
  • 2012 Post-Contractual Behaviour of Public Contracting Authorities in the Slovak Republic
    by Jan Pavel & Emília Sičáková-Beblavá
    by Delcea Lavinia Sidonia
  • 2012 Eficiência técnica da polícia militar em Minas Gerais [Technical efficiency of the police in Minas Gerais]
    by Paulo Roberto Scalco & Airton Lopes Amorim & Adriano Provezano Gomes
  • 2012 Decentralizáció és gazdasági fejlődés. Az olasz példa
    by Horváth, Gyula & Lóránd, Balázs
  • 2012 Trust in Government: A Note from Nigeria
    by Iroghama Paul Iroghama
  • 2012 Linee guida per un'efficace politica di attrazione degli investimenti esteri
    by Sergio Mariotti & Lucia Piscitello
  • 2012 Chi è stato? Grandi infrastrutture di trasporto, conflitti territoriali e identificazione dell’interesse generale
    by Fulvio Adobati & Andrea Debernardi
  • 2012 Crime, police, and truth-in-sentencing: The impact of state sentencing policy on local communities
    by Ross, Amanda
  • 2012 How to Cover the Medical Costs of Hospitalization: a Theoretical Model Based on the Household Willingness to Pay
    by Amaïde Arsan Miriarison TSIKOMIA & Razvan STEFANESCU & Daniela SARPE
  • 2011 Managing commodity price volatility
    by Brière, Marie
  • 2011 EU and US security policy from the cold war era to the 21st century: the institutional evolution of cfsp and the factors that determine the American military supremacy
    by Economou, Emmanouel/Marios/Lazaros & Metaxas, Theodore
  • 2011 Two-round elections, one-round determinants? Evidence from the French municipal elections
    by Cassette, Aurélie & Farvaque, Etienne & Héricourt, Jérôme
  • 2011 Performance of manufacturing industry in Indian states: who loose and why?
    by Sarker, Debnarayan & Das, Debraj
  • 2011 The impact of science and technology parks on firms´ product innovation: empirical evidence from Spain
    by Vásquez Urriago, Ángela Rocio & Barge-Gil, Andrés & Modrego Rico, Aurelia & Paraskevopoulou, Evita
  • 2011 Challenge of financing physical infrastructure and services in Brihanmumbai municipal corporation
    by Rode, Sanjay
  • 2011 Redistribution and Reelection under Proportional Representation: The Postwar Italian Chamber of Deputies
    by Golden, Miriam & Picci, Lucio
  • 2011 Cost-Effectiveness of Electricity Energy Efficiency Programs
    by Toshi H. Arimura & Shanjun Li & Richard G. Newell & Karen Palmer
  • 2011 Behavioral Economics Perspectives on Public Sector Pension Plans
    by John Beshears & James J. Choi & David Laibson & Brigitte C. Madrian
  • 2011 On the de…nition of W in empirical models of yardstick competition
    by Lundberg, Johan
  • 2011 The Lasting Effects of Crime: The Relationship of Discovered Methamphetamine Laboratories and Home Values
    by Joshua Congdon-Hohman
  • 2011 Behavioral Economics Perspectives on Public Sector Pension Plans
    by Beshears, John & Choi, James J. & Laibson, David & Madrian, Brigitte C.
  • 2011 The quality of public services in Italy
    by Amanda Carmignani & Francesco Bripi & Raffaela Giordano
  • 2011 The system of sports financing and management in the Republic of Croatia
    by Sanela Skoric & Zlatko Hodak
  • 2011 Decentralization of public policies for the promotion of firms’ internationalization. A proposal
    by Maria João Camelo de Barros
  • 2011 Specified of Substantiation of Administrative Decisions of Investments
    by Stignei Pasa Veronica
  • 2011 Needs Of Local Sustainable Development
    by Ionita Predescu Lorena & Radu Florin & Tabirca Alina Iuliana
  • 2010 Les modes de coordination entre intervenants en santé mentale en milieu carcéral : logiques professionnelles et dynamiques organisationnelles
    by Malochet, Guillaume & Le Bianic, Thomas
  • 2010 State Trade Missions
    by Andrew J. Cassey
  • 2010 L’efficienza tecnico-economica dei servizi pubblici locali: i casi delle farmacie comunali e dei servizi di igiene urbana
    by Bracalente, Bruno & Polinori, Paolo
  • 2010 Ethnic fragmentation and police spending
    by Ajilore, Olugbenga & Smith, John
  • 2010 Policies to Enhance the Physical Urban Environment for Competitiveness: A New Partnership between Public and Private Sectors
    by Tetsuya Shimomura & Tadashi Matsumoto
  • 2010 A State Housing Database: 1993-2009
    by Arthur Grimes & Steven Stillman & Hugh McDonald & Alex Olssen
  • 2010 Russia’s Interbudgetary Relations and Subnational Finance in 2009
    by Anton Siluanov & Vladimir Nazarov & Arseny Mamedov
  • 2010 The impact of infrastructure setting litigation on residential property values in Paris’s suburban zones
    by Pham, Hai Vu & Simon, Arnaud & Torre, André
  • 2010 Seguimiento a las Finanzas Públicas de Cali 2007-2008
    by Pedro Pablo Sanabria & Natalia Solano & Juan Sebastián Corrales M
  • 2010 Evolución de la informalidad laboral en Colombia: determinantes macro y efectos locales
    by Gustavo Adolfo García
  • 2010 Crisis and the Activity of Communication and Public Relations Department
    by Elena Unguru
  • 2010 The Business of Piracy in Somalia
    by Anja Shortland
  • 2010 Piraterie in Somalia: ein gutes Geschäft für Viele
    by Anja Shortland
  • 2010 Picking up Savings: The Benefits of Competition in Municipal Waste Services
    by Benjamin Dachis
  • 2010 Picking up Savings: The Benefits of Competition in Municipal Waste Services
    by Benjamin Dachis
  • 2010 Romanian Pre-University Education Financing. Ideal Vs. Reality
    by Dan Togoe
  • 2009 Budget structure and reelection prospects: Empirical evidence from French local elections
    by Cassette, Aurélie & Farvaque, Etienne & Héricourt, Jérôme & Jean, Nicolas
  • 2009 The Location of U.S. States' Overseas Office
    by Andrew J. Cassey
  • 2009 Consideraţii Privind Migrarea Către Software-Ul Open Source În Administraţiile Publice Europene
    by Margea, Camelia
  • 2009 A Postfunctionalist Theory of Regional Government
    by Schakel, Arjan Hille
  • 2009 Democratisation via elections in an African 'narco state'? The case of Guinea-Bissau
    by Kohnert, Dirk
  • 2009 Public infrastructure: definition, classification and measurement issues
    by Torrisi, Gianpiero
  • 2009 The structural funds management in third-Central and Eastern European
    by Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena
  • 2009 The prospects for Romania and state of the conduct ISPA Program
    by Duduiala-Popescu, Lorena
  • 2009 Fiscal health of selected Indian cities
    by Bandyopadhyay,Simanti & M. Govinda Rao
  • 2009 Do Oil Windfalls Improve Living Standards? Evidence from Brazil
    by Francesco Caselli & Guy Michaels
  • 2009 Intergovernmental Relations and Subnational Finances in Russia in 2008
    by Anton Siluanov & Pavel Kadochnikov & Vladimir Nazarov & Arseny Mamedov
  • 2009 Mobile criminals, immobile crime: the efficiency of decentralized crime deterrence
    by Martin Gregor & Lenka Šťastná
  • 2009 Decentralization and local service provision: what do we know?
    by Ehtisham Ahmad & Giorgio Brosio
  • 2009 Do oil windfalls improve living standards?: evidence from Brazil
    by Francesco Caselli & Guy Michaels
  • 2009 Fiscal Health of Selected Indian Cities
    by Simanti Bandyopadhyay & M. Govinda Rao
  • 2009 Les directions départementales de l'Équipement et la décentralisation
    by Thoenig, Jean-Claude
  • 2009 Do Oil Windfalls Improve Living Standards? Evidence from Brazil
    by Caselli, Francesco & Michaels, Guy
  • 2009 Do Oil Windfalls Improve Living Standards? Evidence from Brazil
    by Francesco Caselli & Guy Michaels
  • 2009 Bidding for Sport Mega-Events
    by Richard Pomfret & John K. Wilson & Bernhard Lobmayr
  • 2009 How Do State Arts Appropriations Affect State Economic Growth?
    by Deskins, John & Deskins, Sally & Hill, Brian
  • 2009 Measuring Expenditure Needs and Public Safety Transfers in Mexico
    by Luis Cabrera-Castellanos & Maribel Lozano-Cortés & Frederick H. Wallace
  • 2009 Il project finance nei servizi pubblici locali: poca finanza e poco progetto?
    by Chiara Bentivogli & Eugenio Panicara & Alfredo Tidu
  • 2009 Come strutturare un sistema di contabilità ambientale per il territorio e gli enti locali. Una proposta di integrazione fra il sistema CLEAR e l'approccio NAMEA
    by Alessandra La Notte & Luca Frappiccini
  • 2009 Political Economy at Any Speed: What Determines Traffic Citations?
    by Michael D. Makowsky & Thomas Stratmann
  • 2009 Governance Institutions and Economic Activity
    by Avinash Dixit
  • 2008 California's Exports and the 2004 Overseas Office Closures
    by Andrew J. Cassey
  • 2008 Deprivation of Basic Amenities in Andhra Pradesh
    by Motkuri, Venkatanarayana
  • 2008 Local public procurement: how to deal with a creative bidder? A case study from the Netherlands
    by van der Hoek, M. Peter
  • 2008 Addressing Regional Inequality Issues in Bangladesh Public Expenditure
    by Mahmoud, Chowdhury Shameem & Wadood, Syed Naimul & Ahmed, Kazi Sabbir
  • 2008 Role Úřadu Pro Ochranu Hospodářské Soutěže V Politice Tvorby A Ochrany Konkurenčního Prostředí
    by Pellešová, Pavlína
  • 2008 Tax Incentives for Affordable Housing: The Low Income Housing Tax Credit
    by Mihir A. Desai & Dhammika Dharmapala & Monica Singhal
  • 2008 Competition for Private Capital and Central Grants: The Case of Japanese Industrial Parks
    by Shun-ichiro Bessho & Kimiko Terai
  • 2008 The Cognitive Transition in Mexico: Economic Geography and Local Governance Impacts
    by David Mayer-Foulkes
  • 2008 Project finance in local public services: little finance and little project?
    by Chiara Bentivogli & Eugenia Panicara & Alfredo Tidu
  • 2007 Ethnic Fragmentation and Police Spending: Social Identity and a Public Good
    by John Smith & Olugbenga Ajilore
  • 2007 Новый Подход К Разработке Методик Анализа Региональных Экономических Процессов
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 2007 Do Small States Get More Federal Monies? Myth and Reality about the US Senate Malapportionment
    by Larcinese, Valentino & Rizzo, Leonzio & Testa, Cecilia
  • 2007 Municipal Bonds for Financing Development of infrastructure: A way forward for KCC and Local Governments in Uganda
    by Mayanja, Abubaker & Mayengo, Israel
  • 2007 Les transferts de competences vus depuis la Roumanie
    by Matei, Ani
  • 2007 Status quo on fiscal decentralisation in Mongolia
    by Ariunaa Lkhagvadorj
  • 2007 Evolução da Maturidade dos Serviços de Informação das Autarquias no período 2006-2007
    by Luís Vieira
  • 2007 Just rewards? Local politics and public resource allocation in South India
    by Timothy Besley & Rohini Pande & Vijayendra Rao
  • 2007 Just Rewards?Local Politics and Public ResourceAllocation in South India
    by Timothy Besley & Rohini Pande & Vijayendra Rao
  • 2007 Factors Influencing Decisions on Services Provision in major Slovak Cities
    by Emília Sičáková-Beblavá & Miroslav Beblavý
  • 2006 Bid avarage methods in Procurement
    by Spagnolo, Giancarlo & Albano, Gian Luigi & Bianchi, Milo
  • 2006 Decomposing violence: terrorist murder and attacks in New York State from 1933 to 2005
    by Gómez-Sorzano, Gustavo
  • 2006 Misurare l'E-Government: il caso italiano
    by Picci, Lucio
  • 2006 Surat 2006 Floods: A Citizens’ Report
    by Acharya, Akash & Biswaroop, Das & Pandya, Kiran & Raj, Madhusudan
  • 2006 Water management strategies in urban Mexico: Limitations of the privatization debate
    by Barkin, David & Klooster, Daniel
  • 2006 Geração computacional de recomendações para o desenvolvimento dos serviços de informação das autarquias
    by Luís M. Ribeiro Vieira
  • 2006 Um estudo sobre a maturidade dos serviços de informação das autarquias
    by Luís M. Ribeiro Vieira
  • 2006 Why do budgets received by state prosecutors vary across districts in the United States?
    by Manu Raghav
  • 2006 Water Infrastructures Facing Sustainable Development Challenges: Integrated Evaluation of Impacts of Dams on Regional Development in Morocco
    by Paola Minoia & Anna Brusarosco
  • 2006 Dal PIM alla "Metropoli provinciale". Trent’anni di ipotesi finanziarie associate a un sogno: la Citta' Metropolitana di Milano
    by Giancarlo POLA
  • 2006 Effectiveness of Credit Pooling in Financing Infrastructure for Economic Growth in Southern Rural Counties--A Quasi-experimental Approach
    by Ray, Mona & Hite, James C.
  • 2003 Crime in Urban Areas: An Empirical Investigation
    by Gumus, Erdal
  • 2000 Стратегия Развития Системы Городского Самоуправления В Новых Экономических Условиях
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 1997 Проблемы Общественного Самоуправления В Свете Теории Самоорганизации
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 1994 Do Public Sector Contracts And Policy Towards Small Firms Matter?: Evidence From Women Business Enterprises
    by Cadogan, Godfrey
  • 1989 Decentralization and local public goods: getting the incentives right
    by Roumasset, James
  • Capital Appraisal Handbook For Provincial Roads: Limpopo Province
    by Andrey Klevchuk & Glenn Jenkins
  • Public Capital Maintenance, Decentralization and U.s. Productivity Growth
    by Eugenia Vella & Sarantis Kalyvitis