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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K3: Other Substantive Areas of Law
/ / / K39: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Administrative Resources To Resolve Taxpayers Disputes In Mexico Recursos Administrativos Para Solucionar Conflictos A Los Contribuyentes En Mexico
    by Rosa Hilda Hernandez Sandoval & Irma Evangelina Oliva Garza & Sandra Patricia de la Garza Cienfuegos & Rosa Margarita Torres Hernandez

  • 2017 Legalisierung des Glückspiels im Sinne von § 284 StGB durch ausländische Genehmigungen
    by Lembach, Kai Tobias & Albrecht, Achim & Mußmann, Andreas & Götz, Andreas Eberhard

  • 2017 Rent-seeking in elite networks
    by Haselmann, Rainer & Schoenherr, David & Vig, Vikrant

  • 2017 Human Rights and Sovereign Debts in the Context of Property and Creditor Rights
    by Porzecanski, Arturo C.

  • 2017 The Financing Of Public Education, With Special Regard To The Hungarian Regulation
    by Zoltan NAGY & Ada CSIZMAR

  • 2017 The Welfare Effects of Civil Forfeiture
    by Preciado, Michael & Wilson, Bart J.

  • 2017 The Integral Nature Of Tax Laws For Tax Payer’S In Mexico, Las Leyes Tributarias Forman Parte Integral De La Vida Del Gobernado En Mexico
    by Rosa Hilda Hernandez Sandoval & Sandra Patricia de la Garza Cienfuegos & Ana Maria Aguilar Sanchez & Rosa Margarita Torres Hernandez

  • 2016 The Sale of Goods Act 1893 (UK) stands tall in Hong Kong, India and Malaysia
    by Abdul Majid & Sri Yogamalar & Sandra Ho & Shanthy Rachagan

  • 2016 The technology legal framework issues and challenges in Romania
    by Vrabie, Catalin & Tirziu, Andreea-Maria

  • 2016 Effects of Fiscal Rules - 85 Years' Experience in Switzerland
    by Heiko T. Burret & Lars P. Feld

  • 2016 Legal Regime Of The Bulgarian High Schools From The Liberation Until Present Days
    by Darina Dimitrova

  • 2016 Business value of Intellectual Property in Biotech SMEs: case studies of Lithuanian and Arizona’s (US) firms
    by Mindaugas KiÅ¡kis & Tadas Limba & GintarÄ— GuleviÄ iÅ«tÄ—

  • 2016 Dimensions Of Expert Report Complexity In Intellectual/Industrial Property. Case Study
    by Raul Sorin Fantana

  • 2016 What Are The Financial Mechanisms Under The Climate Change Regime That Support The Use Of Renewable Energy. How Can These Mechanisms Be Improved Within The 2020 Agreement?
    by Anna-Maria CODILEAN

  • 2016 The perils of copyright regulation
    by Ryan Safner

  • 2016 Selection of public servants into politics
    by Braendle, Thomas & Stutzer, Alois

  • 2016 Trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights agreements and the upsurge in foreign direct investment in developing countries
    by Zhang, Huiying & Yang, Xiaohui

  • 2016 Juridical Aspects Concerning The Institution Of Adoption From Romania And Moldova
    by Carmen, COMANICIU

  • 2016 Do Consumers Exploit Commitment Opportunities? Evidence from Natural Experiments Involving Liquor Consumption
    by B. Douglas Bernheim & Jonathan Meer & Neva K. Novarro

  • 2015 Behördliche Erlaubnis im Sinne des § 284 I Strafgesetzbuch - Konzessionen nach dem Recht der DDR als "deutsche Genehmigung"?
    by Lembach, Kai Tobias & Götz, Andreas Eberhard

  • 2015 Better winding up: A proposal for improved winding up of executory contracts
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2015 Zurück in die dirigistische Vergangenheit: Das Hochschulzukunftsgesetz in NRW
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights hinder sequential innovation: Experimental evidence
    by Brüggemann, Julia & Crosetto, Paolo & Meub, Lukas & Bizer, Kilian

  • 2015 The effects of ethnobotanical drugs on human body
    by Nicoleta-Elena Buzatu

  • 2015 Rebellion Crime in the ?slamic and Ottoman Law
    by Süleyman Emre Zorlu & Süheyla Zorlu

  • 2015 Third Party In International Commercial Arbitration: Indonesia Perspective

  • 2015 Unregistered Well-Known Mark Protection In Indonesia
    by Rika Ratna Permata

  • 2015 Actual problems of product placement and embedded (surreptitious) advertising
    by Maria Yurina

  • 2015 The Disability Employment Puzzle: A Field Experiment on Employer Hiring Behavior
    by Mason Ameri & Lisa Schur & Meera Adya & Scott Bentley & Patrick McKay & Douglas Kruse

  • 2015 Analisi lessico testuale delle ordinanze del Commissario Delegato alla ricostruzione in Emilia-Romagna: un contributo alla legge nazionale su emergenza e ricostruzione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 Analisi lessico testuale delle ordinanze del Commissario Delegato alla ricostruzione in Emilia-Romagna: un contributo alla legge nazionale su emergenza e ricostruzione
    by Pasquale Pavone & Margherita Russo

  • 2015 Does altruism justify privileges?
    by Enrico Colombatto & Valerio Tavormina

  • 2015 The Right to Be Forgotten in the European Union and Russia: Comparison and Criticism
    by Ruslan Nurullaev

  • 2015 Intellectual property rights hinder sequential innovation: experimental evidence
    by Brueggemann, J. & Crosetto, P. & Meub, L. & Bizer, K.

  • 2015 Selection of Public Servants into Politics
    by Thomas Braendle & Alois Stutzer

  • 2015 Establishment Of A Political Party
    by Florentina-Corina Floarea

  • 2015 Quelques Considerations Sur L’Harmonisation Europeenne Dans Le Domaine Audiovisuel – Pour Une Europe Unie
    by Fabian NICULAE

  • 2015 Considerations Regarding The Government Emergency Ordinance No. 55/2014 For Regulating Certain Measures Concerning The Local Public Administration
    by Elena Mihaela FODOR

  • 2015 Legal Issues Relating to the Liability of the Carrier for the Air Carriage of Passengers
    by Viktoria Rusanova

  • 2015 Executive Women And Work-Family Interaction: Evidence In Mexico Mujeres Ejecutivas E Interaccion Trabajofamilia: Evidencias En Mexico
    by Norma Patricia Garrido Garcia & Adriana Gallegos Sanchez & Hortensia Hernandez Vela

  • 2015 Popular Tradition - The Premise of the Occurrence of Mediation in Romanian Judicial System
    by Dragos Marian Radulescu

  • 2015 Copyright protection and entry deterrence
    by Inceoglu, Firat

  • 2015 Ancestralidad y derecho: el sistema jurídico en la India
    by Arturo Oropeza García

  • 2015 The concept of parody
    by Andreea Seucan

  • 2015 Ensuring the security of information systems - role and functions of information systems security
    by Alexandru TATU & Mircea COSMA

  • 2015 Possible Developments of Forms and Ways of Risks and Threats Manifestations towards Romania
    by Ion MOGOS & Mircea COSMA

  • 2015 Basic Dimensions of Security Information Systems
    by Alexandru TATU & Mircea COSMA

  • 2015 Threats to Romania generated by the status of a NATO and EU
    by Ion MOGOS & Mircea COSMA

  • 2015 The NATO-Russia Council: current political and juridical perspectives
    by Raluca Iulia IULIAN

  • 2015 Best Practices in Customs Procedures
    by Ioan Popa & Mihaela Gabriela Belu & Dorel Mihai Paraschiv & Ana Maria Marinoiu

  • 2014 A Short Look over the New Customs Regulations and the Logistics Performance in the European Union. Case Study: Romania [Scurtă privire asupra noilor reglementări vamale şi a performanţei logistice în Uniunea Europeană. Studiu de caz: România]
    by Belu Mihaela Gabriela, Marinoiu Ana Maria

  • 2014 Der Einfluss der Champions League auf die Wettbewerbsposition einzelner Vereine und die Competitive Balance der Bundesliga
    by Partosch, Christoph

  • 2014 Wie das Hochschulfreiheitsgesetz Hochschulen noch freier machen könnte
    by Dilger, Alexander

  • 2014 Large-scale risks and technological change: What about limited liability?
    by Sandrine SPAETER & Julien JACOB

  • 2014 Habeas data: new judicial guarantee in public law of Latin America
    by Ana Dhamo & Iris Dhamo

  • 2014 出版社の権利保護に関する経済学的分析
    by 青木, 玲子 & 新井, 泰弘

  • 2014 An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property
    by Joy Buchanan & Bart Wilson

  • 2014 Rethinking Nudges
    by Mongin , Philippe & Cozic , Mikaël

  • 2014 Concreción de las entidades de la economía social
    by Francisco Javier Arrieta Idiakez

  • 2014 Las cooperativas no agropecuarias en Cuba
    by Luis Marín Hita

  • 2014 Labour Law Patrimonial Liabilities. General Aspects
    by Georgiana , COVRIG

  • 2014 ¿Existen Derechos Sociales?
    by Atria, Fernando

  • 2014 Considérations Sur Les Initiatives Récentes De Révision De La Constitution Roumaine
    by Mircea CRISTE

  • 2014 Dispute resolution in construction matters – arbitration
    by Mateusz Gonet

  • 2014 Municipal Administrative Courts In The State Of Tamaulipas, Juzgados Administrativos Municipales En El Estado De Tamaulipas
    by Luis Moral Padilla & Jesus Apolinar Martinez Puebla & Salomon Elizalde Ceballos

  • 2014 How the consumers can be protected in case of contracts signed remotely in terms of the OUG provisions no. 34/2014
    by Adriana-Mihaela Gheorghe & Bogdan Radu &

  • 2014 Protection of Publishers' Rights in e-Books -An Economic Analysis of Neighboring Rights-
    by Aoki, Reiko & Arai, Yasuhiro

  • 2014 Does mortgage deregulation increase foreclosures? Evidence from Cleveland
    by Xu, Yilan

  • 2014 ¿Fruto de la parra envenenada? Algunas observaciones comparadas sobre la Constitución Chilena
    by Tom, Ginsburg

  • 2014 Considerations On The Importance Of Observing Human Rights Within European States
    by Isabela, STANCEA & Raluca, GHERGHINA

  • 2014 How judges think in the Brazilian Supreme Court: Estimating ideal points and identifying dimensions
    by Pedro Fernando Almeida Nery Ferreira & Bernardo Mueller

  • 2013 Book Review: Shari'ah Maxims Modern Applications in Islamic Finance by Muhammad Tahir Mansoori
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2013 Can't See the Tacking for the Trees? Try a Coasian Solution
    by Beaulier, Scott & Mixon, Franklin & Cebula, Richard

  • 2013 Policies for Inclusive Urbanisation in China
    by Vincent Koen & Richard Herd & Xiao Wang & Thomas Chalaux

  • 2013 Empirical Implications of Sequential Innovation and Legal Action
    by Arai, Yasuhiro & Moriya, Fumitoshi

  • 2013 The evolution of gender legislation in Italy and Europe
    by Monica Marcucci & Maria Iride Vangelisti

  • 2013 Nuevas realidades en el tercer sector: las aportaciones jurídico-organizativas de las fundaciones cívicas
    by Julio Jiménez Escobar

  • 2013 Insurance Intermediaries
    by Andreea Stoican

  • 2013 Several Aspects Regarding Orphan Works After The Adoption Of Eu Directive 2012/28/Eu Of The European Parliament And The Council Of 25 October 2012
    by Andreea Seucan

    by Michael J. Mazzeo & Jonathan H. Ashtor & Samantha Zyontz

  • 2013 Theoretical Approaches On The Economic Content Of The Category "Intellectual Property"
    by Alexandra NOVAC

  • 2013 Explaining the “unpredictable”: An empirical analysis of U.S. patent infringement awards
    by Mazzeo, Michael J. & Hillel, Jonathan & Zyontz, Samantha

  • 2013 Priestor Slobody Bezpečnosti A Spravodlivosti V Kontexte Európskej Integrácie
    by Lucia Hurná

  • 2013 Petičné právo vyplývajúce z občianstva Európskej únie
    by Lucia Hurná

  • 2013 Certain Assessments Related To The Importance Of European Court Of Human Rights In The European Law System
    by Raluca, GHERGHINA & Ana-Maria, GHERGHINA

  • 2013 3Month: March Fundamental Rights In The Eec Treaty And Within Community Freedoms
    by Konstantinos Margaritis

  • 2012 An Experiment on Protecting Intellectual Property
    by Joy A. Buchanan & Bart J. Wilson

  • 2012 LDC export diversification, employment generation and the green economy: What roles for tourism linkages?
    by Honeck, Dale

  • 2012 Unter welchen Bedingungen fördert die Riester-Förderung? Eine theoretische Analyse unter simultaner Einbeziehung von Kosten- und Steuereffekten
    by Stahl, Silvana & Stahl, Stefan & Kasch, Philipp

  • 2012 Perceived Internet privacy concerns on social network in Europe
    by Cecere, Grazia & Le Guel, Fabrice & Soulié, Nicolas

  • 2012 In the shadow of giants
    by Jing-Yuan, Chiou

  • 2012 L'application de la Convention Internationale des Droits de l'Enfant en droit luxembourgeois
    by SEGURA Jordane

  • 2012 El fomento de la “economía social” en la legislación española
    by Gemma Fajardo García

  • 2012 Time-lag and Business. On Non-Economic Determinants of Economic Parameters (Time-lag i biznes. O pozaekonomicznych wyznacznikach parametrów ekonomicznych)
    by Marek Goliszewski

  • 2012 The Role Of Tax Relief In A Time Of Crisis
    by Vincenzo CARBONE

  • 2012 The Ftc, Ip, And Ssos: Government Hold-Up Replacing Private Coordination
    by Richard A. Epstein & F. Scott Kieff & Daniel F. Spulber

  • 2012 The Business Federation of the Chambers of Trade and Commerce in Hungary
    by Erika Szilágyi Fülöp

  • 2012 Finding Footing in a Postmodern Conception of Law (English version)
    by Bryan DRUZIN

  • 2012 Applying Appreciative Inquiry Principles in the Restorative Justice Field (English version)
    by Antonio SANDU & Simona DAMIAN

  • 2012 Finding Footing in a Postmodern Conception of Law (English version)
    by Bryan DRUZIN

  • 2012 45. výročie Zmluvy o zásadách činnosti štátov pri výskume a využívaní kozmického priestoru vrátane Mesiaca a iných nebeských telies
    by Stanislav Mráz

  • 2012 Bank foundation – a symbiotic legal institution at the crossroad of banking system and non-profit sector
    by Magdalena Catargiu

  • 2011 Enforcing IPR through Informal Institutions: The possible role of religion in fighting software piracy
    by Nora Elbialy & Moamen Gouda

  • 2011 Selection of Public Servants into Politics
    by Thomas Braendle & Alois Stutzer

  • 2011 Medios económicos y disciplinarios para combatir el incumplimiento de los socios de participar en las actividades de las cooperativas agrarias
    by Luis Gallego Sevilla

  • 2011 Governance and the European Commission’s 2020 strategy
    by Caius Tudor Luminosu

  • 2011 The Hungarian minority question in Slovakia and Romania
    by Nicole V.T. Lugosi

  • 2011 European Legislation Regarding The Sexual And Moral Harrasment
    by Dragos CHILEA

  • 2011 The Experiences Of The Center For Public Affairs Studies In Education For European Administration
    by Mihály HÕGYE

  • 2011 The Reform Of The Labour Interest Reconciliation In Hungary
    by Tamas PRUGBERGER

  • 2011 Theoretical-methodological Aproaches to the Regional Security (English version)
    by Svetlana CEBOTARI & Ion XENOFONTOV

  • 2011 Arhitectura si Protectia Monumentelor Istorice in Legislatia Maghiara - Architecture and the Protection of Historical Monuments in the Hungarian Legislation (Romanian version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate Beatrice DÉRER

  • 2011 Architecture and the Protection of Historical Monuments in the Hungarian Legislation (English version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate Beatrice DÉRER

  • 2011 Features of Legal Language. The Translator’s Perspective (English version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate Oana BARGAN

  • 2011 Civil and criminal penalties for copyright infringement
    by Arai, Yasuhiro

  • 2011 Entre la diferenciación y los individuos: Derechos fundamentales y las redes de la infamia
    by Aldo, Mascareño

  • 2011 Medzinárodné kozmické právo
    by Stanislav Mráz

  • 2011 Územná pôsobnosť práva Európskej únie
    by Lucia Hurná

  • 2011 Households Insurance -Howto Release Catastrophic Risks
    by Lect. Mădălina Giorgiana Mangra Ph. D, Assoc. Prof. Marieta Stanciu Ph. D, Lect. Natalița Maria Sperdea Ph. D

  • 2010 Large-scale risks and technological change: What about limited liability?
    by Julien Jacob & Sandrine Spaeter

  • 2010 Intellectual Property Right Protection in the Software Market
    by Yasuhiro Arai

  • 2010 Intellectual Property Right Protection in the Software Market
    by Arai, Yasuhiro

  • 2010 Impact of the Legislation in informal Economy of South – Eastern European Countries – with particular Focus in Kosovo
    by Armand Krasniqi

  • 2010 Central Banking in the Rule of Law Context in the Czech Republic
    by Jan Cimburek & Pavel Řežábek

  • 2010 The Main Tendencies Of Public Management Reforms– From A Hungarian Point Of View
    by András TORMA

  • 2010 Les Competences Du Juge Constitutionnel Roumain
    by Mircea CRISTE

  • 2010 European Funds And The Criminal Liability In Their Administration And Management
    by Adriana Tatiana SUCIU & Felicia POP

  • 2010 Ownership Issues Of Arable Areas Owned By Foreigners Or Ensured By Firms Or Any Other Contracts

  • 2010 Implementation and Evaluation in Romania of the Integrated Border Security System (SISF)
    by FULGA Mircea & MARINESCU Desiree M.A.

  • 2010 Considerations Concernant L’Assurance De La Representativite Du Citoyen Europeen Dans La Situation Economique Actuelle
    by Timofte Claudia Simona & Mirisan Ligia Valentina

    by Oana Ruxandra HRITCU

    by Oana Ruxandra HRITCU

    by Rodica Ciobanu

    by Gabriel Radu

    by Lect. univ. dr. Circa Adrian

    by Prof. univ. dr. Cristian BOCANCEA

  • 2010 The Effect of Victimization
    by Mihai Adrian Hotca

  • 2010 Relationship Between ECHR and the Court of Justice of the European Communities for the Standardization of the Respect for Human Rights
    by Popescu Mihaela Agatador

  • 2010 Municipal reform in the republics of the Southern Federal Okrug
    by Irina Starodubrovskaya & Nina Mironova

  • 2010 Los Derechos Humanos y el siglo XXI
    by Angulo Sánchez, Nicolás

  • 2010 The analysis of the violence in the road traffic. Expressions forms and the effects related to the level of violence
    by George Lucian Costiniu

  • 2009 Datenschutz in KMU: Lehren für die IT-Compliance
    by Klotz, Michael

  • 2009 Intellectual Property Protection and Patterns of Trade
    by Jade Vichyanond

  • 2009 Real Effects of Bank Governance: Bank Ownership and Corporate Innovation
    by Haselmann, Rainer & Marsch, Katharina & Weder di Mauro, Beatrice

  • 2009 La función del órgano de control de una sociedad cooperativa europea domiciliada en España
    by Mónica Fuentes Naharro

  • 2009 Analyse économique du Droit versus Institutionnalisme. Une comparaison « en situation »1
    by Montagne, Sabine

  • 2009 The Philosophy Of Law In The Work Of Vaida Ladislau
    by Adrian BOANTA

  • 2009 Essai De Typologie Des Fonds Structurels De L'Union Europeenne
    by Didier BLANC

  • 2009 L’Enregistrement Des Partis Politiques Dans La Jurisprudence De La Cour Europeenne Des Droits De L’Homme
    by Yves POIRMEUR

  • 2009 The Legal Protection Of The Secrecy Of Correspondence
    by Roxana Maria ROBA

  • 2009 Act one, act first – the law on fiscal responsibility
    by Gergely Baksay & Gábor P. Kiss

  • 2009 Finanzas públicas estatales y las leyes de fiscalización superior en México
    by Nancy García Vazquez

  • 2008 Strategic Registration of Voters: the Chilean Case
    by De Luca, Giacomo

  • 2008 Privacy, Publicity, and Choice
    by Andrew F. Daughety & Jennifer F. Reinganum

  • 2008 Credit Expansion, the Prisoner´s Dilemma, and Free Banking as Mechanism Design
    by van den Hauwe, Ludwig

  • 2008 Negotiating constitution for political unions
    by Vikas Kumar

  • 2008 Software Piracy in Egypt: Analysis of the Institutional Environment and Efficiency of Enforcement Measures
    by Nora El-Bialy Ibrahim

  • 2008 Negotiating Constitution for Political Unions
    by Vikas Kumar

  • 2008 The Right to Live and the Freedom to Die

  • 2008 Aspects regarding the organization and the function of the Transylvanian Appeal Court of Târgu-Mures

  • 2008 Do Patent Holdup And Royalty Stacking Lead To Systematically Excessive Royalties?
    by Einer Elhauge

  • 2008 Information Society: New Challenges For Sustainable Development
    by Crina Malcoci & Raul Felix Hodos

  • 2007 Securitization In Islamic Bonds And Debt Securities Issues And Alternatives
    by Engku Rabiah Adawiah bt Engku Ali

  • 2007 Do Freedom of Information Laws Decrease Corruption?
    by Tavares, Samia

  • 2007 Reform of the Social Sphere: Institutional Barriers at the Regional Level
    by Konstantin Yanovsky & Sergey Zhavoronkov & Elena Reva & Sergey Shulgin & John F. Young

  • 2007 Succession in Family Businesses of Pakistan : Kinship Culture and Islamic Inheritance Law
    by Nasir Afghan & Tayyaba Wiqar

  • 2007 Indian Exports at Crossroads: Why the European Community is Subjecting Indian Goods to Countervailing Duties
    by Sagnik Sinha

  • 2007 Les droits de l'homme en tant que droits subjectifs qui traduisent dans l’ordre juridique les principes naturels de justice

  • 2007 On the benefits of studying Roman law

  • 2007 La Nouvelle Economie des Ressources (NER) :Panacée ou Boite de Pandore ?
    by Gilles Grolleau & Naoufel Mzoughi & Chahira Nouira

  • 2006 Review of Huerta de Soto´s `Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles´
    by van den Hauwe, Ludwig

  • 2006 The Uneasy Case for Fractional-Reserve Free Banking
    by van den Hauwe, Ludwig

  • 2006 Czech Bankruptcy Procedures: Ex-post Efficiency View
    by Ondøej Knot & Ondøej Vychodil

  • 2006 Le politiche del governo federale statunitense nell’edilizia residenziale. Suggerimenti per il modello italiano
    by Davide Michelis

  • 2006 Bankruptcy Regimes and Gambling on Resurrection
    by Ondrej Knot & Ondrej Vychodil

  • 2006 The Distribution of a Federal Entitlement: The Case of Adoption Assistance
    by Mary Eschelbach Hansen

  • 2006 The Didactics of Legal French

  • 2006 George Fotino or a Necessary “Restitutio in Integrum”

  • 2006 Medicine, Law and Society: Principles of Medical Responsibility/ Liability in France

  • 2006 Implementing International Women’s Rights in Domestic Context: Turkish Case
    by Pinar Baklaci & Esen Akinturk

  • 2005 The Effects of Campaign Finance Laws on Turnout, 1950-2000
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Primo

  • 2005 The contributions of Professor Amartya Sen in the field of human rights
    by Vizard, Polly

  • 2005 The Contributions of Professor Amartya Sen in the Field of Human Rights
    by Polly Vizard

  • 2005 Person, personality, responsibility

  • 2005 The Genesis of the European Cultural Dimension (II)

  • 2004 Can 'Open Science' be Protected from the Evolving Scheme of IPR Protections?
    by Paul A. David

  • 2004 The Economics of Open Source Hijacking and Declining Quality of Digital Information Resources: A Case for Copyleft
    by Andrea Ciffolilli

  • 2004 The Genesis of the European Cultural Dimension (I)

  • 2003 Workplace Violence and Security: Are there Lessons for Peacemaking?
    by Frances E. Zollers & Elletta Sangrey Callahan

  • 2003 Abortion and Female Power in the Household Evidence from Labor Supply
    by Sonia Oreffice

  • 2003 Archive Survey. The Records of De Nederlandsche Bank
    by F. Joustra & J. Mooij

  • 2003 The Regulations Made ‹n The Second Constitutionalera Concerning The Muftis
    by Esra Yakut

  • 2002 Bequest division and population growth: A lineal extinction probability approach
    by C. Y. Cyrus Chu & Huei-Chung Lu & Mingshen Chen

  • 2001 The Economics of Election Campaign Spending Limits
    by Filip Palda

  • 2001 Election Finance Regulation in Emerging Democracies: Lessons from Canada and the U.S
    by Filip Palda

  • 2001 Are Campaign Contributions a Form of Speech? Evidence from Recent US House Elections
    by Dhammika Dharmapala & Filip Palda

  • 2001 Autonomous Organization of the (International) Scientific Community Would Simplify Data Protection in the Social Sciences and Encourage Reanalysis
    by Gert G. Wagner

  • 2001 'Iwad As A Requirement Of Lawful Sale: A Critical Analysis
    by Saiful Azhar Rosly

  • 2000 A Tragedy of the Public Knowledge 'Common' ? Global Science, Tellectual Property and The Digital Technology Boomerang
    by David, P.A.

  • 2000 Inflation Targeting and Exchange Rate Flexibility
    by Michael Kumhof

  • 2000 A Critical View of Inflation Targeting: Crises, Limited Sustainability, and Aggregate Shocks
    by Michael Kumhof

  • 2000 International Capital Mobility in Emerging Markets: New Evidence from Daily Data
    by Michael Kumhof

  • 2000 The Digital Technology Boomerang: New Intellectual Property Rights Threaten Global "Open Science"
    by Paul A. David

  • 1998 Did Unilateral Divorce Raise Divorce Rates? Evidence from Panel Data
    by Leora Friedberg

  • 1997 Проблемы Общественного Самоуправления В Свете Теории Самоорганизации
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 1995 Towards a Payment Systems Law for Developing and Transition Economies
    by Bhala, R.

  • 1995 Breaking Up is Hard to Do: The Economics of Spousal Support
    by Samuel A. Rea, Jr.

  • 1994 Who Should Run Trade Policy in Eastern Europe and How?
    by Winters, L. Alan

  • 1991 An Economic Analysis of the Droit de Suite
    by Solow, J.

  • 1991 Building a universal payments law?: The UNCITRAL Model Law on International Credit Transfers
    by Henrich, Gregor

  • 1986 The new Brazilian Cheques Act of 1985 and the Geneva Uniform Law on Cheques
    by Heinrich, Gregor

  • 1975 A Bayesian Analysis of Commodity Demand and Labor Supply
    by Nicholas M. Kiefer

  • Balance of Payments Crises Under Inflation Targeting
    by Michael Kumhof & Shujing Li & Isabel Yan

  • Balance of Payments Crisis: The Role of Short-Term Debt
    by Michael Kumhof

  • Sterilization of Short-Term Capital Inflows - Through Lower Interest Rates ?
    by Michael Kumhof

  • A Quantative Exploration of the Role of Short-Term Domestic Debit in Balance of Payments Crises
    by Michael Kumhof

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