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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ F: International Economics
/ / F4: Macroeconomic Aspects of International Trade and Finance
/ / / F49: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Mondialisation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Greece and the Troika: Lessons from international best practice cases of successful price (and wage) adjustment
    by Belke, Ansgar & Gros, Daniel

  • 2017 Greece and the Troika – Lessons from international best practice cases of successful price (and wage) adjustment
    by Ansgar Belke & Daniel Gros

  • 2016 Currency Wars: Who Gains from the Battle?
    by Phornchanok Cumperayot & Roy Kouwenberg

  • 2016 Impact of hard and soft infrastructure: Evidence from the EU partners, North Africa and CEECs
    by Mathilde MAUREL & Hugo LAPEYRONIE & Bogdan MEUNIER

  • 2016 Impact of hard and soft infrastructure: Evidence from the EU partners, North Africa and CEECs
    by Mathilde MAUREL & Hugo LAPEYRONIE & Bogdan MEUNIER

  • 2016 A vulnerabilidade externa decorrente da Posição Internacional de Investimentos e do fluxo de rendas da economia brasileira no período 2001-2010 [External vulnerability due to the International Investment Position and the income flows in Brazil from 2001 to 2010]
    by Paulo Van Noije & Bruno De Conti

  • 2016 International Trade Of Romania In The Context Of Its Low Economic Potential
    by Ionel BOSTAN

  • 2015 Does foreign direct investment synchronise business cycles? Results from a panel approach
    by Fries, Claudia & Kappler, Marcus

  • 2015 The China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone: Background, Developments and Preliminary Assessment of Initial Impacts
    by Daqing Yao & John Whalley

  • 2015 Toward Open Recognition? Standardization And Regional Integration Under Article Xxiv Of Gatt
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Negotiations On Domestic Regulation And Trade In Services (Gats Article Vi): A Legal Analysis Of Selected Current Issues
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Jurisdiction In Wto Dispute Settlement
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 The Wto Cathedral
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Legal Aspects Of A Poverty Agenda At The Wto: Trade Law And ‘Global Apartheid’
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 The Wto And Development Policy In China And India
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Doing Justice: The Economics And Politics Of International Distributive Justice
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Incorporating Development Among Diverse Members
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 The World Trading System, the International Legal System and Multilevel Choice
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Regulatory Jurisdiction And The Wto
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Canada – wheat: Discrimination, non-commercial considerations, and the right to regulate through state trading enterprises

  • 2015 Incomplete Harmonization Contracts in International Economic Law: Report of the Panel, China – Measures Affecting the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights, WT/DS362/R, adopted 20 March 2009

  • 2015 Embedding mutual recognition at the WTO
    by Joel P. Trachtman

  • 2015 Continued Suspense: Ec–Hormones And Wto Disciplines On Discrimination And Domestic Regulation
    by Bernard Hoekman & Joel Trachtman

  • 2015 Brazil – Measures Affecting Imports of Retreaded Tyres: A Balancing Act

  • 2015 Philippines – Taxes on Distilled Spirits: Like Products and Market Definition

  • 2015 Trade Law, Domestic Regulation and Development
    by Joel P Trachtman

  • 2015 The Development of External Macroeconomic Imbalances in European Countries in Connection with Running Integration Processes
    by Pavla Bednářová & Vladimíra Hovorková Valentová

  • 2015 Phenomenology Of Punishable Behaviors In The Economy And Their Impact On The Success Of The Organizations
    by Zeljko Turkalj & Ante Orlovic & Ivica Milkovic

  • 2015 Trade Liberalization and Economic Growth in Nigeria: Do Concern Matters?
    by Olabisi Olabode Eric

  • 2015 Dynamic steam coal market integration: Evidence from rolling cointegration analysis
    by Papież, Monika & Śmiech, Sławomir

  • 2015 Trade openness, export diversification, and political regimes
    by Makhlouf, Yousef & Kellard, Neil M. & Vinogradov, Dmitri

  • 2014 Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price Stability
    by Belke, Ansgar & Böing, Tobias

  • 2014 Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries: New Evidence on the Costs of Price Stability
    by Ansgar Belke & Tobias Böing

  • 2014 Investigation on the relationship between Romanian foreign trade and industrial production
    by Stefanescu, Razvan & Dumitriu, Ramona

  • 2014 Return and Volatility Spillovers in Industrial Metals
    by Brian M. Lucey

  • 2014 Which Precious Metals Spill Over on Which, When and Why? – Some Evidence
    by Jonathan A. Batten & Cetin Ciner & Brian M. Lucey

  • 2014 U.S. Treasury Auction Yields Before and During Quantitative Easing: Market Factors vs.Auction Specific Factors
    by Catherine L. Mann & Oren Klachkin

  • 2014 Resisting Foreign Competition – A Case Study of France and Germany
    by Thannaletchimy Thanagopal & Pierre Le Mouel

  • 2014 Factors of trade in Europe
    by Hanousek, Jan & Kočenda, Evžen

  • 2014 Los países del tercer mundo frente a la crisis europea
    by Pedro Nel Páez & Jorge Isaza & Luz Amanda Zamora

  • 2013 International Transmission of Food Prices and Volatilities: A Panel Analysis
    by Lee , Hyun-Hoon & Park, Cyn-Young

  • 2013 Institution-Induced Productivity Differences and Patterns of International Capital Flows
    by Matsuyama, Kiminori

  • 2013 Does Foreign Direct Investment Synchronise Business Cycles? Results from a Panel Approach
    by Claudia Busl & Marcus Kappler

  • 2013 World Economic Perspectives In The Post-Crisis And Economic Growth Periods
    by Oleg CEBOTARI & Alexandru GRIBINCEA

  • 2013 World Economic Perspectives In The Post-Crisis And Economic Growth Periods
    by Oleg CEBOTARI & Alexandru GRIBINCEA

  • 2013 Combined use of foreign debt and currency derivatives under the threat of currency crises: The case of Latin American firms
    by Gatopoulos, Georgios & Loubergé, Henri

  • 2013 A network analysis of global banking: 1978–2010
    by Minoiu, Camelia & Reyes, Javier A.

  • 2013 Causality-in-mean and causality-in-variance within the international steam coal market
    by Papież, Monika & Śmiech, Sławomir

  • 2013 Exchange rate nonlinearities in EMU exports to the US
    by Verheyen, Florian

  • 2013 Využitie Akreditívov Pri Financovaní Medzinárodného Obchodu
    by Eva Jančíková

  • 2013 Do bubbles occur in the gold price? An investigation of gold lease rates and Markov Switching models
    by Brian M. Lucey & Fergal A. O’Connor

  • 2012 Exchange Rate Regimes in the Modern Era
    by Klein, Michael W. & Shambaugh, Jay C.

  • 2012 Financial Globalization and Animal Spirits
    by Kunieda, Takuma & Shibata, Akihisa

  • 2012 London or New York: where and when does the gold price originate?
    by Brian Lucey & Charles Larkin

  • 2012 Terms of Trade and Economic Growth in Poland in the period 1980-2009
    by Piotr Misztal

  • 2012 Beyond Financial Contagion, Negative Effects Abnormalities Detection
    by Bradut-Vasile BOLOS

  • 2012 Examining Friedman Hypothesis On Political,Civil And Economic Freedom For Saarc Countries: A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis

  • 2012 Ithalat-Ihracat-Doviz Kuru Bagimliligi: Bootstrap ile Duzeltilmis Nedensellik Testi Uygulamasi
    by Ertugrul YILDIRIM & Ferdi KESIKOGLU

  • 2012 Bilateral exports from euro zone countries to the US — Does exchange rate variability play a role?
    by Verheyen, Florian

  • 2012 The sovereign property of foreign reserve investment in China: A CVaR approach
    by Li, Jie & Huang, Huaxia & Xiao, Xiao

  • 2012 Macroeconomic consequences of increased productivity in less developed economies
    by Ali, Syed Zahid & Anwar, Sajid & Valadkhani, Abbas

  • 2011 Bilateral exports from Euro Zone countries to the US: Does exchange rate variability play a role?
    by Verheyen, Florian

  • 2011 How important are real interest rates for oil prices?
    by Arora, Vipin & Tanner, Matthew

  • 2011 GATT/WTO membership does promote international trade after all – Some new empirical evidence
    by Konya, Laszlo & Matyas, Laszlo & Harris, Mark

  • 2011 Bilateral Exports from Euro Zone Countries to the US - Does Exchange Rate Variability Play a Role?
    by Florian Verheyen

  • 2011 U.S. Treasury Auction Yields During Boom, Bust, and Quantitative Easing: Role for Fed and Foreign Purchasers
    by Catherine L. Mann & Oren Klachkin

  • 2011 Securitization As a Factor Of Economic Integration

  • 2011 From Economic Growth to Sustainable Development in a Globalized World
    by Craciun Liliana

  • 2011 Reconstructing the Performance of Pakistan’s Political Economy: Another Paradigm
    by Inayat Ullah Mangla

  • 2011 Manufactured Exports And Economic Growth In Egypt: Cointegration And Causality Analysis
    by Neveen M. TORAYEH

  • 2011 The EU’s External Relations: the Case of BRIC Countries with Special Emphasis on China
    by András Székely-Doby

  • 2011-2012 A regional perspective on the spatial concentration in Romania’s international trade in 2011
    by Stângaciu Oana Ancuta

  • 2011-2012 Statistical analysis of trade relations of Romania with the EU member states
    by Harja Eugenia & Stângaciu Oana Ancuta

  • 2010 Globalization and trade flows: What you see is not what you get!
    by Maurer, Andreas & Degain, Christophe

  • 2010 Intra-national Purchasing Power Parity and Balassa-Samuelson Effects in Italy
    by Andrea Vaona

  • 2010 Asleep at the wheel: the real interest rate experience in Australia
    by M. Zakir Saadullah Khan & M. Ismail Hossain

  • 2010 Economía, comercio e inversión
    by Hernando José Gómez R.

  • 2010 Romania's foreign trade in 2008 - a territorial statistical analysis
    by Stangaciu Oana Ancuta

  • 2010 Romania’s foreign trade with the European Union in 2008
    by Stangaciu Oana Ancuta

  • 2009 Managing Success in Viet Nam: Macroeconomic Consequences of Large Capital Inflows with Limited Policy Tools
    by Menon, Jayant

  • 2009 El fenómeno de los ‘global imbalances’ y la crisis financiera actual
    by Jesús Ferreiro Aparicio & Felipe Serrano Pérez

  • 2008 Financial Development and Textile Sector Competitiveness: A Case Study of Pakistan
    by Muhammad Nadeem Hanif & Sabina Khurram Jafri

  • 2008 Estimating the permanent growth effects of financial liberalization: The case of Malaysia
    by Rao, B. Bhaskara

  • 2008 Alternative Exchange Rate Regimes for MENA countries: Gravity Model Estimates of the Trade Effects
    by Christopher Adam & David Cobham

  • 2008 Export-Led Growth Hypothesis in Pakistan: A Reinvestigation Using the Bounds Test
    by Saima Siddiqui & Sameena Zehra & Sadia Majeed & Muhammad Sabihuddin Butt

  • 2008 Long-Run Pass-Through From The Exchange Rate To Import Prices In African Countries
    by Mark J. Holmes

  • 2007 Globalization, markups and the natural rate of interest
    by Jean-Marc Natal & Nicolas Stoffels

  • 2007 Modelling multilateral trade resistance in a gravity model with exchange rate regimes
    by Christopher Adam & David Cobham

  • 2007 Trade liberalisation and intra-household poverty in Vietnam: a q2 social impact analysis
    by Jones, Nicola & Nguyen, Ngoc Anh & Nguyen, Thu Hang

  • 2007 Reálná konvergence Česka a Polska k eurozóně
    by Tuleja, Pavel

  • 2007 Exchange rate regimes and trade
    by Christopher Adam & David Cobham

  • 2007 Dollarization of Debt Contracts: Evidence from Chilean Firms
    by Miguel Fuentes

  • 2006 The short and long-run determinants of the real exchange rate in Mexico
    by Antonia López Villavicencio & Josep Lluís Raymond Bara

  • 2006 Is a Low-inflation Environment Associated with Reduced Exchange Rate Pass Through?
    by Mark J. Holmes

  • 2005 On the Effects of the Introduction of Euro on Turkish Economy [in Turkish]
    by Aykut Kibritcioglu

  • 2005 Unit Labour Costs in the New EU Member States
    by Peter Havlik

  • 2005 A SAM Based Global CGE Model using GTAP Data January 2005
    by Scott McDonald & Sherman Robinson & Karen Thierfelder

  • 2005 General Equilibrium Model of Arbitrage Trade and Real Exchange Rate Persistence
    by Berka, Martin

  • 2005 Exchange Rate Regimes and Trade
    by Christopher Adam & David Cobham

  • 2005 Did Output Recover from the Asian Crisis?
    by Valerie Cerra & Sweta Chaman Saxena

  • 2005 ¿Los paises que aumentan sus exportaciones les va mejor? (II)
    by Jose Roberto Concha & Lina Vanesa Lozano & Ricardo Ruiz Valderrama

  • 2004 Export Instability, Investment and Economic Growth in Asian Countries: A Time Series Analysis
    by Dipendra Sinha

  • 2004 Commodity-Linked Bonds: A Potential Means for Less-Developed Countries to Raise Foreign Capital
    by Joseph Atta-Mensah

  • 2004 Export-Led Growth, Growth-Driven Export, Both or None? Granger Causality Analysis on OECD Countries
    by Konya, L.

  • 2003 External Sources Of Financing for Urban Development In India
    by Supreena Narayanan

  • 2003 Liberalisation And It’S Effect On Inequality In Developing Countries-A Case Study On India
    by Supreena Narayanan

  • 2003 Challenges of China;s Economic System for Economic Theory
    by Gregory C. Chow

  • 2003 Alternative development concepts of Montenegro
    by Gordana Djurovic & Predrag Boskovic & Jasmina Stankovic

  • 2003 EMU, EURO and EU-Membership: An Evaluation from the Turkish Macroeconomic Perspective
    by Aykut Kibritcioglu

  • 2003 Persistent misalignments of the European exchanges rates: some evidence from nonlinear cointegration
    by Gilles DUFRENOT & Laurent MATHIEU & Val=E9rie MIGNON & Anne PEGUIN-FEISSOLE

  • 2003 A non-linear Macroeconometric Impact Model of External Debt Cancellation in Severely Indebted Low Income Country (SILIC) Economies
    by P. Kalonga Stambuli PhD thesis

  • 2003 Equilibrium structures in vertical oligopoly
    by Masahiro Abiru & Babu Nahata & Subhashis Raychaudhuri & Michael Waterson

  • 2003 Financial Market Regulation-Security Scams In India with historical evidence and the role of corporate governance
    by Supreena Narayanan

  • 2003 Testing for Unit Roots: Mexico's GDP
    by Alejandro Diaz-Bautista & Ramon A. Castillo Ponce

  • 2003 Identifying the Predictors for Financial Crisis Using Gibbs Sampler
    by Jin-Lung Lin & Chung-Shu Wu

  • 2003 Modeling lunar calendar effects in taiwan
    by Jin-Lung Lin & Tian- Syh Liu

  • 2003 Economic Integration in West Africa: Does the CFA Make a Difference?
    by David Fielding & Kalvinder Shields

  • 2002 Mobile source pollution control in the United States and China
    by Fredric C. Menz

  • 2002 Evaluating the compatibility of economic reform with political liberalisation in poor african countries -the case of malawi
    by P. Kalonga Stambuli

  • 2002 The Positive Effects of Globalisation
    by Jagannadha Pawan Tamvada

  • 2002 Causes and consequences of the 1982 Third World Debt Crisis
    by P. Kalonga Stambuli

  • 2002 Financial contagion, interest rates and the role of the exchange rate as shock absorber in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Maurizio Michael Habib

  • 2002 some economic applications of scott domains
    by spyros vassilakis

  • 2002 How Active Are Managers in SA
    by Tony Bell & Maarten Ackerman

  • 2002 Terms of Trade Risk
    by Benjamin Dennis & Talan Iscan

  • 2001 The evolution and convergence of the government expenditure composition in the OECD countries: an analysis of the functional distribution
    by Ismael Sanz & Francisco J. Velázquez

  • 2001 Health System Watch Spring/1999: Cross-Section Analysis Of Health Spending With Special Regard To Trends In Austria
    by Maria M Hofmarcher

  • 2001 Monetary neutrality in one specific class of DGE model with staggered prices
    by Kirill Sosunov

  • 2001 The Market Price of Aggregate Risk and the Wealth Distribution
    by Hanno Lustig

  • 2001 Economic Models for Management of Resources in Peer-to-Peer and Grid Computing
    by Rajkumar Buyya & Heinz Stockinger & Jonathan Giddy & David Abramson & Author One & Author Two & U. Thirdone

  • 2001 Нафтата Како Енергенс - Минато, Сегашност, Иднина
    by Kovachev, Goran

  • 2001 Identifying the Predictors for Financial Crisis Using Gibbs Sampler
    by Jin-Lung Lin & Chung-Shu Wu

  • 2001 El deterioro de los precios de los productos básicos de exportación de Bolivia durante el shock externo de 1998 y 1999
    by Gabriel Loza Tellería

  • 2000 A supply side approach for estimating a Neo-classical fixed investment model for the South African economy
    by Ackerman Maarten

  • 1999 Systems Analysis of Social Security in a Transition Economy: The Ukrainian case
    by Anton Dobronogov

  • 1999 Does International Trade Synchronize Business Cycles?
    by Anderson, H.M. & Kwark, N.-S. & Vahid, F.

  • 1999 Export Instability, Investment and Economic Growth in Asian Countries: A Time Series Analysis
    by Dipendra Sinha

  • 1999 research notes and comments: A note on Australia's inward and outward direct foreign investment
    by MoonJoong Tcha

  • 1998 Comparative trade advantages in Europe: the empirical distribution of the Balassa index
    by J. Hinloopen & C. van Marrewijk

  • 1998 The Impacts of Environmental Regulations on Industrial Activity: Evidence from the 1970 and 1977 Clean Air Act Amendments and the Census of Manufacturers
    by Michael Greenstone

  • 1997 Telecommunications Reform in the United States: Promises and Pitfalls

  • 1997 Common Priors and Separation of Convex Sets
    by Dov Samet

  • 1996 Deficit Financing, Foreign Debt, and the Mundell-Fleming Model: A Dynamic Analysis
    by Bolbol, A.A.

  • 1995 Equivalence of the APV, WACC and flows to equity approaches to firm valuation
    by Fernández, Pablo

  • 1986 La place du contrôle des mouvements de capitaux dans la politique économique française et les perspectives liées à son allégement
    by Galy, Michel

  • 1982 A macroeconomic view of Eurodollar market expansion after 1973
    by Galy, Michel

  • 1982 Bilateral and multilateral exchange rate and purchasing power parity indexes: the aggregation problem
    by Galy, Michel

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