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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B2: History of Economic Thought since 1925
/ / / B26: Financial Economics
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The "dark ages" of German macroeconomics and other alleged shortfalls in German economic thought
    by Feld, Lars P. & Köhler, Ekkehard A. & Nientiedt, Daniel

  • 2017 Moving Beyond Rhetoric: Can Islamic Banking become Mainstream in Pakistan
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2017 The grant element method of measuring the concessionality of loans and debt relief
    by Simon Scott

  • 2017 Finance, farms, and the Fed's early years
    by Bruce Carlin & William Mann

  • 2017 The London Monetary and Economic Conference of 1933 and the End of The Great Depression: A “Change of Regime” Analysis
    by Sebastian Edwards

  • 2017 Keynes and the Dollar in 1933
    by Sebastian Edwards

  • 2017 Keynes’s Trading on Wall Street: Did He Follow the Same Behavior When Investing for Himself and for King’s?
    by Eleonora Sanfilippo

  • 2017 Effects of Eliciting Long-run Price Forecasts on Market Dynamics in Asset Market Experiments
    by Nobuyuki Hanaki & Eizo Akiyama & Ryuichiro Ishikawa

  • 2017 Models as Speech Acts: The Telling Case of Financial Models
    by Nicolas Brisset

  • 2017 Did the Basel Process of Capital Regulation Enhance the Resiliency of European Banks?
    by Gehrig, Thomas & Iannino, Maria Chiara

  • 2017 A quantitative analysis of risk premia in the corporate bond market
    by Sara Cecchetti

  • 2017 Assessing the risks of asset overvaluation: models and challenges
    by Sara Cecchetti & Marco Taboga

  • 2017 Behavioral Finance: History and Foundations
    by Pavlo Illiashenko

  • 2017 P-SVAR Analysis of Stability in Sub-Saharan Africa Commercial Banks
    by Joseph Olorunfemi Akande & Farai Kwenda

  • 2017 The Link Between Bank Credit And Private Sector Investment In Nigeria From 1980-2014
    by Ephraim Ugwu & Johnson Okoh & Stella Mbah

  • 2017 The unresolved problem of gratuitous credit in Austrian banking theory
    by Raymond C. Niles

  • 2017 From Marx to the Keynesian revolution: the key role of finance
    by Jan Toporowski

  • 2017 Google search keywords that best predict energy price volatility
    by Afkhami, Mohamad & Cormack, Lindsey & Ghoddusi, Hamed

  • 2017 Energy Consumption, Finance and Growth: The Role of Urbanization and Industrialization in South Africa
    by Hasan Gungor & Angela Uzoamaka Simon

  • 2017 How People Apply Mental Accounting Philosophy to Investment Risk?
    by Juan Mascareñas & Fangyuan Yan

  • 2016 An Empirical Analysis of the Relationship between Monetary Policy Stance and Stock Price in Bangladesh
    by Hossain, Md. Sajib & Hossain, Md. Amzad & Amin, Shabnaz

  • 2016 The Euro and the Battle of Ideas
    by Brunnermeier, Markus & James, Harold & Landau, Jean-Pierre

  • 2016 Did the Basel Process of Capital Regulation Enhance the Resiliency of European Banks?
    by Gehrig, Thomas Paul & Iannino, Maria Chiara

  • 2016 A Second-order Monotone Modification of the Sharpe Ratio
    by Mikhail Zhitlukhin

  • 2016 Cash Management and Control Band Policies for Spectrally One-sided Lévy Processes
    by Kazutoshi Yamazaki

  • 2016 Callable Stock Loans
    by Chi Chung Siu & Sheung Chi Phillip Yam & Wei Zhou

  • 2016 Option Pricing with Ambiguous Correlation and Fast Mean-reverting Volatilities
    by Man Hau Leung & Hoi Ying Wong

  • 2016 Quadratic Gaussian Joint Pricing Model for Stocks and Bonds: Theory and Empirical Analysis
    by Kentaro Kikuchi

  • 2016 Effects of Reversibility on Investment Timing and Quantity Under Asymmetric Information
    by Xue Cui & Takashi Shibata

  • 2016 Optimal Short-Covering with Regime Switching
    by Tsz-Kin Chung

  • 2016 Volume Imbalance and Market Making
    by Álvaro Cartea & Ryan Donnelly & Sebastian Jaimungal

  • 2016 An Equilibrium Approach to Indifference Pricing with Model Uncertainty
    by Mark H.A. Davis & Daisuke Yoshikawa

  • 2016 Moment Properties of Probability Distributions Used in Stochastic Financial Models
    by Jordan Stoyanov

  • 2016 Recent Advances in Financial Engineering 2014:Proceedings of the TMU Finance Workshop 2014

  • 2016 A puzzle of excessive equity risk premium and the case of Poland
    by Pawe³ Kliber

  • 2016 Theoretical Models of Dividend Policy
    by Christian Tanushev

  • 2016 A Kalecki fable on debt and the monetary transmission mechanism
    by Jan Toporowski

  • 2016 International monetary policy with commodity buffer stocks
    by Leanne Ussher

  • 2016 Impact of Economic Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and Financial Development on Stock Prices in China: Empirical Evidence from Time Series Analysis
    by Faisal Faisal & Peshraw Majid Muhamad & Turgut Tursoy

  • 2016 A historical retrospective and the essence of strategic financial planning
    by Olha Nestor

  • 2015 Dollar’s Triumph in Bretton Woods: How Was It Done?
    by O. Butorina.

  • 2015 Ordoliberalism, pragmatism and the eurozone crisis: How the German tradition shaped economic policy in Europe
    by Feld, Lars P. & Köhler, Ekkehard A. & Nientiedt, Daniel

  • 2015 The Theory of Capital as a Theory of Capitalism – Hidden Austrian Contributions to a Historically Specific Approach to Capital
    by Eduard Braun

  • 2015 Accounting for research quality: Research audits and the journal rankings debate
    by Rowlinson, Michael & Harvey, Charles & Kelly, Aidan & Morris, Huw & Todeva, Emanuela

  • 2015 Revisiting the Government Spending and Growth analysis in Ghana: A disaggregated Analysis
    by Adu, Frank & Ackah, Ishmael

  • 2015 Russian economy in the face of the global decline of crude oil prices
    by Michal Wilinski & Agnieszka Wilinska

  • 2015 Academics as Economic Advisers: Gold, the ‘Brains Trust,’ and FDR
    by Sebastian Edwards

  • 2015 The Antecedents and Aftermath of Financial Crises as told by Carlos F. Díaz Alejandro
    by Carmen M. Reinhart

  • 2015 Keynes, Trouton and the Hector Whaling Company. A personal and professional relationship
    by Basberg, Bjørn L.

  • 2015 Kindleberger and Financial Crises
    by Piero Pasotti & Alessandro Vercelli

  • 2015 The Antecedents and Aftermath of Financial Crises as told by Carlos F. Díaz Alejandro
    by Reinhart, Carmen M.

  • 2015 Explicaciones Austriacas y Estructuralistas de la Crisis Financiera Internacional de 2008
    by Juan David Rojas Calle

  • 2015 Ordoliberalism, Pragmatism and the Eurozone Crisis: How the German Tradition Shaped Economic Policy in Europe
    by Lars P. Feld & Ekkehard A. Köhler & Daniel Nientiedt

  • 2015 Economic-Financial Operating Mechanism Of Compossessorates From Transylvania
    by ACHIM, Cornel

  • 2015 Modeling FDI Flows from the USA to Canada:Two Main International Financial Variables Affect the Long-Run Economic Growth
    by Ghada Gomaa A. Mohamed & Morrison Handley-Schachler

  • 2015 Válságból válságba – Az argentin bankrendszer elmúlt 20 évének története
    by Banai Ádám & Méhes Attila & Winkler Sándor

  • 2015 Reconsidering the Finance-Growth Nexus in Asian Countries: A Panel ARDL Approach
    by Bilal Mehmood & Parvez Azim & Syed Hassan Raza

  • 2015 Influence of Globalization on the Regional Capital Markets and Consequences; Evidence from Warsaw Stock Exchange
    by Sofya Glavina

  • 2015 The heterodox notion of structural crisis
    by Robert Guttmann

  • 2015 Small-scale cooperative banking and the production of capital: Reflecting on the role of institutional agreements in supporting rural livelihood in Kampot, Cambodia
    by Scheidel, Arnim & Farrell, Katharine N.

  • 2015 Financial Liberalization and Economic Growth in Nigeria: An Empirical Evidence
    by Anthony Orji & Jonathan E. Ogbuabor & Onyinye I. Anthony-Orji

  • 2015 The Antecedents and Aftermath of Financial Crises as Told by Carlos F. Díaz-Alejandro
    by Carmen M. Reinhart

  • 2014 Kenneth Langone Professor of Finance, NYU Stern School of Business
    by smith, roy

  • 2014 Financial Markets Efficiency (Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics 2013)
    by R. Sverchkov & K. Sonin.

  • 2014 A Letter on Full-Reserve Banking and Friedman’s Rule in Chicago Tradition
    by Gerasimos T. Soldatos & Erotokritos Varelas

  • 2014 On the role of the ECB's collateral framework in preventing fire sales
    by Podlich, Natalia

  • 2014 Islamic Finance: From Niche To Mainstream In The Academic World
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2014 Financial Thought as a Shield: Bogotá’s Stock Exchange and the Financial Ideas during its Foundation and Consolidation
    by Ramos-Toro, Diego

  • 2014 Keynes, King's and Endowment Asset Management
    by David Chambers & Elroy Dimson & Justin Foo

  • 2014 Keynes and the Interwar Commodity Option Markets
    by Maria Cristina Marcuzzo & Eleonora Sanfilippo

  • 2014 L’attualità di un dissenziente: l’idea di sviluppo in Albert O. Hirschman
    by Andrea Ginzburg

  • 2014 Albert Hirschman e la scienza socio-morale
    by Carlo Trigilia

  • 2014 Hirschman politologo (per necessità e virtù)
    by Gianfranco Pasquino

  • 2014 Albert Hirschman
    by Amartya Sen

  • 2014 Hirschman e l’Italia
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2014 Albert Hirschman scienziato sociale
    by Alberto Quadrio Curzio

  • 2014 Luigi Spaventa: occasioni di discussione e confronto
    by Ignazio Visco

  • 2014 Key Trends in the Development of the Bulgarian Banking System between the Two World Wars
    by Ekaterina Sotirova

  • 2014 Determinants of Dividend per Share: Evidence from the Nigerian Stock Exchange
    by Adebayo G. Oloidi & Patrick O. Adeyeye

  • 2014 Doviz Piyasasinin Etkinligi: Turkiye icin Bir Analiz
    by Burcu BERKE & Burcu OZCAN & Hatice Isin DIZDARLAR

  • 2014 Liquidity in Financial Markets
    by Deborah Swenson

  • 2014 Regional Differences and Financial Ratios: A Comparative Approach on Companies of ISE City Indexes
    by Ali DERAN & Omer ISKENDEROGLU & Incilay ERDURU

  • 2014 stabilization policies and banking behaviors: a rereading of Minsky’s conception of business cycles
    by Eric Nasica

  • 2014 Aplicación de las opciones reales en la toma de decisiones en los mercados de electricidad
    by Felipe Isaza Cuervo & Sergio Botero Boterob

  • 2013 Parallel Money in the Russian Economic Literature of the XIX—XX centuries
    by A. Dubyansky.

  • 2013 The theory of reflexivity: A non-stochastic randomness theory for business schools only?
    by Ehnts, Dirk & Carrión Álvarez, Miguel

  • 2013 The Fisher Relation in the Great Depression and the Great Recession
    by David Laidler

  • 2013 Финансиализация И Современные Экономические Кризисы
    by Bukvić, Rajko & Ocić, Časlav

  • 2013 O.M.W. Sprague (the Man who "Wrote the Book" on Financial Crises) and the Founding of the Federal Reserve
    by Hugh Rockoff

  • 2013 Mihail Manoilescu’s international trade theories in retrospect: how and when emerging economies must be protected?
    by Nikolay Nenovsky & Dominique Torre

  • 2013 Lineamientos para impulsar el proceso de profundizacion bancaria en Uruguay
    by Santiago Fernandez de Lis & Adriana Haring & Gloria Sorensen & David Tuesta & Alfonso Ugarte

  • 2013 The development of financial markets and financial theory: 50 years of interaction
    by Morten Balling & Ernest Gnan

  • 2013 The Coming Of Age Of Financial Studies Journal
    by CIUMARA, Tudor

  • 2013 Impact Of Cooperative Societies Savings Scheme In Rural Finance: Some Evidence From Nigeria
    by Onafowokan O. Oluyombo

  • 2013 Economic and Financial Analysis – Integrated Part of the Economic and Social Dimension through the Specter of the Positive Theory of AccountingAbstract:Financial analysis was always considered a reliable instrument for companies, knowing a multitude of changes over time in accordance to the social, economic or governance demands. The purpose of this paper is the interdisciplinary description of elements in financial analysis, highlighting its role starting from the assumption that financial analysis information was a necessary stage in enterprise business continuity, and then turned into an integral part in social and economic dynamics, reaching eventually to be an impact factor for economic development
    by Stefan-Duicu Viorica Mirela & Stefan-Duicu Adrian

  • 2013 The Problem Of Quantifying The Underground Economy: Applying The Method Of Metered Resources
    by Galina ULIAN & Iulia CAPRIAN

  • 2013 Toward a supply-side theory of financial innovation
    by Awrey, Dan

  • 2013 A legal theory of finance
    by Pistor, Katharina

  • 2013 John M. Keynes and His Anti-Crisis Program
    by Izabela Bludnik

  • 2013 Dylematy zwiazane z nadmiernym pobieraniem odsetek. Perspektywa historyczna i terazniejszosc/Dilemmas Connected with Excessive Charging of Interest. Historical Trend and the Present
    by I. Dorota Czechowska

  • 2013 Household Assets and Rural Finance in Nigeria
    by Onafowokan O. Oluyombo

  • 2012 Silent conversion to anti-statism: Historical origins of the belief in market superiority
    by Engartner, Tim

  • 2012 Moeda, crédito e ciclos econômicos em Marshall
    by Sérgio Fornazier Meyrelles Filho & Rogério Arthmar

  • 2012 Moeda e acumulação de capital: Keynes, Robertson e o conceito de poupança
    by Sérgio Fornazier Meyrelles Filho & Rogério Arthmar

  • 2012 Neologism as Theoretical Innovation in Economics: The case of 'Financialisation'
    by Jan Toporowski

  • 2012 Revisiting the socialist calculation debate: the role of markets and finance in Hayek’s response to Lange’s challenge
    by Auerbach, Paul & Sotiropoulos, Dimitris P.

  • 2012 Pro Growth Monetary Policy in Africa: Monetarist versus Keynesian Approach
    by NGUENA, Christian L.

  • 2012 Spatial Concentration in the Financial Industry
    by Palmberg, Johanna

  • 2012 A dynamic default dependence model
    by Sara Cecchetti & Giovanna Nappo

  • 2012 Banking penetration in Uruguay
    by Santiago Fernandez de Lis & Adriana Haring & Gloria Sorensen & David Tuesta & Alfonso Ugarte

  • 2012 Expanding Credit and Savings in Peru
    by Hugo Perea & David Tuesta & Alfonso Ugarte

  • 2012 Lineamientos para impulsar el Credito y el Ahorro en el Peru
    by Hugo Perea & David Tuesta & Alfonso Ugarte

  • 2012 New Approaches to Monetary Policy in the Context of Actual Financial Crisis
    by Stan Viorica

  • 2012 Book reviews
    by n.d.

  • 2012 Reviewing the proposals for common bond issuances by the euro-area sovereign under a long-term perspective
    by Petros M. Migiakis

  • 2012 Does intrinsic value still have a role in capital market pricing?
    by Iván Bélyácz

  • 2011 A Note on Chapter 29 of Keynes’s Treatise on Money
    by Loizos, Konstantinos

  • 2011 Minsky's Money Manager Capitalism and the Global Financial Crisis
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Minsky Crisis
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 A Minskyan Road to Financial Reform
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Financial Keynesianism and Market Instability
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2011 Notes on the North-American Expansion in the Investment Market (1)
    by Fausto R. Pitigliani

  • 2011 Factoring: Alternative Model Of Financing
    by Ivanovic, Sasa & Baresa, Suzana & Sinisa, Bogdan

  • 2011 Systemic Risk, an Empirical Approach
    by Cadenas Santiago, Gonzalo & Sanchis Arellano, Alicia

  • 2011 František Vencovský and Karel Engliš - Two Important Anniversaries
    by Jitka Koderová

  • 2011 . Relationship between Trade Openness and Inflation: Empirical Evidences from Pakistan (1976–2010)
    by Sehar Munir & Adiqa Kausar Kiani

  • 2011 The Role and Importance of Leverage Rates in the Financial Management of the Company
    by Lãpãduºi Mihaela Loredana

  • 2011 Mit noch mehr indirekten Steuern zurück zum wohlfahrtsorientierten Staat?: Nur Luxussteuern wären ein richtiger Weg
    by Heinz-J. Bontrup

  • 2011, 2nd quarter update Minsky crisis
    by L. Randall Wray

  • 2010 Optimal Investment under Partial Information
    by Björk, Tomas & Davis, Mark H.A. & Landén, Camilla

  • 2010 Lead with Cash:Cash Flow for Corporate Renewal
    by Harlan Platt

  • 2008 Modeling Credit Risk With Partial Information

  • 2008 Market Pricing of Deposit Insurance

  • 2008 Bankruptcy Prediction with Industry Effects

  • 2008 Counterparty Risk and the Pricing of Defaultable Securities

  • 2008 Default Risk And Diversification: Theory And Empirical Implications

  • 2008 A Markov Model for the Term Structure of Credit Risk Spreads
    by Robert A. Jarrow & David Lando & Stuart M. Turnbull

  • 2008 Pricing Derivatives on Financial Securities Subject to Credit Risk

  • 2008 Pricing Treasury Inflation Protected Securities and Related Derivatives using an HJM Model
    by Robert Jarrow & Yildiray Yildirim

  • 2008 Pricing Options On Risky Assets In A Stochastic Interest Rate Economy

  • 2008 Pricing foreign currency options under stochastic interest rates

  • 2008 Bond Pricing And The Term Structure Of Interest Rates: A New Methodology For Contingent Claims Valuation

  • 2008 The Pricing Of Commodity Options With Stochastic Interest Rates
    by Robert A. Jarrow

  • 2008 Forward Contracts And Futures Contracts
    by Robert A. JARROW & George S. OLDFIELD

  • 2008 Liquidity Premiums And The Expectations Hypothesis
    by Robert A. JARROW

  • 2008 Pricing Options in an Extended Black Scholes Economy with Illiquidity: Theory and Empirical Evidence
    by U. Çetin & R. Jarrow & P. Protter & M. Warachka

  • 2008 Liquidity risk and arbitrage pricing theory
    by Umut Çetin & Robert A. Jarrow & Philip Protter

  • 2008 Derivative Security Markets, Market Manipulation, and Option Pricing Theory
    by Robert A. Jarrow

  • 2008 Market Manipulation, Bubbles, Corners, and Short Squeezes
    by Robert A. Jarrow

  • 2008 Alternative Characterizations Of American Put Options

  • 2008 The Stop-Loss Start-Gain Paradox and Option Valuation: A new Decomposition into Intrinsic and Time Value
    by Peter P. Carr & Robert A. Jarrow

  • 2008 Ex-Dividend Stock Price Behavior and Arbitrage Opportunities
    by David C. Heath & Robert A. Jarrow

  • 2008 Arbitrage, Continuous Trading, and Margin Requirements

  • 2008 Approximate Option Valuation For Arbitrary Stochastic Processes
    by Robert JARROW & Andrew RUDD

  • 2008 An Undergraduate Introduction to Financial Mathematics
    by J Robert Buchanan

  • 2008 Financial Derivatives Pricing:Selected Works of Robert Jarrow
    by Robert A Jarrow

  • 2007 Numerical Approximation by Quantization for Optimization Problems in Finance under Partial Observations
    by Huyên PHAM

  • 2007 Stochastic Growth Models of an Isolated Economy
    by Kunio Nishioka

  • 2007 Spectral Representation of Multiply Self-decomposable Stochastic Processes and Applications
    by Nguyen Van Thu & To Anh Dung & Duong Ton Dam & Nguyen Huu Thai

  • 2007 A Convolution Approach to Multivariate Bessel Proceses
    by Thu Van Nguyen & S. Ogawa & M. Yamazato

  • 2007 A Remark on Impulse Control Problems with Risk-sensitive Criteria
    by Hideo Nagai

  • 2007 Cubature on Wiener Space Continued
    by Christian Litterer & Terry Lyons

  • 2007 Minimal Variance Martingale Measures for Geometric Lévy Processes
    by M. Jeanblanc & S. Kloeppel & Y. Miyahara

  • 2007 Asian Strike Options of American Type and Game Type
    by Masaya Ishihara & Hiroshi Kunita

  • 2007 The Investment Game under Uncertainty: An Analysis of Equilibrium Values in the Presence of First or Second Mover Advantage
    by Junichi Imai & Takahiro Watanabe

  • 2007 From Access to Bypass: A Real Options Approach
    by Keiichi Hori & Keizo Mizuno

  • 2007 Smooth Rough Paths and the Applications
    by Keisuke Hara & Terry Lyons

  • 2007 Affine Credit Risk Models under Incomplete Information
    by Rüdiger Frey & Cecilia Prosdocimi & Wolfgang J. Runggaldier

  • 2007 Risky Debt and Optimal Coupon Policy and Other Optimal Strategies
    by Diana DOROBANTU & Monique PONTIER

  • 2007 A Class of Financial Products and Models Where Super-replication Prices are Explicit
    by L. Carassus & E. Gobet & E. Temam

  • 2007 Model-free Representation of Pricing Rules as Conditional Expectations
    by Sara BIAGINI & Rama CONT

  • 2007 A Localization of the Lévy Operators Arising in Mathematical Finances
    by Mariko Arisawa

  • 2007 Financial Markets with Asymmetric Information: Information Drift, Additional Utility and Entropy
    by Stefan Ankirchner & Peter Imkeller

  • 2007 Afterword: Encomium for an Ideologue
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Epilogue
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 The Theory of Fair Markets (TFM): Toward a New Finance Paradigm
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Capitalism or Industrial Fiefdom
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 After the Ball
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 And Now for Something Entirely Different
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Desperately Seeking Toto
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 The Socio-Economics of Scandals
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Weep Not for Microsoft: Monopoly's Fatal Exception
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 For-Profit Education: An Idea That Should be Put to Rest?
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Prolific Authors in Finance
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 The Young Finance Faculty's Guide to Publishing: Inspired By and After (Rather Loosely) Benjamin Britten
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Still Autistic Finance
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 What is All Efficiency?
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Method and Methodology
    by George M. Frankfurter

  • 2007 Theory and Reality in Financial Economics:Essays Toward a New Political Finance
    by George M Frankfurter

  • 2007 Stochastic Processes and Applications to Mathematical Finance

  • 2006 An Undergraduate Introduction to Financial Mathematics
    by J Robert Buchanan

  • 2002 Conquering The Greeks In Monte Carlo: Efficient Calculation Of The Market Sensitivities And Hedge-Ratios Of Financial Assets By Direct Numerical Simulation

  • 2002 Linear, Yet Attractive, Contour

  • 2002 Bermudan Option Pricing With Monte-Carlo Methods

  • 2002 Pricing Discrete Barrier Options With An Adaptive Mesh Model

  • 2002 A Finite Difference Method For The Valuation Of Variance Swaps

  • 2002 Mathematical Pseudo-Completion Of The Bgm Model

  • 2002 A Generalized Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process Of Yield Rates Calibrated With Strips
    by J. F. CARRIÈRE

  • 2002 A Linearization Approach In Modeling Quasi-Affine Coupon Rate Term Structures And Related Derivatives

  • 2002 Pricing American Options With Transaction Costs By Complementarity Methods

  • 2002 Nonlinear Financial Models: Finite Markov Modulation And Its Limits

  • 2002 Arbitrage Pricing And Equilibrium Pricing: Compatibility Conditions

  • 2002 An Alternative Approach For Valuing Continuous Cash Flows

  • 2002 A Discrete–Time Approach To Arbitrage-Free Pricing Of Credit Derivatives

  • 2002 Multi-Stage Optimization For Long-Term Investors

  • 2002 The Mean-Variance Synthesis Of Corporate Balance Sheets
    by LES GULKO

  • 2002 On The Regulation Of Fee Structures In Mutual Funds

  • 2001 The Keynesian-Monetarist Debate on Business Cycles: A Case Study of The Great Depression
    by Bilgili, Faik

  • 1989 Entrepreneurial Activity, Banking and Finance, Historical Aspects and Theoretical Suggestions
    by Dahmén, Erik

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