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/ / Z1: Cultural Economics
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  • 2014 The impact of online word-of-mouth on television show viewership: An inverted U-shaped temporal dynamic
    by Cadario, Romain
  • 2014 Can Tax Compliance Research Profit from Biology?
    by Benno Torgler
  • 2014 Question Of Consciousness: To Quantum Mechanics For The Answers
    by Ivan A. Karpenko
  • 2014 Historical Roots Of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s Universal Science
    by Natalia A. Osminskaya
  • 2014 Reading Passages For The Course Of Semantics: Tests For Students
    by Barbara H. Partee & Olga I. Vinogradova
  • 2014 Computer-Based Processing Of Literary Works And Study Of Literature
    by Vera G. Sibirtseva
  • 2014 Can Tax Compliance Research Profit from Biology?
    by Benno Torgler
  • 2014 The impact of local political applications on voter choices
    by Ferdi Akbiyik & Ahmet Husrev Eroglu
  • 2014 The relationship between academic consulting and research performance: Evidence from five Spanish universities
    by Rentocchini, Francesco & D'Este, Pablo & Manjarrés-Henríquez, Liney & Grimaldi, Rosa
  • 2014 Spannung bis zum Abpfiff: Die Prognose des Fußballweltmeisters ist schwieriger als bei der letzten WM
    by Jürgen Gerhards & Michael Mutz & Gert G. Wagner
  • 2014 Knowledge generating features of intelligent textiles industry
    by Adriana Radan UNGUREANU
  • 2014 Cross-Cultural Incentives For The Fdi
    by Dumitru ZAIT & Liviu WARTER & Iulian WARTER
  • 2013 Governance work in inter-organizational networks: driving processes and structures
    by Mehouachi, Chahira & Perret, Véronique
  • 2013 How “Fair” Are Football’s Financial Fair Play Regulations? [Cât de “echitabile” sunt reglementarile privind echitatea financiară în fotbal?]
    by Dima Teodor
  • 2013 The Economy of Creative Imagination. Milestones [Economia imaginaţiei creative. Puncte de reper]
    by Moldovan Dumitru
  • 2013 Growth, De-Regulation and Rent-Seeking in Post-War British Economy
    by S.P. Chakravarty & D.D. Thomakos & K. Nikolopoulos
  • 2013 Any Given Sunday: How Season Ticket Holders' Time of Stadium Entrance Is Influenced by Outcome Uncertainty
    by Dominik Scheyer & Sascha L. Schmidt & Benno Torgler
  • 2013 Do the Best Scholars and Economists Attract the Highest Speaking Fees?
    by Ho Fai Chan & Bruno S. Frey & Jana Gallus & Markus Schaffner & Benno Torgler & Stephen Whyte
  • 2013 External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly Importance
    by Ho Fai Chan & Bruno S. Frey & Jana Gallus & Markus Schaffner & Benno Torgler & Stephen Whyte
  • 2013 Evaluating the performance of UEFA Champions League scorers
    by Papahristodoulou, Christos
  • 2013 African Development,Partnership and Rationality Challenge:An Exposition
  • 2013 The effect of young children on their parents’ anime viewing habits: Evidence from Japanese micro data
    by Yamamura, Eiji
  • 2013 Développement de l’Industrie Créative et Réduction du Chômage des Jeunes au Cameroun : une Approche par la Matrice de Comptabilité Sociale
    by NGUENA, Christian L.
  • 2013 The Family Business in Collectivist Societies: Traits and Implications
    by El Fasiki, Hamza
  • 2013 The Family Business in Collectivist Societies: Traits and Implications
    by El Fasiki, Hamza
  • 2013 Disorganizing Organizational Culture: Comment on the Individual and Family Factors
    by El Fasiki, Hamza
  • 2013 Externality of young children on parents’ watching of anime: Evidence from Japanese micro data
    by Yamamura, Eiji
  • 2013 Research and Science Today No. 1(5)/2013
    by ADAM, Elena & TRIȘCAȘ, Floarea Elena & NICOARĂ, Raluca-Maria & IVAN, Ruben Ioan & DUȚĂ, Paul & PANAIT, Ion & MANOLACHE, Viorella & ANDRONACHE, Alin & TRANDAFIR, Andreea & TAROPA-IACOB, Anda & DUȚĂ, Andreea Emilia & IORDAN, Costel & ALEXA, Oana Alexandra & CIOREI, Mihaela Andreea & MARCAU, Flavius-Cristian & SIMA, Isabella Cristiana & MATEIU, Mihaela & NISIPEANU, Elena & CĂLIN, Alexandra & HARANGUS, Katalin & EDU, Filip Vladimir & MARIN, Aurelia Camelia & AŞER, Nica & BOGDAN, Laura & MOGA, Monika & VULPAȘU, Dana & COSTESCU, Elena-Alis & CIUNTUC, Cristina-Elena & NECHIFOR, Caleb Otniel Traian & CRISTESCU, Cosmina & PIPOŞ, Cristina
  • 2013 Comment-based discussion communities In the Russian livejournal and their topical coherence
    by Olessia Y. Koltsova & Sergei N. Koltcov & Sergey I. Nikolenko
  • 2013 Cloud computing technologies: perspectives and challengesof business model application in Russia
    by Mikhail A. Bashirov
  • 2013 Debating ancient ordinances: Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling and Count Sergey Semionovich Uvarov
    by Petr Rezvykh
  • 2013 Equitable commerce: the mediaeval origins of American anarchism
    by Rodion Belkovich
  • 2013 Paleoconservatism of the southern agrarians
    by Rodion Belkovich
  • 2013 Health care integration in the Russian federation: conceptual framework, evaluation, and new instruments
    by Igor Sheiman & Vladimir Shevski
  • 2013 Properties of the addressee In the speech genre “reader’s letter to the newspaper”
    by Elena A. Nikishina
  • 2013 Englishization of Russian and bilingual lexical variation
    by Alexandra A. Rivlina
  • 2013 Multilingualism in Dagestan
    by Àlexandra Kozhukhar & Daria Barylnikova
  • 2013 American and Russian “victory” discourse: a conflict of cultures
    by Anna D. Plisetskaya
  • 2013 fMRI correlates of the word frequency Effect in Russian
    by Roza Vlasova & Ekaterina Pechenkova & Valentin Sinitsyn
  • 2013 Tense-aspect abstraction in Russian-speaking children in the early stages of native language acquisition
    by Yana Akhapkina
  • 2013 Social Influence and the Matthew Mechanism: The Case of an Artificial Cultural Market
    by Bask, Miia & Bask, Mikael
  • 2013 External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly Importance
    by Ho Fai Chan & Bruno S. Frey & Jana Gallus & Markus Schaffner & Benno Torgler & Stephen Whyte
  • 2013 Domesticating and democratizing science: a geography of do-it-yourself biology
    by Morgan Meyer
  • 2013 Satellite Culture Account for Uruguay: Visual and Plastic Arts Sector
    by Carolina Asuaga & Fanny Trylesinski & Gabriela Medeiros
  • 2013 Any Given Sunday: How Season Ticket Holders' Time of Stadium Entrance Is Influenced by Outcome Uncertainty
    by Dominik Schreyer & Sascha L. Schmidt & Benno Torgler
  • 2013 Do the Best Scholars and Economists Attract the Highest Speaking Fees?
    by Ho Fai Chan & Bruno S. Frey & Jana Gallus & Markus Schaffner & Benno Torgler & Stephen Whyte
  • 2013 External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly Importance
    by Ho Fai Chan & Bruno S. Frey & Jana Gallus & Markus Schaffner & Benno Torgler & Stephen Whyte
  • 2013 External Influence as an Indicator of Scholarly Importance
    by Ho Fai Chan & Bruno S. Frey & Jana Gallus & Markus Schaffner & Benno Torgler & Stephen Whyte
  • 2013 The Behaviour of Repeat Visitors to Museums: Review and Empirical Findings
    by Juan Gabriel Brida & Marta Disegna & Raffaele Scuderi
  • 2013 Growth, de-regulation and rent-seeking in post-war British Economy
    by Shanti Chakravarty & Dimitrios Thomakos & Konstantinos Nikolo
  • 2013 Problems and Opportunities of First-Person Research
    by Urban Kordes
  • 2013 Predicting the Abrasion Resistance of Tool Steels by Means of Neurofuzzy Model
    by Dragutin Lisjak & Tomislav Filetin
  • 2013 About Defining the Referent Thermal Scale Points
    by Josip Stepanic
  • 2013 The effects of the financial crisis in the UK
    by Tomasz Lechowicz
  • 2013 Effect of cost efficiency and organizational on competitiveness the company
    by Tomasz Lechowicz
  • 2013 Learning about volunteering – a path to personal development
    by Manuela Epure
  • 2013 Kooperatives Lernen Im Unterricht An Wirtschaftsstudenten. Ein Schritt Auf Synergiebildung Zu
    by Hamburg Andrea
  • 2013 From the Ottomans to the Republicans: Accommodation of the Kemalist Content in Between the Spiritual and the Temporal
    by Asli EGE
  • 2013 Geographic clustering and productivity: An instrumental variable approach for classical composers
    by Borowiecki, Karol Jan
  • 2013 Institutions, culture, and open source
    by Engelhardt, Sebastian v. & Freytag, Andreas
  • 2013 Intercultural Dialogue – A Must For A Sustainable Harmony Among Religion Followers
    by Abdulrahman ALRASSI
  • 2013 The agenda setting theory in the written Romanian media
    by Corina ROTAR & Ioana LEPĂDATU
  • 2013 Using choice experiments to value a world cultural heritage site: Reflections on the experimental design
    by Lina Lourenço-Gomes & Lígia M. Costa Pinto & João Rebelo
  • 2013 Arabské štáty z pohľadu teórií medzinárodných vzťahov
    by Monika Satková
  • 2013 O vybraných otázkach definície kultúrnej diplomacie
    by Michal Polgár
  • 2013 Metaphors Of The Crisis - A Reflection Of The Global Financial Situation
    by Cristina, CHIFANE
  • 2013 Na dobre czy na zle? Wspolny kryzys a dobro wspolne/For Better or Worse? The Common Crisis and Common Good
    by Michal A. Michalski
  • 2012 The Color Revolution
    by Blaszczyk, Regina Lee
  • 2012 The Islamic House Financing in Malaysia. Case Study of Leasing-I Line in HSBC Amanah
    by Nurrachmi, Rininta & Nazah, Nawalin & Al Azizah, Ummu & Riddhaina, Nurul
  • 2012 Research and Science Today No. 4
    by Mărcău, Flavius-Cristian & Ciorei, Mihaela
  • 2012 Globalization and Political Trust
    by Fischer, Justina A.V.
  • 2012 Development of modern electronic textbook of Russian as a foreign language: content and technology
    by Nikolai Karpov & Vera Sibirtseva & Dmitriy Bogdanov & Anna Dmitrieva & Elena Elian & Eugeniy Kleshnin & Ekaterina Markina & Tatiana Teplukhina & Lubov Violentova
  • 2012 Metacognition and Decision Making: between First and Third Person Perspective
    by Toma Strle
  • 2012 Semantics of Distinguishing Criteria: from Subjective to Intersubjective
    by Martin Takac & Jan Sefranek
  • 2012 Thinking of Experience, Experiencing Thinking
    by Urban Kordes
  • 2012 Les jeunes détenus de Fleury-Mérogis et leurs pratiques alimentaires : créer du lien, se distinguer et hiérarchiser
    by Léonore Le Caisne
  • 2012 České infinitivní vazby a jejich německé ekvivalenty
    by Věra Höppnerová
  • 2012 The Continuity In The Work Of Vaida Ladislau On Principles Of Law
    by Adrian BOANTÃ & Daniela Cristina VALEA
  • 2012 The Downside of "Think Global, Act Local" in Multinational Environments
    by Baca Eleonora
  • 2012 Review. Teaching Legal and Administrative Science Nadia-Cerasela Anitei and Roxana Alina Petraru (English version)
    by Doina Mihaela POPA
  • 2012 ‘Mind…to Mindfulness’ as a Conjugative Science. An Apparition on Position of It’s in Advanced Business Curriculum and Social Research (English version)
    by Arup BARMAN
  • 2012 Ethno-cultural Relationships in the Republic of Moldova (English version)
    by Lidia PRISAC
  • 2012 The impact of income inequality on values and attitudes
    by Pryor, Frederic L.
  • 2012 The tax evasion social multiplier: Evidence from Italy
    by Galbiati, Roberto & Zanella, Giulio
  • 2012 Keiner kommt an Spanien vorbei - außer dem Zufall
    by Jürgen Gerhards & Michael Mutz & Gert G. Wagner
  • 2012 Identification. sympathy and willingness to pay
    by José Manuel Sánchez Santos & José Atilano Pena López
  • 2012 O patrimônio cultural científico e tecnológico brasileiro e a importância de políticas públicas para sua preservação
    by Maria Esther Álvarez Valente & Ethel Rosemberg Handfas
  • 2012 El pensamiento complejo y la transdisciplinariedad: fenómenos emergentes de una nueva racionalidad
    by Sergio Néstor Osorio García
  • 2012 Calidad en el Servicio
    by Arturo Alcaraz Avendaño & Ma. Yareli Martínez Hernández
  • 2012 Les réseaux sociaux d'aujourd'hui. Un monde décidément bien petit
    by Michel Forsé
  • 2012 O Charaktere Diplomacie Ako Vedeckej Disciplíny
    by Peter Rusiňák
  • 2012 Vojnové Trestné Činy
    by Stanislav Mráz
  • 2012 Mierové Operácie Osn – Nástroj Medzinárodného Krízového Manažmentu Na Zaistenie Medzinárodnej Bezpečnosti A Mieru Vo Svete
    by Radoslav Ivančík
  • 2012 Vybrané Problémy Histórie Proliferácie Zbraní Hromadného Ničenia
    by Daša Adašková
  • 2012 Protirečivý vplyv WikiLeaks na diplomaciu
    by Laura Meričková
  • 2012 Medzinárodná bezpečnosť z pohľadu postmoderných konfliktov v Afrike
    by Radoslav Ivančík
  • 2012 Kurdská otázka v Iráku a bezpečnost Turecké republiky
    by Emil Souleimanov
  • 2012 Pád režimu Abdalkarima Qasima v Iraku - významná zmena v blízkovýchodnej politike
    by Karol R. Sorby
  • 2012 Zápas Palestínčanov o medzinárodné uznanie (1971-1974)
    by Tomáš Michaľák
  • 2012 Strategic Changes In The Socio-Cultural Level. Contemporary Society, Between "Unity In Diversity" And Dissolution In Diversity
    by Ramona-Gabriela EANA
  • 2012 Management And Analysis Of European Project Proposals In The Framework Programme 7
    by Margareta FLORESCU & Viorel VULTURESCU & Mariana BALAN
  • 2012 One Step Closer To City Branding Through Culture: Consumer Preferences For Cultural Tourism Services In Alba Iulia - Customization On National Museum Of Unification
    by Larisa Loredana Dragolea & Denisa Adriana Cotirlea
  • 2011 Du keynésianisme au libertarianisme. La place de la monnaie dans les transformations du savoir économique autorisé
    by Théret, Bruno
  • 2011 Waking the Sleeping Giant
    by Ashby, Dr Simon & Clark, David & Thirlwell, John
  • 2011 A fuzzy-based scoring rule for author ranking
    by Marta Cardin & Marco Corazza & Stefania Funari & Silvio Giove
  • 2011 Does Competition Kill? The Case of Classical Composers
    by Karol Jan BOROWIECKI & Georgios KAVETSOS
  • 2011 Geographic Clustering and Productivity: An Instrumental Variable Approach for Classical Composers
    by Karol Jan BOROWIECKI
  • 2011 Type, number, and incidence. Recent patterns and differentials in relationship careers in Norway
    by Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik & Lars Dommermuth
  • 2011 Collaborative Methods for Business Process Discovery
    by Zacarias, Marielba & Martins, Paula
  • 2011 Smoke Signals and Mixed Messages: Medical Marijuana & Drug Policy Signalling Effects
    by Niko De Silva & Benno Torgler
  • 2011 Contents and Aims of Management Plans for World Heritage Sites: Managerial Analysis with a Special Focus on the Italian Scenario
    by Badia, Francesco
  • 2011 Can a click buy a little happiness? The impact of business-to-consumer e-commerce on subjective well-being
    by Sabatini, Fabio
  • 2011 A note on the relationship of mainstream and art house movie theaters
    by Müller, Christopher & Böhme, Enrico
  • 2011 Weekends and Subjective Well-Being
    by John F. Helliwell & Shun Wang
  • 2011 The Quantification of Systemic Risk and Stability: New Methods and Measures
    by Romney B. Duffey
  • 2011 The effect of academic consulting on research performance: evidence from five Spanish universities
    by Rentocchini, Francesco & Manjarrés-Henrìquez, Liney & D'Este, Pablo & Grimaldi, Rosa
  • 2011 Intermediaries in Corruption: An Experiment
    by Mikhail Drugov & John Hamman & Danila Serra
  • 2011 Can a click buy a little happiness? The impact of business-to-consumer e-commerce on subjective well-being
    by Fabio Sabatini
  • 2011 Smoke Signals and Mixed Messages: Medical Marijuana & Drug Policy Signalling Effects
    by Niko de Silva & Benno Torgler
  • 2011 Ethnic Identity and Labor-Market Outcomes of Immigrants in Europe
    by Bisin, Alberto & Patacchini, Eleonora & Verdier, Thierry & Zenou, Yves
  • 2011 Autocatalysis as The Natural Philosophy Underlying Complexity and Biological Evolution
    by Gungor Gunduz
  • 2011 Nau mai, haere mai! Welcome to Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud or about Culture and Management in New Zealand
    by Amedeo ISTOCESCU
  • 2011 Evaluation Of Cultural Heritage – From The Epistemological Precautions To Pragmatic Approaches
    by Mihaela IACOB & Felicia ALEXANDRU & Meral KAGITCI & Georgiana Camelia CRETAN & Filip IORGULESCU
  • 2011 NLP and TA (English version)
    by Gabriel R. SUCIU
  • 2011 Mircea Eliade: Preamble to the Hermeneutics of Reception. The Transposition of Eliade’s Literary Works into other Artistic Languages. A Short History (English version)
    by Cristina SCARLAT
  • 2011 Ontology and Epistemology in Management Research: An Islamic Perspective (English version)
    by Naail Mohammed KAMIL
  • 2011 Contemporary Jewellery between History, Art and Symbol(English version)
    by Liliana CONDRATICOVA
  • 2011 Darf es heute etwas Landwirtschaft sein? Über das Image der Landwirtschaft in Deutschland
    by Simone Helmle
  • 2011 Superveľmoci a ukončenie „vojny na vyčerpanie“ medzi Egyptom a Izraelom – Rogersov mierový plán 1968 – 1970
    by Karol R. Sorby
  • 2011 Politické, socio-ekonomické a kultúrne faktory demokratizácie
    by Petra Holzerová
  • 2011 Postsovětský Ázerbájdžán a militarizace Kaspického moře
    by Emil Souleimanov & Josef Kraus
  • 2011 Kultúrne súvislosti hospodárskej krízy
    by Veronika Fodorová
  • 2011 Geneze rusko-amerických vztahů v letech 1991-2001 a problematika kavkazsko-středoasijského prostoru
    by Emil Souleimanov
  • 2011 Vzrast radikalizmu v rámci Európskej únie a s ním spojené súvislosti
    by Milan Lukáč
  • 2011 Asymetria vo vojenstve
    by Radoslav Ivančík
  • 2010 L'expérience sociale du musée, entre visite anonyme et visite collaborative
    by Debenedetti, Stéphane
  • 2010 Sozialstaatlicher Reformgeist und ethische Legitimität
    by Thieme, Sebastian
  • 2010 Relationship quality in Europe
    by Kenneth Aarskaug Wiik & Trude Lappegård & Renske Keizer
  • 2010 Economia Della Paura E Crisi Dell’Arte Contemporanea
  • 2010 The evolution of the toponyms in the Şureanu mountains viewed on cartographic sources
    by Putan, Roxana & Cretan, Remus
  • 2010 Sozialstaat und ethische Legitimität
    by Thieme, Sebastian
  • 2010 We-thinking and vacillation between frames: filling a gap in Bacharach's theory
    by Smerilli, Alessandra
  • 2010 Game Information, Local Heroes, And Their Effect On Attendance: The Case Of The Japanese Baseball League
    by Yamamura, Eiji
  • 2010 Institutions, Culture, and Open Source
    by Andreas Freytag & Sebastian von Engelhardt
  • 2010 Turkish Associations in Metropolitan Stockholm: Organizational Differentiation and Socio-Political Participation of Turkish Immigrants
    by Akis , Yasemin & Kalaylioglu, Mahir
  • 2010 Floating European football clubs in the stock market
    by Michel Aglietta & Wladimir Andreff & Bastien Drut
  • 2010 Cinismo y publicidad
    by Federico García Barrientos
  • 2010 The Patterns of Inter-firm and Inter-industry Knowledge Flows in the Netherlands
    by Joseph Plasmans & Ruslan Lukach
  • 2010 The National Image of the World in an Objective Process of Globalization
    by Irina Shchukina
  • 2010 “The colossal and the well-ordered” or about culture and management in Switzerland
    by Amedeo ISTOCESCU
  • 2010 From Gibraltar through Levant and from Maghreb through the Southern Latin European Countries or about culture and management in the Mediterranean Sea Region
    by Amedeo ISTOCESCU
  • 2010 The Impact Of The English Economic Terms In The Business Environment
  • 2010 The Impact Of Languages On The Online Business Environment
  • 2010 Roles, responsabilities and situations faced by supervisor
    by Bianca VLASA
  • 2010 The Scientific Research Work in the „Dimitrie Cantemir„ Christian University – Present and Future –
    by Ion Ionescu & Viorica Ionascu & Andreea Ileana Danielescu
  • 2010 Dimitrie Cantemir „King Among Philosophers and Philosopher Among Kings” 1 - An Outstanding Personality of The European Culture
    by Ion Ionescu & Mihaela Mocanu
  • 2010 Political Ecology
    by Sergiu Tamas
  • 2010 Deviance and Dissent.A Sociological Approach to Terrorism
    by Karoui, Hichem
  • 2010 History of the Use and Abuse of Visual Metaphors in Social Science
    by Pérez Hernáiz, Hugo Antonio
  • 2010 Money Predicted Spain as Football World Champion
    by Jürgen Gerhards & Gert G. Wagner
  • 2010 Východiská jazykovej politiky Európskej únie
    by Terézia Ondrušová
  • 2010 Arabská reakcia na vojenskú porážku v júni 1967
    by Karol R. Sorby
  • 2010 Nationalism As A Discourse
    by Banu Eryilmaz
  • 2010 Reinventing Hungarian work culture in a global context
    by Ferenc Miszlivetz & Jody Jensen
  • 2010 Meanings Of The Notion Of Culture In Intercultural Research
    by Angelica-Nicoleta ONEA
  • 2009 Le marketing stratégique des organisations culturelles
    by Gombault, Anne & Debenedetti, Stéphane
  • 2009 Parentonomics: An Economist Dad Looks at Parenting
    by Joshua Gans
  • 2009 Surveying The Virtual World. A Large Scale Survey in Second Life Using the Virtual Data Collection Interface (VDCI)
    by Mark W. Bell & Edward Castronova & Gert G. Wagner
  • 2009 Participatory Institutions and People’s Practices in India: An analysis of Decentralisation experiences in Kerala State
    by Rajesh, K
  • 2009 An understanding of influence on human behavior
    by Popp, Alexandru W. A.
  • 2009 Cultural neuroeconomics of intertemporal choice
    by Takahashi, Taiki & Hadzibeganovic, Tarik & Cannas, Sergio & Makino, Takaki & Fukui, Hiroki & Kitayama, Shinobu
  • 2009 Geographic Allocation of OSS Contributions: The Role of Institutions and Culture
    by Sebastian v. Engelhardt & Andreas Freytag
  • 2009 Unlimited or disrupted communication? How does the development of the mobile phone effect our ability of social action?
    by Marie-Sophie Löhlein
  • 2009 Surveying the Virtual World: A Large Scale Survey in Second Life Using the Virtual Data Collection Interface (VDCI)
    by Mark W. Bell & Edward Castronova & Gert G. Wagner
  • 2009 Rain, Elections and Money: The Impact of Voter Turnout on Distributive Policy Outcomes in Japan
    by Yusaku Horichi & Jun Saito
  • 2009 A Third Benefit of Joint Non-OPEC Carbon Taxes: Transferring OPEC Monopoly Rent
    by Yan Dong & John Whalley
  • 2009 Economistas liberales y cuestión femenina. El singular discurso de la domesticidad de la escuela economista española (1861-1909)
    by Susana Martínez-Rodríguez
  • 2009 Decision Making: Between Rationality and Reality
    by Marko Polic
  • 2009 The Phenomenology of Decision Making
    by Urban Kordes
  • 2009 Rationality and Emotions in Decision Making
    by Olga Markic
  • 2009 Decision Making and the Brain: Neurologists' View
    by Zvezdan Pirtosek & Dejan Georgiev & Milica Gregoric-Kramberger
  • 2009 Imperialism and Theoricity in the Economic Science
    by Dinga, Emil
  • 2009 The effects of global crisis on the Romanian tourism
    by ENEA Constanta & TANASOIU Georgiana Lavinia
  • 2009 A country of all legal possibilities or about the culture and the management in the United States of America
    by ISTOCESCU Amedeo
  • 2009 Between continents, between religions,between the wars or about the culture and management in Israel
    by Amedeo ISTOCESCU
  • 2009 Metaphors in Business German
    by Věra Höppnerová
  • 2009 Evaluation of Parental Education Programme “How to become better parents?”
    by Bianca VLASA
  • 2009 Discrimination - Prejudice or Truth?
    by Liliana Trofin
  • 2009 Aspects Concerning the Strategy for the Prevention and Countering of Financing Terrorism
    by Liliana Trofin
  • 2009 Reflexiones sobre la enseñanza en situaciones transmediales
  • 2008 The Social Multiplier of Tax Evasion: Evidence from Italian Audit Data
    by Roberto Galbiati & Giulio Zanella
  • 2008 Bourse et Football
    by Michel Aglietta & Wladimir Andreff & Bastien Drut
  • 2008 Les Determinants Economiques de la Performance Olympique
    by Madeleine Andreff & Wladimir Andreff & Sandrine Poupaux
  • 2008 Le team building et la cohésion des équipes Team building and cohesion
    by Joël Moulhade
  • 2008 Les Nécessités Marchandes et l’Economie Politique (Commercial needs and the political economy)
    by Eric Thosun Mandrara
  • 2008 Kosovo 1998-2008: Human Rights from War to Independence
    by Radeljic, Branislav
  • 2008 Mercantilism and the Muslim states: Lessons from the history
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim
  • 2008 The scientific way of thinking in statistics, statistical physics and quantum mechanics
    by Săvoiu, Gheorghe
  • 2008 Independent Kosovo: A Threat for the Balkan Region?
    by Radeljic, Branislav
  • 2008 Time for play – An exploratory analysis of the changing consumption contexts of digital games
    by Deal, David
  • 2008 The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao in scientific journals: Asymmetries between the American art perspective and the European regional planning viewpoint
    by Plaza, Beatriz & Haarich, Silke
  • 2008 Mixing Family With Business: A Study of Thai Business Groups and the Families Behind Them
    by Marianne Bertrand & Simon Johnson & Krislert Samphantharak & Antoinette Schoar
  • 2008 Monument Protection: Internal and External Price Effects
    by Gabriel Ahlfeldt & Wolfgang Maennig
  • 2008 L'État et ses épreuves : éléments d'une sociologie des agencements étatiques
    by Dominique Linhardt
  • 2008 Developing the Concept of Individual IT-Culture: The Spinning Top Metaphor
    by Walsh, Isabelle & Kefi, Hajer
  • 2008 The Role of IT Culture in IT Management: Searching for Individual Archetypal IT Cultural Profiles
    by Walsh, Isabelle & Kefi, Hajer
  • 2008 The Spinning Top Model, a New Path to Conceptualize Culture and Values: Applications to IS Research
    by Walsh, Isabelle & Kefi, Hajer
  • 2008 The Budgeting of Portuguese Public Museums: a dynamic panel data analysis
    by João Coelho & Carlos Santos
  • 2008 Scientific Output of Croatian Universities: Comparison with Neighbouring Countries
    by Boris Podobnik & Katica Biljakoviæ
  • 2008 Adobe, gold, oil, tourists or (again) about culture and management in South America
    by Amedeo ISTOCESCU
  • 2008 Economic Growth and Decline in the Mirror of Verbs
    by Věra Höppnerová
  • 2008 Time for play – An exploratory analysis of the changing consumption contexts of digital games
    by David Deal
  • 2008 Vplyv kultúry na ekonomický rozvoj v Írskej republike
    by Ildikó Némethová
  • 2008 Miesto kultúrnej dimenzie medzinárodných vzťahov v teórii medzinárodných vzťahov
    by Marta B. Zágoršeková
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