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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B2: History of Economic Thought since 1925
/ / / B21: Microeconomics
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Approaches to well-being, use of psychology and paternalism in economics
    by Collewet, Marion
  • 2014 Economists as political philosophers : a critique of normative trade theory
    by Robert Lepenies
  • 2014 Memory and Anticipation: New Empirical Support for an Old Theory of the Utility Function
    by John Knight & Ramani Gunatilaka
  • 2014 A Brief History of Envelope Theorems in Economics: Static and Dynamic
    by Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf
  • 2014 Reshaping Standard Microeconomics for Political Action: Kenneth J. Arrow and Thomas C. Schelling’s Rand Corporation Projects on Racial Issues
    by Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche & Lauren Larrouy
  • 2014 Challenging Standard Non-Cooperative Game Theory? From Bacharach's "Variable Frame Theory" to "Team Reasoning"
    by Lauren Larrouy
  • 2014 Da Bentham alla tassazione ottimale
    by Ruggero Paladini
  • 2014 Integrating search in macroeconomics: the defining years
    by Samuel DANTHINE & Michel DE VROEY
  • 2014 Elasticidad precio de la demanda y perfil de los usuarios de la parada “Pablo de Olavide" de Metro de Sevilla || Price Elasticity of Demand and Profile of “Pablo de Olavide" Metro Stop's Users of Seville Metro
    by Hernández-Díaz, Alfredo G. & García Cobián, Emilio Carlos
  • 2013 Abstraction as a Mother of Order? (Historical-Methodological Reflections on the Relation of Economic Science and Economic Policy)
    by V. Avtonomov.
  • 2013 Two-Sided Markets: Theory and Applications
    by E. Zhelesova & S. Izmalkov & K. Sonin & I. Khovanskaya.
  • 2013 Dynamic Coordination via Organizational Routines
    by Heidhues, Paul & Blume, Andreas & Franco, April
  • 2013 Three Revolutions in Macroeconomics: Their Nature and Influence
    by David Laidler
  • 2013 Individual judgments and social choice in Sen's idea of justice and democracy
    by Muriel Gilardone & Antoinette Baujard
  • 2013 Meat Demand Analysis: A Case Study of Akungba-Akoko Township in Ondo State
    by Alimi, R. Santos
  • 2013 General equilibrium theory behind the iron curtain: the case of Victor Polterovich
    by Ivan Boldyrev & Olessia Kirtchik
  • 2013 Asian Disease-type of Framing of Outcomes as an Historical Curiosity
    by Dorian Jullien
  • 2013 Le Paradoxe d'Allais: Comment lui rendre sa signification perdue? (Allais's Paradox: How to Give It Back Its Lost Meaning?)
    by Mongin, Philippe
  • 2013 Survey Design and Response Analysis: a Study on Happiness, Life Satisfaction and Well-being in Piedmont, a Region of Italy
    by Anna Maffioletti & Agata Maida & Francesco Scacciati
  • 2013 A few remarks on monopoly and monopsony
    by Paolo Sylos Labini
  • 2013 Comparative Analysis of the Value Added Tax Evolution
    by Mirela Anca Postole
  • 2013 Faith, works and talents entwined: Driving forces behind John Nevile’s contributions
    by GC Harcourt & Peter Kriesler & John Langmore
  • 2013 La "scuola" italiana di scienza delle finanze
    by Giuseppe Dallera
  • 2013 Concept of Sustainable Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Moldova
    by Lilia Taranenco (Hajdeu)
  • 2013 An analysis of Rawls’s and Sen’s concepts of freedom
    by Herrade Igersheim
  • 2012 Re-reading Keynes after the crisis: probability and decision
    by Carlo Zappia
  • 2012 John Richard Hicks and the Rehabilitation of the Walrasian treatment of Capital
    by Paolo Trabucchi
  • 2012 Denial, Rationalization, and the Administered Price Thesis
    by Gu, Gyun Cheol
  • 2012 A nested contest: Tullock meets the All-Pay Auction
    by Amegashie, J. Atsu
  • 2012 An optimal strategy for maximizing the expected real-estate selling price: accept or reject an offer?
    by Egozcue, Martin & Fuentes García, Luis & Zitikis, Ricardas
  • 2012 British economists on competition policy (1890-1920)
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2012 Old lady charm: explaining the persistent appeal of Chicago antitrust
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2012 Edward H. Chamberlin (1899 − 1967)
    by Signorino, Rodolfo
  • 2012 Beneficio positivo, teorema de Euler y el problema de la distribución en la economía neoclásica
    by Galvis Ciro, Juan Camilo
  • 2012 نحو رؤية جديدة لتمويل منشآت الأعمال الصغيرة والمتوسطة
    by Onour, Ibrahim
  • 2012 Game complete analysis of symmetric Cournot duopoly
    by Carfì, David & Perrone, Emanuele
  • 2012 Transaction costs, externalities and innovation
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2012 Costos de transaccion, externalidades e innovación
    by Estrada, Fernando & Diaz, Natalia
  • 2012 The Origin of the Sylos Postulate: Modigliani's and Sylos Labini's Contributions to Oligopoly Theory
    by Rancan, Antonella
  • 2012 The Origin of the Sylos Postulate: Modigliani’s and Sylos Labini’s Contributions to Oligopoly Theory
    by Antonella Rancan
  • 2012 Equilibrio parcial y general: dos problemas inquietantes
    by Tania Contreras Herrada & Ivan Mendieta Muñoz & Rogelio Huerta Quintanilla
  • 2012 100 Years Since The Birth Of Milton Friedman
    by Marek Loužek
  • 2012 The Impact of Capital Market Players’ Exit, Voice and Loyalty on Economic Growth
    by Zsolt Szabó
  • 2012 A kivonulás-tiltakozás-hűség fogalomhármas közgazdaságtani relevanciája a 21. században
    by Szabó, Zsolt
  • 2012 Implications of behavioural economics for financial literacy and public policy
    by Altman, Morris
  • 2012 Using econometric analysis of willingness-to-pay to investigate economic efficiency and equity of domestic water services in the West Bank
    by Awad, Ibrahim M.
  • 2012 Appropriation In A Competitive Theory Of Value
    by Louis Makowski & Joseph M. Ostroy
  • 2012 Negishi On Edgeworth On Jevons' Law Of Indifference, Walras’S Equilibrium, And The Role Of Large Numbers: A Critical Assessment
    by Franco Donzelli
  • 2012 Une source méconnue de la théorie de l'agrégation des jugements
    by Philippe Mongin
  • 2012 Complete Markets of Arrow and Debreu and the Dynamic Disequilibrium (English)
    by Yuli Radev
  • 2012 Complete Markets of Arrow and Debreu and the Dynamic Disequilibrium (Bulgarian)
    by Yuli Radev
  • 2011 Product innovation when consumers have switching costs
    by Evens Salies
  • 2011 Privileging Micro over Macro? A History of Conflicting Positions
    by Pedro Garcia Duarte & Gilberto Tadeu Lima
  • 2011 The Hicks-Malinvaud average period of production and 'marginal productivity': a critical assessment
    by Saverio M. Fratini
  • 2011 Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2011 Determinants of Agricultural Technology adoption: the Case of Improved Pigeonpea Varieties in Tanzania
    by Simtowe, Franklin
  • 2011 Competition
    by Salvadori, Neri & Signorino, Rodolfo
  • 2011 The transaction costs in biotechnology
    by Estrada, Fernando & Diaz, Natalia
  • 2011 Costos de transacción en biotecnología
    by Estrada, Fernando & Diaz, Natalia
  • 2011 Tableaux économiques et analyse des business cycles chez Marschak, Frisch et Leontief
    by Akhabbar, Amanar
  • 2011 Money Demand Functions for Pakistan (Divisia Approach)
    by Sarwar, haroon & Hussian, zakir & Awan, masood sarwar
  • 2011 A critical perspective on heterodox production modeling
    by Murray, Michael/ M J
  • 2011 From Wald to Savage: homo economicus becomes a Bayesian statistician
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2011 Monopolistic competition: Critical evaluation the theory of monopolistic competition with specific reference to the seminal 1977 paper by Dixit and Stiglitz
    by Josheski, Dushko & Koteski, Cane & Lazarov, Darko
  • 2011 Microfinance: Champion in Poverty Alleviation and Failure in Female Empowerment
    by Dobra, Alexandra
  • 2011 Coopetitive games and global green economy
    by Carfì, David & Schilirò, Daniele
  • 2011 A rational road to effectiveness attainment
    by Zervopoulos, Panagiotis & Vargas, Francisco & Cheng, Gang
  • 2011 Impact of adverse economic shocks on the Indian child labour market and the schooling of children of poor households
    by Karan Singh, B
  • 2011 « Appliquer la théorie économique de l’équilibre général » : de Walras à Leontief
    by Akhabbar, Amanar & Lallement, Jerôme
  • 2011 Scarcity, self-interest and maximization from Islamic angle
    by Hasan, Zubair
  • 2011 Political Reservations, Access to Water and Welfare Outcomes: Evidence from Indian Villages
    by Raghbendra Jha & Sharmistha Nag & Hari K. Nagarajan
  • 2011 The Influence of Irving Fisher on Milton Friedman’s Monetary Economics
    by Michael D. Bordo & Hugh Rockoff
  • 2011 Negishi on Edgeworth on Jevons’s law of indifference, Walras’s equilibrium, and the role of large numbers: a critical assessment
    by Franco DONZELLI
  • 2011 The law of indifference, equilibrium, and equilibration in Jevons, Walras, Edgeworth, and Negishi
    by Franco DONZELLI
  • 2011 On Envelope Theorems in Economics: Inspired by a Revival of a Forgotten Lecture
    by Löfgren, Karl-Gustaf
  • 2011 Product innovation when consumers have switching costs
    by Evens Salies
  • 2011 Une source méconnue de la théorie de l'agrégation des jugements
    by Mongin, Philippe
  • 2011 Hicks et l’économie de la dépression
    by Goulven RUBIN
  • 2011 Utilitarianism and Economic Behavior. Looking for Benthamite Traces
    by Jimena Hurtado & Johanna Mick
  • 2011 Introduction
    by Sebastiano Nerozzi & Daniela Parisi
  • 2011 International Financial Reporting Standards For Smes
    by IONESCU, Cicilia IONESCU & Ilincuta, Lucian Dorel
  • 2011 Systemic Risk, an Empirical Approach
    by Cadenas Santiago, Gonzalo & Sanchis Arellano, Alicia
  • 2011 Preference Dilemma in Economics
    by Ondřej Vojáček
  • 2011 100 Years Since the Birth of George Stigler
    by Marek Loužek
  • 2011 The Agents of Education Market
    by Adrian Măcriș & Maria Măcriș
  • 2011 Valuing Recreational and Conservational Benefits of a Natural Tourist Site: Case of Cherrapunjee
    by Utpal Kumar De & Amrita Devi
  • 2011 The role of tourism in the development of border regions in Hungary
    by DAVID Lóránt & TOTH Géza & BUJDOSO Zoltán & REMENYIK Bulcsú
  • 2011 Buchanan on externalities: An exercise in applied subjectivism
    by Marciano, Alain
  • 2011 La teoría racional del crimen. Aplicaciones de Gary Becker en Bogotá, D.C
    by Manfred Grautoff Laverde & Fernando Chavarro Miranda & Andrés Felipe Arce
  • 2011 Retrospectives: X-Efficiency
    by Michael Perelman
  • 2010 Keynesian interpretations of the financial crisis
    by Carlo Zappia
  • 2010 Global Crisis, Fiscal Response and Medium-term Risks to Inflation in India
    by Khundrakpam, Jeevan Kumar & Pattanaik, Sitikantha
  • 2010 Estimating household vulnerability to poverty from cross section data: an empirical evidence from Ghana
    by Novignon, Jacob
  • 2010 Investigating the relationship between income, health and biomass consumption: a panel data analysis
    by Oparinde, Adewale
  • 2010 Global Poverty Reduction, Geographical Information System, Donations, Aids And Some Issues: A Proposed Model For Proper Dissemination In Real Time
    by Herani, Gobind M.
  • 2010 Microfinance And self-help finance system to reduce poverty from Pakistan: an it-based solution
    by Herani, Gobind M.
  • 2010 Games judges don't play: predatory pricing and strategic reasoning in US antitrust
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2010 Product innovation when consumers have switching costs
    by Salies, Evens
  • 2010 A teoria da perspectiva e as mudanças de preferência no mainstream: um prospecto lakatoseano
    by Pessali, Huascar & Berger, Bruno
  • 2010 Multiple equilibria and chaos in a discrete tâtonnement process
    by Kaizoji, Taisei
  • 2010 Dilemmas of public election
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2010 Inconsistency of fairness evaluation in simulated labot market
    by Ch'ng, Kean Siang & Loke, Yiing Jia
  • 2010 Microfinance and Self-Help Finance System to Reduce Poverty from Pakistan: An It-Based Solution
    by Herani, Gobind M.
  • 2010 Government and the provision of public goods : from equilibrium models to mechanism design
    by Monique Florenzano
  • 2010 Hicks on Walrasian equilibrium in the 1930s and beyond
    by Franco DONZELLI
  • 2010 The Foster-Greer-Thorbecke (FGT) Poverty Measures: Twenty-Five Years Later
    by James Foster & Joel Greer & Erik Thorbecke
  • 2010 Léon Walras On Industrial Regulation: Railroads As Economic And Moral State Monopolies
    by Andrés Álvarez
  • 2010 Private Funds Financing Of European Higher Education
    by Maria Măcriş & Adrian Măcriş
  • 2010 Dynamics Of The Share Of Education Expenditures Within Romania’s Gross Domestic Product - Economic And Social Effects
    by Adrian Măcriş & Maria Măcriş
  • 2010 Global Poverty Reduction, Geographical Information System, Donations, Aids And Some Issues: A Proposed Model For Proper Dissemination In Real Time
    by Gobind M. Herani
  • 2010 Microfinance And Self-Help Finance System To Reduce Poverty From Pakistan: An It-Based Solution
    by Gobind M. Herani
  • 2010 Motivation for Small and Medium-Sized Entrepreneurs for Internationalization on the European Union Market
    by Ivana Mandysová
  • 2010 Modelos de reproducción en desequilibrio: Nuevos desarrollos
    by Edith Klimovsky
  • 2010 Torneo criminal, aversión al riesgo y seguridad ciudadana: comportamiento criminal en Bogotá D.C
    by Manfred Grautoff, Fernando Chavarro, Jazmín Balaguer
  • 2009 The substantiation of the financial decision at enterprise level based on policy optimization and accounting forecast
    by Ionescu, Cicilia
  • 2009 Barriers to Entryn : Abolishing the Barriers to Understanding
    by Keppler, Jan Horst
  • 2009 Microéconomie
    by Etner, François
  • 2009 Economic Dynamics as a Succession of Equilibria: The Path Travelled by Morishima
    by Massimo Di Matteo
  • 2009 Intertemporal Equilibrium and Walras' Theory of Capital: a Projection Based Approach
    by Galeazzo Impicciatore & Luca Panaccione & Francesco Ruscitti
  • 2009 Barriers to entry : abolishing the barriers to understanding
    by Keppler, Jan Horst
  • 2009 Consequentiality and contingent values: an emerging paradigm
    by Poe, Gregory L. & Vossler, Christian A.
  • 2009 Foreign direct investment in Kenya
    by Nyamwange, Mathew
  • 2009 Allocative Efficiency among Fadama Fluted Pumkin Farmers in Imo State, Nigeria
    by Nwachukwu, Ifeanyi N. & Onyenweaku, Chris E.
  • 2009 Microfinance and Mechanism Design: The Role of Joint Liability and Cross-Reporting
    by Abdul Karim, Zulkefly
  • 2009 The resource-based view: A review and assessment of its critiques
    by Kraaijenbrink, Jeroen & Spender, JC & Groen, Aard
  • 2009 A Study On The Association Between Brand Awareness And Consumer/Brand Loyalty For The Packaged Milk Industry In Pakistan
    by Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz & Osman, Ms.Amber
  • 2009 Are public policies effective in alleviating family income inequality in Iran?
    by Khiabani, Nasser & Mazyaki, Ali
  • 2009 The history of transaction cost economics and its recent developments
    by Lukasz, Hardt
  • 2009 Gida harcamalar inin gelir içindeki payi yönünden satin alma gücünün değerlendirilmesi: Türkiye’nin bölgeselleştirilmiş illeri bazinda bir değerlendirme
    by Kalyoncu, Kahraman
  • 2009 Do rural households smooth their consumption? Applying an asset-based approach to the case of Malawi
    by Makoka, Donald
  • 2009 Small farmers' access to high-value markets: what can we learn from the Malawi pigeopea value chain?
    by Makoka, Donald
  • 2009 choice of remuneration regime in fisheries: the case of Hawaii’s longline fisheries
    by Nguyen, Quang
  • 2009 Reswitching And Decreasing Demand For Capital
    by Fratini, Saverio M.
  • 2009 From equilibrium models to mechanism design : On the place and the role of government in the public goods provision analysis in the second part of the twentieth century
    by Monique Florenzano
  • 2009 The Random Part in Network Evolution
    by Thomas Grebel
  • 2009 Who Are You Calling Irrational? Marginal Costs, Variable Costs, and the Pricing Practices of Firms
    by Russell Pittman
  • 2009 Price-Takers Vs. Great Numbers: Rethinking The Edgeworth-Walras Convergence On Perfect Competition `A La Debreu-Scarf
    by Andrés Álvarez & Diana Guevara & Juan Pablo García & Edwin López
  • 2009 Engel’s Law Reconsidered
    by Manisha Chakrabarty & Werner Hildenbrand
  • 2009 Imperfection as the Norm
    by Schaeffer, Peter V.
  • 2009 Socio-Economic Consequences of Adolescent Childbearing in Osun State, Nigeria
    by John Lekan Oyefara
  • 2009 Sraffa And The Question Of Equilibrium
    by Ajit SINHA & Michel-Stéphane DUPERTUIS
  • 2009 ¿Es la coyuntura económica un resultado de las expectativas empresariales? Análisis de la EOIC 1990-2008
    by Gómez Cardona, Sebastián & Jaramillo, Alberto
  • 2009 ¿Es la coyuntura económica un resultado de las expectativas empresariales? Análisis de la EOIC 1990-2008
    by Gómez Cardona, Sebastián & Jaramillo, Alberto
  • 2009 L'analyse des « chertés alimentaires » par Jules Dupuit (1859) et la théorie de la hiérarchie des besoins de René Roy (1943)
    by Jean-Pascal Simonin
  • 2008 Alcune osservazioni sulla forma delle curve di domanda e offerta di capitale
    by Saverio M. Fratini
  • 2008 Sulla trattazione del capitale negli economisti marginalisti: il capitale come grandezza singola in alcuni scritti dei primi anni trenta
    by Paolo Trabucchi
  • 2008 On an Evolutionary Foundation of Neuroeconomics
    by Schipper, Burkhard C
  • 2008 The Paradoxes of Revenge in Conflicts
    by Amegashie, J. Atsu & Runkel, Marco
  • 2008 Three alternative (?) stories on the late 20th-century rise of game theory
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2008 Competition vs. property rights: American antitrust law, the Freiburg School and the early years of European competition policy
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2008 Optimal boundaries for decisions
    by Carfì, David
  • 2008 The impact of drought on household vulnerability: The case of rural Malawi
    by Makoka, Donald
  • 2008 Elasticities of Substitution and Complementarity
    by Stern, David I
  • 2008 Derivation of the Hicks Elasticity of Substitution from the Input Distance Function
    by Stern, David I.
  • 2008 The Provision of a Public Good with a direct Provision Technology and a Large Number of Agents
    by Behringer, Stefan
  • 2008 Rethinking basically Economic Assumption on Individual Behavior from Empirical Viewpoints of Evolution and Behavior
    by Zhao, Liang
  • 2008 Evaluation of the effect of policy regime shifts in Iranian Distributional changes using a Micro Simulation Framework
    by Khiabani, Nasser & Maziyaki, Ali
  • 2008 The rising share of nonmarital births: A response to Ermisch, Martin, and Wu
    by Jo Anna Gray & Jean Stockhard & Joe A. Stone
  • 2008 Le concept d'externalité de l'économie externe à "l'interaction directe" : quelques problèmes de définition
    by Nathalie Berta
  • 2008 Foolishness and identity: Amartya Sen and Adam Smith
    by Caroline Gerschlager
  • 2008 La responsabilité sociale, est-elle une variable influençant les performances d’entreprise?
    by Greta Falavigna
  • 2008 The Talmud On Transitivity
    by Shlomo Naeh & Uzi Segal
  • 2008 Pianificazione, mercato e organizzazioni in Herbert A. Simon
    by Stefano FIORI
  • 2008 The 2007 Nobel Prize in Economics: Mechanism Design Theory
    by Martin Èihák
  • 2008 Incertitude, rationalité et institution. Une lecture croisée de Keynes et Simon
    by Nicolas Postel
  • 2007 Piero Sraffa and Attilio Da Empoli : competing solutions for the crisis of the theory of the firm in the early 20th century
    by Keppler, Jan Horst
  • 2007 The Remarkable Place of the UV-Curve in Economic Theory
    by Rodenburg, Peter
  • 2007 Book Review to Luigino Bruni -'Reciprocita'- Economic Thought and Reciprocity Theories
    by Reggiani, Tommaso
  • 2007 Leontief et l'économie comme science empirique: la signification opérationnelle des lois
    by Akhabbar, Amanar
  • 2007 Les Capacités D’Usage Des Technologies De L’Information Et De La Communication Dans Les Économies Émergentes
    by BELLON, Bertrand & BEN YOUSSEF, Adel & M'HENNI, Hatem
  • 2007 Impact of competition and business cycles on the behaviour of monopolistic markups in the Polish economy
    by Hagemejer, Jan & Gradzewicz, Michal
  • 2007 Perspectives from the Happiness Literature and the Role of New Instruments for Policy Analysis
    by van Praag, Bernard M. S.
  • 2007 Perspectives from the Happiness Literature and the Role of New Instruments for Policy Analysis
    by Bernard M.S. van Praag
  • 2007 Perspectives from the Happiness Literature and the Role of New Instruments for Policy Analysis
    by Bernard M.S. van Praag
  • 2007 Who are the Behavioral Economists and what do they say?
    by Floris Heukelom
  • 2007 Kahneman and Tversky and the Origin of Behavioral Economics
    by Floris Heukelom
  • 2007 L’a-priori et l’a posteriori en économie
    by Philippe MONGIN
  • 2007 Life-Cycle Models, Economic Puzzles and Temptation Preferences
    by Alessandro Bucciol
  • 2007 The Capital-Centered Model of Corporate Ownership
    by Nikolay Naydenov
  • 2006 The Origins of the U-Shaped Average Cost Curve: Understanding the Complexities of the Modern Theory of the Firm
    by Keppler, Jan Horst & Lallement, Jérôme
  • 2006 Computation of the compensating variation within a random utility model using GAUSS software
    by Marilena Locatelli & Steinar Strøm
  • 2006 Simon Rottenberg and Baseball, Then and Now: A 50th Anniversary Retrospective
    by Allen R. Sanderson & John J. Siegfried
  • 2006 Walras and Pareto on the meaning of the solution concept in General Equilibrium Theory
    by Franco DONZELLI
  • 2006 Equilibrio, disequilibrio e tempo in Walras
    by Franco DONZELLI
  • 2006 Hur mäta produktivitet och hur produktiva är svenska professorer i nationalekonomi? Forskningsutvärdering med hjälp av kvantitativa och kvalitativa indikatorer
    by Sarafoglou, Nikias
  • 2006 Walras et les ingénieurs économistes français: des Eléments d'économie politique pure au Traité d'économie pure
    by Alain Béraud
  • 2006 L'a priori et l'a posteriori en Economie
    by MONGIN, Philippe
  • 2006 L'analytique et le synthétique en économie
    by MONGIN, Philippe
  • 2006 L’analytique et le synthétique en économie
    by Philippe MONGIN
  • 2006 Ordre Lexicographique, Besoins Et Preferences Dans L'Oeuvre De Georgescu-Roegen
    by Hubert STAHN
  • 2006 Desarrollo de la Teoría de la Demanda: historiografía del enfoque neoclásico
    by Danny Múnera Barrera
  • 2006 La thèse d'efficience du « théorème de Coase ». Quelle critique de la microéconomie ?
    by Élodie Bertrand
  • 2005 The Impartial Observer Theorem of Social Ethics
    by Philippe Mongin
  • 2005 W.E. Johnson’s 1913 Paper and the Question of His Knowledge of Pareto
    by Ivan Moscati
  • 2005 Early Experiments in Consumer Demand Theory: 1930-1970
    by Ivan Moscati
  • 2005 History of consumer demand theory 1871-1971: A Neo-Kantian rational reconstruction
    by Ivan Moscati
  • 2005 Advertising, Pricing & Market Structure in Competitive Matching Markets
    by Edner Bataille & Benoit Julien
  • 2005 Linking Strategic Interaction and Bargaining Theory. The Harsanyi - Schelling Debate on the Axiom of Symmetry
    by Alessandro Innocenti
  • 2005 Ambiguity and uncertainty in Ellsberg and Shackle
    by Marcello Basili & Carlo Zappia
  • 2005 Shackle versus Savage: non-probabilistic alternatives to subjective probability theory in the 1950s
    by Carlo Zappia & Marcello Basili
  • 2005 The Tale of Two research Communities: The Diffusion of Research on Productive Efficiency
    by Finn R. Førsund & Nikias Sarafoglou
  • 2005 Utility of Income as a Random Function. Behavioral Characterization and Empirical Evidence
    by John K. Dagsvik & Steinar Strøm & Zhiyang Jia
  • 2005 Notes on Ricardo’s theory of value and taxation
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2005 Road pricing as a citizen-candidate game
    by Marcucci, Edoardo & Marini, Marco
  • 2005 Remarques à propos du déterminisme technique
    by Bruno Tinel
  • 2005 Utveckling och spridning av forskning: fallet effektivitetsforskning
    by Försund, Finn R & Sarafoglou, Nikias
    by Mauro Boianovsky
  • 2005 Modigliani's life-cycle theory of savings fifty years later
    by Mauro Baranzini
  • 2005 Franco Modigliani and the life-cycle theory of consumption
    by Angus Deaton
  • 2005 Franco Modigliani and oligopoly
    by Paolo Sylos Labini
  • 2005 A reappraisal of Modigliani's finance theories
    by Terenzio Cozzi
  • 2005 Modigliani's life-cycle theory of savings fifty years later
    by Mauro Baranzini
  • 2005 Franco Modigliani and the life-cycle theory of consumption
    by Angus Deaton
  • 2005 Franco Modigliani and oligopoly
    by Paolo Sylos Labini
  • 2005 A reappraisal of Modigliani's finance theories
    by Terenzio Cozzi
  • 2005 A pénz (nem) boldogít(?)
    by Takács, Dávid
  • 2005 Modeling Rational Agents The Consistency View Of Rationality And The Changing Image Of Neoclassical Economics
    by Nicola GIOCOLI
  • 2005 Psychologie individuelle et stabilité d'un équilibre général concurrentiel dans le Traité d'économie pure de Maurice Allais
    by Jean-Sébastien Lenfant
  • 2005 Una larga polémica: el tâtonnement walrasiano
    by Julio Segura Sánchez
  • 2004 The Decline and Fall of the Scandinavian Currency Union 1914 – 1924: Events in the Aftermath of World War I
    by Talia, Krim
  • 2004 La quête d’une théorie de la concurrence empiriquement pertinente : Les leçons de la révolution de la concurrence monopolistique
    by Keppler, Jan Horst
  • 2004 Fair Division and Collective Welfare
    by Herve Moulin
  • 2004 Paradoxes versus formalism in economics. Evidence from the early years of game theory and experimental economics
    by Alessandro Innocenti
  • 2004 Elasticities of Substitution and Complementarity
    by David I. Stern
  • 2004 Ascesa e declino della nozione di saggio proprio di interesse in Sraffa
    by Franco DONZELLI
  • 2004 Power without Glory - George Stigler's Market Leviathan
    by Dr Craig Freedman
  • 2004 Oskar Morgenstern
    by Damme, E.E.C. van
  • 2004 On the Right Side for the Wrong Reason : Friedman on the Marshall-Walras divide
    by Michel, DE VROEY
  • 2004 The temporary equilibrium method : Hicks against Hicks
    by Michel, DE VROEY
  • 2004 La dicotomía micro-macro no es pertinente
    by Jorge Iván González
  • 2004 Current trends in the historiography of economics
    by Michal Brzezinski
  • 2004 Entrepreneurship and the competitive market process in the Austrian school of economics and in the work of J. A. Schumpeter
    by Milan ŘÍKOVSKÝ
  • 2004 Afinal, a quais interesses serve a regulação?
    by Fiani, Ronaldo
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