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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ K: Law and Economics
/ / K2: Regulation and Business Law
/ / / K29: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Does Bible and Quran Represent the True Word of God, The Economist case against Addictive substances
    by Hayat, Azmat

  • 2017 Addressing the balance of interests in investment treaties: The limitation of fair and equitable treatment provisions to the minimum standard of treatment under customary international law
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2017 The balance between investor protection and the right to regulate in investment treaties: A scoping paper
    by David Gaukrodger

  • 2017 Accounting During the Austro-Hungarian Compromise and the Post-Communist Regime Change
    by Borbély Katalin

  • 2017 The perils of privacy regulation
    by Caleb S. Fuller

  • 2017 Law and economics of training: a taxonomy of the main legal and institutional tools addressing suboptimal investments in human capital development
    by Giulio Pedrini

  • 2017 Economic forecast and corporate leverage choices: The role of the institutional environment
    by Pindado, Julio & Requejo, Ignacio & Rivera, Juan C.

  • 2017 Sharing is daring: An experiment on consent, chilling effects and a salient privacy nudge
    by Hermstrüwer, Yoan & Dickert, Stephan

  • 2017 The effect of corporate governance on firm value and profitability: Time-series evidence from Turkey
    by Ararat, Melsa & Black, Bernard S. & Yurtoglu, B. Burcin

  • 2017 Voting Rules in Bankruptcy Law
    by Stef Nicolae

  • 2016 Untaxed Social-Media Problem and Potential Solutions
    by Kaplanhan, Fatih & Korkut, Cem

  • 2016 The Indian Insolvency and Bankruptcy Bill: A Squandered Opportunity
    by Pandey, Ashish

  • 2016 On the Future Advances in Engineering and In-Vitro Culture of Human Embryos
    by Anton, Roman

  • 2016 Elections, Ideology, and Turnover in the U.S. Federal Government
    by Alexander Bolton & John M. de Figueiredo & David E. Lewis

  • 2016 Global spread of pharmaceutical patent protections: micro evidence from the international equivalents of the drug patents in Japan
    by OKADA, Yoshimi & NAGAOKA, Sadao

  • 2016 La disciplina degli aiuti fiscali tra la funzione di controllo e quella di armonizzazione impropria: il ruolo della selettivitÃ
    by Marco Boccaccio

  • 2016 Contributions to the Analysis of Amendments of the Crime Stipulated in Article 43 of Law no. 255/1998 on the Protection of New Varieties of Plants Made by Law no. 187/2012 for the Enforcement of Law no. 286/2009 on the Criminal Code
    by Bujorel Florea

  • 2016 Pokryzysowe regulacje płynności a zmiany organizacyjne w bankowości spółdzielczej
    by Łukasz Majer

  • 2016 Performance Evaluation Systems In The Public Sector
    by Andy LEOVEANU

  • 2016 Regime of Carrier’s Macro and Micro-Liability Dealing with the International Carriage of Goods by Sea Contracts
    by Diana Marinova

  • 2016 The European Court Of Justice Jurisprudence In Árpád Kásler Vs. Otp Case And Its Interpretation In The Jurisprudence Of National Courts
    by Mircea GROZAVU

  • 2016 The (Over)Regulation on Fit-Out Works in Office Buildings
    by Dominik Sypniewski

  • 2016 Academic copyright in the publishing game: a contest perspective
    by Eberhard Feess & Marc Scheufen

  • 2016 Do privacy laws affect the location decisions of internet firms? Evidence for privacy havens
    by Fabrice Rochelandet & Silvio H. T. Tai

  • 2016 Can information be locked up? Informed trading ahead of macro-news announcements
    by Bernile, Gennaro & Hu, Jianfeng & Tang, Yuehua

  • 2016 Decision-making during the credit crisis: Did the Treasury let commercial banks fail?
    by Croci, Ettore & Hertig, Gerard & Nowak, Eric

  • 2015 3D printing and the intellectual property system
    by Stefan Bechtold

  • 2015 Implications of cloud computing for personal data protection : An Indonesian perspective
    by Sinta Dewi Rosadi

  • 2015 The Single-Member Board of Directors According to the New Turkish Commercial Code
    by Ebru Tüzemen Atik

  • 2015 Institutional Laws, and Mergers and Acquisitions in India: A Review/Recommendation
    by Reddy, K. Srinivasa

  • 2015 Customs trade facilitation programs and the reduction of customs-related corruption. Are these concepts connected?
    by Pedro Dutra

  • 2015 Impacts of Planning Rules, Regulations, Uncertainty and Delay on Residential Property Development
    by Arthur Grimes & Ian Mitchell

  • 2015 Corporate Governance Legal Issues
    by Svetlana Chekhovskaya

  • 2015 Is Paper Money Just Paper Money? Experimentation and Variation in the Paper Monies Issued by the American Colonies from 1690 to 1775
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2015 The L&E of Intellectual Property – Do we get maximum innovation with the current regime?
    by Ejan Mackaay

  • 2015 Explaining the Patenting Propensity: A Regional Analysis Using EPO-OECD Data
    by Claudio Cozza & Francesco Schettino

  • 2015 Arbitral Tribunal Power to Disqualify Unethical Counsel
    by Cristina FLORESCU

  • 2015 Regulating Cryptocurrencies in Poland and in the World as Exemplified by Bitcoin – the Legal Status and Economic (Regulowanie kryptowalut w Polsce i na swiecie na przykladzie Bitcoina – status prawny i interpretacja ekonomiczna )
    by Grzegorz Sobiecki

  • 2015 Estimating a corporate governance index for companies in Greece
    by Ramona Iulia Țarțavulea (Dieaconescu)

  • 2015 A Good Defence – A Combined Effort Of The State And The Attorney
    by Elena Mihaela FODOR

  • 2015 Legal Issues Relating to the Liability of the Carrier for the Air Carriage of Passengers
    by Viktoria Rusanova

  • 2015 On Slavery and Libertarianism
    by Walter BLOCK

  • 2015 Arbitral Tribunal Power to Disqualify Unethical Counsel
    by Cristina FLORESCU

  • 2015 Apologija Novom Hrvatskom Insolvencijskom Pravu
    by Dejan Bodul

  • 2015 Regulating European grant-making foundations. Lessons from the USA experience?
    by Barbetta, Gian Paolo & Colombo, Luca & Turati, Gilberto

  • 2015 Between consumer demand and Islamic law: The evolution of Islamic credit cards in Turkey
    by Çokgezen, Murat & Kuran, Timur

  • 2015 Do fewer guns lead to less crime? Evidence from Australia
    by Taylor, Benjamin & Li, Jing

  • 2014 The relationship between services trade and government procurement commitments: Insights from relevant WTO agreements and recent RTAs
    by Anderson, Robert D. & Locatelli, Claudia & Müller, Anna Caroline & Pelletier, Philippe

  • 2014 Инвестиции В Недвижимость В Городе Омске
    by Velikodnaya, Polina

  • 2014 The “regulatory authority dixit” defence in European competition law enforcement
    by Congedo, Pierluigi

  • 2014 Methods for Multicountry Studies of Coporate Governance: Evidence from the BRIKT Countries
    by Black, Bernard & De Carvalho, Antonio Gledson & Khanna, Vikramaditya & Kim, Woochan & Yurtoglu, Burcin

  • 2014 Liability Rule Failures? Evidence from German Court Decisions
    by Annika Pape

  • 2014 The Portuguese Law on Social Economy
    by Deolinda APARÍCIO MEIRA

  • 2014 Several Conclusions from Research of Insolvency Cases in the Czech Republic
    by Luboš Smrčka & Jaroslav Schönfeld

  • 2014 Behavioural and Empirical Topics for Discussion on Economic Science Paradigms
    by Jaroslav Danhel & Eva Duchackova

  • 2014 Economics of Qwerty and Fgðýod
    by Ýbrahim Yaþar ÞAMA

  • 2014 Legal and Non-Legal Relations between Clerks and the Public Administration Leader in Romania
    by Paula Dina & Daniela Simona Nenciu

  • 2014 The evolution of corporate governance in Brazil
    by Black, Bernard S. & de Carvalho, Antonio Gledson & Sampaio, Joelson Oliveira

  • 2014 Methods for multicountry studies of corporate governance: Evidence from the BRIKT countries
    by Black, Bernard & de Carvalho, Antonio Gledson & Khanna, Vikramaditya & Kim, Woochan & Yurtoglu, Burcin

  • 2014 The meaning of a trainers profession deregulation in nowadays sport
    by Krzysztof Augustyn & Mateusz Zubik & Pawel Bieniek

  • 2014 The Value And Economic Effects Of The Unapplied Inventions
    by Raul Sorin FÂNTÂNĂ

  • 2013 Telecommunications Regulation in Poland

  • 2013 Freedom of Movement Rights of Turkish Nationals in the European Union
    by Yalincak, Orhun Hakan

  • 2013 The Most-Favoured-Nation Treatment Obligation: Trends Leading to its Marginalisation and whether a Threat to the Multilateral Trading System
    by Mua, Afuh George

  • 2013 Explaining the Patenting Propensity: A Regional Analysis using EPO-OECD Data
    by Cozza, Claudio & Schettino, Francesco

  • 2013 Tearing the Veil of Privacy Law: An Experiment on Chilling Effects and the Right to Be Forgotten
    by Yoan Hermstrüwer & Stephan Dickert

  • 2013 Law versus Economics? How should insurance intermediaries influence the insurance demand decision
    by Annika Pape

  • 2013 Current Changes in the Role of the Insurance Sector
    by Jaroslav Danhel & Eva Duchackova

  • 2013 The Trade With Medicine
    by Paul POPOVICI & Ovidiu CHIROBAN

  • 2013 Injunctions For Standard-Essential Patents: Justice Is Not Blind
    by Peter Camesasca & Gregor Langus & Damien Neven & Pat Treacy

  • 2013 Regulation on the prohibition on monetary financing - obligations and opportunities
    by Attila Korencsi & Melinda Lakatos & György Pulai

  • 2013 Personal Bankruptcy Law, Fresh Starts, and Judicial Practice
    by Régis Blazy & Bertrand Chopard & Eric Langlais & Ydriss Ziane

  • 2013 New Countries and New Economies in the Balkans
    by Miroslava Filipovic & Sonja Buncic

  • 2013 Paying for the smart grid
    by De Castro, Luciano & Dutra, Joisa

  • 2013 The Slow and Hidden Road to Serfdom
    by Peter Bernholz

  • 2013 The Preliminary Ruling Decision in the Case of Google vs. Louis Vuitton Concerning the AdWord Service and its Impact on the Community Law
    by Tomáš Gongol

  • 2013,2nd quarter update law and economics of copyright and trademarks on the Internet
    by Stefan Bechtold

  • 2012 Notwendigkeit der Ausschüttungssperre des § 268 Abs. 8 HGB: Eine empirische Untersuchung der Einzelabschlüsse der DAX 30 Unternehmen
    by Rohleder, Stephan & Rogler, Silvia

  • 2012 New Study Group on European Cooperative Law: “Principles” Project
    by Gemma Fajardo & Antonio Fici & Hagen Henrÿ & David Hiez & Hans-H. Münkner & Ian Snaith

  • 2012 Cooperative identity and the law
    by Antonio Fici

  • 2012 Do privacy laws affect the location decisions of internet firms? evidence for privacy havens
    by ROCHELANDET, Fabrice & TAI, Silvio H.T.

  • 2012 在全球金融危机阴影下的消费者权益保护 - 欧盟,摩尔多瓦共和国和中华人民共和国的消费者权益保护的未来之路的研究 -
    by Sergiu, Gojinetchi

  • 2012 Is Paper Money Just Paper Money? Experimentation and Variation in the Paper Monies Issued by the American Colonies from 1690 to 1775
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2012 Wintertime for Deceptive Advertising?
    by Jonathan Zinman & Eric Zitzewitz

  • 2012 Rearranging the roles of the performer and the composer in the music industry – the potential significance of Fisher v Brooker
    by Mcdonagh, Luke T.

  • 2012 Does Corporate Governance Determine Corporate Performance and Dividends during Financial Crisis: Evidence from Poland
    by Kowalewski, Oskar

  • 2012 Is Paper Money just Paper Money/ Experimentation and Local Variation in the Fiat Paper Monies Issued by the Colonial Government of British North America, 1690-1775: Part I
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2012 Código de conducta en el sector de cooperativas de viviendas. Normas de buenas prácticas empresariales de las empresas gestoras de cooperativas (GECOPI)
    by Ana Lambea Rueda

  • 2012 Contemporary Economics Dilemma: High Ethics or More Extensive Governing?
    by Jaroslav Daňhel & Eva Ducháčková

  • 2012 Fiscal Impulse Under Conditions Of The Slovak Republic
    by Manuela RAISOVÁ

  • 2012 The Administrational Reform Of The Judicial System In Hungary
    by Elek BALÁZS

  • 2012 Institutionalization of Consumer Protection by Government Involvement and Responsabilization of Business Organizations
    by Gheorghiu Gabriela

  • 2012 The Present Requirements on Bank Prudence. Publicity Requirements and Sanctions
    by Gheorghe Carmen Adriana

  • 2012 Viral Open Source: Competition Vs. Synergy
    by Michal S. Gal

  • 2012 The Ftc, Ip, And Ssos: Government Hold-Up Replacing Private Coordination
    by Richard A. Epstein & F. Scott Kieff & Daniel F. Spulber

  • 2012 Who Bets on Sports? Characteristics of Sports Bettors and the Consequences of Expanding Sports Betting Opportunities/¿Quién apuesta? Características de los apostantes deportivos y consecuencias de la expansión de las oportunidades de apostar

  • 2012 The economic and social impact of public procurement on the EU’s internal market
    by Andreea Dragoi

  • 2012 Vorschläge zur Verbesserung der kapitalgedeckten Altersvorsorge aus verbraucherpolitischer Sicht
    by Gerd Billen & Lars Gatschke

  • 2012 The New Multilateralism: The Shift to Private Global Regulation
    by Lawrence L. Herman

  • 2012 The New Multilateralism: The Shift to Private Global Regulation
    by Lawrence L. Herman

  • 2012 Antitrust authorities in Italy and in Europe in a new framework
    by Pier Luigi Parcu

  • 2011 Incentivierung des Managements bei Unternehmenskäufen/Buy-Outs mit Private Equity Investoren - eine empirische Untersuchung
    by Schalast, Christoph & Buxkaemper, Marius & Büchler, Christian & Wedel, Gregor

  • 2011 Capital formation in new cooperatives in China: policy and practice
    by Li Zhao

  • 2011 Региональная Система Информационного Обеспечения Коммерциализации Энергосберегающих И Инновационных Технологий В Строительстве
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2011 Personal Bankruptcy Law, Fresh Starts, and Judicial Practice
    by Régis Blazy & Bertrand Chopard & Eric Langlais & Ydriss Ziane

  • 2011 Accomplishing Human Rights Justice In The Context Of Assets Confiscation: An Evaluation Of The United Kingdom Drug Laws Enforcement
    by Kato Gogo Kingston

  • 2011 Aspecte Comparative Privind Suveranitatea Teritoriala - Comparative Aspects Regarding the Territorial Sovereignty (Romanian version)
    by Ph.D. Candidate C. J. Daniela LAMES

  • 2011 The Expansion Of European Bureaucracy
    by Ioan Popescu

  • 2011 Standard minimi di qualità: un approccio teorico
    by Grassi Iacopo

  • 2011 How viable are spanish credit cooperatives after recent bank capitalization and restructuring regulations?
    by Gemma Fajardo García

  • 2011 Vybrané aspekty činností medzinárodných organizácií v oblasti medzinárodného obchodu - Komisia OSN pre medzinárodné obchodné právo, jej význam a metódy práce
    by Halina Martyniv

  • 2011 Considerations Concerning The Legal Status Of Shares Belonging To One Of The Spouses In The Case Of The Marital Community Termination

  • 2011 Bills of exchange and promissory notes - comparative perspective
    by Ileana Voica

  • 2011 Tax Evazion And Corruption.Major Impediments In The Development Of Romanian Economy
    by Ionel Militaru & Ionel Mandescu

  • 2010 M&A im Bereich Erneuerbarer Energien
    by Fritz-Morgenthal, Sebastian G. & Hach, Sebastian T. & Schalast, Christoph

  • 2010 Industrial Property As A Stimulator Of Scientific Creation And Innovation
    by Anghel, Ion E. & Iancu, Victor

  • 2010 The Convergence Of Industrial Property Rights
    by Anghel, Ion E. & Iancu, Victor

  • 2010 Working Paper 09-10 - Shifting of red tape? The impact of authority behavior on tax compliance costs
    by Sebastian Eichfelder & Chantal Kegels

  • 2010 Impact of Governamental Policies in Legislation afterthe Global Financial Crisis – especially in Kosovo
    by Armand Krasniqi

  • 2010 Impact of the Legislation in informal Economy of South – Eastern European Countries – with particular Focus in Kosovo
    by Armand Krasniqi

  • 2010 The Culture of Rules and the Jurists’ Towers
    by Giulio Napolitano

  • 2010 Contentious Constitutional And Contentious Administrative
    by Ionita COCHINTU

  • 2010 Joint Ventures – An Alternative and Efficient Form of Economic Organisation
    by Manea Ioana Livia & Popa Ioana-Anda

  • 2010 Trading Partners are in Conflict. Mediation, Arbitration, Court – the Current Settlement Possibilities
    by MARIN Marilena


    by Gabriel – Liviu ISPAS

  • 2010 Particularities Arising from the Activity of the Romanian Constitutional Court on Legal Status of the Right of Property
    by Ionut Ciutacu & Bogdan David

  • 2010 Contractual Freedom and its Limitations
    by Lucia Uta

  • 2010 Considerations on the Legal Protection of Water
    by Lidia Lenuta Balan & Aleodor Munteanu & Gicu Grijac & Emanuel Galatescu

  • 2010 Legal and Economic Analysis of the Czech Export Policy
    by Sehnálek, David; Tomášková,Eva

  • 2010 Alternative Dispute Resolution through Mediation in Romanian Retail Banking
    by Carmen Bălan

  • 2009 Blockholdings and corporate governance in the EU banking sector
    by Köhler, Matthias

  • 2009 Konstruktion einer Anleihe mit hypothekarischer Besicherung
    by Alram, Johannes

  • 2009 Transaktionen und Servicing in der Finanzkrise: Berichte und Referate des Frankfurt School NPL Forums 2008
    by Schalast, Christoph & Bolder, Markus & Radünz, Claus & Siepmann, Stephanie & Weber, Thorsten

  • 2009 Political connectedness and firm performance: Evidence from Germany
    by Niessen, Alexandra & Ruenzi, Stefan

  • 2009 Proprietatea Industrială - incitant al creaţiei ştiinţifice şi inovării
    by Anghel, Ion E. & Iancu, Victor

  • 2009 Convergenţa privind Drepturile de Proprietate Industrială
    by Anghel, Ion E. & Iancu, Victor

  • 2009 Droit et gouvernance:l’apport du courant comportemental
    by Gérard Charreaux

  • 2009 La función del órgano de control de una sociedad cooperativa europea domiciliada en España
    by Mónica Fuentes Naharro

  • 2009 La sociedad cooperativa europea domiciliada en España
    by Carmen Pastor Sempere

  • 2009 Considerations On Reorganization. A Comparison Of Reorganization Rates In Eastern Europe
    by Moldovan Rucsandra Livia & Achim Sorin Adrian

  • 2009 Implications of the Law in Doing Business in the Czech Republic and Romania
    by Tomskova, Eva

  • 2009 The Corporate Governance of Privately Controlled Brazilian Firms
    by Bernard S. Black & Antonio Gledson de Carvalho & Érica C. R. Gorga

  • 2008 Blockholdings and Corporate Governance in the EU Banking Sector
    by Köhler, Matthias

  • 2008 Der deutsche NPL-Markt 2007: aktuelle Entwicklungen, Verkauf und Bewertung ; Berichte und Referate des NPL-Forums 2007
    by Schalast, Christoph

  • 2008 10 Jahre deutsche Buyouts
    by Schalast, Christoph & Stralkowski, Ingo

  • 2008 Private Equity und Familienunternehmen: eine Untersuchung unter besonderer Berücksichtigung deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbauunternehmen
    by Schalast, Christoph & Barten, Benita

  • 2008 Aktionärsschutz in der AG falsch verstanden? Die Leica-Entscheidung des LG Frankfurt am Main
    by Scholl, Wolfgang & Schanz, Kay-Michael

  • 2008 Schaeffler KG/ Continental AG im Lichte der CSX Corp.-Entscheidung des US District Court for the Southern District of New York: Meldepflichten bei öffentlichen Übernahmen und deren Umgehung durch Einsatz von derivativen Finanzinstrumenten
    by Schanz, Kay-Michael

  • 2008 Religion, Social Capital, and Business Bankruptcy in the United States, 1921-1932
    by Bradley A. Hansen & Mary Eschelbach Hansen

  • 2008 Arbitration of Foreign Investments and Romania

  • 2008 Do Patent Holdup And Royalty Stacking Lead To Systematically Excessive Royalties?
    by Einer Elhauge

  • 2008 Convergenţa şi adaptarea reglementărilor şi instituţiilor din domeniul proprietăţii industriale
    by Anghel Ion

  • 2008 Gradul de convergenţă / divergenţă a reglementărilor şi instituţiilor privind drepturile de proprietate industrială (Uniunea Europeană, SUA şi România)
    by Anghel Ion

  • 2008 Reinforcing the Commission's Power in the Communications Sector. An Issue for the Regulatory Framework Review

  • 2008 French Legislation And The Development Of Credit Availability For Microenterprise
    by Laurence Attuel-Mendes & Arvind Ashta

  • 2008 Los procesos concursales en sociedades cooperativas. Especificidades en la información económico-financiera
    by Alicia Mateos Ronco

  • 2007 Bankruptcy Law: a Mechanism of Governance for Financially Distressed Firms
    by Régis Blazy & Bertrand Chopard & Agnès Fimayer

  • 2007 Comparative Analysis Between the External Auditor's Role in Bank Regulation and Supervision
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2007 Causes Of Bankruptcy In Europe And Croatia
    by Novak, Branko & Sajter, Domagoj

  • 2007 Web 2.0: Nothing Changes…but Everything is Different
    by Barbry, Eric

  • 2007 The Strength of Weak Cooperation:an Attempt to Understand the Meaning of Web 2.0
    by Cardon, Dominique & Cardon, Christophe

  • 2007 The role of the external auditor in bank regulation and supervision: A comparative analysis between the UK, Germany, Italy and the US
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2007 Indian Exports at Crossroads: Why the European Community is Subjecting Indian Goods to Countervailing Duties
    by Sagnik Sinha

  • 2007 Clasificación del capital social de la sociedad cooperativa: una visión crítica
    by Belén Fernández-Feijóo Souto & Mª José Cabaleiro Casal

  • 2007 Droit, architecture financière et stratégies des banques
    by Bertrand Chopard & Bruno Deffains & Jean-Daniel Guigou

  • 2007 The Implementation of Competition Law in the Air Transport Sector
    by Hulya Goktepe

  • 2007 How Should the Scope and Content of Marketing Law Courses be Determined?
    by Ayse Tulin Yuruk

  • 2006 Vergleichbarkeit von Gesamt- und Umsatzkostenverfahren: Auswirkungen auf die Jahresabschlussanalyse
    by Rogler, Silvia

  • 2006 Work-out und Servicing von notleidenden Krediten: Berichte und Referate des HfB-NPL Servicing Forums 2006
    by Schalast, Christoph & Ockens, Klaas & Jobe, Clemens J. & Safran, Robert

  • 2006 The Welfare Effects of Discrimination in Insurance
    by Rob van der Noll

  • 2006 Grading Estimates of the Benefits and Costs of Federal Regulation
    by Harrington, Winston

  • 2006 The Role of the External Auditor in UK Bank Regulation and Supervision
    by Ojo, Marianne

  • 2006 Determinants of Interstate Differentials in the Real Median Price of Single Family Homes
    by Cebula, Richard & Toma, Michael

  • 2006 Repercusiones de la definición de tamaño empresarial en los resultados empíricos sobre eficiencia y financiación
    by Alfonso, Galindo Lucas

  • 2006 The Triangular Relationship between the Commission, NRAs and National Courts Revisited
    by Larouche, Pierre & Larouche, Maartje

  • 2006 Markets Susceptible to ex ante Regulation : Methodology and Commission Recommendation
    by STUMPF, Ulrich

  • 2006 e-Communications: Investment and the Regulatory Framework
    by Jones, Siôn & Jones, Pau

  • 2006 Cost Benefit Analysis, Value Of A Statistical Life And Culture: Challenges For Risk Regulation
    by Marquez, Pablo

  • 2006 Patent Laws and Innovation in China
    by Linda Yueh

  • 2006 Executive Managers in Peru's Family Businesses
    by Shimizu, Tatsuya

  • 2005 Distressed debt-investing in Deutschland: Geschäftsmodelle und Perspektiven
    by Schalast, Christoph & Daynes, Christian

  • 2005 Testing which proposed regulations need “competition-proofing”
    by Sean Lyons

  • 2005 Which Institutions are more relevant than others in inequality mitigation?
    by Mamoon, Dawood

  • 2005 Measuring the Quality of Bank Regulation and Supervision with an Application to Transition Economies
    by Bilin Neyapti & Nergiz Dincer

  • 2005 What Drives the Optimal Bankruptcy Law Design? (in English)
    by Ondøej Knot & Ondøej Vychodil

  • 2004 Private Ordering and the Creation of International Copyright Norms: The Role of Public Structuring
    by Graeme B. Dinwoodie

  • 2004 Reexamining Drug Regulation from the Perspective of Innovation Policy
    by Rebecca S. Eisenberg

  • 2004 Aktuelle Fragen des Bank- und Kapitalmarktrechts I: Non-Performing-Loans/Faule Kredite - Handel, Work-Out, Outsourcing und Securitisation
    by Anders, Dietmar & Binder, Andreas & Hesdahl, Ralf & Schalast, Christoph & Thöne, Thomas

  • 2004 Measuring the Quality of Bank Regulation and Supervision, with an Application to Transition Economies
    by Bilin Neyapti & Nergiz Dincer

  • 2004 The Interpretation of Arbitral Convention

  • 2004 European regulation of electronic commerce

  • 2002 On The Legitimacy Of Accounting Standard Setting By Privately Organised Institutions In Germany And Europe
    by Matthias Schmidt

  • 2000 Redistribution and the Size of Jurisdictions
    by Cappelen, A.W.

  • 2000 The Role of Soft Law in the Legalization of International Banking Supervision: A Conceptual Approach
    by Kern Alexander

  • 2000 The Role of the Basle Standards in International Banking Supervision
    by Kern Alexander

  • 2000 Lessons from the Past: Legal Transformation in Germany of the 19th Century
    by Rainer Schroeder

  • 1998 Getting out of debt: Attachment of wage in whose interest?
    by Christoph Zaborowski & Peter Zweifel

  • 1997 On the Effects of Anti-dumping Legislation
    by Barros, Pedro Luis Pita & Martinez-Giralt, Xavier

  • 1997 Voluntary disclosure of turnover for SME's
    by VAN DE WIELE, Patricia & VANDENBUSSCHE, Hylke

  • 1991 Some Economics of Trade Secret Law
    by David D. Friedman & William M. Landes & Richard A. Posner

  • 1975 The Determination of Wages and Prices in Yugoslavia
    by Laura D'Andrea Tyson

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