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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B3: History of Economic Thought: Individuals
/ / / B30: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Inequality as Lack of Co-operation in Economic Thought
    by Monica Hernandez

  • 2017 Notas de historia de pensamiento económico para no economistas
    by Hermes Fernando MARTINEZ

  • 2017 Herbert Butterfield�s Historiographic Lesson and Contemporary History of Economics
    by Veselina Atanasova

  • 2017 On the Relation between Economics and Religion
    by A. M. C. Waterman

  • 2017 Edmond Malinvaud and the Problem of Statistical Induction
    by Michel Armatte & Annie L. Cot & Jacques Mairesse & Matthieu Renault

  • 2016 Nature and significance of Islamic economics
    by Hasan, Zubair

  • 2016 Economic Crisis, Economic Methodology and the Scientific Ideal of Physics
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A.

  • 2016 A Review of James Forder, Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth, Oxford University Press, 2014
    by Michel De Vroey

  • 2016 The Economic Geography of Human Capital in Twentieth-Century Latin America in an International Comparative Perspective
    by Enriqueta Camps & Stanley L. Engerman

  • 2016 Corporate Psychology. How does Italian Entrepreneurship Change?
    by Adalberto Rangone

  • 2016 The Economic Systems Of Verner Zombart And Valter Oyken – An Attempt For Comparing The Theoretical Conceptions

  • 2016 Religion, Economy, and State: Economic Thought of al-Mawardi in Adab al-Dunya wa-al-Din
    by Aan JAELANI

  • 2016 Marcel Boumans, Science Outside the Laboratory: Measurement in Field Science and Economics
    by Attilia RUZZENE

  • 2016 Islamic finance for SMES
    by Hussein ELASRAG

  • 2016 Nature and Significance of Islamic Economics
    by Zubair HASAN

  • 2016 Soft Power as a Effect Instruments in Foreign Policy: Turkey's Soft Power Analysis and the Assessment of its Soft Power Capacity on Azerbaijan
    by Kadir SANCAK

  • 2016 Academic exclusion: some experiences
    by Arye L. Hillman & Heinrich W. Ursprung

  • 2016 Introduction: the theoretical legacy of Augusto Graziani
    by Riccardo Bellofiore & Marco Veronese Passarella

  • 2016 Mandelbrot, Fama and the emergence of econophysics
    by Boris Salazar

  • 2015 Octav Onicescu – Omul si opera Restituiri: contributii la dezvoltarea cercetarii economice Entropia informationala în economie - Versiune preliminara -
    by Preda, Vasile & Dedu, Silvia

  • 2015 Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship. A Literature Review
    by Cadar, Otilia & Badulescu, Daniel

  • 2015 ¿Debería la Historia del Pensamiento Económico ser incluida en los Planes de Estudio de Economía en Pregrado?
    by Roncaglia, Alesandro

  • 2015 Nicholas Kaldor on endogenous money and increasing returns
    by Guglielmo Forges Davanzati

  • 2015 Frederic S. Lee's contributions to heterodox economics
    by Zdravka Todorova & Tae-Hee Jo

  • 2015 A Review of James Forder’s Macroeconomics and the Phillips Curve Myth
    by Kevin D. Hoover

  • 2015 Recent Engagements with Adam Smith and the Scottish Enlightenment
    by Maria Pia Paganelli

  • 2015 ¿Se pueden aplicar las ideas Keynesianas al largo plazo? Unas reflexiones teóricas y un modelo ilustrativo
    by Marco Missaglia

  • 2015 Joan Robinson and MIT
    by Harvey Gram & Geoffrey Harcourt

  • 2015 O debate Gudin/Simonsen paralelo ao debate do cálculo econômico socialista
    by Rafael Galvão de Almeida

  • 2015 Agronomists and accounting. The beginnings of capitalist rationalisation on the farm (1800-1850)
    by Thomas Depecker & Nathalie Joly

  • 2015 Sergio Steve
    by Antonio Pedone

  • 2015 Giovanni Demaria
    by Aldo Montesano

  • 2015 Paolo Sylos Labini
    by Michele Salvati

  • 2015 Ernesto Rossi
    by Alessandro Roncaglia

  • 2015 The World Economy in the Times of Financial Crisis and its Impact on European Energy Policy
    by Peter Baláž & Juraj Bayer

  • 2015 Posturas de política monetaria ante fluctuaciones de la economía: una revisión de la evolución teórica
    by José Mauricio Gil León

  • 2014 Vladimir G. Wenger: Scientist and His Time
    by T. Kuznetsova.

  • 2014 Competitividad de la industria de bienes de equipo de España y Alemania (1993-2008): ventaja absoluta y costes relativos
    by Fahd Boundi Chraki

  • 2014 Marshall, los Webb y Schumpeter en Estados Unidos: descubriendo una nueva realidad económica
    by José Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2014 Understanding the reasoning pattern of Islamic jurists? views on the status of ar-rahn (Islamic pawn broking) contract and its ruling
    by Dziauddin Sharif & Amir Shaharuddin & Nurul Aini Muhamed

  • 2014 La recepción de Wicksell en España (1930-1960)
    by Manuel Martín Rodríguez

  • 2014 Lawrence R. Klein and the Economic Forecasting – A Survey
    by Hall, Stephen George & Roudoi, Andrei & Albu, Lucian Liviu & Lupu, Radu & Calin, Adrian Cantemir

  • 2014 Modigliani's comments on Sylos Labini's theory of unemployment (1956-1958)
    by Antonella Rancan

  • 2014 Commento di Modigliani alla teoria della disoccupazione di Sylos Labini (attraverso la corrispondenza del 1956)
    by Antonella Rancan

  • 2014 Will the Financial Crisis Become a Milestone in the Development of Methodology of Economics?
    by Lukáš Kovanda

  • 2014 Da Pistoia a Palermo. Giuseppe Toniolo e l'avvio della 'Settimana sociale dei cattolici italiani' (From Pistoia to Palermo. Giuseppe Toniolo and the beginning of the 'Settimana sociale dei cattolici italiani')
    by Giovanni Michelagnoli & fabrizio Simon

  • 2014 Giuseppe Toniolo: bilancio bibliografico (Giuseppe Toniolo: Bibliographical analysis)
    by Paolo Pecorari

  • 2014 Profilo di Giuseppe Toniolo (Giuseppe Toniolo's profile)
    by Paolo Pecorari

  • 2014 Boris Brutzkus and the Socialist Calculation Debate
    by Pencho D. Penchev

  • 2014 The "Alternative" Socialism of Professor Alexander Tsankov
    by Pencho D. Penchev

  • 2014 History, statistics and theory: Frederic M. Scherer and modern industrial organization
    by Giovanni B. Ramello & Francesco Silva

  • 2014 De la critique des corporations à la libération des forces productives : l'économie politique de Jean-Baptiste Say
    by Arnaud Diemer & Blandine Laperche

  • 2013 Gresham's Law in Corporate Finance
    by Roberts, Gordon

  • 2013 Development of Social and Economic Forecasting and Ideas of A. Anchishkin
    by A. Klepach & G. Kuranov.

  • 2013 Maurice Allais on Equilibrium and Capital in some of his 1940s Writings
    by Ariel Dvoskin

  • 2013 Ethical Investment and Consumers in Cultural History
    by Alam, Niaz

  • 2013 Innovation Concepts and Typology – An Evolutionary Discussion
    by Kotsemir, Maxim & Abroskin, Alexander

  • 2013 Protectionism and Protectionists Theories in the Balkans in the Interwar Period
    by Bertrand BLANCHETON & Nikolay NENOVSKY

  • 2013 Who is the Narrator of the Fable of the Individuality in Political Economy: Mandeville or Smith?
    by Eren, Ahmet Arif & Bozkurt, Ahmet Deniz

  • 2013 La esclavitud y la trata de negros en el pensamiento económico español, siglos XVI al XVIII
    by Luis Perdices de Blas & José Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2013 A leap forward over the wall: Italian economy and economic thought in the Fifties
    by Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini

  • 2013 Introduction. The ‘Rivista Internazionale Di Scienze Ssociali’ in the Post-War Years (1945-1960)
    by Sebastiano Nerozzi & Daniela Parisi

  • 2013 La teoría del consumo y de los ciclos en Thorstein Veblen
    by Alberto José Figueras & Hernán Alejandro Morero

  • 2013 A Parallel between Socialism and Cooperatism
    by Pop Stanca Alexandra

  • 2013 Considerations On Entrepreneurship And Entrepreneurs. Current Features Of Entrepreneurship In Romania
    by Stelian PANZARU

  • 2013 Fiscal psychology past and present: Contemporary experiments validate historical hypotheses
    by Ferrari, Luigi & Randisi, Salvatore

  • 2013 Débats scientifiques et controverses en sciences de gestion ou la construction de réseaux académiques
    by Vassili Joannides

  • 2013 Quand le luxe devient une question économique : retour sur la querelle du luxe du 18e siècle
    by Arnaud Diemer

  • 2013 Ekonomia jako nauka pozytywna. Refleksje na marginesie 'Ekonomii dobra i zla' Tomasa Sedlacka/Economics as a Positive Science. Reflections after Reading Thomas Sedlacek’s 'Economics of Good and Evil’
    by Joanna Dzionek-Kozlowska

  • 2012 Are There Important Differences between Classical and 21st-Centutry Monetary Theories? Did the Keynesian and Monetarist Revolutions Matter?
    by Wood, John

  • 2012 Moeda, crédito e ciclos econômicos em Marshall
    by Sérgio Fornazier Meyrelles Filho & Rogério Arthmar

  • 2012 Moeda e acumulação de capital: Keynes, Robertson e o conceito de poupança
    by Sérgio Fornazier Meyrelles Filho & Rogério Arthmar

  • 2012 In Search of Lost Time: The Neoclassical Synthesis
    by Michel De Vroey & Pedro Garcia Duarte

  • 2012 The Monetary Theory of Kalecki and Minsky
    by Jan Toporowski

  • 2012 Ideengeschichtliche Aspekte von unabhängigen Institutionen
    by Andrae, Jannis

  • 2012 The rhetoric of failure: a hyper-dialog about method in economics and how to get things going
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont

  • 2012 Probability and social science : methodologial relationships between the two approaches ?
    by Courgeau, Daniel

  • 2012 In Search Of Lost Time: The Neoclassical Synthesis
    by Michel DE VROEY & Pedro GARCIA DUARTE

  • 2012 What do sticky and flexible prices tell us?
    by Millard, Stephen & O'Grady, Tom

  • 2012 Blanco White y las cuestiones econo?micas
    by Luis Perdices de Blas & Jose? Luis Ramos Gorostiza

  • 2012 The Actuality of the Crafts Issue in Romania
    by Pop Stanca Alexandra

  • 2012 Uncertainty and Human Action. An Economic Perspective
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana

  • 2012 A Joyful Economist. Scitovsky’s Memoirs
    by Marina Bianchi

  • 2012 A bibliometric account of Chinese economics research through the lens of the China Economic Review
    by Du, Yuxin & Teixeira, Aurora A.C.

  • 2012 From The Entropy Law To "Farfala Effect" And Their Economic Perception
    by Constanta Iacob & Ana Maria Cepoiu

  • 2012 Economic History or History of Economics? Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius : Review Essay
    by Orley Ashenfelter

  • 2011 Wine terroir concept: some preceding in Arrigo Serpieri's agrarian zone
    by Gian Luigi Corinto

  • 2011 Goodwin's social philosophy: Continuity and change
    by Massimo Di Matteo

  • 2011 Trademarks as Fictitious Commodities: An Erosion of the Public Interest? An Assessment of the use of trademarks over urban space at the example of London’s Regent Street and Paris’ Champs-Elysées
    by Ghafele, Roya & Vanderslott, Samantha

  • 2011 Orthodox versus Heterodox (Minskyan) Perspectives of Financial Crises: Explosion in the 1990s versus Implosion in the 2000s
    by Jesus Munoz

  • 2011 Economic History or History of Economics? A Review Essay on Sylvia Nasar's Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius
    by Ashenfelter, Orley

  • 2011 Economic History or History of Economics? A Review Essay on Sylvia Nasar's Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius
    by Ashenfelter, Orley

  • 2011 Monetary crisis in the 30th and the reactions of Bulgarian economists
    by Nikolay Nenovski

  • 2011 Ekonomie budoucnosti: čtyři možné scénáře
    by Lukáš Kovanda

  • 2011 A Bibliometrics Portrait of Chinese Research through the Lens of China Economic Review. A research proposal
    by Yuxin Du

  • 2011 Walras and Cournot’s mathematical method: comparison and discord challenge
    by Ludovic Ragni

  • 2011 Incidencia de la remuneración al capital en el ciclo económico colombiano durante el periodo 1980-2005
    by Julio César Chamorro Futinico & David Alejandro González Bejarano

  • 2011 El utilitarismo de Jeremy Bentham ¿fundamento de la teoría de Leon Walras?
    by Aída-Sofía Rivera-Sotelo

  • 2010 Lucas on the relationship between theory and ideology
    by De Vroey, Michel

  • 2010 Economics and Hegemony; Globalization and International Trade Agreements
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.

  • 2010 Tribute to Paul. A. Samuelson
    by Vipin Chandran, K.P & Sandhya, P

  • 2010 Demand for Self Control: A model of Consumer Response to Programs and Products that Moderate Consumption
    by Berg, Nathan & Kim, Jeong-Yoo

  • 2010 The double taxation of savings: the Italian debate revisited
    by Amedeo Fossati

  • 2010 Vilfredo Pareto and the methodology of the Italian tradition in public finance
    by Amedeo Fossati

  • 2010 Unemployment and Full Employment. A Retrospective View
    by Maurizio Zenezini

  • 2010 “Destructive” and “Creative” Results of Dynamic Analytical Frameworks of Marx and Schumpeter
    by Aydin , Derya Guler

  • 2010 Economía de la cultura. Una nueva área de especialización de la economía
    by Luis Antonio Palma M. & Luis Fernando Aguado Q.

  • 2010 An Agenda Of Morality For Business Ethics
    by Anca Pup

  • 2009 The Personal Income Tax Structure: Theory and Policy
    by John Creedy

  • 2009 In Defense of Dwelling in Great Minds: A Few Quotations from Michael Polanyi’s The Study of Man
    by Klein, Daniel B.

  • 2009 Hobbes: Caos de la conepción liberal
    by Fernando Salazar Silva & Alejandro Pérez y Soto Domínguez

  • 2009 La obra de Octavio Elorrieta (1881-1962). El monte al servicio de la economía
    by Iñaki Iriarte-Goñi

  • 2009 Ueber die normativen Implikationen des Ordoliberalismus fuer die moderne Wirtschaftsethik (The Ethical-Normative Implications of German Ordoliberalism)
    by Rainer Klump & Manuel Woersdoerfer

  • 2008 How can a psychologist inform economics? The strange case of Sidney Siegel
    by Alessandro Innocenti

  • 2008 Workfare – The Reinvention of the Social
    by Herrmann, Peter

  • 2008 Works of economic interest in the seventeenth century Muslim world
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2008 Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration
    by Herrmann, Peter & van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.

  • 2008 Sustainable Development in a Post Keynesian Perspective: Return to Basics of Ecodevelopment
    by Eric BERR (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113)

  • 2008 Sustainable Development in a Post Keynesian Perspective: Return to Basics of Ecodevelopment (In French)
    by Eric BERR ( (GREThA-GRES)

  • 2008 Reflexiones de economía política: la justicia social en la obra de Léon Walras
    by Luis Felipe Camacho

  • 2008 From Giustizia e Libertà to the Partito d’Azione
    by Giovanni De Luna

  • 2008 Trade and Economic Geography: a Note on Krugman’s contribution to Economic Theory
    by Héctor Mauricio Posada Duque & Juan Esteban Vélez Villegas

  • 2008 Real and Monetary Approach to the Handcraft Economy
    by Fabrice Tricou

  • 2008 Comercio y Geografía Económica: una nota sobre la contribución de Krugman a la teoría económica
    by Posada Duque, Héctor Mauricio & Vélez Villegas, Juan Esteban

  • 2008 Versión real y versión monetaria de una economía de mercado artesanal
    by Fabrice Tricou

  • 2008 Equilíbrio com Desemprego Involuntário em um Modelo de Ciclo-Limite Convencional
    by Fabrício Jose Missio & Jose Luis Oreiro

  • 2007 Keynesianismo, Poskeynesianismo y Nuevokeynesianismo: ¿Tres doctrinas diferentes y una sóla teoría verdadera?
    by León Díaz, John Jairo

  • 2007 The Postwar West German Economic Transition: From Ordoliberalism to Keynesianism
    by Johannes R. B. Rittershausen

  • 2007 Uma Revisão dos Argumentos Keynesianos sobre os Determinantes do Equilíbrio de Longo Prazo com Desemprego Involuntário
    by Fabrício J. Missio & José Luís Oreiro

  • 2007 Please Bring me the New York Times – On the European Roots of Richard Abel Musgrave
    by Hans-Werner Sinn

  • 2007 Large and small firms’ role in the knowledge-based industries innovation process
    by Rodríguez, José Carlos

  • 2007 Rossi-Doria at Scandale: a borderline research project
    by Michele De Benedictis

  • 2007 German-speaking economists in British exile 1933-1945
    by Herald Hagemann

  • 2007 German-speaking economists in British exile 1933-1945
    by Herald Hagemann

  • 2007 Globalization and the Concept of Subsistence Wages
    by Walter Block & Jerry Dauterive & John Levendis

  • 2006 Oskar Morgenstern als wirtschaftspolitischer Berater in den 1930er-Jahren
    by Hansjörg Klausinger

  • 2006 Kharaj and land proprietary right in the sixteenth century: An example of law and economics
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim

  • 2006 Sobre a filosofia moral de Adam Smith
    by Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira

  • 2006 La Economía en los diccionarios y las enciclopedias del Siglo XVIII en España
    by Jesús Astigarraga & Juan Zabalza

  • 2006 El concepto de libertad en la teoría política de Norberto Bobbio
    by Carlos Bernal Pulido

  • 2006 Ropa a jej postavenie v globalizácii svetového hospodárstva
    by Peter Baláž & Andrej Londarev

  • 2006 Adam Smith e seu contexto: o iluminismo escocês
    by Cerqueira, Hugo E. A. da Gama

  • 2006 Pigou e a revolução keynesiana
    by Arthmar, Rogério

  • 2006 Knut Wicksell, Gustav Cassel, Eli Heckscher, Bertil Ohlin and Gunnar Myrdal on the Role of the Economist in Public Debate
    by Benny Carlson & Lars Jonung

  • 2006 L'ECOLE AUTRICHIENNE DANS LE PANORAMA DE LA PENSEE ECONOMIQUE De sa naissance it la Deuxieme Guerre mondiale
    by Gilles DOSTALER

  • 2006 Has Anne Robert Jacques Turgot been neglected by the Credit Rationing Theory?
    by Sylvie CIEPLY & Nicolas LE PAPE

  • 2005 Monetary Equilbrium
    by Siven, Claes-Henric

  • 2005 Aristotelism, handel och det liberala systemet
    by Den Uyl, Douglas & Rasmussen, Douglas

  • 2005 A mão invisível de Júpiter e o método newtoniano de Smith
    by Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira

  • 2005 Adam Smith e seu contexto: o Iluminismo escocês
    by Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira

  • 2005 Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung oder evolutorischer Wandel Ein integrativer Versuch zur Fundierung der evolutorischen Ökonomik
    by Fritz Rahmeyer

  • 2005 Technological knowledge, institutions and property rights in Thorstein Veblen's thought
    by Olivier BRETTE

  • 2004 Eritrean Education - Retrospect And Prospect
    by Rena, Ravinder

  • 2004 Taxation and Domestic Free Trade
    by Johnsson, Richard

  • 2004 Industrial Economics in Scandinavia
    by Foss, Nicolai J. & Møllgaard, Peter

  • 2004 Bernard de Mandeville, Adam Smith a počestní darebové naší doby
    by Robert Holman

  • 2004 Návraty dr. Bernarda Mandevilla aneb počestní darebové v ekonomické transformaci
    by Václav Klusoň

  • 2003 Der Rechtsstaat in Deutschland und Spanien: Projektbeschreibung
    by Schulze, Detlef Georgia & Berghahn, Sabine & Wolf, Frieder Otto

  • 2003 Para ler Adam Smith: novas abordagens [Reading Adam Smith: new approaches]
    by Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira

  • 2003 The Making of Economics:Volume I: The Foundation
    by E Ray Canterbery

  • 2003 Smith e Keynes sobre as unidades de salário [Smith and Keynes on wage units]
    by Adriana Amado

  • 2003 The Origin Rent-Seeking Concept
    by Gordon Tullock

  • 2002 Bankruptcy Procedures for Sovereigns: A History of Ideas, 1976-2001
    by Kenneth Rogoff & Jeromin Zettelmeyer

  • 2002 The concept of degrees of uncertainty in Keynes, Shackle, and Davidson
    by Marco Crocco

  • 2002 Classical Political Economy through the Sieve of Dialectic Reason: the Hegelian Rereading
    by Delphine BROCHARD

  • 2001 Adam Smith and All That
    by Creedy, J.

  • 2001 On the Role of Counterfactuals in Inferring Causal Effects of Treatments
    by Kluve, Jochen

  • 2001 On the Role of Counterfactuals in Inferring Causal Effects of Treatments
    by Kluve, Jochen

  • 2001 L'école autrichienne dans le panorama de la pensée économique
    by Gilles Dostaler

  • 2001 Die konzeptionellen Grundlagen der Spieltheorie einst und jetzt
    by Reinhard Selten

  • 2001 Implementation Theory
    by Eric Maskin & Tomas Sjostrom

  • 2001 The Future Of Economics

  • 2001 Climbing The Economist'S Mountain To High Theory

  • 2001 The Global Economy

  • 2001 The Rise Of The Casino Economy

  • 2001 The Many Faces Of Capitalism: Galbraith, Heilbroner, And The Institutionalists

  • 2001 Economic Growth And Technology: Schumpeter And Capitalism'S Motion

  • 2001 The Monetarists And The New Classicals Deepen The Counterrevolution

  • 2001 The Many Modern Keynesians

  • 2001 John Maynard Keynes And The Great Depression

  • 2001 The Jazz Age: Aftermath Of War And Prelude To Depression

  • 2001 Thorstein Veblen Takes On The American Captains Of Industry

  • 2001 Alfred Marshall: The Great Victorian

  • 2001 Karl Marx

  • 2001 The Cold Water Of Poverty And The Heat Of John Stuart Mill'S Passions

  • 2001 The Distribution Of Income: Ricardo Versus Malthus

  • 2001 Bentham And Malthus: The Hedonist And The “Pastor”

  • 2001 Adam Smith'S Great Vision

  • 2001 Feudalism And The Evolution Of Economic Society

  • 2001 Introduction

  • 2001 A Brief History of Economics:Artful Approaches to the Dismal Science
    by E Ray Canterbery

  • 2001 Potentialised partial differential equations in spatial economics: Some further results on the potentialising function
    by Johan F. Kaashoek & Jean H. P. Paelinck

  • 2001 Las instituciones como factor que regula el desempeño económico
    by Richard R. Nelson & Bhaven N. Sampat

  • 2001 O conceito clássico de poupança e a Escola de Estocolmo [The classical concept of saving and the Stockholm School]
    by Rogério Arthmar

  • 2001 Contemporary Muslim Economic Thinking At The Turn Of The 21st Century
    by Mohamed Aslam Haneef and Muhammad Anwar

  • 2000 A defesa do mercado no Brasil: o pensamento apologético de Roberto Campos
    by Angela Ganem

  • 2000 Un bref historique de l'économie expérimentale
    by Buda, Rodolphe

  • 2000 Trabalho e troca: Adam Smith e o surgimento do discurso econômico
    by Hugo E. A. da Gama Cerqueira

  • 1 Political Hegemony or Cultural Hegemony?
    by Sunuc, Tom

  • 1 Nomos as Decision:Carl Schmitt
    by Boco, Francesco

  • 1 The Eurasian Idea
    by Dugin, Alexander

  • 1 "Absolute Evil": Reflections on the political reality in Italy
    by Ingrassia, José Maria

  • 1 The History of 'New Right' Ideas in Australia
    by Saleam, Jim

  • 1 Multiculturalism as a Process of Globalisation
    by Bolton, Kerry

  • 1999 D.P. O'Brien's Contribution to the History of Economic Analysis
    by Creedy, J.

  • 1999 The Strange "Laissez-Faire" of Alfred Russel Wallace: the Connection Between Natural Selection and Political Economy Reconsidered
    by Coleman, W.

  • 1999 Türkiye'de bütçe açıklarının makro ekonomik sonuçları
    by Bilgili, Faik

  • 1998 An Account of Global Factor Trade
    by Davis, D.R. & Weinstein, D.E.

  • 1998 Louis Machon: une apologie pour Machiavel
    by Cavaille, J.P.

  • 1998 Du registre de population au registre national. Deux siecles de pratique administrative en Belgique: 1791-1991
    by Laboutte, R.

  • 1996 Hayek (1899-1992) on Government
    by Guest, C.

  • 1996 Egy ló öszvér a lovakról és a szamarakról. Adalék a második gazdaság hazai eszmetörténetéhez
    by Sik, Endre

  • 1995 Matching, Human Capital, and the Covariance Structure of Earnings
    by Daniel Parent

  • Jury on Stage: A Common Law Play
    by Manfred Holler & Martin Leroch

  • The World Economy in the Times of Financial Crisis and its Impact on European Energy Policy
    by Peter Baláž & Juraj Bayer

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