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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C8: Data Collection and Data Estimation Methodology; Computer Programs
/ / / C89: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 UQICD v2.1.2 User Guide
    by D.S. Prasada Rao & Alicia N. Rambaldi & K. Renuka Ganegodage & L. T. Huynh & Howard E. Doran

  • 2017 GitHub API based QuantNet Mining infrastructure in R
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Lukas Borke

  • 2017 A Comparison of Russian Practices in Industrial Statistics with Un Recommendations: Similarities and Differences in Classifications, Data Items and Indicators
    by Liudmila Kitrar & Georgy Ostapkovich & Tamara Lipkind & Kateryna Gumeniuk & Liudmila Katorgina

  • 2017 Copula-based vMEM Specifications versus Alternatives: The Case of Trading Activity
    by Fabrizio Cipollini & Robert F. Engle & Giampiero M. Gallo

  • 2017 Bibliometric spectroscopy of Russia’s nanotechnology: 2000–2014
    by Alexander I. Terekhov

  • 2017 Decision Conceptual Model for Innovation Ways using the Competitive Intelligence System
    by Mateescu Mihaela & Muscalu Sabin & Bozga Raluca

  • 2017 Методи И Средства За Повишаване На Информационната Сигурност На Облачните Изчисления В Практиката На Малките И Средните Предприятия
    by Ангелин Лалев

  • 2017 Methods And Instruments For Enhancing Cloud Computing Security In Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

  • 2016 Ensembles of Classifiers for Parallel Categorization of Large Number of Text Documents Expressing Opinions
    by Frantisek Darena & Jan Zizka

  • 2016 An Analysis Of The Legal, Economic And Technical Aspects Of Carpooling Systems
    by Zdzislaw POLKOWSKI & Jakub DYSARZ

  • 2016 The stability of geodemographic cluster assignments over an intercensal period
    by Alexander Singleton & Michail Pavlis & Paul A. Longley

  • 2016 Mapping the evolution of the impact of economic transition on Central and Eastern European enterprises: A co-word analysis
    by Topalli, Margerita & Ivanaj, Silvester

  • 2016 Graphic Evaluation Of Copyright And Of Relations By The Method Of Discounted Cash-Flow (Dcf)
    by Paula-Angela VIDRA?CU & Oana Camelia IACOB & Ana-Maria VOLINTIRU & Marinela GEAMANU

  • 2015 A dynamic analysis of relevant variables in the Spanish economy using decomposition data series with Daubechies wavelets
    by Concepción González-Concepción & María Candelaria Gil-Fariña & Celina Pestano-Gabino

  • 2015 Methodology for improving Romanian Linked Open Government Data ecosystem
    by Codrin-Florentin Nisioiu

  • 2015 Detailed analysis of titles and short abstracts on cloud-computing research papers reachable on Google Scholar
    by Valerica Greavu-Serban

  • 2015 Romanian Linked Open Government Data(LOGD) Architecture
    by Codrin-Florentin Nisioiu

  • 2015 Econometric Predictions From Demographic Factors Affecting Overall Health
    by Stacey, Brian

  • 2015 Size and Momentum Profitability in International Stock Markets
    by Schmidt, Peter S. & Schrimpf, Andreas & von Arx, Urs & Wagner, Alexander F & Ziegler, Andreas

  • 2015 Study Design Requirements To Realize A Software For Document Archives (Gad)
    by Ioan RUS &

  • 2015 Automated Extraction of Typical Expressions Describing Product Features from Customer Reviews
    by Karel Barák & František Dařena & Jan Žižka

  • 2015 The Determination of Deposit and Participation Banks’ Efficiency by Data Envelopment Analysis: A Research on Banks in Turkey
    by Alper Veli ÇAM

  • 2015 Forecasting model for vehicular demand: an alternative methodology in the context of developing countries
    by Khaled Hamad & Ardeshir Faghri & Mingxin Li

  • 2015 Gli stranieri residenti per genere e cittadinanza: la stima per comune negli anni successivi al censimento
    by Mauro Albani & Maura Simone

  • 2015 Reliability of causes-of-death statistics: the Italian experience from the ICD-10 training course
    by Francesco Grippo & Enrico Grande & Silvia Simeoni & Simona Pennazza & Simona Cinque & Tania Bracci & Luisa Frova

  • 2015 Path-breaking directions of nanotechnology-based chemotherapy and molecular cancer therapy
    by Coccia, Mario & Wang, Lili

  • 2015 Monitoring Student Performance. A Data Driven Decision Support System Approach
    by Vasile GORGAN

  • 2015 Satellitendaten zur Schätzung von Regionaleinkommen – Das Beispiel Deutschland
    by Christian Leßmann & André Seidel & Arne Steinkraus

  • 2015 Training Assessment: A Premise For Training Transfer In Enterprises
    by Ph. D Student Madalina Camelia Olteanu (Adam)

  • 2014 Operationalising ‘safe statistics’: the case of linear regression
    by Felix Ritchie

  • 2014 Zu guter Forschungsinfrastruktur und forschungsbasierter Politikberatung gehören mehr als nur gute Statistikdaten
    by Gert G. Wagner

  • 2014 National Data Centre and Financial Statistics Office: A Conceptual Design for Public Data Management
    by Cakir, Murat

  • 2014 Research infrastructures in the LHC era: a scientiometric approach
    by Stefano CARRAZZA & Alfio FERRARA & Silvia SALINI

  • 2014 Determinación del riesgo de fracaso financiero mediante la utilización de modelos paramétricos, de inteligencia artificial, y de información de auditoría
    by Manuel Rodríguez & Carlos Piñeiro & Pablo De Llano

  • 2014 Information Technology based Monitoring and Efficient Regional Development Management
    by Pursky, Oleg & Moroz, Iryna

  • 2014 Economic and Social Impacts of South East Anatolia Project: Gap And Beyond
    by Elmas Arslan, Gülen & Pulan, İlkay

  • 2014 Model For Designing An Information System With High Reliability
    by Ioan RUS

  • 2014 Collecting information on job tasks - an instrument to measure tasks required at the workplace in a multi-topic survey
    by Matthes, Britta & Christoph, Bernhard & Janik, Florian & Ruland, Michael

  • 2014 Amtliche Statistik und wissenschaftliche Forschung
    by Ole Schröder

  • 2014 Zu guter Forschungsinfrastruktur und forschungsbasierter Politikberatung gehört mehr als nur gute Statistikdaten
    by Gert G. Wagner

  • 2013 Twenty years of rural entrepreneurship: a bibliometric survey
    by Maria Lúcia Pato & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2013 The impact of population ageing on economic growth: an in-depth bibliometric analysis
    by Renuga Nagarajan & Aurora A.C. Teixeira & Sandra T. Silva

  • 2013 Growth and Unemployment: A bibliometric analysis on mechanisms and methods
    by António Neto & Sandra T. Silva

  • 2013 ‘Welcome to the experience economy’: assessing the influence of customer experience literature through bibliometric analysis
    by Hélder Ferreira & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2013 Privacy and Data-Based Research
    by Ori Heffetz & Katrina Ligett

  • 2013 Capturing new developments in an emerging technology: an updated search strategy for identifying nanotechnology research outputs
    by Sanjay K. Arora & Alan L. Porter & Jan Youtie & Philip Shapira

  • 2013 Study Information Decision Underlying
    by Ioan RUS

  • 2013 Boylamsal Verilerde Cok Duzeyli Analizler: Dil Gelisimine Ýliskin Bir Uygulama
    by Ozlem Deniz Basar & Unal H. Ozden & Seda Bagdatli Kalkan

  • 2013 The Quality Of Data And Metadata In A Datawarehouse
    by Carmen RADUT

  • 2012 Disparities in municipal waste management across EU-27. A geographical approach
    by Mihai, Florin-Constantin & Apostol, Liviu

  • 2012 U.K. cross-sectional equity data: The case for robust investability filters
    by Rossi, Francesco

  • 2012 Common Risk Factors and the Macroeconomy: New Evidence from the Japanese Stock Market
    by Lucas Bretschger & Filippo Lechthaler

  • 2012 Selection Of An Organization Specific Erp

  • 2012 UK cross-sectional equity data: The case for robust investability filters
    by Rossi, Francesco

  • 2012 What are the starting points? Evaluating base-year assumptions in the Asian Modeling Exercise
    by Chaturvedi, Vaibhav & Waldhoff, Stephanie & Clarke, Leon & Fujimori, Shinichiro

  • 2012 List randomization for sensitive behavior: An application for measuring use of loan proceeds
    by Karlan, Dean S. & Zinman, Jonathan

  • 2012 A bibliometric account of Chinese economics research through the lens of the China Economic Review
    by Du, Yuxin & Teixeira, Aurora A.C.

  • 2012 Comparison Of Apriori And Fp-Growth Algorithms On Determination Of Association Rules In Authorized Automobile Service Centres
    by Semra Erpolat

  • 2011 Using social media data to understand mobile customer experience and behavior
    by Hsu, Wenling & Jacobsen, Guy & Jin, Yu & Skudlark, Ann

  • 2011 A data-based power transformation for compositional data
    by T. Tsagris, Michail & Preston, Simon & T.A. Wood, Andrew

  • 2011 Where are the poor in International Economics?
    by Luis Carvalho & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2011 Mapping the (In)visible College(s) in the Field of Entrepreneurship
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2011 Approaches to samples selection for machine learning based classification of textual data
    by Frantisek Darena & Jan Zizka

  • 2011 On the Construction of Common Size, Value and Momentum Factors in International Stock Markets: A Guide with Applications
    by Peter S. Schmidt & Andreas Schrimpf & Urs von Arx & Alexander F. Wagner & Andreas Ziegler

  • 2011 Actualización global de tablas origen-destino: una alternativa al método Euro
    by Xesús Pereira López & José Luis Quiñoá López & Melchor Fernández Fernández

  • 2011 Máximo aprovechamiento de métodos de actualización matricial
    by Xesús Pereira López & José Luis Quiñoá López & Melchor Fernández Fernández

  • 2011 Mapping the (in)visible college(s) in the field of entrepreneurship
    by Aurora A. C. Teixeira

  • 2011 Amenazas ambientales y vulnerabilidad en un contexto de variabilidad climática en Bolivia
    by Sanjines, Gimmy Nardó

  • 2011 Scientometric approach to nanotechnology
    by Terekhov, Alexander

  • 2011 Research of higher engineering education quality on the base of students Interviewing data by nonlinear principal components analysis (NLPCA)
    by Isakin, Maksim & Teplykh, Grigory

  • 2011 A Bibliometrics Portrait of Chinese Research through the Lens of China Economic Review. A research proposal
    by Yuxin Du

  • 2011 A Hybrid Architecture For Context-Aware Systems
    by Chelai Ozten

  • 2011 Volunteer Computing Model Prospects in Performance Data Gathering for Broadband Policy Formulation
    by Chanuka WATTEGAMA & Nilusha KAPUGAMA

  • 2010 Analiza comparativă a instrumentelor data mining
    by Andronie, Mihai

  • 2010 Modalităţi de integrare a tehnicilor data mining în sistemele informatice de management strategic
    by Andronie, Mihai

  • 2010 DataCite: The International Data Citation Initiative Datasets Programme
    by Max Wilkinson

  • 2010 Speicherung und Publikation von Forschungsdaten. Der Beitrag der Deutschen Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
    by Olaf Siegert

  • 2010 Commodity-industry classificationproxy: A correspondence table between SITC revision 2 and ISIC revision 3
    by M. Affendy, Arip & Sim Yee, Lau & Satoru, Madono

  • 2010 Business intelligence as the support of decision-making processes in e-commerce systems environment
    by Suchánek, Petr & Slaninova, Kateřina & Bucki, Robert

  • 2010 Recent trends in the economics of innovation literature through the lens of Industrial and Corporate Change
    by David Nascimento & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2010 A Best Evidence Synthesis on the Link Between Budgetary Participation and Managerial Performance
    by Adrien Bonache & Jonathan Maurice & Karen Moris

  • 2010 A Best Evidence Synthesis On The Link Between Budgetary Participation And Managerial Performance

  • 2010 Are finance, management, and marketing autonomous fields of scientific research? An analysis based on journal citations
    by Pedro Cosme Vieira & Aurora A. C. Teixeira

  • 2010 Informatics Systems With Integrated Data Mining Techniques Designed for the Economic Environment
    by Mihai Andronie

  • 2010 A Novel Suite of Methods for Mixture Based Record Linkage
    by Diego Zardetto & Monica Scannapieco

  • 2009 Do Forecasters Inform or Reassure? Evaluation of the German Real-Time Data
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Boriss Siliverstovs

  • 2009 Communication and Procedural Models of the E-commerce Systems
    by Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 E-commerce Systems and E-shop Web Sites Security
    by Suchánek, Petr

  • 2009 Enseignement d'une meta-analyse sur le lien participation budgétaire-performance managériale
    by Bonache, Adrien & Maurice, Jonathan & Georgescu, Irène

  • 2009 Representation-Constrained Canonical Correlation Analysis: A Hybridization of Canonical Correlation and Principal Component Analyses
    by Mishra, SK

  • 2009 Notes on the Construction of Geometric Representations of Confidence Intervals of Ratios using Stata, Gauss and Eviews
    by Joe Hirschberg & Jenny Lye

  • 2009 The friction force mouse-pad and the forearm muscles efforts (preliminary results)
    by José Miquel Cabeças & Emanuel Santos Ribeiro

  • 2009 Blogs, Wikis and Official Statistics: New Perspectives on the Use of Web 2.0 by Statistical Offices
    by Jessica Gardner

  • 2009 Do Forecasters Inform or Reassure?: Evaluation of the German Real-Time Data
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Boriss Siliverstovs

  • 2009 The German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) in the Nineties: An Example of Incremental Innovations in an Ongoing Longitudinal Study
    by Gert G. Wagner

  • 2009 Implementation of Funding for the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP): A Personal Recollection
    by Bernhard Schäfers

  • 2009 A Neuro-Classification Model for Socio-Technical Systems
    by Nastac, Iulian & Bacivarov, Angelica & Costea, Adrian

  • 2009 Toward A Distributed Data Mining System For Tourism Industry
    by Danubianu Mirela & Socaciu Tiberiu & Barala Adina

  • 2009 Geben Konjunkturprognosen eine gute Orientierung?
    by Konstantin A. Kholodilin & Boriss Siliverstovs

  • 2008 Some new indicators and procedure to get additional information from the Business Tendency Surveys
    by Fusari, Angelo & Pellissier, Murray

  • 2008 Time for play – An exploratory analysis of the changing consumption contexts of digital games
    by Deal, David

  • 2008 National Systems of Innovation: a bibliometric appraisal
    by Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2008 Computer Virus Propagation in a Network Organization: The Interplay between Social and Technological Networks
    by Hsing Kenneth Cheng & Hong Guo

  • 2008 Does the Effect of Incentive Payments on Survey Response Rates Differ by Income Support History?
    by Barón, Juan D. & Breunig, Robert & Cobb-Clark, Deborah A. & Gorgens, Tue & Sartbayeva, Anastasia

  • 2008 Does the Effect of Incentive Payments on Survey Response Rates Differ by Income Support History?
    by Baron, Juan & Breunig, Robert & Cobb-Clark, Deborah & Gorgens, Tue & Sartbayeva, Anastasia

  • 2008 Automatic Term Identification for Bibliometric Mapping
    by van Eck, N.J.P. & Waltman, L. & Noyons, E.C.M. & Buter, R.K.

  • 2008 Time for play – An exploratory analysis of the changing consumption contexts of digital games
    by David Deal

  • 2008 Determination of the internal cession price in the commercial banks through mathematical methods - A case study
    by Ioan NISTOR & Grigore LUPULESCU & Ion DUBREU

  • 2007 On the divergence of research paths in evolutionary economics: a comprehensive bibliometric account
    by Sandra T. Silva & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2007 Privacy metrics and boundaries
    by Pau, Louis-François

  • 2007 A new look into the evolution of clusters literature. A bibliometric exercise
    by Sara C. Santos Cruz & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2007 QuantNet – A Database-Driven Online Repository of Scientific Information
    by Anton Andriyashin & Wolfgang Härdle

  • 2007 Some Comments on the Question Whether Co-occurrence Data Should Be Normalized
    by Waltman, L. & van Eck, N.J.P.

  • 2007 Identifying Unknown Response Styles: A Latent-Class Bilinear Multinomial Logit Model
    by van Rosmalen, J.M. & van Herk, H. & Groenen, P.J.F.

  • 2007 Contabilitatea si Societatea Cunoasterii
    by Dimitriu, Mihail

  • 2006 Energy Demand and Supply Issues - Scenario 2020 and Implications for CDM in West African Economic and Monetary Union. Case Study: Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger and Togo
    by Satoguina, Honorat

  • 2006 Are Finance, Management, and Marketing Autonomous Fields of Scientific Research? An Analysis Based on Journal Citations
    by Pedro Cosme Vieira & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2006 Surveying structural change: seminal contributions and a bibliometric account
    by Ester Gomes da Silva & Aurora A.C. Teixeira

  • 2006 Area interpolation in presence of measurement error and an application to German administrative data
    by Arntz, Melanie & Wilke, Ralf A.

  • 2006 Color Harmonization in Car Manufacturing Process
    by Anton Andriyashin & Michal Benko & Wolfgang Härdle & Roman Timofeev & Uwe Ziegenhagen

  • 2006 Identifying and Assessing the Development of Populations of Undocumented Migrants: The Case of Undocumented Poles and Bulgarians in Brussels
    by Mila Paspalanova

  • 2006 Are international databases on corruption reliable? A comparison of expert opinion surveys and household surveys in sub-Saharan Africa
    by Mireille Razafindrakoto & François Roubaud

  • 2006 Multiway data analysis for comparing time use in different countries - Application to timebudgets at different stages of life in six European countries
    by Mary Fraire

  • 2005 Map Intersection Based Merging Schemes for Administrative Data Sources and an Application to Germany
    by Arntz, Melanie & Wilke, Ralf A.

  • 2005 Holding Period Return-Risk Modeling :The Importance of Dividends

  • 2004 Benchmarking of corporate social responsibility: Methodological problems and robustness
    by Graafland, J.J. & Eijffinger, S.C.W. & Smid, H.

  • 2004 Structural Change, Capital’s Contribution, and Economic Efficiency: Sources of China’s Economic Growth Between 1952-1998
    by Wang, Zijian & Wei, Jiegen

  • 2003 Associationism and electoral participation: A multilevel study of 2000 Spanish general election
    by Clara Riba & Anna Cuxart

  • 2003 University admission marks in Catalonia: Some highlights from the empirical research
    by Anna Cuxart & Rosa M. Grau & Manuel Martí-Recober

  • 2003 Holding Period Return-Risk Modeling: The Importance of Dividends
    by Hallerbach, W.G.P.M.

  • 2003 Holding Period Return-Risk Modeling: Ambiguity in Estimation
    by Hallerbach, W.G.P.M.

  • 2003 An assessment of the data quality for live births and infant deaths for the 1998-birth cohort, city of São Paulo, using information from SINASC and SIM
    by Carla Jorge Machado

  • 2002 Pattern Matching in Multidimensional Time Series
    by Arnold Polanski

  • 2002 A Short Note on the Numerical Approximation of the Standard Normal Cumulative Distribution and Its Inverse
    by Chokri Dridi

  • 2002 Saving in New Zealand: Measurement and Trends
    by Iris Claus & Grant Scobie

  • 2002 Computer code for: A Short Note on the Numerical Approximation of the Standard Normal Cumulative Distribution and Its Inverse
    by Chokri Dridi

  • 2001 A recursive algorithm for solving SUR models
    by Erricos J. Kontoghiorghes and Paolo Foschi

  • 2001 Pattern-Based Target Selection Applied to Fund Raising
    by Pijls, W.H.L.M. & Potharst, R. & Kaymak, U.

  • 2001 Partnerships Technology Transfer-Based: Theory and Methodology for Analysing the Process
    by Mario Coccia

  • 2000 Mining frequent intemsets in memory-resident databases
    by Pijls, W.H.L.M. & Bioch, J.C.

  • 2000 GAUSS™ Programs for the Estimation of State-Space Models with ARCH Errors: A User's Guide
    by Kichian, Maral

  • 1999 Modelos estadísticos y evaluación: tres estudios en educación
    by Anna Cuxart

  • 1998 Algunos factores que inciden en el rendimiento y en la evaluación de los alumnos en las PAAU
    by Anna Cuxart & Manuel Martí & Ferran Ferrer

  • 1991 On Using a "Patched" Data Base: An Illustration of the Conundrum
    by Samuel Schwarz

  • 1985 Youth Joblessness and Race: Evidence from the 1980 Census
    by George Cave

  • On the Construction of Common Size, Value and Momentum Factors in International Stock Markets: A Guide with Applications
    by Peter S. SCHMIDT & Urs VON ARX & Andreas SCHRIMPF & Alexander F. WAGNER & Andreas ZIEGLER

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