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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P1: Capitalist Systems
/ / / P12: Capitalist Enterprises
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 The firm as a common. The case of the accumulation and use of capital resources in co-operative enterprises
    by Tortia, Ermanno C.

  • 2017 Capitalism and Socialism: A Review of Kornai's Dynamism, Rivalry, and the Surplus Economy
    by Chenggang Xu

  • 2016 Risking Capitalism

  • 2016 A “Statute of the Firm” as an antitrust law during the Seventies. Guido Carli’s chairmanship of the Italian Industrial Association (Confindustria)
    by Dafano, Alessandro

  • 2016 Are cooperatives more productive than investor-owned firms? Cross-industry evidence from Portugal
    by Natália P. Monteiro & Odd Rune Straume

  • 2016 Adaptation and Influence: The Schumpeterian Perspective on Business-Politics Relations
    by Thomas Paster

  • 2016 'You’ll (n)ever walk alone'. Innovative Wissensarbeit zwischen individualistischem Leistungsregime und kommunitaerer Teamkultur ('You’ll (n)ever walk alone'. Innovative knowledge work: Individual performance systems as opposed to communitarian team culture)
    by Doerhoefer, Steffen & Funder, Maria

  • 2016 Entgrenzung von Organisation und Arbeit? Interorganisationale Fragmentierung als Herausforderung für Arbeitsrecht, Management und Mitbestimmung. Einleitung zum Schwerpunktheft
    by Deinert, Olaf & Helfen, Markus

  • 2016 Entgrenzte Organisationen – begrenzte Beschaeftigtengesundheit? Arbeitspolitische Aushandlungen um Grenzverschiebungen und Grenzziehungen im Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz (Boundaryless organisations and their implications for employee health. Labour policy negotiations about boundaries in occupational health and safety)
    by Becker, Karina

  • 2016 Les symbioses industrielles : un nouveau champ d’analyse pour l’économie industrielle
    by Arnaud Diemer

  • 2016 Corporate Social Responsability – an European Approach through the Tourism SME’s Perspectives
    by Gabriela Tigu & Delia Popescu & Remus Ion Hornoiu

  • 2015 Labor in the Twenty-First Century:The Top 0.1% and the Disappearing Middle-Class
    by William Lazonick

  • 2015 Crisis without End: Neoliberalism in a Globalized Environment Modeling the Historic Rise of Neoliberalism and its Systematic Role in Recent Economic Downturns
    by Rambarran, Richard

  • 2015 The Politics of Industry in Nehru's India
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 2015 Familias empresarias y grandes empresas familiares en América Latina y España: una visión de largo plazo

  • 2015 From CSR to RSC
    by Marisol Sandoval

  • 2015 From Long Waves to Great Surges
    by Perez, Carlota

  • 2015 The Impact of Economic Freedom on the Unemployment Rate in O.E.C.D. Nations: An Exploratory Study Accepting the Validity of Okun’s Law - L’impatto della libertà economica sul tasso di disoccupazione nei paesi Ocse: uno studio esplorativo sulla base dell’accettazione della legge di Okun
    by Cebula, Richard J. & Foley, Maggie & Capener, Don

  • 2015 Revisiting Neoclassical Economic Growth: A Survey in the Literature
    by Mayank GUPTA

  • 2015 The Performance Of Large Enterprises In Manufacturing. The Case Of Romania
    by Daniela-Livia, TRASCA & Raluca-Andreea, POPA

  • 2015 “Corporate Scene Investigation”: A Praxeological Attempt to Sketch the Profile of the Entrepreneur in Modern Business
    by Octavian-Dragomir Jora & Mihai-Vladimir Topan & Radu Cristian Musetescu & Matei-Alexandru Apavaloaei

  • 2014 Employee financial participation in businesses: Is it worth discussing?
    by Barbara Blaszczyk

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 On the fundamentals of winning virtuous strategies creation toward leveraged buyout transactions implementation during private equity investment in conditions of resonant absorption of discrete information in diffusion - type financial system with induced nonlinearities
    by Ledenyov, Dimitri O. & Ledenyov, Viktor O.

  • 2014 Schumpeter y la Historia del Pensamiento Económico
    by Estrada, Fernando

  • 2014 Impact of Economic Freedom, Regulatory Quality, and Taxation on the Per Capita Real Income: An Analysis for OECD Nations and Non-G8 OECD Nations
    by Cebula, Richard & Clark, Jeff

  • 2014 The Cambridge History of "Capitalism"
    by Peter Temin

  • 2014 Role of the State in Economy and State Capitalism. The Case of Singapore
    by Martina Jiránková & Pavel Žamberský

  • 2014 L’andamento dell’occupazione nelle cooperative italiane negli anni della crisi: alcune evidenze a livello regionale
    by Paolo Carnazza & Attilio Pasetto

  • 2014 Pouvoir et économie politique. L'apport de François Perroux à l'analyse positive de la firme
    by Virgile Chassagnon

  • 2014 Notes sur Jean-Baptiste Say. Conception de l'économie en général et position face à l'esclavage en particulier
    by Rémy Herrera

  • 2013 Innovation in State-owned Enterprises: Reconsidering the Conventional Wisdom
    by Belloc, Filippo

  • 2013 Новая Теория Капитализма: Узловые Моменты И Общая Логика
    by Zheleznyak, Anatoliy

  • 2013 Scale, Scope and Survival: A Comparison of Cooperative and Capitalist Modes of Production
    by Natália Pimenta Monteiro & Geoff Stewart

  • 2013 The Great Pyramids of America: A Revised History of US Business Groups, Corporate Ownership and Regulation, 1930-1950
    by Eugene Kandel & Konstantin Kosenko & Randall Morck & Yishay Yafeh

  • 2013 The U.S. economy today: Between systemic crisis and permanent war
    by Rémy Herrera

  • 2013 Determinants of Financial Rewards from Industry-University Collaboration in South Korea
    by Han, Junghee & Heshmati, Almas

  • 2013 I modelli di capitalismo
    by Marco Zanobio

  • 2013 La participación de los trabajadores en los ingresos de la empresa. Un análisis para la eficiencia
    by Juan Miguel Báez Melián

  • 2013 Contrôle et manipulation au cœur de la firme-monde ?
    by Chassagnon, Virgile

  • 2013 Capitalisme agraire en Indonésie : les marchés du travail et de la terre comme déterminants des rapports salariaux dans les plantations de palmier à huile
    by Barral, Stéphanie

  • 2013 Liberté toujours? Gerechtigkeit und Gemeinschaft in neoliberalen Arbeitsregimen am Beispiel der Amway GmbH (Liberté toujours? Justice and Community in Neoliberal Work Regimes. The Example of Amway Germany)
    by Gross, Claudia & Haunschild, Axel

  • 2012 The Impact of Economic Freedom on Per Capita Real GDP: A Study of OECD Nation
    by Cebula, Richard & Clark, J.R. & Mixon, Franklin

  • 2012 Scale, Scope and Survival: A Comparison of Labour-Managed and Capitalist Modes of Production
    by Natália Pimenta Monteiro & Geoff Stewart

  • 2012 Does Linking Worker Pay to Firm Performance Help the Best Firms Do Even Better?
    by Douglas L. Kruse & Joseph R. Blasi & Richard B. Freeman

  • 2012 Estructura corporativa e interlocking directorates en las mayores empresas españolas, 1917-1970
    by Juan Antonio Rubio Mondéjar & Josean Garrués Irurzun

  • 2012 Market Making: How Enterprise Funds Can Jump-Start Stagnant Economies (Innovations Case Narrative: Enterprise Funds)
    by Francis J. Skrobiszewski

  • 2012 Kommunisten, Kapitalisten und Konsumenten: ueber den Wandel der normativen Einstellungen chinesischer Unternehmer und Konsumenten seit 1978. (Communists, capitalists, and consumers: On the evolving norms of Chinese entrepreneurs and consumers since 1978)
    by Lieber, André

  • 2012 A imposição do caráter social da produção por meio da concorrência [Imposition of the social nature of production through competition]
    by André Guimarães Augusto

  • 2011 Business Society and Corporate Social Responsibility: Comparative analysis in Russia and Japan
    by Satoshi Mizobata

  • 2011 Italian Firms in History: Size, Technology and Entrepreneurship
    by Franco Amatori & Matteo Bugamelli & Andrea Colli

  • 2011 Medios económicos y disciplinarios para combatir el incumplimiento de los socios de participar en las actividades de las cooperativas agrarias
    by Luis Gallego Sevilla

  • 2011 RSE et théorie des parties prenantes : les impasses du contrat
    by Cazal, Didier

  • 2011 The Impact of Lean Six Sigma on the Overall Results of Companies
    by Corina DUMITRESCU & Marilena DUMITRACHE

  • 2011 La logique financiaro-rentière des sociétés transnationales
    by Serfati, Claude

  • 2011 Marx’s social analysis of value and Big Pharma. Rethinking the social determinants of value in cognitive capitalism
    by Gagnon, Marc-André

  • 2011 Welfare systems and social services during the systemic crisis of cognitive capitalism
    by Lucarelli, Stefano & Vercellone, Carlo

  • 2011 Appropriation des savoirs et prescription de la subjectivité dans le travail cognitif
    by Mìguez, Pablo

  • 2011 Social Enterprises and Local Production Systems
    by Attilio Pasetto

  • 2011 The Impact Of The Statement Of Gaap For Sme’S In South Africa

  • 2011(XXI) L’innovation de la communication dans le développement durable des ressources humaines
    by Jean-Luc PENOT

  • 2010 Does Cultural Diversity Increase The Rate Of Entrepreneurship?
    by Russell S. Sobel & Nabamita Dutta & Sanjukta Roy

  • 2010 The Dark Side of Shareholder Protection: Cross-country Evidence from Innovation Performance
    by Filippo Belloc

  • 2010 Economic theory and social change: problems and revisions
    by Fusari, Angelo

  • 2010 Agency Problems and the Fate of Capitalism
    by Randall Morck & Bernard Yeung

  • 2010 China o el triunfo del mercantilismo en la era de la globalización
    by Hernando Matallana

  • 2010 Business practices in corporations of radio and television cable distribution programmes in Serbia
    by Vladimir Radenkovic

  • 2010 The internationalization of Austrian firms in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Schien Ninan & Jonas F. Puck

  • 2010 Factors of effective strategy implementation: Empirical evidence from Slovenian business practice
    by Tomac Cater & Danijel Pucko

  • 2010 The demographic and economic transition in Central and Eastern Europe – Management implications
    by Manfred Perlitz & Lasse Schulze & Christina B. Wilke

  • 2010 Strategy techniques for the times of high uncertainty
    by Igor Gurkov

  • 2010 Organisational culture dimensions in Romanian finance industry
    by Gheorghe-Alexandru Catana & Doina Catana

  • 2010 Cross-border acquisitions and shareholder wealth: Evidence from the energy and industry in Central and Eastern Europe
    by Tomasz P. Bednarczyk & Dirk Schiereck & Hardrik N. Walter

  • 2010 A New Paradigma Of The Economical Agent. From Adam Smith’S Homo Economicus To Homo Generosus Based On Social Responsibility
    by PUP ANCA

  • 2009 The Growth of Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurship in India, 1991-2007
    by Mani, Sunil

  • 2009 Mission-driven capitalism for small business owners in the U.S
    by Jim SAWYER

  • 2009 The Rise of A District Lead Firm: The Case of Wam (1968-2003)
    by Alberto Rinaldi

  • 2009 Behold the 'Behemoth'. The privatization of Japan Post Bank
    by Uwe Vollmer & Diemo Dietrich & Ralf bebenroth

  • 2009 The Growth of knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship in India, 1991-2007: Analysis of its evidence and the facilitating factors
    by Sunil Mani

  • 2009 Stock prices, anticipations and investment in general equilibrium
    by DREZE, Jacques H. & LACHIRI, Oussama & MINELLI, Enrico

  • 2009 Instead of Managerialism: From What Goes on Inside Our Heads to What Our Heads (and Bodies) Go on Inside of – the World between Us (Review Essay: Theodore Taptiklis: Unmanaging: Opening up the Organization to its own Unspoken Knowledge)
    by John Shotter

  • 2009 Aux origines de l'entrepreneuriat social. Les affaires selon Jean-Baptiste André Godin (1817-1888)
    by Sophie Boutillier

  • 2009 Du paternalisme au managerialisme : les entreprises en quête de responsabilité sociale
    by Henri Jorda

  • 2008 National trade associations, economic development and globalization
    by Mehar, Ayub

  • 2008 The Italian Corporate Network, 1952-1983: New Evidence Using the Interlocking Directorates Technique
    by Alberto Rinaldi & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2008 What is Globalisation and What is Not?: A Political Economy Perspective
    by Turan Subasat

  • 2008 El crecimiento de las grandes empresas latinoamericanas desde los años '70
    by Gustavo Burachik

  • 2008 From Natural Order to Case. Money and Machineries
    by Lunghini, Giorgio

  • 2008 Roles and Rules: Ambiguity, Experimentation and New Forms of Stakeholderism in Germany
    by Gary Herrigel

  • 2008 Considerations regarding tax optimization in implanted multinational enterprises through external growth for the automobile industry in Central Eastern Europe
    by Nitu Antonie Renata, & Feder Emoke Szidonia

  • 2007 Business Groups and the Big Push: Meiji Japan's Mass Privatization and Subsequent Growth
    by Randall Morck & Masao Nakamura

  • 2007 La Responsabilité sociale des entreprises comme innovation institutionnelle. Une lecture régulationniste
    by Bodet, Catherine & Lamarche, Thomas

  • 2007 Asymmetric Information and the Form of Enterprise: Capitalist Firms and Consumer Cooperatives
    by Kazuhiko Mikami

  • 2007 Hogyan fejlődik a vállalat?. A fizikai és a társadalmi technológia kölcsönhatásos evolúciós folyamata
    by Kapás, Judit

  • 2006 Piyasa ekonomisinde kapitalist davranış biçimi
    by Uğur EMEK

  • 2006 L’impresa tra dirigismo e mercato
    by Stefano Micossi

  • 2006 Comparing Competitive Equilibria with Equilibria of Labor-Managed and Capital-Managed Economies in OLG Models
    by Bertrand Crettez & Pierre-Andre Jouvet

  • 2005 Социальные Системы Корпоративного Типа: Генезис И Функции
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2005 Formalization of ethics : the issue of standardization
    by Juliette Arnal

  • 2005 Who are Russia’s entrepreneurs?
    by Simeon Djankov & Edward Miguel & Yingyi Qian & Gerard Roland & Ekaterina Zhuravskaya

  • 2005 Changes in the Japanese Postwar Corporate Governance System in the 1990s
    by Nikolay Trifinov Naydenov

  • 2004 Socio-Economic Development : A Politico - Financial Overview
    by Viswanatha Sankara Rama Subramaniam

  • 2004 Socio-Economic Development : A Politico - Financial Overview
    by Dr.VSR.Subramaniam

  • 2004 The McKinsey Global Institute Productivity Studies: Lessons for Canada
    by Matt Kellison

  • 2004 Characteristics of the Japanese Enterprise Management
    by Sorin George Toma

  • 2003 Propping and Tunneling
    by Eric Friedman & Simon Johnson & Todd Mitton

  • 2003 The structure of Italian capitalism, 1952-1972: New evidence using the interlocking directorates technique
    by Alberto Rinaldi & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2003 Ottawa Parmi les Technopoles Nord-Americaines: Preception des Estrepeneurs Locaux
    by Remy Tremblay

  • 2003 Globalisation and Its Impact on Competitiveness: the Case of the British and German Pharmaceutical Industry
    by Christel Lane & Jocelyn Probert

  • 2003 Los recursos humanos y la aplicación de modelos de calidad: diferencias entre las empresas mercantiles y las cooperativas de trabajo asociado de Castilla-La Mancha
    by Felipe Hernández Perlines

  • 2002 Market Opportunity and Organizational Grind - The two Sides of Entrepreneurship
    by U. Witt

  • 2002 Capital Redistribution and the Market Allocation of Firm-Ownership
    by Grüner, Hans Peter & Schils, Ruediger

  • 2002 The Problem of Organisations in Hayekian Liberalism
    by Mohammed BENSAID

  • 2001 The Vanishing Hand: the Changing Dynamics of Industrial Capitalism
    by Richard N. Langlois

  • 2001 Job Loss in the United States, 1981-1999
    by Henry S. Farber

  • 2000 Why Ownership Matters? Entrepreneurship and the Restructuring of Enterprises in Central Europe
    by Frydman, R. & Hessel, M. & Rapaczynski, A.

  • 1999 Loan-Monitoring and Deposit-Servincing by Commercial Banks in a Stationary Environment
    by John Hartwick

  • 1998 Cooperatives vs. outside ownership
    by Oliver Hart & John Moore

  • 1998 Cooperatives vs. Outside Ownership
    by Oliver Hart & John Moore

  • 1998 Why Ownership Matters?: Politicization and Entrepreneurship in the Restructuring of Enterprises in Central Europe
    by Frydman, R. & Hessel, M. & Rapaczynski, A.

  • 1998 Ownership and Growth
    by Gylfason, Thorvaldur & Herbertsson, Tryggvi Thor & Zoega, Gylfi

  • 1997 Interrelationships and Causal Linkages Between Socioeconomic and Environmental Factors
    by Mariam, Yohannes & Barre, Mike & Urquhart, Lynda & DeCivita, Paul

  • 1997 Private Ownership and Corporate Performance: Some Lessons from Transition Economies
    by Frydman, Roman & Gray, Cheryl & Hessel, Marek & Rapaczynski, Andrzej

  • 1996 Why Capital (Usually) Hires Labor : An Assessment of Proposed Explanations
    by Dow, G & Putterman, L

  • 1992 Inflation as restructuring. A theoretical and empirical account of the U.S. experience
    by Nitzan, Jonathan

  • 1992 Restructuring Enterprises in Eastern Europe
    by Carlin, Wendy & Mayer, Colin

  • 1988 State Aid to Industry: Madras 1921-37
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 1984 Nature of Small Enterprise Development: Political Aims and Socio-Economic Reality
    by Nasir, Tyabji

  • 1984 Small Enterprises and the Crisis in Indian Development
    by Tyabji, Nasir

  • 1984 Nature of Small Enterprise Development: Political Aims and Socio-Economic Reality
    by Nasir, Tyabji

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