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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ C: Mathematical and Quantitative Methods
/ / C5: Econometric Modeling
/ / / C59: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Socio-Economics of Innovation

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Currency demandand MIMIC models: towards a structured hybrid model-based estimation of the shadow economy size
    by Piotr Dybka & Michal Kowalczuk & Bartosz Olesinski & Marek Rozkrut & Andrzej Toroj

  • 2017 Approaches and Techniques to Validate Internal Model Results
    by Dacorogna, Michel M

  • 2017 The Implicit Value of Arts Experts: the Case of Klaus Ertz and Pieter Brueghel the Younger
    by Anne-Sophie Radermecker & Victor Ginsburgh & Denni Tommasi

  • 2017 Optimization of Inventory Management Logistic Model of the Machine-Building Enterprises
    by Olha Holovan & Oleksandr Oliynyk & Yevheniia Makazan

  • 2017 Benefits of the development and dissemination of climate-smart rice: ex ante impact assessment of drought-tolerant rice in South Asia
    by Khondoker A. Mottaleb & Roderick M. Rejesus & MVR Murty & Samarendu Mohanty & Tao Li

  • 2017 Assessment of Neighborhood and Spillover Effects on Technical Efficiency of Irrigated Rice Farmers
    by Zenaida M Sumalde & Donald B. Villanueva & Valerien O Pede & Yolanda T Garcia & U-Primo E Rodriguez

  • 2016 Bubbles in US Regional House Prices: Evidence from House Price/Income Ratios at the State Level
    by Yang Hu & Les Oxley

  • 2016 Crisis-Contingent Dynamics of Connectedness: An SVAR-Spatial-Network “Tripod” Model with Thresholds
    by Sun, Hang

  • 2016 A three-pole filter understanding of the average value of a Fourier series
    by Minskya, Ksovim

  • 2016 Analysis of average value of a Fourier series using z-transform: comparison with Hodrick-Prescott filter
    by Minskya, Ksovim

  • 2016 The modelling of networks using Exponential Random Graph Models: an introduction
    by Johannes VAN DER POL

  • 2016 Demanda de Internet: El sector mayorista de telecomunicaciones Colombiano
    by John J. Garcia & Juan P. Posada

  • 2016 Analysis of Housing Development Activity in Poland from 2005-2014
    by Cellmer Radosław & Jasiński Janusz

  • 2016 Latent Variable Modelling and Item Response Theory Analyses in Marketing Research
    by Brzezińska Justyna

  • 2016 Safety perception in transport demand modeling for the bike-metro integration in Bogota, Colombia
    by Luis Márquez

  • 2016 ‘Nonlinear causality between crude oil price and exchange rate: A comparative study of China and India’ — A failed replication (negative Type 1 and Type 2)
    by De Vita, Glauco & Trachanas, Emmanouil

  • 2016 Disparities, Discrepancies and Specific Concentration – Diversification Trends in the Group of Central and East European Ex-Socialist Countries
    by Gheorghe Savoiu & Marian Siminica

  • 2015 What Broke First? Characterizing Sources of Structural Change Prior to the Great Recession
    by Hull, Isaiah

  • 2015 Neighborhood effects and social behavior: The case of irrigated and rainfed farmers in Bohol, the Philippines
    by Tsusaka, Takuji W. & Kajisa, Kei & Pede, Valerien O. & Aoyagi, Keitaro

  • 2015 The stochastic effects on the Brazilian Electrical Sector
    by Ferreira, Pedro Guilherme Costa & Oliveira, Fernando Luiz Cyrino & Souza, Reinaldo Castro

  • 2015 La percepción de seguridad en la demanda de transporte de la integración bicicletametro en Bogotá, Colombia
    by Márquez, Luis

  • 2014 Estimating the rebound effect of technological improvement in Iran?s industry sector
    by Mirhossein Mousavi & Mona Mash'hadi Rajabi & Mahmoud Mahmoudzadeh

  • 2014 Public spending on education and Economic Growth in Algeria: Causality Test
    by Yousra Mekdad & Aziz Dahmani & Monir Louadj

  • 2014 Robust Multiple Regimes in Growth Volatility
    by Andros Kourtellos & Ioanna Stylianou & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2014 A Cross Matrix for Modeling Open Innovation in Production Management
    by Gratiela Boca

  • 2014 Optimizing Waste Costs in Production Management
    by Dinu Daraba

  • 2014 Adaptive forecasting in the presence of recent and ongoing structural change
    by Giraitis, Liudas & Kapetanios, George & Price, Simon

  • 2014 Анализ факторов динамики цены первичного никеля. Analysis of factors of primary nickel prices dynamics
    by Соколов А. В. & Бородина А. В.

  • 2014 An Investigation Of Cointegration And Causality Between Investments, Exports, Openness, Industrial Production And Economic Growth: A Comparative Study For The East European Countries
    by Ramona Simut & Ioana Mester

  • 2014 Estimating the price elasticity of beer: Meta-analysis of data with heterogeneity, dependence, and publication bias
    by Nelson, Jon P.

  • 2014 Long Memory Analysis: An Empirical Investigation
    by Rafik Nazarian & Esmaeil Naderi & Nadiya G. Alikhani & Ashkan Amiri

  • 2014 Expatriates Performance And Permanence: Analysis By Gender Of 124 Spanish Managers
    by BASTIDA, María & CANCELO, M.Teresa

  • 2013 Robust Multiple Regimes in Growth Volatility
    by Andros Kourtellos & Ioanna Stylianou & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2013 International diversification and dependence structure of equity portfolios during market crashes: the Archimedean copula approach
    by Muteba Mwamba, John & Mokwena, Paula

  • 2013 Neighbourhood effects and social behaviour: the case of irrigated and rainfed farmeres in Bohol, the Philippines
    by Tsusaka, Takuji W. & Kajisa, Kei & Pede, Valerien O. & Aoyagi, Keitaro

  • 2013 Neighbourhood effects and social behaviour: the case of irrigated and rainfed farmeres in Bohol, the Philippines
    by Tsusaka, Takuji W. & Kajisa, Kei & Pede, Valerien O. & Aoyagi, Keitaro

  • 2013 We study whether financial analysts' concern for preserving good relationships with firms' managers motivates them to issue pessimistic or optimistic forecasts. Based on a dataset of one-yearahead EPS forecasts issued by 4 648 analysts concerning 241 French firms (1997-2007), we regress the analysts' forecast accuracy on its unintentional determinants. We then decompose the fixed effect of the regression and we use the firm-analyst pair effect as a measure of the intensity of the firm-analyst relationship. We find that a low (high) firm-analyst pair effect is associated with a low (high) forecast error. This observation suggests that pessimism and optimism result from the analysts' concern for cultivating their relationship with the firm's management
    by Anne-Gael Vaubourg & Valdete Berisha-Krasniqui & Sébastien Galanti & Christophe Hurlin & Régis Breton

  • 2013 Ten Things You Should Know About the Dynamic Conditional Correlation Representation
    by Caporin, M. & McAleer, M.J.

  • 2013 Heterogeneity of Saving-Investment Causality and Fiscal Coordination Implication: The Case of an African Monetary Union
    by Christian Lambert Nguena

  • 2013 Willingness to pay for reducing travel time in Tunja (Colombia): A comparison between students and workers with a mixed logit model
    by Luis Márquez

  • 2013 Bankruptcy Prediction Models in Galician companies. Application of Parametric Methodologies and Artificial Intelligence
    by Pablo de Llano Monelos & Manuel Rodríguez López & Carlos Piñeiro Sánchez

  • 2013 The effect of public debt on growth in multiple regimes
    by Kourtellos, Andros & Stengos, Thanasis & Tan, Chih Ming

  • 2013 Failure to launch? The role of land inequality in transition delays
    by Kourtellos, Andros & Stylianou, Ioanna & Tan, Chih Ming

  • 2013 Adaptive forecasting in the presence of recent and ongoing structural change
    by Giraitis, Liudas & Kapetanios, George & Price, Simon

  • 2013 Disposición a pagar por reducir el tiempo de viaje en Tunja (Colombia): Comparación entre estudiantes y trabajadores con un modelo logit mixto
    by Márquez Díaz, Luis Gabriel

  • 2013(XXIII) The Assessment Of Parameter Uncertainty In A Vector Error Correction Model For Romania
    by Mihaela SIMIONESCU

  • 2012 More random or more deterministic choices? The effects of information on preferences for biodiversity conservation
    by Mikołaj Czajkowski & Nick Hanley

  • 2012 Directional forecasting in financial time series using support vector machines: The USD/Euro exchange rate
    by Plakandaras, Vasilios & Papadimitriou, Theophilos & Gogas, Periklis

  • 2012 The Effect of Public Debt on Growth in Multiple Regimes
    by Andros Kourtellos & Thanasis Stengos & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2012 Adaptive Forecasting in the Presence of Recent and Ongoing Structural Change
    by Liudas Giraitis & George Kapetanios & Simon Price

  • 2012 GDP Growth and the Interdependency of Volatility Spillovers
    by Karunanayake, Indika & Valadkhani, Abbas & O’Brien, Martin

  • 2012 Futures basis, inventory and commodity price volatility: An empirical analysis
    by Symeonidis, Lazaros & Prokopczuk, Marcel & Brooks, Chris & Lazar, Emese

  • 2012 The Effect of Public Debt on Growth in Multiple Regimes
    by Andros Kourtellos & Thanasis Stengos & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2012 The Relationship between Labor Market Conditions and Welfare Receipt in Australia: A Stock-Flow Analysis
    by Ha Vu

  • 2012 A comparison of the Lee–Carter model and AR–ARCH model for forecasting mortality rates
    by Giacometti, Rosella & Bertocchi, Marida & Rachev, Svetlozar T. & Fabozzi, Frank J.

  • 2012 Clusters of firms in an inhomogeneous space: The high-tech industries in Milan
    by Arbia, G. & Espa, G. & Giuliani, D. & Mazzitelli, A.

  • 2012 Venta cruzada en los fondos de pensiones colombianos: una aproximación mediante análisis de supervivencia
    by Andrés Machado Quevedo & Alejandro Pérez Londoño & Andrés Ramírez Hassan

  • 2012 Combinación de pronósticos.Una aplicación a la inflación de Bolivia
    by Julio Humérez Quiroz

  • 2012 Attributes Determining Condominium Prices in Bangkok (in Thai)
    by Kiriya Kulkolkarn & Chotiwut Laophairoj

  • 2011 Failure to Launch? The Role of Land Inequality in Transition Delays
    by Andros Kourtellos & Ioanna Stylianou & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2011 Noncausality and Asset Pricing
    by Lof, Matthijs

  • 2011 Performance Evaluation of Zero Net-Investment Strategies
    by Òscar Jordà & Alan M. Taylor

  • 2011 Forecasting in the presence of recent structural change
    by Jana Eklund & George Kapetanios & Simon Price

  • 2011 Venta cruzada en los fondos de pensiones colombianos: una aproximación mediante análisis de supervivencia
    by Andrés Machado Quevedo & Andrés Ramírez Hassan

  • 2011 A Structural Approach for Testing Causality
    by Zahid Asghar

  • 2011 Impacts of Crisis Events on International Tourism Demand in Thailand (in Thai)
    by Akarapong Untong & Vicente Ramos & Javier Rey-Maquieira & Mingsarn Kaosa-ard

  • 2010 Measuring industrial agglomeration with inhomogeneous K-function: the case of ICT firms in Milan (Italy)
    by Giuseppe Espa & Giuseppe Arbia & Diego Giuliani

  • 2010 Multivariate Methods for Monitoring Structural Change
    by Jan J.J. Groen & George Kapetanios & Simon Price

  • 2010 Forecasting in the presence of recent structural change
    by Eklund, Jana & Kapetanios, George & Price, Simon

  • 2010 A Framework For The Treatment Of Financial Contagion Effects In The Context Of The Actual European Turbulences
    by Prelipcean Gabriela & Boscoianu Mircea

  • 2010 Development of Supply and Demand Functions of Pakistan’s Wheat Crop
    by Muhammad Zulfiqar & Anwar F. Chishti

  • 2010 Yonetim Fonksiyonlarinin Uygulandýgý Alanlarda Ortaya Cýkan Hata Degerlerinin Olusturduðu Yeni Iliskilerin Panel Veri Modelleri ile Irdelenmesi
    by Mustafa TURHAN & Ozlem TASSEVEN

  • 2010 Causal Relations via Econometrics
    by Asad Zaman

  • 2010 Desarrollo local en Isla Grande: un modelo probabilístico para la pobreza
    by William Orlando Prieto Bustos

  • 2009 Verification of selected market microstructure hypotheses for a Warsaw Stock Exchange traded stock
    by Piotr Orlowski

  • 2009 The role of the portfolio measurement in actual economic crisis
    by Covaci, Brindusa & Oprea, Cristian Constantin & Picu, Alina & Rotaru, Alina

  • 2009 R/S analysis and DFA: finite sample properties and confidence intervals
    by Kristoufek, Ladislav

  • 2009 Multivariate methods for monitoring structural change
    by Groen, Jan J J & Kapetanios, George & Price, Simon

  • 2009 Causas do desmatamento da Amazônia: uma aplicação do teste de causalidade de Granger acerca das principais fontes de desmatamento nos municípios da Amazônia Legal brasileira [Causes of deforestation in the Amazon]
    by Marcelo Bentes Diniz & José Nilo de Oliveira Junior & Nicolino Trompieri Neto & Márcia Jucá Teixeira Diniz

  • 2009 Análisis de la volatibilidad del IGBC en época de crisis (2005-2006)
    by Alejandro Rodríguez Restrepo

  • 2008 Virtual Worlds as Petri Dishes for the Social and Behavioral Sciences
    by Edward Castronova & Matthew Falk

  • 2008 Using sentiment to predict GDP growth and stock returns
    by Guzman, Giselle C.

  • 2008 Causal Relations via Econometrics
    by Zaman, Asad

  • 2008 Impact Of Globalisation On The Evolution Of The Demographic Phenomenon
    by Nicolae Balan, Mariana & Vasile, Valentina

  • 2008 Impact of Intellectual Capital Efficiency on Profitability (A Case Study of LSE25 Companies)
    by Muhammad Abdul Majid Makki & Suleman Aziz Lodhi

  • 2008 An Investigation of the Effectiveness of Financial Development in Pakistan
    by Muhammad Tahir

  • 2008 The Market for Lemmas: Evidence That Complex Models Rarely Operate in Our World
    by Philip R. P. Coelho & James E. McClure

  • 2007 Robust Value at Risk Prediction
    by Loriano Mancini & Fabio Trojani

  • 2007 Are Any Growth Theories Robust?
    by Steven N. Durlauf & Andros KOURTELLOS & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2007 Estimating The Tourism Potential In Namibia
    by Eita, Joel Hinaunye & Jordaan, Andre C.

  • 2007 Does sending farmers back to school have an impact? a spatial econometric approach
    by Satoshi Yamazaki & Budy P. Resosudarmo

  • 2007 Replication in Economics
    by Daniel S. Hamermesh

  • 2007 Skilled Immigration and Wages in Australia
    by Asadul Islam & Dietrich K. Fausten

  • 2007 Replication in Economics
    by Hamermesh, Daniel S.

  • 2007 Replication in Economics
    by Daniel Hamermesh

  • 2007 Market Valuation, Pension Fund Policy and Contribution Volatility
    by Maarten van Rooij & Arjen Siegmann & Peter Vlaar

  • 2007 Viewpoint: Replication in economics
    by Daniel S. Hamermesh

  • 2007 Expansionary Fiscal Contraction Hypothesis: The Case Of Turkey
    by Levent Erdogan

  • 2006 Nonlinear Bivariate Comovements of Asset Prices: Theory and Tests
    by Marco Corazza & A.G. Malliaris & Elisa Scalco

  • 2006 Is God in the Details? A Reexamination of the Role of Religion in Economic Growth
    by Steven N. Durlauf & Andros Kourtellos & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2006 Influence Of Income And Education On Household Health Expenditure: The Case Of Tribal Orissa
    by Himanshu Sekhar, Rout

  • 2006 Foreign Direct Investment in Brazil and Home Country Risk
    by Luís Francisco Aguiar-Conraria & Gulamhussen, Mohamed Azzim

  • 2006 Flujos de efectivo en el contexto de la ecuación económica de continuidad
    by Fernando Gómez Villarraga

  • 2005 Firm's R & D Behavior Under Rational Expectations
    by Dimitrios D. Thomakos & Prasad S. Bhattacharya

  • 2005 How Robust Are the Linkages Between Religiosity and Economic Growth
    by Steven N. Durlauf & Andros Kourtellos & Chih Ming Tan

  • 2005 „Abschätzung der Auswirkungen alternativer Bündel ökonomischer Anreizinstrumente zur Reduzierung der Flächeninanspruchnahme – Ziele, Maßnahmen, Wirkungen“
    by Gerd Ahlert & Uwe Klann & Dr. Christian Lutz & Prof. Dr. Bernd Meyer & Marc Ingo Wolter

  • 2005 Robust Value at Risk Prediction
    by Loriano Mancini & Fabio Trojani

  • 2004 Using systems engineering software to build a model of the monetary circuit
    by Steve Keen

  • 2004 Financial incentives to work for married mothers under a new tax system
    by Matthew Toohey & Gillian Beer

  • 2004 A market model for inflation
    by Nabyl Belgrade & Eric Benhamou & Etienne Koehler

  • 2004 Palmnet: A pension asset and liability model for the Netherlands
    by M.C.J. van Rooij & A.H. Siegmann & P.J.G. Vlaar

  • 2004 An Analysis of Financial Performance Using the EVA Method
    by Dana Dluhošová

  • 2003 Evaluating the extremal index in GARCH processes through double random walk
    by Fabrizio Laurini

  • 2003 Structural Changes in Volatility and Stock Market Development: Evidence for Spain
    by Juncal Cunado & Javier Gómez Biscarri & Fernando Pérez de Gracia

  • 2003 Mathematical models for planning support
    by Kroon, L.G. & Zuidwijk, R.A.

  • 2003 Medicion De La Eficiencia Bancaria En Chile A Traves De Fronteras Estocasticas (1990-1999)

  • 2002 Risky Money and Fast Fourier Transforms: A New Leading Indicator of Inflation for the UK?
    by Jane M. Binner & Stuart I. Wattam

  • 2002 Determining The Optimal Order Picking Batch Size In Single Aisle Warehouses
    by Le-Duc, T. & de Koster, M.B.M.

  • 2002 Modelling the daily banknotes in circulation in the context of the liquidity management of the European Central Bank
    by Alberto Cabrero & Gonzalo Camba-Mendez & Astrid Hirsch & Fernando Nieto

  • 2001 An inquiry into the multiplier process in IS-LM model
    by Li ziran & Li weiye

  • 2001 An Equilibrium-Correction Model for Dynamic Network Data
    by Dekker, D.J. & Franses, Ph.H.B.F. & Krackhardt, D.

  • 2001 Interest Rates Time Structure and Domestic Bond Prices
    by Michal Slavík

  • 2001 History Dependence in the Economy. A review of the Literature
    by Alejandro Gaviria

  • 1998 An Empirical Analysis of a Reaction-Function Approach to Policymaking in Greece during 1975-1993
    by Nicholas Apergis & Gerasimos Soldatos

  • 1996 Forecasting Using First Available Versus Fully Revised Economic Time Series data
    by Swanson, N.R.

  • 1996 The Social Costs of Rent Control Revisited
    by Glaeser, E.L.

  • 1996 Evaluating the Rationality of Fixed-Event Forecasts
    by Clements, M.C.

  • 1995 White Noise and Other Experiments on Augmented Dickey-Fuller
    by Fox, K.

  • 1992 The Analysis of Inter-Firm Worker Mobility
    by Henry S. Farber

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