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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ R: Urban, Rural, Regional, Real Estate, and Transportation Economics
/ / R2: Household Analysis
/ / / R29: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Social Tenants' Health: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Landlord Interventions
    by Paul Cheshire & Stephen Gibbons & Jemma Mouland

  • 2017 Factors Influencing Inter-regional Living-Cost Differentials: Panel Data Analysis for the Case of the U.S
    by Cebula, Richard J. & Connaughton, John & Swartz, Caroline

  • 2017 Influence of natural disasters on social engagement and post-disaster well-being: The case of the Great East Japan Earthquake
    by Okuyama, Naoko & Inaba, Yoji

  • 2016 Health begins with people: An RCT study to test the effects of a housing provider's health interventions
    by Paul Cheshire & Jemma Mouland & Steve Gibbons

  • 2016 Ökonomische Effekte grüner Infrastruktur als Teil eines Grünflächenfaktors. Ein Leitfaden
    by Ulrich B. Morawetz & Dieter Mayr & Doris Damyanovic

  • 2016 Forecasting extreme seasonal tourism demand
    by Niematallah Elamin & Mototsugu Fukushige

  • 2016 Location, location, location. What accounts for regional variation of fuel poverty in Poland?
    by Maciej Lis & Agata Miazga & Katarzyna Salach

  • 2016 Adding fuel to fire? Social spillovers and spatial disparities in the adoption of LPG in India
    by Suchita Srinivasan & Stefano Carattini

  • 2016 Study of Customer Satisfaction with Living Conditions in New Apartment Buildings
    by Lepkova Natalija & Butkiene Egle & Bełej Miroslaw

  • 2016 Does spatial proximity to small towns matter for rural livelihoods? A propensity score matching analysis in Ethiopia
    by Aradom Gebrekidan Abbay & Roel Rutten

  • 2016 The Residential Real Estate Market in the Supervisory Policy of the European Union
    by Ewa Kucharska–Stasiak

  • 2016 Understanding the rural and urban household saving rise in China
    by Pan, Yao

  • 2016 Neighborhood effects on secondary school performance of Latino and African American youth: Evidence from a natural experiment in Denver
    by Galster, George & Santiago, Anna & Stack, Lisa & Cutsinger, Jackie

  • 2016 Infrastructures de stockage agricole (ISAC) dans la zone soudano-sahélienne du Cameroun : conditions de gouvernance d’un bien commun pour la sécurisation alimentaire
    by Eric Joel Fofiri Nzossie & Ludovic Temple & Joseph Pierre Ndamè

  • 2015 Ubiquitous digital technologies and spatial structure: a preliminary analysis
    by Emmanouil Tranos & Yannis Ioannides

  • 2015 Smart and sustainable cities in the European Union. An ex ante assessment of environmental, social, and cultural domains
    by Dorel N Manitiu & Giulio Pedrini

  • 2015 Why Do More British Consumers Not Switch Energy Suppliers? The Role of Individual Attitudes
    by Xiaoping He & David Reiner

  • 2014 Mortgage-related Financial Difficulties: Evidence from Australian Micro-level Data
    by Matthew Read & Chris Stewart & Gianni La Cava

  • 2014 Analyse de la polarisation des dépenses des ménages en République Démocratique du Congo : application des modèles FW et DER
    by Ngunza Maniata, Kevin

  • 2014 The puzzle of job search and housing tenure. A reconciliation of theory and empirical evidence
    by Morescalchi, Andrea

  • 2014 Les transferts de fonds réduisent-ils la pauvreté et les inégalités de revenus? Une vérification empirique à travers une enquête dans le milieu rural marocain
    by Bouoiyour, Jamal & Miftah, Amal

  • 2014 Firm Size, Dual Brokerage, and National Franchise Affiliation of Real Estate Brokerage Firms: Unexpected Results from 2008 to 2013
    by Angjellari-Dajci, Fiorentina & Boylan, Robert & Cebula, Richard

  • 2014 Social housing, neighborhood quality and student performance
    by Weinhardt, Felix

  • 2014 Awareness on Economic, Social, and Environmental Effects of the Global Warming: Experimental Findings From Turkey
    by Yayar, Rüştü & Kaplan, Çetin & Şimşek, Ümit

  • 2014 Vorausberechnung regionaler Altersarmut: Zunahme in Ballungsräumen und in Ostdeutschland
    by Rudolf Martens

  • 2013 Collective institutions towards habitability: roles, strategies and forms of governance
    by Francesco Minora

  • 2013 An Evaluation of Financial Inclusion through Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme
    by Kundu, AMIT

  • 2013 Have the Key Priority Forestry Programs Really Impacted on China's Rural Household Income
    by Can Liu Hao & Katrina Mullan & Qingjiao Rong & Wenqing Zhu

  • 2013 Protection Of Energy Consumers In The Economies Of European Countries
    by Mihaela ȘTEȚ

  • 2013 The importance of succession on business growth: A case study of family farms in Switzerland and Norway
    by Stefan Mann & Klaus Mittenzwei & Franziska Hasselmann

  • 2013 The Housing Markets in Spain and Portugal: Evidence of Persistence
    by Carlos P. Barros & Luis A. Gil-Alana

  • 2012 How much international variation in child height can sanitation explain?
    by Dean Spears

  • 2012 How much international variation in child height can sanitation explain?
    by Dean Spears

  • 2012 Should we design extended or straightforward questions for small stock when records are unavailable?
    by Mailu, S.K. & Wanyoike, M.M & Serem, J.K. & Mwanza, R.N. & Borter, D.K & Gachuiri, C.K. & Gathumbi, P.K. & Kiarie, N. & Lwoyero, J.

  • 2012 The new model of consumption of television content ?the user gains the advantage over the television provider (Nowy model konsumpcji tresci telewizyjnych ?uzytkownik zdobywa przewaga nad oferentem telewizji)
    by Michal Latusek & Tomasz Zalega

  • 2012 Impact of education and health on poverty reduction: Monetary and non-monetary evidence from Fiji
    by Gounder, Rukmani & Xing, Zhongwei

  • 2011 Who Borrows and Who May Not Repay?
    by Alena Bicakova & Zuzana Prelcova & Renata Pasalicova

  • 2011 The Amenity Value of English Nature: A Hedonic Price Approach
    by Steve Gibbons & Susana Mourato & Guilherme Resende

  • 2011 Unequal Britain: How Real Are Regional Disparities?
    by Steve Gibbons & Henry Overman

  • 2011 Simultaneous Use of Formal Credit, Informal Loans and Dissaving: Exploring the Financial Behavior of Households in Argentina
    by Andrés Denes & Carlos Maya & Gastón Repetto & Nicolas Grosman

  • 2010 Housing Subsidies and Work Incentives
    by Shroder, Mark

  • 2010 Motives for Transfers from Parents to Children: Tests with First-Time Homeowners’ Data
    by Christophe Kolodziejczyk & Søren Leth-Petersen

  • 2010 Who Borrows and Who May Not Repay?
    by Alena Bicakova & Zuzana Prelcova & Renata Pasalicova

  • 2009 Happiness, Ideology and Crime in Argentine Cities
    by Rafael di Tella & Ernesto Schargrodsky

  • 2009 Happiness, Ideology and Crime in Argentine Cities
    by Rafael Di Tella & Ernesto Schargrodsky

  • 2009 Socio-Economic Characteristics of the Tall and not so Tall Women of India
    by Brinda Viswanathan & Viney Sharma

  • 2009 The Effects of Mobility on Neighbourhood Social Ties
    by Gundi Knies

  • 2009 Más allá del ingreso: convergencia en sevicios públicos. Colombia 1938-2005
    by Édgard Moncayo Jiménez & Hernán Enríquez Sierra

  • 2009 Exploring time diaries using semi-automated activity pattern extraction
    by Katerina Vrotsou & Kajsa Ellegård & Matthew Cooper

  • 2009 Is it economic growth or socioeconomic development?: a cross-sectional analysis of the determinants of infant mortality
    by Hulya Arik & Murat Arik

  • 2009 Vulnerabilidad de los hogares en Colombia ante cambios en el ciclo econo?mico
    by María Angélica Arbeláez Restrepo & Oscar Becerra C.

  • 2008 Movilidad residencial en España: un análisis longitudinal
    by Raquel Arévalo Tomé & Loly Ferrero Martínez & Mª Soledad Otero Giráldez & Jacobo de Uña Álvarez

  • 2008 Rental Housing and Crime: The Role of Property Ownership and Management
    by Terance J. Rephann

  • 2008 Factors Influencing Interregional Differentials in the Voter Participation Rate in the U.S., 2006
    by Cebula, Richard & Coombs, Christopher

  • 2008 Spatial Determinants of CBD Emergence: A Micro-level Case Study on Berlin∗
    by Ahlfeldt, Gabriel M. & Wendlan, Nicolai

  • 2007 Norms as indicators of human capital investments effectiveness
    by Pyastolov, S.M.

  • 2007 Household Strategies of Labor Allocation and Living Standards of Pregnant Women in Modern Rural Japan: A Case Studies of Aomori Prefecture and North-eastern Part of Japan in the 1910s and 1930s
    by Izumi Shirai

  • 2007 Labor Supply Decisions of Rural Low-Income Mothers
    by Sheila Mammen & Daniel Lass & Sharon B. Seiling

  • 2007 Household loan loss risk in Finland : estimations and simulations with micro data
    by Herrala, Risto & Kauko, Karlo

  • 2007 An Assessment Of The Community Support Framework (Csf) Funding Towards The Tourist Sector: The Case Of Greece
    by LIARGOVAS, Panagiotis & GIANNIAS, Dimitrios & KOSTANDOPOULOS, Chryssa

  • 2007 Labour and Social Conditions for Reconciling of Paid and Unpaid Work – Problem Areas, Best Practics, Possible Decisions
    by Alla Kirova

  • 2006 Crédits aux particuliers - Analyse des données de la Centrale des Crédits aux Particuliers
    by Helga De Doncker

  • 2006 The Babeldaob Road: The Impact of Road Construction on Rural Labor Force Outcomes in the Republic of Palau
    by Randall Akee

  • 2006 The Babeldaob Road: The Impact of Road Construction on Rural Labor Force Outcomes in the Republic of Palau
    by Akee, Randall K. Q.

  • 2006 Credits to individuals – Analysis of the data recorded by the Central Individual Credit Register
    by H. De Doncker

  • 2006 El turismo rural como agente económico: desarrollo y distribución de la renta en la zona de Priego de Córdoba
    by Mª Genoveva Millán Vázquez de la Torre & Tomás López-Guzmán Guzmán & Eva Agudo Gutiérrez

  • 2006 El desarrollo rural y la economía social en el estado Mérida, Venezuela. PRODECOP: cuna de experiencias exitosas
    by Félix Parra Medina & Maribel Suárez Mancha

  • 2005 La ciudad segmentada: una revisión de la síntesis espacial neoclásica
    by Óscar A. Alfonso R.

  • 2004 The Amenity Value Of Climate To Households In Germany
    by David J. Maddison & Katrin Rehdanz

  • 2004 Theories of the Family and Policy
    by Veronica Jacobsen & Lindy Fursman & John Bryant & Megan Claridge & Benedikte Jensen

  • 2004 The Amenity Value of Climate to German Households
    by Katrin Rehdanz & David Maddison

  • 2004 The Social Logic of Bounded Partisanship in Germany: A Comparison of Veteran Citizens (West Germans), New Citizens (East Germans) and Immigrants
    by Alan S. Zuckerman & Martin Kroh

  • 2004 The Amenity Value of Climate to German Households
    by Katrin Rehdanz & David Maddison

  • 2004 Análisis territorial de la accesibilidad a la vivienda en España

  • 2004 Complexity in daily life – a 3D-visualization showing activity patterns in their contexts
    by Kajsa Ellegård & Matthew Cooper

  • 2004 Une mesure des disparités sociales d'accessibilité au marché de l'emploi en Île-de-France
    by Sandrine Wenglenski

  • 2004 Urbanisme d'aujourd'hui et prix immobiliers
    by Jean-Paul Lacaze

  • 2003 Communication externalities in cities
    by Charlot, Sylvie & Duranton, Gilles

  • 2003 Communication Externalities in Cities
    by Sylvie Charlot & Gilles Duranton

  • 2003 Le fonctionnement des marchés de bureaux : le cas de l'agglomération Lilloise
    by Sabine Kazmierczak & Sonia Paty

  • 2003 L'Institut d'Économie Régionale du Sud-Ouest (IERSO) : cinquante ans de recherche en science régionale à Bordeaux
    by Claude Lacour & Yannick Lung

  • 2002 Transport-Related Fringe Benefits
    by Jos van Ommeren & Arno van der Vlist & Peter Nijkamp

  • 2002 Working Paper 13-02 - Stedelijke woondynamiek van de Belgische bevolking en haar gezinnen
    by Danielle Devogelaer

  • 2001 articles: Regional differences in personal saving rates in Spain
    by Andrés J. Marchante & Bienvenido Ortega & Francisco Trujillo

  • 1997 Mother-Child Coresidence and Quasi-Coresidence in Peninsular Malaysia
    by Johnson, R-W & DaVanzo, J

  • 1996 Measurement and the Redistribution of Resources Within the Family
    by McGarry, K & Schoeni, R-F

  • 1995 Recent Developments in the Bottleneck Model
    by Richard Arnott & Andre de Palma & Robin Lindsey

  • 1994 The Economics of Residential Real Estate Brokerage
    by Richard Arnott

  • 1993 Urban Stress and its Effects on Children's Lifestyles and Health in Industrialized Countries
    by Solvig Ekblad

  • 1992 Urban Children in Distress: An introduction to the issues
    by Cristina S. Blanc

  • 1992 The Urban Child in the Third World: Urbanization trends and some principal issues
    by Jorge E. Hardoy

  • 1986 Rural indebtedness : concept, correlates and consequences: a study of four tribal villages in the North Lakhimpur subdivision, Assam
    by Mitra, MK & Roy, DC & Mishra, SK

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