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Mathias Hoffmann

Not to be confused with: Mathias Hoffmann

Personal Details

First Name:Mathias
Middle Name:
Last Name:Hoffmann
RePEc Short-ID:pho64
[This author has chosen not to make the email address public]
University of Zurich, Department of Economics, International Trade and Finance Group, Zuerichbergstrasse 14, CH-8032 Zurich
Terminal Degree:1999 Department of Economics; European University Institute (from RePEc Genealogy)


(99%) Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre
Wirtschaftswissenschaftliche Fakutält
Universität Zürich

Zürich, Switzerland
RePEc:edi:seizhch (more details at EDIRC)

(1%) CESifo

München, Germany
RePEc:edi:cesifde (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Mathias Hoffmann & Iryna Stewen & Michael Stiefel, 2021. "Growing like Germany: local public debt, local banks, low private investment," ECON - Working Papers 380, Department of Economics - University of Zurich, revised Dec 2023.
  2. Mathias Hoffmann & Lilia Ruslanova, 2021. "Softening the Blow: U.S. State-Level Banking Deregulation and Sectoral Reallocation after the China Trade Shock," CESifo Working Paper Series 8913, CESifo.
  3. Mathias Hoffmann & Toshihiro Okubo, 2021. "Comparative advantage and pathways to financial development: evidence from Japan’s silk-reeling industry," ECON - Working Papers 387, Department of Economics - University of Zurich.
  4. Torsten Ehlers & Mathias Hoffmann & Alexander Raabe, 2020. "Non-US global banks and dollar (co-)dependence: how housing markets became internationally synchronized," BIS Working Papers 897, Bank for International Settlements.
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  6. Mathias Hoffmann & Tetsuji Okazaki & Toshihiro Okubo, 2019. "Branch Banking and Regional Financial Markets: Evidence from Prewar Japan," CIGS Working Paper Series 19-001E, The Canon Institute for Global Studies.
  7. Sørensen, Bent E & Hoffmann, Mathias & Maslov, Egor & Stewen, Iryna, 2018. "Are Banking and Capital Markets Union Complements? Evidence from Channels of Risk Sharing in the Eurozone," CEPR Discussion Papers 13254, C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers.
  8. Mathias Hoffmann, 2017. "Welcome to the Real Estate Derivatives Summit," ERES eres2017_ind_108, European Real Estate Society (ERES).
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  16. Mathias Hoffmann, 2010. "What Drives China's Current Account?," Working Papers 112010, Hong Kong Institute for Monetary Research.
  17. Mathias Hoffmann & Iryna Shcherbakova, 2009. "Consumption Risk Sharing over the Business Cycle: the Role of Small Firms' Access to Credit Markets," CESifo Working Paper Series 2544, CESifo.
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  19. Mathias Hoffmann & Ronald MacDonald, 2009. "Real exchange rates and real interest rate differentials: a present value interpretation," IEW - Working Papers 404, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics - University of Zurich.
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  21. Sascha Becker & Mathias Hoffmann & Sascha O. Becker, 2008. "Equity Fund Ownership and the Cross-Regional Diversification of Household Risk," CESifo Working Paper Series 2205, CESifo.
  22. Mathias Hoffmann & Thomas Nitschka, 2007. "The Consumption - Real Exchange Rate Anomaly: an Asset Pricing Perspective," IEW - Working Papers 331, Institute for Empirical Research in Economics - University of Zurich.
  23. Artis, Michael & Hoffmann, Mathias, 2007. "Declining Home Bias and the Increase in International Risk Sharing: Lessons from European Integration," CEPR Discussion Papers 6617, C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers.
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  25. Artis, Michael & Nachane, Dilip M & Hoffmann, Mathias & Clavel, Jose Garcia, 2007. "Analyzing Strongly Periodic Series in the Frequency Domain: A Comparison of Alternative Approaches with Applications," CEPR Discussion Papers 6517, C.E.P.R. Discussion Papers.
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