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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H7: State and Local Government; Intergovernmental Relations
/ / / H79: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Assessing Electronic Service Delivery in Municipalities
    by Tjerk Budding & Bram Faber & Raymond (R.H.J.M.) Gradus

  • 2017 Dutch Municipalities are Becoming Greener: Some Political and Institutional Explanations
    by Raymond (R.H.J.M.) Gradus & Elbert (E.) Dijkgraaf

  • 2017 You shall not build! (until tomorrow) [:] Electoral cycles and housing policies in Germany
    by Martin, Thorsten

  • 2017 A note on production taxation and public-input provision
    by Mutsumi Matsumoto & Kota Sugahara

  • 2017 Measuring Financial Condition Of Urban Local Government: A Study Of Municipaities In Bangladesh
    by A B M Mahbub Alam & Manzurul Alam & Ariful Hoque

  • 2017 Misure di benessere dei territori e programmazione strategica: il livello comunale
    by Fabio Fiorillo & Cristina Muscillo & Stefania Taralli

  • 2017 Hands-on Management: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches and Russian Practice of State and Municipal Management
    by Valeriy Vladimirovich Shlychkov & Ilgam Kiyamovich Kiyamov & Asya Shamilevna Khasanova & Sergey Mikhaylovich Kulish & Diana Rustamovna Nestulaeva

  • 2016 Information on the ballot, voter satisfaction and election turnout
    by Sajons, Christoph

  • 2016 The determinants of pro-environmental concerns of political parties during electoral periods
    by Constantin-Marius Apostoaie

  • 2016 The Aid Policy Network in Pakistan: An Actor-Network Analysis
    by Faheem Jehangir Khan

  • 2016 Yerel Düzeyde Katılımcı Mekanizmalar Olarak Kent Konseylerinin Bilinirlilik ve Etkinlik Düzeylerinin Analizi: Bursa Örneği
    by Elif KARAKURT TOSUN & Enes Battal KESKİN & Emel SELİMOĞLU

  • 2016 Inefficient Practices in Municipal Property Management in Poland: The Case of Krakow Metropolitan Area
    by Bartłomiej Marona

  • 2016 Local Fiscal Instruments For ''Green Cities'' - Case Of Romania
    by Elena, RUSU (CIGU) & Florin OPREA

  • 2016 Współpraca pomiędzy biznesem a organizacjami pozarządowymi na przykładzie województwa lubuskiego / Current Trends in Fostering Cooperation Between Business and NGO’s Supported by Examples from Lubusz Voivodeship
    by Piotr Nieporowski

  • 2016 Postawy etyczne pracowników administracji samorządowej / The Ethical Attitudes of Local Government Employees
    by Ewelina Stasiak

  • 2016 Organizacje pozarządowe w subregionie leszczyńskim. Potencjał i bariery / The Non-Governmental Organisations in the Leszno Subregion. Their Potential and Constraints
    by Karolina Olejniczak

  • 2015 Institutional context for local economic development in Mexico, 1990-2015. A need for change?
    by Eduardo Ivan Palavicini-Corona

  • 2015 Benchmarking Metis Economic and Social Development
    by Jasmin Thomas

  • 2015 No Place like Home: Opinion Formation with Homophily and Implications for Policy Decisions
    by Önder, Ali Sina & Portmann, Marco & Stadelmann, David

  • 2015 Sovereign States and Surging Water: Brahmaputra River between China and India
    by Sushanta Kumar Mahapatra & Keshab Chandra Ratha

  • 2015 The Stability of Bank Deposits of Communes in Poland (Stabilnosc lokat bankowych gmin w Polsce)
    by Pawel Galinski

  • 2015 Tatort Internet: Kriminalität verursacht Bürgern Schäden in Milliardenhöhe
    by Johannes Rieckmann & Martina Kraus

  • 2015 Lokale Kriminalitätsberichterstattung: Abbild oder Zerrspiegel von Kriminalität?
    by Eric van Um & Michael Huch & Mathias Bug

  • 2015 Sicherheitsempfinden in sozialen Medien und Suchmaschinen: ein realistisches Abbild der Kriminalitätsbelastung?
    by Johannes Rieckmann & Jan-Lucas Schanze

  • 2015 Regionale Kriminalitätsbelastung und Kriminalitätsfurcht: Befunde der WISIND-Studie
    by Mathias Bug & Martin Kroh & Kristina Meier

  • 2015 Ansätze und Datenquellen in der Kriminalitätsmessung: ein Überblick zu den offen zugänglichen WISIND-Daten
    by Mathias Bug

  • 2015 Gefährliche Nachbarschaft? Welches Bild von Kriminalität die deutsche lokale und regionale Tagespresse zeichnet: Ergebnisse einer standardisierten Inhaltsanalyse
    by Holger Ihle & Uli Bernhard & Marco Dohle

  • 2015 Perceptions of Personal Security in Social Media and Search Engines: A Realistic Reflection of Actual Crime Rates?
    by Johannes Rieckmann & Jan-Lucas Schanze

  • 2015 Regional Crime Rates and Fear of Crime: WISIND Findings
    by Mathias Bug & Martin Kroh & Kristina Meier

  • 2014 Wspolczesne wyzwania rynku finansowego (Contemporary challenges of the financial market)

  • 2014 Crisis Management in the Slovak Republic at the National Level
    by Rudolf Kuchar?ík & Karol Janas

  • 2014 Local Administration Systems and Local Democracy Perception
    by Hayriye Sagir & Hacer Tu?ba Eroglu

  • 2014 Local Taxation, Private-Public Consumption Complementarity, and the Optimal Number of Jurisdictions
    by Soldatos, Gerasimos T.

  • 2014 Responsibility with accountability: A FAIR governance framework for performance accountability of local governments
    by Anwar Shah

  • 2014 Financial Management of Sports Clubs in the Czech Republic
    by Marek Pavlík

  • 2014 The Convergence Of Migration To The European Union Requirements
    by Silvia LAZARI & Iulita BIRCA & Alexander GRIBINCEA

  • 2014 Patents Assessed through Sectoral Operational Programs
    by Paula Angela Vidrascu

  • 2014 Finanzas públicas y desigualdad fiscal en los municipios de Boyacá, 1985-2010
    by Plinio Atanael Guerrero Guerrero

  • 2014 Vnútropolitické Determinanty Krízovej Situácie Na Ukrajine
    by Tetyana Zubro

  • 2014 Zahraniční Politika Ázerbajdžánu V Letech 1991-2004
    by Emil Souleimanov & Josef Kraus

  • 2014 Severný Kaukaz Ako Destabilizujúci Región V Kontexte Vnútornej Bezpečnosti Ruskej Federácie
    by Lucia Borošová

  • 2014 The management crisis represents all the measures and arrangements taken by the government in cooperation with specialized non-governmental organizations and it ensures the public safety serious emergency situations. From this perspective, the concepts of major accident, catastrophe, calamity or disaster are special forms of crisis. Therefore, the specialized intervention in the event of a natural disaster or caused accidentally by humans, represents a special form of "crisis" management. Generally speaking, we can talk about a "crisis" when it is questioned the existence of something or of someone
    by Mihai ANTONOVICI & Gheorghe CIUBOTARU & Nicolae FLORESCU & Nicuºor Marcel UDREA

  • 2014 Civil Service Rules and Policy Choices: Evidence from US State Governments
    by Gergely Ujhelyi

  • 2013 Le territoire entrepreneurial: analyse et réalités
    by Antonin MICHELET

  • 2013 Trust and prosocial behaviour in a process of state capacity building: the case of the Palestinian Territories
    by Andriani, Luca & Sabatini, Fabio

  • 2013 On the measurement of sociopolitical consensus in direct democracies: Proposal of indexes
    by Alcantud, José Carlos R. & Muñoz-Torrecillas, María José

  • 2013 Is There Duration Dependence in Portuguese Local Governments’ Tenure?
    by Vítor Castro & Rodrigo Martins

  • 2013 Signature Requirements and Citizen Initiatives: Quasi-Experimental Evidence from Germany
    by Felix Arnold & Ronny Freier

  • 2013 Technical efficiency of local public institutions in Colombia
    by William Orlando Prieto Bustos

  • 2013 Decentralization and Natural Disasters
    by Timothy J. Goodspeed

  • 2013 Impact of weight indicators of TOPSIS technique in the selected district in the Slovak Republic
    by Roman Vavrek & Peter Adamisin

  • 2013 Ubezpieczenia wzajemne w finansowaniu skutkow zdarzen katastroficznych w samorzadzie terytorialnym – zarys koncepcji . (Mutual insurance in the financing of the effects of catastrophic events in the local government – an outline of the concept.)
    by Marietta Janowicz-Lomott

  • 2013 Professional Chambers as Forms of Civil Society
    by Libuše Müllerová & Karel B. Müller

  • 2013 Cittadinanza multilivello, nuovi rischi sociali e welfare regionale
    by Luis Moreno & Alessandro Gentile

  • 2013 Non-cooperative pollution control in an inter-jurisdictional setting
    by Boadway, Robin & Song, Zhen & Tremblay, Jean-François

  • 2013 Is there duration dependence in Portuguese local governments' tenure?
    by Castro, Vítor & Martins, Rodrigo

  • 2013 Bydgoszcz-Toruń Functional (Metropolitan) Area in the Light of Selected Aspects
    by Daniela Szymanska & Justyna Chodkowska-Miszczuk & Jadwiga Bieganska

  • 2013 On the problem of scale: Spinozistic sovereignty as the logical foundation of constitutional economics
    by Benjamen F. Gussen

  • 2013 Súčasný Stav A Perspektívy Rusko-Afganských Vzťahov
    by Lubomir Cech

  • 2013 Organizačné Prostredie Zahraničnej Politiky Slovenskej Republiky
    by Monika Satková

  • 2012 Local Governments and Democracy: Impossible or Indispensible Pairs?
    by Kemal Ozden

  • 2012 Da governo a governance: il possibile ruolo della partecipazione
    by Franco, Daniel & LoFazio, Aurelio

  • 2012 Theoretical Perspective of Local Government - Literature Review
    by Haqu, Adnan ul

  • 2012 Water Governance in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Multi-Level Approach
    by Aziza Akhmouch

  • 2012 Is there duration dependence in Portuguese local governments’ tenure?
    by Vítor Castro & Rodrigo Martins

  • 2012 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: The case of Japan for 1998–2004
    by Eiji Yamamura & Haruo Kondoh

  • 2012 Europe 2020 and national reforms: economic governance and structural reforms
    by Paolo Sestito & Roberto Torrini

  • 2012 Challenges in Implementing FP7 Projects in the Public Institutions
    by Viorel VULTURESCU

  • 2012 The Question Marks of Public Audits – Regularities and Irregularities in Public Administration
    by Marianna Nagy

  • 2012 L’opera di luca antonini, "federalismo all’italiana": ovvero del pensiero ellittico
    by Federico Pica

  • 2012 European Administrative Cooperation in the Field of Taxation
    by Florin TUDOR

  • 2012 Faktory rozvoja a radikalizácie islamu v regióne Strednej Ázie
    by Ľubomír Čech

  • 2012 Vybrané problémy vzájomných vzťahov postsovietskych republík strednej Ázie a Afganistanu
    by Ľubomír Čech

  • 2012 Východiská zahraničnej a bezpečnostnej politiky Francúzska po nástupe Nicolasa Sarkozyho do prezidentského úradu
    by Rudolf Kucharčík

  • 2012 Ústavný Vývoj Fínska A Jeho Snahy O Integráciu Do Európskych A Transatlantických Štruktúr
    by Simona Chuguryan

  • 2012 Mocenské Zmeny Vo Francúzsku Vo Volebnom Roku 2012
    by Rudolf Kucharčík

  • 2012 Vybrané Problémy Iránskej Zahraničnej Politiky V Strednej Ázii
    by Ľubomír Čech

  • 2011 Neural Networks, Ordered Probit Models and Multiple Discriminants. Evaluating Risk Rating Forecasts of Local Governments in Mexico
    by Alfonso Mendoza-Velázquez & Pilar Gómez-Gil

  • 2011 Government transparency and expenditure in the rent-seeking industry: the case of Japan for 1998-2004
    by Yamamura, Eiji & Kondoh, Haruo

  • 2011 Mayors’ Reelection Choice and the Economy: Evidence from Portugal
    by Vítor Castro & Rodrigo Martins

  • 2011 Fiskalna pravila i fiskalna transparentnost zemalja Europske Unije s osvrtom na Republiku Hrvatsku - poboljšavaju li fiskalna pravila u?inkovitost poreznog sustava
    by Gordana Kordi? & Nika Vidovi?

  • 2011 Homeownership, dissatisfaction and voting
    by Holian, Matthew J.

  • 2011 An Overview and Analysis on Indices of Regional Competitiveness
    by Thomas Berger

  • 2010 La gestión financiera de las Haciendas Municipales en la Edad Moderna. El caso de los Bienes de Propios de Madrid
    by Hernando Ortego, Javier

  • 2010 Managing the Risk of Natural Catastrophes: The Role and Functioning of State Insurance Programs
    by Kousky, Carolyn

  • 2010 The National and International Effects;of Regional Policy Choices: Agglomeration Economies, Peripherality and Territorial Characteristics
    by Ugo FRATESI

  • 2010 Euroregion’s "mission" and the success of the Lisbon strategy
    by Maria Greta & Krzysztof Lewandowski

  • 2010 TERRORISM IN SOUTH ASIA (English version)
    by Saroj Kumar RATH, Ph.D

  • 2010 La cuantificación de la solidaridad en la financiación de las Comunidades Autónomas de régimen común en el período 2002-2007/An Assessment of the Solidarity in the Spanish Regional Financing System for the Period 2002-2007

  • 2010 El nuevo sistema de financiación autonómica. Una visión crítica. /The New Regional Financing System. A Critical Review

  • 2010 The Architectural Design Of The Cohesion Policy Within The Eu Budget

  • 2010 The Changes Brought By The Financial Crisis Upon The Interaction Between The European Union Budget And Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

  • 2010 The Relevance of Notions of Risk and Uncertainty in Investment Decision to Base at Local
    by Veronica Pasa Stignei

  • 2009 Перспективы Реформирования Регионального Экономического Управления В Российской Федерации На Современном Этапе
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail

  • 2009 On the many Ways Europeanization Matters: The Implementation of the Water Reform in Italy (1994-2006)
    by Alberto Asquer

  • 2009 Russia's innovation reform - the current state of the special economic zones
    by Kari LIUHTO

  • 2009 Evaluación De Programas Para El Desarrollo De Zonas Indígenas. El Caso De Los Fondos Regionales En Zitácuaro (Michoacán)
    by Marcos Antonio Aldana Sánchez & Andrés Solari Vicente

  • 2009 The New Rural Paradigm And The Public Policies In France: Rural Excellence Poles
    by Natario, Maria Manuela & Neto, Paulo Alexandre

  • 2009 Les indicateurs d'inclusion sociale : où est la Wallonie aujourd'hui ?
    by Cécile Atta & Claire Maréchal & Sergio Perelman

  • 2009 The Tax Burden In Eu-27

  • 2009 Prudent Intesting? The Credit Crisis of August 2007 Mainsail II Siv-Lite, and the State Cash Investment Pool
    by Richard H. Borgman

  • 2008 Explaining Public Attitudes on State Legislative Professionalism
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Konisky & Lilliard E. Richardson, Jr.

  • 2008 The role of economic versus political factors in the incidence of intergovernmental transfers in Nigeria
    by James Alm (bio) & Jameson Boex (bio)

  • 2007 Political fragmentation and projected tax revenues: evidence from Flemish municipalities
    by Goeminne, Stijn & Geys, Benny & Smolders, Carine

  • 2007 From "Clientelism" to a "Client-Centred Orientation"? The Challenge of Public Administration Reform in Russia
    by William Tompson

  • 2006 Estimating the Impact of State Policies and Institutions with Mixed-Level Data
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Primo & Matthew L. Jacobsmeier

  • 2006 IMF quotas: Constructing an international organization using inferior building blocks
    by Graham Bird & Dane Rowlands

  • 2006 Principal-agent problems in international organizations
    by Roland Vaubel

  • 2006 La cooperación en materia de Tecnologías de la Información en el Binomio Argentina-Brasil
    by Oddone, Carlos Nahuel

  • 2005 On the origins of electoral systems and political parties. The role of elections in multi-member districts
    by Josep M. Colomer

  • 2005 It's parties that choose electoral systems (or Duverger's Law upside down)
    by Josep M. Colomer

  • 2005 The Effects of Campaign Finance Laws on Turnout, 1950-2000
    by Jeffrey Milyo & David M. Primo

  • 2005 Regional Policy from a Supra-Regional Perspective
    by Ugo FRATESI

  • 2005 Efectos de espacio sobre costos de provisión local. Un modelo de ecualización por bloques para los municipios bolivianos
    by Franz Xavier Barrios Suvelza

  • 2005 Enchevêtrement des espaces de régulation et gouvernance territoriale. Les processus d'innovation institutionnelle dans la politique des Pays en France
    by Jean-Pierre Gilly & Frédéric Wallet

  • 2004 Effects of norms, warm-glow and time use on household recycling
    by Bente Halvorsen

  • 2004 Компаративна економска анализа Македонија vs. Белгија
    by Kovachev, Goran & Popovska, Anita & Naumov, Ognen & Sazdov, Vladimir & Todorov, Nikola

  • 2004 Forms of Participatory Democracy: An Analytical Framework Based on the Experiences of Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia
    by Clemente Forero & Carlos Eduardo Sepúlveda

  • 2003 Principal-Agent-Probleme in internationalen Organisationen
    by Vaubel, Roland

  • 2003 Staff Growth in International Organizations: A Principal-Agent Problem? An Empirical Analysis
    by Roland Vaubel & Axel Dreher & Ugurlu Soylu

  • 2003 Unequal Provision of Local Public Services under the Threat of Secession
    by Brink , Anna

  • 2002 Multiple-task common agency with one fully-informed principal: implications for public policy
    by Laurent Franckx & Alessio d'Amato

  • 2002 Le Elezioni Galiziane al Reichsrat di Vienna, 1907-1911
    by Franzinetti, Guido

  • 2002 Možný vliv èinnosti krajù na veøejné rozpoèty - Odhad zadlužení novì vzniklého stupnì samosprávy na základì francouzských dat a zkušeností
    by Jaroslava Kypertová

  • 2002 Le recours au financement désintermédié par une collectivité locale et l'évaluation de la prime de risque obligataire: le cas de la ville de Marseille
    by Stéphanie Serve

  • 2002 La réforme comptable dans les communes flamandes: une étude empirique des comptes annuels
    by Johan Christiaens & Séverine Hermans

  • 2001 Tax Competition and Tax Harmonisation in an Urban Context
    by Oana Secrieru (Machidon)

  • 2001 The Determination of a Migration Wave Using Ethnicity and Community Ties
    by Locher, Lilo

  • 2001 The Determination of a Migration Wave Using Ethnicity and Community Ties
    by Locher, Lilo

  • 2001 Crisis de la deuda en las empresas municipales de Cali y perspectivas
    by Blanca Zuluaga & Juliana María Idrobo

  • 2000 La descentralización en Colombia
    by Alberto Alesina & Alberto Carrasquilla & Juan José Echavarría Soto

  • 1999 A Principal-Agent Building Block for the Study of Decentralization and Integration
    by Mariano Tommasi & Federico Weinschelbaum

  • 1999 Minority representation and policy choices: the significance of legislator identity
    by Pande, Rohini

  • 1998 How Germany shouldered the fiscal burden of the unification
    by Boss, Alfred

  • 1996 National Competition Policy and its Implications for Local Government
    by Felmingham, B.S. & Page, B.

  • Registering in Harmony: The Case for Pan-Canadian Corporate Registration
    by Daniel Schwanen

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