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Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné
(Bernard Sinclair-Desgagne)

Personal Details

First Name:Bernard
Middle Name:
Last Name:Sinclair-Desgagne
RePEc Short-ID:psi74
[This author has chosen not to make the email address public]
Terminal Degree:1988 Economics Department; Yale University (from RePEc Genealogy)


SKEMA Business School

Lille, France
RePEc:edi:esclifr (more details at EDIRC)

Research output

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Working papers

  1. Bernard Sinclair‐desgagné, 2019. "Principles versus principal: Reconciling norm compliance and shareholder value," Post-Print halshs-02292766, HAL.
  2. Bernard Sinclair-Desgagné, 2019. "Prior knowledge and monotone decision problems," Post-Print halshs-02292774, HAL.
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