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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ Q: Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics; Environmental and Ecological Economics
/ / Q2: Renewable Resources and Conservation
/ / / Q29: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Costs of traffic accidents with ungulates in Sweden
    by Gren, Ing-Marie & Jägerbrand, Annika

  • 2017 The Serengeti ecosystem—Burden or bounty?
    by Damania, Richard & Scandizzo, Pasquale Lucio

  • 2016 Climate and Happiness in the Tropics
    by Arief Yusuf & Martin Daniel Siyaranamual & Aisyah Amatul Ghina & Megananda Suryana

  • 2016 Cascading Defections from Cooperation Triggered by Present-Biased Behaviors in the Commons
    by Persichina, Marco

  • 2016 Economic Incentives for the Conservation of Bharathapuzha River: Focus on Sand Mining
    by Lakshmi Sreedhar & Zareena Begum Irfan

  • 2016 Hunting value of wild boar in Sweden: A choice experiment
    by Engelmann, Marc & Lagerkvist, Carl-Johan & Gren, Ing-Marie

  • 2016 A real options approach to environmental R&D project evaluation
    by Shunsuke Managi & Zheng Zhang & Shinya Horie

  • 2016 Renewable Energy and the Environment
    by Cornelia MARIN & Liliana GURAN-NICA

  • 2016 Choosing between adaptation and prevention with an increasing probability of a pandemic
    by Berry, Kevin & Finnoff, David

  • 2015 Cost-effectiveness as Energy Policy Mechanisms: The Paradox of Technology-neutral and Technology-specific Policies in the Short and Long Term
    by Paulo Henrique de Mello Santana

  • 2015 Analyzing the Water Footprint of Indian Dairy Industry
    by Zareena B. Irfan & Mohana Mondal

  • 2015 The Value of Endangered Forest Elephants for Local Communities in a Conservation Landscape
    by Jonas Ngouhouo Poufoun & Jens Abildtrup & Dénis Sonwa & Philippe Delacote

  • 2015 A review of the literature on benefits, costs, and policies for wildlife management
    by Häggmark-Svensson, Tobias & Elofsson, Katarina & Engelmann, Marc & Gren, Ing-Marie

  • 2015 Economic impacts of renewable power generation technologies and the role of endogenous technological change
    by Dr. Christian Lutz & Dr. Markus Flaute & Dr. Ulrike Lehr & Dr. Kirsten Svenja Wiebe

  • 2015 Towards an Agent Based Framework for Modelling Smart Self-Sustainable Systems
    by Igor Tomièiæ & Markus Schatten

  • 2015 Estimating the Outdoor Recreational Value of Chitgar Forestial Park of Tehran with the Use of Contingent Valuation Method (CV)
    by Majid Kholuzini Sharahi & Mohamad Hosein Mohamadi & Azam Abedini

  • 2015 The Commodity Futures Contract Pricing Using Spot Price Dynamics: Implication of Models in Iran’s Gold Futures Market
    by Esmaeili Razi, Hossein & Dallali Esfahani , Rahim & Samadi , Saeid & Parvardeh , Afshin

  • 2015 The Impact of Renewable Energy on the Environmental Kuznets Curve in Iran
    by Ostadzad, Ali Hussein & Bahlouli, Parisa

  • 2015 The environmental setting, farming activities and rural accommodation prices
    by Bilbao-Terol , Celia & Valdés , Luis

  • 2015 Managing the endogenous risk of disease outbreaks with non-constant background risk
    by Berry, Kevin & Finnoff, David & Horan, Richard D. & Shogren, Jason F.

  • 2015 The Impact of Environmental Accounting on Strategic Management Accounting: A Research on Manufacturing Companies
    by Ahmet Tanc & Kadir Gokoglan

  • 2014 Access to electricity and socio-economic characteristics: panel data evidence from 31 countries
    by Andrea Vaona & Natalia Magnani

  • 2014 Ecosystems - Burden or Bounty?
    by Richard Damania & Pasquale Lucio Scandizzo & Ann Jeannette Glauber

  • 2014 Studies on the present situation of agricultural heritage the Archdiocese of Bucharest
    by Ungureanu, Florin & Niculae, Alecu Ioan

  • 2014 The impact of the solar energy collecting systems on an individual agricultural household
    by Turek Rahoveanu, Petruta

  • 2014 Analyzing the Pathway to Improve Tiger Conservation in India
    by Zareena Begum. I & Amanat K. Gill

  • 2014 Costs of traffic accidents with wild boar populations in Sweden
    by Häggmark Svensson, Tobias & Gren, Ing-Marie & Andersson, Hans & Jansson, Gunnar & Jägerbrand, Annika

  • 2014 Political-Economic Aspects of Renewable Energy: Voting on the Level of Renewable Energy Support
    by Vladimir Udalov

  • 2014 Allocating shadow prices in a multiobjective chance constrained model for biodiesel blending
    by C. Caldeira & L. Dias & F. Freire & D. Kremmydas & S. Rozakis

  • 2014 Negotiating the Nagoya Protocol: Indigenous Demands for Justice
    by Kimberly R. Marion Suiseeya

  • 2014 On Productivity: The Influence of Natural Resource Inputs
    by Vernon Topp & Tony Kulys

  • 2014 Szolárkataszter - egy eszköz a kistérségi/járási napenergia hasznosítás arányának növelésére
    by Lajos Szalontai

  • 2014 Risk preferences and purchase of energy-efficient technologies in the residential sector
    by Qiu, Yueming & Colson, Gregory & Grebitus, Carola

  • 2013 Incentives to give up resource extraction and avoid the tragedy of the commons
    by Juan Miguel Benito-Ostolaza & Nuria Osés-Eraso

  • 2013 Control and adaptation strategies for invasive species with different life history
    by Elofsson, Katarina & Gren, Ing-Marie

  • 2013 Allmenningsrett og naturvern i Skjåk kommune
    by Reiten, Mari

  • 2013 The Interdependence Of Forest Resources With The National Economy And The Necessity To Ensure Their Sustainable Development
    by Ion PLATON

  • 2013 Infoenergy: Technology for Replacing Massive Degradation with Speedier (Cleaner) Energy
    by Carlos Ferran & Ricardo Salim

  • 2012 Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Services Provision: Tale of Confused Objectives, Multiple Market Failures and Policy Challenges
    by Coria, Jessica & Robinson, Elizabeth & Smith, Henrik G. & Sterner, Thomas

  • 2012 Environmental Evaluation and Benchmarking of Traditional Mediterranean Crop Farming System of Dryland Agriculture in the Alentejo Region of Portugal
    by M.ª Maurícia Rosado & Carlos Marques & Rui Fragoso

  • 2012 Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future
    by Corina PIRLOGEA

  • 2012 Investments For A Sustainable Energy Future
    by Corina PIRLOGEA

  • 2012 Agricultural Productivity Impact of a Mini-Dam: A Case Study of Ziarat, Balochistan
    by Zohaib Saeed & Usman Mustafa & Hafsa Hina & Shazia Saeed

  • 2012 Preserving or escaping? On the welfare effects of environmental self-protective choices
    by Antoci, Angelo & Borghesi, Simone

  • 2011 Wildlife Disease Bioeconomics
    by Horan, Richard D. & Fenichel, Eli P. & Melstrom, Richard T.

  • 2011 Management of Wind Power Generation with the Attachment of Wind Tunnel
    by Ulan Dakeev

  • 2011 El Tema Ambiental: Una Visión General Sobre Su Desarrollo
    by Duban F. Peña B.

  • 2010 Integrating biodiversity indices into a multi-species optimal control model
    by Bertram, Christine

  • 2009 Agricultural Risk Management through Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Rural Zimbabwe
    by Edwin Muchapondwa & Thomas Sterner

  • 2009 Mechanisms and assembly of alternative financing by environmental protection in Romania
    by Piciu, Gabriela Cornelia

  • 2009 Energia solar fotovoltaica: Contributo para um roadmapping do seu desenvolvimento tecnológico [Fotovoltaic solar energy: a contribute to a technological development roadmapping]
    by Hugo Gil Silva & Marcos Afonso

  • 2009 Implied Market Price of Weather Risk
    by Wolfgang Härdle & Brenda López Cabrera

  • 2009 Agricultural Risk Management through Community-Based Wildlife Conservation in Rural Zimbabwe
    by Muchapondwa, Edwin & Sterner, Thomas

  • 2009 How Volatile is ENSO?
    by Chu, L. & McAleer, M.J. & Chen, C-C.

  • 2009 Diversification of Agricultural Production by Implementation of Biomass Action Plan within the EU Energy Policy
    by Matej POLAK & Vladimír KOCAK

  • 2009 Umweltinnovationen und Umweltpatente in Deutschland - erste empirische Ergebnisse
    by Tilmann Rave

  • 2008 Calibration of Parametric CAT bonds. A case study of Mexican earthquakes
    by Wolfgang Karl Härdle & Brenda López Cabrera

  • 2008 Los profesionales del agro en la difusión de innovaciones agrícolas sustentables en la región oriental de Colombia
    by Santiago Manuel Sáenz Torres & Salomón Helfgott Lerner

  • 2007 Calibrating CAT bonds for Mexican earthquakes
    by Wolfgang Härdle & Brenda López Cabrera

  • 2007 Ethanolomics: The Think-About's of the Mexican Ethanol Project
    by Ricardo Cantú

  • 2007 Costo de Capital: Estudio de la Incidencia de las variables determinantes del costo de Capital y el consiguiente reflejo en los estados financieros de
    by Luís Eduardo Gama Díaz

  • 2006 Malthus in Rwanda? Scarcity, Survival and Causes of the Genocide
    by Yanagizawa, David

  • 2006 Volkswirtschaftliche Effekte der Erzeugung von Bioethanol zum Einsatz im Kraftstoffbereich
    by Manfred Schöpe

  • 2005 Biodiversity Conservation under an Imperfect Seed System: the Role of Community Seed Banking Scheme
    by Bezabih, Mintewab

  • 2005 Carbon Capture and Sequestration: How Much Does this Uncertain Option Affect Near-Term Policy Choices?
    by Valentina Bosetti & Laurent Gilotte

  • 2005 Precautionary Effect and Variations of the Value of Information
    by Laurent Gilotte & Michel de Lara

  • 2005 Accounting for Uncertainty Affecting Technical Change in an Economic-Climate Model
    by Valentina Bosetti & Laurent Drouet

  • 2004 Effects of norms, warm-glow and time use on household recycling
    by Bente Halvorsen

  • 2004 The Amenity Value of Climate to German Households
    by Katrin Rehdanz & David Maddison

  • 2004 The Amenity Value of Climate to German Households
    by Katrin Rehdanz & David Maddison

  • 2004 Reinforcing Economic Incentives for Carbon Credits for Forests
    by Robert C. Cairns & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2004 Análisis econométrico del riesgo de extinción del las especies de fauna en Colombia: reptiles y peces dulceacuícolas
    by Fabio Alberto Arias Arbeláez

  • 2003 Threshold Effects in Coral Reef Fisheries
    by Anne Sophie Crépin

  • 2003 Management Challenges for Multiple-Species Boreal Forests
    by Anne Sophie Crépin

  • 2002 Improving the Prevention of Environmental Risks with Convertible Bonds
    by André SCHMITT & Sandrine SPAETER

  • 2002 What Are Food Stamps Worth?
    by Diane Whitmore

  • 2002 L'écologie comme atout stratégique:une validation de l'approche ressources par la méthode PLS
    by Eric Persais

  • 2001 A Note on the Valuation of Ecosystem Services in Production
    by Simpson, R. David

  • 2001 Comportement des groupes d’investissement face à une incertitude sur l’environnement
    by Johanna ETNER & Pierre-André JOUVET

  • 2001 La gestion optimale d'une forêt exploitée pour son potentiel de diminution des gaz à effet de serre et son bois
    by Ariste Ruolz & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2001 Carbon Credits for Forests and Forest Products
    by Robert Cairns & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2001 Carbon Credits for Forests and Forest Products
    by Robert C. Cairns & Pierre Lasserre

  • 2000 Economic associations among causes of species endangerment in the United States
    by Czech, Brian & Krausman, Paul & Devers, Patrick

  • 1999 Permis de pollution et accumulation du capital dans un modele a generations imbriquees
    by Jouvet, P.-A. & Michel, P. & Vidal, J.-P.

  • 1999 Permis de pollution et accumulation du capital dans un modele a generations imbriquees
    by Jouvet, P.-A. & Michel, P. & Vidal, J.-P.

  • 1998 Conflicts and Choices in Biodiversity Preservation
    by Metrick, A. & Weitzman, M.L.

  • 1998 Material Accounting in a Macroeconomic Framework Forecast of waste generated in manufacturing industries in Norway
    by Karin Ibenholt

  • 1998 Green National Accounting: Why and How?
    by Asheim, G.B.

  • 1998 Voluntary contributions with uncertainty: the environmental quality
    by JOUVET, Pierre-André

  • 1997 Saving Rhinos
    by Brown, G & Layton, D

  • 1997 Saving Rhinos
    by Brown, G & Layton, D

  • 1997 Choix d'investissement dans un modele a generations imbriquees avec incertitude et pollution
    by Etner, J. & Jouvet, P.-A,

  • 1997 A Positive Model of Growth and Pollution Controls
    by Jones, L.E. & Manuelli, R.E.

  • 1997 Models and scenarios for European freight transport based on neural networks and logit analysis
    by Nijkamp, Peter & Reggiani, Aura & Tsang, Wai Fai

  • 1996 Elephants
    by Kremer, M. & Morcom, C.

  • 1996 Cost Benefit Analysis of Private Sector Environmental Investments. A Case of Study of the Kunda Cement Factory
    by Karmokolias, Y

  • 1996 Economic Efficiency and Property Rights Issues in the Management of Rural Water
    by Alaouze, C.M. & Whelan, S.P.

  • 1996 On the Welfare Significance of Green Accounting as Taught by Parable
    by Weitzman, M.L. & Lofgren, K.G.

  • 1996 Future Waste Generation - Forecasts Based on a Macroeconomic Model
    by Annegrete Bruvoll & Karin Ibenholt

  • 1995 Environmental Regulations and Plant Exit: A Logit Analysis Based on Establishment Panel Data
    by Biorn, E. & Golombec, R. & Raknerud, A.

  • 1995 Valuing Tropical Forests. Methodology and Cade Study of Madagascar
    by Kramer, R.A. & Sharma, N. & Munashinghe, M.

  • 1995 Global Climate Change: Economic and Policy Issues
    by Munasinghe, M.

  • 1995 Seminar, May 23-24, 1994. East Asia's Environment. Principles and Prioritie s for Action
    by Hammer, J.S. & Shetty, S.

  • 1995 Les ressources les moins couteuses ne sont pas necessairement celles qu'il faut exploiter en priorite
    by Amigues, J.P. & Favard, P. & Gaudet, G. & Moreaux, M.

  • 1995 The Impact of Early Career Experiences on Youth's Proactive Work Socialization Behavior
    by Ruiz-Quintanilla, S.A. & Claes, R.

  • 1995 Employee Participation in Pollution Reduction: Preliminary Analysis on the Toxics Release Inventory
    by Bunge, J. & Cohen-Rosenthal, E. & Ruiz-Quintanilla, S.A.

  • 1995 Markets and Biodiversity
    by Heal, G.M.

  • 1995 International Dimensions of Environmental Policy
    by Heal, G.M.

  • 1995 Economic Implications of Greenhouse Gas Policy
    by McKibbin, W.J. & Wilcoxen, P.J.

  • 1995 A State-Contingent Production Approach to Moral-Hazard Problems with an Application to Point-Source Pollution Control
    by Quiggin, J. & Chambers, R.G.

  • 1995 Voluntary Contributions with Uncertainty: the Environmental Quality
    by Jouvet, P.-A.

  • 1995 Choix d'investissement dans un modele a generations imbriquees avec incertitude et pollution
    by Etner, J. & Jouvet, P.-A.

  • 1995 A Positive Model of Growth and Pollution Controls
    by Jones, L.E.

  • 1995 The environmental drag on long- term economic performance: Evidence from Norway
    by Annegrete Bruvoll & Solveig Glomsrød & Haakon Vennemo

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