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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N2: Financial Markets and Institutions
/ / / N27: Africa; Oceania
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2018 Impact Of The Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (Gess)' On Farmers’ Income In Oyo State, Nigeria
    by Kemisola O. Adenegan & Foluke Fagbemi & Oladele I. Osanyinlusi & Abiodun Olusola Omotayo

  • 2017 Social mobility among christian Africans: Evidence from Anglican marriage registers in Uganda, 1895-2011
    by Meier zu Selhausen , Felix & van Leeuwen , Marco H. D. & Wiesdorf, Jacob L.

  • 2017 Decentralized Despotism? Indirect colonial rule undermines contemporary democratic attitudes
    by Lechler, Marie

  • 2017 Efficient Market Hypothesis: Evidence from the JSE equity and bond markets
    by Guduza, Sinazo & Phiri, Andrew

  • 2017 The Origins of Financial Development: How the African Slave Trade Continues to Influence Modern Finance
    by Ross Levine & Chen Lin & Wensi Xie

  • 2017 Decentralized Despotism? Indirect Colonial Rule Undermines Contemporary Democratic Attitudes
    by Lechler, Marie & McNamee, Lachlan

  • 2017 Do Pan-African Banks Have the Best of Both Worlds?
    by Alexandra ZINS & Laurent WEILL

  • 2017 Russia’s Informal Economic Growth: 1960–1990
    by Shida, Yoshisada

  • 2017 The Link Between Bank Credit And Private Sector Investment In Nigeria From 1980-2014
    by Ephraim Ugwu & Johnson Okoh & Stella Mbah

  • 2017 The effects of revenue diversification and cross border banking on risk and return of banks in Africa
    by Sissy, Aisha Mohammed & Amidu, Mohammed & Abor, Joshua Yindenaba

  • 2016 Commodities, Prices and Risk: The changing market for non-slave products in pre-abolition West Africa
    by Dalrymple-Smith , Angus & Woltjer , Pieter

  • 2016 The development of settler agriculture in British Africa revisisted: Estimating the role of tenant labour in Southern Rhodesia, c. 1900-1960
    by Green, Erik

  • 2016 Capitalism in pre-colonial Africa
    by Jerven , Morten

  • 2016 From coercion to comppensation: Institutional responses to labour scarcity in teh Central African copperbelt
    by Juif, Dacil & Frankema , Ewout

  • 2016 Why local context matters: de jure and de facto property rights in colonial South Africa
    by Christie Swanepoel & Johan Fourie

  • 2016 Financial and Corporate Structure in South Africa
    by McKenzie, Rex A

  • 2016 Prospects for Africa's economic growth
    by Przemyslaw Cieslak

  • 2016 Social Obstacles to Technology, Technological Change, and the Economic Growth of African Countries: Some Anecdotal Evidence from Economic History
    by Voxi Heinrich AMAVILAH

  • 2016 The persistence of profits of banks in Africa
    by Mohammed Amidu & Simon K. Harvey

  • 2016 ‘Despotic Democrats’ Versus Good Governance: Challenges Of Administration Of Nigeria’S Fourth Republic
    by Adeleke Adegbami & Charles I. N. Uche

  • 2015 Fiscal Capacity And State Formation In Francophone West Africa 1850-2010
    by Andersson, Jens

  • 2015 Colonial Origins Of The Threefold Reality Of Mocambique: Fiscal Capacity And Labour Systems
    by Alexopoulou, Kleoniki & Juif , Dacil

  • 2015 Financing The African Colonial State: The Revenue Imperative And Forced Labour
    by van Waijenburg, Marlous

  • 2015 The Cape of Perfect Storms: Colonial Africa’s first financial crash, 1788-1793
    by Roy Havemann and Johan Fourie

  • 2015 Determinants of Bank Profitability and Basel Capital Regulation: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
    by Ozili, Peterson, K

  • 2015 Determinants of Bank Profitability and Basel Capital Regulation: Empirical Evidence from Nigeria
    by Ozili, Peterson K

  • 2015 The curious incident of the franc in the Gambia: exchange rate instability and imperial monetary systems in the 1920s
    by Gardner, Leigh

  • 2015 La Théorie de la Modernisation : un Examen Empirique en Afrique
    by Joseph Keneck Massil

  • 2015 The Road to Competitive Advantage must be Paved with a Respectful Attitude towards the Environment
    by Chivu Ramona Maria

  • 2015 Economy And Environment. Points Of View And Actions
    by Ramona Maria CHIVU

  • 2014 The Curious Incident of the Franc in the Gambia: Floating Exchange Rates and the British Imperial Monetary System in the 1920s
    by Gardner, Leigh

  • 2014 Savings and economic growth: A historical analysis of the relationship between savings and economic growth in the Cape Colony economy, 1850 - 1909
    by Grietjie Verhoef, Lorraine Greyling and John Mwamba

  • 2014 Inclusive Financial System Reforms in Uganda: Unveiling Ambiguity
    by Ayoki, Milton

  • 2014 Giordano Dell'Amore for Africa: the FINAFRICA Project
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2014 Management Strategies and Environmental Accounting in Economic Entities. A Contribution to Sustainable Development
    by Cicilia IONESCU

  • 2014 Financial Sector Development and Economic Growth in Africa - Sviluppo finanziario e crescita economica in Africa
    by Ogun, Oluremi

  • 2014 Bank efficiency in Africa
    by Roseline Oluitan

  • 2014 Predicting Bank Credit Risk: Does Board Structure Matter?
    by Michael Adusei & Samuel Yaw Akomea & Ralph Nyadu-Addo

  • 2013 The evolution of inequality in Australasia and the River Plate, 1870-1914
    by Jorge Álvarez

  • 2013 Agrarian income distribution, land ownership systems, and economic performance: Settler economies during the first globalization
    by Jorge Álvarez & Henry Willebald

  • 2013 SAVINGS and economic growth: a historical analysis of the relationship between savings and economic growth in the CAPE Colony economy, 1850-1909
    by Verhoef, Grietjie & Greyling, Lorraine & Mwamba, John

  • 2013 Chiefs: Elite Control of Civil Society and Economic Development in Sierra Leone
    by Daron Acemoglu & Tristan Reed & James A. Robinson

  • 2013 Usage of Financial Services in South Africa: Perceptions Matter
    by Kostov, Philip & Arun, Thankom Gopinath & Annim, Samuel

  • 2013 A preliminary examination of the effects of credit instruments on de facto and de jure political power: lien laws in the postbellum United States South and nineteenth century New South Wales, Australia
    by Edwyna Harris

  • 2013 Who Teaches Us Most About Financial Programing in Africa?
    by Ann Cotton

  • 2013 Political centralization in pre-colonial Africa
    by Osafo-Kwaako, Philip & Robinson, James A.

  • 2012 Slavery, Statehood and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Bezemer, Dirk & Bolt, Jutta & Lenzink, Robert

  • 2012 Future challenges in measuring Africa’s past: Lessons from estimating GDP for the Gold Coast, 1891-1954
    by Jerven , Morten

  • 2012 Moving Forward in African Economic History: Bridging the Gap Between Methods and Sources
    by Jerven , Morten & Austin , Gareth & Green, Erik & Uche , Chibuike & Frankema , Ewout & Fourie , Johan & Inikori , Joseph & Moradi , Alexander & Hillbom , Ellen

  • 2012 A History of Australian Corporate Bonds
    by Susan Black & Joshua Kirkwood & Alan Rai & Thomas Williams

  • 2012 Trade and Geography in the Origins and Spread of Islam
    by Stelios Michalopoulos & Alireza Naghavi & Giovanni Prarolo

  • 2012 Moving Forward in African Economic History. Bridging the Gap Between Methods and Sources
    by Jerven, Morten & Austin, Gareth & Green, Erik & Uche, Chibuike & Frankema, Ewout & Fourie, Johan & Inikori, Joseph & Moradi, Alexander & Hillbom, Ellen

  • 2012 Mobile Money Usage Patterns of Kenyan Small and Medium Enterprises
    by Dylan Higgins & Jake Kendall & Ben Lyon

  • 2012 Financial Development and Economic Growth in Africa: Lessons and Prospects
    by Roseline Oluitan

  • 2012 The contrasting effects of board composition and structure on IPO firm underpricing in a developing context
    by Hearn, Bruce

  • 2012 An analysis of intraday market behaviour before takeover announcements
    by Rodrigues, Bruno Dore & Souza, Reinaldo Castro & Stevenson, Maxwell J.

  • 2011 Slaves as capital investment in the Dutch Cape Colony, 1652-1795
    by Johan Fourie

  • 2011 Better Micro Financers in Pakistan, Banks or Financial Institutions
    by Subhani, Muhammad Imtiaz & Osman, Ms.Amber

  • 2011 Comovements and Causality of Sector Price Indices: Evidence from the Egyptian Stock Exchange
    by Ahmed, Walid M.A.

  • 2011 A nationalization of a bank of issue carried out in a soft way: the case of the establishment of the Bank of Ethiopia
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2011 Financial Liberalisation and Financial Market Development: The Case of Tunisia
    by Aida Kammoun & Abdelwahed Trabelsi & Chokri Mamoghli

  • 2010 Private equity and venture capital in South Africa: A comparison of project financing decisions
    by Portmann, David & Mlambo, Chipo

  • 2010 Monetary developments and decolonization in Ethiopia
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2010 Management Of Stock Price And Its Effect On Economic Growth: Case Study Of West African Financial Markets
    by Drama Bedi Guy HERVE & Yao SHEN

  • 2009 The Equity Premium and Risk-Free Rate Puzzles in a Turbulent Economy: Evidence from 105 Years of Data from South Africa
    by Shakill Hassan & Andrew van Biljon

  • 2009 Promoting Financial Inclusion in Africa: The Two Ambiguities
    by Ayoki, Milton

  • 2009 Early-stage venture capital in South Africa: Challenges and prospects
    by Jones, Morgan & Mlambo, Chipo

  • 2009 Excess co-movement in asset prices: The case of South Africa
    by Ocran, Mathew & Mlambo, Chipo

  • 2009 From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: Similarities, Differences and Lessons
    by Miguel Almunia & Agustín S. Bénétrix & Barry Eichengreen & Kevin H. O'Rourke & Gisela Rua

  • 2009 From Great Depression to Great Credit Crisis: Similarities, Differences and Lessons
    by Miguel Almunia & Agustín S. Bénétrix & Barry Eichengreen & Kevin H. O'Rourke & Gisela Rua

  • 2009 Human Capital In Africa: Technical Change, Efficiency And Productivity
    by Vishal Chandr JAUNKY

  • 2008 Factors influencing venture capitalists' project financing decisions in South Africa
    by Van Deventer, Bart & Mlambo, Chipo

  • 2008 The re-establishment of the Ethiopia’s monetary and banking systems
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2008 History and the Development of Central Banking in Australia 1920-1970
    by Selwyn Cornish

  • 2008 Consumer Credit In Australia During The 20th Century
    by Pierre van der Eng

  • 2007 The efficient market hypothesis: Evidence from ten African stock markets
    by Mlambo, Chipo & Biekpe, Nicholas

  • 2007 L’East African Currency Board e la genesi dell’attività bancaria nell’Africa Orientale Britannica
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2006 Access to credit by the poor in South Africa: Evidence from Household Survey Data 1995 and 2000
    by Francis Nathan Okurut

  • 2006 Historical Development of Money and Banking in Eritrea from the Axumite Kingdom to the Present
    by Rena, Ravinder

  • 2005 African Monetary Unions - Dominated by the North? On the Relevance of Rational Economic Reasoning Under African Conditions
    by Kohnert, Dirk

  • 2005 Privatization in Africa: What has happened? What is to be done?
    by John Nellis

  • 2005 The Evolution of Enterprise Reform in Africa: From State-owned Enterprises to Private Participation in Infrastructure — and Back?
    by John Nellis

  • 2004 Effects of Neighborhood Characteristics on the Mortality of Black Male Youth: Evidence From Gautreaux
    by Mark E. Votruba & Jeffrey R. Kling

  • 2003 Eritrea's early stages in monetary and banking development
    by Arnaldo MAURI

  • 2001 A History of Last-resort Lending and Other Support for Troubled Financial Institutions in Australia
    by Bryan Fitz-Gibbon & Marianne Gizycki

  • 2001 Central banking: back to the future
    by Bruce White

  • 2000 Keynes and Australia
    by Donald J Markwell

  • 2000 The Predictability of Management Forecast Error: A Study of Australian IPO Disclosures
    by Neil Hartnett & Jennifer Romcke

  • 1997 The Historical Origin of African Debt and External Finance Problems
    by Geda, A

  • 1995 International Commodity Prices, Macroeconomic Performance, and Politics in Sub-Saharan Africa
    by Deaton, A-S & Miller, R-I

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