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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B5: Current Heterodox Approaches
/ / / B53: Austrian
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 The neglected importance of Austrian thought in public economics
    by Salin, Pascal
  • 2014 Boom-Bust Cycles are Not in the Nature of Things (Review of \"Meltdown. A Free-Market Look at Why the Stock Market Collapsed, the Economy Tanked, and Government Bailouts Will Make Things Worse\", by Thomas E. Woods Jr.)
    by Stamate-Ştefan Andreas
  • 2014 The Illusion of Consumer Sovereignity in Economic and Neoliberal Thought
    by Wolfgang Fellner & Clive L. Spash
  • 2014 Demand-driven innovation policies in the EU
    by Camilla Jensen & Itzhak Goldberg
  • 2014 Book Review – Rethinking Housing Bubbles
    by Bell, Peter Newton
  • 2014 What is Wrong with Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection Problems in the Conventional Economic Theory
    by Bertrand Lemennicier
  • 2014 Zero-Interest Rate Policy and Unintended Consequences in Emerging Markets
    by Andreas Hoffmann
  • 2014 A Hayekian Explanation of Hayek's "Epistemic Turn"
    by Scott Scheall
  • 2014 Las distintas caras de la economía institucional
    by Domingo Gallego Martínez
  • 2014 Phenomenology as a Foundation of Economic Method
    by Miroslav Svoboda
  • 2014 Industrial and Competition Policy: from Theory to Practice of Interaction
    by Shastitko, A.
  • 2014 The Natural Cycle: WHY Economic Fluctuations are Inevitable. A Schumpeterian Extension of the Austrian Business Cycle Theory
    by Carmelo Ferlito
  • 2013 The Financial and Economic Crisis and the Aberrance of Economics
    by Thorsten Polleit
  • 2013 Quel pasticciaccio brutto dell’euro
    by Sergio Cesaratto
  • 2013 Carl Menger’s Contribution to Capital Theory
    by Eduard Braun
  • 2013 Critical Reflections on Rothbard’s Concept of Gross Investment
    by Eduard Braun
  • 2013 Spontaneous Orders and the Emergence of Economically Powerful Cities
    by Palmberg, Johanna
  • 2013 Equilibrium versus Process: A Confrontation between Mainstream and Austrian Ontology
    by Sandye Gloria-Palermo
  • 2013 In Search of the Right Tool: From Formalism to Constructivist Modelling
    by Sandye Gloria-Palermo
  • 2013 Merger waves and the Austrian business cycle theory
    by Jimmy A. Saravia
  • 2013 Austrians´ Tactical Mistakes that Prevent Them to "Conquer the Orthodoxy"
    by Lukáš Kovanda
  • 2013 "New" And "Old" In Economic Neoliberalism
    by Zirra Daniela & & &
  • 2013 The overlooked costs of the permanent war economy: A market process approach
    by Thomas Duncan & Christopher Coyne
  • 2013 Property rights, entrepreneurship and coordination
    by Harper, David A.
  • 2013 New evidence on the structure of production: Real and Austrian business cycle theory and the financial instability hypothesis
    by Mulligan, Robert F.
  • 2013 Keynes oder Mises? Wer hat die bessere Therapie für die Schuldenkrise?
    by Henning Klodt
  • 2013 Against a post-Hayekian economic philosophy
    by Marlyse Pouchol
  • 2012 To Act or Not to Act? A Short Exposal of a Dispute between Theory and Fiction: Free Competition vs. Perfect Competition
    by Stamate-Ştefan Andreas
  • 2012 Capitalism corporatist şi malformaţii etatiste. Hazard moral în exteriorul corporaţiei moderne
    by Iacob Mihaela, Jora Octavian-Dragomir
  • 2012 Managementul omnipotent şi puterea stimulentelor etatiste. Hazard moral în interiorul corporaţiei moderne
    by Iacob Mihaela, Jora Octavian-Dragomir
  • 2012 In Defense of the Euro: Austrian School Approach (Critics of ECB Errors and Brussel’s Interventionism)
    by J. Huerta de Soto.
  • 2012 Una revisión de la enfermedad holandesa a la luz de la teoría austriaca del ciclo económico
    by Rodríguez González, Guillermo
  • 2012 F.A. Hayek and his rational choice of monetary arrangements
    by Sahoo, Ganeswar
  • 2012 Heuristic in the economic: a note on Robert Nozick
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2012 Libertad y desempeño económico
    by Mejía Cubillos, Javier
  • 2012 Spatial Concentration in the Financial Industry
    by Palmberg, Johanna
  • 2012 The Evolving Domain of Entrepreneurship Research
    by Carlsson, Bo & Braunerhjelm, Pontus & McKelvey, Maureen & Olofsson, Christer & Persson, Lars & Ylinenpää, Håkan
  • 2012 The Evolving Domain of Entrepreneurship Research
    by Carlsson, Bo & Braunerhjelm, Pontus & McKelvey, Maureen & Olofsson , Christer & Persson , Lars & Ylinenpää, Håkan
  • 2012 An inexhaustive criticism of the standard economic theory from an Austrian perspective related to growth and development
    by Ana Iolanda Voda & Catalin Chiriac
  • 2012 Corporate Governance and the Praxeology of the Owner-Capitalist-Entrepreneur. Recollecting Thoughts from the Modern Austrian School of Economics
    by Octavian-Dragomir JORA & Mihaela IACOB
  • 2012 From Mises to Schutz. A Question of Apriorism in Economics
    by Petr Špecián
  • 2012 Financial Crises and Monetary Policy Interventions in the View of the Austrian School
    by Ciortescu Elena & Apostoaie Marius Constantin
  • 2012 Hayek, Keynes, and modern macroeconomics
    by Roger Koppl & William Luther
  • 2012 The anatomy of emergence, with a focus upon capital formation
    by Harper, David A. & Endres, Anthony M.
  • 2011 Reconfigurarea sistemului bancar, ca metodă de rezolvare a tragediei comunelor
    by Mârşu Luciana
  • 2011 Comerţul internaţional: de la monarhie la democraţie. O reconstrucţie sociologică
    by Apăvăloaei Matei
  • 2011 The Crisis of Socialism
    by Huerta de Soto Jesus
  • 2011 How many ladders of investment?
    by Herrera-González, Fernando
  • 2011 Classical vs. Neoclassical Conceptions of Competition
    by Tsoulfidis, Lefteris
  • 2011 How can we anticipate crises?
    by Vieru, Elena Bianca
  • 2011 The Making of a Good Society: Lowe’s Instrumental Method and the Pursuit of Full Employment
    by Murray, Michael/ M J
  • 2011 A critical perspective on heterodox production modeling
    by Murray, Michael/ M J
  • 2011 Business cycle: From birth to the Austrian school theory
    by Vieru, Elena Bianca
  • 2011 Anarchism and Austrian economics
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2011 Been there done that: the political economy of Déjà Vu
    by Boettke, Peter & Smith, Daniel & Snow, Nicholas
  • 2011 Institutions first
    by Boettke, Peter & Fink, Alexander
  • 2011 The debt-inflation cycle and the global financial crisis
    by Boettke, Peter & Coyne, Christopher
  • 2011 Institutional transition and the problem of credible commitment
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2011 Civilización, economía y orden espontaneo: La inviabilidad evolutiva del socialismo
    by Rodríguez González, Guillermo
  • 2011 The Making of a Good Society: Economic Freedom, Instrumentalism, and Government Control
    by Murray, Michael/ M J
  • 2011 Markets as Economizers of Information: Field Experimental Examination of the "Hayek Hypothesis"
    by Omar Al-Ubaydli & Peter Boettke
  • 2011 Neoliberale Leitideen zum Staat. Die Rolle des Staates in der Wirtschaftspolitik im Werk von Walter Eucken, Friedrich August von Hayek, Ludwig von Mises und Wilhelm Röpke
    by Kolev, Stefan
  • 2011 From Schumpeter To Neo-Schumpeterianism
  • 2011 Complexity Theory And Hayekian Natural Order
  • 2011 Toward A Reconstruction Of Microsoft Vs. European Commission Dispute Using The Theory Of Free Competition
  • 2011 A Short History of the “Just Price” Controversy in the XII-th and XIII-th Centuries
    by Andreas Stamate
  • 2011 Epistemological Considerations on Complexity Economics
    by Ciote Cristina Steliana
  • 2011 A Hayekian Economic Model of Thinking
    by Coca Veronica
  • 2011 The Philosofical and Economical Fundations of the Free Market
    by Munteanu Ligia
  • 2011 Against representative agent methodology
    by Roger Koppl
  • 2011 Free Competition Theory and the secret agreements between companies. Saint-Gobain under the charges of cartel
    by Andreas STAMATE
  • 2011 La Teoría De La Eficiencia Dinámica
    by Jesús Huerta de Soto
  • 2011 An Economic Interpretation Of Neoclassical Monopoly Theory In The Light Of Austrian School
    by Andreas Stamate
  • 2010 Perspectives nouvelles en Théorie des organisations : Jacques Rojot vs. Hayek ?
    by de La Bruslerie, Hubert
  • 2010 Institutions, Capital, and Growth
    by Joshua C. Hall & Russell S. Sobel & George R. Crowley
  • 2010 Analiza mainstream: ciclul – produs inerent al pieţei libere
    by Spiridon Marius
  • 2010 Există ştiinţă dincolo de măsurare? (Perspectiva austriacă asupra utilizării matematicii în economie)
    by Smirna Tudor
  • 2010 Individualismul metodologic: principiu esenţial în cunoaşterea ştiinţifică a realităţii sociale
    by Odea Alexandru
  • 2010 Banii, băncile centrale, politica monetară şi reglementarea sistemului bancar modern
    by Păun Cristian
  • 2010 De ce trebuie să ţinem cont când reformăm economia mondială
    by Croitoru Lucian
  • 2010 Despre rolul stimulentelor în producerea, explicarea şi rezolvarea crizei economice
    by Glăvan Bogdan
  • 2010 Liberalism vs. etatism: permanenta şi inevitabila dezbatere
    by Topan Mihai-Vladimir
  • 2010 Die Weltwirtschaftskrise als Exempel der Überinvestitionstheorie: Komplementäre Erklärungsansätze von v. Hayek/Garrison und Minsky
    by Sell, Friedrich L.
  • 2010 The cluster-based development strategy in Kazakhstan's agro-food sector: A critical assessment from an Austrian perspective
    by Wandel, Jürgen
  • 2010 Institutions, Capital, and Growth
    by Joshua C. Hall & Russell S. Sobel & George R. Crowley
  • 2010 A Cognitive Approach to Law and Economics: Hayek’s Legacy
    by Angela Ambrosino
  • 2010 اخلاقیات در چاپ پول
    by Firouzi Naeim, Peyman
  • 2010 Neutral Markets, Non-neutral Institutions and Economic Evolution
    by Maslov, Alexander & Volchik, Vyacheslav
  • 2010 From neuro-Hayekians to subjectivist Hayekians: a reply to Horwitz and Koppl
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 What happened to "efficient markets?"
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 Corridors, Coordination and the Entrepreneurial Theory of the Market Process
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 Banii, băncile centrale, politica monetară şi reglementarea sistemului bancar modern
    by Paun, Cristian
  • 2010 Exchange, production, and Samaritan dilemmas
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 Concorrenza senza equilibrio. La "scoperta imprenditoriale" nella Teoria Economica Austriaca
    by Marco, Passarella & Hervé, Baron
  • 2010 Markets as economizers of information: Field experimental examination of the “Hayek Hypothesis”
    by Al-Ubaydli, Omar & Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 Economic Value and Costs are Subjective
    by Stringham, Edward
  • 2010 Agency Problems and the Fate of Capitalism
    by Randall Morck & Bernard Yeung
  • 2010 Qualitative methods and the pursuit of economic understanding
    by Emily Chamlee-Wright
  • 2010 La escuela austriaca de economía. Una nota introductoria
    by Alberto Jaramillo
  • 2010 La no neutralidad del dinero en el largo plazo. Un debate entre Chicago & Viena
    by Adrián O. Ravier
  • 2009 Trei teorii liberale ale proprietăţii şi fundamentele analizei economice în termeni de proprietate (III – Hoppe şi apriorismul argumentării)
    by Jora Octavian-Dragomir
  • 2009 Elemente de epistemologie economică din perspectiva Şcolii Austriece
    by Topan Mihai-Vladimir
  • 2009 Trei teorii liberale ale proprietăţii şi fundamentele analizei economice în termeni de proprietate (II – Rothbard şi etica naturală)
    by Jora Octavian-Dragomir
  • 2009 Feriţi-vă de cei care iau în derâdere hazardul moral
    by Hulsmann Jörg Guido
  • 2009 Recesiune și relansare economică. Șase erori ale teoriei mainstream
    by Higgs Robert
  • 2009 Trei teorii liberale ale proprietăţii şi fundamentele analizei economice în termeni de proprietate (I – Mises şi utilitarismul liberal)
    by Jora Octavian-Dragomir
  • 2009 The Fatal Conceit of Foreign Intervention
    by Christopher Coyne & Rachel Mathers
  • 2009 Network Averaging: a technique for determining a proxy for the dynamics of networks
    by Bell, William Paul
  • 2009 The Great Depression in the eyes of Bulgaria's inter-war economists
    by Kolev, Stefan
  • 2009 El dilema de la política monetaria: Una trilogía en V partes
    by Rodríguez González, Guillermo
  • 2009 试论凯恩斯主义的当代命运
    by Tang, Linyao
  • 2009 The resource-based view: A review and assessment of its critiques
    by Kraaijenbrink, Jeroen & Spender, JC & Groen, Aard
  • 2009 A Vicious Cycle of Manias, Crashes and Asymmetric Policy Responses - An Overinvestment View
    by Hoffmann, Andreas & Schnabl, Gunther
  • 2009 An Overinvestment Cycle in Central and Eastern Europe?
    by Hoffmann, Andreas
  • 2009 Hayek’s approach to cognitive and social order
    by Göbel, Jürgen
  • 2009 Learning-Testing Process in Classroom: An Empirical Simulation Model
    by Buda, Rodolphe
  • 2009 Electronic Resources and Heterodox Economists
    by Fabio D'Orlando
  • 2009 A Vicious Cycle of Manias, Crashes and Asymmetric Policy Responses - An Overinvestment View
    by Andreas Hoffmann & Gunther Schnabl
  • 2009 Austro-libertarianismul si teza ca jus naturalis e unicul cenzor rational al legii, nu „eficienta”
    by Octavian-Dragomir Jora
  • 2009 Inputs and institutions as conservative elements
    by Art Carden
  • 2009 Versatilità, produzione e tempo: le radici dei cambiamenti economici
    by Sergio Bruno
  • 2009 Schumpeter y la nueva síntesis neoclásica en macroeconomía
    by Tobón A, Alexander
  • 2009 Schumpeter y la nueva síntesis neoclásica en macroeconomía
    by Tobón A., Alexander
  • 2008 An Explanation to Individual Knowledge and Behavior Based on Empirical Substrates
    by Zhao, Liang & Zhu, Xian Chen
  • 2008 Additional Smoothing Transition Autoregressive Models
    by Giovanis, Eleftherios
  • 2008 Different Employment of Capitals in Vertically Integrated Sectors: Smith after the Austrians
    by Meacci, Ferdinando
  • 2008 The Alert and Creative Entrepreneur: A Clarification
    by Kirzner, Israel M.
  • 2008 Personalentwicklung als Aufgabe der strategischen Unternehmensfuehrung
    by Thomas Kobas
  • 2008 Government intervention and the structure of social capital
    by Anthony Carilli & Christopher Coyne & Peter Leeson
  • 2008 Uncertainty, power and trust
    by Paul Lewis
  • 2008 Non-Market Coordination: Towards an Ecological Response to Austrian Economics
    by Dan Greenwood
  • 2008 Dialectics and the Austrian School: A Surprising Commonality in the Methodology of Heterodox Economics?
    by Andy Denis
  • 2007 Grundzüge der Evolutionsökonomie - Analytik, Ontologie und theoretische Schlüsselkonzepte
    by Kurt Dopfer
  • 2007 John Maynard Keynes and Ludwig von Mises on Probability
    by van den Hauwe, Ludwig
  • 2007 Monetary Policy, Vagabonding Liquidity and Bursting Bubbles in New and Emerging Markets - An Overinvestment View
    by Schnabl, Gunther & Hoffmann, Andreas
  • 2007 Geldpolitik, vagabundierende Liquidität und platzende Blasen in neuen und Aufstrebenden Märkten
    by Schnabl, Gunther & Hoffmann, Andreas
  • 2007 A Discussion on Empirical Micro-Bases of Hayek’s Methodological Individualism
    by Zhao, Liang & Zhu, Xian Chen
  • 2007 O Estado e a Gestão da Administração Pública
    by Martins, J. Albuquerque
  • 2007 Stigmergic epistemology, stigmergic cognition
    by Marsh, Leslie & Onof, Christian
  • 2007 Market or Markets?
    by Richard Arena & Pierre Garrouste
  • 2007 Markets vs. Politics, Correcting Erroneous Beliefs Differently
    by Martin Gregor
  • 2007 Propositions for the Building of a Quantitative Austrian Modelling: An Answer to Prof. Rizzo and to Prof. Vriend
    by Rodolphe Buda
  • 2007 Monetary Policy, Vagabonding Liquidity and Bursting Bubbles in New and Emerging Markets – An Overinvestment View
    by Andreas Hoffmann & Gunther Schnabl
  • 2007 The Origins of EU and the Flight from Liberalism
    by Mihai-Vladimir Topan
  • 2007 Structure of production, intraindustry trade and their relevance for the optimum currency areas theory
    by Miroslav Kollár
  • 2007 Antreprenoriat şi prosperitate. O abordare instituţională
    by Pană Marius
  • 2007 Piaci rend és társadalmi normák. Hayek elmélete a társadalmi evolúcióról
    by Gedeon, Péter
  • 2007 Israel M. Kirzner: An Outstanding Austrian Contributor to the Economics of Entrepreneurship
    by Robin Douhan & Gunnar Eliasson & Magnus Henrekson
  • 2007 Searching for Common Ground: Interactive Agency in Heterodox Economics
    by Mary V. Wrenn
  • 2006 The Origins of Meso Economics - Schumpeter's Legacy
    by Kurt Dopfer
  • 2006 On Economic Growth and Development
    by Enrico Colombatto
  • 2006 Формирование И Развитие Социальных Систем
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 2006 Review of Huerta de Soto´s `Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles´
    by van den Hauwe, Ludwig
  • 2006 The genius of Mises and the brilliance of Kirzner
    by Boettke, Peter & Sautet, Frederic
  • 2006 Institutions as Knowledge Capital: Ludwig M. Lachmann’s Interpretative Institutionalism
    by Foss, Nicolai & Garzarelli, Giampaolo
  • 2006 The Uneasy Case for Fractional-Reserve Free Banking
    by van den Hauwe, Ludwig
  • 2006 Israel M. Kirzner: An Outstanding Austrian Contributor to the Economics of Entrepreneurship
    by Douhan, Robin & Henrekson, Magnus & Eliasson, Gunnar
  • 2006 Monnaie et finance
    by Lane, Georges
  • 2006 Towards a Dynamic Resource-Based View Insights from Austrian Capital and Entrepreneurship Theory
    by Nicolai J. Foss & Ibuki Ishikawa
  • 2006 Original and Derived Judgment An Entrepreneurial Theory of Economic Organization
    by Kirsten Foss & Nicolai J. Foss & Peter G. Klein
  • 2006 Environmental protection in economic theory
    by Eliška Kotíková
  • 2006 Avantajul competitiv: judecăţi economice şi implicaţii politice
    by Marinescu Cosmin
  • 2006 Filosofia da ciência como ferramenta microeconômica [Philosophy of science as a microeconomic tool]
    by Fabio Barbieri
  • 2006 Le Crédit Et Le Capitalisme : La Contribution De J. A. Schumpeter À La Théorie Monétaire
  • 2006 Hayek Et Knight (1933-1936). La Controverse Sur Le Capital
    by Stéphane LONGUET
  • 2006 The Contrasting Views of Menger and Böhm-Bawerk on Capital and Production
    by Jacques-Laurent RAVIX
  • 2006 La Place De Sensory Order Dans L'Oeuvre De F.A.Hayek
    by Jack BIRNER
  • 2006 L'Apriorisme Des Autrichiens
    by Maurice LAGUEUX
  • 2006 About the Austrian Economic Theory, Mises, Hayek and More: a Provoked Answe
    by Stefka Koeva
  • 2005 From Carl Menger's Theory of Goods to an Evolutionary Approach to Consumer Behaviour
    by Wilhelm Ruprecht
  • 2005 Mises, Bastiat, public opinion, and public choice
    by Caplan, Bryan & Stringham, Edward
  • 2005 The Ideas of Ludwig von Mises for the Development of the Austrian Economic School
    by Nikolay Gerchev
  • 2004 Evolutionary approaches to legal change
    by Eckardt, Martina
  • 2004 Entreprenörskap och egenfinansiering — om den privata förmögenhetsbildningens teoretiska och praktiska betydelse för entreprenörskapets omfattning
    by Johnsson, Richard
  • 2004 Liberty, Markets and Environmental Values: A Hayekian Defence of Free Market Environmentalism
    by Pennington, Mark
  • 2004 Capitalistic Competition as a Communicative Community - Why Politics Is Less “Deliberative” than Markets
    by Wohlgemuth, Michael
  • 2004 Taxation and Domestic Free Trade
    by Johnsson, Richard
  • 2004 La notion de coût de transaction dans la perspective de l'Ecole autrichienne
    by Lane, Georges
  • 2004 Individualismo Interativo
    by Celia Lessa Kerstenetzky
  • 2004 Entrepreneurshoip and the Economic Theory of the Firm Any Gains from Trade?
    by Nicolai J. Foss & Peter G. Klein
  • 2004 Methodology of the Austrian school of economics
    by Milan ŘÍKOVSKÝ
  • 2004 Entrepreneurship and the competitive market process in the Austrian school of economics and in the work of J. A. Schumpeter
    by Milan ŘÍKOVSKÝ
  • 2004 Theorie und Empirie aus evolutionsökonomischer Sicht Theory and Empirical Facts in the Perspective of Evolutionary Economics
    by Ulrich Fehl
  • 2003 William J. Baumol: An Entrepreneurial Economist on the Economics of Entrepreneurship
    by Eliasson, Gunnar & Henrekson, Magnus
  • 2003 A piac mint intézmény - szélesebb perspektívában
    by Kapás, Judit
  • 2003 Mutáns vállalatok? A belső hibridekről
    by Kapás, Judit
  • 2003 Interprétation évolutionniste du changement économique. Une étude comparative
    by Giovanni Dosi & Sidney G. Winter
  • 2002 Market Opportunity and Organizational Grind - The two Sides of Entrepreneurship
    by U. Witt
  • 2002 Den Dahménska ansatsens tillkomst och dess ställning i den schumpeterianska tanketraditionen
    by Henriksson, Rolf
  • 2002 Competition in Retail Electricity Supply
    by Stephen C. Littlechild
  • 2001 From the 'Standards of Behavior' to the 'Theory of Social Situations' : A Contribution of Game Theory to the Understanding of Institutions
    by Schmidt, Christian
  • 2000 Методология Анализа Системных Противоречий Общественного Развития
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 2000 Несколько Слов О Социальном Детерминизме
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 1999 Market Exchange Modelling Experiment, Simulation Algorithms, and Theoretical Analysis
    by Buda, Rodolphe
  • 1999 Economía institucional y ciencia económica
    by Jaime Lozano
  • 1998 Adalék Heller Farkas elméleti munkásságához
    by Mátyás, Antal
  • 1997 Новая Парадигма Теории Самоорганизации
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 1997 Проблемы Общественного Самоуправления В Свете Теории Самоорганизации
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 1997 Кризис Русской Социальной Философии
    by Kaluzhsky, Mikhail
  • 1996 Mr Marx and the neoclassics
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1993 Trends in Relative Black/White Earnings Revisited
    by David Card & Alan Krueger
  • 1993 The Alternative to Assuming 'Rational' Use of Financial Information within Small Firms
    by Brian Gibson
  • Heterogeneous Capital, Entrepreneurship, and Economic Organization
    by Nicolai Foss & Kirsten Foss & Peter G. Klein & Sandra K. Klein