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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B5: Current Heterodox Approaches
/ / / B50: General
/ / / B51: Socialist; Marxian; Sraffian
/ / / B52: Institutional; Evolutionary
/ / / B53: Austrian
/ / / B54: Feminist Economics
/ / / B59: Other

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Keynes, Kalecki, Sraffa: Coherence?
    by Neil Hart & Peter Kriesler
  • 2014 On the architecture of the rings of Saturn: An “identity” theory of the distribution of gaps within rings
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2014 Towards an economic architecture of the rings of Saturn: On the Political Economy Wave, Kaluza’s fifth dimension and an alternative derivation of the Roche Limit
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2014 Consistency in Pluralism and Microfoundations
    by Sheila C Dow
  • 2014 Capitalism in Green Disguise: The Political Economy of Organic Farming in the European Union
    by Charalampos Konstantinidis
  • 2014 Minsky and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis: The Financial Instability Hypothesis in the Era of Financialization
    by Eugenio Caverzasi
  • 2014 Climate Change and Sustainable Welfare: An Argument for the Centrality of Human Needs
    by Ian Gough
  • 2014 Latin America's socail imagination since 1950. From one type of ‘absolute certainties’ to another — with no (far more creative)‘uncomfortable uncertainties’ in sight
    by José Gabriel Palma
  • 2014 Logistics Management In The Contemporary Economy
    by Ion SARBU
  • 2013 Il dibattito sulla “responsabilità sociale di impresa”: una classificazione dicotomica
    by Melania Verde
  • 2013 What Kind of Economy Does Russia Need and for What Purpose? (An Attempt of System Analysis)
    by G. Kleiner.
  • 2013 System Economics as a Platform for Development of Modern Economic Theory
    by G. Kleiner.
  • 2013 How should economics curricula be evaluated?
    by Andrew Mearman
  • 2013 Neglected implications of neoclassical capital-labour substitution for investment theory:another criticism of Say's Law
    by Fabio Petri
  • 2013 How To Win Acceptance Of The Inequality Process As Economics?
    by Angle, John
  • 2013 The Road to Market Serfdom: Why Economics is Not a Science and How to Fix it
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2013 Reason-Based Rationalization
    by Dietrich, Franz & List, Christian
  • 2013 Hilferding over Marx: A Political Economy Viewpoint of Struggles in the Left 1900-1933 and the Modern Revival
    by Stravelakis, Nikos
  • 2013 Take the Money and Run: The Business Enterprise in the Age of Money Manager Capitalism
    by Jo, Tae-Hee & Henry, John F.
  • 2013 Uncertainty, Instability, and the Control of Markets
    by Jo, Tae-Hee
  • 2013 Towards a revision of the theory of capital
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2013 A theory of capital as value in progress
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2013 Okun’s Law as a Pi-to-1 ratio: A harmonic / trigonometric theory as to why Okun’s Law works
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 The sources of profits and their sustainability: A survey of basic theoretical issues
    by Skouras, Thanos
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Metaphysical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Theoretical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Empirical
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Foundations of the economic and social history of the United States: Apologia
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2013 Modern Money Theory 101: A Reply to Critics
    by Eric Tymoigne & L. Randall Wray
  • 2013 The Missing Macro Link
    by Eugenio Caverzasi
  • 2013 A note on fashion cycles, novelty and conformity
    by Federica Alberti
  • 2013 Integrating economics with the other human (and related) sciences: some initial considerations
    by David A. Spencer
  • 2013 Migrants’ Remittances and State Behaviour in the Neoliberal Era
    by Hussain, Mushahid
  • 2013 Hayek on the wisdom of prices: a reassessment
    by Richard Bronk
  • 2013 The multiplicity of goals in tree-cultivating farms in Greece
    by Pavlos Karanikolas & Stelios Rozakis & Dimitris Kremmydas
  • 2013 Free Trade And The Roots Of Modern Imperialism
    by Madalina Calance & Paula-Elena Diacon
  • 2013 Keynes's theories of money and banking in the Treatise and The General Theory
    by John Smithin
  • 2013 State and future of the ‘citadel’ and of the heterodoxies in economics: challenges and dangers, convergences and cooperation
    by Wolfram Elsner
  • 2013 Should post-Keynesians make a behavioural turn?
    by John E. King
  • 2013 On the tradeoff between similarity and diversity in the creation of novelty in basic science
    by Grebel, Thomas
  • 2013 The profits-investments puzzle: A Post Keynesian-Institutional interpretation
    by Forges Davanzati, Guglielmo & Pacella, Andrea
  • 2013 Empirical validation of Metcalfe’s law: How Internet usage patterns have changed over time
    by Madureira, António & den Hartog, Frank & Bouwman, Harry & Baken, Nico
  • 2013 Testing the effect of defaults on the thermostat settings of OECD employees
    by Brown, Zachary & Johnstone, Nick & Haščič, Ivan & Vong, Laura & Barascud, Francis
  • 2013 Against a post-Hayekian economic philosophy
    by Marlyse Pouchol
  • 2012 Scientific Testament of Ya. A. Kronrod
  • 2012 Order, displacements and recurring financial crises
    by Hoffmann, Andreas & Urbansky, Björn
  • 2012 Pluralist economics curricula: do they work; and how would we know?
    by Andrew Mearman
  • 2012 The Profit Rate in the Presence of Financial Markets: a Necessary Correction
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2012 Predicting crises: Five essays on the mathematic prediction of economic and social crises
    by Albers, Scott
  • 2012 Fundamentos hipotéticos para investigar la crisis económica contemporánea
    by Sergio, Reuben
  • 2012 Islamic Banking in Pakistan: A Critical Analysis
    by Shaikh, Salman
  • 2012 Critical realism, grounded theory, and theory construction in heterodox economics
    by Lee, Frederic
  • 2012 Analyzing top US income shares: earned or extracted?
    by Lambert, Thomas & Kwon, Eundak
  • 2012 Testing the Effect of Defaults on the Thermostat Settings of OECD Employees
    by Zack Brown & Nick Johnstone & Ivan Haščič & Laura Vong & Francis Barascud
  • 2012 Introduction to an Alternative History of Money
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2012 A theory of institutional legitimacy
    by Enrico Colombatto
  • 2012 Upper and Lower Bounds for Capital and Wages
    by Alberto Benítez Sánchez. & Alejandro Benítez Sánchez.
  • 2012 A notion evolving: From 'institutional path dependence' to 'intellectual path dependence'
    by Altug Yalcintas
  • 2012 L'innovation sociale par l'économie solidaire en Bolivie : une démocratisation des conventions de production et de genre
    by Isabelle HILLENKAMP & Franck Bessis
  • 2011 Financialization as a Theory of Crisis in a Historical Perspective: Nothing New under the Sun
    by Juan Pablo Mateo Tomé
  • 2011 The Realism of Assumptions Does Matter: Why Keynes-Minsky Theory Must Replace Efficient Market Theory as the Guide to Financial Regulation Policy
    by James Crotty
  • 2011 Contending Perspectives, Twenty Years On: What Have Our Students Learned?
    by Robert Garnett & Andrew Mearman
  • 2011 Crisis, Marxism, and Economic Laws: A Response to Gary Mongiovi
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2011 Lessons from Korean development experience
    by Khan, Haider A.
  • 2011 Heterodox surplus approach: production, prices, and value theory
    by Lee, Frederic
  • 2011 History of the economics department at University of Missouri-Kansas City
    by Lee, Frederic
  • 2011 Heterodox microeconomics and the foundation of heterodox macroeconomics
    by Lee, Frederic
  • 2011 Old controversy revisited: pricing, market structure, and competition
    by Lee, Frederic
  • 2011 Beyond Territorial Innovation Models: The Pertinence of the Territorial Approach
    by Olivier Crevoisier
  • 2011 The Wrong Type of Pluralism: Toward a Transdisciplinary Social Science
    by Dave Colander
  • 2011 Du keynésianisme au libertarianisme. Les transformations du régime du savoir économique autorise depuis les années 1970 : une approche par la place que la monnaie y tient
    by Théret, Bruno
  • 2011 Problem banki spekulacyjnej na rynku nieruchomosci w Stanach Zjednoczonych w swietle wybranych teorii przeinwestowania
    by Pawel Bochenek
  • 2011 Introduction: the crisis of economies and economics
    by Carlo D'Ippoliti
  • 2011 Introduzione: la crisi economica e della scienza economica
    by Carlo D'Ippoliti
  • 2011 Beyond Territorial Innovation Models: The Pertinence of the Territorial Approach
    by Olivier Crevoisier
  • 2011 Regulação social e acumulação por espoliação – reflexão sobre a essencialidade das teses da financeirização e da natureza do Estado na caracterização do capitalismo contemporâneo
    by Almeida Filho , Niemeyer & Paulani, Leda Maria
  • 2011 'Cantabrigian Economics' and the aggregate production function
    by John S.L. McCombie
  • 2010 What is this thing called ‘heterodox economics’?
    by Andrew Mearman
  • 2010 What Causes Booms?
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2010 Vers une autre science économique (et donc une autre institution de cette science)
    by Yefimov, Vladimir
  • 2010 Trends in Value Theory since 1881
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2010 Crisis and ‘law of motion’ in economics: a critique of positivist Marxism
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2010 اخلاقیات در چاپ پول
    by Firouzi Naeim, Peyman
  • 2010 Social surplus approach and heterodox economics
    by Lee, Frederic & Jo, Tae-Hee
  • 2010 Heterodox production and cost theory of the business enterprise
    by Lee, Frederic & Jo, Tae-Hee
  • 2010 An Ideal Islamic Economic System: A Gone Case
    by Shaikh, Salman
  • 2010 Rhetoric of independece: bicentennial Colombia 1810 - 2010
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2010 Proposal for a New Economic Framework Based On Islamic Principles
    by Shaikh, Salman Ahmed
  • 2010 Fragments on black swan: money, credit and finance in The Arcades Project of Walter Benjamin
    by Estrada, Fernando
  • 2010 Balance of Payments-consistent unreported flows
    by Beja Jr, Edsel
  • 2010 Money
    by L. Randall Wray
  • 2010 The Economic and Financial Crises in CEE and CIS: Gender Perspectives and Policy Choices
    by Fatma Gul Unal & Mirjana Dokmanovic & Rafis Abazov
  • 2010 On the notion of equilibrium or the centre of gravitation in economic theory
    by Ajit Sinha
  • 2010 Human Development: Definitions, Critiques, and Related Concepts
    by Sabina Alkire
  • 2010 Alternative Indicators to GDP: Values behind Numbers. Adjusted Net Savings in Question
    by Geraldine THIRY & Isabelle CASSIERS
  • 2010 Simultaneous Transitions: Democratization, Neoliberalization, and Possibilities for Class Compromise in South Korea
    by Wonik Kim
  • 2010 Climate Change: The Political Economy of Kyoto Flexible Mechanisms
    by Andriana Vlachou & Charalampos Konstantinidis
  • 2010 Democratizing the Classroom: Sequencing Discussions and Assignments to Promote Student Ownership of the Course
    by Geoffrey Schneider
  • 2010 Social Evils - From Unemployment to Idleness to Prejudice. Some Suggestions for Mapping the Modern Equivalents of These Old Evils onto New Injustices
    by Danny Dorling
  • 2010 Contributions on monetary and financial issues: an introduction
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2010 Introduction
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2010 Introduzione
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2010 Introduzione
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2010 La evolución del Homo economicus: problemas del marco de decisión racional en Economía
    by Héctor Maletta
  • 2010 The System of Low Wages as the Institutional Trap of Postsocialistic Economy
    by Pliskevich, N.
  • 2010 A Few Advantages of Economic Democracy
    by Bruno Jossa
  • 2010 Desafios da regulamentação ante a dinâmica concorrencial bancária: uma perspectiva pós-keynesiana
    by Freitas, Maria Cristina Penido de
  • 2009 Wie funktionieren Märkte in der Realität? Eine dynamische Analyse von Marktprozessen in der deutschen Automobilindustrie
    by Grossekettler, Heinz
  • 2009 Does pluralism in economics education make better educated, happier students? A qualitative analysis
    by Andrew Mearman & Tim Wakeley & Gamila Shoib & Don J. Webber
  • 2009 Who do heterodox economists think they are?
    by Andrew Mearman
  • 2009 Venezuelan Economic Laboratory. The Case of the Altruistic Economy of Felipe Pérez Martí
    by Alejandro Agafonow
  • 2009 Marxism without Marx: a note towards a critique
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2009 The Economists of Tomorrow
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2009 Expectation and Uncertainty in the Keynesian Theory
    by Mário Gómez
  • 2009 Risk, Uncertainty and Expectation as language game categories: - what we can still learn from Keynes
    by Mário Gómez
  • 2009 Franois Perroux, a precursor of the current analyses of power
    by René Sandretto
  • 2009 La protesta social en Oxaca y la democracia electoral Mexica
    by Miguel Ángel Vite Pérez
  • 2009 Fra storia ed economia : riflessioni sulla storia del pensiero economico in Italia
    by Riccardo FAUCCI
  • 2009 La critica dei marxisti alle cooperative
    by Bruno JOSSA
  • 2009 Implications of Basel II for financial stability. Clouds are darker for developing countries
    by Mario Tonveronachi
  • 2009 Structural biases in prudential regulation of banks
    by Mario Tonveronachi
  • 2009 The US economy: weaknesses of the "strong" recovery
    by Wymme Godley & Alex Izurieta
  • 2009 The developing recession in the United States
    by Wymme Godley
  • 2009 Prospects for the world economy
    by Paolo Sylos Labini
  • 2009 Globalization, stability and the financial markets
    by Paul A. Volcker
  • 2009 Asset inflation and monetary policy
    by Charles P. Kindleberger
  • 2009 The 1930s and 1980s: parallels and differences
    by Charles P. Kindleberger
  • 2009 Beginnings
    by Hyman P. Minsky
  • 2009 An economic policy for the fifth long wave
    by Angelo Reati & Jan Toporowski
  • 2009 Rule, instability and crisis
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2009 Le regole del gioco, l'instabilità e le crisi
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2009 Hayek and liberal pedagogy
    by Robert Garnett
  • 2009 Cultura, acción colectiva y cambio institucional
    by Gonzalo Castañeda
  • 2009 The genesis of money: the economic theories confronted to the anthropology and history lessons
    by Pierre ALARY
  • 2008 Dynamic efficiency and reswitching
    by van Suntum, Ulrich
  • 2008 Beyond sociology: structure, agency, and strategy among tenants in India
    by Wendy Olsen
  • 2008 Simultaneous Valuation vs. the Exploitation Theory of Profit: A summing up
    by Freeman, Alan & Kliman, Andrew
  • 2008 Submission from the Association for Heterodox Economics to the International Benchmarking Review on Research Assessment
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2008 Post-Keynesian Theory of Business Enterprise and the Veblenian´s Approach: Are there commonalities?
    by Parada, Jairo
  • 2008 Locked-in and Sticky Textbooks: Mainstream Teaching of the Money Supply Process
    by Boermans, Martijn Adriaan & Moore, Basil J
  • 2008 What is Globalisation and What is Not?: A Political Economy Perspective
    by Turan Subasat
  • 2008 A Critical review of economic analyses of religion
    by Vikas Kumar
  • 2008 Better to be rough and relevant than to be precise and irrelevant. Reddaway's Legacy to Economics
    by Ajit Singh
  • 2008 The standard theory of rationality: Methodological views
    by Eduardo Scarano
  • 2008 From BNL-QR to PSL-QR: the history (1947-2007) and prospects of a journal
    by Alessandro Roncaglia
  • 2008 Post-keynesian micro theory on business enterprise and the veblenian´s aproach: ¿are there commonalities?
    by Jairo Parada Corrales
  • 2007 Varieties of systems of innovation: A survey of their evolution in growth theory and economic geography
    by Christ, Julian P.
  • 2007 The Correlates of Rentier Returns in OECD Countries
    by Gerald Epstein & Arjun Jayadev
  • 2007 Catechism versus pluralism: the heterodox response to the national undergraduate curriculum proposed by the UK Quality Assurance Authority
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2007 A Business-Relevant View of Human Nature
    by Mitreanu, Cristian
  • 2007 The Transformation Problem: A Tale of Two Interpretations
    by Bieri, David
  • 2007 Psychological behavior and economics: the need for new theories and redefinition of basic concepts in Islamic economics
    by Syed Agil, Syed Omar
  • 2007 Rationalité, relativisme, évolution sociale: une analyse critique du modèle cognitiviste de Boudon-Weber
    by Fusari, Angtelo
  • 2007 Structure, Agency, and Strategy Among Tenants in India
    by Wendy Olsen
  • 2007 Informal Agricultural Work, Habitus and Practices in an Indian Context
    by Wendy Olsen
  • 2007 Lealtà e apprendimento, tra teoria dell'impresa e organizzazione aziendale: una lettura cognitiva
    by Marco Novarese
  • 2007 Towards an Austro–German theory of uneven economic development? A plea for theorising by inclusion
    by Erik Reinert
  • 2007 Heterodox Political Economy Specialization and Interconnection - Concepts of Contradiction, Heterogeneous Agents, Uneven Development
    by Phillip Anthony O’Hara
  • 2007 Amartya Sen : Un Bilan Critique
    by Emmanuelle BÉNICOURT
  • 2007 Tehnologii informatice inteligente de accesare multidimensionala a bazelor si depozitelor de date de marketing
    by Gheorghe Orzan
  • 2007 Societatea Cunoasterii si Net-Economia
    by Gheorghe Orzan
  • 2006 Sraffa's Prices
    by Sydney Afriat
  • 2006 What We Research in Social Sciences: Is Homo Oeconomicus Dead?
    by Kaire Põder
  • 2006 Rationality and its bounds: Re-framing social framing
    by Matthias Klaes
  • 2006 Plurality in economics
    by Sheila Dow
  • 2006 Die Himmel über uns: Über die Bedeutung des Gleichgewichts für die Wirtschaftswissenschaft
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2006 Replicating Marx: a Reply to Mohun
    by Kliman, Andrew & Freeman, Alan
  • 2006 An Invasive Metaphor: the Concept of Centre of Gravity in Economics
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2006 Los Derechos Económico, Sociales y Culturales desde la perspectiva de la Economía Liberal
    by Espinosa, Alexandra M. & Acuna, Javier
  • 2006 Los Derechos Económico, Sociales y Culturales desde la perspectiva de la Economía Liberal
    by Espinosa, Alexandra M.
  • 2006 Behavioral economics and socio-economics journals: A citation-based ranking
    by Azar, Ofer H.
  • 2006 A Contribuição Singular de Simon e sua Repercussão Teórica Relevante
    by Lages, André Maia Gomes
  • 2006 Endogenous Needs, Values and Technology
    by Hanappi, Hardy
  • 2006 Pluralist Methodology for Development Economics: The Example of Moral Economy of Indian Labour Markets
    by Wendy Olsen
  • 2006 The Capitalism of financial market and the control of cognitive (In French)
    by François MORIN (LEREPS-GRES)
  • 2006 Do Heterodox Theories Have Anything in Common? A Post-Keynesian Point of View
    by Marc Lavoie
  • 2006 Beyond the Notion of Rationality, Economics as a Moral Science
    by Patrick MARDELLAT
  • 2005 Keynes and postmodernism
    by Matthias Klaes
  • 2005 Beyond talking the talk: towards a critical pluralist practice
    by Freeman, Alan & Kliman, Andrew
  • 2005 Moral Political Economy and Poverty: Four Theoretical Schools Compared
    by Wendy Olsen
  • 2005 Do the Heterodox Theories Have Something in Common? A post-Keynesian Point of View
    by Marc Lavoie
  • 2005 Instituições e Mudança Institucional: Uma Abordagem Schumpeteriana
    by João Luiz Pondé
  • 2004 'Open-Systems' and Economic Methodology
    by Andrew Mearman
  • 2004 Variety of Opinion and the Speculative Demand for Money: An Analysis in Terms of Fuzzy Concepts
    by Sheila C. Dow & Dipak Ghosh
  • 2004 Evolutionary economics: In defence of ‘vagueness’
    by Matthias Klaes
  • 2004 Qu'est-ce qu'interpréter une règle ?
    by Reynaud, Bénédicte
  • 2003 Big Government as an Accidental Controller in Minsky's Financial
    by Steve Keen
  • 2003 Knowledge and Power in the Mechanical Firm: Planning for Profit in Austrian Perspective
    by Richard P. Adelstein
  • 2003 Uncertainty and monetary policy
    by Sheila C. Dow
  • 2003 Equity
    by Goodwin, Neva
  • 2003 Microfoundations of macroeconomics. Post-Keynesian contributions on the theory of the firm
    by Canale, Rosaria Rita
  • 2003 Pluralism in Economics: A Public Good or a Public Bad?
    by Hendrik P. van Dalen
  • 2003 Institutions according to the Economics of Conventions
    by Christian BESSy & Olivier FAVEREAU
  • 2003 La Teoría del Valor de Adam Smith: La Cuestión de los precios naturales y sus interpretaciones
    by Jimena Hurtado Prieto
  • 2002 Marx After Marx After Sraffa
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2002 No linealidad y economía Austríaca
    by Dulce Saura Bacaicoa & Ángel Rodriguéz
  • 2002 El modelo de ciclo y crecimiento de Richard Goodwin. Una evaluación empírica para Colombia
    by Álvaro Moreno
  • 2002 Legal Central Bank independence and inflation in Latin America during the 1990s
    by Luis I. Jacome H.
  • 2001 The Godless Religion: Economics, Equilibrium, and the Copernican Revolution
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 2000 A közgazdaságtudomány a 21. század küszöbén. Gondolatok Mátyás Antal A modern közgazdaságtan története című könyvéről (Aula Kiadó, Budapest, 1999)
    by Simai, Mihály
  • 1999 The limits of Ricardian value: law, contingency and motion in economics
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 Marx: The Spectre Haunting Economics
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 A dialogue concerning the two chief systems of value
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1998 “Italian Economists of the 20th Century”, edited by Ferdinando Meacci, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 1998
    by Meacci, Ferdinando
  • 1996 The Psychopathology of Walrasian Marxism
    by Freeman, Alan
  • 1995 Intraschool Variation in Class Size: Patterns and Implications
    by Michael Boozer & Cecilia Rouse
  • 1991 Some sociological explanations for the present condition of neoclassical economics
    by Goodwin, Neva
  • Dynamic Efficiency and Reswitching
    by Ulrich van Suntum