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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ B: Schools of Economic Thought and Methodology
/ / B2: History of Economic Thought since 1925
/ / / B20: General
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 On Ricardo and Cambridge
    by Geoff C. Harcourt & Peter Kriesler
  • 2014 Chasing the B: A Bibliographic Account of Economics’ Relation to its Past, 1991-2011
    by Pedro Garcia Duarte & Yann Giraud
  • 2014 International aid corruption and fiscal behavior policy
    by Asongu, Simplice & Jellal, Mohamed
  • 2014 Jacques Rueff et la réforme du système monétaire international
    by Frederic Teulon
  • 2014 Slaves or Mercenaries: Milton Friedman and the Institution of the All-Volunteer Military
    by John D.Singleton
  • 2014 Monetary Policy and Value Judgments : Did we forget Myrdal’s legacy ?
    by Nicolas Barbaroux & Michel Bellet
  • 2014 Chasing the B: A Bibliographic Account of Economics’ Relation to its Past, 1991-2011
    by Yann Giraud & Pedro Garcia Duarte
  • 2014 The Evolving Debate on the Effect of Foreign Aid on Corruption and Institutions in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2014 International aid, corruption and fiscal policy behavior
    by Asongu Simplice & Jellal Mohamed
  • 2014 Formation and (Re)Formation of Spatial Identities under Globalization
    by Choudhary, Bikramaditya Kumar
  • 2014 A láthatatlan kéz - szemelvények egy metafora történetéből
    by Madarász, Aladár
  • 2014 Ragnar Frisch and the Postwar Norwegian Economy
    by Arild Sæther & Ib E. Eriksen
  • 2014 Does market coordination lead to justice or to strict efficiency in Social Choice and Individual Values?
    by Irène Berthonnet & Vincent Desreumaux
  • 2014 Albert O. Hirschman y la economía del desarrollo: lecciones para el presente
    by Jimena Hurtado
  • 2014 Editorial: Vuelta a la economía del desarrollo
    by Mario García-Molina
  • 2013 Uncertainty, Probability, Ethics: J. M. Keynes, L. Mises, and F. Knight
    by N. Makasheva.
  • 2013 Development of Social and Economic Forecasting and Ideas of A. Anchishkin
    by A. Klepach & G. Kuranov.
  • 2013 The Financial and Economic Crisis and the Aberrance of Economics
    by Thorsten Polleit
  • 2013 Causal Structures In Economics: Fuzzyness And Supervenience As Ontological Problems
    by Garcia, Pablo Sebastián
  • 2013 MIT Graduate Networks: the early years
    by Pedro Garcia Duarte
  • 2013 On the channels of foreign aid to corruption
    by Asongu, Simplice A & Jellal, Mohamed
  • 2013 Distribución Funcional De La Renta: Teorías Y Evidencia Empírica
    by Puente-Ajovin, Miguel
  • 2013 Consult your gods: the questionable economics of development assistance in Africa
    by Asongu, Simplice A
  • 2013 The daily battles of Antonio de Viti de Marco
    by Mosca, Manuela
  • 2013 On the effectiveness of foreign aid in institutional quality
    by Asongu, Simplice A
  • 2013 Keynesian Dominance in Crisis Therapy
    by Kristina Spantig
  • 2013 Innovation concepts and typology – an evolutionary discussion
    by Maxim Kotsemir & Alexander Abroskin & Dirk Meissner
  • 2013 The principal problem in political economy: income distribution in the history of economic thought
    by Sandmo, Agnar
  • 2013 Le Developpement De La Theorie De L’Equilibre General Les Apports D’Allais Et De Hicks
    by Alain Béraud
  • 2013 The Informal Economy in Monsoon Asia and Melanesia: West New Guinea and the Malay World
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2013 On the channels of foreign aid to corruption
    by Asongu Simplice & Mohamed Jellal
  • 2013 On the effectiveness of foreign aid in institutional quality
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2013 Consult your gods: the questionable economics of development assistance in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2013 On the effectiveness of foreign aid in institutional quality
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2013 A leap forward over the wall: Italian economy and economic thought in the Fifties
    by Carlo Bellavite Pellegrini
  • 2013 On the effectiveness of foreign aid in institutional quality
    by Asongu, Simplice A.
  • 2013 La voz y la lealtad mejoran la eficiencia de los mercados
    by Jorge Iván González
  • 2013 El debate moderno sobre los escritos económicos Aristotélicos
    by Hernán Borisonik
  • 2013 Political Economy, Economic Policy and Economic History as a Part of Teaching and Scientific Activities of the University of Economics from the Second Half of the 20th Century
    by Miroslav Ševčík & Daniel Váňa & Michaela Ševčíková
  • 2013 Weber and Mises: Views on Bureaucracy
    by Cosma Sorinel
  • 2013 Mihail Manoilescu, a Professor of the Polytechnic School
    by Paiusan Robert
  • 2013 Between Nationalism And The Flat World Of Thomas Friedman
    by Cristian Spiridon
  • 2013 Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa: Macroeconomic and Monetary Thought, and Policy-making at the European Commission
    by Ivo Maes
  • 2013 Central Banking, Japanese Style: Economics and the Bank of Japan, 1945-1985
    by Masazumi Wakatabe
  • 2013 Economic Theory and Policy in Dictatorship and Democracy: Spain 1939-1996
    by Juan Zabalza
  • 2013 Convention, interest rates and monetary policy: a post-Keynesian–French-conventions-school approach
    by André de Melo Modenesi & Rui Lyrio Modenesi & José Luis Oreiro & Norberto Montani Martins
  • 2013 Lecciones olvidadas de tres economistas difuntos
    by Lluís Barbé
  • 2013 General Equilibrium and Social Justice: Neoclassical Theory as a Political Philosophy?
    by Vincent Desreumaux
  • 2013 Development and goals of competition law
    by Mateusz Blachucki
  • 2012 Contending Economic Theories: Neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian
    by Wolff, Richard D. & Resnick, Stephen A.
  • 2012 Contending Economic Theories: Neoclassical, Keynesian, and Marxian
    by Wolff, Richard D. & Resnick, Stephen A.
  • 2012 Harrod, Kaldor, and the Idea of the "Foreign Trade Multiplier” - Harrod, Kaldor e l’idea dell’esistenza di un “moltiplicatore del commercio estero”
    by Soro, Bruno
  • 2012 Gândirea economică românească în perioada postcomunistă
    by Cerna Silviu
  • 2012 Economics of Happiness as an Academic Research Discipline
    by O. ANTIPINA.
  • 2012 Love, War and Cultures: an Institutional Approach to Human Evolution
    by Ugo Pagano
  • 2012 Ideengeschichtliche Aspekte von unabhängigen Institutionen
    by Andrae, Jannis
  • 2012 Economic History or History of Economics? A Review Essay on Sylvia Nasar’s Grand Pursuit: the Story of Economic Genius
    by Orley Ashenfelter
  • 2012 Economic History or History of Economics? A Review Essay on Sylvia Nasar’s Grand Pursuit: the Story of Economic Genius
    by Orley Ashenfelter
  • 2012 Neo-classical economics: A trail of economic destruction since the 1970s
    by Reinert, Erik S.
  • 2012 The rhetoric of failure: a hyper-dialog about method in economics and how to get things going
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont
  • 2012 Crisis and methodology: some heterodox misunderstandings
    by Kakarot-Handtke, Egmont
  • 2012 A shift in the prevailing institutional models of the global order:is a new cycle starting?
    by Kirdina, Svetlana
  • 2012 Institutional benchmarking of foreign aid effectiveness in Africa
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 Development thresholds of foreign aid effectiveness in Africa
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 On the effect of foreign aid on corruption
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 The political economy of development assistance: peril to government quality dynamics in Africa
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 Reversed Economics and Inhumanity of Development Assistance in Africa
    by Simplice A, Asongu
  • 2012 Six Decades of Top Economics Publishing: Who and How?
    by Daniel S. Hamermesh
  • 2012 Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and the origins of the euro
    by Ivo Maes
  • 2012 Dogmen- und realhistorische Aspekte des Wohlfahrtsbegriffs
    by Hans G. Nutzinger
  • 2012 A Three-Decade “Kuhnian” History of the Antebellum Puzzle: Explaining the shrinking of the US population at the onset of modern economic growth
    by Komlos, John
  • 2012 ECB Worries/European Woes: The Economic Consequences of Parochial Policy
    by Robert J. Barbera & Gerald Holtham
  • 2012 The (Normal) Rate of Capacity Utilization at the Firm Level
    by Michalis Nikiforos
  • 2012 How Nobel Laureates Would Perform in the Handelsblatt Ranking
    by Jörg Schläpfer & Matthias Krapf
  • 2012 Failures of the State: Theory and Policy
    by Revold Entov & Alexander Radygin
  • 2012 A Guide to Subsistence Affluence
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2012 Intimations of Keith Hart's 'Informal Economy' - In the Work of Henry Mayhew, P T Bauer and Richard Salisbury
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2012 Equilibrio parcial y general: dos problemas inquietantes
    by Tania Contreras Herrada & Ivan Mendieta Muñoz & Rogelio Huerta Quintanilla
  • 2012 Mainstream Economics in the Early 21st Century: What, How and How Far
    by Hernán Vallejo
  • 2012 Reversed Economics and Inhumanity of Development Assistance in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2012 On the effect of foreign aid on corruption
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2012 Institutional benchmarking of foreign aid effectiveness in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2012 Development thresholds of foreign aid effectiveness in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2012 The political economy of development assistance: peril to government quality dynamics in Africa
    by Asongu Simplice
  • 2012 Reflections on the Present State of Economics
    by Josef Steindl
  • 2012 Four decades of health economics through a bibliometric lens
    by Wagstaff, Adam & Culyer, Anthony J.
  • 2012 How Nobel Laureates Would Perform In The Handelsblatt Ranking
    by KRAPF, Matthias & SCHLÄPFER, Jörg
  • 2012 Estado y economía: Críticas y propuestas en las miradas de William Beveridge y Walter Eucken (Una perspectiva histórica comparada)
    by Claudio Llanos Reyes
  • 2012 Working with archives: Cambridge economics through the magnifying glass
    by Maria Cristina Marcuzzo
  • 2012 Jednotná Teória Rastu O.Galora
    by Matej Buzinkai
  • 2012 Economic History or History of Economics? Grand Pursuit: The Story of Economic Genius : Review Essay
    by Orley Ashenfelter
  • 2011 Du keynésianisme au libertarianisme. La place de la monnaie dans les transformations du savoir économique autorisé
    by Théret, Bruno
  • 2011 Das "Bruttonationalglück" als Leitlinie der Politik in Bhutan – eine ordnungspolitische Analyse
    by Pfaff, Tobias
  • 2011 Goodwin's social philosophy: Continuity and change
    by Massimo Di Matteo
  • 2011 Albert Hirschman and his controversial research report
    by Ana Maria Bianchi
  • 2011 Not Going Away? Microfoundations in the Making of a New Consensus in Macroeconomics
    by Pedro Garcia Duarte
  • 2011 Das Bruttonationalglück aus ordnungspolitischer Sicht – eine Analyse des Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftssystems von Bhutan
    by Tobias Pfaff
  • 2011 Mutamenti strutturali: modelli, metodi e principi in una nuova prospettiva
    by Schilirò, Daniele
  • 2011 Economic History or History of Economics? A Review Essay on Sylvia Nasar’s Grand Pursuit: the Story of Economic Genius
    by Orley C. Ashenfelter
  • 2011 Orthodox versus Heterodox (Minskyan) Perspectives of Financial Crises: Explosion in the 1990s versus Implosion in the 2000s
    by Jesus Munoz
  • 2011 Speaking in tongues, a text analysis of economic opinion at Newsweek, 1975-2007
    by Tiago Mata & Claire Lemercier
  • 2011 Industrialização e desenvolvimento: uma análise do pensamento econômico brasileiro
    by Marcelo Curado
  • 2011 The Political Economy of Textbook Writing: Paul Samuelson and the making of the first ten Editions of Economics (1945-1976)
    by Yann Giraud
  • 2011 On the Evaluation of Economic Research: the Case of Italy
    by Marcella Corsi & Carlo D'Ippoliti & Federico Lucidi
  • 2011 Geographical Economics : A Historical Perspective
    by Jacques-François THISSE
  • 2011 When development meets culture : the contribution of Celso Furtado in the 1970s
    by Alexandre Mendes Cunha & Gustavo Britto
  • 2011 Alfred Marshall in Spain: from his omission until his refund by territorial industrial policy
    by Ybarra, Josep-Antoni
  • 2011 A construção do conceito de incerteza: uma comparação das contribuições de Knight, Keynes, Shackle e Davidson [The construction of the uncertainty concept: a comparison of the contributions by Knight, Keynes, Shackle and Davidson]
    by Rogerio P. de Andrade
  • 2011 On Sraffa, post-Keynesian theories of pricing and capitalist competition: Some observations
    by Stephanie Blankenburg
  • 2011 Inteligencia prospectiva de seguridad económica
    by Miguel S. Luparelli Mathieu & Andrés Montero Gómez
  • 2011 Incidencia de la remuneración al capital en el ciclo económico colombiano durante el periodo 1980-2005
    by Julio César Chamorro Futinico & David Alejandro González Bejarano
  • 2011 Geographical Economics: A Historical Perspective
    by Jacques-François Thisse
  • 2011 Jadis et Naguère, la vision des crises financières dans l'histoire, selon Reinhart et Rogoff
    by Antoine Parent
  • 2011 Où il est question d'Italo Calvino, de tulipes, de mariages et de quelques autres
    by Victor Ginsburgh
  • 2010 The Influence of Michal Kalecki on Joan Robinson’s Approach to Economics
    by Peter Kriesler & G. C. Harcourt
  • 2010 Epicarmo Corbino, economista liberale neoclassico
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2010 What happened to "efficient markets?"
    by Boettke, Peter
  • 2010 Κριτική Έκθεση του "Νόμου της Πτωτικής Τάσης του Ποσοστού Κέρδους" του K. Marx: Κατανομή Εισοδήματος, Επισώρευση Κεφαλαίου και Τεχνολογική Μεταβολή στη Μακρά Περίοδο
    by Mariolis, Theodore
  • 2010 Restoring Fiscal Sustainability in the United States
    by Patrick Lenain & Robert P. Hagemann & David Carey
  • 2010 Government and the provision of public goods : from equilibrium models to mechanism design
    by Monique Florenzano
  • 2010 Mäki on Economics Imperialism
    by Davis, John B
  • 2010 The Bulgarian Economic Thought since 1989: A Personal View
    by Nikolay Nenovsky
  • 2010 Maximizing the Wealth of a Nation: A Paradigm for Political Economy
    by Kairys Jr., Joseph P.
  • 2010 Economics for the Masses : The Visual Display of Economic Knoledge in the United Staes (1921-1945)
    by Giraud Yann & Charles Loic
  • 2010 Pluralism In Economics And The Evaluation Of Economic Research In Italy
    by Marcella Corsi & Carlo D'Ippoliti & Federico Lucidi
  • 2010 John Maynard Keynes of Bloomsbury: Four Short Talks
    by Craufurd Goodwin & Kevin D. Hoover & E. Roy Weintraub & Bruce Caldwell
  • 2010 A BRIEF HISTORY OF ECONOMICS:Artful Approaches to the Dismal Science (2nd Edition)
    by E Ray Canterbery
  • 2010 Italian Economists and the International Economy in the XXth Century
    by Marcello DE CECCO
  • 2010 Arthur Richs Bedeutung fuer die Entwicklung der Wirtschaftsethik (Arthur Rich’s Importance for the Development of Business and Economic Ethics)
    by Georges Enderle
  • 2010 La vita di un economista
    by Charles P. Kindleberger
  • 2010 Giovanni Demaria and the Rockefeller Foundation: Seesaw relationships during a thirty-year span (1930-1958)
    by Daniela Parisi
  • 2010 Economic thought at the European Commission and the creation of EMU (1957-1991)
    by Ivo Maes
  • 2010 Alternative Routes to Monetary Integration in the British Economic and Political Debate (1989-91)
    by Fabio Masini
  • 2010 Keynes: o liberalismo econômico como mito
    by Fonseca, Pedro Cezar Dutra
  • 2010 In Search of a Definition For the History of Economic Thought
    by Gómez, Rebeca & Tobón, Alexander
  • 2010 Keynes and Keynesians
    by Atanas Leonidov
  • 2009 Beyond Legal Relations Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld’s Influence on American Institutionalism
    by Luca Fiorito & Massimiliano Vatiero
  • 2009 The intellectual origins of WTO : Hull’s and Bidwell’s views on organizing the international trade
    by Claude Schwob
  • 2009 Le nouveau mercantilisme et sa crise. Eléments de discussion (The new Mercantilism and its crisis elements for discussion )
  • 2009 Economic science, humanism and religion: the philosophical anthropology of "La Rivista Trimestrale"
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2009 Neoliberismo, interventismo, keynesismo. Alcune considerazioni sulla crisi economica odierna
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2009 Institutions as game theory outcomes: toward a cognitive-experimental inquiry
    by Ambrosino, Angela
  • 2009 The Great Depression in the eyes of Bulgaria's inter-war economists
    by Kolev, Stefan
  • 2009 Il dibattito degli economisti italiani sull’impresa pubblica negli anni Sessanta del ‘900
    by Pavarin, Alessandro
  • 2009 Impact of Selectivity and Neutrality of trade Policy Incentives on Industrialization of Developing Countries; Implications for NAMA Negotiations
    by Shafaeddin, Mehdi
  • 2009 Evolution of the Concept of Capital– A Historical Perspective
    by Roy Trivedi, Smita
  • 2009 From equilibrium models to mechanism design : On the place and the role of government in the public goods provision analysis in the second part of the twentieth century
    by Monique Florenzano
  • 2009 Rent Taxation for Nonrenewable Resources
    by Lund, Diderik
  • 2009 Jens Warming (1931) on Open Access, Pigovian Tax, and Property Rights
    by Eggert, Håkan
  • 2009 From one to many islands : the emergence of search and matching models
    by Anna BATYRA & Michel DE VROEY
  • 2009 Luigi Einaudi: teoria economica e legislazione sociale nel testo delle Lezioni (text in italian)
    by Alberto Baffigi
  • 2009 Ueber die normativen Implikationen des Ordoliberalismus fuer die moderne Wirtschaftsethik (The Ethical-Normative Implications of German Ordoliberalism)
    by Rainer Klump & Manuel Woersdoerfer
  • 2009 In Search of a Definition For the History of Economic Thought
    by Rebeca Gomez Betancourt & Alexander Tobón Arias
  • 2009 Marxismo e economia política: ‘o caso Caraça’
    by Carlos Bastien
  • 2009 Sull'inseparabilità delle strutture sintattiche nell'analisi classica del valore e della distribuzione
    by Duccio Cavalieri
  • 2009 Post-Keynesian economics How to move forward
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Paul Ramskogler
  • 2009 La búsqueda de una situación clásica como reto para una nueva economía política: la necesaria integración de los elementos analíticos y de visión
    by Luis Palma Martos
  • 2009 Some Developments in Economic Theory Since 1940: An Eyewitness Account
    by Kenneth J. Arrow
  • 2008 The Other J.M.: John Maurice Clark and the Keynesian Revolution
    by Luca Fiorito & Matías Vernengo
  • 2008 Zur Neubestimmung von Geschichte und Theoriegeschichte in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Ko-evolution von Wirtschaftsbeobachtung und Wirtschaftswirklichkeit
    by Dopfer, Kurt
  • 2008 Post Keynesian economics - how to move forward
    by Engelbert Stockhammer & Paul Ramskogler
  • 2008 Peace, War and International Security: Economic Theories
    by J Paul Dunne & Fanny Coulomb
  • 2008 How can a psychologist inform economics? The strange case of Sidney Siegel
    by Alessandro Innocenti
  • 2008 La compétitivité de l'industrie d'habillement tunisienne. Atouts et limites (The tunisian clothing industry competitiveness : assets and limits)
    by Iheb FRIJA
  • 2008 The Concept Of Comparison Income: An Historical Perspective
    by Drakopoulos, Stavros A.
  • 2008 Hegelo-marxismo e cattolicesimo sociale. La "Rivista Trimestrale" di Napoleoni e Rodano
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2008 Money, prices, wages, and ‘profit inflation’ in Spain, the Southern Netherlands, and England during the Price Revolution era, ca. 1520 - ca. 1650
    by Munro, John H.
  • 2008 Structural changes in economics during the last fifty years
    by Mishra, SK
  • 2008 Social Quality and Precarity: Approaching New Patterns of Societal (Dis)Integration
    by Herrmann, Peter & van der Maesen, Laurent J.G.
  • 2008 On the Emergence of Glocalisation
    by Sucháček, Jan
  • 2008 The Baltic Exchange: Mutual Influences between Economists in the German and Swedish Language Areas
    by Sandelin, Bo & Trautwein, Hans-Michael
  • 2008 A decisive intelligence failure? British intelligence on Soviet war potential and the 1939 Anglo-French-Soviet alliance that never was
    by Kahn, Martin
  • 2008 La performativité des sciences économiques
    by Fabian Muniesa & Michel Callon
  • 2008 Allais Et Hicks : De Walras Aux Modeles Neo-Walrasiens
  • 2008 Prospettive e limiti dell'Economia quantitativa
    by Luigi Pasinetti &
  • 2008 Análisis Crítico De Las Teorías Del Desarrollo Económico
  • 2008 L'évolution de l'éthique des affaires aux États-Unis (1961-2002): la théorie institutionnelle en action
    by Dion, Michel
  • 2008 La praxéologie comme grammaire chez Tadeusz Kotarbinski
    by Zielinska , Anna
  • 2008 Pensée de l'acte et conseil de l’action: La perspective proudhonienne du travail industriel
    by Damien, Robert
  • 2008 The Absorption of Macroeconomics by Microeconomics
    by Ghislain Deleplace
  • 2008 Visszatérhet-e a "nagy elmélet" a közgazdaságtanban?. Megjegyzések a rendszerparadigma elmélettörténetéhez
    by Madarász, Aladár
  • 2008 The judge and the market: legal rule, coordination and hermeneutics in Hayekian spontaneous order
    by Samuel FEREY
  • 2008 La absorción de la macroeconomía por la microeconomía
    by Deleplace, Ghislain
  • 2007 Milton Friedman's Epistemology
    by Antonio G. CALAFATI
  • 2007 The Concept of Institution in Economics and Sociology, a Methodological Exposition
    by Piet Keizer
  • 2007 Economie de l’entrepreneur faits et théories (The economics of entrepreneur facts and theories)
    by Sophie Boutillier
  • 2007 L’économie de l’entrepreneur, ou l’entrepreneur deus ex machina du capitalisme ? (The economics of entrepreneur versus the entrepreneur deus ex machina of capitalism ?)
    by Sophie Boutillier
  • 2007 Cruz keynesiana: interpretações gráficas da demanda efetiva
    by Heller, Claudia & Dessotti, Marina
  • 2007 Keynesianismo, Poskeynesianismo y Nuevokeynesianismo: ¿Tres doctrinas diferentes y una sóla teoría verdadera?
    by León Díaz, John Jairo
  • 2007 Thirty years of research in the history of Islamic economic thought:Assessment and future directions
    by Islahi, Abdul Azim
  • 2007 The Origins and the Evolution of Health Economics: a discipline by itself? Led by economists, practitioners or politics?
    by Luís Pina Rebelo
  • 2007 German-speaking economists in British exile 1933-1945
    by Herald Hagemann
  • 2007 German-speaking economists in British exile 1933-1945
    by Herald Hagemann
  • 2007 Beyond the horizon of neoclassical economics: navigation to principles of the new institutional economics
    by František Svoboda
  • 2007 El catecismo del pensamiento neo-conservador estadounidense
    by Le Gall, Sylvain
  • 2007 L'économie à ses frontières (sociologie, psychologie). Quelques pistes
    by Jérôme Gautié
  • 2007 The Institutional Distancing from the Classicism
    by Tsvetan Kotsev
  • 2007 Institutional Disaffiliation with the Classicism
    by Tsvetan Kotsev
  • 2006 Iktisadi Dusunce: Iktisadi Dusuncenin Gelisimi, Iktisadi Dusunce Okullari, Iktisadi Dusunürler
    by Ramazan Kilic
  • 2006 Schmoller's Impact on the Anglophone Literature in Economics
    by Geoffrey M. Hodgson
  • 2006 Markt und Marktwirtschaft
    by Kirstein, Roland
  • 2006 General Equilibrium Theory and Professor Blaug
    by Fabio Petri
  • 2006 Is Macroeconomics a Science?
    by Barnett, William A.
  • 2006 What Has Mattered to Economics Since 1970
    by E. Han Kim & Adair Morse & Luigi Zingales
  • 2006 Effective demand and short-term adjustments in the General Theory
    by Olivier Allain
  • 2006 Marshall’s Influence on Swedish Economic Thought
    by Sandelin, Bo
  • 2006 A Utilitarian Welfare Analysis of Trade Liberalization
    by Robert Shelburne
  • 2006 Economic and social studies of scientific research: nature and origins
    by Mario Coccia
  • 2006 Classifications of innovations: Survey and future directions
    by Mario Coccia
  • 2006 What Has Mattered to Economics Since 1970
    by Han Kim, E & Morse, Adair & Zingales, Luigi
  • 2006 Natur und Gerechtigkeit als Grenzen der Ökonomie
    by Malte Faber & Thomas Petersen
  • 2006 Storia economica e pensiero economico: spunti dal caso italiano
    by Pierluigi Ciocca
  • 2006 Pigou e a revolução keynesiana
    by Arthmar, Rogério
  • 2006 La crisis de visión en el pensamiento económico moderno
    by Milberg, William
  • 2006 Knut Wicksell, Gustav Cassel, Eli Heckscher, Bertil Ohlin and Gunnar Myrdal on the Role of the Economist in Public Debate
    by Benny Carlson & Lars Jonung
  • 2006 Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Economic Thought Magazine
    by Alexander Dimitrov
  • 2006 50 Years Tribune of Economic Thought
    by Aleksandar Dimitrov
  • 2005 Price and Prejudice. The statics and dynamics of money-wage flexibility
    by Annamaria Simonazzi & Fernando Vianello
  • 2005 Value judgments and value neutrality in economics
    by Mongin, Philippe
  • 2005 Mathematics as the role model for neoclassical economics (Blanqui Lecture)
    by Giocoli, Nicola
  • 2005 La Agenda 21 Local como instrumento de desarrollo sostenible
    by Aguado, Itziar
  • 2005 Inside the Economist's Mind: The History of Modern Economic Thought, as Explained by Those Who Produced It
    by William Barnett & Paul A. Samuelson & E. Roy Weintraub
  • 2005 Why is economic geography not an evolutionary science? Towards an evolutionary economic geography
    by Ron A. Boschma & Koen Frenken
  • 2005 Gigerenzer the Decided: A Tale of Difficult Distinctions
    by Floris Heukelom
  • 2005 Did the market-clearing postulate pre-exist new classical economics ? The case of Marshallian theory
    by Michel, DE VROEY
  • 2005 Pigou E A Revolução Keynesiana
    by Rogério Arthmar
  • 2005 Theoretical concepts of economic competition
    by Patrik Paneš
  • 2005 On the Accuracy of Some Past and Present Forecasts
    by Stanley Engerman
  • 2005 XX Century and the Evolution of the Economic Theory (Neoclassical Theory: Development of Microeconomics)
    by Zoya Mladenova
  • 2005 The Ideas of Ludwig von Mises for the Development of the Austrian Economic School
    by Nikolay Gerchev
  • 2005 The End of Autistic Economics: Evaluation of Institutional Economic Theory
    by Sinisha Zarich
  • 2004 Wissenschaft als Gegengabe - Neugründung und Aktivitäten des Theoretischen Ausschusses im Verein für Socialpolitik von 1949 –1973
    by Bertram Schefold
  • 2004 Scarcity and Growth in the New Millennium: Summary
    by Toman, Michael & Simpson, R. David & Ayres, Robert
  • 2004 Epicarmo Corbino a venti anni dalla sua scomparsa. Un ricordo
    by Cavalieri, Duccio
  • 2004 Wages Behaviour and Unemployment in Keynes and New Keynesians Views. A Comparison
    by Nicola Meccheri
  • 2004 Macroeconomic and monetary policy-making at the EC, from the Rome Treaties to the Hague Summit
    by Ivo Maes
  • 2004 The Brain Drain. A Survey of the Literature
    by Pierpaolo Giannoccolo
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