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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ P: Economic Systems
/ / P4: Other Economic Systems
/ / / P46: Consumer Economics; Health; Education and Training; Welfare, Income, Wealth, and Poverty
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Does Constitutionalizing Economic and Social Rights Promote their Fulfillment?
    by Elizabeth Kaletski & Lanse Minkler & Nishith Prakash & Susan Randolph
  • 2014 Dynamic Role of Zakat in Alleviating Poverty: A Case Study of Pakistan
    by M. Akram, Mian & Afzal, Muhammad
  • 2014 A Survey of the Economics of Fair Trade
    by Dammert, Ana C. & Mohan, Sarah
  • 2014 A Survey of the Role of Fiscal Policy in Addressing Income Inequality, Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Growth
    by Heshmati, Almas & Kim, Jungsuk
  • 2014 Measuring Adequacy of Retirement Savings
    by John Burnett & Kevin Davis & Carsten Murawski & Roger Wilkins & Nicholas Wilkinson
  • 2014 Entreprenörskap och ekonomisk tillväxt: En kritisk granskning
    by Delmar, Frédéric & Wennberg, Karl
  • 2014 Compravendita o Donazione di Parti del Corpo Umano? Il Contributo di Alvin Roth e Dintorni
    by Nicolò Bellanca
  • 2014 A High-Stakes Shift: Turning the Tide From GDP to New Prosperity Indicators
    by Isabelle CASSIERS & Géraldine THIRY
  • 2014 Global trends in relative and absolute wealth concentrations
    by Thomas Goda
  • 2014 Acceso a los servicios de salud en las principales ciudades colombianas (2008-2012)
    by Yuri Carolina Reina A.
  • 2014 Climate Change and Sustainable Welfare: An Argument for the Centrality of Human Needs
    by Ian Gough
  • 2014 Has Inflation Hurt the Poor? Regional Analysis in the Philippines
    by Hyun H. Son
  • 2014 Social And Ecological Dimensions Of Sustainable Development
    by Raluca-Ana-Maria DUMITRU
  • 2014 Level of Satisfaction of Educational Services Consumers. Impact and Consequences for the Responsibility of an Economics Faculty
    by Gheorghe Savoiu & Consuela Necsulescu & Marian Taicu & Luminita Serbanescu, Emil Crisan
  • 2013 Do economic crises lead to health and nutrition behavior responses?: analysis using longitudinal data from Russia
    by Zlatko Nikoloski & Mohamed Ihsan Ajwad
  • 2013 Emissions Pricing, 'Complementary Policies' and 'Direct Action' in the Australian Electricity Supply Sector: 'Lock-in' and Investment
    by Dr Barry Naughten
  • 2013 On the Effect of the Great Recession on US Household Expenditures for Entertainment
    by Liping Gao & Hyeongwoo Kim & Yaoqi Zhang
  • 2013 Why do Students use Virtual Social Networks in Iran: a System Approach
    by Babak Saleck Pay & Seyed Hossein Hosseini & Hamed G. Shakouri
  • 2013 Socio-economic justice perception in Lithuania: individualism and collectivism models
    by Rudzkiene Vitalija & Migle Eleonora Cernikovaite
  • 2013 An Old Measure of Decision-Making Quality Sheds New Light on Paternalism
    by Shachar Kariv & Dan Silverman
  • 2013 Usage of Business Simulation Games in Croatia: Perceived Obstacles
    by Jovana Zoroja
  • 2013 Insurance and Reinsurance Services – System of Relationships in Order to Protect the Interests of Individuals and Legal Entities
    by Viorica Ionascu & Argentina Velea
  • 2013 Role Of Lifelong Learning In Development Of The Of The Organizations Based On Knowledge
    by Camelia-Cristina DRAGOMIR
  • 2013 The Transformation of the Structures of Health Care - Opportunity of Growth
    by Barbel Held
  • 2013 Competition among payers in health care. Theoretical approach
    by Anna Hnatyszyn-Dzikowska
  • 2013 Considerations About The Priorities In The Field Of Education And Training In Europe In The Current Economic Context
    by Maria MACRIS & Vergil CIUREA
  • 2013 Dynamics Of Households Consumption In The Romanian Regions [1]
    by Marioara IORDAN & Mihaela-Nona CHILIAN
  • 2013 Changes In The Households Consumption Patterns In Romania And The Eu Countries - How Much Impact Of The Global Economic Crisis? [1]
    by Marioara IORDAN & Mihaela-Nona CHILIAN
  • 2012 Türkiye’nin Avrupa Birliği’ne üyeliğinin gıda tüketicileri üzerindeki refah etkisi
    by Ahmet ŞAHİNÖZ & Onur YENİ
  • 2012 Fuzzy Sets Application To Healthcare Systems
    by Lazzari, Luisa L. & Moulia, Patricia I.
  • 2012 Le « paradoxe » de Sikasso (Mali) : pourquoi « produire plus » ne suffit-il pas pour bien nourrir les enfants des familles d’agriculteurs ?
    by Dury, S. & Bocoum, I.
  • 2012 The Relationship between Structural Change and Inequality: A Conceptual Overview with Special Reference to Developing Asia
    by Aizenman, Joshua & Lee, Minsoo & Park, Donghyun
  • 2012 Can Poverty be Educated Out?
    by Hati, Koushik Kumar
  • 2012 Stagflation, the Labor Market Impact, and the Poverty Puzzle in Pakistan: A Preliminary Analysis
    by Amjad, Rashid
  • 2012 Multidimensional Measurement of Poverty in Pakistan
    by Masood, Sarwar Awan & Muhammad, Waqas & Amir, Aslam
  • 2012 Shared Societies: The Economic Case
    by Clem McCarthy & Wim Naudé
  • 2012 Analysis of Impact of Remittance on Poverty in Nigeria
    by Nnaemeka Chukwuone & Ebele Amaechina & Sunday Emeka Enebeli-Uzor & Evelyn Iyoko & Benjamin Okpukpara
  • 2012 The Relationship between Structural Change and Inequality: A Conceptual Overview with Special Reference to Developing Asia
    by Joshua AIZENMAN & Minsoo LEE & Donghyun PARK
  • 2012 A Guide to Subsistence Affluence
    by John D. Conroy
  • 2012 Enabling Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
    by Susan Davis
  • 2012 Economic indicators of quality of life
    by Carmen Mariana CODREANU
  • 2012 Motivational strategies in teaching university students
    by Cristina MIHAESCU
  • 2012 The interpretative valences of the relationship between sustainable development and the quality of life
    by Vladimir-Aurelian Enachescu & Diana Andreia Hristache & Claudia Elena Paicu
  • 2012 Factors Affecting the Public Judgement of Consumer Protection Authorities
    by Csilla Margit Csiszár
  • 2012 Stagflation, the Labor Market Impact, and the Poverty Puzzle in Pakistan: A Preliminary Analysis
    by Rashid Amjad
  • 2012 Odyssey of the European Funds Absorption Process in the Case of the Romanian Economy
    by Cosmin Stoica
  • 2012 The impact of financial management practices and financial attitudes on the relationship between materialism and compulsive buying
    by Pham, Thi H. & Yap, Keong & Dowling, Nicki A.
  • 2012 Action speaks louder than words: The effect of personal attitudes and family norms on adolescents’ pro-environmental behaviour
    by Grønhøj, Alice & Thøgersen, John
  • 2012 Unidimensional and multidimensional fuzzy poverty measures: New approach
    by Belhadj, Besma & Limam, Mohamed
  • 2012 Seasonality of income and poverty in Bangladesh
    by Khandker, Shahidur R.
  • 2012 An Alternative Approach to Ending Economic Insecurity in Nigeria: The Role of Revolving Credit Association
    by Saifullahi Sani Ibrahim
  • 2012 Alcohol Consumption: Measuring the Risk of Household Poverty - Case of the Urban District of Toamasina - Madagascar
    by Amaïde Arsan Miriarison TSIKOMIA & Daniela SARPE
  • 2012 Information and Ecological Behaviour towards the Natural Resources Consumption of the Population of Bucharest
    by Paul Marinescu & Marin Burcea
  • 2011 Preferences for conditioning and being conditioned: Experimental and survey evidence from Zambia
    by Schuring, Esther
  • 2011 Engel’s Law Around the World 150 Years Later
    by Richard Anker
  • 2011 Health for Development: A District Level Study in West Bengal
    by Hati, Koushik Kumar & Majumder, Rajarshi
  • 2011 Poverty, Human Capital, Life-cycle and the Tax and Transfer Bases: The Role of Education for Development and International Competition
    by Hans-Georg Petersen
  • 2011 L'économie résidentielle en Suisse: une approche par les emplois
    by Alain Segessemann & Olivier Crevoisier
  • 2011 The Welfare Impact of Price Changes on Household Welfare and Inequality 1999-2010
    by Loughrey, Jason & O'Donoghue, Cathal
  • 2011 The Welfare Impact of Price Changes on Household Welfare and Inequality 1999-2010
    by Loughrey, Jason & O'Donoghue, Cathal
  • 2011 Tajik Labour Migrants and their Remittances: Is Tajik Migration Pro-Poor?
    by Kazuhiro Kumo
  • 2011 Teenage Pregnacy in Mexico: Evolution and Consequences
    by Eva O. Arceo-Gómez & Raymundo M. Campos-Vázquez
  • 2011 A Behaviouristic Approach for Measuring Poverty: The Decomposition Approach ; Empirical Illustrations for Germany 1995-2009
    by Jürgen Faik
  • 2011 GDP Concept and the GPI
    by IYODA, Mitsuhiko
  • 2011 The Role Of Informal Sources Of Information In The Polish Consumer Market
  • 2011 Why Is Human Capital a Driver for Economic Growth?
    by Liparã Daniel
  • 2011 Human Capital And Development: Some Evidence From Eastern Europe
    by Carlei Vittorio & Colantonio Emiliano & Marianacci Raffaella & Mattoscio Nicola
  • 2011 La mappa di percezione del pesce azzurro. Un’analisi esplorativa degli attributi di prodotto
    by Anna Gaviglio & Alberto Pirani & Pedol Martina Licitra & Eugenio Demartini
  • 2011 Macro-econometric modelling for the Nigerian economy: A growth–poverty gap analysis
    by Akanbi, Olusegun A. & Du Toit, Charlotte B.
  • 2011 Human Resource and Economic Development: Where Does North-East India Stand?
    by Utpal Kumar De
  • 2011 Analyzing the Main Changes in New Consumer Buying Behavior during Economic Crisis
    by Lelia Voinea & Alina Filip
  • 2011 Mutations in the Foodstuff Quality Perception of the New Consumers in Romania
    by Dorin Popescu & Mihai Negrea & Lelia Voinea
  • 2010 Guns and butter - but no margarine: The impact of Nazi economic policies on German food consumtion, 1933-38
    by Spoerer, Mark & Streb, Jochen
  • 2010 A New Avenue for Understanding the Nutritional Health of Children in Guinea
    by Ohiniba Carole Bruce & Dorothée Boccanfuso
  • 2010 Comprendre l’évolution de la santé des enfants de moins de 5 ans en Guinée
    by Dorothée Boccanfuso & Ohiniba Carole Bruce
  • 2010 Measuring Poverty and Human Capital Development in Sudan
    by Mohamed, Issam A.W.
  • 2010 Decentralization, Democracy and Allocation of Poverty Alleviation Programs in Rural India
    by Takahiro Sato & Katsushi S. Imai
  • 2010 The Regulation of Consumer Financial Products: An Introductory Essay with Four Case Studies
    by Campbell, John Y. & Jackson, Howell E. & Madrian, Brigitte C. & Tufano, Peter
  • 2010 Poverty in Tunisia: A Fuzzy Measurement Approach
    by Besma Belhadj & Mohamed Salah Matoussi
  • 2010 Quality Of Public Transportation Services In Urban Area Of Oradea
    by Silaghi Simona
  • 2010 Erhöhung der Mehrwertsteuer für Lebensmittel: Budget- und Wohlfahrtseffekte für Konsumenten
    by Silke Thiele
  • 2010 Educación y Escuela: configuraciones como clave en la formación ciudadana
    by Márquez Ramírez, Ysrael Orlando
  • 2010 Gestion de Politicas Públicas en Ciencia y Tecnología. Innovación, Crecimiento Economico y Desarrollo Humano en Venezuela. 1990-2010
    by Rincón Soto, Idana Berosca
  • 2010 Características de la marginalidad urbana: el caso del Estado de Oaxaca
    by Ramos Soto, Ana Luz
  • 2010 La multidimensionalidad de la pobreza. Una revisión de la literatura
    by Briggite Aguirre
  • 2010 A Prospective Approach On Product Responsibility
    by Prof. DANIELA POPESCU PhD. & Assoc. Prof. Adriana SCRIOŞTEANU PhD.
  • 2010 Education and Training Needs in the Field of Local Development in the Lower Danube Macro Region
    by Laurenţiu Tăchiciu & Nicola Yankov & Alina Elena Balalia
  • 2010 Study on the Information Level of Pupils and Parents Regarding the Effects of Unhealthy Food Consumption
    by Sorin-George Toma & Costel Stanciu & Eugen Irimia
  • 2009 How does biotech food labelling affect consumers’ purchasing preferences and the market? Evidence from urban China
    by Zhong, Funing & Chen, Xi
  • 2009 Tax reform in emerging transition: Is Kosovo’s Government and NGOs mathematical economics rational?
    by Mulaj, Isa
  • 2009 How Pervasive is Eating Out in India?
    by Raghav Gaiha & Raghbendra Jha & Vani S. Kulkarni
  • 2009 Measuring wealth mobility
    by Andrea Neri
  • 2009 The Characteristics Of Poverty In Serbia
  • 2009 Comparing Disadvantage and Well-Being in Australian Families
    by Peter Saunders & Anna Zhu
  • 2009 Verbraucherkompetenz und Verbraucherschutz auf Wohlfahrtsmärkten: neue Herausforderungen an eine sozialpolitische Verbraucherpolitik
    by Wolfram Lamping
  • 2009 A Prospective Approach On Product Responsibility
    by Prof. PhD. Daniela Popescu & Prof. PhD. Adriana Scrioteanu
  • 2008 Consumismo e crescita demografica / Consumerism and population increase
    by Casale, Giuseppe
  • 2008 Flambée des prix alimentaires internationaux : opportunité ou désastre pour les populations les plus pauvres ?
    by Gérard, F. & Dorin, B. & Belières, J.F. & Diarra, A. & Keita, S.M. & Dury, S.
  • 2008 Measuring Child Poverty and Well-Being: a literature review
    by Roelen, Keetie & Gassmann, Franziska
  • 2008 Interactions between Country-of-Origin, Brands and Food-Safety-Certificates in the Promotion of Beef in Germany – What is the Right Labelling Strategy? – A Consumer Preference Analysis on the Basis of a Conditional Logit Model –
    by Profeta, Adriano
  • 2008 A Theoretical Framework for Country-of-Origin-Research in the Food sector
    by Profeta, Adriano
  • 2008 Analysis of Spatial Disparities by a Structural Equations Model
    by Maria Francesca Cracolici & Miranda Cuffaro & Peter Nijkamp
  • 2008 'Consumer Welfare' and Article 82EC: Practice and Rhetoric
    by Pinar Akman
  • 2008 Poverty, Armed Conflict and Financial Instability
    by Baddeley, M.C.
  • 2008 Analysis of Poverty and Inequality in Bolivia,1999-2005: A Microsimulation Approach
    by Claudia Gutierrez
  • 2008 The Ethics Theory And The Free Market In The Globalization Context
    by Veronica Popovici & Ramona Nicoleta Bunda
  • 2007 Measuring the performance of Italian regions: on social and economic dimensions
    by Cuffaro, Miranda & Cracolici, Maria Francesca & Nijkamp, Peter
  • 2007 National Systems of Innovations and the Role of Demand. A Cross Country Comparison
    by Garcia, Abraham
  • 2007 The Great Divide: “Ruralisation” of Poverty in Russia
    by Christopher J Gerry & Eugene Nivorozhkin & John Rigg
  • 2007 Explaining champagne prices in Scandinavia - what is the best predictor?
    by Bentzen, Jan & Smith, Valdemar
  • 2007 Impacto del crédito en el bienestar
    by Víctor Gerardo Carreón Rodríguez & Malena Svarch Pérez
  • 2007 Measuring the performance of Italian regions: on social and economic dimensions
    by Cuffaro, Miranda & Cracolici, Maria Francesca & Nijkamp, Peter
  • 2006 Internet für alle? Die Diskussion des »digital divide« revisited
    by Krings, Bettina & Riehm, Ulrich
  • 2006 Chapter 8: Issues in Welfare Policy
    by Gottlieb, Daniel & Nitsa, Kassir
  • 2006 Estimation and Determinants of Chronic Poverty in India : An Alternative Approach
    by R. Radhakrishna & K. Hanumantha Rao & C. Ravi & B. Sambi Reddy
  • 2006 Participarea cetatenilor in Romania. Implicarea factorilor economiei/ Participation of Citizens in Romania. Involvment of Economy (Romanian Version)
  • 2006 Human Capital In Romania An Integrated And A Multifactor Concept
  • 2005 The idea of South Asia and the role of the middle class
    by Singh, Nirvikar
  • 2005 Family Support, Economic Independence and Sociability
    by Nicolas Herpin & Jean-Hugues Déchaux
  • 2005 Ocupación,competitividad e inversión en capital humano. Una propuesta alternativa para el desarrollo
    by Fabio Ramires Zorro
  • 2004 Bolivian capitalization and privatization: Approximation to an evaluation
    by Barja, Gover & McKenzie, David & Urquiola, Miguel
  • 2004 Análisis territorial de la accesibilidad a la vivienda en España
  • 2004 Complexity in daily life – a 3D-visualization showing activity patterns in their contexts
    by Kajsa Ellegård & Matthew Cooper
  • 2004 A theory of gender differences in parental altruism
    by Mukesh Eswaran & Ashok Kotwal
  • 2003 Ask and Ye Shall Receive: The Effect of the Appeals Scale on Consumers' Donation Behavior
    by Desmet, Pierre & Feinberg, Fred M.
  • 2003 Structural Changes In The Consumer Goods Supply In Romania
    by Iordan, Marioara & Nicolae, Mariana
  • 2003 Strategic Bargaining Behavior, Self-Serving Biases, and the Role of Expert Agents An Empirical Study of Final-Offer Arbitration
    by Orley Ashenfelter & Gordon Dahl
  • 2002 Transaktionskostentheoretische Betrachtung des Anlageverhaltens im Online-Handel und deren empirische Evidenz
    by Theodoro D. Cocca
  • 2001 Factores socioculturales y medio ambiente en Samacá
    by Alba Nidia Triana Ramírez & Maria Cecilia Rodríguez & Miguel Ángel Vega Álvarez
  • 1999 Asking for Less to Obtain More
    by Desmet, Pierre
  • 1998 Comportement humain et rationalités dans les pays en développement
    by Stéphane Meignel
  • 1994 Poverty in rural Pakistan
    by Mohammad, Irfan & Amjad, Rashid
  • 1985 Poverty and household demographic behaviour in Pakistan - insights from PLM survey 1979
    by Mohammad, Irfan