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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N8: Micro-Business History
/ / / N84: Europe: 1913-
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Banking on a religious divide: Accounting for the success of the Netherlands' Raiffeisen cooperatives in the crisis of the 1920s
    by Colvin, Christopher L.

  • 2017 Political Economy, Firm Survival and Entrepreneurship in Turkey: The Case of the Wealth Tax (1942)
    by Seven Ağır & Cihan Artunç

  • 2017 ¿Dinero o trascendencia? La frivolidad del arte durante el Rococó
    by Ponzio de León, Carlos Alejandro

  • 2016 Foreign concessions in the Soviet Union of the 1920s: "Why split up"?
    by M. Levin & I. Sheveleva.

  • 2016 What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur? Historical Evidence from Italy (XIX-XX Centuries)
    by Alessandro Nuvolari & Pier Angelo Toninelli & MIchelangelo Vasta

  • 2016 A “Statute of the Firm” as an antitrust law during the Seventies. Guido Carli’s chairmanship of the Italian Industrial Association (Confindustria)
    by Dafano, Alessandro

  • 2016 State intervention and economic growth in Southern Italy: the rise and fall of the «Cassa per il Mezzogiorno» (1950-1986)
    by Felice, Emanuele & Lepore, Amedeo

  • 2016 «A un panal de rica miel?»: empresas y empresarios en la exportación de aceite de oliva andaluz, 1886-1936
    by Salvador Hernández Armenteros & Juan Antonio Rubio Mondéjar & Jósean Garrués Irurzun

  • 2015 IPR-beachheads. Babcock & Wilcox's business and innovation strategies in Spain
    by Saiz, Patricio

  • 2015 Fraud and Financial Scandals: A Historical Analysis of Opportunity and Impediment
    by Toms, Steven

  • 2015 Longevity’s factors in small-scale business system: An Italian case study during the 20th century
    by Ilaria Suffia

  • 2015 Keynes, Trouton and the Hector Whaling Company. A personal and professional relationship
    by Basberg, Bjørn L.

  • 2015 The British commercial houses in Peru and Chile between the two world wars: success and failure
    by Rory M. Miller

  • 2015 Historical Aspects, Traditions and Statistical Gaps. The German Economy versus the Romanian Economy
    by Silviu PETRE & Gheorghe SAVOIU

  • 2015 Tratantes de arte y los grandes maestros de la pintura
    by Carlos Alejandro Ponzio de León

  • 2014 Soft budget constraints and regional industrial policy: Reinterpreting the rise and fall of De Lorean
    by Brownlow, Graham

  • 2014 Emergence and development of a financial cluster: the evolution of Andorra’s banking deposits in the long-term, 1931-2007
    by Marc Galabert Macià

  • 2014 Social Economy, Its Perception and Possibilities of Its Development in Conditions of the Slovak Republic
    by Lenka PCOLINSKÁ

  • 2014 Of Firms and Captives: Railway Infrastructures and the Economics of Forced Labour (Spain, 1937 – 1957)
    by Fernando Mendiola

  • 2014 La dinámica empresarial en el sector exportador del aceite de oliva andaluz, 1886-1939
    by Salvador Hernández Armenteros & Juan Antonio Rubio Mondéjar & Josean Garrués Irurzun

  • 2014 120 Years of (Non) Issue of the Czech Translation of the book “Treatise on Accounting” by Luca Pacioli
    by Miloslav Janhuba

  • 2013 Impact of broadband speed on household income: Comparing OECD and BIC
    by Rohman, Ibrahim Kholilul & Bohlin, Erik

  • 2013 Foreign family business and capital flight. The case for a fraud to fail
    by Giovanni Favero

  • 2013 Structural Change in Distribution Markets in Peripheral Europe: Spanish Food Retailing, 1950-2007
    by Maixe-Altes, J. Carles & Castro Balaguer, Rafael

  • 2013 En värdefull berättelse Wallenbergarnas historieprojekt
    by Olsson, Ulf

  • 2012 Las cajas de ahorro y el cambio tecnológico antes de Internet, 1945-1995
    by Maixe-Altes, J. Carles

  • 2012 The financing history of urban water infrastructure in Paris (1807-1925): lessons from the past to enlighten present and future challenges?
    by Olivier CRESPI REGHIZZI

  • 2012 Entrepreneurship Perceptions in Romania: Where Do We Stand?
    by Mariana NICOLAE & Irina ION

  • 2011 Towards the alternative measurement: Discovering the relationships between technology adoption and quality of life in Indonesia
    by Rohman, Ibrahim Kholilul & Bohlin, Erik

  • 2011 Opening the black box of Entrepreneurship: the Italian case in a historical perspective
    by Pier Angelo Toninelli & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2011 Il sistema di imprese della cooperazione sociale. Origini e sviluppo dei consorzi di cooperative sociali
    by Carlo Borzaga & Alberto Ianes

  • 2011 Les industries animales dans l'ouest de la France : les territoires industrielles de Chateau-Renault et Surgères
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2011 De sale à durable ? Le tannage du XIXe au XXIe siècle
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2011 From national monopoly to Multinational Corporation: how regulation shaped the road towards telecommunications internationalization
    by Clifton, Judith & Díaz-Fuentes, Daniel & Comín Comín, Francisco

  • 2011 Governance in Spanish Savings Banks. A Historical Perspective
    by Maixe-Altes, J. Carles

  • 2011 A Crisis that Never Came. The Decline of the European Antarctic Whaling Industry in the 1950s and -60s
    by Basberg, Bjørn L.

  • 2011 In quest of the stages of renewal of French entrepreneurship in the years 1950s-2000s (In French)
    by Hubert BONIN (GREThA, CNRS, UMR5113 - IEP BORDEAUX)

  • 2011 French mega-suppliers’ trajectories during the modular era: some evidences on Faurecia, Valeo and Plastic Omnium
    by Vincent FRIGANT (GREThA)

  • 2011 Old and new Italian multinational firms
    by Giuseppe Berta & Fabrizio Onida

  • 2011 Italian Firms in History: Size, Technology and Entrepreneurship
    by Franco Amatori & Matteo Bugamelli & Andrea Colli

  • 2011 The origins of Made in Spain fashion. The competitive advantage of the textile, apparel and footwear districts since the Golden Age
    by Jordi Catalan & Ramon Ramon-Munoz

  • 2011 Responses to a crisis: FASA-Renault in Spain during the 1970s
    by Tomas Fernandez-de-Sevilla

  • 2011 Eighty-years Old News
    by Miloslav Janhuba

  • 2010 On the ICT Economy in the European Countries: Investigating the Contribution of the ICT Sectors Using the Input-Output Model
    by Rohman, Ibrahim Kholilul & Bohlin, Erik

  • 2010 L’artisan entre histoire et theorie economique (Craftsman between history and economic theory)
    by Sophie BOUTILLIER

  • 2010 Virgin Finance: Sir Richard Brandson’s pursuit of a significant presence in retail financial services
    by Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo & Kase, Kimio

  • 2010 Restare A Lungo In Fabbrica Nella Prima Meta’ Del ‘900: Stabilita’ Occupazionale O Crescita Professionale?
    by Ilaria Suffia

  • 2010 Banking in Savoy and embeddedness within local business communities (1860- (In French)
    by Hubert BONIN (GREThA UMR CNRS 5113 - Institut de Sciences Politique de Bordeaux)

  • 2010 How do Electoral Systems Affect Fiscal Policy? Evidence from State and Local Governments, 1890 to 2005
    by Patricia Funk & Christina Gathmann

  • 2010 La economía de Valladolid, 1830-2000. Una perspectiva histórica
    by Javier Moreno Llázaro

  • 2010 Social Aspects in Buyer-Supplier Relationships of SMEs in Hungary
    by Andrea Gubik

  • 2009 Intangible assets and competitiveness in Spain: an approach based on trademark registration data in Catalonia (1850-1946)
    by Sáiz, Patricio & Fernández, Paloma

  • 2009 Managing technological change by committee: Adoption of computers in Spanish and British savings banks (circa 1960-1988)
    by Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo & Maixe-Altes, J. Carles

  • 2009 Building Bankomat: The development of on-line, real-time systems in British and Swedish savings banks, c.1965-1985
    by Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo & Karlsson, Tobias & Thodenius, Björn

  • 2009 Comparative performance of UK mutual building societies and stock retail banks: further evidence: a comment
    by Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo & Billings, Mark

  • 2009 Interpreting the Early Stages of the Self-service Revolution in Europe: the Modernization of Food Retailing in Spain, 1947-1972
    by Maixe-Altes, J Carles

  • 2009 The diversity of organisational forms in banking: France, Italy and Spain 1900-2000
    by Maixe-Altes, J. Carles

  • 2009 Institutional Clash and Financial Fragility. An Evolutionary Model of Banking Crises
    by Knutsen, Sverre & Sjögren, Hans

  • 2009 Italian Entrepreneurship: Conjectures and Evidence from a Historical Perspective
    by Pier Angelo Toninelli & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2009 La formación de un distrito industrial metalúrgico en Valladolid (c. 1842-c. 1953)
    by Monserrat Álvarez Martín & Pedro Pablo Ortúñez Goicolea

  • 2009 Un Zaibatsu fuera de lugar: los orígenes del Grupo Fierro (1870?1939)
    by Elena San Román

  • 2008 La publicité des artisans en France au XXème siècle
    by Perrin, Cedric

  • 2008 Americanización y consumo de masas, la distribución alimentaria en España, 1947-2007
    by Maixe-Altes, J. Carles

  • 2008 Organisational change and the computerisation of British and Spanish savings banks, circa 1965-1985
    by Batiz-Lazo, Bernardo & Maixe-Altes, J. Carles

  • 2008 Did Economics Cause World War II?
    by Robert J. Gordon

  • 2008 Religion, Longevity, and Cooperation: The Case of the Craft Guild
    by Gary Richardson & Michael McBride

  • 2008 Italian Diaspora and Foreign Direct Investment: A Cliometric Perspective
    by Marina Murat & Barbara Pistoresi & Alberto Rinaldi

  • 2008 Between Agnelli and Mussolini: Ford’s unsuccessful attempt to penetrate the Italian automobile market in the interwar period
    by Pier Angelo Toninelli

  • 2008 Corporate Brand Building at Shell-Mex Ltd in the Interwar Period
    by Michael Heller

  • 2008 Turning Trade Marks into Brands: how Advertising Agencies Created Brands in the Global Market Place, 1900-1930
    by Stefan Schwarzkopf

  • 2008 Sísifo en España: doscientos años de banca francesa (c.1800-c.2000)
    by Rafael Castro Balaguer

  • 2007 Le syst�me d�innovation de Benetton et ses limites
    by Giovanni Favero

  • 2007 Size, Structure, and Strategies: Insolvency and "The Nature of the Firm" in Italy, 1920S-1970S
    by Paolo Di Martino & Michelangelo Vasta

  • 2007 Sustainability of Collusion: Evidence from the Late 19th Century Basque Iron and Steel Industry
    by Pedro Mendi & Róbert F. Veszteg

  • 2007 Universal Banking Failure? An Analysis of the Contrasting Responses of the Amsterdamsche Bank and the Rotterdamsche Bankvereeniging to the Dutch Financial Crisis of the 1920s
    by Colvin, Chris

  • 2007 Generational Effects on Adult Height in Contemporary Spain: Exploring Gender and Individual Heterogeneity
    by Joan Costa Font & Joan Gil Trasfi

  • 2006 Benetton: identifying an image, imagining an identity
    by Giovanni Favero

  • 2006 El ferrocarril como sector estratégico durante la Guerra Civil española: reorganización, explotación y consecuencias
    by Cayón, Francisco & Muñoz, Miguel

  • 2006 Elda Pavan Cecchele e il mondo della moda: 1950-1970
    by Inguanotto, Irina & Piva, Francesca

  • 2006 Entrepreneurship and market order: Some historical evidence
    by Bitros, George C. & Minoglou, Ioanna

  • 2006 Verkstadsindustri i globaliseringens tidevarv. En studie av SKF och Volvo 1970-2000
    by Broberg, Oskar

  • 2006 Il trasporto pubblico locale: studio di una caso in una prospettiva storica
    by Giancarlo GRAZIOLA

  • 2006 Národní nebo individuální zájem: případ prvorepublikového Československa
    by Antonie Doležalová

  • 2005 Why did modern trade fairs appear?
    by Albert Carreras & Lídia Torra

  • 2005 A short history of French spirit of enterprise (from 1780 till date) (In French)
    by Hubert BONIN

  • 2005 Tejiendo Redes Empresariales en Andalucía Oriental:Vida y Obra de Alfredo Velasco y Sotillos (1872-1936)
    by Gregorio Núñez

  • 2005 Networks of People in Specialty Production: Family Firms in the Iron and Steel Wire Industries in Spain (1870-2000)
    by Paloma Fernandez Perez

  • 2005 La gestión privada de los montes públicos en España. El caso del empresario Echevarrieta (1920-1933)
    by Pablo Díaz Morlán

  • 2005 The Impact of the Legal Milieu on the Private Enterprise in Czechoslovakia in the 1950s and the 1960s
    by Pavel Dufek

  • 2005 Hacia un cártel perfecto. Los acuerdos colusivos en el sector siderúrgico español (1871-1907)
    by Miguel Ángel Sáez García

  • 2004 Strategie di speculazione, di sopravvivenza e frodi bancarie prima della grande crisi
    by Giuseppe Conti

  • 2003 Alfred D. Chandlers Konzept der learning base und seine Anwendung auf den Unterhaltungselektronikhersteller Loewe
    by Steiner, Kilian J. L.

  • 2003 Causas, intereses y desarrollo histórico de la acción colectiva empresarial en el ámbito agrario: el caso del cooperativismo en el sector oleícola
    by Alfonso Carlos Morales Gutiérrez & Teresa Romero Atela & María Dolores Muñoz Dueñas

  • 2002 Perspectiva histórica del cooperativismo de crédito agrícola en Canarias
    by Fernando Carnero Lorenzo & Juan S. Nuez Yánez

  • 2001 Productividad, competencia e innovación en la banca privada española (1900-1914)
    by Xavier Cuadras & Ángel S. Fernández Castro & Joan R. Rosés

  • 2000 Anticipating changes: de Nederlandsche Bank at Leyden 1865-1969
    by M.M.G. Fase & J. Mooij

  • 2000 Successes of trade reorientation and expansion in post-communist transition: an enterprise-level approach
    by Jan Winiecki

  • 2000 Successes of trade reorientation and expansion in post-communist transition: an enterprise-level approach
    by Jan Winiecki

  • 1999 Are Prices Higher For the Poor in New York City?
    by Lashawn Richburg Hayes

  • 1998 Perceptions of the Royal Mail Case in the Netherlands
    by Camfferman, Kees

  • 1988 External Trade in Italy, 1922-38 .Some Evidence from Trade Index Numbers
    by Tattara, Giuseppe

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