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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ H: Public Economics
/ / H3: Fiscal Policies and Behavior of Economic Agents
/ / / H39: Other
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Public Finance and Right-Wing Populism
    by Aggeborn, Linuz & Persson, Lovisa

  • 2017 Osmanlı Devleti’nde Mali Bunalım ve Reform
    by Mustafa SAKAL & Ali Gökhan GÖLÇEK

  • 2017 Esfuerzo fiscal de las entidades federativas mexicanas durante el periodo 2004 al 2012
    by Delia Laura Sour Vargas

  • 2017 Health reform policy-making: Fiscal sustainability matters (The case of Iran’s PresidentCare)
    by Atashbar, Tohid & Arani, Abbas Assari & Antoun, Joseph & Bossert, Thomas

  • 2017 The Degree Of Compliance Based On Vat In Romania Between 1995 And 2015
    by TODOR Silvia Paula & GHIUR Rodica & BREZEANU Petre

  • 2016 Evaluación de la Política Fiscal de Bolivia
    by Valdivia Coria, Joab Dan

  • 2016 Voting and Popularity
    by Gebhard Kirchgässner

  • 2016 Impuestos al tabaco
    by Rodríguez, Andrea Yanira & Araque, Alex & Calderón, Lorena Viviana & Franco, Camila & Góngora, Pamela & Iunes, Roberto

  • 2016 Voting and Popularity
    by Gebhard Kirchgässner

  • 2016 Estudios sobre la eficacia del régimen fiscal cooperativo portugués
    by Nina Aguiar & Deolinda Meira & Sandra Raquel

  • 2016 Handbook of Tobacco Taxation: Theory and Practice (Economic Theory of Taxation)
    by Laffer, Arthur B.

  • 2016 Threshold Effects of Fiscal Policy on Economic Activity in Developing Countries
    by Salma Slimani

  • 2016 Evidencia de ciclo político presupuestal en el Estado de México
    by Pablo Mejía Reyes. & Marlen Rocío Reyes Hernández. & Blanca I. Melquiades Ramírez.

  • 2016 Reforming of Regional Fiscal Policy as Basis of Increasing Taxation Potential of Territories
    by Lyudmila Lazarevna Igonina & Ramazan Abdulmuminovich Nabiyev & Madina Gamidulakhovna Alimirzoeva & Gulzar Akhmedullakhovna Gulmagomedova & Magomed Magomedovich Suleymanov

  • 2016 Are fiscal rules an effective instrument in consolidating public finances? Conclusions from the economic crisis
    by Joanna Dzialo

  • 2015 Yükselen Ekonomilerde Risk Primi ve Toplam Dalgalanmalar
    by Sahibe Meral ÇAKICI

  • 2015 Cohesion Policy as a Function of the EU Budget: A Perspective from the CEE Member States
    by Mojmir Mrak & Sandor Richter & Tamás Szemlér

  • 2015 Identifying and addressing gaps in the UNFCCC reporting framework
    by Jane Ellis & Sara Moarif

  • 2015 Relative Income and Subjective Wellbeing: Intra-national and Inter-national Comparisons by Settlement and Country Type
    by Arthur Grimes & Marc Reinhardt

  • 2015 Fiscal Incentives and Policy Choices of Local Governments, Evidence from China
    by Li Han & James Kung

  • 2015 Fighting Harmful Tax Competition Generated by Offshore Jurisdictions
    by Dan Drosu Saguna & Daniela Iuliana Radu

  • 2015 Will one size fit all? Incentives designed to nurture prosocial behaviour
    by Barile, Lory & Cullis, John & Jones, Philip

  • 2015 Regulating European grant-making foundations. Lessons from the USA experience?
    by Barbetta, Gian Paolo & Colombo, Luca & Turati, Gilberto

  • 2014 Fiscal decentralisation and its effects on the health sector in Pakistan
    by Reayat, Nauman & Ahmad, Iftikhar & Khalil, Jehanzeb & Rahim, Tariq

  • 2014 Public–Private Service Delivery Arrangements and Incentive Schemes in Developing Asia
    by Capuno, Joseph J.

  • 2014 Проблемы и перспективы cекьюритизации активов на российском рынке
    by Velikodnaya, Polina

  • 2014 Housing Provision, Finance, and Well-Being in Europe
    by Mary Robertson

  • 2014 Using Methodological Triangulation to Study the Individual Compliance Behaviour Towards Income Reporting
    by Gabriela ȘTEFURA

  • 2013 Proiezioni della spesa e del finanziamento dei Sistemi Sanitari Regionali in Italia [2015-2030]
    by SALERNO, Nicola Carmine

  • 2013 Macro Fiscal Policy in Economic Unions: States as Agents
    by Gerald Carlino & Robert P. Inman

  • 2013 Voter Turnout and the Size of Government
    by Aggeborn, Linuz

  • 2013 Voter Turnout and the Size of Government
    by Aggeborn, Linuz

  • 2013 Determinants of the duration and ending of terrorist and other non-state armed groups
    by Dominik Noe

  • 2013 El recaudo del impuesto predial en Cartagena de Indias, 1984-2010
    by Aaron Espinosa Espinosa & Jorge Campos Perez

  • 2013 The Mechanisms of Arrears in Romania
    by Pelinescu, Elena

  • 2013 Europe, Time to Wake Up! Change of monetary policy instruments — reduction of public debt (interest burdens), system of fiscal and monetary objectives — central bank independence
    by Tamás Bánfi & Attila Bánfi & Zoltán Bánfi

  • 2013 Are Your Firm´s Taxes Set in Warsaw? Spatial Tax Competition in Europe
    by Karen Crabbé

  • 2013 Ethics and Deontology in Public Administration
    by Paulina Dina

  • 2013 Conflict and negotiation in Colombia: Are pre-donations useful?
    by Zuleta, Hernando & Villaveces, Marta Juanita & Andonova, Veneta

  • 2013 Grand corruption instead of commitment? Reconsidering time-inconsistency of monetary policy
    by Bohn, Frank

  • 2013 Role of government funding on the empowerment of the Royal Project Foundation: A general equilibrium approach
    by Orakanya Kanjanatarakul & Komsan Suriya

  • 2013 The German “debt brake”: a shining example for European fiscal policy?
    by Achim Truger & Henner Will

  • 2012 The German 'debt brake': A shining example for European fiscal policy?
    by Truger, Achim & Will, Henner

  • 2012 Do More Powerful Interest Groups have a Disproportionate Influence on Policy?
    by Zara Sharif & Otto H. Swank

  • 2012 Ruling Narrowly: Learning and Law Creation
    by Giri Parameswaran

  • 2012 Muhasebe Meslek Mensuplarına Yönelik Bir Çalışma: Meslek Mensuplarının Demografik Durumları, Mesleki Sorunları ve Değerlendirilmesi
    by Özgür BİYAN

  • 2012 Local Government Indebtedness and Debt Management in Switzerland. Causes and Consequences
    by Christian Melly

  • 2012 Unemployment Insurance and Union Behavior: Comparison of Some Paradigms and Endogenous Membership
    by Ana Paula Martins

  • 2011 Default Risk Premium and Aggregate Fluctuations in a Small Open Economy
    by S. Meral Cakici

  • 2011 Zonas francas en Colombia: beneficios tributarios en el impuesto de renta
    by Jorge Ramos F. & Karen Rodríguez Z.

  • 2011 Fiscal Adjustment in Developing Countries Through Tax Administration Reform
    by Charles L. Vehorn

  • 2011 Análisis Del Comportamiento Fiscal De Los Municipios De Colombia En El Periodo 1993-2007
    by Mariana Matamoros Cárdenas

  • 2011 L'impact des fondamentaux macroéconomiques sur les spreads souverains de la zone euro est-il influencé par les réformes financières ?
    by Olivier Damette & Gilles Dufrénot & Philippe Frouté

  • 2010 End of the line: The Effects of Intergovernmental Grants on Local Revenue: Evidence from Chile
    by Javiera Bravo

  • 2010 The Political Economy of Fiscal Reform in Brazil: The Rationale for the Suboptimal Equilibrum
    by Marcus André Melo & Carlos Pereira & Saulo Souza

  • 2010 Hybrid Entrepreneurship
    by Folta, Timothy B. & Delmar, Frédéric & Wennberg, Karl

  • 2010 Análise de sensibilidade do consumo de gasolina C entre julho de 2001 e dezembro de 2008: política tributária estadual como instrumento de políticas energéticas e ambientais [Sensitive Analysis of Gasoline Consumption between July 2001 and December 2008: State Tax Policy as Instrument of Energy and Enviromental Policies]
    by Thaís Machado de M. Vilela & Helder Queiroz Pinto Junior

  • 2010 European Policy Reactions to the Financial Crisis
    by Carlo Panico & Francesco Purificato

  • 2009 How does labor supply react to different tax rates? A field inquiry
    by Migheli, Matteo & Scacciati, Francesco

  • 2009 Rational Choice and Voter Turnout: Evidence from Union Representation Elections
    by Henry S. Farber

  • 2009 Explaining Government Spending: a Cointegration Approach
    by Abel Costa Fernandes

  • 2009 Are Your Firm's Taxes Set in Warsaw? Spatial Tax Competition in Europe
    by Crabbé, Karen & Vandenbussche, Hylke

  • 2009 Candidate nomination procedures andpolitical selection: evidence from LatinAmerican parties
    by Fernando Aragon

  • 2009 Towards more environmental taxes ?
    by K. Van Cauter & L. Van Meensel

  • 2008 Spesa Pubblica E Criminalità Organizzata In Italia Evidenza Empirica Su Dati Panel Nel Periodo 1997-2003
    by Caruso, Raul

  • 2008 Are your firm's taxes set in Warsaw? Spatial tax competition in Europe
    by Karen Crabb? & Hylke Vandenbussche

  • 2008 Delay in Fiscal Reform
    by Kentaro Katayama

  • 2008 Are your firm’s taxes set in Warsaw? Spatial tax competition in Europe
    by Crabbé, Karen & VANDENBUSSCHE, Hylke

  • 2008 Conflict and negotiation: a game theoretical approach
    by Hernando Zuleta & Juanita Villaveces

  • 2008 Policy Coordination in the Euro Area
    by Carlo Panico & Vàzquez Suàrez Marta

  • 2008 Gobernanza e innovación social. El caso de las políticas públicas en materia de ciencia y tecnología en Euskadi
    by Mikel Zurbano Irizar

  • 2006 Tinkering Toward Accolades: School Gaming Under a Performance Accountability System
    by Julie Berry Cullen & Randall Reback

  • 2006 Teaching to the Rating: School Accountability and the Distribution of Student Achievement
    by Randall Reback

  • 2006 Tinkering toward accolades: School gaming under a performance accountability system
    by Randall Reback & Julie Berry Cullen

  • 2006 Public fiscal behaviour & aid heterogeneity in aid-recipient economies
    by George Mavrotas & Bazoumana Ouattara

  • 2006 México, integración y transición vs. crisis y regulación. Las alternativas financieras para un crecimiento estable
    by Rionda Ramírez, Jorge Isauro

  • 2006 La reforma tributaria y los incentivos a la inversión
    by Villarreal Cifuentes, Rafael

  • 2006 Efectos de la Reforma Tributaria de 2006 sobre la tributación efectiva de las rentas del capital en Colombia
    by Rafael Alcides Villarreal Cifuentes & Milena Peñuela Boorquez

  • 2005 Investment-Saving Comovement under Endogenous Fiscal Policy
    by Daniel Levy

  • 2005 Télécommunications et politiques de développement au Congo - R D C (Telecommunications and development policies in congo-DRC)
    by Jacques Kiambu

  • 2005 ¿Han aumentado el recaudo las reformas tributarias en Colombia?
    by Mario García Molina & Ana Paola Gómez

  • 2004 Effectiveness of tax incentives to boost (retirement) saving: theoretical motivation and empirical evidence
    by Orazio Attanasio & James Banks & Matthew Wakefield

  • 2004 Working for God?
    by Reinikka, Ritva & Svensson, Jakob

  • 2003 Does Public Spending on Youths Affect Crime Rates?
    by Lindvall, Lars

  • 2003 Una Propuesta Metodológica Para El Dictamen Del Balance De La Nación

  • 2002 The Economic Consequences Of A Weak Judiciary: Insights From India
    by Wolfgang Koehling

  • 2002 Unemployment Insurance and Union Behavior: Comparison of Some Paradigms and Endogenous Membership
    by Ana Paula Martins

  • 2001 Central Control of Regional Budget: Theory with Applications to Russia
    by John M. Litwack

  • 2001 Rackets, Regulation and the Rule of Law
    by Frye, Timothy & Zhuravskaya, Ekaterina

  • 2001 The Complier Pays Principle: The Limits of Fiscal Approaches Toward Sustainable Forest Management
    by By Luc Leruth & Remi Paris & Ivan Ruzicka

  • 2000 La valeur du carbone : un concept generique pour les politiques de reduction des emission
    by Odile Blanchard & Patrick Criqui

  • 1998 Policy Analysis of Estate Tax Exemption Reform Related to Conservation of Timber Resources in USA
    by Akira Kajiwara

  • 1998 Taxes and benefits in a non-linear wage equation
    by Graafland, J.J. & Huizinga, F.H.

  • 1996 Fiscal Operations in a Depressed Economy: Nigeria, 1960-90
    by Ekpo, A.H. & Ndebbio, J.E.

  • 1996 Managerial Career Concerns, Privatization and Restructuring in Transition Economies
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, Khalid

  • 1995 The Impact on the Asia-Pacific Region of Fiscal Policy in the United States and Japan
    by McKibbin, W.J. & Bok, T.J.

  • 1992 Market Socialism and the Managerial Labour Market
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, Khalid

  • 1991 From Phillips curve to wage curve
    by Graafland, J.J.

  • 1990 The Effect of Age at School Entry on Educational Attainment: An Application of Instrumental Variables with Moments from Two Samples
    by Joshua D. Angrist & Alan B. Krueger

  • Mounting Auditing the Auditors: Tax Auditors’ Assessments and Incentives
    by Ken Klassen

  • Tax Collector With A Horse: As A Method Of Tax Collection
    by Mesut Sert

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