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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ D: Microeconomics
/ / D2: Production and Organizations
/ / / D29: Other
This topic is covered by the following reading lists:
  1. SOEP based publications
  2. Industrial Sociology (FCT-UNL)

Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2014 Does Tenure Make Researchers Less Productive? The Case of the “Specialistâ€
    by Joao Ricardo Faria & Peter McAdam
  • 2014 Design of Financial Derivatives: Statistical Power does not Ensure Risk Management Power
    by Bell, Peter Newton
  • 2014 The Return to R&D and Seller-buyer Interactions: A Quantile Regression Approach
    by Westerberg, Hans Seerar
  • 2014 ¿Innovar para exportar o exportar para innovar?: Un análisis a nivel de firma de la industria manufacturera chilena,1995-2010
    by Bitran, Eduardo & González U.,Cristián & Greve, Fernando & Villena, Marcelo
  • 2014 The Positive Collision Above The Long Term Performance Offered By Risk Management
    by Anda GHEORGHIU & Paula – Angela VIDRASCU & Mihaela Daniela NICULESCU
  • 2013 Spillovers in networks of user generated content: Evidence from 23 natural experiments on Wikipedia
    by Kummer, Michael E.
  • 2013 Eficacia y asimetrías de los programas de delación en un contexto multi-mercado: un análisis del caso colombiano en el marco del TLC con Estados Unidos
    by Sánchez Navarro, Dennis
  • 2013 Nain's Hierarchy of Needs: An Alternative to Maslow's & ERG's Hierarchy of Needs
    by nain, bhavya
  • 2013 ¿Puerto o playa? Un análisis económico del conflicto entre la ciudad de Trujillo y el puerto de Salaverry
    by Enzo Defilippi Angeldonis
  • 2013 Targeted information release in social networks
    by Junjie Zhou & Ying-Ju Chen &
  • 2013 Eficacia y asimetrías de los programas de delación en un contexto multimercado: un análisis del caso colombiano en el marco del TLC con Estados Unidos
    by Dennis Sánchez Navarro
  • 2013 Productivity As Registered Transfers Between Economic Entities. A Theoretical Intuitive Approach
    by Jivan Alexandru
  • 2013 Empresas de familia rurales, relaciones de género, relaciones de poder. Caso Lenguazaque, Cundinamarca
    by Yolanda Álvarez Sánchez & Rubén Darío Díaz Mateus & Jorge Enrique Saiz
  • 2013 Factors Affecting The Productive Potential Of The Enterprise
  • 2013 Factorii Cu Impact Asupra Potenţialului Productiv Al Întreprinderii
  • 2012 Presence of Check-off Programs and Industry Concentration in the Food Manufacturing Sector
    by Schulz, Lee L. & Crespi, John M.
  • 2012 In the Need of Speed - The Impact of Organizational Learning on the Competitiveness of Born Transnationals
    by Jörg Freiling & Mareike K. Schmidt
  • 2012 Regional Headquarters Capabilities as Key Facilitator of the Coordination of Transnational Business Activities
    by Jörg Freiling & Sven M. Laudien
  • 2012 Intra-Firm Trade Law - Contract-Enforcement & Dispute Resolution in Transnational Corporations
    by Gralf-Peter Calliess & Stephan Freiherr von Harder
  • 2012 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: A theoretical model
    by Cellini, Roberto & Rizzo, Giuseppe
  • 2012 No institution is a free lunch: a reconstruction of Ronald Coase
    by Ugo Pagano
  • 2012 Job design and innovative work behavior enabling innovation through active or low-strain jobs?
    by De Spiegelaere, Stan & Van Gyes, Guy & Vandekerckhove, Sem & Van Hootegem, Geert
  • 2012 Almost Anonymous Implicit Contracting
    by Paul Castãneda Dower & Andrei Bremzen
  • 2012 The Business Environment in the Transition
    by Wendy Carlin & Mark Schaffer
  • 2012 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: A theoretical model
    by Cellini, Roberto & Rizzo, Giuseppe
  • 2012 Global Economic Crisis: Experience Of Turkey As The Model Of Recovery
  • 2012 Measuring of Efficiency in the Public and Private Sector – Current Research Approaches
    by Zuzana Kučerová
  • 2012 La construcción de factor comunidad en las organizaciones de población desplazada (opd) de Medellín
    by Jenny Marcela Acevedo Valencia & Luz Dolly Lopera García & Olga Lucia Arboleda Álvarez
  • 2011 Análisis de la Sustitución de Fuentes Energéticas en Bolivia
    by Aliaga Lordemann, Javier & Capriles, Alejandro
  • 2011 Análisis de la sustitución de fuentes energéticas en Bolivia
    by Aliaga, Javier & Capríles, Alejandro
  • 2011 Desempeño de las empresas y factores institucionales en Colombia, 2002-2007
    by Andrés Ramírez Hassan & Ramiro Cadavid Montoya & Santiago García Peláez
  • 2011 Türk Otomotiv Sektöründe Yoğunlaşma: Binek Ve Hafif Ticari Araçlar Üzerine Bir Uygulama
    by Selahattin KAYNAK & Yılmaz Onur ARİ
  • 2010 Organizational capital and firm performance. Empirical evidence for European firms
    by Claudia Tronconi & Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti
  • 2010 Analysis of the Determinants of Total Factor Productivity among Small-Holder Cassava Farmers in Ohafia L.G.A of Abia State
    by Ukoha, O.O & Okoye, B.C & Emetu, J
  • 2010 Trajectories in Physical Space out of Communications in Acquaintance Space: An Agent-Based Model of a Textile Industrial District
    by Fioretti, Guido
  • 2010 Private and public incentive to reduce seasonality: a simple theoretical model
    by Cellini, Roberto & Rizzo, Giuseppe
  • 2010 Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining
    by Karagozoglu, Emin & Riedl, Arno
  • 2010 Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining
    by Karagozoglu, Emin & Riedl, Arno
  • 2010 Information, Uncertainty, and Subjective Entitlements in Bargaining
    by Emin Karagözoglu & Arno Riedl
  • 2010 Can Profit-shifting be Resolved by Penalization?
    by Tomáš Buus & Jaroslav BRADA
  • 2010 VAT and Tax Credits: A Way to Eliminate Tax-Evasive Use of Transfer Prices?
    by Tomáš Buus & Jaroslav BRADA
  • 2010 Intellectual Capital Evaluation Models
    by Agoston Simona & Puia Ramona Stefania & Orzea Ivona
  • 2010 Yonetim Fonksiyonlarinin Uygulandýgý Alanlarda Ortaya Cýkan Hata Degerlerinin Olusturduðu Yeni Iliskilerin Panel Veri Modelleri ile Irdelenmesi
    by Mustafa TURHAN & Ozlem TASSEVEN
  • 2009 Quelles politiques de développement durable au Mali et à Madagascar ?
    by Bosc, P.M. & Dabat, M.H. & Maitre d'Hotel, E.
  • 2009 Public Policies Still Alive Within a Liberalized Environment: Insights From Costa Rica
    by Maitre d'Hotel, E. & Bosc, P.M.
  • 2009 From men and machines to the organizational learning curve
    by Fioretti, Guido
  • 2009 Budget deficits as devices for appropriating extra funds: An investigation of sharing rules
    by Grepperud, Sverre
  • 2009 State Ownership and Control in the Czech Republic
    by Evžen Kocenda & Jan Hanousek
  • 2009 Considerations regarding the Formulation of the Organisational Strategy through Simulation Techniques
    by Philippe DUEZ & Ioan RADU & Cleopatra SENDROIU & Mihai CIOC
  • 2009 Detection of Possible Tax-Evasive Transfer Pricing in Multinational Enterprises
    by Jaroslav BRADA & Tomáš Buus
  • 2008 Two Lyapunov Functions for Flexible Organizations
    by Fioretti, Guido
  • 2008 Entrepreneurial Morality: Some Indications from Greece
    by Bitros, George C. & Karayiannis, Anastassios D.
  • 2008 Forest Management : Are Double or Mixed Rotations Desirable?
    by KHAZRI, Olfa & LASSERRE, Pierre
  • 2008 How can we Study Innovation Systems? - introducing an actor-centralised perspective
    by Broström, Anders
  • 2008 Reflexiones de economía política: la justicia social en la obra de Léon Walras
    by Luis Felipe Camacho
  • 2008 Valor y precio de las exportaciones colombianas a Venezuela entre 1999-2007 frente a tres países de referencia
    by Jacinto Londoño Ortíz
  • 2008 El mercado venezolano en las exportaciones colombianas:Dependencia de los exportadores en 2006
    by Enrique Montes & Aaron Garavito & Carolina Pulido & Monica Hernández
  • 2008 Forest Management: are Double or Mixed Rotations Desirable?
    by Olfa Khazri & Pierre Lasserre
  • 2008 Corporate abilities
    by Gergely Németh
  • 2008 On the Necessity of Using Average Cost as a Base for Transfer Price
    by Tomáš Buus & Jaroslav BRADA
  • 2008 Global Paradigm of a Managerial System on the Principle of Living Organisms
    by Jan Truneček
  • 2008 Would-Be Problem Improvers In Action: Tackling Ambiguity In Organizational Issues
  • 2007 Impact des infrastructures publiques sur la productivité des entreprises au Sénégal
    by Diagne, Youssoupha S & Fall, Alsim
  • 2007 Recent trend of village and small enterprise sector: exploring and exploiting its opportunities in the North Eastern Region of India touching upon its profile and barriers
    by Mishra, SK
  • 2007 The Analysis Of Five Competitive Forces Of Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry And E-Commerce Industry Cases At The Global Level
    by Manuel, Eduardo
  • 2007 Cooperative Production and Efficiency
    by Carmen Beviá & Luis C. Corchón
  • 2007 Favoriser l’innovation radicale dans une entreprise multidivisionnelle. Extension du modèle ambidextre à partir de l’analyse d’un cas
    by Sihem Ben Mahmoud-Jouini & Florence Charue-Dubosc & François Fourcade
  • 2007 Aprender significa perfeccionarse siguiendo un camino": el proceso de toma de decisiones estratégicas y el aprendizaje organizacional"
    by María Isabel Vélez Evans
  • 2007 Factores estratégicos de éxito de las empresas de inserción
    by José Luis Retolaza Ávalos & Maite Ruiz Roqueñi & Andrés Araujo de la Mata
  • 2006 Output and Productivity Performance of Hong Kong and Singapore’s Transport and Communications Sector, 1990 to 2005
    by Boon Lee & William Shepherd
  • 2006 Entrepreneurship and Economic Theory
    by Khalil, Elias
  • 2006 Microeconomics of Knowledge: African Case
    by Manuel, Eduardo
  • 2006 Productivity development and privatisation of the potable water and sewage sector in Chile
    by Månsson, Jonas & Salas, Osvaldo
  • 2006 Globální, americké, panevropské a národní rankingy ekonomických pracovišť / A Survey of Rankings of Economic Departments: Global, American, European and National [available in Czech only]
    by Martin Gregor
  • 2006 Efficiency Measurement and Regulation in U.S. Telecommunications: A Robustness Analysis
    by Marcelo Resende
  • 2006 A survey of rankings of economic departments: Global, american, european and national
    by Martin Gregor
  • 2006 Cluster de serviços: contribuições conceituais com base em evidências do pólo médico do Recife [Service clusters: conceptsbased on the Recife Medical hub]
    by Ana Cristina Fernandes & João Policarpo R. Lima
  • 2005 A Measure of Media Bias
    by Jeffrey Milyo & Tim Groseclose
  • 2005 Industry Concentration in South African Manufacturing Industry: Trends and Consequences, 1972-96
    by Johannes Fedderke & Gabor Szalontai
  • 2005 Measurement and Explanation of the Intensity of Co-publication in Scientific Research: An Analysis at the Laboratory Level
    by Jacques Mairesse & Laure Turner
  • 2005 Deslocalizaciones y empleo cooperativo. El caso de Fagor Electrodomésticos, S. Coop
    by Antton Mendizabal Etxabe & Agurtzane Beguiristain Zubillaga & Anjel Errasti Amozarrain
  • 2004 Does Work Time Flexibility Work? An Empirical Assessment of the Efficiency Effects for German Firms
    by Wolf, Elke & Beblo, Miriam
  • 2004 "Managing for Outcomes" in the New Zealand Public Management System
    by Anna-Luis Cook
  • 2004 On and off the beaten path: How individuals broker knowledge through formal and informal networks
    by Aalbers, R. & Dolfsma, W.A. & Koppius, O.R.
  • 2004 Satisfaction Attainment Theory as a Model for Value Creation
    by Briggs, R.O. & Qureshi, S. & Reinig, B.
  • 2004 IT and Beyond: The Contribution of Heterogenous Capital to Productivity
    by Daniel Wilson
  • 2004 Investment Behavior of U.S. Firms Over Heterogenous Capital Goods: A Snapshot
    by Daniel Wilson
  • 2004 Certification IS0 9000 et création de connaissances opérationnelles ou conceptuelles:une étude de cas
    by Gilles Lambert & Jocelyne Loos-Baroin
  • 2004 Directivos y gobierno de las cooperativas obreras de producción. Un estudio exploratorio sobre diez cooperativas francesas
    by Frédérique Bataille-Chedotel & France Huntzinger
  • 2004 Gobierno y democracia en los grupos empresariales cooperativos ante la globalización: el caso de Mondragón Corporación Cooperativa
    by Baleren Bakaikoa & Anjel Mari Errasti & Agurtzane Begiristain
  • 2004 Inflation, Shadow Prices and the EMU: Evidence From Greece
    by Efthymios G. Tsionas & Dimitris K. Christopoulos
  • 2003 Community Perceptions of Unmeasured Quality Improvement in Goods and Services
    by Ian Black
  • 2003 "De Mens is de Maat van Alle Dingen"; Over Mensgericht Ontwerpen van Producten en Processen
    by Dul, J.
  • 2003 An assessment system for rating scientific journals in the field of ergonomics and human factors
    by Dul, J. & Karwowski, W.
  • 2003 Increasing quasiconcave production and utility functions with diminishing returns to scale
    by Juan Enrique Mart?ez-Legaz & Alexander M. Rubinov & Siegfried Schaible
  • 2003 Vote Buying Through Resource Allocation in a Government Controlled Sector
    by Morten Bennedsen
  • 2003 Transformaciones en la agricultura colombiana entre 1990 y 2002
    by Álvaro Balcázar
  • 2003 Dos caras de la capacidad empresarial: una alternativa a la noción popular
    by Dieter Bögenhold
  • 2003 Impactos del comercio justo del vino. Tres casos de empresas colectivas de productores en Chile
    by Tonia Mori & Marie-Claire Malo
  • 2002 Information Structure and Behaviour of a Textile Industrial District
    by Guido Fioretti
  • 2002 Recognizing Investment Opportunities at the Onset of Recoveries
    by Guido Fioretti
  • 2002 The Investment Acceleration Principle Revisited by Means of a Neural Net
    by Guido Fioretti
  • 2002 On the Production of Victory: Empirical Determinants of Battlefield Success in Modern War
    by Rotte, Ralph & Schmidt, Christoph M.
  • 2002 On the Production of Victory: Empirical Determinants of Battlefield Success in Modern War
    by Rotte, Ralph & Schmidt, Christoph M.
  • 2002 Punctuality - A Cultural Trait as Equilibrium
    by Basu, Kaushik & Weibull, Jörgen W.
  • 2002 Optimal hedging strategies and interactions between firms
    by Frederic Loss
  • 2002 Racionalidad y cooperación entre firmas. Examen del comportamiento habitual de las industrias griegas
    by Michel S. Zouboulakis & John Kamarianos
  • 2002 Theoretical consistency property applied to the micro-economic modelling with flexible functional forms
    by Dalibor Moravanský
  • 2002 Leasing: Mit kleinen Schritten aus der Talsohle
    by Joachim Gürtler & Arno Städtler
  • 2002 Talfahrt der Ausrüstungsinvestitionen gebremst - erste Lichtblicke im Geschäftsklima der Leasingbranche
    by Joachim Gürtler & Arno Städtler
  • 2001 Nuove tecnologie e cambiamenti organizzativi: alcune implicazioni per le imprese italiane
    by Sandro Trento & Massimo Warglien
  • 2001 Determining Depreciations As A Two-Stage Problem
    by Rüdiger Eichin & Christoph Schneeweiss
  • 2000 Leasing in Deutschland: Breitengeschäft wächst weiter - Großmobilien durch Steuerrechtsänderungen gebremst
    by Arno Städtler
  • 2000 Betriebliche Altersversorgung: Neue ifo Erhebung zeigt Stabilisierungstendenzen
    by Wolfgang Ruppert
  • 2000 The Research Output of Academic Economists in Brazil
    by Joao Ricardo Faria
  • 2000 Free Trade, Business Strategy and Globalization
    by Gavin C Reid
  • 2000 Creative Work Systems in Destructive Markets
    by Sue Konzelmann & Robert Forrant
  • 1999 Risk Taking in Selection Contests
    by Hvide, H.K. & Kristiansen, E.G.
  • 1998 Understanding Sustainable Competitive Advantage: The Role of Positioning, Resources and Organisational Capabilities
    by David J. Collis
  • 1998 The Organisation of Multibusiness Corporations: Four Roles of the Corporate Office
    by David J. Collis
  • 1997 Lower and Upper Bounds in Fair Allocation Problems : A Reconsideration
    by Gaspart, F
  • 1997 Toward an Economic Theory of Leadership: Leading by Example
    by Benjamin E. Hermalin
  • 1997 Why Is the Productivity Analysis Misleading for Gauging State Enterprise Performance?
    by Chongen Bai & David D. Li & Yijiang Wang
  • 1996 Markets Can Solve the Hold-Up Problem
    by Gersbach, H. & Glazer, A.
  • 1996 The Elasticity of Substitution and the Limiting Behavior of Marginal Products
    by Petith, H.
  • 1996 Managerial Career Concerns, Privatization and Restructuring in Transition Economies
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, M. Khalid
  • 1993 Airline Strategies: An Empirical Analysis of Profitability and Market Share
    by Lawrence, Craig
  • 1992 Market Socialism and the Managerial Labour Market
    by Roland, Gérard & Sekkat, M. Khalid
  • 1986 Long-Term Relationships Governed by Short-Term Contracts
    by Vincent P. Crawford
  • 1967 Optimierung des Reisendeneinsatzes mit Hilfe von ursprünglichen und abgeleiteten Merkmalen der Kunden mit besonderer Bedeutung für den Einsatz im Einzelhandel
    by Scholtz, Hellmut D.
  • Recognizing Investment Opportunities at the Onset of Recoveries
    by Guido Fioretti