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Research classified by Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) codes

/ N: Economic History
/ / N7: Economic History: Transport, International and Domestic Trade, Energy, and Other Services
/ / / N71: U.S.; Canada: Pre-1913
Most recent items first, undated at the end.
  • 2017 Migrants and the Making of America: The Short- and Long-Run Effects of Immigration during the Age of Mass Migration
    by Sandra Sequeira & Nathan Nunn & Nancy Qian

  • 2017 Reassessing Railroads and Growth: Accounting for Transport Network Endogeneity
    by Swisher IV, S. N.

  • 2017 The Welfare Effects of Protection: A General Equilibrium Analysis of Canada’s National Policy
    by Patrick Alexander & Ian Keay

  • 2017 Immigration and the Rise of American Ingenuity
    by Ufuk Akcigit & John Grigsby & Tom Nicholas

  • 2016 The Historical “Roots” of U.S. Energy Price Shocks
    by Huntington, Hillard

  • 2016 The Historical “Roots” of U.S. Energy Price Shocks: Supplemental Results
    by Huntington, Hillard

  • 2016 The Strange Career of Independent Voting Trusts in U.S. Rail Mergers
    by Pittman, Russell

  • 2016 First Cabin Fares from New York to the British Isles, 1826-1914
    by Brandon Dupont & Drew Keeling & Thomas Weiss

  • 2016 Railroad Infrastructure Investments and Economic Development in the Antebellum United States
    by Rui M. Pereira & William J. Hausman & Alfredo Marvão Pereira

  • 2016 Perspectives on The Rise and Fall of American Growth
    by Robert J. Gordon

  • 2016 Winter Is Coming: Robert Gordon and the Future of Economic Growth
    by Gregory Clark

  • 2015 The Promise of Freedom: Fertility Decisions and the Escape from Slavery
    by Treb Allen

  • 2015 Protecting infant industries: Canadian manufacturing and the national policy, 1870–1913
    by Harris, Richard & Keay, Ian & Lewis, Frank

  • 2014 Investment Banks as Corporate Monitors in the Early 20th Century United States
    by Carola Frydman & Eric Hilt

  • 2014 American Banking and the Transportation Revolution Before the Civil War
    by Jeremy Atack & Matthew S. Jaremski & Peter L. Rousseau

  • 2014 Did Railroads Make Antebellum U.S. Banks More Sound?
    by Jeremy Atack & Matthew S. Jaremski & Peter L. Rousseau

  • 2014 Railroads and Economic Growth: A Trade Policy Approach
    by Pérez-Cervantes Fernando

  • 2014 How Powerful Was the National Policy? The Lesson of the Cotton Mills
    by Michael N.A. Hinton & Thomas Barbiero & Min Seong Kim

  • 2014 Economic growth in the Mid-Atlantic region: Conjectural estimates for 1720 to 1800
    by Rosenbloom, Joshua L. & Weiss, Thomas

  • 2014 Frictionless Technology Diffusion: The Case of Tractors
    by Rodolfo E. Manuelli & Ananth Seshadri

  • 2013 Railroads and American Economic Growth: A "Market Access" Approach
    by Dave Donaldson & Richard Hornbeck

  • 2013 American Growth and Napoleonic Wars
    by Hasan Vergil & M. Erdem Ozgur

  • 2013 Trade policy and industrial development: iron and steel in a small open economy, 18701913
    by Kris Inwood & Ian Keay

  • 2013 Variability in overseas travel by Americans, 1820–2000
    by Brandon Dupont & Thomas Weiss

  • 2012 Engineering Knowledge
    by Nathan Rosenberg & W. Edward Steinmuller

  • 2012 The Effect of Transport Infrastructure on Home Production Activity: Evidence from Rural New York, 1825–1845
    by Coleman, Andrew

  • 2012 Reciprocity in Retrospect: A Historical Inquest of Bilateralism in U.S. Trade Policy
    by Treb Allen & Stephen Meardon

  • 2011 Economic Growth in the Mid Atlantic Region: Conjectural Estimates for 1720 to 1800
    by Joshua L. Rosenbloom & Thomas J. Weiss

  • 2010 Trade Disputes Between China and the United States: Growing Pains so Far, Worse Ahead?
    by Gary Clyde Hufbauer & Jared C. Woollacott

  • 2010 Demand Matters: German Wheat Market Integration 1806-1855 in a European Context
    by Martin Uebele

  • 2010 Trade Restrictiveness and Deadweight Losses from US Tariffs
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 2009 Agricultural Improvements and Access to Rail Transportation: The American Midwest as a Test Case, 1850-1860
    by Jeremy Atack & Robert A. Margo

  • 2009 Revenue or Reciprocity? Founding Feuds over Early U.S. Trade Policy
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 2009 Did Railroads Induce or Follow Economic Growth? Urbanization and Population Growth in the American Midwest, 1850-60
    by Jeremy Atack & Fred Bateman & Michael Haines & Robert A. Margo

  • 2009 International and National Wheat Market Integration in the 19th Century: A Comovement Analysis
    by Martin Uebele

  • 2009 Technological Revolutions and Stock Prices
    by Luboš Pástor & Pietro Veronesi

  • 2008 The Democratization of Invention in the American South: Antebellum and Post Bellum Technology Markets in the United States
    by William H. Phillips

  • 2008 Tariffs and the Expansion of the American Pig Iron Industry, 1870-1940
    by Kanda Naknoi

  • 2008 Railroads and the Rise of the Factory: Evidence for the United States, 1850-70
    by Jeremy Atack & Michael R. Haines & Robert A. Margo

  • 2008 Commodity Exports, Invisible Exports and Terms of Trade for the Middle Colonies, 1720 to 1775
    by Peter Mancall & Joshua Rosenbloom & Thomas J. Weiss

  • 2008 The American Invasion of Europe: The Long Term Rise in Overseas Travel, 1820-2000
    by Brandon Dupont & Alka Gandhi & Thomas J. Weiss

  • 2008 Testing for the Economic Impact of the U.S. Constitution: Purchasing Power Parity across the Colonies versus across the States, 1748-1811
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2008 Storage Under Backwardation: A Direct Test of the Wright-Williams Conjecture
    by Andrew Coleman

  • 2008 Testing for the Economic Impact of the U.S. Constitution: Purchasing Power Parity across the Colonies versus across the States, 1748-1811
    by Farley Grubb

  • 2007 A model of spatial arbitrage with transport capacity constraints and endogenous transport prices
    by Andrew Coleman

  • 2007 Network Neutrality: Lessons from Transportation
    by David Levinson

  • 2007 Trade Restrictiveness and Deadweight Losses from U.S. Tariffs, 1859-1961
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 2007 Size and sophistication: the two faces of demand
    by Marco Guerzoni

  • 2007 The origins of US total factor productivity growth in the golden age
    by Alexander J. Field

  • 2006 Railroads and Local Economic Development: The United States in the 1850s
    by Michael R. Haines & Robert A. Margo

  • 2005 Postbellum Protection and Commissioner Wells's Conversion to Free Trade
    by Stephen Meardon

  • 2005 Trade Restrictions and Factor Prices: Slave Prices in Early Nineteenth Century US
    by Ashley N. Coleman & William K. Hutchinson

  • 2005 Market Power and Commodity Prices: Brazil, Chile and the United States, 1820s-1930
    by Marcelo de Paiva Abreu & Felipe Tamega Fernandes

  • 2004 Institutions and Technological Innovation During the Early Economic Growth: Evidence from the Great Inventors of the United States, 1790-1930
    by B. Zorina Khan & Kenneth L. Sokoloff

  • 2004 The "Unintended Consequences" of Confederate Trade Legislation
    by Robert B. Ekelund, Jr. & John D. Jackson & Mark Thornton

  • 2003 Why Brazil Did Not Develop a Merchant Marine; Brazilian Shipping and the World in the 19th Century
    by Birgitte Holten

  • 2003 America’s Toll Roads Heritage: The Achievements of Private Initiative in the 19th Century
    by Klein, Daniel & Majewski, John

  • 2002 Os Estados Unidos como nação devedora: da Independência ate 1914
    by Mira Wilkins

  • 2002 Explaining United States International Trade, 1870-1910
    by William K. Hutchinson

  • 2001 Globalization and History: The Evolution of a Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Economy
    by Kevin H. O'Rourke & Jeffrey G. Williamson

  • 2001 The Pro-Trade Effect of Immigration on American Exports During Period 1870 to 1910
    by William K. Hutchinson & James A. Dunlevy

  • 2001 The Pro-Trade Effect of Immigration on American Exports During the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
    by Dunlevy, James A. & Hutchinson, William K.

  • 2001 The Pro-Trade Effect of Immigration on American Exports During the Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
    by Dunlevy, James A. & Hutchinson, William K.

  • 2001 Market Trade in Patents and the Rise of a Class of Specialized Inventors in the 19th-Century United States
    by Kenneth L. Sokoloff & Naomi R. Lamoreaux

  • 2001 Input Trade and the Location of Production
    by Ronald W. Jones & Ronald Findlay

  • 2000 The Antebellum Tariff on Cotton Textiles Revisited
    by Douglas A. Irwin & Peter Temin

  • 2000 Could the U.S. Iron Industry Have Survived Free Trade After the Civil War?
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 2000 How Did the United States Become a Net Exporter of Manufactured Goods?
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • 1999 Have Employment Reductions Become Good News for Shareholders? The Effect of Job Loss Announcements on Stock Prices, 1970-97
    by Henry S. Farber & Kevin Hallock

  • 1998 Did Late Nineteenth Century U.S. Tariffs Promote Infant Industries? Evidence from the Tinplate Industry
    by Dougas A. Irwin

  • 1997 Growth and the Standard of Living in a Pioneer Economy: Upper Canada, 1826 to 1851
    by Frank D. Lewis & M.C. Urquhart

  • 1997 Higher Tariffs, Lower Revenues? Analyzing the Fiscal Aspects of the "Great Tariff Debate of 1888"
    by Douglas A. Irwin

  • Tariff Structure, Trade Expansion and Canadian Protectionism from 1870-1910
    by Jevan Cherniwchan & Eugene Beaulieu

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